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My Prius the best hybrid car out there!

I love my Prius for several reasons. It gets great gas mileage for one. It's really low maintenance so as long as I get regular oil changes it runs fantastic. It's one of the older generations so there are a couple quirks like the headlights are hard to change out, and when they get up in higher mileage the oil starts to burn a little more, but nothing to dissuade someone from purchasing. Fun to drive too! One of my favorite features is the smart key, I know other cars have this now but not having to even get my key out and unlocking the door when I get close, and starting the car with a button is kind of awesome. Also how it goes into a sort of stand by mode when its stopped was weird at first but of course I am used to it now. I would recommend a Prius to anyone. perfect. First car, and also good for families. Put the back seats down and you have a lot of space to load up! Not to mention its Toyota so they drive forever and have the best resale value of any used car out there.

- Sonja O

The Toyota Prius: It Keeps on Going

My Prius is 12 years old with 115,000 miles and is still running great. We have only needed to do one minor repair, outside of regular maintenance. It drives smoothly, and gets excellent mileage. Even after 12 years, the mileage is still great. The seats are comfortable, and the touch screen display is convenient. The ac and vents are great. It heats and cools well. The rear seats have a 40/60 fold, and provides a surprising amount of cargo space. It's not a luxury car, but it feels well made and comfortable. It is practical without feeling bare bones. It had been a great car for my family, and we intend to keep driving it as long as we can.

- Wendy C

Love my Prius even though it has it is faults.

I bought my 2006 Prius new. It has been a great car and very reliable. I keep up oil changes and regular maintenance. About 2 years ago the tire sensors started to fail so that light is always on. And, the information touch screen failed which means the only way I can control the temperature and the radio is with the controls on the steering wheel. The screen is very expensive and not worth replacing in a car this old. This means the ac needs to be on all winter and summer, but it has not failed yet. Overall, love the Prius. It used to get 47 mpg now I think it gets about 40 but cannot tell anymore since panel no longer works.

- Broken L

Reliability is number one.

What I love about the Prius the most is its reliability. Other than routine maintenance, we have not had major repairs to make of any kind. It has never broken down on us, even after 190,000 miles. We also love the fuel efficiency. We fill the tank for under twenty dollars and I have peace of mind knowing that I am getting one of the highest fuel efficiency rates out there. The last thing I appreciate about the Prius is that it has been surprisingly reliable and powerful for winter driving. It seems to handle the snow better than the average front wheel drive car, and living in the Midwest, that is very important to us.

- Matt P

A brief overview of the reliability of the 2006 Prius

My car is extremely comfortable and reliable, handles well on the road, and feels very safe to drive. One thing to watch out for, however, if buying an older prius used is whether or not it has had its hybrid battery replaced. Mine had not, and 6 months after purchase I had to do the $2800 replacement myself out of pocket. There have been no other problems, and I save a mountain of cash on gas, but still that one hurt. The hatchback design and wider set rear also make things like parallel parking a bit more difficult, but there is a backup camera to help.

- Noah K

Toyota Prius 2006: is it worth it?

The problem with the 2006 Toyota Prius is that it is not very efficient. Driving the car itself is hard because it takes forever to get from 0 mph to just 30 mph. The engine is too loud when I try to speed up. Also the check engine sign/tire pressure sign/the 'problem' sign, pops up every 2-3 months. The one perk about the car is the gas mileage. I also hate the box shape of the car, but the trunk does have a decent amount of space. You can put down the back seats for additional room which is also a nice feature.

- Kayla A

My experience with my 2006 Toyota Prius.

I love driving my Prius. I get about 45mpg which far surpasses any other vehicle I could have. I bought it used so all things considered, it is been reliable. I have replaced the hybrid battery, the abs modulator and the throttle body. It should now drive another 100k miles which really excites me! I am 5'3" and about 220lb and I am comfortable driving. One thing I do not like is how limited I am with the stereo. The is no AUX jack and I cannot play my devices over the radio so I am limited to the radio or CDs.

- Rebecca C

Great on gas mileage. You should really read the forums online about Priuses. There are some really useful and important tips that could save you some headache in the long run

I bought this car from a friend. My biggest complaint is that the headlights are not working. After lots of looking online, it seems that this was an issue with most priuses and that there was even a recall. Toyota wanted a ridiculous amount of money to fix this issue. I feel very angry that Toyota never mentioned this issue to me regarding the headlights. They wanted more money than the car is worth and I doubt I will ever step foot into a Toyota service department ever again.

- jacqueline r

Great car, just wish it was a bit bigger!

I've owned it for 9 years, and I've never had to pay to repair ANYTHING on it other than standard maintenance. (2 issues, both fixed under warranty) I love the key charger, which they've gotten rid of in newer models, and I have one with lots of features like the ability to open/lock multiple different doors with a touch. I just wish it was just a touch bigger... I use it to haul a lot, and if the cargo area could fit a standard 30" appliance it'd be really nice.

- Rita M

Love my 2006 Toyota Prius.

I have had to replace the main battery twice, but I think the first replacement was a "bad" battery. I have over 100, 000 miles on my car and it seems like it is only a year old. It really holds up well. I most enjoy my infrequent stops at the gas station! It is also fun to watch my driving habits and see how they affect my mileage. I was looking at fast, sporty cars and came home with this and I have been very happy. I would do it all over again.

- Jo Terry S

Prius: tiny but affordable.

The Prius is very fuel efficient, which is why we got it. I also like that it is a quiet vehicle. I feel comfortable in it for the most part, but in the summer I dislike the leather seats as it makes me sweat more. We've also had problems with our right headlight. It keeps going out and I have heard it is a common problem with the type of vehicle we have. I wish it had more space. It is hard to fit 3 car seats in the back.

- Beth F

My Prius is a steady, reliable car.

The gas mileage is awesome. I have run her down a lot but she's still going strong. I haven't had to replace anything huge, just your normal windshield wipers and brake pads. It drives smoothly, and the interior of mine is easy to clean despite being made of cloth. The Bluetooth is extremely helpful, and there are all sorts of cool gadgets. The battery is in the trunk, which is odd but kind of cool!

- Cynthia S

Tiny car that parks well, runs quietly, but fits more than you think it would.

My car is really nice, I like the way it fits me (I am super short). It is really reliable, and it tells you how much gas you save on, it has a nice back-up camera and is super quiet, sometimes you don't even know when it is on, lol. It is really tiny so parking is a snap, but yet the hatchback can hold a ton - I literally drove a full-sized sofa 40 miles, and it actually transported perfectly.

- Hannah N

Toyota Prius is a wonderful hybrid car.

This car has been amazing since it was new. It is self sufficient, saves on gas, last long and very reliable. The only problems I have had since the vehicle is now at 230, 000 miles and was bought brand new in 2006 is the key. The key seems to sometimes not know to turn on the car, so I will have to look into that. It drives well and parks well in tight spaces. Comfortable with lots of space.

- Carolyn S

Prius fan! Environmentally friendly, reliable, only con is small trunk.

I love my 2006 Toyota Prius. It is a great car, super reliable, and very comfortable too. I have driven it for three years and have never had an issue. I like that it has four cup holders. I love being able to see the mileage as I go. The only thing I do not love is the hatchback does not provide much room for out of sight storage. It is nowhere near as roomy as the trunk of a sedan.

- Haley H

A good looking car with good gas mileage, low maintenance, & good reliability.

Love the gas mileage & low maintenance. It is very reliable, with few problems. I love the looks of the car, & that it is a hatchback allowing more versatility for cargo. Also the dealership is very easy to work with, & does not seem to overprice maintenance & repairs. If I need to wait, they have free wifi I can use. Or if I cannot wait, they will drive me home.

- Lybo B

Prius is a good, reliable, safe car.

Very reliable. Great gas mileage, smooth driving. I have two kids and it fits their car seats in perfectly with space in the middle for another passenger. Trunk is very rising and stores lots of items. Hybrid battery is expensive, so make sure you take good care of it. Needs oil changes more frequently in my experience but still a good, safe car.

- Melissa F

Best gas mileage but needs to be better made.

The gas mileage is the best part, pretty big on the inside for its size, there is not an aux plug in, I appreciate that it is a smart car, it's pretty old so the air conditioner has stopped working, there are lights on the dash that pop up even if those things are all working properly, some of the outside features are falling off.

- Abby W

It gets 40 miles to the gallon and runs on the hybrid battery. . a lot of.

It has been reliable until it hit over 150k miles, oil leaks etc.. . Lead me to have to replace the engine. . . Then replaced the hybrid battery. These as you can tell are not cheap to replace. Since then the car is having more issues. I frequently have to jump the car. It does get 40 miles to the gallon when its running.

- Laura M

Toyota Prius - reasonable without extras but reliable gas saver.

Reliable, very easy to maintain; comfortable; many Usable technology features; not many things that we do not use. Saves me money on gas; does not need a lot of gas; do not need to fill up often; usually goes 400 miles on a tank of gas. Owned this vehicle for more than 10 years - works very well for me and for my needs.

- Anatoly N

Great car that hardly needs maintenance at dealership!

It has great gas mileage and is very reliable. I hardly ever need to bring it to the dealership for maintenance; I only brought it in because it needed a new battery after 10 years and the tool for the wheel locks. I love how easy it is to drive and it is great for the environment (It is a hybrid electric-gas).

- Stephanie B

It is a reliable car for a family.

I love driving my Prius because the gas mileage is great, living in a state that is very spread out. It is also eco friendly, which is good for the environment. I do not like that my lights are not automatic on the older models. I also do not like that the key fob does not have a key in case my fob dies.

- Hannah D

Fuel-efficient Toyota vehicles.

Very dependable and gas efficient small car that gets me to and from work. The car has over 226,000 miles and is still going. The oil is changed every 3,000 miles. It is a standard shift that I also enjoy driving. Toyotas are known for their dependability. These are the only vehicles I will purchase.

- Carol D

Great car, I really like and enjoy it.

Performance is excellent, drives incredibly smooth and makes no sound at all. Easy to drive, safe. Battery is expensive to replace when it does die out, which has only ever happened once in the ten years we have owned this car. I taught my kids how to drive in this car and am overall very satisfied.

- Mario M

I love my new Prius because of its streamlined look and it is safety features.

I just purchased this vehicle after doing a lot of research. I have determined that it is the most practical, reliable choice for me. So far, I feel safe and I am impressed with the efficiency of this vehicle. It has not given me any problems yet and I am pleased with its performance. Runs well.

- Wilma L

I like the vehicle but again I do not drive it so I do not feel I can answer.

We have had battery replaced after 12 years so we have not had many problems at all. My husband is the one who drives the car. I do not drive it and have not driven a car since 2008 so I do not feel I can answer this survey honestly because there is no choice for whether I drive or not.

- Melissa T

It is a hybrid vehicle and gets 45 MPG. More people should care about getting high gas mileage.

I love that my Prius gets such excellent gas mileage. It has also been a very reliable car, as I expected from a Toyota. It does need a bit of work because the plastic on the hatchback broke off and since the dealer wants $500+ to fix it (ridiculous!!), I haven't had it repaired.

- Julie C

Great gas mileage (45-50 miles per gallon—over 400 miles to the tank).

Great car overall. Minor issues with not starting in high temperatures (nothing compared to when I had a battery only car). I live in a hot/high altitude place, and the paint is chipping. No regrets though—easy to maintain, oil changes every 5, 000, easy to change own air filter.

- Stephanie H

Very economic car at a great price point. Highly recommended!

Prius-dependability, very good gas mileage, good leg room, comfort, great space for hauling large items with seat folded down. Nice size car for parking in cities. Smooth ride. Good price point. Problems- air conditioning not great in back seat. Seats over time not as comfortable.

- Linda A

Expensive battery for replacement.

Prius is a hybrid car. It saves lots of gas but in comparison to my previous car, it is just a good car for commuting rather than for looks or high performance. It is also a small car so it is not good as family car. Worse of all the battery is extremely expensive to replace.

- Katy K

The gas mileage is amazing.

I love my Prius. The gas mileage is great, and I had never known how great backup cameras were until I got the Prius. Would recommend to anyone. The GPS system is a little outdated, but who cares? There's phones for that. Have not been able to get Bluetooth to work though.

- Tess S

Party Prius to the highway.

I love my Prius, it gets great gas mileage! There is quite good space in the back seat and when you lay down the seats you have room for lots of stuff. The one downfall is that while there is an AUX outlets when you plug the cord in there is no AUX button for it to work.

- Janice H

2006 Toyota Prius review!

Great pick up from a stop. 0 to 60 is ok. Cruise control is good although it would be better if it wouldn't reset below 24mph. Otherwise the Prius is very reliable. I have over 164k miles on it, I get o average 45 mpg. I could get more if I stuck to the speed limit.

- Bob M

I just did. No need to explain myself. Thank you for the opportunity.

Great on gas, can park anywhere, low maintenance, perfect car overall. Still nice and roomy on the inside even though it feels small by the looks on the outside. I have had relatively zero problems with this car aside from needing to have the battery replaced.

- Nico G

Amazing gas mileage and low gas costs.

Love the prius. Cost only 15-20 dollars to fill the tank. Very reliable. Low maintenance costs. . I have never had an issue with this car and it is 13 years old. Oil change is the only expense thus far. Back seat folds down so big enough for my three pups.

- Heather S

Tootling around in a Toyota Prius.

Bought my Prius used. Love it with the space in back for my fur babies to travel with me! And the gas mileage is excellent of course! My car is used more in town for errands etc.. And gas mileage is as good with stop-n-go driving as it is on highway.

- Kay M

Old Prius survives a heart transplant

I recently replaced the big battery at a cost of $2600. That is more than the total value of the car! I guess I like it enough to hang on to it. It is reliable--even when the battery was dying I only got warning lights and plummeting gas mileage.

- Alice M

Battery and size factor. Make sure it will fit your family and area you live in.

Gets great gas mileage. Not really big enough for a big family to be comfortable in. If you are doing big shopping trips it doesn't have the room really for it. The battery dies to quickly going up hills and if you use the air conditioning.

- Tanja R

Likes and dislikes of my Prius

I love the car itself. Style is great. Gas mileage is great but if battery goes you are looking at a couple of grands to replace unless you can find someone who rebuilds them I would recommend a Prius All and all a great car

- Kathy Z

It's a hybrid vehicle and gets excellent gas mileage.

Love that it's a hybrid and gets great gas mileage. It's also the best vehicle I've owned as far as not breaking down and needing very little maintenance. I hope it last a long time and would buy another Prius for sure.

- Elizabeth M

It gets great gas mileage because it is a hybrid. It takes very little upkeep.

It gets great gas mileage because it is a hybrid. Love that it is 4 doors. Dislike that because it belonged to a relative it has dents in it because he was not a careful driver. Other than that no complaints.

- Kathy S

Low maintenance

Had my car 13 years with only 2 sets tires, front brakes replaced and both batteries. Get it serviced every 5000 miles. No problems good mileage. It has lots of room and good storage under back floor. Love it.

- Carol T

Prius is a financial and green value

This car has been an excellent investment. It has saved us money on gas and allowed us to travel on high occupancy lanes. It has run well with little maintenance. The battery is 12 years old and going strong.

- patti r

Saves on gas and isn't as bad for the environment

I love the fuel efficiency. I have saved so much on gas over the years and it makes me feel good having a smaller carbon footprint. It's a great size car too and pretty roomy and I like the look of it

- Ivey M

It is great on gas. It is also lowering my carbon footprint. It is very reasonably priced.

I love the cost of gas that my Prius uses. I don't like how the trunk lock sticks a lot. It feels like the push button on the trunk is squishy. My paint also appears to be peeling and bubbling up.

- Gregory H

Great On Gas, reliable and very comfortable

It is great on gas, it is a hybrid car that you don't have to charge. It is very reliable and very comfortable. It has many features that are helpful and the space is actually more than you think.

- Kate H

The car gets good mileage, which is good for our environment.

I get good mileage, and feel good about being environmentally conscious. It has good pick-up and is very quiet. There is an issue with the battery overheating, so I do not take it on long trips.

- Jill B

Saves on gas, worth every penny

My regular average has mileage ranges from 42 miles per gallon to 45 miles per gallon. Although my car is not my first choice from an aesthetic standpoint. I'll gladly trade looks for gas mileage.

- Tara M

Own a Toyota Prius and you own the road.

I love the mileage in a hybrid vehicle. I love that it is as big as a Toyota Camry Sedan, yet uses gas like a Ford Fiesta. Love how it saves me money with not many repairs and low fuel usage.

- Lori S

The fuel savings alone on this care make it worth it.

I love the fuel economy. It's perfect for driving around town. Although it looks small, it is actually quite spacious. We manage to fit all three of our carseat-aged children in the backseat.

- Natalie G

Honest 2006 Toyota Prius review.

Very comfortable on the inside but not cute looking at all! People always make fun of the look of it. Had issues with the battery and they are difficult to replace and expensive to replace.

- Sloane S

It is a hybrid, and aerodynamic.

I love that my gas is cheap! I never have to worry about spending a lot for my car. I also own it, which is great! I hate that it is not updated, and does not have full Bluetooth capacity.

- Elizabeth Q

Battery issues after 100,000 Miles

I love that my 2006 Toyota Prius runs smoothly, is easy to drive, is reliable, and is cost effective on gas and repairs. I do not like the battery issues associated with higher mileage.

- Katherine a

My car is environmentally friendly and very efficient.

My car gets wonderful gas mileage! I like driving a Prius because it is better for the environment. My car is fun to drive because it is small and handles well in all sorts of weather.

- Shannon K

2006 Toyota Prius. Early hybrid design.

The 2006 Toyota Prius is a very reliable car. I love the auto climate control. I only wish that the hybrid battery would last a little longer so I could drive longer in ev mode.

- Bob M

Prius has great get up and go with awesome gas mileage.

Love the car. Gets great gas mileage. The only problem is that the large batteries in the back are very expensive. It has great get up and how for a small car that is a hybrid.

- Gwen D

Great gas mileage and amazing reliability

I like the gas mileage. I also like that it is roomier on the inside than it appears, and it has great storage features. I dislike the overall look and the lack of trunk space.

- Bryan C

Great car with even better gas mileage

It's a great car with really good gas mileage. Its reliable and has never broken down on me. I love that even though its older it's still updated and has a backup camera.

- Chantal N

That its is great on gas. I also a touch screen. I also have an AUX in my car.

I like that it is not too big, but has lots of space in it. My favorite part that I like about my car is that it saves me a lot of money on gas. It also is a dark grey.

- Anne V

The fuel economy is outstanding and the normal maintenance on the car is minimal.

My vehicle has been very dependable. It has over 200,000 miles on it and I have experienced no major problems. It is very fuel efficient and is comfortable to drive.

- Floyd S

Toyota Prius is a great reliable vehicle that will not let you down. Prius has great mileage, handles well, few breakdowns and repairs from a great car maker.

I love my Prius, I bought this car in 2006 when I was still working. I wanted to save on gas, be better for the environment. My car is comfortable, energy efficient.

- Brian R

The mileage is worth the limited technology.

It's very reliable. I love the mileage and how comfortable and bright the windows are. I don't like how limited and clunky the technology is. It's very unintuitive.

- Peter G

Economy on gas makes for fewer trips to the gas station. It is also easier to find parking due to the smallness of size.

At 45 miles to the gallon, it is very economical. I have put a few dents in it over the years, but enjoy It's handling and the size makes it easy to find parking.

- Barry L

Fantastic gas mileage!!!!

My gas mileage is usually around 50 mpg. There is decent space in the back and the seats lay completely flat which makes it easier to transport a lot of items.

- Liz F

It is totally reliable and the mileage is terrific.

It gets great mileage and I have never had any trouble with it. I love that it is lasted so long without any major repairs, and I love the look of Prius.

- Jane L

It's dependable and it gets me where I need to go without any unnecessary frills, I really enjoy that

I like how dependable it is and the gas mileage also the ride is super smooth It could look better, but I'm old now and don't care about such things

- Jacob B

The gas mileage is amazing and there is a lot of room in the car.

I love the gas mileage on my car. However, because the vehicle has two engines, maintenance can be expensive and it does not have much pick up.

- Erin M

great mileage therefore good for the environment with good comfort

very comfortable seats, dashboard is nicely arranged, everything is close, great mileage per gallon, good smooth ride, plenty of storage areas

- joan m

The Prius gets great gas mileage and is inexpensive to drive

The Prius is a great family car. It's economical since it gets 40+ miles per gallon on average. It also handles well in all types of weather.

- Kendra W

When you need a new battery it is very expensive.

I like the room inside and the hatchback for hauling large items. I do not like when the windows are partly down there is a tunnel noise.

- Sean C

That is a hybrid and that it is better for the environment.

I like the gas mileage and being able to drive in the carpool lane. I dislike the low wheel base. It isn't easy for me to get in my car.

- Chris W

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is a safe and reliable, fuel efficient vehicle.

The vehicle is very reliable. Amazing on gas and comfortable to drive. Especially incredibly easy to navigate when driving and parking.

- Samantha M

Everyone should know that my car is better for the environment! And that it is a hybrid and it runs on electric sometimes. It saves a ton on gas. Everyone should be driving a hybrid or an electric car.

I LOVE that it is a hybrid and I can lessen my carbon footprint on the earth. I wish it had more room in the trunk. I love driving it!

- Gloria p

It's easy to drive compared to other vehicles.

The 2006 Toyota Prius that I drive has good gas mileage and drives smoothly. It has a good interior and an exterior that is not ugly.

- Jaden W

That is environmentally friendly and runs very quietly.

I like the Prius because it gets good gas mileage and I can use the carpool lane. My only complaint is that it has a low wheel base.

- Chris T

It has been very dependable, knock on wood. i am just putting this on here to satisfy the character count.

The console has a cover that cannot be cleaned without tearing it up. The rear middle brake light keeps breaking off the hatch lid.

- Terry W

The Prius is a super reliable, economical, comfortable car that hauls more than you would think!

Super economical, hauls a lot more than you would think it would, comfortable, especially for road trips, Bluetooth capabilities.


It is a hybrid and has great mileage..

I like the gas mileage. I also just enjoy driving it. It is a good size for me, easy to maneuver and big enough to haul stuff.

- Marylou L

Its durable and reliable.

I love the gas efficiency as well as how the hybrid battery runs. The only slight downside is that there is no auxiliary port.

- Kelsey H

That it is an hybrid, which helps the environment and saves money on gas.

I like that it is an hybrid because I save on gas and I dislike having to money a lot of money to get things repaired for it.

- Lydia G

That it's 50 mpg which is great while prices for gas rise all the time

I have two 2006 Toyota Prius cars. They are great on gas and highly dependable I like them better than any car I have owned

- Charles C

Affordable, cozy and spacious.

We just purchased our Prius. We love we are not putting gas in it everyday. The Prius is cozy enough for 3 teenage kids.

- Mary C

It maintains a trade in value greater than any other.

It is not very comfortable. It has been very reliable and quite cheap to maintain. It is also very good on gas mileage.

- Ryan C

It is very dependable and good on gas and has low maintenance cost

I really like it because it is dependable and is really good on gas. never had a problem with it no complaints at all

- Richard C

Can't best the reliability and fuel efficiency of a prius!

I got 250k miles!!! Runs good with only me niall maintenance, no major issues except a recurring headlight problem.

- sandy s

The gas mileage is awesome!

Low clearance. . . Not good in the snow, if that is something you have to deal with in the fall/winter, which I do.

- Eileen F

That it is a hybrid car and helps to protect the environment.

I love that I am lessening my carbon footprint! I love having a hybrid car and helping to protect the environment.

- Gloria B

Its quiet. Careful not to leave it running when you exit it.

It has good gas mileage. There is problem with the lights going out in the dashboard. That is the only problem.

- Janet F

I love my Prius! It has great gas mileage and a surprising amount of room.

I have never had any problems with my Prius. Gas mileage is great. Plenty of room for passengers and groceries.

- Alan H

Very fuel efficient and a no frills ride. Basic but affordable.

Like the operating cost and low maintenance fees. Dislike the suspension and interior finishes wear quickly

- Lee B

Safe and reliable. Toyota is still consistent in quality.

45 miles per gallon. Smooth ride. Love it! It drives like it just came off the lot. Top safety standards.

- Millie R

Love how mucb its saves me gas.

I really enjoy this vehicle..never had a problem with it. Super comfortable to drive and very spacious.

- Roberto H

It has Great gas mileage-40 miles to the gallon even after 12 years.

I love the gas mileage-40-45 miles per gallon. I like the fold down backseat. The car is easy to drive.

- Ellen M

Don't need to buy gas as often.

I like that it's a hybrid & uses less gas. I hate the backup noise inside the car I hear a beep beep.

- Stacey F

This is a very great car. Underrated and sometimes made fun of. But worth to own.

Great gas mileage. Pretty low maintenance and fixes are easy. Downside is not much horsepower.

- Anna C

The car gets Great mileage and no major problems in 12 years.

No complaints - we have had very few problems in the 12 years we've owned it. Great mileage.

- Edelle T

It is not as slow as people think it is. It has good speed. People always make it sound like it's slow.

It is a great car. Excellent gas mileage. Lots of bells and whistles. Easy to maintain.

- Karen c

Gas savings and reliable engine. Toyota is known for cars that can have high mileage usage.

Fuel efficient. Roomy. Very reliable in terms of mechanical and engine performance.

- Chad S

It has held up beautifully for the past 12 years. The hatchback design allows one to carry a lot of stuff

It is very economical to own. High gas mileage, low maintenance and comfortable

- Bill S

It has multiple safety features. It has a warning system so you know when either you cross the line of get in front of another car and are about to crash. The cameras are wonderful and to my knowledge is the only brand that offers the camera on the passenger side.

My car has very comfortable seats, makes me feel safe and is excellent on gas.

- Kelly P

Helps save the planet by limiting carbon emissions.

Fifty MPG on the road Twelve years an still running well Good service

- Carl E

Reliable and 50 miles per gallon!

No complaints. No repairs. Reliable and dependable. Great on gas.

- Pat V

I like the mpg and the drive of it, but I dislike that I had to replace the hybrid battery at only 106k miles. Additionally, when the car turns on it takes a while for the screens to boot up, but the settings from when the car were turned off are all fully on. So if you had the a/c blasting but now it's cold, it takes a while for the car to respond to allow you to make the change. Just a little thing, but annoying. Overall a good car for me.

It has excellent fuel efficiency and is easy to drive.

- Rae S