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A reliable and hardworking vehicle.

The '08 Toyota Prius is decent all around. The features are pretty basic nowadays and it runs pretty well. I noticed with age, the car seems to start taking up more oil, so using a high mileage oil is very helpful. Like a lot of people know about early Prius, they tend to not have a lot of 'kick', so you have to push the gas pedal a bit more than a normal gas car when going up hills. What I really love about this car is the hatchback. People are always surprised by the amount of things that will fit into this car when the back seats are put down. These cars are well built. I have driven from Florida to California recently, and other than needing to add some more oil most of the way through, the car had no problem. I do not know if later models have this problem, or if it has to do with the car's age, but I noticed when you go up long hills on the highway, the battery tends to drain and the motor has to work overtime. Overall, I am happy with this car and am definitely thinking of getting a newer model in the future.

- Michael W

Bought my Prius in a pinch turned out to be the best investment I've made.

I bought my Prius used, it has one previous owner and roughly 115,000 miles on it. My favorite feature on this car is the backup camera, the screen is large and the image is clear. I have not had any issues mechanically with the Prius aside from the occasional dashboard light from low tire pressure or oil change notices. Tires are relatively cheap and who doesn't love paying $15-18.00 on a tank of gas. The A/C still blows cold and I love that I can choose the exact temperature I want the air to blow at. When I purchased my Prius I was told the battery would only last another two years, however, I am going on three years with no issues. I bought this car because I was in a pinch at the time and would have never considered a Prius otherwise but now that I have experienced all the wonderful features of this car I fully plan to purchase another just like it when my battery finally does give out.

- Sadie S

Toyota prius save gas mileage is lightweight,

Hello! One thing that comes to mind is that I like to drive in western united states on roads that are quite bumpy and uneven, and need 4 wheel drive. I would like to have a vehicle that has a higher undercarriage, and better suspension than this one does. I know that is just the way the prius is made, I am just saying that is one thing I would like to be different about my car. The car runs well, and, I save a lot of gas because it is a prius which I am very thankful for! I would love to have a car that does not shove my head forward when I have the headrest on. The headrests naturally push my neck forward, so much so that I turned the headrest around and put it back in backwards. I know this is not supposed to be very safe but I did what I had to do!

- Rachel B

Prius: Hilariously Ordinary

The 2008 Prius is an all-around solid vehicle. Mine has over 250k miles on it, and has only had one major issue: the catalytic converter. Given that the lifespan of the cat could be anywhere from 8-10 years, it certainly lived up to expectations. There is not much maintenance outside the normal oil changes and filter changes. Maintenance on the vehicle is very straightforward, as it is engineered with necessary parts in relatively easy to reach areas. Parts used are common sizes throughout all Toyota vehicles, so if you have other cars like a Sienna or Camry, you may end up being able to use some of the same filters, etc. The hybrid system hasn't had any major issues, and I haven't yet had to replace the hybrid battery.

- Jonathan O

Loyal to Prius 10 years - will replace with another Prius in future.

I bought my silver prius in 2008 and have loved that car for the last 10 years. I currently have over 220,000 miles on it. I have driven it across the country several times and in all weather. This car is big enough to road trip with 4 adults and their luggage. (the trunk is large and the back sat folds down if needed.) It is a hybrid and still gets excellent mileage - about 50 mpg highway. . I've been very good about getting an oil change every 3000 miles, and am careful about getting new tires before they wear out. I also plan for necessary major 30k/60k/90k maintenance every 30k miles. I am looking to buy a new car in the next year and it will probably be another prius.

- Francine K

Money Saver: My Toyota Prius would save you loads of money.

My Toyota Prius is really great. I get incredible miles per gallon, 43.8 miles per gallon. Owning a Prius in and of itself isn't enough, it also depends on how you drive. If you accelerate too quickly, your miles per gallon average will drop. Another benefit of my car is how quiet it is. While driving, I can actually enjoy some peace and serenity because I could hardly hear anything. The car is also fairly reliable. The only problem in this area that I have had is that sometimes the check engine light turns on, but after a couple of days it always turns off, even though I haven't done anything. The car is also fairly smooth just generally and turning both ways.

- Sergey V

Even after 10 years it is better than most cars on the market

I bought my car second hand certified and it was in excellent condition. For the first year there was a few problems the hybrid battery went completely out and had to be replaced. Luckily it was under warranty and all the cost to replace it were covered by Toyota. Since then nothing had happened except normal repairs like new tires, windshield wiper blades, oil changes, filter changes. One thing I have noticed if I buy a gasoline from a better name brand station I get better mileage. When I first got the car I got 42 mpg, now with better gas and synthetic oil I get 48.7 a tank. That is combined highway/city on a 10 year old car!

- cassie b

Good vehicle with great gas mileage

I have not had any really big problems with my Prius except for the fact that I park outside and rodents like to eat the covering on the wires in the engine. It is a big hassle and not a cheap fix to get the wiring redone. The only other problem I have is at night the light from the instrument panel makes a glare on the front windshield that is very annoying if you are driving for any length of time. One other thing that's annoying is the rubber on the latch on the hatchback melted and gets black goo on your fingers every time you open it. Dealership had no fix for the problem. I love the gas mileage though.

- Cynthia W

Salsa Red Prius, Great MPG

I really love my prius. I use it to get to and from work twice a day five days a week. I appreciate the info screen that keeps me updated on my miles per gallon. I average around 47.9 at the moment. I've noticed that there is an issue with the passenger side headlight on mine and most other models from the same year. It will turn off while driving but come back on if you reset it (or hit it.) Mine has come up with an issue with it's squib not being grounded? And constantly has the airbag light on as well. Other than these issues I still love it and pick it for road trips often.

- Natasha R

A highly fuel-efficient car that sadly lacks moving power.

Being a hybrid, the Prius is excellent on gas (approx. 44 miles to the gallon), but it does not have the power needed to get over large amounts of snow. I can get stuck fairly easily in a NY winter, and since it is a light car, ice is a difficult terrain for it. I love the interior - plush and comfortable seats, with a lot of legroom in the front and the back. However, since it is a hatchback, it does not have a lot of room in the trunk. I have taken it in for oil changes when it is needed, but I have never had a major problem so far and it nearly has 100k miles on it.

- Kim W

Reliable and comfortable Toyota Prius.

The car has been nothing but dependable. There have been no major problems and not real expense other than maintenance. It is very comfortable on long drives, very roomy in the back seat for passengers. It is a pretty basic Prius as we didn't get any of the add-ons. The hatch back is terrific for shopping and luggage. Love the panel in the front that show mileage, climate control, etc. Would prefer a radial speedometer to the digital, but that is a minor point. Heat is very quick and fills the cabin. Ac is also nearly instantaneous and easily regulated.

- Peggy A

Reliable, Cost-Effective Vehicle

I bought my Prius brand new in 2008. 11+ years later, it's still running with no problems. I change my oil and maintain the vehicle regularly, but I have loved the reliability of the car. Since it's a hatchback, it's also surprisingly spacious and comfortably seats 5 adults, or a trunk full of groceries, suitcases, etc. I have almost 200,000 miles on the car, and I still get over 40 mpg. It's less than $30 to fill up, and a tank lasts over 300 miles. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a reliable, eco-friendly and cost effective car.

- Sydney E

The Toyota Prius: A True Gas Saver

As a first time car owner I have been very pleased with my 2008 Toyota Prius. It's wonderful on gas which is my favorite aspect of the car. The most I've ever spent on filling up my tank was $28 where gas was a little over $3 a gallon. The car was given to me by my aunt who had been driving for about 10 years. However, the car still drives very well. As long as you get regular oil changes and uphold proper maintenance on the car this car can last a long time. I can honestly say that I am overall pleased with the Toyota Prius.

- Kyra C

Best hybrid on the market!

I have owned my Prius for 10 years and have had no major mechanical problems at all. It is very roomy and comfortable inside. It is fun to drive and performs beautifully; very responsive and peppy. I get 50 miles per mile in the summer and 35-40 miles per hour in the winter. The car shows no rust at all. I have had to replace the 12-volt battery twice and one headlight since purchase. The Prius is a fun car to drive and performs especially well on long highway trips. It takes curves like a sports car.

- Mary A

Best car ever with minor issues over 10 years.

Love my Prius but have had issues with leaking of water into headlights. Other than that no issues. Only good care I got was at Findlay Toyota. Other local Toyota dealers have not been very good service and poor customer service. Had some recall issues but they were fixed with no further issues. Felt the interior lining of box between front seat poorly lined and is coming loose. Some of the buttons are getting worn down too easily. More attn needed to quality interior.

- Theresa C

The efficiency of the Prius. The Prius is a Hybrid, a half gas, half electric

The performance of the vehicle is quite maximum. It gets an average of 42 miles per gallon, and you don't have to fill up much too often. The Prius also is very smooth running. There is no noise from the engine or anything. The vehicle efficiently switches between electric and gas. If you are in town, going around 20 miles per hour, it switches to electric. If you are on the highway, it switches to gas. This is so you aren't wasting gasoline when you aren't going far.

- Chris M

Used 2008 Prius review from consumer

I bought my Prius used with 75,000 miles 2 years ago. I live in Portland where there are tons of very tight streets. The Prius make navigating through and parking on these streets very convenient. It has saved me so much money on gas, getting 40 mpg on average and I have never spent more than 30 dollars filling my tank. Very comfortable, the hatchback trunk has TONS of room. The car doesn't stick out in the front or back which improves visibility

- Rebecca S

Ocean green 2008 Prius. Functional car that is good for the environment.

Awesome gas mileage, no work needed except for oil changes, have changed tires once in the last ten years. Auxiliary plug it and radio features. Windshield wipers on front and back. Hatchback allows for more space in the trunk. Seats are comfortable except no butt warmers present. My car is ten years old and I would say it still has at least another three to five years left. Not a bunch of technological features but for me they are not needed.

- Jane G

Prius was the best car I've ever bought and the wisest investment!

The gas mileage is incredible... up to almost 50 mpg. It is a hatchback so there is a lot of space and when the back seats are folded now down even furniture and exercise machines have fit in it. My Prius model has leather seats that are very comfortable even on long drives. It is very reliable and in the entire time I've owned this car I've only had to replace the small battery and did regular tire replacements. It uses regular gas and oil.

- Lori I

Low Term Cost Ride 10 years in 10 more with luck

It's a Toyota. It goes. And goes. The repair costs are low frequency but higher in price since I use the dealership near the beach. After ten years my Prius is beginning to show her age. Wear and tear over the years is building up. My plan is to add a new seat cover, new floor mats, and keep on. I've paid off the car loan and removed the full coverage portion of the insurance. My costs are now quite low and I want to them that way.

- Lana L

It is surprisingly quick, very comfortable, drives well gets great gas mileage.

In the 10 years I have had my Toyota Prius I have had very few problems most of which are just things that are from wear and tear such as brakes and the 12 volt battery. It is very comfortable and has room for just about anything I need to do, the gas mileage is superb do not need to change oil as often as you would a regular car. The big expense of which I yet to have to pay is for the main battery which will be expensive.

- Joe L

Toyota Prius. It is a very reliable car for long trips.

The Toyota Prius 2008 that I am driving is very reliable and since is hybrid meaning is half electric, it uses less gas that a regular non hybrid car. I drive about 20 miles every day and using the car for 2 weeks I only spend 25. 00 in gas. This car belonged to my boyfriend for 4 years before I got it and it is still working really good, we used it to travel to Suffern NY recently and we had no problem at all.

- A C

Old school Prius are reliable and spacious.

When I first bought the car, I had to replace the cluster because the odometer fuel and other dash lights wouldn’t come on. It was dangerous. But since then all is great and I couldn’t be happier:: I love the color and the user friendly aspect of it. It is like driving a golf cart and it is spacious yet compact. I have to drive a lot for work and I feel it is reliable. Besides I am in la and it is fitting.

- Liam C

Prius is the adventure vehicle we wanted!

The Prius has been the best investment regarding a car purchase. Besides minor repair like muffler work and wheel bearings the car has been absolutely dependable and reliable. We have few if not any maintenance issues and actually own two Prius'. The hatchback even has allowed me and my dog to sleep comfortably in the case of an impromptu camping trip! Our next purchase will definitely be another Prius.

- Christina G

It is definitely worth getting a hybrid.

So far my Prius has been great for me. The gas mileage is really good, I love how eco friendly it is, it is spacious which helped me recently move with ease and it is got great features in my tour version. The only concern I have is the price of a hybrid engine in the front. I have heard people having to fix the engine later on in the Prius' life and it has not been cheap which is super concerning.

- Raven W

Prius has Unbelievable Longevity

Little to no maintenance issues outside of regular upkeep. Great MPG for both local driving and highway driving. Comfortably seat 5 in the car. Incredibly easy to drive and park, even parallel parking. Trunk is surprisingly large with back seats that lower to increase trunk space when necessary. This car has continued to perform spectacularly even after 10 years of consistent use and wear and tear.

- Lauren P

The future is here - with Toyota leading the way!

Having a Prius has been such a pleasure. It is so economical to drive that I can go for long periods of time without having to fill up which makes my wallet very happy. The comfortable, sporty, fun to drive little compact vehicle enable me to zip along the freeway - dart into tiny parking spots - and to go for weeks on one fill up. I truly love this car and cannot imagine owning anything else now!

- Renee R

It is a great car that saves money.

The Prius drives quietly and smoothly. It gets great gas mileage and on average take about $15 to fill the tank and usually takes several trips about 50 miles each way before having to fill up. The design is sleek. I'd say the only complaint I'd have is the smaller interior. I am a tall woman, and while I do fit mostly comfortably, I'd say it might not be good for much longer drives.

- Tara P

Controls on the steering wheel, keyless entry, backup camera. Bluetooth.

I like the Prius for its gas mileage but I do not like the stigma that comes with being a Prius driver. Overall the car is great for my commute and its much more economical than if I was to take a different car that consumes much more gas. The Versatility of the Prius is actually quite nice, the truck space is surprising big and I have fit odd ends in there quite easily.

- Paul M

Awesome car that does well managing energy and providing comfort for the driver.

I love my Prius, it has great gas mileage and shows you on the center screen how the energy is transferred throughout the vehicle. The rear view camera has been a life saver, making it significantly easier to navigate in reverse. Though it may seem like a smaller vehicle the space it well designed. When the back seats are down it just opens up and can carry large items.

- Ingrid C

Comfortable and economical to drive.

We purchased this car to replace a Cadillac escalade when the gas prices were so high. To switch from a large SUV to this was a big change but it was really a great decision! The Prius is comfortable and economical to drive. The savings have been great! Love this car and eventually will buy another I am sure. But so far it still drives like it did from the first day.

- Betty P

Prius' are very reliable.

I love my Prius. It is a very comfortable car to drive, and is spacious. I love being able to fit a lot of items in the hatchback. The only problems I have with it is that it scrapes when I hit high road bumps, or turn down hill. And the air condition sometimes does not work. Overall, paying less for gas is always a plus and I love the high gas mileage my Prius gets.

- Alyssa C

2008 Toyota Prius. Great car and exceptional value!

The Prius is very dependable car. I have owned it since 2014 and have had only one problem with it. I love the gas mileage and it handles extremely well! Braking system is great and find the vehicle roomy and comfortable. It has a large backup camera as the rear view can be difficult to see. Overall, the Prius is a well designed car with exceptional dependability.

- Anne G

A small silver 11 year old Prius runs like a race car with the comfort of a RV.

It's easy to handle. It can go fast and smoothly. 100% reliable. Super comfortable. Mine has a CD drive so I can jam out to my CDs. Great mileage! The break and pedal sensitivity is about normal, maybe a little more on the sensitive side. It's quiet, except for when it backs up. It makes a beeping sound when it backs up. Speakers are great. I overall love my car!

- Ava S

Great Prius but loses its touch over time

I love the Prius I currently have. I would say it is getting older now and has a lot less mileage. Additionally we have had to go in frequently to have the brakes looked at as well as oil. I think that has to do more with the cars age rather than the make. Moreover, we have to get it smog tested soon. The panel that adjusts the mirrors recently broke as well.

- Allie G

The Toyota Prius- best mom car ever!

I have dreamt of driving a Toyota Prius since they initially came out! When I was finally able to make my dream come true, I realized this car was meant for me! I absolutely love it! There is tons of room for me and my family, it's amazing on gas, and fits my every need perfectly! It drives great and notifies me when maintenance is due. I couldn't be happier!

- Amy c

Summarize white car Toyota

I love my Toyota Prius it's a great car because mileage in the city is about 42 miles per gallon. I have had this car for about two years and it has saved me hundreds in gas. I have nothing mechanical wrong with my Toyota Prius just the normal changing of oil and brakes. It's a great investment if your thinking about a Prius! I give my car FIVE STARS!

- Samantha U

Great car for everyday life

I like that it has great gas mileage and is reliable. It is fairly comfortable and the back seat is roomy. I don't like that the back seat tends to not get good airflow. The car has a good amount of cargo room given its compact size. It doesn't have many high luxury features. I dislike that its future repairs could get expensive as it is a highbred.

- Kelly H

It is a gas, electric hybrid vehicle with great gas mileage.

I like that it gets good gas mileage and can go far on one tank. I really like having a backup camera. I like the interior design of my 2008 model, but am not a fan of the current models where the front seats are more separated. I like that the odometer is in front of the steering wheel, unlike the current model. It has a good amount of trunk space.

- Pamela B

Toyota Prius is a great car for road trips.

We've driven this car across country multiple times and it has saved us a lot on gas money. It is very comfortable and reliable with a lot of trunk room. The foldable seats make it easy to transport bulky items or just lay down when camping. The back seats are ok and although there are 3 seats back there it really only fits 2 people comfortably.

- J M

The back up camera makes a beeping sound so you know you are in reverse.

My 2008 Toyota Prius performance is unmatched. It gets over 30 miles to a gallon and runs on batteries and fuel. I have had to replace the batteries only once in 11 years. It is a super reliable car and fun to drive. The seats go all the way down for comfort on a long trip. My car features are top notch. It has a great back up camera and GPS.

- Brittany A

Great gas mileage, affordable, reliable - what more do you want in a car?

The Prius has great gas mileage. I commute over 400 miles a week so I save much money. My car must be reliable and affordable - the Prius is both. I bought it used with 116k miles. I have not had any problems with it and I am up to 124k after 3 months of ownership. My only fear is that in the wintertime with snow I will not be able to use it.

- Alexa T

The car is very quiet even at a high speed.

It performs well. The car is economical in gas because it is a hybrid. It provides a very comfortable drive/ride for the driver and passengers. Some problems can become major, especially if the main battery is the issue. Replacing the main battery is very expensive. Other than that there have been no major problems. It still is very reliable.

- John D

Display features & target for theft.

The only problem I have had so far is having the catalytic converter stolen. The Prius is a target. I have had it replaced and now when I drive it something rattles and it just feels slightly different. I wish the display had better features. For example, I can only connect my phone to use calling features. There is no option to play music.

- Erica M

Practical and reliable but not sexy. Love the backup camera.

Car generally works great, is reliable and comfortable. It includes leather seats, backup camera, etc. Never had problems until recently when the computer screen has intermittently stopped working. But after having the car for 11 years and 185K miles, I think it is understandable that there is an issue. Fortunately, my car still runs.

- Daniel B

Car of a lifetime, car for a life!

This is the perfect car for me and my Goldendoodle Frodo. It is great on fuel economy, can haul quite a bit of cargo, and is a joy to drive. It gets 42 miles per gallon in town, about 47 on the road. The sound system is superior with a six CD changer. It is an ultra dependable automobile, and is my car of a lifetime. It is a joy to drive.

- Gloria H

I absolutely love the gas mileage. I spend a lot less on gas.

Maintenance on this vehicle is particularly tough, the engineers did not make it easy to do simple tasks like change a headlight. Sometimes the battery drains quickly and it needs to be jump started. Also maintenance lights come on for simple things like and oil change which scares me but then I am relieved to know it is a simple fix.

- Sean R

Prius is the best vehicle you will ever own!

I love our Prius. Cannot beat the gas mileage, car is comfortable and enjoyable to drive. Have had very few maintenance issues or problems with the car overall, super reliable. Cannot really think of any problems other than a few design quirks, like they make the headlights hard to change, doing your own maintenance can be tricky.

- James C

Decent commuter vehicle with good if purchased used.

Good vehicle. Nice dash/user interface. Easy to use controls. Would prefer if it were fully electric. Gas mileage is not as spectacular as I'd like, especially given how much I used the vehicle for commuting. Would also prefer an option with a manual transmission. I know, weird for a 50% electric vehicle, but I am old school.

- Andy R

Toyota Prius - reliable family car.

I am very happy with my Prius. I have had no mechanical issues and I love the I get 42. 2 Miles to the gallon. It is very reliable and fits into most any parking space! We recently drove across several states during the 4th of July weekend, and found it was a pleasure to drive - even with our two dogs riding in the back seat.

- Clare K

Prius is very wonderful- recommend!

It's been really reliable up until recently. But it's over 10 years old, so I'd say that's pretty good. The mileage even by today's standards is incredible. It's made back its cost in savings on gas at least 3 times over since we bought it. I plan on getting a newer version of it when this one gives out. Great car. I love it.

- Isabella A

Toyota Prius is practical

I love that the Prius has great gas mileage! Also a good size for driving in the city because it can fit anywhere but still big enough to be comfortable for passengers. Not the most flashy cute car out there, but it is very practical! Toyota is a good brand if anything goes wrong because it is a reasonable price to fix.

- Clair E

One great feature is the speedometer, alerting exact speed for safer driving.

Overall, a wonderful vehicle. This car has driven across country, coast to coast, at least 4 times and still runs almost like new. It's great on gas, even if you're a heavy accelerator, and has innovative interior features. Not much of an off road vehicle, but its compact, energy efficient, and great for city driving.

- Christina O

Very reliable car if maintained well.

I love the reliability and how little I have to put gas in it since it is a hybrid. Only downside is that I do not trust anyone but the dealership to do regular maintenance or repairs on the car since it is so computer and parts specific which can get expensive and no dealership is within 25 minutes of where I live.

- Christina B

Priuses get great gas mileage. For years, I commuted 60 miles a day for work and only had to fill up once a week.

I like that my car has the push start feature and will unlock for me when I am near the car and touch the door handles. I also like the gas mileage my car gets. I don't like that the interior is light colored as it shows dirt easily. And I don't like that typically, the car is low on oil before my oil change is due.

- Kristin B

Very dependable Prius, I love it.

The Toyota Prius is a great vehicle. It is very dependable and it rarely needs maintenance. however, when it does need maintenance it can be kind of a pain because it is such a sensitive car. Overall, though, it is a great car and I love it. I recommend it to friends all the time because it is great on gas mileage.

- Cameron O

The gas mileage is incredible and keeping gas in this car is very affordable.

I enjoy the great gas mileage and how quiet and safe this vehicle is. I bought it with only 40K miles on it.It has needed many repairs because of buying it used from a man who had it in Florida, where the salt in the air rusted through much of the car. I do plan to drive this car until it cannot be driven anymore.

- Kaylin r

Toyota's Reliability is Shown in the Prius

It really has the Toyota reliability! The vehicle already has around 220,000 miles and it drives like new. Aside from repairs from a minor crash, the vehicle has not needed any repairs other than regular oil changes and tires. It is really spacious on the inside and you really can't beat the outrageous 40+ mpg.

- Victor M

Prius: surprising little warrior.

My Prius is comfortable, and it gets good gas mileage in the summer. I have not had any difficulty with braking or acceleration as I have had in other cars. The trunk in Prius is a decent size for the size car it is and I love that the seats come down say that you need to put a bicycle in the back of your car.

- Mk K

I particularly like the camera when in reverse.

My Prius has been a very reliable vehicle with no issues other than replacing the regular battery and routine maintenance. It is comfortable and economical and affordable to travel in. I currently have over 140 thousand miles on and it shows no sign of weak performance. I will drive it for several more years.

- Diane D

Good family car, great commuter vehicle.

Love the gas mileage on this car. Very few problems so far, but lately my car alarm has been going off for no reason. Other than that (haven't yet been to the mechanic), it is been super reliable and a good fit for our family of 4. Fits 4 and camping gear for all of us, is great on gas for everyday commuting.

- Samantha P

My car is reliable and durable with great gas mileage.

I love my car, it has been reliable and I have had almost no problems and needed few repairs over the 10 years that I have owned it. It handles well in all weather (with the correct tires) and is spacious enough for all of my needs. Over all it has held up well even in I don't treat it as nicely as I should.

- Nicole N

If you want a small and powerful car this is right for you!

Great car, and gas mileage. But very expensive when repairs are needed. I would recommend this car to anyone. Lots of room to be a small care. Seats sit comfortably on long trips. Air conditioner is great, keeps everyone cool in high temperatures. Seat belt is very uncomfortable for the passenger front seat.

- Emma G

My Toyota Prius review: Excellent all around

I love my Toyota Prius! I save so much money on gas, and spend less time filling up. It runs great all the time, I keep up with the recommended routine maintenance and have had no problems internally with it. Even though I have a later model, the design is so simple and sleek it still looks quite modern.

- Amelia A

Great gas. Great safety. minimal issues.

Our only problem was a common recurring problem of the coolant regulating system malfunctioning. After replacement, no more problems with the vehicle since. Safety ratings are great. It has great gas mileage, even for older models. Used versions are affordable and make great family or road trip vehicles.

- Kaitlyn W

Pretty economical fun Prius.

It has a lot of pep for being small. I like that it is a hybrid. I get over 40 miles a gallon. It is cute, comfortable & I have spent very little in maintenance. I love the heated seats. It does have a GPS and a backup camera. I do not like that it finds when in reverse. It is annoying and unnecessary.

- Cheryl A

Low maintenance and a good car that will last a long time.

I had no problems with my car. I do regular maintenance on it such oil change and tire change and brake change. This car can run up to 300k in mile. And I will definitely buy a newer version of my car. I pay very little for gas. This is definitely on of the best cars I have ever had in my life so far.

- Kerry-ann N

A quiet and reliable car. I would recommend it to anyone.

This is a very reliable car that is also economical and friendly to the environment. I would recommend anyone looking for this type of vehicle to consider a Prius as their next purchase. The maintenance requirement is minimal and if the vehicle is taken care of, it will have minimal repair issues.

- Miguel S

Prius: a great commuter car

The gas mileage is great, it is convenient and an awesome commuter car. Despite the cars appearance, it has a lot of storage. It has a great turn radius. There are a lot of blind spots and pretty low to the ground. The air filters constantly need to be changed. The tires pressure also varies greatly.

- Sierra C

It is nice to the earth, it can run off batter and gas.

I love this car, when I am waiting to pick the kids up it goes into hybrid mood so that it does not waste gas, about 20$ will fill it up and it last about two weeks, I can fit two car seats in the back of the car, I have room to put a stroller in the trunk and still have room like it a big truck.

- Sydney R

Great gas mileage needs nothing.

It is great on gas and needs nothing everything works well on it. Has hands free. Six disc CD changer. Overall it is a good car I would like something else. Newer tires oil changes are about all you need. I have had it for about 8 years like I said great gas mileage and costs $20-30$ to fill up.

- Jesse S

Good performance car, very reliable.

Very reliable, there’s 90, 000 miles on it and it still acts brand new. It can be sensitive at times due to the hybrid functioning, like it cannot jumpstart another car. It also is sensitive when dealing with pumping gas and tire pressure. Overall, I love it. I barely have any issues with it.

- Cam O

Runs well for a 10 year old car, but once the battery is dead it's useless.

It has been a great car so far, minimal repairs needed, however it is now 10 years old and towards the end of the expected battery life. The battery replacement cost is higher than the blue book value of the car. It also doesn't handle well in snow, therefore I would probably not repurchase.

- Vanessa H

It's an older model. The newer ones have more luxury than mine which I like. Less things to distract me.

I like that it's a hybrid. I still have the options of relying on gas, but know that I'm doing at least a baby step toward cleaner energy. Next car will probably be the full electric assuming I have no reason to go out of state. Not many areas that I can recharge an electric car in my area.

- Kare H

It is mini SUV. The volume goes up and down according to my driving speed.

I love it because it is great on gas, and I drive long distances most months out of the year. It is not loud, and most of the time you cannot tell it is running. I do not like the general repair costs for hybrid cars, and the beams that hold the roof are very wide: it makes big blind spots.

- Kimberly W

It is very reliable and has excellent gas mileage.

No problems with this car, typical Toyota reliability. Love the gas mileage and ease of use. Seats are comfortable and everything works well. It's a great car for daily commute as well as longer distance driving. For me personally, it just has too little space. Used to have wagons before.

- Christiane W

I like gas miles it gets.

I like my vehicle because its a hybrid. I get good gas mileage at a time when gas is high. It's a small car so I can park it anywhere. I like the color, I like to go into the high-occupancy vehicle lane by myself. I like that it's quiet. I like the hatch back, it holds a lot of stuff.

- Lisa A

Great fast pretty silver car.

The car is a fluid car. Have had almost no issues with mileage, mpg, or any of that. It has a fast acceleration speed time, and no engine issues with this make. The Bluetooth radio has a great connection, and the seat warming/cooling system is very nice. Could have better cup holders.

- Violet Z

2008 Toyota hybrid Prius review.

It has not needed a lot of repairs and gets really good gas mileage. It drives very smoothly and has a lot of pick up, especially for a smaller car. It also has really good speakers and great sound quality for listening to music. The cabin is also surprisingly roomy for a smaller car.

- Sara M

Great gas mileage but with a few design flaws.

My Prius is fuel efficient, comfortable and fun to drive. Although it is not very good in deep snow. I believe it has a design flaw in that to change a headlight the fender has to be removed. So to replace a $5 light bulb costs $300. The reliability makes up for some of these issues.

- Patricia K

We love our Prius. We have two of them.

We wanted a car with high gas mileage and would last a long time. It helps that the Prius is environmentally friendly. We have two Priuses, one red, one silver. Very few problems until a couple of months ago. My Prius died twice: once in the community, once on NJ turnpike. Scary.

- Jennifer Z

It has power and can take off quickly and can go fast. (some people think because it is a Prius it will not do that)

I love the mileage I get. I went from a full size conversion van to the Prius and it was a big change. Best part the gas mileage. Worst part (although I got use to it) was at first I felt like I was in a roller skate. Now if and when I get a new car I would like another Prius.

- Robyn O

Toyota Prius: the most reliable car for everyone from parents to students.

I love my Prius. Not only do I save a ton on gas but I feel better about putting my family in it. I did a lot of research before buying and the safety ratings alone convinced me this was the right car for me. On top of that the reliability and comfort makes my Prius my dream car.

- Kate B

Toyota Prius is a great option as a vehicle.

The vehicle is very light and gets great gas mileage. One problem that I have with the car is that when I am driving and it is really windy out, the car kind of shakes with the wind because of how light the vehicle is. I like the interior seat fabric and overall, a very good car.

- Alex H

Love my Prius — even though my friends make fun of me.

Over 100, 000 miles — only time in the shop was for routine maintenance and 1 part that was covered under a recall. Great gas mileage — has decreased over time but still 40 mpg. Plenty of room - like the hatchback. Does surprisingly well in all weather including snow.

- Sean B

The best vehicle we have own. Lights work really good.

The vehicle runs great. Have had few Issues' nothing serious considering the age of the car. Fixed breaks, electrical issues. But gas mileage is amazing. We would for sure get another Prius. We have travelled with this car. Runs smoothly don't even know when started. So quiet.

- Helen F

2008 Toyota Prius with GPS.

The Prius gets amazing gas mileage. I can go over a week without having to fill the tank. The seats are comfortable and adjustable, and there are 5 in total. Has a big open trunk to fit things in. It accelerates very quickly and drives smoothly. Love everything about this car.

- First Name I

The best car I have ever owned and I would definitely buy another one.

I am still getting 48 miles per gallon and at $3. 00 gallon average gas prices, I have saved significantly. I have over 186, 000 miles on my Prius and have had very few maintenance. I get regularly scheduled oil changes, state inspections, and tire replacements when necessary.

- Carol D

Economical peace of mind Toyota Prius with style.

My Prius gets me where I need to go with optimum comfort and technology, including travels with very little cost in gas! The electric feature gives me peace of mind when traveling to not run out of gas or gas money. There are very few cars I would trade for, and a beauty too!

- Sheri L

That it is more roomy and comfy that people think.

My car has been very good to me for the most part. It gets good gas mileage and is pretty cost efficient when it comes to maintenance. I don't like that the body seems to get dings and scratches really easily. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone that asked though.

- Antoinette C

Gas mileage is amazing. $20 will give me a full tank.

Personally I love the Prius that I drive. It is great on gas and stable. The only issues that I have with it is during the winter time since I live in Wisconsin I try not to drive it as much because it will definitely get stuck but other than that I'd definitely recommend it.

- Alicia B

Reliable, Comfortable Prius

I have had no problems with my Prius. It is a very reliable and safe car! The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of room in the car. My Prius has seen many road trips and fit more than you could imagine inside! There are 150,000+ miles on my car, but it runs like new!

- Courtney L

Amazing mileage saver! Must buy!

It is an amazing vehicle! The mileage on this thing is just surreal. Plus it is very comfortable and reliable. Barely had any problems at all through the years. Had to change brake-pads and tires, and that was all. People that ride in my car absolutely love it! A must-buy!

- Ruben M

The car lets you know most problems when needs to check and it has great mileage.

It is very reliable. Helped me get across California all over the place. Not much gas needed. Very cheap car. Bought it in 2018. Very nice car. I like it a lot it performs great. Not a lot of checks needed often. I love this car and how it drives and helps the environment.

- Lynn P

Great car to own and drive.

I absolutely love my Prius. The Prius is reliable, aside from regular maintenance I have made no repairs, is comfortable to drive and gets great gas mileage. If I decided to buy another car I wouldn't even look at any other car. I would just go out and buy another Prius.

- Kathleen O

It is my favorite car I have ever owned!.

I love the great mpg that my car gets, and how easy it is to drive. The space in the car in awesome and easily helps me move things different places. It has gps, good sound system, chargers and whatever else I need. The one thing I wish was that it had even more space!.

- Alexandra E

No keys needed to start or lock the car.

Great mileage, comfortable, easy to drive. I love the fact that keys are not necessary, as long as I have them in my purse. I can start the car, lock the doors, etc.. Without taking my keys out. I can fit a lot of stuff (shopping bags, etc.. ) In the rear storage area.

- Dorothy C

. A full tank last a good amount of time and I get great mileage out of it.

Very reliable, comfortable, gas lasts a good amount of time. Runs smooth, very convenient for family’s and road trips:) would recommend, is a sturdy car that has never caused me any problems. If you like little cars that still have a good amount of space and comfort.

- Di S

Toyota Prius review of seating and space

The vehicle is very comfortable seating wise and has great little sneaky departments where you can hide your valuables and has tons of space in the trunk for anything. One thing I do not enjoy is the black leather seats which can become very hot during the summertime.

- Meghan K

Fun hybrid with wonderful heated seats.

Hybrid with good gas mileage. Comfortable with heated seats. Very peppy with good pick up. Nice size small car. Very little maintenance costs. Other than brakes I have only spent money on oil changes in the last five years. Extremely nice car. I am very happy with it.

- Cheryl S

Comfortable ride with great mileage.

Very comfortable, great on gas, even over 200k still get 44+. Good sound system, keyless entry and ignition, spacious cargo space with fold down rear seats. Very aerodynamic and over 45mph in rain the rear wiper is not needed. Also pretty quiet ride. Good suspension.

- John L

The renewable energy battery recharges itself while you drive.

The car drives really well and very great for in city driving. It is very easy to control everything within the car and to adjust as you go along on your drive. The only problems I have had are from damage that happened to the car before it came into my possession.

- Marie A

My Love the gas mileage is awesome

I love the gas mileage, so far I've calculated 500 miles to a tank. . I love the space it's amazing how much can fit in this compact car. The roughest part is being prepared for replacing the battery. They are very pricey but last ten years so there's another plus.

- Samantha W

Good compact car for gas saving people.

Great on gas. Comfortable for me, my boyfriend is a bigger build guy and he is not too comfortable in it for long periods of time. Had one minor issue with it when it had a recall that I didn't fix. Besides that no major problems with any of the electrical issues.

- Jen P

It is ten years old and has 135,000+ miles. So far it is reliable, but time passes and it will eventually need to be replaced.

I like the fuel efficiency of my hybrid car. I like the ease of use of the hatchback and the size of the trunk space. I like the size of the car and the ease of parking. I dislike the fact that the bluetooth is limited to phone calls and does not include music.

- Cheryl J

It�s an incredibly compact vehicle that looks ugly but dang the gas mileage!

I have no problems except for headlights going out! It is an incredible car that gets 50 mpg consistently! The color is a little ugly but the car holds its value money wise! I love this car!! The car is very lightweight and compact! Doesn't get any easier to park!

- Erik C

It gets 45 miles per gallon on average. As gas prices go up those miles per gallon become more important.

I like my Prius because it has great cargo space for a car. It also has wonderful gas mileage since it is a hybrid. I don't like that it's so old. I'm looking forward to getting another car soon that I can plug in and still have the option of high gas mileage.

- Jeremy S

Prius 2008 original battery still getting 45 mpg.

Gets 45 mpg original battery. Everything works, cruise, ac, power windows locks, no rust. Brakes are good needs nothing. Color is gray. Sometimes the rear door latch holds up. Car can use a new set of tires. Engine always see full synthetic oil, miles 196,000.

- vincent M

200,000 Miles and Still Going Strong

Toyota Prius was one of the first cars to be built as a hybrid from the ground up. The gas mileage has traditionally been higher than nearly any other hybrid. We have driven this car for 11 years and have over 200,000 miles on it, and it is still going strong.

- Kent T

It can tell you when it's using the gas or electric engine and how much gas you use and stuff.

This car drives really well, gets amazing gas mileage and is pretty comfortable and can store a fair amount of stuff. One downside is that all of the interior like door panels and stuff are plastic and come off pretty easily so you have to be careful with it.

- Alex B

Dependable older car, with some quirks.

I had no problems with this car for 3. 5 years. Bought it used, low miles. Great mpg, decent performance, good family car. Now my electronics are going crazy and my alarm keeps going off and I cannot figure out how to fix it. I am about ready to trade it in.

- Samantha P

Great first car! Safe, easy maintenance, great gas mileage.

High gas mileage and low gas costs, easy maintenance, but parts can be expensive since it is a hybrid. Headlights can be replaced by you--don't need to go to the shop. I'd prefer a car with 4WD but great first car--safe, easy to maintain, good size, quiet.

- Jess H

Reliable and very economical

Reliability is great! and the car is fantastic for road trips. I like how a agile and zippy it is and the mileage is amazing too. I used to drive Rideshare and that was the perfect car. The only thing I don't like is that it is not great when it gets icy.

- Andy W

Very reliable and trusted road companion

My car has been my lifesaver as I travel for work, to taxi children around, and for cross country trips. This car made it to Idaho from Ohio and back without complaint! I love the less frequent gas station stops, ample hatchback room, and superb mileage.

- Laura M

Great car! Love the color, so easy to drive.

I really like my Prius. Great gas mileage, love the quiet motor. Great for long trips, comfortable. The 2008 model has served us very, we might get another one. We have taken it to a different state, had no problems with it. I would highly recommend it.

- Delilah H

2008 Toyota Prius older model.

Amazing gas mileage, but not the most comfortable seats. No performance issues. This is an older model, not really any frills. But the trunk is phenomenal for moving. When the back seats are folded down, over moved several idea boxes and storage totes.

- Sarah S

This car gets amazing gas mileage!

Very comfortable, the seats are comfortable and the climate control is very precise. I love all the features, especially all of the digital options. I just wish that the gas tank was larger! It helps that I average about 50 miles to the gallon, though!

- Erin H

For a hybrid it has plenty of pep to get me onto the highway.

It gets very good gas mileage. It's dependable. It has great features such as built-in navigation and a CD changer. I wish the interior were a bit more rugged or wear-resistant. I also have a problem with moisture getting into the spare tire well.

- Kim F

It's like a little tank ?

I love my Toyota Prius - it's like a little tank. As long as you take care of it and perform regularly scheduled maintenance, it will basically go for forever. I have not had any issues with the hybrid battery yet, and I average 42 miles per gallon.

- Claire H

The gas mileage is amazing, and there are rarely any problems so this is a VERY reliable car!

I love my car so much. It has over 300,00 miles on it and still runs like it's brand new! There have been only a few problems over the years but nothing a quick mechanic stop couldn't fix! The only thing that I would change is how fast the oil burns.

- McCall A

Toyota Prius: more than just a hybrid

The Prius has a hybrid engine, so it's more environmentally sound as it greatly reduces pollution from engine exhaust. It's quiet, steers well and rides smooth. The interior is surprisingly roomy, both for passengers and cargo. I recommend this car.

- Rick S

My Prius performed safely and reliably for eight years in South Dakota's sometimes extreme weather, and I now depend on it in the hot and humid climate of Florida.

My 2008 Prius has 208,000 miles on it, and it is still a dependable and thrifty vehicle. Other than replacing the battery after 190,000 miles, I have never had any problems. With an average of 42 MPG, the Prius is the best car I've ever owned.

- Roger D

I think others should know that it's a great value and will keep paying for itself as long as you use it.

I love most things about my Prius. I love the fuel efficiency and the money it saves me, while also being eco-friendly. I love how quiet it is. I also think it's the perfect size, even for large items because you can lay the back seats flat.

- Tiffany C

Great mileage, great space for compact size, keep well-maintained.

It's reliable, comfortable and spacious. However, it's finicky and being a hybrid, certain parts can get expensive, such as the headlights. It accelerates relatively slowly but that's not an issue for me. Its extremely durable, surprisingly.

- Zeltzin C

It runs really well and does not cost much to repair.

Love the gas mileage, the size and fold down rear seats. It also looks kind of cute. What I dislike is the non-electric parts i.e. Moving seats back and forth, unable to open trunk from inside. Spoiled I guess had mercury autos before this.

- Barbara W

It has never broken down on us for over 10 years!

We love our Toyota Prius. We get incredible gas mileage whether we are in the city or on the highway. It has plenty of room in the back seat for car seats and plenty of room in the trunk for even a jogging stroller! You cannot beat that!

- Holly S

The amazing gas mileage of the hybrid engine

I love the fuel economy of the hybrid engine. I dislike the total mileage on the engine and the small amount of paint and body damage, but I bought the car used. I love the sound system and the a/c. I especially love the cruise control.

- Brian J

Good on gas, very reliable

I love my car because i bought it used on craigslist and since have had no problems with it. the gas mileage is great since i never before owned a hybrid. and the car is built like a tank. I feel like the body will go before the engine

- justin p

The roof slopes down so there is not much headspace in the back.

I like getting really good gas mileage. I like that it is a small car yet still has room enough to pack it with most of my things for moving into college dorms. I like that it is short enough I can easily put my bike on the roof.

- Kate R

If it's as old as mine is, the engine will be loud all the time.

I love my Prius. However, the engine is always really loud, especially when I'm going fast. Also it slips and skids all the time, when there's just the slightest bit of rain or sand. It's not the safest car, but I still love it.

- Eleyna S

It is roomier than it looks.

Good on gas mileage. Lots of features. Comfortable. Easy to drive. It is the best car I ever owned. It is getting up there in mileage but I feel confident I can get another year or two out of it without too much maintenance.

- Linda S

Fuel efficiency is worth the lack of flashy style or impressive title.

I love the Prius's versatility. It's fuel efficiency obviously speaks for itself but there's enough room for grocery shopping or a road trip. My primary concern with it is the lack of visibility out of the back windshield.

- Robert W

It has great gas mileage and has been very reliable.

I like that it is very fuel efficient, comfortable to drive, and that it's a hatchback. It has also been super-reliable (I'm approaching 250,000 miles). The downside is really just that it's not very quick to accelerate.

- Jeff K

Great car for commuters and long drives.

A Toyota Prius is excellent on gas, anywhere from 40 - 50 miles per gallon. This makes it a great car for commuters and long drives. It can also withstand fairly high speeds, as I have used it on highways at over 75 mph.

- Alina S

I love the gas mileage and saving money.

The car has been burning oil lately. I wish the seats were more comfortable as I spend many hours a day in my car. I also wish there were more cup holders and all the beeping for various notifications drive me crazy.

- Leanne M

It saves a lot of money on gas because of the hybrid engine.

I love that it is great on gas and has a hybrid engine. I like the look and how small it is. It is easy to drive. I like the hatchback. Only complaint is the defroster doesn't work as well as other cars I have owned.

- Larissa C

My Low Maintenance Prius.

The Prius has been absolutely perfect. In 10 years only routine maintenance has been needed. Nothing has broken down or worn out other than brake repair and new tires. The gas mileage has been great - as advertised.

- Laurence J

The great fuel economy. It has great miles per gallon, which I think is important know days.

I like the car because it is a great community car. The gas mileage is perfect on this car. It is the workhorse of the family. One thing I do not like sometimes is that it does not have power, it can't be floored.

- John B

It has the best gas mileage

I love my car because of the gas mileage and it does surprisingly well in the snow. I also like that it has a hatchback and plenty of space. The only thing I dislike is that the doors don't hold themselves open.

- Brianna P

The car runs very well on gas if you do much highway driving.

There is awful view in the car, poor acceleration and the touchscreen/interior lights are reflective at night and a hazard. It has a decent stereo and gas mileage in the city and is smaller and fits more spaces.

- Molly L

It has really great gas mileage, as it is a well made and well designed hybrid vehicle.

I like the safety of the vehicle, the durability and the gas mileage. I like that it can hold and carry a lot for such a small vehicle. I like that it is wearing well and isn't falling apart at 10 years of age.

- Meg L

It is a great gas saver. It is also good for the environment.

I love that I can get 50 mpg. I drove to a hospital that was three hours there and three hours back and still had a quarter of a tank left. I love how if you're running low on gas you can drive with the battery

- Jeremy W

10 @ 180 - 2008 Prius with 180,000 miles

180k in miles after ten years owning the vehicle. One water pump replaced, one AC pump replaced, one engine cleaning / tune up. The car still runs great, I get regularly scheduled maintenance and oil changes.

- Michael H

It is very reliable and uses less gas than most other cars, which is helping the environment.

I love not having to get out a key--I just have the fob in my purse and it automatically opens. I love that it saves gas and gets good mileage. It is easy to park because it is small and so am I--we match!

- Billie C

Car is cheap to fill up at the gas station and gets a lot of mileage compared to the amount gas put in, in contrast to a non-hybrid

Love the mileage I get out of a tank. I wish it could be easier to work on the car myself at home. Overall, the car is a great value in the long run. Feels like no big deal to jump into a long road trip.

- jeremy l

Gas mileage is still very good despite the age

Love this vehicle, had owned for 3 years and owned in the family before that. Up to 243000 miles and still going strong. I travel a lot for work and so the durability and gas mileage is extremely helpful

- Tyler R

While it may look like a small car and a lot of prius drivers are bad, it is a great car and very powerful.

I like how small the vehicle is, it makes it easy to park. It's fuel efficient so it saves money on gas. When you push on the pedals, it feels smooth instead of some cars that require you to push harder.

- Alie S

This car is a no brainer. Great mileage and no worries.

My Prius has been more reliable than any other vehicle I have owned. It has a smooth ride and is so quiet and fuel efficient. I get 50 miles per gallon and have never needed a repair in over 10 years.


Great gas mileage and dependable.

No problems, good performance, reliable, handles well in town and on the freeway. Gets over 40 miles per gallon. Comfortable on long trips. Lots of storage space. Love the ease of using cruise control.

- Carol A

It's Hybrid battery advantages and disadvantages

I like my Prius because of Its ease in driving. It's easy to drive and control, and saves me gas because it's hybrid. But because it's hybrid, it's going to be a problem once the hybrid battery dies.

- Harold W

That I am happy with driving it.

it is very fuel efficient. It is quiet most of the time except when I have to really push on the gas, which I have to when I am going up hills. The car allows me to see all around me sufficiently.

- dan J

I drive it to work daily and I still only need to fill up the tank once a month.

I like the fuel efficiency and that it is fairly cheap to do any repairs when needed. It seems pretty safe too and drives very smoothly. I don't have any complaints because it is a really good car.

- Sarah M

Love my Prius, Super Reliable, Gas Saver

I owe a 2008 Toyota Prius. I have had only 1 major problem which was fixed by a recall. It's extremely reliable. It saves me from making trips to the gas station, and it's good for the environment.

- Michelle M

I can't believe the gas mileage!

I adore my Prius. It is dependable, fun and great for road trips. I am approaching 100,000 miles on my odometer. The only way that I will trade it in is when another larger Prius hits the market.

- Kari M

The mighty Prius: solid transportation.

Very reliable. Repairs are expensive, but infrequent. Good gas mileage, comfortable, roomy on the inside and compact on the outside. Hauls an incredible amount of stuff because of the hatch back.

- Chris V

It will save you money in gas because it runs off electricity sometimes.


- action E

It more than pays for itself.

It's great on gas mileage, saving me half the normal expense on gas. It handles well and allows for easy parking. Wish it was a bit larger for all of the equipment I have to carry for work.

- steve G

This vehicle is surprisingly durable.

The base is really strong, but the lyrics and some other sounds for music can be weak. It has lasted a while, over 300,000 miles, but the breaks and a few other things needed to be replaced

- katie l

I love it and I would buy another one.

Gas mileage is great. Driven it 175000 miles and there’s been barely any issues. Sometimes the dash does not come on when I start the car and it is 1) too cold out 2) parked on a slant.

- Abby B

Great gas mileage with roomy trunk. Great value for money

The best car mileage for the price. Has a super roomy trunk that can be further enlarged by pushing down the back of the passenger row seats. A little weak uphill. A good value overall.

- Anna L

It is a small car but has plenty of room both in the trunk and in the car. It is very economical

I love my car. It is very economical. It is a five seater, which is perfect for our family of 4. It is spacious with plenty of trunk room. There is nothing that I dislike about my car.

- Samantha J

The Prius gets great gas mileage.

Problems: it has terrible blind spots, the seats are awful. Positives: excellent gas mileage. I average 45 mph. It is been relatively maintenance free other than oil, tires and brakes.

- Toni K

the great gas mileage and still have lots of room!

I love the gas mileage. After 10 years it still gets about 43 mpg. Its roomy, runs smoothly and have had no major issues since I've owned it...just regular oil changes and new tires.

- carol f

It is a great value - low maintenance vehicle that uses little gas.

It is a smooth ride, handles well, and is fuel efficient and low maintenance. It also does not have great pick up, and the seats are not very comfortable, especially for longer trips.

- Erin C

The best thing about the Toyota Prius is the gas mileage.

My Toyota Prius is amazing on gas. It is easy to drive, very simple to park, and is extremely dependable. My only complaint is that the battery is extremely expensive to replace.

- Ashley E

it's great! Everyone should buy a prius! I don't know of any downsides

I love that it has the great fuel efficiency. I feel like I'm doing something positive for the environment - since I have to drive in my area, the least I can do is drive a hybrid

- Kylie m

Ac is not very strong in Arizona and passengers in the back may not feel any air.

Been very reliable, 155k miles only minor problems. Toyota cheapest to repair. Hoping hybrid battery doesn't fail, have heard many people go up to 300k. Used for 11 years now.

- Kevin J

It is extremely fuel efficient and very dependable,

I love my Prius. It runs great and has never had any problems. It's wonderfully reliable and is very gas efficient. My only complaint is that I wish i had a bigger gas tank.

- Beth B

It saves you gas on long commutes.

I like that the car is quiet. It being a hybrid, I also like that it saves me gas. However, it is an older car so I dislike all the maintenance that has to be done with it.

- Sam P

Love my Prius! Better than an SUV

What can I say about the Prius? Simply the best car I've ever owned. I traded in my SUV for this car and I have never regretted it. Crazy gas mileage and super good pickup.

- Caitlin K

Great gas mileage and dependability. Everything that you need

I love the fact that I can get over 400 miles on just a tank of gas. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that the battery being low does not alert the driver.

- Marco T

I love my car. I will purchase another Prius.

I love my car. It's great. Has bluetooth capabilities, the only downfall is it doesn't bluetooth music so you have to use a an auxiliary cord to play music from your phone

- Melissa D

Gas mileage! Getting over 50mpg traveling back and forth to work.

Has speedometer / dashboard blackouts when it gets cold out. Will need hybrid battery replaced soon. Have had to replace the accessory battery. No issues other than that.

- Shawn L

I think the most important thing about my car is that it gets 40 miles per gallon.

Love the dependability of my car. In all the years I have driven I have had no problems. The style could be a little better though. Love the savings on the gas mileage.

- Evelyn K

Great mileage and capacity.

I really like the car, one of the best things about it is the gas mileage it gets and how cheap it is to fill the tank. It also handles well and does what I need it to.

- Jordan W

2008 Toyota Prius - great car that will last for a lot of miles. Good on gas.

Great gas mileage. Shifter sticks a bit when moving it to the drive position. Lots of trunk space. Do not like the constant dinging sound when in the reverse position.

- Kris R

The cost. Gas mileage. Oil change.

Love size small but fits a lot. Love gas mileage. Love the look of it but would have loved a blue color. Hate that you cannot tow with it would love to have a camper.

- Peggy E

That it's really good on gas and it's comfortable.

I don't have any problems with my car. The only things that I would change is being able to have bluetooth and charge my phone at the same time and have navigation.

- Ashley S

It is very reliable, with low maintenance.

It's very smooth going around corners. All electrical works. The trunk is very spacious. The seats are comfortable. The car is not short so you can sit straight up.

- Gabby F

Great on gas mileage and roomy interior for a small car.

Very good on gas mileage. It is spacious for a small car and the back seats can lay flat for extra room in trunk. Runs very good and the air conditioning is cold.

- Lisa O

It saves money and helps the environment

It is a hybrid that runs on gas and electricity. It is the perfect car for my lifestyle. I will only drive hybrids or total electric cars the rest of my life.

- Scott M

Its comfortable and has a nice ride. It is also fairly maintenance free.

I love the good gas mileage. I love the hatchback for the space. I like the buttons on the steering wheel for the radio and sit. I do not like the back support.

- Crystal M

Very fuel efficient. Its has a very good stereo system

This vehicle handles well. This vehicle is also very fuel efficient. There's only one issue I can think of. You have blind spots on either side of the car.

- Jonathan S

The gas mileage is extremely helpful.

I love that my Prius is fairly compact, and I still get 50 miles to the gallon after 10 years of use. It is a great car that does not require a lot of upkeep.

- Ashley C

It has great gas mileage.

I like that it has great gas mileage. I like that it has no mechanical issues. I dislike that I will have to replace it before the battery bank goes bad.

- Zwingli T

The Toyota prius saves the consumer a lot of money on gas expenses. Has great gas mileage.

I love that the prius saves me money on gas. I like that it has comfortable seating for traveling. I do not like that fact that it does not have a trunk.

- lisa L

It is a very reliable and dependable means of transportation.

It runs very well and is dependable and reliable. It gets great gas mileage. The air conditioning and radio work, an improvement over the previous car.

- TImothy F

Low maintenance, considering we've put about 200,000 miles in it.

This car is excellent on saving gas. It is excellent on maintenance. No need to plug it, to charge. It has incredible space for a hatchback. Very quiet.

- Tina D

It has amazing gas mileage.

I love the incredible gas mileage that my Prius provides. I wish that it had a little more leg room in the back. But the trunk storage is phenomenal

- Allison D

I average 40-60 miles per gallon. Making it very economical to drive anywhere.

The mileage is great! Upkeep is very reasonable as well. It sits higher than most cars of this size. That makes it so much easier to get in & out of.

- Jacque R

Fuel efficiency - it is a hybrid so gas goes a long way.

Extremely reliable, low maintenance and great mileage. And it fits more than one thinks with the backseat down. I have even fit a treadmill in it.

- Heidi B

Great gas mileage that saves money.

I really like the fact that I get spectacular gas mileage in my Prius. As a college student this really helps me to save money and also resources.

- Liz K

It is always ready to go.

my gas mileage is about 45 mpg.I bought it as certified used from the dealer and have had no major problems .My biggest expense was 4 new tires.

- Gary R


I've never had any breakdowns with my car.I had to buy a battery and a year later 4 new General tires.The car runs well and I get about 43 mpg.

- Gary C

The prius gets great gas mileage.

I like that I was able to get it for 6000 used about 3 years ago. I like the gas mileage. I like how easy it is to maintain. No complaints

- Greg H

It is fuel efficient even though it is not stylish.

I like the gas mileage compared to my other cars. I like how little the gas cost compared to my other cars. I do not like the style as much.

- John B

It runs perfectly and is very quiet. Sometimes you it is so quiet that you think it has turned itself off.

I love the gas mileage and the back-up camera.There is plenty of room for lots of luggage and a cooler.It is the perfect car for road trips.

- Lucia Y

It has the best gas mileage! I can go 400 miles on one tank of gas!

Great mileage, smooth ride, very comfortable and dependable. Love the fold down back seats and trunk space. Love the navigation system.

- Stephanie R

Reliable and quality made vehicle that is great on gas mileage.

This vehicle has been reliable, comfortable and is fun to take on trips. The features like navigation and cruise control are my favorite.

- Kristin T

It gets awesome gas mileage, is roomy and handles well!

I like the gas mileage it gets and that it's easy to handle. I wish it handled a little better in the snow and had more ergonomic seats.

- Rachel L

Do not leave the headlights on longer than necessary.

I like that it has great gas mileage. I dislike that it beeps when in reverse. The Prius is a smooth ride and gives me zero complaints.

- Kayla M

That it is a hybrid car. .

I like that it is a smaller car. I like that it is a hybrid car. I like the color of the inside and outside of the car. No complaints.

- Juliet S

It has great gas mileage!.

I like that I do not use as much gas. I like how it looks. I am nervous about the battery going out since everything is via computer.

- Ginger A

140, 000 miles and still running.

No major problems. The only maintenance required for the first 100k is tires and oil changes. After that, repairs do become pricy.

- Mike W

Gas mileage is not very good.

Gas mileage and the simplicity of the car. The Bluetooth is not fully integrated. The price of a new hybrid battery is not cheap.

- Grant E

The most important thing I think is the gas mileage is awesome.

I like the gas mileage I get with my car. Its small but I am still able to fit both my kids. The only thing I dislike is its old.

- Devin S

This is a very reliable car. It has never failed me.

I like that it is very fuel efficient. Over 44 miles to the gallon even at 140k miles of use. The vehicle is also 100% reliable.

- Daniel M

I can go 450 mile on one 10 gal tank since i get at least 45 miles per gallon

I love the fuel efficiency. I also like the cargo space. It's an older vehicle so i'd like a newer one that is a plug in hybrid.

- Jeremy H

Great gas mileage, reliable car, plenty of space. Overall great car.

Reliable car. Great gas mileage. Plenty of space. Comfortable for long road trips, although it gets much better mileage in town.

- Paige C

The most Important thing is that gas costs are not a problem when you get this car.

My 2000 Toyota Prius is very convenient. Is is very good on gas mileage and compact. The handing / steering is also very great.

- Lucas D

It's better for the environment and it's a good car.

I like its fuel usage. It's fast enough and comfortable. It doesn't have enough space. Can't fit my entire family. Kinda ugly.

- Monica T

Great mileage and few problems over its life. It's been very dependable.

It's great gas mileage and I like how it looks. I worry about batteries going out and it's a little loud on highway travel.

- Morgan R

It is a 2008 Toyota Prius hybrid which saves you on gas a lot

What I like most is that my car is a gas saver since it's a hybrid and love the blue color and it looks so feminine for me

- Naomi O

I have never spent more than $30 for a tank of gas.

I like the deceptively large storage. Of course I love the gas mileage. I wish it was easier to hide shopping in the trunk.

- Kali K

The headlights need new bulbs. They are getting old.

I like how easy it is to drive. I like the miles it gets. I like how low the gas is. I do not like the current year I have.

- Michelle P

Great gas mileage and hatchback allows wonderful road trips.

Love the gas mileage and dependability. I have had minor repairs and now have over 225,000 miles and it still runs great.

- Barbara s

You should note that you will never be concerned with excessive spending on gas.

My car gets great gas mileage about 45 mpg. It has never given me any concern. It handles well. It was affordable as well.

- Tammy H

It is a lot more spacious than you'd expect.

Love the gas mileage and trunk space. Wish it were slightly higher off the ground and easier on the back, hips, and knees.

- sarah S

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that is gets great gas mileage.

My Toyota Prius is very economical. I love the gas mileage. What I do not like is the ride nor the body style of the car.

- Joey G

It will save you money on fuel. It gets nearly 50 mpg, especially when you are traveling long distances.

I like its efficiency and its reliability. It is economical. It has 142,000 miles on it, and I've had no trouble with it.

- Lynn D

does not need to be plugged in, regenerates power by braking and coasting

never needs any work, great gas mileage, good looking car. have snow tires for it but it is not the best in snow and ice

- ha h

How great the gas mileage is!

I like the gas mileage my vehicle offers. I also like that my vehicle is low-maintenance. I do not like how small it is.

- Blair F

It is user friendly and easy on the pocket book.

Its dependable, sharp and comfortable. Easy to maintain. Gets good gas mileage and does not demand a lot of maintenance.

- Terry S

My car gets great mileage. On average about 40 miles to the gallon.

My car gets great mileage. The car handles well. The ride is very comfortable. The car sits low not so good in the snow.

- Patricia K

Great gas mileage! 45 to 50 miles per gallon

I love the gas mileage i get. I average 45 to 50 miles per gallon. Only thing i don't like is it don't have much power.

- Shawn W

perfect millage, comfortable, roomy

I love this car, had no big problems with it, very good with car mileage and comfortable Kid friendly, great for travel

- margarita a

It looks sporty and not boxy.

I like that it gets great gas mileage. I dislike that it struggles to climb hills. I like that is also has a gps unit.

- Nathan T

It's very affordable wherever you go.It safe and good for the environment.

I like my car because it can save money for gas. Its safe to use because it's hybrid and I'm very comfortable to use.

- James W

It is reliable and dependable.

Reliable, good gas mileage, fold down rear seats, over 200, 000 miles and still going strong, quiet, cost efficient.

- Caroline M

dependability and gas milage are the two most important factors

This car has been a steady reliable and dependable vehicle since we bout it in 2014. Great on gas, and few repairs

- Natasha L

I have kept up on the basic maintenance and I haven't had any mechanical issues.

I love gas mileage. It is roomy and can hold more cargo than one might think. I haven't had any mechanical issues.

- Tara G

Fuel efficient commuter vehicles

152,000 miles with no problems. $40 a month fuel driving average of 1,000 miles monthly. Comfortable commuter car

- Jake S

Its reliable and good on gas mileage and it's good for the air

The car is great gets you from point a to point b it's very comfy and doesn't have any flaws to the car I love it

- Kaitlin W

It is a hybrid and everyone in my area seems to own one.

It Doesn't need a lot of maintenance. It is a comfortable ride. It gets good mileage. It is somewhat attractive.

- Cecily y

It gets wonderful gas mileage

I love the gas mileage. It is easy to park. I don't like that the paint started peeling after a couple of years.

- Betty C

Summarizing my experience with my vehicle thus far

Besides the seat not being that comfortable for long rides, the car gets great gas mileage and is very reliable.

- Danielle M

I love the fact that the toyota prius is environment-friendly since it is a hybrid car. I also love the display in the middle that shows when the car is using gas and when it is using the hybrid battery, it is very interesting and the car also saves a lot of money since it does not use as much gas

My car is a hybrid which means it runs on the battery and the engine turns off when it does not need to be used

- Madyson P

very low maintenance. no issues other than new tires and regular oil changes in 10 years

i love the gas mileage at 10 years old i'm averaging 43 mpg. i love the way it handles, the size and comfort.

- carol W

It's great, The gas mileage would definitely help anyone

It was very reliable and I never had any issues with it. It was a very good car. The Gas Mileage was amazing.

- Ben G

Great gas mileage, but battery can get low quickly.

Battery can get low. My touch screen does not work. The front bumper pops out. Saves a lot on gas. Runs well.

- Tori S

it uses little gas and is thus fuel efficient. I get 48 miles to the gallon

gas consumption minimal. comfortable seats. few repairs. No complaints in 10 years of trouble free ownership

- elizabeth E

It is a really good care and has held up real well . Not that expensive to own.

I like the gas mileage. It is easy to drive & park. I wish it had less road noise . It has a few blind spot.

- kathy H

Great features and awesome gas mileage. Comfortable to drive

Great on gas mileage, built in nav, CD changer, aux input and bluetooth. Dont care for the voice commands.

- Benjamin C

King of Gas Economy Vehicle is a Good Starter Car.

It's lasted me almost a decade before major issues started popping up, like batteries and display issues.


Prius' are great if you live in the city and want to spend less money on gas. I typically only fill up once every 3 weeks or so.

I like that it is a small car, uses very little gas, and is reliable. I can't say anything bad about it.

- Chase C

Reliable and fuel efficient car

I love the prius because it is so fuel efficient and it is reliable. Only thing is it isn't good in snow.

- Meg C

It is record was well kept.

It gets great gas mileage, but is not sporty enough for my taste. It rides very smooth. Very economical.

- Kendall H

It is reliable and gas efficient.

Gas efficiency is great! I hate that there are no mechanics who work on them outside of the dealership.

- Geneva H

One important thing others should know about my Prius is that it's luxury.

I like how a Prius is luxury. I wish I had a better model. I like my Prius because it takes me places.

- Jayna B

The gas mileage is great and parts are cheap to repair and replace

I like the gas mileage but don't like that there's not as much power behind the vehicle than I'd like

- Natalya Z

Eco Friendly, stylish, and comfortable car to drive

Prius is great and good for the environment, which I love. Comfortable ride as well, passengers enjoy

- Rachel C

Toyota Prius, save money on gas!

My car is easy to drive, comfortable, and lots of storage room. The best thing is the great mileage!

- Darthy C

Great car. Not the most updated tech wise, but awesome mileage.

I love the gas mileage I get with my Prius for the majority of the year I get 40 + miles per gallon.

- Cheyenne R

It gets really great mileage!

I love the mileage it gets. I also like how comfortable it is. I don't have any complaints about it.

- Joan H

It's fuel efficient. Granted, it's not nearly as fuel efficient as new cars on the market today, but for a ten-year-old car, it's awesome and it's still going strong.

I love everything about it. It's reliable, good for the environment, roomy, safe, and comfortable.

- Shelly B

It is fuel-efficient and reliable. It will run forever and has low maintenance costs.

I like that it is fuel efficient. I like it's style and reliability. It is over ten years old.

- Stacy P

It is a nice car, convenient with the keyless entry and push start. The gas mileage is great and very quiet, it doesn't speed up so you can't be risky but it's very nice for busy people- low maintenance

You spend so little on gas, it's nice when your busy a lot less having to stop and fill up etc

- Mal H

It's not really good for long term driving ...It's more of a short trip type vehicle

on a positive note .. it's good on gas … low maintenance … but it doesn't accelerate well

- jo g

Saving it's the number 1 reason why we got it, we can save more now than with any cars we had before

I like it because of 3 reasons: Saving on gas Nice design Spacious even it doesn't look big

- Lana T

The most important thing others should know is that it's great on gas.

I love that it's a hybrid. I definitely save on gas. It's very efficient and cost effective.

- Stella T

It gets great gas mileage and good for environment.

It gets very good gas mileage even after 10 years and hasn't had to have any major repairs.

- tammy k

It is better for the environment and great on gas.

The gas mileage is amazing. It's compact and easy to drive It's too slow driving up hill.

- Amanda L

Nothing breaks after 145,000 miles and the gas mileage is terrific

I love the gas mileage. The lack of problems is amazing. I love that it's eco friendly.

- James M

It's a hybrid vehicle that's fun to drive.

I like the good gas mileage and it is spacious inside. It is a very reliable vehicle.

- Wendy M

Prius is a great family car for travel and to save money.

Great gas mileage, small and compact but can still fit many items in its cargo space.

- Veronica H

It's a hybrid so it does use gas but the electric kicks in also so it gets better mileage

It's amazing on gas usage. I love how quiet it is and it's compact and easy to drive

- Sam S

Don't let the battery die by leaving it undriven too long.

Great mileage. Very quiet. A little too small when traveling or moving furniture.

- Joshua B

Good gas mileage and good dependability.

Love the gas mileage. Car looks good and is maintenance free. No complaints.

- Frank J

It's dependable and gets good gas mileage. Upkeep isn't too expensive

It's dependable and gets good gas mileage. I wish it had a little more room.

- Julie N

Toyota Prius has a 5 star crash rating which makes it one of the safest cars on the road..

The gas mileage is great! It is comfortable. It has a 5 star crash rating.

- Kathleen S

It is surprisingly sturdy for such a small car, and does better in the snow than my old XTerra. It saves me a lot on gas mileage and is also very easy to drive.

It saves a lot of money because it doesn't need as much gas as other cars.

- Sara M

All of the reports about the great gas mileage are correct.

We absolutely love the gas mileage we get but it is a little small inside.

- Jack p

It is a hybrid that saves on gas and the environment

Like the great gas mileage. Do not like the beeping sound when backing up

- Richard W

Reliable with good gas mileage

Took too long to get vehicle - Had to order and wait to get. Price paid

- Pat D

my car is very reliable and gas suffocate

easy to drive, turns on a dime, great gas mileage good for environment

- angie B

It is a great car cut our gas consumption by at least half and we find it has relatively low upkeep costs.

It's very family compatible. Also a great way to reduce gas expenses.

- Serena G

Very fuel efficient and comfortable

It is very fuel efficient. It is roomy enough to be comfortable.

- Janet n

my car is very good on gas, it's a dependable car..

it's a hybrid. it gets good gas mileage. it's a dependable car.

- lisa c

The Prius has great gas mileage

Gas mileage is great. Easy to maintain. Comfortable and roomy.

- Danan P

Good gas mileage both in the city and on the highway

Love gas mileage Comfortable seats Easy to drive Easy to park

- Barbara C

Better for the environment than others. Unlike other cars that have status but had ac negative impact on the environment

Eco friendly energy efficient. Roomy and great for families.

- T S

Full hybrid electric automobile developed by Toyota

It is hybrid car great for fuel saving and very comfortable

- Sharon H

It is easy to take care of, The gas mileage is great.

reasonable for gas and easy to drive. It has lots of room.

- steve d

THE Toyota Prius ois and Environmentally friendly card.

Looks good. GETS Good gas mileage. Has a, damaged bumper


It has a good mileage because it's also battery operated

I like that its battery operated aside from gas as well

- Zie S