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The Prius is great in snow as it is a front wheel drive vehicle.

I love my Prius. It is fun to drive. I can pass trucks in the mountains so has plenty of get up and go. It gets 42 miles to the gallon. The only things I have had to replace in 160,000 miles are tires, one battery and windshield wiper blades. Checked my brake pads the last oil change and they are still like new as the way a Prius is designed is to use the system as brakes. It charges the big battery when I brake somehow also. It is not real comfortable on long trips but the mileage makes up for the less comfortable seats. I do need to get the headlights buffed as they are scratched looking and the dealership said they could do that for $100 I think to make them look new again. I have been told the big Prius battery should last 400,000 miles or more and I will keep this Prius for as long as it runs and then buy another one. You only change oil every 10,000 miles and rotate tire. I was told that it is the least expensive vehicle on the road today. Costs $.07 a mile to drive it. I love it when I fill it up. Has a 11 gallon tank and goes 400 miles without a fill up. I love the money I save with my Toyota Prius.

- Debbie K

Toyota Prius: excellent for roaming the heart of la.

My Toyota Prius is a fine little car. Compact and easy to drive, especially on a casual basis without needing to worry so much about fuel economy. It performs just right I feel for an urban vehicle and can easily get you around a crowded city with, once again, great fuel economy. Performance has never been an issue with me, even with an older model (2010), and was able to maintain a very steady 90 mph for the whole duration of a recent 50+ hour road trip across the country. Once again I have to mention the great fuel economy for this hybrid, because for only $20 at the pump in the middle of la I can get a full tank and still outlast most tanks twice that size. I have never really had any problems with my Prius outside of wear and tear that would be typical for any vehicle, although sometimes, when the car is off the horn will beep 7 times out of the blue and I still haven't been able to figure out why it does that. It is a great car, very economical and plenty of power to get by.

- Matthew P

Older Prius still performs and is fantastic value.

Absolutely love it. This compact hybrid is surprisingly roomy and offers lots of utility. I have had this car for about three years, put about 40, 000 miles on it and have had no major issues. The fuel economy is the main attraction, pulling 45 mpg highway, and slightly better in town. If I really baby it I can get 53 mpg in town. The back seats fold down and have enough room to fit plenty of whatever you need to carry. Fantastic work vehicle and every day driver. My only gripe is the driver's seat is not vertically adjustable and I am a tall guy, so my rear view mirror is sometimes in my way when I need to make a sharp right. I found out recently I couldn't jumpstart another car with it. Tried to help a stranded motorist about a week ago and I ended up having to give him a ride home because the 12 volt battery on board just does not have the juice to jump another car.

- John B

Toyota Prius: perfect for young adults without infants.

I love the fuel efficiency and size of my vehicle, but I do not think it would be large enough if I had any small children. Fitting a car seat of any size in the backseat can be difficult. I have had issues in the past with there being a recall or a technical issue with the vehicle. This can cause the vehicle to shut down while driving -- the power will shut off, you cannot accelerate or shift gears, and powering it back on is nearly impossible. This can be quite dangerous when driving on an incline or the interstate and the vehicle decides to shut down. But again, this only tends to happen when there is some sort of recall or technical issue. On a daily basis, the vehicle is able to withstand an hour-long commute and gets excellent gas mileage.

- Elizabeth D

vehicle that�s environmentally conscious and saves a lot on gas, sleek design

My car is very reliable when it comes to most qualities. The gas mileage is beyond amazing, it only costs about 25$ to fill up my entire tank, and I can make 10$ in gas last an entire week driving all around town! Driving this car is very smooth and it is extremely quiet it's almost sometimes annoying because people in parking lots won't hear me. The downside is that the car is very low to the ground so going through any bigger puddles sounds terrifying like the bottom of your car is getting scraped off and maintenance on the car can add up to be a lot because oil changes ect require special more expensive options. Overall a great car and I've had this car since 2016 ( used ) with no issues!

- Mona K

The Prius is one of the oldest eco friendly vehicles.

I love my Prius! It is reliable, comfortable and eco friendly. The battery is sturdy has not given me any issues despite the cars age. This one of the most satisfying things about the vehicle. Although, the car is not everyone's style it really is a great car for a majority of the car buying population. With that said I would recommend the car to anyone who wants a reliable vehicle with excellent gas mileage, and is not too concerned with how fashionable their car looks. That does not mean the Prius is not attractive, I believe it is really nice looking on top of all its other great qualities, but not everyone thinks this. All in all I would highly recommend it to any driver.

- Olivia M

Things to notice about a Toyota Prius

This is a hybrid vehicle! I love this vehicle because the gas mileage is absolutely awesome! One thing that can be said about a Toyota is the only thing you have to do is change the oil. The performance is excellent. The ride is very comfortable and the seat is perfect for me. The instruments are easy to read and the vehicle is very roomy. A tall man can ride in this car. There are a lot of cup holders and lots of legroom for tall passengers. The color of my vehicle is royal blue and still looks new after 9 years. The brakes are easy to apply and the dome lighting is very adequate for reading a map at night. There is a USB plug-in and it has heated seats.

- Casey J

2010 Toyota Prius - safer driving can yield great fuel economy.

I absolutely love the fuel economy of my 2010 Prius! I drive it mostly on the highway for my daily commute with a mix of rural town driving. I have average 51. 7 mpg through these conditions over a 3, 000 mile span. It is not the most powerful vehicle in the world and acceleration can be slow at times, but the fuel efficiency is practical for my needs. I appreciate that driving my Prius at safe speeds (rather than speeding) and accelerating gradually gives me the best fuel efficiency. I always drive with a goal of getting the best fuel efficiency possible, which in turn has motivated me to have safer driving habits.

- Alex D

It gets great gas mileage!

My car is comfortable and reliable. It gets great gas mileage. It has a really nice sunroof. One problem is the headlight was faulty and it had to be replaced a lot and than the recall to have it fixed was time consuming. Another problem is it bottoms out really easily and gets paint scratches in parking areas because Its so low to the ground. The wind shield wipers have never been that great. Satellite radio doesn't come in well either. My biggest complaint is the back window is difficult to see out of. The window is slanted and theres 2 windows making it challenging to see when Its night time or snowing.

- Abigail K

Great car if you travel a lot for business.

To date I have had very little issues with my Prius and in the future I would buy another one. The biggest issue I have had is with the brakes, not the brakes themselves but a mechanism within the brakes (sorry, do not recall the name) to where I was driving and all of a sudden the brakes barely worked and I had to push the brake pedal all the way to the floor and it still hardly worked. It was very scary and cost me over $900 to have it fixed. I took it to an honest mechanic here in Arizona because the Toyota dealership gave me a price twice that amount. I do not like dealerships and I do not trust them.

- Melissa J

Pretty good car but not sure if the 'eco' features live up to the hype.

I like the gas mileage. It doesn't require much maintenance. I'm not sure how much benefit I actually get from the regen braking feature though. It has 'eco mode' and 'power mode', and 'EV mode'. The last is hardly ever usable unless you're going very slow (under 10 mph). Eco mode uses less gas but the car accelerates slower. Power mode is my favorite, the car uses more gas but it accelerates quickly. The car features good AC, aux cord music system, all the features of a typical sedan. It's bigger than you might expect inside from the reputation of the Prius brand is that they're small.

- Rachael L

Good mileage but the interior leaves something to be desired.

The vehicle gets pretty good gas mileage, I average about 48 mpg. You can get better if you like upsetting people when you drive and you can get worse if you don't stay within the confines of eco settings. The 2010 model is a base so it doesn't have some of the upgraded features of the later models. It is pretty quiet and can be a good car for road trips. I will say if you are used to driving something like an SUV, the car can feel small despite the size of the body. I often hit my knee on the dashboard getting in/out, there is enough leg room once I'm inside.

- Quentin R

The best car I have ever had.

I am in love with my car! I bought it a year ago and have had no problems with it whatsoever. I have saved so much money on gas it is unrealistic. I highly recommend a Prius to anyone looking for a car that will save you money and run reliably. The car is spacious and the back seats fold down for more storage and carrying capabilities. This car also has a hatchback so it seems even bigger with that extra space. I have never had someone ride with me and not be pleasantly surprised by how nice the interior is. Overall this is the best car I have ever owned.

- Lauren S

Consistently great gas mileage with a comfortable ride for your commute.

I have driven this car for 250,000 miles and had few to zero major problems. The gas mileage has stayed great. The electronics have been top notch with the factory upgrades that come with the iv trim. The one minor design issue I have had is that it is a tight fit for a rear facing car seat in the back. If you had two children under a certain age they'd be impossible to fit and not have your chest firmly in the steering wheel. But having used this car as a commuter for work and as a car for long trips across the country, I give it great marks.

- Peter M

It gets amazing mileage, but the mileage varies based on the weather, type of road, and amount of traffic.

I love my Prius! It's an awesome car with such amazing mileage. I'm constantly playing the game of comparing and trying to improve my mileage. My one complaint is that the back window isn't the easiest to see out of. I love that it's small enough to be easy to park but large enough to hold everything I ever need to. I love that it gets incredible mileage and can be so quiet. I love that it has a fancy interior that makes me feel cool even though it's a used and older car. I never thought I would love a car before I got my Prius.

- Carmen T

Prius: Control your own mileage!

I love the fact that almost all actions it performs charge the secondary battery, and that if for some reason I am stranded without gas I can drive on the small battery (although at slow speeds) for a short period of time. I also appreciate the impressive gas mileage that I get. It's fun to watch the miles per gallon gauge as I drive, and try to improve my numbers. One of my only complaints is that the battery had a bit of a short lifespan, and was pricey to replace, but that goes with living in Texas during the summer.

- Hollie G

I love my hybrid Prius because it can fit anywhere and is great for the planet!

I love my Prius hatchback because it is fuel efficient which saves money, is great for the environment, and its sizable. I can take it on long trips reliably, and it is big enough to carry my surfboards on a soft rack. Toyota is a very reliable brand, as well as Honda. My car battery died once, which was very inconvenient because it is an electric car so the doors wouldn't lock. But the replacement was the same cost as a typical car. Oil changes are slightly more expensive but it is worth it for the other benefits.

- Carrie C

Love my Prius despite some weird issues.

Very pleased with it overall, specifically how it handles, the gas mileage, the seats, the space inside, the visibility, the electronics. However I have had some problems but I don't think they are very representative of most Prius users. For one I had to replace 2 headlights due to an electrical issue which I eventually got reimbursed due to a recall. Also I twice had a bad oil leak through the timing plate cover which they tell me is very rare, but it cost a couple thousand due to how much labor was needed.

- John W

2010 Toyota Prius. About my Prius and why you should buy one.

I own a 2010 Toyota Prius. I love my Prius. It still shocks me to see a 2010 with all of the features that this car has. It is a power button start. It is almost completely silent. It has the room of an SUV, but still small. It is great on gas. I work about 10 minutes from my house and drive there and back and school everyday and only fill up about once every 2 weeks. I average about 30 miles per gallon in this car. If you are looking for a car with more room and less gas, the Prius is for you.

- Tiffany D

The Prius is efficient fuel wise if you travel often this car would be ideal

The Prius is great for highway travel. I have climbed steep rocky hills with it but I wouldn't recommend it. I live in a ski town and it's been okay in the snow so far with very good traction control. However, I wouldn't say it is ideal for a family car. The brake feature is nice when you don't want to hit the manual brake and slide on ice or what have you. It looks small on the outside but it is very comfortable on the inside. However, I wouldn't say it is ideal for a family car.

- Katarina M

Review of our Toyota Prius hatchback.

For the most part, the Toyota Prius is reliable. I haven't noticed too many huge repairs. There are occasional disadvantages, because its a hybrid. For example, we take it to the dealership (which is 50 or 60 miles away) to get its oil changed. There were also occasions early on when the car's battery got drained, which I still do not understand. But, overall, the car has performed well and been maintenance free (aside from normal car maintenance like oil changes and such).

- Brad B

Reliable Prius. Great gas mileage and comfortable car.

Wonderful performance, have not had any issues at all. For its size the Prius is very roomy and can haul a lot when the back seats are down. The seats are comfortable. Awesome gas mileage. The back up alarm is a little annoying. It does not have the blind spot light up feature on the side mirrors (bummer). Love the keyless entry and state. Love the alarm when you lock the doors but keys are still in the car. This is our second Prius and would gladly purchase another.

- Alicia M

Love this Inexpensive Car.

I love my Prius. It is so quiet. I love the backup camera. It is roomy inside compared to other small vehicles. I can park it just about anywhere with no problems. The stereo is great. I also like the Sirius radio. I have never had a problem with the car. I did replace the tires one time but the tires are small and inexpensive. Considering my car is almost 9 years old and has never needed any repairs I would say it is great. Oh smooth ride also.

- Barbara T

The dark blue color makes it stand out from the other gray cars.

I love my car very much! The gas mileage is really good and it has a lot of get up and go. It also has a jell sound system, so I can rock out to my favorite music while stuck in traffic. The seats are very comfortable, and it is easy to adjust the seating arrangement when needed. The only thing that I have a problem with, is the amount of blind spots there are in the car. But other than that, I do not see myself trading it out anytime soon.

- Cassandra D

Priuses, the most practical car on the market!

This is a very reliable, practical, and comfortable car. It's extremely fuel efficient. The car is roomy and comfortable. We're able to pack a lot of things in our trunk or haul things around due to the seats going down. We've had no issues since we've gotten the car. It also goes pretty fast when driving with Power Mode. Due to our great experience with this car, we would definitely buy another Prius should the need for a new car arise.

- Mae F

My vehicle is really comfortable to be in and I just love the color.

The problems with the car is that the equipment in the car such as the device used to move the chairs forward, up, etc. is old type and does not make it easy to move around the chair. The car is comfortable to be in, I really like the new model with the cars gear. The huge gear division is really huge and makes it look weird and really hard to teach someone how to drive and wanting to stop any mess-ups just in case there's a problem.

- Tina A

I Love My Toyota Prius Car

Performance of the Toyota Prius is great as it has excellent gas mileage, is very low maintenance and extremely reliable for everyday driving or long family road trips. The Prius is comfortable, has lots of room in the trunk for storage, including lay flat fold down seats for more room. I would recommend this car over and over to anyone wanting a good, long lasting, comfortable and cost effective and environmentally friendly vehicle.

- Trisha S

Some experiences with our Toyota prius.

For the most part, our prius has been good (trouble free). But occasionally, one wonders. Today, I had to hold the key up to the ignition to get it to start (which does not usually happen), so the car key might be low on batteries. And the dealership is 50 or 60 miles away, so we have to drive a ways to get routine maintenance (like oil changes) done. Still, overall it's been reliable and trouble free. It's in good shape right now.

- Brad B

My parents bought this car in 2013, I enjoy it so much.

My parents got this car in 2013, it was a used car but in good condition. I really enjoy its gas mileage and the way it does not make so much noise. Recently it made a noise from the transmission but it got really bad and you should probably get it checked out as soon as you hear it because it gets worse if you do not. We take this car everywhere, like we've taken it to Florida from Green bay, WI! 10/10 would recommend buying one.

- Ashley J

Prius is great for comfort and adventure!

The Prius is a great practical car. I love that it only takes about $20 to fill it up with gas and it lasts me ages! It has all the features I could ask for, extremely comfortable, easy to drive, and surprisingly roomy for how compact the car is. I am able to fit my kayak on top, with a dog, bike and husband inside! The only thing I don't like is the window configuration. For such a small car, there are some horrible blind spots.

- Jenny K

Prius - Reliable and Long Lasting

My Prius has been very reliable since I have owned it. Little service has been needed even though it has over 175k miles. When I had a problem with the car not starting I did have to have it towed to my local Toyota dealership. Once it was determined what the issue with the battery was, I was informed that Toyota's warranty was extended to cover the problem. I was extremely pleased since the repair would have been over $3k.

- Colleen C

Its hybrid and comes in all sorts of color. It is also small enough to park.

It's comfortable and smooth to drive. I like how there is a reverse screen to help you back out of tight spaces. However, it starts up differently than what I am used to. It is great on mileage and gas which can clearly save money. However, I am unsure on how much I would save since the maintenance is a bit pricey. It does not exactly have a trunk that closes as a trunk but is fairly large so you can store a lot in it.

- Veronica E

Great gas mileage and it is a hybrid, and low maintenance.

I love the mileage I get, I usually get between 25 to 30 mpg, it is not a luxury vehicle, it is a little smaller than what I normally drive, but the price was good and it takes very little maintenance. It is not a car for someone who is trying to show off, but it is a hybrid, I don't have to fill the tank very often, but it is not known for it is speed, overall, I like it for now, but I will not buy it for my next car.

- Elizabeth D

Good basic car that gets the job done.

It is a good basic car-it is not fancy but it gets the job done. It gets great gas mileage on the freeway but is not as good driving around town or when the weather gets extremely cold. I have not had any real problems with it mechanically/electrically over the time I have owned it. The car does have unfortunate blind spots because of design--I have not had accidents because of this but it does take getting used to.

- Meagan S

Great car that is great on gas.

When we bought our Prius we needed a car the was good on gas. It was the time when gas was up over four dollars a gallon. When we talked to the salesman our first question was does it have to be plugged in? How does it get charged? Well no it does not need plugging in and when you brake that is what charges the battery. Our Toyota Prius has been one of our best cars. 174, 000 miles on it and it is still a good car.

- Laura H

Eco Friendly and Reliable Car

The car is very reliable and comfortable. It has a nice panel in the front with easy to access buttons to control the cabin temperature and the radio. So far, the only problems with the car has been taking the car to be fixed for a few recalls. The fabric seats has kept up well and there is no fading inside or outside of the car yet. The MPG is still good after many years, with no noticeable decrease in mileage.

- Amy W

Gas saver: good on gas, Toyota built, quiet

The car is great on gas, it gets me everywhere's I need to go safe and efficiently. The inside has a couple things that show that they were more worried about the mileage then the inside of the vehicle. It runs good and hasn't given me any problems yet, just have to do the regular maintenance on it like oil, coolant and etc. even though it's small the back corners being so wide creates a bit of a blind spot.

- Joseph A

Highly recommend a Prius!

I really love my Prius. I mostly use my car for a short daily commute to work but have also taken it on several road trips over the past several years. It is incredibly comfortable, quiet, gets great gas mileage, and has always been reliable. For being a relatively small car, it feels spacious and if you fold the back seats down, you can really pack quite a lot of cargo into the trunk which is always nice.

- Mackenzie P

Fast. Small. Cute. Driveable.

Once I put my hand on my door knob my car automatically unlocks I have a push start. Lately my car has not been getting as good of gas mileage does it usually get. My windows do not roll fact I want to go back up. My powers start gives me the access to have a quick acceleration. It gets me around places and other than that I really do not have any problems with it especially with the ac being in Florida.

- Angie B

Amazing gas mileage in a car that is mechanically sound

I love that it gets great gas mileage. I also love that it is mechanically sound - I drive a LOT and I have only had to make a few mechanical repairs. There are 2 things that I dislike: it is very small and is cramped when I have my whole family in it; also, the driver's seat is low and the hood is high, affecting my vision of the road in front of me, particularly when I am going over a hill.

- Holly I

My Prius is the best car I have had.

I never really liked Prius' but since I bought my car it has been the best gas saver I could have had. I fill up my tank with literally $25 and it lasts me my whole work week and some. I work locally. It is a great family car and my kids have enough space in the back seats to stretch or watch a movie. My trunk space is also a plus- it has enough space for groceries, wagon and folding chairs.

- Soleil F

Prius is the car of the future. Has lots of get up and go for a 4 cylinder.

The Prius is exceptionally good on gas since also being electric. There is more leg room in the front seat area than what I expected. There is lots of room to carry things in the back truck area once the back seats are down. It runs excellent on regular gas so no need to buy premium fuel. The Prius paint jobs seem to be exceptional. The sound system and air conditioning are of great quality.

- Gary L

An efficient car to save money.

I love my Prius. It is completely suited to my needs and has no excessive features. It goes relatively fast for the price and I don't have to pay nearly as much for gas as others. A few of the problems it has is that it has a lot of blind spots, which makes it difficult to see around the car. Overall, I really like the car and it saves me money like no other car of this price could.

- Olivia T

Prius: Good for a College Student

The Prius is wonderful for my level of driving. I drive infrequently and only when not at school. I almost never need gas due to its amazing mileage and it is sturdy which makes me feel safe. It has a good sound system and has multiple driving modes which is quite cool. I would recommend this car to anyone that city drives because it is compact enough for tight parking spots.

- Anna G

Very reliable car with good gas mileage and quiet riding experience.

I have had no problems with this car. It is reliable, never needs other than basic upkeep. Good gas mileage and totally dependable. Would love some extra features like Bluetooth but that was not available when I purchased. Only complaint is that Toyota does not make floor mats for this car after they had that problem with the floor mats causing problems with cars losing control.

- Leigh P

Toyota Prius: The Teen-Girl-Friendly Vehicle

My Prius is the most reliable and worthy investment I could have made when it comes to buying a vehicle. It saves me a ton of money on gas and makes commuting as easy as possible. There's a lot of space for moving items and it's extremely comfortable. I haven't had any major problems with this vehicle and I don't see myself switching the model of cars even when I get a new one.

- Abigail S

Great gas mileage!! Very spacious and runs smooth.

I really like everything about the vehicle. It is top trim level with leather seats. The only thing I do not like is that it does not have Bluetooth but that is because it is an older model. Gives great mileage and is very spacious. Also, I like how everything is very comfortable in the front it lets the driver relax but not too much where you get too comfortable.

- Vicki S

The Prius is a money saver

I recently switched to driving the Prius. It does great with gas mileage, especially when living in the city. When I am sitting in standstill traffic, I am not using any gas. I usually have to fill the small tank every 2- 2.5 weeks, which is definitely cost effective. I only wish the engine had more power especially when going up hills or merging on to the highway

- Katie L

Nice Prius... said nobody. Fuel efficiency > comfort

I like that it's great on gas mileage. As for comfort I like that it's a smaller car. I don't like that there is no pick up to it and people on the road do not respect you and you're constantly being cut off. I don't like how noisy it is. You have to turn the radio way up to overpower the noise of the tires. I do like that historically it is a very safe car.

- Jessica M

Great car for zipping around the city!

I really enjoy driving my Prius on a daily basis because it is comfortable, small and easy to drive, but still has a lot of room on the inside. It gets great gas mileage because of the hybrid engine, but I have found that this engine makes maintenance more difficult. It is very lightweight, which is also great for gas mileage, but not great for inclement weather.

- Katie R

My Prius is reliable and rarely needs repairs.

My prius is reliable and rarely needs repairs. The gas mileage has been good until recently. I have noticed I am not getting as good of mileage now that my odometer reading is over 110,000 miles. Contrary to what most people believe, I am able to accelerate pretty fast when getting on to the freeway. . At 110,00 miles, I have not had to replace my breaks yet.

- Tracy C

It is a hybrid, so you save a lot of money on gas.

Overall, I really like my Toyota Prius. The size is just right for me as a student, and what I love most about it is its gas mileage. Though it doesn't have much horsepower, if you really need a boost, you can use power mode. I always drive in eco mode to save gas. I plan to drive the car until I get a well-paying job, which will probably take about 5 years.

- Rachel A

The gas mileage is amazing and is more environmentally responsible than any other car I've ever had.

I really love the gas mileage and I have noticed that the console at the front has really helped me focus on using my gas in a more conservative way. I dislike the backup noise that was installed, however I understand its necessity. Finally, while cruising in the city the car is great, but it can be a drag while traveling long distances on the highway.

- Sharon C

My car is awesome and it saves me a lot of money on gas.

I love my car. Never had any major. Issues with it except for basic maintenance. Since I drive a lot in long distances, I love the eco friendly aspect and you save a lot on gas. The car is also really quiet so you never know it is on unless you are driving. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who drives a lot and wants to save money on gas..

- Liana M

My Prius - Great Gas Mileage and a Very Comfortable Ride!

I have not had any issues with my Prius since buying it as a Certified Pre Owned Vehicle. It has great gas mileage for long distances to/from work. I'm a tall guy and I find that even though it's a smaller car, I'm about to fit in it quite nicely. It has good acceleration for a hybrid vehicle. I'm always very impressed how it looks when on the road.

- Robert M

4 sizes, low maintenance, roomy interior, quiet ride, phenomenal gas mileage!

The only problems we have ever had in the 9 years we have owned the Prius are the two recalls we took it into the dealer for. It is a joy to drive, very maneuverable, so quiet, roomy back seats, roomy back hatch area. It has good pick up when it needs to, and of course, the gas mileage! We plan to buy another sometime in the next 6 months to a year.

- Ann K

My 2010 Prius still works!

There's been a few recalls which has been a pain, but the gas mileage is really good, and I have never had any issues with that. I have seat warmers, which are really nice because I have back problems. I have a sunroof that I never use though. It is definitely more spacious than expected. I have made my own problems with it--as in keeping it clean.

- Morgan H

Great interior space for 6'2" family members legroom in the back seat.

My Prius really does get good mileage. I get 47. 6 mpg. The seats are comfortable and it is great on long trips. I drive across the state once or twice a month and do just fine. It has a hatchback and when the back seats are down it is amazing how much you can haul in there. My only complaint is that the cabin could be quieter from road noises.

- Janice H

Toyota Prius, compact but comfortable.

The only thing I do not like about my vehicle is there is not much trunk space. The good thing about it though is the seats lay down so if you do not have passengers you have more room. It is very liable. I have had two recalls on it since I have bought February 2014. The only major thing I have had to buy is something to do with the battery.

- Tamara H

The good and the bad and the ugly

This car is very reliable and the gas mileage is amazing. I love driving it on the highway the most. Starting and stopping the car they way that you do while driving in the city is slow. The Bluetooth does not connect automatically all of the time and this is the only annoying aspect of the car. Overall, I enjoy driving this car.

- Amy W

Great spacious hybrid car!

My Prius has a very comfortable and spacious interior with a hatchback and fold down seats to allow for lots of storage in the trunk. The car performs well and gets great gas mileage, I usually spend no more than $60 a month on gas. The only issue I have noticed is that the car does not have great traction during heavy rain or snow.

- Hannah P

2010 Toyota Prius is just what I needed!

This vehicle performs wonderfully, but I'd recommend driving carefully in crowded areas as it can be quite silent. Other than that, however, it is overall very sleek, and the inside is nice and comfortable as well, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a nice, reliable car to meet all their vehicular needs.

- Doris F

Gas mileage is amazing. In the car is very roomy even someone who is tall.

I have noticed that in the newer Prius is the electric battery does not last as long or for the mileage that the old battery said. Have replaced the battery pack ones in the Prius. Did not do one salted all cells. It is very expensive to do that. Rebuilt battery is about $900 over a new one is about 7000. According to the Toyota.

- Lori B

Really does get 50 miles to the gallon.

It really does get 50 miles to the gallon of gasoline. Comfortable driving even long distances. The factory installed GPS system is a life saver. The fold down back seat makes for easy hauling of small items. I only buy Toyota products so it was an easy decision to buy this hybrid when I was commuting 57 miles each way to work,

- Diana B

Gas saving hidden luxury car.

Very comfortable drive, gas mileage is unbelievable. Always get compliments about how smooth and quiet the ride is. Sound system is great, almost sounds like I have subwoofers. Never had major problem with the car and it's at 200k miles now. Would recommend to anyone wanting a reliable vehicle for long distance travel to work.

- Antonio P

Despite its reputation, the Prius deserves the recognition it has and I love it.

Love the fuel efficiency and the way it accelerates. While I do not necessarily dislike it, I do not care much about the voice control, as its fairly limited being old, and the navigation system is relatively unable to be updated which is frustrating. Basically the car is great but some of its tech is understandably outdated.

- Rachel D

It is really great on gas!

My Prius has the dreaded hybrid battery failure ($1k-4k in repairs), a dealership recommended head gasket replacement may also be needed ($3,500). I've recently had all the spark plugs and engine coils replaced ($1,100). I've also replaced the 12v battery around the same time ($280). The car has been great up to that point.

- Tory T

Prius is the way to save money and time. Do not wait, buy Prius and be smart.

As performance, the car is stable and uses less gas than any other cars. Full tank should not be above 40 dollars. Prius has spacious trunk as well. Hybrid features that it uses electric generator to operate. Car has above average comfortable. At a price range, this car has more features than what average cars should have.

- Young P

Great mileage and reliable.

I generally like my car. It gets great mileage and has been very reliable. I have the solar panel on tops that vents the car when it gets too hot and heated seats. The best feature by far has been the mileage. I bought the vehicle at 30,000 miles and now have more than 160,000 miles on it with tires being the only repair.

- Dennis L

Prius’-loyal and dependable.

Toyota is such a dependable, reliable, faithful brand that lasts throughout the wear and tear of life! Prius’ especially run amazingly well and smooth. It is a comfortable car to drive, easy to use and great on gas! 50 miles to a gallon is hard to beat. Even with high mileage, Prius' can be great cars that last forever.

- Alicia K

The car can be slow but it is cost efficient and good for the earth

The car accelerates very slow and creates problems on the road amongst other drivers, the length of my commute, other riders in my car. I always have to leave the house a bit early. I suppose it is gas efficient and it's quiet but it's not smooth it is a very sensitive car and I can feel every nook and cranny on the road

- Puja P

Great Gas Mileage and a Comfortable Ride All in One Sweet Little Package

My Prius gets great gas mileage. It is easy to drive and park. It has been relatively maintenance free in the past eight years, only requiring oil changes, a set of tires, batteries for the remotes, and a couple of head lights. My Prius is comfortable, and even my 6'3" 350 pound son-in-law finds it comfortable to drive.

- Nikki B

Prius pretty good but not perfect.

Love the mileage. Love the amount we can carry and that we can seat up to 5 passengers. Do not like the proprietary GPS [don't get one from Toyota!]. Hate the rear visibility and dislike backing up, in part because the back-up camera is old-school. Looking for camera and other safety feature updates in newer models.

- Nancy G

Toyota Prius, hybrid good on gas.

The vehicle is very good on gas mileage. We get at least 450 miles on a ten gallon tank. We haven't had to do any major repairs, just maintenance. One of the drawbacks is it is not very roomy for the driver. It also does not have good mirrors and it is very hard to see traffic to the right and left when looking out.

- Suzanne S

The Prius is such a huge money saver, and an amazing investment.

It has an amazing gas mileage and truly helps my family and I save money each month and I do not believe that we wouldn't change it for the world. The only downside of the Prius is that when we recently had a large amount of rain, followed by some intense flooding, we couldn't use it for fear of ruining the engine.

- Cassidy A

It is comfortable and economical.

The driver's seat fits very well to make driving comfortable. There is space in the back seat for tall people to have legroom and be comfortable. The mileage is good. I would like to have the automatic headlights. When they are on they are very dim. I would buy this car again. It is economical and comfortable.

- Jan H

120,000 miles later it still runs great!

I love the lowered gas usage, the fact it's still running great after 120,000 miles, the fact that the electric battery is warrantied for 200,000 miles and the nice smooth ride I get. I wish it was better in the snow since I live in Central New York, but for climates that don't get buried in snow it's perfect.

- Ben S

Low maintenance, it only needs oil changes twice a year.

This car is amazing. I have 113k miles on it and have done nothing but routine maintenance, the brakes are even still good. Of course the gas mileage is good to. What I don't like is how uncomfortable the driver seat is, the blind spots that can swallow whole cars, or the stereo which sounds like a tin can.

- Dean U

Prius is Great on gas, I mean amazing!

The vehicle is AMAZING on gas. And drives very smooth! No problems at all, BESIDES that the traction is very low on the car so you struggle going through car washes. But otherwise it's a great vehicle and I highly recommend it for families or people who love to travel, because again the car is GREAT on gas.

- Shanna H

It gets 50 mpg in town and long distance driving if average 65 mph or less.

The best thing about my Prius is the 50 mpg which allows me to do more traveling. It is comfortable for one person, but starts to feel a little small after a few miles with more than 1 person. I am dreading the day when I have to replace the hybrid battery like my son has done twice and my brother once.

- Barbara B

It is a hybrid vehicle and averages 45 MPG, but has gotten as much as 61 MPG.

I like that the engine doesn't run all the time, thereby saving gasoline. It didn't come equipped with a backup camera, which I wanted. It has enough leg room for me in the front seat. It's back seats are a little cramped. I like that it is a hatchback, so I can haul some loads, which I do occasionally.

- Scott C

I love the energy efficiency and gas mileage, over 50 miles to a gallon. Love the solar sunroof that powers the fans to keep the car cool in hot weather, this feature is no longer an option.

Love the car but apparently the 2010-2014 year models have a tendency to use a lot of oil. My understanding is that Toyota is aware of the problem but will not recall the vehicles. I had to have the engine rebuilt at 86,000 miles and thank goodness my extended warranty covered it, about a 5K repair.

- Bill T

2010 Toyota Prius is incredible... I never want to drive anything else!

I honestly have nothing bad to say about my Toyota Prius. I have owned it for years and it's been nothing but reliable. It's comfortable, easy to drive, and has given me zero problems over the years. Love the navigation system and USB-port inside. Love that it's hybrid and the gas mileage is great!

- Kelly O

Review of 2010 Toyota Prius.

I am very happy with this car, the fuel mileage is great, it is easy to drive. Has a modern interior with steering wheel controls for audio, temperature, etc. The one thing I really do not like about mine is that it has no backup camera. But aside from that it is an all around excellent vehicle.

- Melissa M

This is why I love my car.

My vehicle is a Prius 4. It is a hybrid vehicle, which makes it get great gas mileage. My car also has a solar panel on the roof, so that you can cool off the car, by using your key fob, before you get inside. It is very useful since I live in Florida where it is very humid during the summer.

- Daphne J

Very quiet, comfortable, and reliable.

I have been really happy with this car. It has not had any problems or issues since I bought it. It is a 2010 so it does not really have the bells and whistles that newer models come with. Gas mileage is great. It is been very reliable. Only downside is the blind spot based on design of the car.

- Cassie C

Icons that you have to get used to but the manual is very helpful.

Super sleek, and good for new drivers. Tells driver when anything is off and can be driven in any weather. Gas mileage is great and is really affordable. A great car for students, easy to park and is a great size for a small family. Very spacious trunk and backseat area and a lot of cup holders.

- Ayah S

Fun with my Toyota Prius.

I have had no problems with my Prius. I love the gas mileage, about 50 mpg. It also has more get up n go than most people realize. It is comfortable to drive, but may feel a tad cramped for someone that is very tall. It does take some time getting used to the electric motor as it is very quiet.

- Georgina F

Super comfortable to drive and ride in - have driven it on long trips - 1000plus miles and loved it.

I love that it is roomy and comfortable for its size, but still gets amazing gas mileage. Additionally, I can't accidentally lock my keys in the car or leave it running or even need the keys in my hands - I can keep the keys in my pocket and just have to touch the door handle for it to unlock.

- Julie F

Comfortable economical driving vehicle.

The only prob. Me is it does not get food highway mileage it gets great stop and go gas mileage due to the ecosystem it runs on it rides smoothly and is a very comfortable long distance driving vehicle it does use regular gas not high text so it does keep the price of filling the tank lower.

- Susanne A

I love the joystick controller 'transmission'.

It is definitely a computer of a car. It annoyingly beeps to tell you about everything. It gets great gas mileage and has a huge trunk which is great because my Jeep wrangler didn't hold anything. It is a great car for my dog, too! She is very comfortable in the back seat, unlike the Jeep.

- Marisa M

The Toyota Prius, a very reliable car!

Our 2010 Toyota Prius is great on gas mileage both in city and on highways. It is a smooth ride and is very quiet. We have never had any issues with the motor, battery, or any other mechanical parts of the car. The only issue is the headlights. We have had to replace one headlight 3 times.

- Cindy H

Comfortable to drive and saves on gas, but doesn't handle weather well.

I have owned this car for over a year now. It's reliable and very fuel-efficient. A full tank will get you 415 miles. It is comfortable and easy to drive, with good control and turn radius. It does horrible in rain and snow, however. Drive slowly in weather, it tends to slide around a lot.

- Anonymous A

Prius-a car that sets the standard.

The Prius is a very reliable car. It is used for long road trips, so gas mileage is of utmost concern. Maintenance is easy and affordable with Toyota dealerships found in most cities. It is a very comfortable and has adequate leg room. Resale is quite good as well. It takes hills safely.

- Claudia B

Great mpg, not comfortable seats

Excellent car and value. Drives economically, great turning radius, excellent mpg. It is not comfortable to drive too long. The seats are not ergonomic, and I often have hip issues. The car on/off button is not as responsive and I have to make sure it is off so I don't run the battery.

- Andrea T

I take more vacations now!

My prius gets fantastic mileage when I run it on the battery/eco settings. . The only problem I have experienced is the fascia under the car is constantly coming loose, but it is a simple fix. Since I have owned my prius, I have been able to take more trips because of the great mileage.

- Katie C

Why I love my Toyota Prius.

I have no problems with my Prius. It is very reliable and I love driving it. The seats are ergonomically and comfortable when driving. The seats are also heated which is very nice in the winder. The best feature is it is a hybrid, gets great gas mileage and is very economical to drive.

- Mary E

Cheap on gas has great speakers.

Extremely comfortable, the gas is cheap and lasts for a long time. The sound system is great, it is better than my brother’s prius which is the exact same model and year. The seats are very comfortable (hate leather seats, they get cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer).

- Valentina G

This car is amazing. More spacious than you think.

We love our prius. It drives nicely. It gets great gas mileage. The only thing that's not as great is there's not as much room for the two kids plus all their stuff. But we took it on a road trip around the country before the kids and fit a ton more than we ever thought we could in it.

- Co K

I have a back up camera which is super convenient when parallel parking.

I love my Prius, it is very reliable. I have saved so much money on gas because it is eco friendly. Everything about it is great, smooth driving and very comfortable microfiber seats, never gets hot in the sun. I will always still with eco friendly cars from now on. They are the best!

- Savannah M

A reliable eco-friendly ride.

It is reliable. Have had some problems with the breaks and with getting the tires aligned properly. But its being a hybrid is very important to us. I like the heated seats. The ventilation system is not easy to regulate. Am disappointed that there is a rattle coming from the console.

- Eileen W

Good car for mileage, electrical issues make me concerned

The electrical component is concerning. I have had an error w/ this that caused my battery to repeatedly die until fixed. Otherwise I love the vehicle-great mileage, lots of space in the trunk. Great for grocery shopping, changing baby diapers, and has plenty of space in my opinion.

- Sarah A

Amazing car that last for a really long time.

We absolutely love this cat, it saves us so much in gas every month and after 8 years, it is still giving me around 50 mpg. We rarely have to fix the vehicle as it runs like a champ. At 182000, we have never switch the hybrid battery once, the car is just amazing beyond comparison.

- Stephen T

Up to 50 miles to the gallon on average, with lots of legroom and space that rivals any midsize sedan.

I love the size, the gas mileage and the space available in this car! I fill my tank once a week, averaging 40 mpg. It's comfortable, reliable and has a great reputation. The only thing I might change would be the back window design so there's not an obstructed view in the middle.

- Juanita L

Prius: bigger than you think.

This car gets great gas mileage. It is comfortable to sit in and has more headroom and legroom than how it looks from the outside. There is also quite a bit of cargo space. The back seats fold down and when you do that there is a tremendous amount of room to transport large items.

- Kelly C

Full efficient!! Low maintenance cost and drives well.

Energy efficient & saves money on gas. The performance is great! Drives quietly & offers a smooth ride. It is very reliable, the maintenance is inexpensive. It is fully loaded, heated seats, great brake system, seats 5 people. I dislike that it does not include a sunroof.

- Pamela D

Heated Seats Save Lives.. seriously

My Toyota Prius is the best car I have ever owned. It is reliable, great on gas mileage and has a few features I am truly grateful for (AC, Heated Seats, Sunroof + a hatchback). It certainly gets me where I need to go and is also extremely fun to camp in because of the hatchback.

- Ashley H

Prius has low maintenance and good gas mileage.

Good gas mileage, good ride, five passenger. I like the blue color, the hatchback has good room with fold down seats. It requires low maintenance. The Prius shows gas mileage read out continuously. The brakes generate battery electricity and the brakes do not need to be replaced.

- Ralph W

Gas mileage is awesome and you can fill up the tank for $20.

This car is a great car. We use it for person and professional use. Gas mileage is awesome and filling up a tank for $20 is a great deal. The seats are easy to clean and somewhat comfortable. Storage space is pretty big and usually has enough room for a once a month Costco haul.

- Tammy J

Comfort and reliable car you would like to own.

Toyota Prius is very reliable, , it helps me to save gas while travelling around us and also Canada even in winter. Pretty comfortable to drive it on highway and city. Easy to park on street especially if you are in city. It has very quiet engine on the road. I love it so much.

- Chun L

It save on the gas, it is very easy to drive,

I love the Prius not only it save on the gas mileage it also easy to drive. I do not know much about car, but all the function I need are in the car I especially love the hatchback feature, it is easier for me to put stuff inside and I can change my kids in the back of the car.

- Chia H

2010 Toyota Prius parts experience.

Parts for the Prius are outrageous. The navigation map system went and the dealership quoted us $3000 to replace it. They never suggested to update the map DVD which is all it probably needed to be done. We have had more recalls on this vehicle then any of our other vehicles.

- Sydney H

Low fuel prices & efficient driving machine

Purchased my vehicle used. Drove it from Brooklyn NY to Los Angeles CA. Love going to the gas station. Love the low maintenance that has been required over the years. Great handling. Easy to drive and park, especially in all of the compact parking spaces all over Los Angeles.

- Marc C

Trusted and reliable for everyday driving

My Toyota Prius was purchased used and currently has over 205,000 miles on it. Maintained, I have never really had any issues with my car. It does not do well in heavy, wet snow, but otherwise, drives fine in all weather conditions. I highly recommend driving a Toyota Prius.

- Anna-Therese K

Environmental affordable but small

This vehicle is on the smaller side. If you were in an accident it might not be able to save you. The gas is amazing thought and can get you anywhere cheaply. It's a little hard to accelerate but it's comfortable and affordable. It's also green and good for the environment.

- David L

General information about 2010 Toyota Prius

Drives super smooth and quiet. Get about 50 mpg in town, on freeway about 45 mpg. Toyota is always a reliable bet I have over 150000 miles on Toyota. Still no mechanical problem. Toyota is super comfortable, and a very relaxing ride. No accidents so no idea how airbags work


Toyota Prius: Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

I love that it is gas efficient. Great that it's environmentally friendly. I hate that it is plastic exterior and the fenders crack with the least tap of snow or curb. I dislike that it is so low to the ground that it hits curbs and sidewalks that are the least bit raised.

- BarbaraAnn P

Great gas mileage, stylish and roomy interior.

Great gas mileage, plenty of room inside, comfortable seats, nice styling, dependable make, handles well in city and highway. We own 2 Prius and love them. Gets around decent in the winter time. I like the dash features. Heated seats are. Really nice in cold temperatures.

- Christine L

Prius is an awesome car for anyone

No problems ever. Just regular maintenance needed. Awesome on gas and runs excellent. Love my car and would buy a new one again in a heartbeat. We take long trips regularly and have no comfort issues. Can also haul large things because of the hatchback and seats go down.

- Stephanie C

Why I love my Prius, and you will, too!

I love my Prius! It is so comfortable and reliable. I do not love that if the battery dies, it is not easy to jump the battery, but otherwise it is great! I love that everything is automated, and the gas mileage is great. Oil changes can be expensive, but it is worth it.

- Cate V

Love my Prius for obvious reasons.

Obviously the best thing about my Prius is that I do get 50 miles to the gallon. I fill up about every 5-6 weeks with town driving. It is comfortable enough for long trips. Negatives are higher maintenance costs and when the batter goes, it will cost upwards of $5000.

- Diana D

Good value and reliability.

It is fuel efficient and is quite reliable, extremely quiet (too quiet) and others do not hear it (pedestrians in particular), I think it makes it a little dangerous. Seems impossible to get panels with original car color, looks very odd by now but good resale value.

- Virginia G

This vehicle appears to be very reliable. It never seems to break. Also, people should know that it saves money on gas. It also keeps the car cool while parked during the hottest time in the day.

I like that it saves money on gas. I can use electric at times when I run out of gas. I hate that it's soooo heavy it takes a long time for it to take off. Also, I hate that it only goes up to 99 miles per hour.....but I think that's a good thing for me and others.

- Kari V

Great vehicle with 2 complaints.

My vehicle is very reliable. We have had very little repairs to do over the last eight years. There is a blind spot for me looking through the windshield on the very left of the driver's side. I also feel the car skids in rain and snow/ice more than I would like.

- Abby L

Amazing fuel economy and good size vehicle.

The Toyota Prius gets great gas mileage. That is the best part of the car, but I also like that it has a good amount of room inside. It doesn't feel cramped. It is a hatchback which allows me to move a lot of larger objects. These features make this a great car.

- Chirag P

I'd recommend it to anyone!

I love that my car gets great gas mileage and is quite comfortable even during long car trips. I have never had a problem with the functionality, and it is very reliable. I wish it had more current av features (it only has aux, no usb), but otherwise I love it.

- Catherine V

Pretty blue color and runs good.

Seat falling apart couple of recalls but it is good all and all. GPS needs upgrade Bluetooth does not always hook up to phone. Lots of mileage. Everyday wear and tear. Speaker not so loud. Cannot put stereo system in the car. Need new tires. Warranty has ended.

- Natalie M

The gas mileages is wonderful.

The hybrid battery needs replacement and it's expensive. Other than that the car is great and peppy and get me where I need to go and I love the 49 miles to the gallon I get in gas. It is kind of small compared to some other cars that I have previously driven.

- Dave G

Toyota Prius 2010 used automobile review.

None to speak of. Nothing to write home about. It gets excellent gas mileage and so far there haven; t been major maintenance costs. I would recommend Toyota Prius to anyone looking for a new or a used car especially anyone who may be looking for a hybrid car.

- Ed S

Expensive but efficient for commuters.

I love this car. Helpful data on my long commutes let me know how fuel efficiently I am driving so I can adjust. Handles well, breaks good. My only critique is the bumper of my and many others look a bit beat up from minor dings that are hidden on other cars.

- Megan F

The car runs very smoothly and has lasted for quite some time. It is safe and reliable and I love the look of it as well.

It's a great car. The biggest problem is the size. And maybe that the technology is over complicated and not easy to figure it out all the time. I am sure there are features that I am missing out on because I don't know how to use them. But the gas is great!

- Jasmine D

Reliable good car for families and teens.

Could go faster in a shorter amount of time. Besides that it is a very reliable car with a lot of gas mileage, and it is smooth driving on all kinds of roads. It has nice aux and charger ports that are convenient and the window controls are very accessible.

- Miranda M

White Prius. Good but not bad.

Brake lights, slide light and ABS light is on but no mechanic sees an issue. Not my most comfortable vehicle. No additional feature. Good gas mileage. There's a lot that I wish was better about this vehicle but it's really difficult to beat the gas mileage.

- Emily M

Many people worry about the battery life of the hybrids - but there's nothing to worry about. I have over 200,000 miles on my Prius, and it's still driving like new. No battery problems at all.

I love my Prius' fuel efficiency and how much it cargo space it has. The all electric option is very nice and gives me ability to increase my MPG depending on my travel needs. The car is very durable and has been used and abused, but still drives like new.

- Kue S

It's got amazing fuel efficiency and is a dream to drive.

The gas mileage is amazing! The vehicle has not had any major mechanical issues in 8 years. The interior is spacious and good for trips from under 5 minutes to over 18 hrs. The only bad thing is the loss in fuel efficiency in the winter - almost 15-20mpg.

- Marci S

I'm able to keep all of my necessities out of sight due to the many compartments.

I have had no problems with my vehicle. It is comfortable and reliable. It has everything newer cars have (heated seats, Bluetooth, backup camera, navigation) but is nearly 10 years old! The gas mileage is insane! Every full tank gets me nearly 500 miles

- Crystal S

Toyota is great at honoring their recalled parts.

Owning a Prius will make an impact in the gas cost, saves a lot of money on fuel. It drives smoothly and is fairly quiet. Most important is that it does not require much maintenance. The keyless entry, push button start, and backup camera are great too!

- Cindy K

Fuel efficiency and ease of use make the prius leagues above other models.

I love how fuel efficient my vehicle is. I refill my gas once every 2 weeks for only 25 dollars, and I always feel like that helps my budget. I wish that it had a back-up camera, but I got it for free from my parents, so I have no complaints otherwise.

- Daniel d

Gas mileage is better than traditional gas fueled cars

I love that my car is a hybrid, is a hatchback, and gets great gas mileage. I do not love that it's not fully electric or powered by clean/ solar power, I hate that the headrests are not ponytail/ updo friendly. My Prius has been very reliable though.

- Lindsey N

Prius: Handy for the city life

The Prius is a nice car, but I do feel that the quality of the car is not super luxurious compared to other cars. I think that the body of the car and the size is very fitting for a city life and comes in handy when one has to parallel or do groceries!

- Michelle O

Three modes for the Prius!

I have not had any problems with my Prius! It is very reliable and highly recommended! I get on average 500 miles per fill up and an average fill-up is 20$. I enjoy the eco mode and the other modes so that I have a choice. My Prius is spacious for me.

- Christy G

Prius cute and comfy - love it

I have had no issues with my car. Typically it is great on gas, and it gets me where I need to go. Toyota makes great cars in general and the Prius is by far my favorite. I like that it is eco friendly. Great on gas, cute, and also surprisingly big..

- sarah R

It's all about economy and class.

My vehicle is all about economy. It is really there to get me from A to B with as much mpg as possible. I bought it at the time because it was the best option available, I did add some great options so that I could enjoy it for years to come.

- Andrew B

2010 Toyota Prius an awesome vehicle

My Prius is very reliable. It gets great gas mileage . Is very comfortable for both short and long commutes.you can't even hear it start or while it's running. I've never had any mechanical issues other than normal maintenance stuff.awesome car

- Delores G

It gets good gas mileage in the summer months but declines in the winter months. So don't expect 48-50 mpg then. You might get as high as 40 or less during the winter season.

I like my Prius for the gas mileage, safety bags, and all around comfort. The only complaint I have is the car is pretty low to the ground so It's easy to break something. I still have the original car battery in it which is 8 years old now.

- Don V

It's trouble-free, reliable, dependable, and fuel-efficient.

In summation, my Prius is trouble-free. It's a gasoline/electric hybrid, completely reliable, easy to maneuver, and well thought out. The radio sucks, the ride isn't the best in the world, but I drive by an awful lot of gasoline stations.

- Vin M

Prius rear view problems.

I like the gas mileage. The Prius could use a bit more room. The back window was hard to get use to at first because the airfoil was in the way. But at night I just keep the cars lights behind me on that line and no lights in my eyes.

- Randy R

Small gas tank with great gas mileage, smooth drive.

There are only two things I dislike about my vehicle. The first is that I have a lot of blind spots while driving. Second, I do not like how low to the ground my vehicle is, I have to be very careful going over bumps, parking, etc.

- Jane D

Smooth ride, and great gas mileage! Hybrid cars are the way to go.

It is a Prius IV, which has a solar sunroof. It is fully loaded with all options and I love that. My only complaint is the resale value dropped unbelievably like no other car I've ever owned when it was only about 7 years old.

- Lisa B

Although it's an economical vehicle to own, it's amenities make it feel luxurious.

My Prius is comfortable as well as economical. It's incredibly dependable, more so than any vehicle that I've ever owned. When I carry passengers they invariably express surprise at the leg room and smooth ride of this hybrid.

- Deborah P

Excellent value and fuel economy

I love the fuel economy and the fact that it's blue. I feel that it's a good value and that it's going to be a reliable car. I love Toyota's reputation. My complaint is about poor visibility out the side/rear windows though.

- Rhythm D

The Toyota Prius gets great gas mileage; I average around 50 mpg during the summer with highway driving (which is less efficient for the car).

My complaints about my vehicle are only due to its age and the features it does not have because of its age. I like the gas mileage it gets, I like that it's small. I wish it had Bluetooth and other newer safety features.

- Emily N

Great for gas mileage and to save money.

The car itself has too many problems since It's a hybrid. Maintenance costs are high and comparing it to other midsize cars, it just isn't as smooth of a ride. Also with the hybrid battery, replacing it can be quite costly.

- Edmund G

I get 48 miles to the gallon and it is the most reliable car I have ever owned. I absolutely love it..

I have never had an issue with my Prius. I had never owned a hybrid vehicle, but now that I have I won't go back to a regular car. I haven't had performance problems, and it is the most reliable car I have ever owned.

- Amanda C

It is noisy. It is not a deal breaker, but it makes it far less pleasant to drive.

I love the Prius, but it is a very noisy car and it is so low to the ground that it is hard to avoid scraping the bottom of the car or bottom fenders. On the other hand I love it having to stop for gas for 400+ miles.

- Margaret M

Toyota Prius great mileage.

No problems, maintenance regularly. I have owned the Toyota for 5 years and just recently replaced the battery. It gets great mileage (40-50 mpg on the highway). Very reliable and pretty comfortable for a smaller car.

- Joan S

50-55 mpg around town.I only fill the tank once every four weeks now.

50-55 mpg around town. The charger hole is in the stupidest location, so if you need to plug your phone in, beware. When in park and brake is set, it feels like it's still going to take off when the engine starts.

- Joanne B

Overall comfortable car..

The vehicle itself is okay. Very comfortable and good on gas mileage. The biggest problem with the vehicle is the location of the battery. When the battery dies the back hatch will not open to get to the battery.

- Bridgette L

Gear shift returns to original position once you moved it to drive, reverse etc.

I like how small it is so i can park it, and i love how great the gas mileage is. I do not like how low to the ground the car is, sometimes when coming out of gas stations etc. the bottom will scrape the road.

- Olivia W

The gas mileage in the prius is excellent

My brother and I both share the prius, and it gets excellent gas mileage and we very rarely need to get gas. If you work far away, and pay a lot for gas at the moment, a prius might be a good option to buy.

- Rachel W

The miles per gallon is as advertised. It has gone down as the car has gotten older, but it still gets around 40 mpg.

I love the gas mileage of the Prius. It has been dependable overall. The only problem is that for a time we would let it sit for over a week and the battery would di and the car would need to be jumped.

- Jacob W

How amazing the gas mileage the car gets. The car can get over 50 mpg!

The Prius, gets amazing gas mileage. I travel about 100 miles a day for my commute and I pay about $25 a week in gas. The hatchback makes it easy to pack the car with stuff for my children or groceries.

- Kimberly B

Eco friendly and reliable.

I take my Prius in every 6 months for service which makes for no problems. It is very reliable and performs very well. The seating is very comfortable on long trips. Plus it has excellent gas mileage.

- Barbara A

That it gets good mileage.

I like the mileage and the aerodynamic body. I dislike very much how much it rattles! I also dislike how low to the ground it is because I scrape it lot but I understand that is a necessary feature.

- Margaret A

Outstanding gas mileage, getting 50 mpg!

It is a top quality vehicle. With gas prices high you couldn't ask for a better car, 50mpg! A very safe and comfortable car and have only had to do routine maintenance on it even after 155000 miles.

- Jeff s

it averages 48 mpg and needs only oil changes, air filter changes and tires. I had to replace the brakes the first time after 110,000 miles

This is the most dependable and low maintenance car I have ever had. I have over 130,000 miles on it. I average 48 mpg on trips and city driving. It has so much storage. It is a comfortable ride.

- Pam R

That it gets good gas mileage.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like that it is really reliable and sorta cheap to fix. I do not like that the doors are tiny and are very light so I feel like the doors are going to break.

- Nate S

Easy on the pocket. Low maintenance.

Prius is a reliable, economical vehicle to own. Great gas mileage, easy to handle, affords a good ride and easy to maintain. Has capacity to hold just about anything such as groceries, luggage etc.

- Rhoda L

It gets amazing gas mileage.

It is great on gas mileage! And the hatchback is helpful for carrying larger items. The seating is uncomfortable. And it does not feel like a safe car when traveling next to trucks on the highway.

- Julie W

I do like my car, the paint is chipping in places but it has been kept outside also for 8 years

Love 48 miles to the gallon, I can fill the car up on $25-30. No belts to replace. The only serious problem I had was a braking problem, it cost about $4000.00 to fix, way too high for low end car

- Dennis H

Prius gets great gas mileage!

I like that I get good mileage. The car can go over 500 miles between fill ups. The interior becomes larger than you would think when the back seats are down and I can transport larger things.

- Sandy l

It has great lasting power as I feel that I could get another 75,000 miles out of it easy.

I like the great mileage it gets, nearly 50 mpg even at over 100,000 miles. It seems to be lasting forever and the battery has a warranty up to 200,000 miles so it's obviously expected to last.

- Ben N

The one most important thing others should know is that it's fuel efficient.

I like how far I can get on one tank of gas. I like how infrequently I have to fill up my tank because of that. It has a good amount of room inside. It's powerful enough for what I use it for.

- Christine I

It's fuel efficient and gets great gas mileage.

I love the fuel efficiency of my car. It has a tight turning radius, is easy to handle, and is a compact car. It also has a solar roof that turns on a fan to cool the car in hot temperatures.

- Liz T

It has really great gas mileage. Saves you money on gas.

I love the MPG that I get and it is a smooth quiet ride. I don't like how maintenance is way more expensive than other regular gas vehicles. I wish it was bigger since my family has grown.

- Tiffany G

It is extremely expensive. What you save in gas, you spend on maintenance

It's so expensive to keep. The small battery was $250 alone. I have to take it to a Toyota dealer to get the oil changed correctly so I'm not having to spend more money on a messed up engine

- Michelle g

Saves a lot of gas. A full tank can last for about 400 miles or maybe more.

Saves a lot of gas, but it can be slow. The car is small which is nice to park with. The engine checks, oil check, brake fluid checks have to be done often. Really great car, and I love it.

- Clara W

Long warranties, great on gas since it is a hybrid car.

I have a 2010 and i have not had any major repairs. In fact, it died in my driveway in January and I had it towed to the dealer. all covered under extended warranties! very cost efficient!!

- Lucy M

The gas mileage and it still drives like a new car after 8yrs

It's a great vehicle!! The reason for buying it is we get 40 mpg. We have not had any issue with this vehicle. It's being driven about 100 miles for school 5 days a week. We bought it New

- stephanie p

It gets GREAT gas mileage. While also leaving a small eco footprint.

I love the eco impact it has. I love that it's a small car but I can still fit 3 car seats in it. I've driven lots of makes of cars but (all) Toyota's seem more comfortable and luxurious.

- Renee S

The gas mileage is amazing. Don't underestimate how much money you will save monthly.

I love the gas mileage, the best thing about the car. I wish it had just a little more room. The maintenance is so easy to keep up with. I love the hidden compartment in the trunk.

- Anne F

The seats of the car lay almost completely flat. A great feature if you need to take a nap in the car.

The car does not have a lot of pick-up but gets fabulous gas mileage. Right now gas prices are so high that this is the most important feature of the car. It is also a nice looking car.

- Rena M

The mileage given in the ad is much higher than what I get and I think I'm an average user.

It's dependable and doesn't use as much gas as a regular engine. The main complaint I have is that I can't see too well when I look out the side window which is minor so I deal with it.

- Claire H

The Toyota Prius does not take a lot money to fill up

It is great on gas. It does have a power option that makes it go faster. When the power button is not on it really is slow on pick up. the back windshield is awkward to see out of

- Stephanie M

be green use less gas and love to drive it

it's a nice car. i love the sunroof and the solar panels and the ac that runs when you push a button so it is always cool inside. love heated seats and sirius radio. and love 50 mpg!!!

- juliann z

Great mileage and a comfortable, reliable ride in town or across the country

I love the gas mileage, easy to drive, and comfortable ride. I love that it is so reliable. I dislike that it's so close to the ground, although that's a tradeoff for its reliability.

- Susan D

the fuel economy, combined with decent space make it a very easy car to use.

it does not have enough power when you need it, but it is a prius. The seats are not the most comfortable. I really don't have any other dislikes and I had to reach for the 2nd one

- myron h

It's reliable and gets great mileage.

I love that it is reliable, gets great gas mileage and is comfortable. The things I don't like don't have anything to do with the car, but with with the add ons I didn't get with it.

- Katie M

With rising gas prices it is very economical to drive.

It is small and easy to handle. It is hybrid and gets 48 to 50 mpg on regular gasoline. Although it is small, it can hold a lot of stuff if seal is put down flat. I love my car.

- Sandy G

It gets great gas mileage in both city and highway driving.

The vehicle is great transportation. It gets great gas mileage as you would expect. It also has good cargo space. It does have somewhat rough ride and you can really feel the road.

- chuck b

Why I love my Toyota Prius

I've had this car for about two and a half years. It's wonderful on gas mileage. I drive about 50 miles everyday (to and from work) and I usually only have to fill up twice a week.

- Zachary B

Great gas mileage vehicle. Hear about it!

We get great gas mileage. It is small to get in most parking spots easily it is amazing how much we can fit in the trunk. It seems like a tin can when it rains but is not that bad.

- Sue D

Excellent gas mileage and a big enough tank that is perfect for road trips.

It has excellent gas mileage and is very reliable. It is small enough to park anywhere but has lots of storage space. Dislikes would be I wish it had a better alarm for break-ins.

- Anna W

How reliable and fuel efficient it is.

This car has been super reliable for the past eight years. It has been a delight to drive and the gas mileage has been phenomenal. I plan to keep it till the wheels fall off.

- Andrew W

My Hybrid Gets High Marks!

It has really great pick up, is very comfortable, has lots of options,gps, backup camera, sunroof,etc. Way more room inside than one might think. Of course, great gas mileage!

- Debra M

It get excellent gas mileage and is smooth and quiet.

There is nothing that I dislike about my car. It has a built in Navigation system. It also has a sunroof along with sirius xm radio. Lots of space to transport things as well.

- Heather B

It is worth the money, when it comes to initial cost.

I love the gas mileage. I love how quiet it is. I hate how much the repairs cost when it comes to things such as shocks and breaks. However I do appreciate how long they last.

- Amber I

Great car for commuters, comfortable for lunchtime naps.

My favorite thing is I love my gas mileage. I just had my first big repair done at 122,000 miles, up until now it has been new tires and oil changes and a mini-major service.

- jenny c

That there is a surprising amount of room on the interior.

It is a super reliable car. Very little maintenance required. It is great on gas as well. With that being said, it has very little pickup and is a pretty boring car to drive.

- Javed Q

1 tank of gas can get me 430 miles on average. I use the electric mode often and if you need to get up to speed quickly there is power mode.

Love the gas mileage. Love the back seat folds down for more cargo room. Love how easy it is to install and remove the car seat. Wish there was more headroom in the backseat.

- Genia B

Extremely dependable- low maintenance.

I love the gas mileage and dependability the most. Been a great car and has 150k miles on it. I am disappointed that 2010 model has issues with burning oil after 100k miles.

- Luke S

It accelerates slower than the average car.

Very reliable and comfortable, only main issue is that the bottom half of the back windshield has to be wiped off often since there's no wiper blade there to keep it clean.

- Sidney B

The most important thing is that it is an eco-friendly car.

I like that it is a hybrid car so I save a bit on gas. It is small and that is the perfect size. The only dislike I have is that the starter battery doesn't last very long.

- Chelsea F

It gets 48 mpg. It used to get 55 mpg, but the battery has worn down some.

It is a hybrid that gets great gas mileage. The quality of the vehicle means it will last for 200,000 miles plus. The seats are uncomfortable. It sits low to the ground.

- Jane W

Great Gas Mileage, Lots of Room for Small Car

It has the best gas mileage of any car I've owned. It's surprisingly roomy for a small car. The hatchback trunk has plenty of space, and the backseat has a lot of legroom.

- Catherine U

Great gas mileage means the car pays for itself over time!

I love the gas mileage. I typically get 45-50 miles to the gallon. I also like the stereo. Although ECO mode is good, Power mode makes the car rev like a six-cylinder.

- Jeff W

great on gas and no issues in 100K miles.

Recently crossed 100K miles and have had no mechanical issues with it. remains good on gas. the car has served me well and I cannot think of a reason to get rid of it.

- Mark C

It's low maintenance and reliable. Also, the interior is bigger than it looks from the outside.

Vehicle is reliable and low maintenance. I get an average of 44mpg and fill up with gas about once a month. There is lots of space for my dogs and groceries from Costco.

- Leslie G

I enjoy driving my Toyota Prius because it gets excellent gas mileage and runs quietly. My car does not have a navigation system which I would like to have. Also my car does not have power seats. One dislike I have about my car is that there is not a lot of room in it. Overall, I enjoy driving my car.

The Toyota Prius is an excellent brand because the car is well made and gets excellent gas mileage. It's definitely a car for someone who often travels long distances.

- Jeremy K

Great gas mileage and it is also good for the environment.

I love the sleek look. Most of all I like the energy saving synergistic battery and gas mileage of 50 mpg. It is comfortable. It is my 2nd Prius. I have no complaints.

- Donna W

Prius' Are Awesome Vehicles to Own

Prius is a great, reliable, quiet, and dependable vehicle. It is great on gas (average 45 mpg) and has minimal issues. This car will last you well over 250,000 miles

- Millisla T

The gas mileage is great. BUu, you have to pay attention to assure that you are using the electric engine.

I love getting high gas mileage. I like the small car for getting into small parking spaces, The car rides well and is comfortable. And I liked the low selling price.

- Larry G

It is solid. Grips the road and I feel I am in full control.

Like that it is easy to maneuver. Dislike the rear windows for backing up and driver seat could be more adjustable as I am short and need 2 cushions to see properly.

- doreen s

It gets great miles to the gallon. My car has been a very good car so far. If I ever have to replace the battery I may just get a new car.

The thing I love most about my vehicle is the miles per gallon I get. I do wish I didn't have to worry about the battery. I hear they can be very costly to replace.

- ellen p

It gets more than 50 MPH, but is sometimes lacking in power when it counts.

I love the gas mileage. I don't like the lack of power, especially going up hills. Even with it floored, it's nearly impossible to maintain speed going up a hill.

- Marianne M

How well it drives with little gas consumption.

Great gas mileage only have to fill up once a month.. Easy access and handling, easy in and out great handling while driving.. Low maintenance and very dependable.

- Daniel C

I love my 2010 Prius Four

I love my 2010 Prius. I purchased it new and haven't had any problems with it other than replacing the battery in 2017. I love the gas mileage and the performance.

- Stacie F

It pays to keep up on car maintenance

Haven't had any major problems with it. I have kept up with regular car maintenance like new tires, oil changes, top off fluids, new windshield wipers, brakes etc.

- Amber S

It has great gas mileage and still has great pick up.

Love the gas mileage and the power it has. I do not like how low it sits to the ground. I love the space I have in it with the ability to put down the backseats.

- Ann L

The gas mileage is great and it runs smoothly

I love my prius. I get great gas mileage and that's good for the type of lifestyle I have. I'm always traveling and it helps not having to pay that much in gas!

- Brianna L

It has worked for a while for us

I like the features and or looks from the outside. I do not like the interior design, it does seem out of date to me. It does turn off and on once in a while.

- sara b

The car often feels as if it is shut off because it is running on the battery.

I find the Toyota Prius to be extremely reliable. The gas mileage I get is amazing. The car is quiet and has a ton of room. I have yet to run into any issues.

- Kori T

Entirely 100% reliable even with great gas mileage

Great gas mileage, never gives me a moment of trouble. Seat's rather hard and not a comfortable ride. Very quiet outside but not inside. And eco friendly!

- Lydia H

After the batteries are a few years old, they will have to be replaced.

Since the car is fairly old, the batteries have had to be replaced several times. It can get quite pricey, but after it is done, the car drives wonderfully!

- Shannon S

It is amazing in snow, it can get out of anything.

I do not own the car. It belongs to my boyfriend, but I occasionally drive it. I like how comfortable and easy to drive it is. I do not have any complaints.

- Alexandra P

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it has a good gas to miles ratio.

I believe that this vehicle is very efficient if you want to go places. Whether it be just around the neighborhood or a road trip from one coast to another.

- Matthew L

Prius-The definition of reliable

My Prius gets about 45 mpg on the highway and 50 in the city, cloth seats, rear camera, and a smooth drive. I've had no problems to this point with the car.

- Jason A

My car is extremely good on gas on the highway. Especially at longer distances.

I like the gas savings and it is roomy for a small car. I dislike the blind spots and that any small ding or bump causes a lot of damage. It is too fragile.

- Marcia R

The vehicle that I own is very great because it saves money on gas since it uses less.

When I first bought it, it was going to be my first car that I've ever owned myself that I have also bought using my own money, and I was not disappointed.

- Bob R

Reliable, Great MPG, Innovative, Versatile and High Quality

I love the Prius because it has been reliable for past 9 years. And averages 40 mpg. And is comfortable to do road trips and haul my big dog around in.

- Luther S

The fuel efficiency. You can typically get up to 50+ per gallon without trying. More if you try.

The gas mileage is great. Very aerodynamic and has more space than you would think. Wish it had a little more pickup, but I guess that is the trade-off.

- Tiffany P

I can get my Prius to go over 100 M P H on a highway when needed.

I love this car. I only wish it was a bigger fuel tank, right now it's only 8 gallons. But she is comfortable, reliable, can really go fast when needed!

- Candy L

50 plus mpg that helps the pocket and the environment

I love that I get 50 plus mpg. I love that it is worry free. I love that it is helping the environment. I love that I'm using less gasoline that others.

- Dee B

It's very reliable and it gets excellent gas mileage.

I like having an environmentally friendly vehicle that gets good gas mileage. I have had no unpleasant repair surprises. I would recommend the Prius.

- Roo B

It is a hybrid and that it is has great gas mileage.

My car has no AUX for music which has been a problem with my kids. The car is also very quiet which I both like and dislike. The car is great on gas.

- Maria D

Love saving gas in my good looking Prius.

I love saving gas with my Prius. It is nice looking and easy to drive. The dashboard is fun. The back folds down and I can carry more than expected.

- Dianne V

The gas mileage will blow most other cars on the market out of the water!!

I love the gas mileage and the flexibility I have with the hatchback. I don't like that it feels like pulling teeth to go up a hill in it, though.

- Jenn Z

It is very reliable and easy on gas as well as comfortable it is easily as comfortable as the Camry Hybrid that I owned previously

This vehicle not only is great on gas at around 50 mpg, but it is also a very smooth and comfortable ride with lots of extras such as built in gps

- Steven l

It's really old on gas and it's really quiet. They also like the hatchback and feel like it's bigger than they thought it would be.

The gas mileage is amazing. As of right now i have 112k Miles on my vehicle and I haven't had any major mechanical issues just normal maintenance.

- Priscilla R

It's a hybrid so it uses less gas.

Great mileage. A Toyota so it's well made and low maintenance. Less polluting than non-hybrids. Biggest complaint is the angle of the back window.

- Carol J

It is very efficient with gas, and needs very little maintenance.

I like my Toyota Prius. I have had it for about 8 years and have had no problems just basic maintenance issues. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Rose H

Hybrid abilities get the best gas mileage.

Like It's mileage in both short and long distance travels. Also It's trunk capacity and ability to fold the seats down. Dislike It's blind spots.

- Michael C

I have a used 2010 white Toyota Prius that had over 300,000 miles.

The headrest could be slightly more comfortable. Great gas mileage, not a loud vehicle, and the air conditioner lets off funny smells sometimes

- Hope K

I drive for economy so I will not be pushing it on the road.

I like the fuel economy. I also like the sporty look. One thing I'm concerned about is if the battery will go out as it is expensive to replace.

- Jeff C

The fuel efficiency is great: 50+ mpg.

I love my car mostly for It's gas mileage and efficiency. I also find the technology in the car to be excellent and the car is easy to operate.

- Andrew B

Incredibly reliable and safe.

The Prius is a great car, can't say enough good things about it. It's super reliable, just do the routine maintenance and it will run forever.

- Dab S

It seats four NOT five passengers.

I love my Prius. It is very comfortable for 4 people and gets excellent gas mileage. I also like that the maintenance costs have been very low.

- Vicki M

How cheap and infrequent the gas spending is.

I like my car because of the gas mileage. I can drive for hours and hours and it's still full. I don't like it because of how outdated it is.


A great family vehicle that has plenty of space for a car seat and roomy in the back

I love the fuel efficiency, the look and the space inside for our family. I don't like the lack of acceleration when getting on the highway.

- Brent M

2010 Toyota Prius gray with tint

Love the car. We haven't had any issues so far in the first 135,000 miles we've driven it. Highly recommend. You can't beat the fuel economy!

- Scott C

The gas mileage is fabulous.

I love the gas mileage. Love the size. Hate the back window. Rear view is not good. It has been virtually maintenance free for 167000 miles.

- Rachel P

Best gas mileage of any car I'm aware of on the market!!!

I love the gas mileage it gets! It's pretty comfortable, but not as comfortable as our previous car. It has great leg room in the back seat!

- Cathy B

People assume the battery has to be plugged in which it does not.

I get great gas mileage. The Prius is also comfortable to drive as well as roomy. I guess the only dislike is I wish it was all wheel drive.

- Christine R

It's a great basic hybrid. There are no bells and whistles, but it gets me where I need to go with great gas mileage.

My main complaint is just that it's old. Additionally, it sits low to the ground which can be a problem entering and exiting parking lots.

- Jolene C

The Toyota Prius can get great gas mileage if you know how to drive it.

The Prius gets great gas mileage, but sometimes that comes at a cost. The air conditioner and heater both suffer sometimes in performance.

- Scott C

great car with great gas mileage!

I love my car. It is reliable, and best of all, it gets really good gas mileage. I suggest going through carmax to get a reliable vehicle.


That is is very helpful on gas and gas mileage. This car is a hybrid and is very helpful.

I like the size of the car. It is easy to get it in and out of traffic. I also enjoy that it is easy on gas which is helpful as a student.

- Heather J

It is VERY fuel-efficient.

I dislike the idea of having to spend at least $3,000 at the point when the battery malfunctions. I am basically forced to get a new car.

- Ruby O

It is reliable, cheap in maintenance, except the electrical battery!

I like it, and I am thankful that it is economical in gas! But the model is getting a bit older and I feel like a grandfather driving it!

- Oscar R

It gets terrific gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage that it gets. I also love how much stuff it can haul. I don't think it's very comfortable for long drives though.

- Kristin C

Cost savings on the gas and I like it

Maintenance fee goes up every year. The cost of gas is higher so even though it's a Prius that saves me money. Maintenance will kill me

- Joe G

It is a hybrid. It is good for the world.

I like my car because it gets 50 miles to the gallon. It is a good size for 5 people. It has enough trunk space for 2 peoples luggage.

- Theresa D

Great way to keep you money in your pocket.

$20 fills my tank. Gives me about 540 miles to one tank. If fill all the way roughly 600 miles to a tank. Easy to maintain. Worth it.

- Humberto S

People should know that the gear shift is a lot different than other cars.

It is very quiet whenever I drive it so that is greatly appreciated. I have never had any issues with it besides regular maintenance.

- Ashley H

It's nothing special it gets me where I need to go.

I love the gas mileage of my prius and it drives well. It is too close to the ground though and I feel rough roads while driving it.

- Vicki K

that it is hybrid meaning it has two batteries

my car is a blue Toyota Prius. The year is 2010 and it saves me a lot in gas. The car was the best decision I made so far in my life

- denise B

Low cost to own, how affordable it was.

Fuel efficient, fun, lots of interior space, fuel mileage, low cost to own. Little maintenance and has enough room for 4 adults.

- Kevin W

My Toyota Prius Experience

I drive a Toyota Prius. I absolutely love it! It drives very well and is spacious. It has modern features even though it is a 2010.

- Alex M

It is a great vehicle for those who have a long daily commute because gas stretches for longer than in most cars

It's good on fuel and has worked well for us these past 3 years that we have owned it. It engine is very quiet since it's a hybrid.

- Felicia S

Prius is a great car that everyone should own.

Prius are great cars because they are incredibly fuel efficient. They're quiet and accelerate well, and they're very cutting edge.

- Phil M

It is dependable and efficient.

So far this car has never broken down and I have never had to take it in for service because of a problem. And great gas mileage!!

- Lillian S

Very low maintenance in 10 years.

Great gas mileage. Low maintenance. Easy to drive in the city. Good size. Love the hatchback. Looks small but a lot fits in to it.

- Tara B

The hybrid battery has held up in my 8 year old car. I think that is what people worry most about.

It gets very Good gas mileage. I have not needed repairs very often. The replacement bulbs for the headlights were rather pricey.

- Kathryn h

Great gas mileage, cannot beat it for the price!

My car gets great gas mileage, 56 mpg in the summer, and 50 mpg in the winter. It is comfortable, and roomy enough for my needs.

- Linda V

It gets great gas mileage and it holds more than you think

I love my Prius because It gets amazing gas mileage. It is very stylish. For a car of It's size, there is plenty of cargo space.

- Ronna M

Black Toyota Prius, very reliable

Amazing gas mileage, very reliable, large backseat for smaller car, fast for a hybrid, owned for 5 years and not major problems.

- Michele W

The great gas mileage and its comfortability.

I love the great gas mileage and the spacious room in the car. It does not take up much gas and works really well on far trips.

- Timothy R

Saving money a the gas pump.

The Prius is a great car, but my husband switched to work a home, so the saving on money does not mean that much to us anymore.

- Julie D

It's a great value vehicle, gets great gas mileage and it's easy to drive.

I get great gas mileage and in the years I have only had minor repairs needed. I find the car comfortable, and the size good.

- Deborah S

Very good on gas. Has more pick up than you would think.

I love the fuel consumption. I love how easily it handles. I love the color. But I don't love the lack of gadgets inside.

- Tom W

The electric hybrid wonder

I love the electric hybrid. I save on gas and am helping the environment. It's also a compact car but feels spacious inside.

- Maureen R

The RAV4 is very fuel efficient. Switches from eco mode to sport on its own.

Great gas mileage, lots of legroom low maintenance this car is by far the best car I've ever had I am very pleased with it.

- Harold J

It's not fast or nice to look at.

It's very good on gas. It's comfortable to sit in with a lot of space. It's a very reliable but its not a good looking car.

- Ahmad K

The usage of mileage and cost of gas. Visiting auto repair less.

I love the gas mileage in the city and on long trips. Love that I can park it in small spaces. Wish there was more seating.

- Jennifer R

It's bigger inside than it looks! Fold down the seats in the back and you can sleep one comfortably on road trips.

I enjoy it because it's very cheap in fuel costs. It's relatively easy to maintain. And Toyota's in general are reliable.

- Callie K

It is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

The auto is very comfortable, very good on gas mileage, and has a lot of room in ity. It is very comfortable driving it.

- jim a

Great car for commuting and travel.

Great gas mileage!!! Great trunk and storage space for a sedan. Great for both commuting and travelling with the family.

- Michele S

Hatchback is usable with fold down seats for sports equipment.

Has great gas mileage. Sleek body style with large windows. Usable hatchback with fold down seats that fits large items.

- Anita M

It gets great gas mileage and is better for the environment.

The Prius gets great gas mileage and is good for the environment. Drawbacks include the low front end and a blind spot.

- Sheri W

It's not fast, it will get up to speed but doesn't go fast.

Love the gas mileage, the navigation and how the vehicle rides. I don't like the blind spots and the braking problem.

- Michael T

I get good fuel economy and the car is very easy to park

I like the fuel economy. I do not like the back up visibility. It is not a comfortable ride. The Prius is easy to park

- Patricia O

It's very safe and if very economical to drive. It doesn't require a lot of maintenance and is cheap to drive.

I like that it gets great gas mileage and is very safe. I dislike that it's so small and doesn't have a lot of power.

- Ben C

It's bigger inside than it looks from the outside.

It has great mileage. It's never broken down. I can fit tons of stuff into it. There's nothing I don't like about it.

- Jennifer B

That it is actually used not new. It looks new to most people but it is used.

I do not have anything dislike about my vehicle. I really love it. I took care of it so it still look like a new car.

- Chau N

It gets me from point a to point b a lot cheaper than most other cars.

I like how much storage space it has for such a small car. I also get great MPG which means more money in my pocket.

- Andrea Z

It is not expensive to buy.

It is very economical and easy to use. I like it a lot, no complaint. It has fancy technology with the door as well.

- Helen A

That repairs are very expensive with this model of car.

the car is nice and rides smooth but does not get the gas mileage they told me.i also have trouble with the mirrors.

- charles f

Great driving range on 10 gallons of gas.

I like the fuel economy. The styling appeals to me. It is good for the environment. The rear visibility is poor.

- Larry T

Excellent mileage and fun to drive.

Like gas mileage, how it handles, can haul some stuff. Dislike, pretty low to ground, hard to clean inside windows.

- Michele O

The Prius has great gas mileage.

The prius is very reliable. The prius gets great gas mileage. The prius is affordable. The prius has nice features.

- Peter C