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Toyota Prius is perfect! Surprisingly roomy with outstanding gas mileage.

The Toyota Prius has been an exceptionally reliable car. No problems since we purchased it as a used car. The car has excellent pick-up power. I was worried if there would be problems with city driving but I have had no problems keeping up with city traffic. Surprisingly, I have no problems starting the car in the January, February, march months in the state of Minnesota. It does take a little longer than I would like for the car to warm up in below zero mornings. The bar between the back window and hatch if a little difficult to see out the back window. At first, I didn't like the "tinny" sound of the doors when closing but I have gotten used to it. I guess that is the price you pay when you need the car to be as light as possible for miles per hour efficiencies.

- Charles H

A car great for families and young drivers.

This is honestly a great car. I am a college student and it is mileage, as a hybrid, makes it so I do not have to buy gas as often and when I do, it is not too expensive. The car is very comfortable and easy to drive. It is a hatchback trunk which helps provide space because the trunk is not very large. The back seat has a lot of room, as does the front seat. The dashboard has an energy monitor that helps you determine how your energy is being used (gas or electric). If handled well, the Prius is able to use all electric energy for speeds up to 45 mph. I drove from Florida to New Jersey in this car and would happily do it again. I recommend this car to families and young drivers.

- Christian K

The money I have saved in gas makes the payments!

Bought the Prius about 2-3 years ago and I love it. I got the Prius 4 trim which comes with heated leather seats and satellite radio with navigation. It may not look it but it is spacious and comfortable inside and plenty of trunk space. I have made many trips to Ikea and have had no issues loading it up. Cannot beat the gas mileage too. Have saved a ton of money on gas. There's not a whole lot of power (you are not going to win any races except maybe against another Prius) but there's plenty for everyday driving through traffic and freeways. Have had problems with it at all. Toyota's are very reliable and the Prius is no exception.

- Kuan D

Reliable Prius - still running strong after 5 years.

I have not had any problems so far with this car. I do take it in every 5000 miles for inspection and tire rotation and 10, 000 miles for oil change. In 5 years I have changed the tires once and only performed the suggested maintenance. The seats are hard for me to keep clean unless I pay someone to detail them. They “circle” when I use any kind of cleaners. The only thing that has semi-worked it suede cleaner. I got about 55mpg when I first got the car. I get a little less now, but with 135, 000 miles I have never even had to change the brake pads, or turn the rotors.

- Carolyn W

The gas mileage is fantastic and maintenance is fairly low for this vehicle.

I have no regrets purchasing my Prius. It gets fantastic gas mileage and I don't worry about if it can make it to my next destination. I love that I don't have to stop for gas on a weekly basis. I find the seats comfortable and people are always surprised at how spacious it is. I am able to use it for moving decently sized furniture, plants, etc. An issue I do have with it is that it crumples when hit. I was rear ended and my car was almost totaled. They didn't total it and so the repairs done on it left it not as it was. The gas mileage isn't the same as before the accident.

- Melanie B

It gets really high mileage but a new 12 volt battery does cost about $300.

Great mileage and a lot of pick up. It is comfortable and holds tons of stuff in the back. There is an air vent in the back seat that uses a fan to cool the hybrid batteries while driving. If you have an animal that sheds or drive with your windows down a lot that fan will get clogged after a few years and cost about 300-600 dollars to get cleaned out. There is no filter over the air duct so it is worthwhile to buy a cheap air filter at Lowe's and cover the vent. You can change that filter every couple of months and it costs almost nothing.

- Lee D

The best car for every driver.

We absolutely love this car. Easy to drive, park, care for, easy on gas. Too, it is a very comfortable vehicle for long sitting drives. To top it off, it looks good. I would change only one thing & it might cut back on gas mileage as it is probably done for aerodynamics. It'd be helpful if it were a tad higher so it'd clear curbs when parking & driveways that are even a little steep. I have been pretty hard on the front end under the bumper & have had to have it replaced. Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing about this car.

- Margaret P

Great fuel efficiency, beautiful design, and very comfortable.

I love how fuel efficient my Prius is. I travel a lot by car and it is made a huge difference in saving money on gas. I like that it is a sleek, beautiful, but functional vehicle. It is a very comfortable car with a surprising amount of room in the trunk area. Passengers have been comfortable too. The "eco" setting seems to really help me save on fuel efficiency even more. I do not notice much of a difference in driving "eco" versus without eco. Altogether, I think it is the best choice I could have made with a vehicle.

- Mary B

It is kind to the earth and gets gas mileage of up to 51 mpg.

I love my Prius, it gets amazing gas mileage and literally has everything I need. There is a solar panel in the roof that actually will power the fan to pull outside air in the vehicle and circulate it to keep the car cooler. It has leather, a sunroof, solar panel roof, and the JBL stereo. It is the Prius IV in Silver with light gray leather interior. It is a hatchback with rear seats that fold down. It is amazingly reliable and many Prius owners get 100's of thousands of miles out of their vehicle.

- Danielle B

Prius is a car worth buying.

My car is comfortable for both driver and passenger even folks in the back seat say they have enough room. The hatchback makes hauling things a lot easier, so the small car feels big for storage. It is good on gas, maybe even great (I still average 50 mpg). I live in a busy area so it is easy to park both because of size and because it turns well. The backup camera works well, except for in the rain and snow. It also has plenty of pep for me around town.

- Alex V

It's the best car I've ever owned. I would never drive anything but a hybrid again.

This car has made driving fun again! On average, the Prius gets an amazing 50MPG, so you can be a little more spontaneous with your travels. The brake assist feature allows for easier sudden stops and helps keep your speed while coasting down steep hills. Braking also charges the battery. While the Hybrid system doesn't have a lot of power, it is a practical and affordable vehicle. The hackback adds a lot of space for travel or groceries.

- Stephanie M

I love it! Comfortable, cheap on gas, environmental aware and a modern design.

Prius, really comfortable, a lot space. Good performance, it is fuel economic $25dls a week for gas. The cabin is mostly quiet but the car it is to low or close to the ground so not to good in streets with pot holes or broken roads. You can fold down the back seats for lots of space in the trunk. Reliable and safety. Good price used. Nice and modern design, love the silver color. Perfect for Uber or Lyft. Not very good visibility.

- Ursula V

My love for my Toyota Prius.

My Prius is sleek in design and has a quick take off when needed. The interior design ha everything placed easily to reach and adjust, when needed. I love the controls for the radio and temperature that is placed on the steering wheel. I drives great and there is hardly any road noise. The gas mileage is better than any car I have ever driven. I would highly recommend the Toyota Prius to anyone in the market for a new vehicle.

- Shirley L

2013 Toyota Prius handles like a dream.

I love the Prius! It gets great gas mileage, runs like a dream, and is much faster and zippier than one might expect (especially if you use power mode). The seats are comfortable, and I am able to put down the back seats and haul a surprising amount of stuff around. It is a little harder to work on than my last car, but all things considered that is a small drawback. When this one goes, I would definitely buy another Prius.

- Ken C

Handling is great with these cars.

The car is comfortable to drive. It has a lot more power than I thought a Prius would have. Also goes good in snow and up steep mountains ( I have a large mountain that I drive almost every day to work and goes up very well ). The only thing I dislike is the rear view there a big piece of plastic that splits the view I got use to it but was annoying for a while. The car does handle very well at all speeds as well.

- Carry F

Toyota Prius: less money for gas and less time needing to stop to fill up.

Performs very well. Great gas mileage. . . Typically around 40-50 mpg, sometimes higher. Comfortable to drive, rear monitor camera for safety. I do not like the beeping when in reverse; I know I put it reverse, you do not need to tell me. There is a pressure gauge, so your are informed when one of the tires has low pressure, but does not tell you which one (in contrast to our Rogue). Main thing is the gas savings.

- Tim D

Easy modern drive to low for street holes.

Lots of space and efficiency, in my experience 75-mph speed is achievable it's fun to drive though it falls short, and the brakes feel vague. The cabin is mostly quiet, but the tires clomp loudly over broken roads. The seats are comfortable; fold down the rear ones for 66 cu ft of cargo room. A responsive touchscreen controls the infotainment system. The Prius eco model rates at 58 mpg city and 53 mpg highway.

- Ursula A

My Prius has a futuristic look, and I love that I cannot get locked out of it!

Toyota has been extremely reliable. I have had no problems with breaks or any electrical issues. The car is quiet, gets about 42 miles to the gallon regularly, and only requires an oil change every 7, 000 miles. The seating is comfortable, nice back seat, and great trunk storage. It is also nice that I cannot lock my key fob in the car because it detects the key and unlocks the doors with a loud beep sound.

- Eli R

The Prius: safe, economical, reliable - and fun to drive.

This is my 3rd Prius. That tells you how much I love this car. In addition to being environmentally responsible (50 mpg), it is just the right size for me. I sit higher than I thought I would in a car this size, which gives me better command of the road. The hatchback has room storage and comfortably sits five if needed. It is practically maintenance free - so reliable. And I feel totally safe in it.

- Ginny A

Gosh there is not just one thing obviously mileage.

We love our Prius and would buy another one in a heartbeat! It is got tons of room and is great on long trips. We average 47-40 mpg. And it has plenty of pep. I would not hesitate to buy another. In fact we have been looking a the newest one the Prius prime. Supposed to be more electric than gas. And they ride so nice like a big car and even on ice they are good because they are bottom heavy.

- Sandy B

A Toyota Prius pays for itself.

I love my Prius! It is great to own a car that pays for itself with savings in gas consumption. It has tons of space in the back, is sporty and quick. It is a little hard to see out the back window, however I know that Toyota has improved that aspect of the vehicle. I love taking my car on road trips because the gas savings allows me to spend money on other things like souvenirs.

- Nicole E

Great car for anyone driving a lot.

Drives well, no problems or concerns maintenance wise beyond tires and oil changes. Works well for me as I drive often for work, comfortable for my tall husband to drive reasonable distances. Can fit a car seat, booster seat and a 10 year old in the backseat without too much trouble. Storage wise/trunk type space works well for groceries and sports equipment. Great car overall.

- Nicole M

Great hybrid for young family.

Love the sleek look of the Prius it is gas mileage is wonderful and look forward once this one is done to buy another Prius hybrid. I also love the solar panel that cooks the inside of the car when it is very hot outside. The hatchback and it is cover that can hide groceries or packages that you have. Also car seats are very easy to install in this car.

- Debbie B

The Toyota Prius hybrid mechanics.

The Prius saves you plenty of gas, especially because it is a hybrid. I love the space in the car, it is pretty roomy and comfortable. I do not think it'd be good for a tall guy though. This car has not given me any problems so far, and I have had it for 3 years. The performance on this car is great. It runs smoothly. I love the features it has.

- Tatiana D

Practical and comfortable car with excellent gas mileage.

Besides regular maintenance, I have never had any mechanical issues. The car handles well and has an impressive turn radius. The seats are comfortable, both for the driver and passengers. There is plenty of storage space, especially since the rear seats can fold down and the hatch provides additional vertical space.

- Dennis M

Prius many miles traveled.

I have gotten up to 58 mpg on some trips, but average 40+ mpg. We bought it for fuel economy and to help environmentally. We got the most basic possible, so gave up some luxury items. I miss electric seats and slightly improved suspension of more expensive models but it does what it is supposed to do and we love it.

- Susan A

The cost of ownership is very lot compared to most other cars if you figure in 200k miles.

The car if very comfortable to drive. It also has plenty of space for 4 adults. The main thing that got me to look at it was the cost of ownership for cars that generally do 200k miles or higher mostly due to the amount you will spend on gas. But the car has plenty of power to pull out and go 70+ if you want to.

- Karey F

Reliable and affordable, fun transportation.

I have over 150 thousand miles on this car and have had no issues. Other than normal maintenance it has never been in the garage. It gets tremendous mileage in the mountains of pa. If you are a large person it might not be comfortable but for my husband and I it is great. I love this car and would buy it again.

- Helen K

Does not need to filled up often. I can maintain a full tank.

This vehicle runs good. We currently experience no internal problems. However the exterior of the car seems to get beat up bad. If I would change I would make the exterior more durable. If that is possible. All in all a good make. Runs well and does not use too much gas. Which makes it convenient for my family.

- Shaneil S

Prius hatchback - weekend warrior with great gas mileage.

I have encountered very few problems with my Prius. It runs great and gets amazing gas mileage - over 50 miles to the gallon, as far as I have tested. It is easy to handle, and great for long road trips. I have even let my friends drive it on said road trips, and they have had no issues with the car either.

- Annie H

Gas mileage for the Toyota Prius.

We've had our car for about a year and a half after purchasing a certified pre owned model. Other than routine maintenance and new tires we haven't experienced any concerns with the vehicle and the gas mileage is a huge plus for our family. We use the car 7 days a week for daily commutes and scenic drives.

- Beverly N

Good with the gas good price and good maintenance available.

Good with the gas good price and good maintenance available spare parts and with good prices take a long time with a long mileage with a good condition, good with the gas good price and good maintenance available spare parts and with good prices take a long time with a long mileage with a good condition.

- Ameen A

Great car good mileage with advanced features.

Great gas mileage very comfortable great technology good pickup good storage seats five easily. Great glove compartments great maintenance by local dealer. Great last as well as tires. Good radio and CD player I average over 44 miles per gallon. Back seats drop down to make possible hauling large items.

- Tim S

When traveling there’s plenty of room for golf clubs and luggage for two people.

I have had my Prius for 5 years and I still love it. Other than routine maintenance it has not needed a thing. The mileage (55 mpg) has remained as impressive as when I bought it. I do primarily city driving and have 90k on the engine. I love the size and capacity. It is a small car with plenty of room!

- Susan V

Excellent for a small family.

I like that it is not a huge vehicle, yet is a safe one. It is ideal for a small family. The amount of money saved on gas with this vehicle is surprising! My top priority was to have an eco-friendly car, and Toyota was the choice for their affordability and quality; I am very satisfied with this choice.

- Danica J

I love my Prius because it is comfortable and reliable.

I love my Prius. May misconceptions about hybrid vehicles is a lack of power. This is not true of the Prius. I have never felt that I haven't had enough power driving my Prius in any situation. It is also very comfortable and roomy. I love that the rear seats fold down to create a larger trunk space.

- Steven E

Good commuter car - good value for size/mileage.

Overall a great car, I dislike that even the highest trim does not have heated mirrors/seats, and the driver seat is manual not automatic. It's easy to drive and park, but acceleration is a bit sluggish on the highway. Lots of space in the rear and the trunk - actually bigger than I had expected.

- Rachel H

The most important thing you should know is that the brakes are secure and fast.

I like its speed, its quick-responding brakes, and its air conditioning. I also love the design of the car, both the outside and the inside. I can charge my phone in it and I can use Bluetooth. The only thing I do not like is the fact that it costs $500 a month and it'll take 5 years to pay off.

- Danielle S

It's quiet and gets consistently great gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage, I like the fact that the only maintenance is doing the oil changes and wiper blades. I like the fact that after 118,000 miles I still don't need brakes on it. I wish the sun visors inside the vehicle had extenders on them to cover the driver's and passenger side windows.

- Bob w

2013 Toyota Prius both Fun and Economical

While the vehicle is quite economical I was really surprised how peppy it can be. The vehicle include several drive modes making it both fun and a gas saver. My only complaint is the interior styling is a little to organic for me and the vehicle makes beeping sounds which can get annoying.

- Alec C

Good on gas and is very spacious

I like the room that my car has inside it. She is also a princess in my heart and has good gas and only takes $20 to fill up. I do not like how my car will shut down when it is on though. For example, I will be driving and sometimes the AC won't work or it won't show the speed I am going.

- Arryka R

It gets fantastic mileage on a very small tank of gas.

I like that the Hybrid Motor helps me save money every time I fill up. I also like that I'm helping the environment in a small way with the car that I drive. One of my complaints is that the Entune system sometimes freezes up and I cannot use some of the features included with the car.

- William F

Gas mileage is the best!!

I have no problems with the Prius it is the best car I have ever owned. I would definitely recommend the vehicle. I love the interior and the red stitching. The outside is white which is my favorite color. I would definitely buy another one when I am ready. The gas mileage is the best.

- Tiffany B

Highly reliable; great gas mileage; good for the environment!

I love the small size; it's super easy to maneuver and park. I love how quiet the engine is; you can't even tell that it's on. I love the gas mileage! I only fill up twice a month at most. The only thing I don't like is that visibility out the back window is compromised by the design.

- Kathryn S

Toyota Prius 2013 3 review.

The hardest part is the fact that it does not need gas very often and I get shocked at how much gas prices have gone up! It has some of the features that I need, like hands free cell phone calls. I will would like to see them put some of the new safety features on the newest models.

- Vicki G

Again I like the gas mileage on the car it is pretty comfortable for long rides.

I haven't had any problems either major or minor, very reliable, pretty comfortable, cannot beat the gas mileage, the technology is very advanced, the only maintenance I have done thus far since I have had the car have been basic stuff; oil changes, tires, and things of that nature.

- Brian H

The title of the review is I don't know man I don't care I just want some money.

My car has no problems the performance is great and is really reliable. It is also very comfortable and the features are very unique and appealing. Everyone should buy this car because it is cheap and worth your money. I am just saying this because I need more letters in this text.

- Mike C

It make no noise when driving compared to other vehicles.

I love how much mileage I get. It drives very smooth. It saves me a lot of money on gas. I like that it is eco-friendly. It is also very comfortable and spacious. It makes no noise when driving. It's a fun car to drive and my family really enjoys riding in it. Has a great speaker.

- Kiara T

2013 plug-in Prius - still works great!

The Prius is 5 years old at this point, and still working great! I get great mileage, and enjoy the GPS feature. As for sound, it has both AUX and Bluetooth connections. The only issue is that there's a slow leak in one of the tires, but that is easily fixed by getting new tires.

- Lauren R

Great little car with amazing gas mileage.

I love the backup camera. The Bluetooth is totally user friendly it is a hatchback and there is lots of room when you put the back seat down. The gas mileage is anywhere between 48 mpg to 54 mpg depending on the flow of traffic. This is my 3rd Prius and they have all been great.

- Sonya L

Good small dependable vehicle.

It is small so sometimes hard to see getting out of parking space when surrounded by bigger vehicles. Gets good gas mileage. Quiet. Fairly comfortable. Like that it has side airbags as well as driver and passenger airbags. Trunk space is adequate. Anti-skid feature is helpful.

- Sue I

It's a hybrid so it gets amazing gas mileage.

I love my car. The gas mileage on it is amazing. It's so comfortable. It's great that it shows you on the dash how much battery vs gas you are using. It gives you notifications for anything wrong with it. The only thing I do not like is the back up beep but you get used to it.

- Madison W

Fuel efficient car for a comforting everyday commute.

I love how it's fuel efficient so I don't have to always go get gas. It's perfect for commuting. The back seat is spacious as is the trunk. It's certainly reliable. My only gripe about it is I live uphill so it's lacking some torque and power to travel up the slope every day.

- Kibo Y

My Prius is truly awesome!

After 160,000 miles, I still really love my car! It is great on gas and has a surprising amount of space inside-it is very comfortable for four tall adults to ride in, with a trunk full of backpacking gear. It has been durable and dependable and is zippy and looks great too.

- Jen P

Reliable, economical vehicle.

It gets great gas mileage. It is small and can be uncomfortable for long trips. Anti skid protection is awesome. Handles fairly well on ice and snow. Airbags are great. Vehicle is very quiet. Have had Toyotas for many years. Great looking vehicle. Trunk space is adequate.

- Sue I

High quality hybrid vehicle.

Car body is flimsy quality. Front fender is made of plastic. Love that its hybrid and spacious. Color is nice and dashboard is informative. I like the dashboard info and ability to see how much gas I use and energy efficiency. Enjoy trunks space and how much is available.

- Kristin I

Love the mileage and the handling.

The mileage on this car is great. It has a surprising amount of cargo space with back seats down. It also has some storage where the spare tire is kept. The handling is good. This model does not have a backup camera. The console is easy to see. There are two glove boxes.

- David W

Nice, safe car to drive but could be tweaked to be even better.

Led screen could be bigger. Seats more comfortable. Overall visibility could be better. Blind spots are not very good. Annoyed at the back split screen. Hard to wash. Would be nice if the bumpers were tougher and scratch resistant. Apart from that it is a nice, safe car.

- Amanda T

Prius Hybrid delivers comfort, economy, and reliability.

The car runs very well. It has a turbo button if you want to push the speed up a bit, but it's necessary to use. The mileage is outstanding. I forget to put gas in the car because I fill it up so infrequently. My only objection is the low front end. It's easy to scrape.

- donna w

They made me write this, I didn't choose too.

Best fuel efficiency, love the technology, I usually get around 49 mpg overall with 51 in the city and lower on highway. The interior has some great features like Bluetooth, touch screen interface, GPS with nav. I would go with any model under the trim level 3 package.

- Jeff L

It is very economic in gasoline.

I love my car, it has been with me for 5 years and it never had a problem or repair, I only need to do the services every 6 month. With my car I am spending less money in gasoline, and is very comfortable for travel, I going to Nj some time and the travel is easy.

- Nelly C

You will save on gas and feel safe! You will never lock your keys in your car again and will have plenty of room to pack stuff up in when traveling (spacious trunk area!)

LOVE the gas mileage. I also love the spaciousness of it and that you cannot lock your keys in the car- which should make it a 5 star! Hope more cars are made with this quality as a hybrid. I am not super crazy about the design of the car but do always feel safe!

- Rebecca K

The Toyota Prius has outstanding gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage I get from my car. I can drive for two weeks on one tank of gas. I love that it is low maintenance. I do not like that it has limited storage, and a small amount of leg room. It also handles poorly in the winter and has a giant blind spot..

- Laura B

It has some zip for a 4 cylinder engine.

No trouble with it. 50 mpg consistently. 44 mpg in town. All that I have replaced is the tires in windshield wipers. I follow the recommended maintenance schedule and it keeps running well. The only trouble is that I have to get the steering realigned every year.

- Becky R

Amazing vehicle for road trips.

My Prius is amazing, perfect for long rides and fuel efficient does not need me to pump gas too often. Extremely roomy inside with enough room for everyone as well as enough leg space for people in the backseat. As of now I have not had any problems with my car.

- Joss D

I like the dashboard. It has different screens to show you the fuel economy.

It was on a recall list and when I took it in they updated the software and after about 3 hours I was on my way. No problems with the car. It is a hybrid so I can go 3 weeks or more before filling up the tank. Really a good card. I recommend the Prius to anyone.

- Nicolas M

The best fuel economy car out there, Toyota Prius.

I have no problems with my car. It is reliable. This is the 5 Toyota Prius in my family. Gets great gas mileage. Has backup camera, cruise control, power windows and power door lock. Just have key fob on you and all you have to do is push a button to start it.

- Tina W

Reliable tracking for the modern driver.

This car is extremely reliable. Drives smoothly, but is not the fastest car on the road. I appreciate the fuel saving features and data tracking such as monthly fuel cost. I also enjoy the Bluetooth and USB Chargers. No major problems after 5+ years thus far.

- Christina S

Low maintenance and outstanding gas mileage.

70, 000 miles and no problems at all. Have only had to buy tires. The 50 plus miles per gallon help a lot with fuel costs. Comfortable ride and good safety features. I also like the style and or body shape of the car. I would recommend this car to everybody.

- Gail B

The car does its job and gets you from one location to another with good mileage.

It is reliable and gets you from one location to another. The car is slower than I need it to be, but that is understandable for a hybrid vehicle. Wish the tires/drive were stronger for the rainy weather. But the good mileage does help at the end of the day.

- Christina L

Toyota prius is a great car.

Great gas mileage, comfortable riding and driving roomy back seat, lots of cargo space and back seats fold down, do not like the screen for backup camera/maps, have had no problems with engine or batteries, oil used is more expensive than on other vehicles.

- Donna V

Reliable and very user friendly. Eco friendly.

Very reliable. Good on gas. haven't had issues and I have had it for 5 years. I do feel it is a little flimsy. If I got into a car accident it does not feel as safe as most cars. I love the features. backup camera is awesome. Heated seats. Very roomy trunk.

- Kimberly B

Great on gas and much roomier than you would think!

The only reason I did not give five stars is because the underpinning of my vehicle is constantly falling. I have also had slight issues with the back bumper staying snapped in completely. I owned a 2008 model previously and never experienced these issues.

- Emily P

I would have to say that it being a hybrid, using less fuel, and is very roomy.

First, I love that it is a Toyota and I have found them to be very reliable. I also really enjoy the gas mileage, which averages 47 miles to the gallon. My only dislike is that it is very low to the ground, and scrapes easily on things such as speed bumps.

- Raymond A

Great compact car with awesome gas mileage.

I like the Bluetooth and it is easy to drive. It gets awesome gas mileage and can hold a lot in the trunk. The back seat folds down and you can carry a lot. Do not like that if the battery goes out you cannot charge it yourself. It is a good compact car.

- Sonya L

The Prius- a really great car.

Great fuel economy. Handles well on the road. Looks great- sleek design. The seats are very comfortable and the internal layout is very intuitive. Great storage for cargo. You can even put things like skis in the car due to having a lot of interior room.

- Sue K

Economic, Spacious and Intuitive.

The car is highly economic, spacious and aesthetically pleasing. All its features are intuitive even though I had no experience with a car that had similar controls before this one. It is not the speediest car, but it handles well enough on freeways.

- Selene H

I love both of my cars. I would recommend them to anyone.

I like the gas mileage, attention to detail and comfort. I do not like that it tries to monitor me and tell me what to do. I do not like automatic everything, I like to make the decisions. I would also like to set the size cup I like in the car.

- Kelly T

The one most important thing is if my car can do what it is supposed to do.

I like that its gas efficient. But I am a 4x4 SUV kind of person. No real complaints. Overall the Prius is great. It saves me money on gas but when it comes to rough weather and driving conditions it's a small car that handles like a small car.

- Jon D

Gas mileage and maintenance. Smooth traveling.

Car just a little small to carry my 3 dogs. Gas mileage is great. During hurricane only used $12. 00 for gas from palm bay Florida to Columbus, Georgia. Just a little crowded. Very little engine maintenance, just oil change and tire rotation.

- Brenda M

The Toyota Prius is a cute little hybrid that is good for a couple.

I would say it is a comfortable car, with good mileage. I personally think it drives very well, but I have not had too much experience with other cars, admittedly. It is great for taking out for a few hours or just down to the supermarket.

- Kelsey M

The gas mileage is absolutely amazing. I commute 20 minutes one way to work and fill up every 2 weeks. Total cost of each fill up is only about $25.

This car is the best, and I will definitely purchase another when this one gives out. I purchased it new due to a long commute to work, and have not regretted it for one second. Rides smooth and quiet, and the gas mileage cannot be beat.

- Elizabeth E

Gas mileage is great and handles all weather conditions well. Breaks are great and last longer than other Cara I have owned

No real complaints. Great gas mileage. Feels safe. Handles well. Goes through tires more than other cars I have had. Map and Bluetooth does not always work and takes some playing around with. That is my only complaint. Love it otherwise.

- Jim W

The most important thing to know about the Prius is the gas mileage and how to drive it optimally to take advantage of it.

I like the gas mileage and dependability. I do like the GPS system as well, and the speakers for the stereo system are quite nice. I do not like how it beeps inside the car while backing up. I do know when I have put it in reverse.

- Tim J

saves so much gas!!!! Still drives like any other car but requires less gasoline.

love the hybrid feature. good for the environment, saves money on gas prices. It is a reliable car. It is different and modern looking. fits several people and gear. Wish it were a little bit bigger to safely put kayaks on the roof.

- kee g

That it saves us money not having to gas up all the time.

I love that it saves us gas especially in this state where gas prices are too high. It is economical. But I do not like that it has no acceleration whatsoever. If I have to speed up a little it takes a lot of time to accelerate.

- J F

It will run economically and forever.

I love the gas mileage, the hope that I'm ever so slightly diminishing my carbon footprint. And Toyotas run FOREVER. I drove my last Prius to 200,000 miles, sold it to a friend, and he's been driving it 2 years with no problems.

- Robin G

Great MPG and Toyota quality!

I like the high MPG and the roominess. The engineering leaves something to be desired - the left armrest on the driver's side is particularly poorly designed and constructed. In addition, the push button ignition is annoying.

- Paul D

There is not much leg room in the back seats.

I like that my Prius have comfy seats. I like that it has a trunk under the original trunk to store more stuff. And I like that the seat move back and forth according to your leg length. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Lindsey H

very reliable and great gas mileage . it is also a comfortable ride and very roomy.

I like that i get great gas mileage, about 45 miles/gal. Also like that it is very dependable, and low maintenance. first Prius bought back in 2008. have only had oil changes and new set of tires needed on both vehicles.

- roberta r

the PIP (Plug in Prius) was designed for fuel efficiency, not comfort.

My vehicle is a plug in prius. i bought it new and have had no problems. did replace the tires at 35k . since day 1, the car which has 76k miles on it has averaged 63 mpg. i recharge it at night from standard wall plug

- mark e

Great gas mileage and functionality.

I love this car. The gas mileage is amazing, and it gets you where you need to go. Inside, it is not the most comfortable, and you can hear/feel the road. However, it is worth the trade-in for the amazing gas mileage.

- Bee D

It will save you money on gas in the long run and it's a safe vehicle.

I love the savings on gas and that it make me feel like I'm doing something good for the environment. I love the hatchback. The only thing I would change is to make it slightly bigger to increase the leg room a bit.

- Michelle M

it's better for the environment especially if you commute, and after it is paid off it is very cheap to own

it is hard to see out the rear windshield due to the bar across it, but there is very good mileage. for its size it has good trunk space, and as a short person i appreciate being able to see over the dashboard

- Alexandra P

Very economical to operate and very good gas mileage.

I like my vehicle because it is a hybrid and thus very economical. Also, environmentally friendly. I would like a slightly larger vehicle, but overall this vehicle meets my needs. I have no real complaints.

- Su a

Great gas mileage and lower maintenance costs

Toyota makes a great vehicle. I love the fuel economy of the hybrid. It has a lot of space for hauling groceries and household supplies. It also has a lot less maintenance than a standard gas vehicle.

- Jeff p

Hybrid cars are the best all around cars.

I love my vehicle because it is energy efficient and gets great gas mileage. It is compact and easy to drive. However, it is big enough for my family and all our stuff. It is an all around great car.

- Krissy G

It's a well made, quality vehicle and gets great gas mileage.

Love the gas mileage, that it's quiet and that it's comfortable. Small but has plenty of storage with the hatchback. The only thing I don't love is the low clearance, but that's not often an issue.

- Deb K

54 MPH to the gallon on HWY

It has several storage compartments is a hatchback, and seats fold down, so I like the extra space. Great on gas, and eco-friendly. I have very small minor complaints with it, I'll get over them.


It saves me money on gas! I get between 45 and 50 mpg on my commute.

I like my Prius because it gets really good gas mileage. I have a long commute, so it helps save money on gas. I like the overall design of the interior, it has all the features I am looking for.

- Ryan T

It is a hybrid so is very quiet when on battery power.

I like my Prius because it is easy to drive. It is a Hybrid so it is good for the environment and good on gas mileage. The only thing I don't like about it is that it has an average sound system.

- Hode W

The Toyota Prius gives great gas mileage and is comfortable to drive.

It is a hybrid so better for my carbon footprint, plus it saves me money on gas. It is spacious and comfortable to drive long distances. Many of the upgrades come standard with the Prius.

- Anita K

The miles per gallon are amazing. You will not find a better car!

The Prius has amazing miles per gallon. It drives very smoothly and it has enough pick up when I need it to. The only complaint is Its ability in the snow. It just needs some more traction.

- Ryne E

Fabulous gas mileage that makes your commute more enjoyable and less expensive.

I love the gas mileage of my hybrid car. I don't like the angle of the back up camera/nav system, as there's a glare. I also really like all the data the car tells you about gas savings.

- Missy L

They are very efficient cars. In addition, they are very cheap to fix and maintenance is minimal.

I love the gas mileage and the amount of space it offers. I really can't find anything I dislike other than it's a bit too light so it's not the greatest in the winter during snowy days.

- Luis S

Great gas mileage - first and foremost!

Love the gas mileage, first of all. It's comfortable to ride long distances in this car. It's got lots of room. I wish it had a back-up camera: it's hard to see out the back sometimes.

- Jamie B

it's a hybrid so runs off gas and saved energy.

I love my Prius. It has a hybrid motor that saves plenty of gas and great fuel economy overall. It has been a great investment! I don't have any complaints. It's a great vehicle!

- Lora B

The best fuel efficiency and dependability on the car market today.

I love the fuel efficiency and the look of the car. I wish it handled a little bit better, but I just make the driving adjustment for that. I hope to have it for many more years.

- lynn c

I especially like to gas mileage that it gets.

I purchased my 2013 Toyota Prius in 2017 and like it very much. It is easy to drive and I can haul so much in the back of it. I have owned Toyota's before and prefer a Toyota.

- Bernice B

Great fuel economy and plenty of room, but not for racing

I like that my Prius gets great gas mileage. Also, I'm happy it has plenty of room for passengers and cargo. I wish it had peppier acceleration, though, and a quieter ride.

- Jerry D

Economical to operate and maintain.

Love the fuel economy _ I get almost 60 mpg on average. The carrying capacity is surprising _ can carry up to 4 persons comfortably. Luggage capacity is extraordinary, too.

- gerald S

It gets 50 miles to the gallon.

I really like the gas mileage that I get with my Prius. It's roomy for a small car. The only thing that I don't like about it is that there are no air vents in the backseat.

- Stephanie S

Generally very good. No problems.

Dislike the weird tiny shifter. Also dislike the way reverse beeps inside the car instead of outside. Really like the mileage and ability to charge battery with the engine.

- Maia W

It's a great value! It costs very little to operate and maintain.

I especially like the fuel efficiency--avg about 45 mph. It's also comfortable for a small car. For a smaller car, it also carries quite a bit of luggage, groceries, etc.

- Karen S

it is one of the better cars to have and drive for the environments sake

what i like is that i pay less money for gas. something i hate is the fact that the car can't accelerate fast enough for me. i also do like that it is better for the earth

- mike s

the reliability and gas mileage

While the Prius is a slow to move vehicle it does have great gas mileage, tremendous cargo space, reliable and dependable with barely and engine or transmission issues

- Patrick L

That it saves me money since it is hybrid and it is a good value for your money

I like that it is hybrid. It is a compact car which makes it convenient to use for running errands. Plus it is toyota, a maker that I fully trust and love the quality

- Kim L

Has gas mileage and the Bluetooth is super user friendly.

The gas mileage is awesome. . Up to 54 mpg. I love the Bluetooth and the rear camera it has save me a few times. I have had this car 5 years and have had no problems.

- Sonya L L

It is a great multi-purpose car that is very fuel efficient.

I like It's fuel efficiency. Also like It's handling and cargo space. I do not like the fabric used for the seats- it wears down too quickly and gets stained easily.

- Jane B

Environmentally more responsible

It has great mileage, and very quiet to drive. Obviously! since it has a battery the size of a small luggage. It is not a cheap car, but very satisfying to drive.

- rama J

That is very economic and comfort in side.

Great gas mileage and it is comfortable. It is great for a road trip even with four people traveling together. I can not think of anything I dislike about my car.

- Ann G

It isn't very efficient and easy to operate.

My Prius gets great gas mileage and is very reliable. I like how economical it is to use. I also like how versatile it is. I can haul a lot of stuff when needed.

- Jeff K

That you can easily get over 50 mpg, depending on how you drive

I love that it is a hybrid and gets over 50 mpg. It is also paid for and I love driving it. I feel like I am doing my bit for the environment by driving a hybrid

- kathy s

Not to judge my beliefs based on what I drive.

Great gas mileage, nice electronics, lots of passenger room and plenty of space to haul stuff, especially since the back seats fold down. No complaints at all.

- Shirley T

Mileage - mpg and how clean the car runs, Hope to actually get an electric car some day.

Great mileage and a very comfortable car. Have also been told at the dealership that it should last 500,000 miles. Not our first hybrid so we're very happy.

- Kathy G

It's the best value car for the amount of gas mileage you get.

I love the fuel economy / gas mileage. I also love all the advanced features in the car like the on board navigation system. I dislike the exterior styling.

- Jeff L

The car gets incredible gas mileage.

The car has incredible gas mileage, which was my main reason for purchasing it since I have a long commute. Other than that it is a pretty standard vehicle.

- Liliana V

My Gas Saving Daily Driver

Gas saving, smooth ride. Not as much power as I'd like off the line but definitely decent. Not a luxurious interior but maybe the top of the line models are

- Julie A

It is a lot bigger than it looks.

I haven't had any problems. The gas mileage is amazing, though you do need "special" tires to get the full 55 mpg, otherwise normal tires are around 45 mpg

- becky w

Extremely reliable and much more pep than you would think

It is extremely dependable. And while it sounds 'tinny' when closing the door, it is a very solid, durable car. And, of course, the gas mileage is great!

- Mike M

It gets 55 mpg and is quiet when driving.

I like the way it sits when you are driving. I love the fuel mileage as I get about 55mpg. I wish it was a little taller of an opening for the rear hatch.

- Pat W

the prius gets much better mileage than most other cars

i like the gas mileage and smooth ride. the interior is also quite roomy. the only drawback is the increased difficulty of performing routine maintenance.

- chuck k

I love the Prius because I feel like I'm doing my part for the environment. Toyota's are very reliable and low maintenance.

I love the gas mileage of my Prius. The tank is small and I can drive all week on 20 dollars. It is also quiet. It is not the smoothest driving car.

- Bonnie W

Car is so quiet that it can be dangerous to pedestrians unaware it is running.

I love the gas mileage. I love the hatchback design. I really dislike that the front end of the vehicle sits so low because it easily drags on things.

- Mary D

Hybrid cars are great for the environment and on your wallet for gas.

I like my vehicle color silver. Because silver cars don't show dirt like white or black cars. I also like my car because it's a hybrid and saves gas.

- Terry W

When you stop at a red light, the gas engine shuts off and you waste no fuel waiting for the light to change.

Great fuel mileage, so when you pull up to the fueling station you drive away with the satisfaction that you are being a good steward of our planet.

- Mel r

Save on Gas and save on money

I like the gas saver from this car. I like car size, even though, it looks small, But it is very roomy. I like the simple and take care on this car.

- Eric S

I can drive for over a month on tank of gas. It really gets mileage.

I love the gas mileage of my car. It is an easy ride and hasn't given me any issues in the years that I've owned it. It also has some nice features.

- Abigail S

Comfortable and fantastic gas mileage!

I absolutely love my Prius. The gas mileage is fantastic. It is comfortable and easy to handle. I don't know why everyone doesn't drive one!!!!

- Kristina A

I can go anywhere very easily

It's all about the gas mileage. It makes it so easy to go anywhere. I also think it's fun to drive. I really don't have any dislikes to be honest.

- Andy H

Great Gas Mileage and a comfortable ride

I like the size, the gas mileage it gets. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. The seats are very comfortable and it is great for 4 adults.

- Kathy M

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is fun to drive, great on gas and very reliable.

I love my vehicle. My vehicle is a Toyota Prius. This vehicle is an hybrid. It is great on gas and I love mileage and reliability of the Prius.


It is a good investment for long-haul commuting, or getting around town.

The car is to drive and to handle. Has amazing gas mileage. Rarely needs repair if maintained properly. The body is plastic and easily damaged.

- Mindy T

This is our third Prius, and probably not our last!

Great MPG, surprisingly good pickup, quiet ride. No major problems, replaced starter battery(not engine battery) and engine compartment latch.

- William I

It keeps you secure and it has good mileage on it.

Good gas m good technology and good performance cheap fixing not need a lot of spare parts spare parts available and less times to oil change.

- Ameen A

A great vehicle all around.

This is my second Prius. I love this car. The gas mileage is awesome, 50+ miles per gallon. The seats are comfortable and the front is heated.

- Debra G

It is environmentally awesome, as it does not use a lot of gas.

I rarely have to buy gas, given It's battery. It's compact, the perfect size for me. It's also got plenty of space despite it's smaller size.

- Ava S

It is well worth the cost.

It drives beautifully, such a smooth ride. The hybrid battery makes for fabulous gas mileage. Easy size to operate, yet plenty of space.

- Grace F

A prius was my husband's dream car, which is why we got it. I really love the fuel economy and the amount of space it has. However, one big issue I have is that the back window seems very small when looking into the rearview mirror.

I travel relatively far to work each day, but I spend approximately the same on gas as those I know who drive 5 minutes to work each day.

- Katja I

It's gas efficient and low maintenance

I like that my car is low maintenance. I also like that is it very gas efficient. I don't like that it does not have a lot of speed.

- Aly S

Do not buy one. Everybody that I have met, who owns a Sebring has problems.

I have no complaints with the Toyota Prius. I love the gas mileage it gets. I love the size both inside and out. It's easy to drive.

- Kami G

Excellent mileage, roomy, comfortable.

The gas mileage is great. I have never need major maintenance. The ability to get synthetic oil at further intervals is convenient.

- Thomas F

It gets great gas mileage.

I like the mileage. I dislike that it does not come with tinted windows. I also do not like that the visor does not move very much.

- Liliana V

The hybrid is awesome with the savings in gas cost.

The car is great. I love it at the gas pump. Getting on the freeway can be a little scary. I have never had a problem with the car.

- Michael W

My car is of great quality and reliability. Just be sure to perform the regular maintenance.

I like the fact that my car is fuel efficient, comfortable and practical. Would like the rearview camera option newer cars have.

- Claude M

Its was built to really last.

I like how it is a hybrid so I can save gas. But what I do not like is that it is not a luxury car. Everyone else I know has one.

- Laura H

Prius is awesome! The best thing about it is the gas mileage

My Prius is wonderful. I love the gas mileage and I only have to fill up about once a week. I would recommend a Prius to anyone.

- Molly O

It is fun to drive, and the fuel efficiency is unbeatable.

I love the fuel efficiency. It is also a very comfortable vehicle to drive. It is room inside too, more roomy than some SUVs!

- Jennifer C

They should all drive hybrids or electric vehicles

I like hybrids and it's good on gas and better for clean air than many. I wish it was a plugin with good electric only range.

- Lena S

It's very reliable and low cost to maintain.

High fuel efficiency. I wish the ev range was greater. Very comfortable ride. I do not like that it has low noise insulation.

- Raymond K

The plug in option gives hov stickers.

Love the electronics in this vehicle. Love the reliability of the performance. Love the small size that is easy to maneuver.

- Lucy S

The Prius has more room than expected. I can carry 8 ft long lumber pieces, my beach cruiser bicycle and a 4 drawer file cabinet, but not all at the same time.

I like the gas mileage per gallon and low maintenance costs. My car is dependable and roomy. I do not like the blind spot.

- Roxanne H

Great gas mileage and that it is good for the environment.

I love my Prius. I like that it features technology and gets great gas mileage. I have been able to spend way less on gas.

- Carissa S

It has great gas mileage! I think that's very important!

I like that it's a hybrid. I like that it's good on gas. I dislike how much it would cost to fix if something went wrong.

- Jammie P

It fits a good amount of people and has great gas mileage.

I like that this car is eco friendly and has great gas mileage. I would prefer if the are would have better acceleration.

- Elizabeth M

good price , good with the Gas , good with the spare parts and dependable car

good car with a Gas doesn't need a lot of maintenance comfortable has a good level of technology good price spare parts

- Ammen A

Great Gas mileage, reliable and dependable as well as cute

I love my Prius. I love the gas mileage. I love that it is easy to drive and easy to park. I love that it is reliable.

- Kitty H

It is a loud car the motor doesn't sound good at all and road noise to a lot

I dislike the noise of the vehicle there is a lot of road noise. I also dislike the speed of the car when accelerating

- John F

Hard to see out of back, not that easy to back up. doesn't have a backup camera. Drives smoothly, though.

I think that the most important thing is that it makes no noise whatsoever, it doesn't drain battery when you stop.

- erre e

I love my Prius so very much

The Prius is a reliable and comfortable car. It drives smoothly and is great on gas mileage. I also love the look!

- Alicia D

Toyota has nice features.

The car has CD player, touch screen to select many choices from radio to gps map with a/c temperature adjustments.

- Giovanny G

Cost of Gas to fill the car

I love the fact the car cost 25.00 to fill with gas. Performance is good, back cameras are great when backing up.

- Rachel W

Great fuel efficiency for people that commute or drive a lot for work.

Love the fuel efficiency, size, and features. Dislike the quality, some issues with the rear fin and underlining.

- Lyndsey B

Environmentally friendly and saves money on gas!!!

I like the gas mileage. It has given me no problems. I feel like I am doing something good for the environment.

- Constance S

Prius is the affordable way to go.

Best in class mpg for the price. Stylish, technology heavy interior. No problems in nearly 5 years of ownership.

- James R

Best car we've owned & plan on buying another one for my son.

The gas mileage is great. Very smooth ride. Compact but roomy. Would be nice to have air vents in the back seat.

- Raquel L

I purchased it by myself.

Gas mileage I love, easy to park and drive. Small so not able to move things, and not comfortable on long trips.

- Ginny T

Great gas mileage, dependable and very cute!

No problems and performs great. I have only had to change the oil and tires. I would but another one just like.

- Sara H

It has excellent resale value.

I like the gas mileage and the Bluetooth connection, I do not like not having any power or muscle when driving.

- Brandon W

Dependable, fuel efficient.

I have had my car for 5 years and have never had any problems with it. Great gas mileage, dependable, reliable,

- Chris J

It drives really nice and everyone is comfortable.

Like the reliability. Like fuel efficiency. Like dollar savings on fuel. Like hybrid cars environmental impact.

- Eric R

Most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly

The Prius is very energy efficient and a great car for long distances. However, it is not very sporty to drive

- C F

It gets great gas mileage.

I love the great gas mileage. It is easy to drive. It is easy to park. The leather seats are easy to clean.

- Linda C

It is very fuel efficient.

My Prius is a great value fuel mileage wise. It is safe. It is low maintenance. It is great value trade wise.

- Thom b

Quiet and comfortable but still get the mileage you would expect from a hybrid

I love how quiet it is. It gets great gas mileage and it's very comfortable. It's everything that I wanted.

- Christine R

If you use the brake mode right and drive carefully your mileage gets better

I love this car it is easy to drive and is smarter than I am and I get around 49mpg. Seats could be better.

- Edward D

The car is reliable. It is very stylish.

I like the great gas mileage, the color sea glass, the trunk space. I dislike the small back window view..

- Bobbi H

Best car I've owned to date

This is my favorite car I've owned so far. The only problem I have is that it does not stop well in snow

- Jackie Y

Easy to drive, good mileage, but don't get this car if you are expecting it to be mostly running on electric charge (unless you're only going very short distances). As of now you can drive in the carpool lane alone with this car if you have the sticker! Can be very helpful with traffic.

I have the plug-in Prius. I really like it overall but wish it could go farther on the electric charge.

- Danielle C

Good gas mileage, but not in the winter.

It gets good mileage. I like the tech, but I wish it was more up to date. I want a plug in and carplay.

- John P

the gas mileage is wonderful and the legroom in the rear seat is good

I like the gas mileage. I like the room in the rear. I don't like the way the windows fog up so easily

- David R

cheap on gas 5000 miles before a oil change fun to drive

Love it cheap on gas fun to drive easy parking I would buy another one 5000 miles until a oil change

- chrissy l

Modern, fun to drive. Looks great.

It gets good mileage. Feel proud of it being fuel conservative. Great looking and I love driving it.

- Cindy C

I love the Prius due to savings in gas mileage that I receive. It's also roomy for a economic car and has a large trunk space.

The hybrid function is great for commuters especially if you are commuting with additional people.

- Denise Q

The mileage I get is great

Great Mileage, Smooth Ride, and great service. I love how the car feels and how it makes me feel.

- Jonathan P

Hybrid gas economy is great, I only fill the tank once a month.

I like gas economy and it's comfortable. The Bluetooth stopped working. But no other complaints.

- Kay P

The Toyota Prius might not win an award for it's looks but that's not what you buy it for. I love the gas mileage and the sound system.

I love my vehicle. It's a bit small for me but the reason I got it was for the great gas mileage.

- Brandon T

My vehicle is so much fun to drive- cute and preppy! It is also very economical and great on gas since it is a hybrid. It has a surprising amount of room inside and we are able to help people with moving, go on family camping trips, etc. My literal only complaint is that I have low clearance so I can't always get to places in the woods that I want to go to.

They should buy it and will not regret it-they'll save money and have fun driving every day!

- Jennifer P

No major complaints other than some lack of visibility/blind spots.

Excellent mileage, reliability, and good resale value. Very easy car to care for and own.

- Kim J

It has great gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage. I like that it can haul a lot. I don't love the outer appearance.

- Catherine T

That it is great on gas and that it runs very good. It also doesn't have many problems.

I like that it is great on gas and that it is very durable. I don't like how small it is

- Cornell S

The best aspect of the car is the gas mileage that it gets as it's a hybrid.

It gets wonderful gas mileage. It's also very roomy and has a ton of space in the trunk.

- Abby L

Love the gas mileage. Love the comfort. Dislike the color.

It is so good, everyone should have one. Uses less gas than nearly every other vehicle.

- Sharon C

If you want to save money on gas, this is the car for you!

I love the gas mileage. It's comfortable and fun to drive. I dislike the blind spots.

- Karen H

It's a hybrid vehicle so it doesn't use a lot of gas. My mpg is very good, 55.

It's a hybrid so i don't use a ton of gas. It's a smooth ride. I don't like the radio.

- Kat W

Consider investing in a hybrid - you will be glad you did!!

I love how easy it is to drive. I feel safe. Love that it's white. GREAT gas mileage!!

- rdit h

hybrid car that is environmentally conscious

fuel efficient and cutting edge technology, however i wish it could be more stylish

- ted l

It's a plug-in . It saves me gas.

It's a plug-in. Very gas efficient. It's a dependendable car. It's also affordable

- Kahthry T

higher mileage than most cars

it is very fuel efficient. it is because the car uses hybrid power no complaints

- Hao w

It's the Real Deal. Great on fuel, it has a great ride.

Wonderful Car! It is very reliable vehicular. It provides great gas mileage.

- Neil W

high mileage/low fuel consumption, it's a very quiet car

I like that it is environmentally friendly, uses little fuel, gets good mileage

- mary j

I like the gas mileage, ability to put down back seats for large objects or my dogs, pick up and handling. I dislike the materials on seats and armrests, difficult to clean, and road noise.

Great gas mileage. And the slower you go in traffic the better mileage you get!

- Vickie E

It gets Great gas mileage while having plenty of power for passing

It is comfortable, gets great gas mileage and has had NO maintenance problems.

- Mary W

It gets 50 MPG !!! That's one of the best gas mileages around

I love the gas mileage It's fun to drive and I can fit a lot of things in it.

- Jane L

just because you drive a prius it doesn't make you a snob

it saves money on gas. It's perfect for long drives and for doing deliveries

- Melissa M

GReat Gas mileage, reliable, very little mechanical breakdowns

Reliable Great gas mileage Fast, great drive Big trunk and carrying space

- Pablo D

Fuel economy is absolutely terrific

It is reliable. It gets great gas mileage. It is comfortable to drive.

- Bill D

I love the gas I save with a hybrid car. Saves me money every time. And it's better for the environment

It saves you money in the long run with pumping half the amount of gas.

- Kimberly N

Great gas mileage, great riding comfort, smooth transitions,

Good gas mileage Great comfort Smooth riding and very easy to maneuver

- Claudia P

It gets great mileage. Average miles to gallon of gasoline is over 50!

Love the Prius. Maintenance low. Great gas mileage. Easy to maneuver

- Gail L

It's a statement of me. The color and eco friendly are very much my loves

Love it. It is great on gas. I have a great color that stands out.

- Meghan H

gets great gas mileage but a little slow on the pickup. poor radio and heater. very durable.

great gas mileage. gets at least 50 mpg. never had a car like it

- bruce m

It's perfect for the type of person that does a lot of driving

I love how much gas it saves me and it is amazing for long trips

- Melissa A

provides great gas mileage particularly for long trips

good gas mileage. noisy while traveling . economical maintenance

- frank S

Save money and the environment with a reliable car

I like the gas mileage and the automated bluetooth sound system

- Yiishyun L

Gets good gas mileage and is a great choice for protecting environment.

Small and easy to park. Environmentally friendly. Drives well.

- Jennifer W

The gas mileage is good and it is quality for driving

I like my car a lot. I really like the gas mileage in the car.

- Megan R

For those long road trips it's a great car to have

I love that it saves me on gas and it's perfect for long rides

- Margaret A

It is economical and can travel for miles without having to fill up

I like it. It saves gas. Easy to park.There are no complaints.

- Sally L

I think the most important thing is save energy, to protect environment

save energy, save me a lot money, also speed is acceptable too

- Nelson Y

its fuel efficient and reliable. I will buy it again

fuel efficient and reliable. so far hasn't given us problems

- john m

Terrible visibility. Has several blind spots and can't see the front end of your car.

Love the mileage. Hate the visibility. Too many blind spots.

- Linda B

Love that I can plug it in overnight to increase fuel economy. Love that it has decent trunk capacity for the size of car that it is. Don't love that we can't take a ton of friends out in it.

We are saving the planet and looking great while doing it.

- Jackson B

love the gas mileage, love the quietness, love the acceleration power (surprises bigger cars next to me), appreciate the comfort and handling. no complaints

can handle all types of driving (around town and highway)

- sandra b

I like that it's very fuel efficient. It only costs about $20 every other week in gas, and that's only when I'm doing a lot of driving. It's small enough to fit in just about any parking spot.

It's very fuel efficient. I get between 50 and 60 mpg.

- Joan C

Our Prius is very reliable. It saves on our mileage significantly compared to any other vehicle we've owned. It shows us how well we are driving based on start, stop and cruise on a scale of 100 (we've never hit 100%) It's a tight squeeze with our car seat but we make it work. We've never had any problems with performance. We'd consider buying another Prius.

It saves on gas mileage, we get up to 55/mpg or more!

- Taylor L

maintenance hybrid system, and GPS system

I like body style, hybrid is help me save gasoline.

- alfred G

This generation of Prius gets on average 45 miles per gallon.

Fuel efficient. Affordable. Reliable. Comfortable.

- Benage C

It's not to good in snow on a hill

it doesn't do the miles the stickers said it does

- marrion B