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Better than just a fuel saver.

This is a great vehicle. Besides getting fantastic gas mileage, it is comfortable, reliable and full of technical smarts. The solar powered vent is my favorite feature, as I live in extremely hot climate. It allows the temperature inside the vehicle to be the same as the temperature outside. The speed display on the windshield is convenient once you get used to it. The divider between the front seats is surprisingly inconvenient as it will not allow you to start the car from the passenger seat or get across. The key fob deactivation upon starting the car can be inconvenient, if you start the car to get warmed up and walk away. Then come back to put the kids in the back seat. The only way to open the other doors is by pushing the open button on the driver door. I have had to walk around more than once. The sport function is a lot of fun, as it enables the car to accelerate really fast. Anyone buying a Prius of any year should be prepared to get cut off in traffic, as other drivers seem to expect the car to be driven at low speeds. The car handles very well during heavy rain events that cause mild street flooding. Overall great quality vehicle. I would definitely consider buying another one for my next vehicle.

- Anna P

Toyota Prius: comfortable, safe, and efficient.

My partner and I take a lot of road trips, and the Prius has been excellent in getting us where we need to go with no problems, all while saving us a ton of money on gas. It handles extremely well, accelerating quickly and braking immediately. So far it has not had any major repair needs, and it is pretty easy to maintain it. I personally prefer older cars because I like to fix them myself, and it can be very expensive when the Prius needs a check-up, but on the whole it is very convenient to maintain. It is very comfortable for a compact car, giving us plenty of room to stretch out while still leaving plenty of space to store anything from groceries to luggage. Overall I feel very safe in the car as well, and do not worry about it breaking down on the road or creating further injuries if I were to get into an accident.

- Abigail R

Reliability and great mileage is the trademark of a Toyota Prius.

My Prius is a very reliable car. I drive 39 miles each way to and from work Monday through Friday and average 41. 5 miles per gallon it has enough power to get a big hills and can pass slower-moving vehicles when I need to it has about a 12 gallon gas tank and my range is between 360 and 400 miles per tank. It starts every time I need it to and the air conditioner works really well it is a nice looking car and comfortable to drive. On newer models than mine there is a built-in backup camera and GPS system. Mine does not have these features, and I wish it did I really like Toyota vehicles and will most probably upgrade my Prius to a better model with more features for my next car.

- Clifford J

The best decision I have made was buying a Prius.

I never thought I would drive a Prius because they look so small but all it took was one drive and I was sold! It has so much unexpected room! I love the keyless feature and alarm system. It is also super quiet which is amazing! It drives smooth and easy in any weather conditions, I have had it for almost a year now. I haven't had any problems as of yet. I save so much money in has it is unreal! I drive around a lot running errands, work, taking my kids to school and picking them up plus I am in school and I fill my tank about once every two weeks! Best choice I ever made was buying a Prius!!

- Victoria O

Great vehicle for busy daily life.

I have been driving my Prius for about 5 years now. I primarily use it for commuting to work, doing errands, and driving my kids to/from school. Although it is a 2-wheel drive vehicle, it does well in snowy weather as long as you go slowly and give plenty of time for slowing down at stop signs/traffic lights. The hatch back trunk has plenty of room for groceries and other items. One thing I do not like about the car is that I cannot use the front window defogging option and still have the heat running out of the vents, but that is a minor issue.

- Lauren S

The Toyota Prius plug-in is a really great car to drive.

I absolutely love our vehicle because of the gas mileage it consistently gets. The amount of money we save at the gas pumps makes the car more than worthwhile to drive. It has heated seats and to glove compartment boxes and extra space in the center console. The car looks small but is really much bigger on the inside then it looks. The only thing I would change about our car is the color, it is white. Other than that it is a great traveling vehicle and is super quiet almost no one can hear us pull up. It is a great vehicle.

- Guest T

I get can get up to 60/mpg which is AMAZING. My husband drives a truck and spends almost 3x as much as I do each month on gas. My car is such a money saver.

I love my because of the good gas mileage it gets. Makes it totally worth it. The only two complaints I would have about it is 1.) it doesn't do great in the snow but I understand that is because it's so light so I usually weigh it down with sandbags and 2.) my seat isn't that comfortable. The headrest come forward in a weird way and I feel like my head is leaning forward. Also the seat doesn't have great lumbar support and I drive a lot so that can become uncomfortable. But the gas milage makes up for all of that.

- Elizabet R

Fuel efficient 2014 Toyota Prius.

This is an extremely fuel efficient car. It is a much more spacious car than it looks, it is comfortable for a family of four to five and for road trips. I have leather seats which are easy to clean. I also have the power locks and windows. It is easy to put a car seat and child in the car quickly. I like the two glove boxes, and the overhead lights inside the car. Sometimes the car slides in the rain even with brand new tires so I am not a fan of the anti slide feature.

- Jennifer T

Great gas mileage year round but a little lower in the winter.

Great gas mileage and can store a lot more than what people think. Also have not had any major issues on either Prius I have owned. Very easy vehicle to maintain. My family of four took a Prius to door county and had plenty of space and I am a tall man. In addition, the seats are very comfortable and the car handles very well in Wisconsin winter weather. I would recommend a Prius to anyone especially if commuting long distance.

- Shane L

Like the seating arrangement in the back seat.

I have had no problems with the car. Its small and gets good gas mileage. doesn't require a whole lot of maintenance. Just normal upkeep. The price was right, terms were good. I am reasonably happy with the car. Never had a foreign car before. Happy with the color too. Like the automatic door locks very much, and turn signals on the rear view mirrors. A/c comes on cool very fast as well as the heat when you need either one.

- Helen C

Great handling, low gas mileage but cramped car.

It gets great gas mileage and never runs badly. It is easy to handle, convenient to park and a beautiful color. But the doors nick paint easily and it is very small inside when you put car seats in. It is great for long trips as far as gas and quiet, smooth ride, but it is not built for comfort. Because it is eco friendly it does not have seat warmers which is my primary complaint. But I appreciate that it is eco friendly.

- Jenni C

Gas consumption is more efficient on the hwy versus driving in town.

I have not had any issues with my Prius, it is the most reliable car I have ever owned. I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the power mode. Car is great for long trips, I can typically fill the gas tank for $23, I don't have va plug in. There is not a ton of room in the backseat but the trunk is spacious & adequate for moving small furniture items if back seats are placed down.

- Kelly C

2014 Toyota plug in Prius review.

I love the fact that a tank of gas costs me less than $30 and my tank lasts me about a week and a half. Great fuel economy! The battery life on this car is not good; you can only go about 14-15 miles on the battery when it is fully charged, so if you are looking for a vehicle with the intention to mostly use the battery, this car may not be the best choice for you.

- Brandy S

I love my Prius and it allows me to save money.

Its great. I save a lot of money on gas which was really important to me. The interior of the car is really comfortable and allows me to enjoy long trips. When I made a 6 hour drive to Boston I only had to refill my tank once. $50 For a trip all of the way to Massachusetts is not a bad deal. There are not many features besides the Bluetooth and the touch screen.

- Dennis K

Wonderful eco friendly car.

The Toyota prius is by far the best eco friendly car I have driven. The ride is smooth, easy to operate and the mpg is spectacular. My family and I have done many cross country trips in it and despite being a four door sedan, it is quite roomy. The only drawback that I can think of is that the oil changes are a bit more expensive than your typical oil change.

- Sara A

My energetic Toyota Prius car, a fuel saver car and a maintenance free.

My car is a cute color gray and it is just fit to me, not too big but it is regular size for me. I love to drive, its easy use and fuel saver. I feel comfortable and easy to drive with it. I don't have any problem about the maintenance, as I remember I only did once check up and for oil refill this year. I am happy for having it and a part of my life.

- Eva F

Summary of Toyota Prius 2014.

This vehicle has good gas mileage and only requires 10 gallons to fill up. It has low acceleration power, but is reliable. Good safety on the road and comfortable to drive. With added weight to the car, mpg will go down drastically, so do not carry heavy things unless necessary. Constantly using the ac will cause a moldy smell to come from vents.

- Jon G

Outline the satisfaction that I have with my current Toyota Prius and the amazing gas mileage.

I am really happy with my 2014 Toyota Prius due to the gas mileage of over fifty miles to the gallon. In the past two years, I have not experienced any problems with my car. I find the Prius to be a very reliable car with performance as of what you would expect from a car that is based on gas mileage and safety versus the performance.

- Cannon J

Best Prius of the 4 I have owned! The solar cooling system is amazing.

Love the gas mileage, of course, but I especially love the solar panel that makes a fan run to cool the car while it is parked. I live in Alabama and getting into a car that is not scorching in the summer is wonderful. It is a reliable car; the "power" feature gives it plenty of speed if I need it (rarely). It is my favorite car ever.

- Mary P

Prius: Safety, Efficiency, AND Power

The fuel efficiency is outstanding. The car has a great turn radius too, which is perfect for navigating a busy city. It is small but feels safe. It has more power than people give hybrids credit for. I'm not a fan of the radio/display system because I think it is more complicated than it needs to be and it's not very user-friendly.

- Elizabeth M

2014 Toyota Prius is a great car!

A year ago I never would have thought I'd have a Prius but now here I am and I love it! Great gas mileage and a smooth ride. I have taken several long highway trips with it and the mileage does not suffer. I am a Prius fan for life. I wish the features were a little better on the lower models but that is my only complaint.

- Beth R

The Prius is actually a good car.

The vehicle is really nice. It gets around 40-50 miles to the gallon. The seats are comfortable and the trunk is spacious. There’s not really much to complain about aside from the acceleration being really slow. I have really enjoyed using this car and would highly suggest it to anyone looking for a new motor vehicle.

- Tyler G

The car has a visual detail of when you earn hybrid or when you are in gas mode.

I have had no problems with my Prius. I get great gas mileage, it is comfortable and I love driving it. The gas mileage is lower in the winter but still averaged around 30 mpg when the weather is below zero. In the summer I average about 60 mpg. I have saved a lot of money on gas. The car is very reliable and very safe.

- Mary W

2014 Prius, reliability at its finest.

The Prius is fuel efficient, environmentally friendly and has more legroom than other smaller sedans in it is class. It has been extremely reliable, we've actually had no issues with it although we do have it maintenanced regularly. The only problem I have found is that it is hard to see out in due to it is boxy shape.

- Nicole S

Understanding the battery system is probably the most important.

Our Prius is very reliable, for one thing. We've never had major issues with it and are closing in on 200, 000 miles soon. We also enjoy being able to run dry on gas and than use up some battery power for miles without a single drop of gasoline being used. Reliable, cheap gas, easy to use - no complaints here!

- Garrett W

My car may have limited electric only range, but when that has been used up, it still averages about 52 mpg.

I love my Prius, mostly because we bought a Plug-In Prius, which gets 11.8 miles of EV only range. I love that I'm averaging about 80 mpg, especially since a lot of our trips are for just around town. My only complaint is that the EV only range isn't longer, but we'll get a better plug-in hybrid next time.

- Jason D

2014 Toyota Prius is great for a new driver.

I enjoy the lightness of the 2014 Toyota Prius. As a new driver, it helped me gain confidence as it was easy to control and learn all the equipment inside. Saving money on gas is also a great positive factor. The trunk is spacious and so is the seats. It is a comfortable car, especially for new drivers.

- Pamela K

Overall great, needs a few things.

Needs smaller blind spots, better visibility towards the back of the vehicle, better headlight brightness, needs heated seats, acceleration time needs to be decreased, more storage and better foot space in the back of the car, needs a cover for the trunk to prevent theft and reclining back seats.

- Aly R

It's great on gas mileage! For a small car, it has plenty of room comfortably for 4 adults.

I really love my Toyota Prius! My daughter bought one about a year and a half ago and loved it, so I decided to buy one, too. I love the great gas mileage, small compactness, and back up camera. I don't like that the hatchback window is so small and partially blocked out by the wing on the rear.

- Lorrie B

Gas savings are amazing! I get 50 - 75 miles per gallon.

I get really good gas mileage - 50 to 70 mpg. The look and feel is amazing. The only issue I have is the back window - the hatchback edge that meets the window is in my line of vision. And the section under the edge is difficult to clean. Other than that - awesome. Wish it were cheaper though.

- Micky P

The battery life when fully charged is not good.

The battery life is abysmal as you can maybe go 15 miles on the battery when fully charged. This makes it virtually pointless to have the battery option a all. Other than that, it is a good car. Very low maintenance and great for saving money on gas! I can fill up my tank with less than $30.

- Br S

Safety, comfort and gas efficiency!

I love the dependability of this auto along with the excellent gas mileage. I appreciate that Toyota is concerned about safety. The car is easy to drive and has great visibility. In addition there is a significant amount of legroom in the back making it a great day for passengers as well.

- Becky M

Toyota Prius, major energy saver.

Car is very comfortable but a little too low to the ground for my comfort. Also, the side of the windshield has a bad blind spot where it has almost caused accidents. There is a lot of good things about the vehicle. It is a comfortable size, drives well & saves energy. Also good gas.


Car gets over 500 miles per tank, fuel efficient and great for the environment.

My car is really fuel efficient, only have to fill up about once a month if just commuting to work and back. Has all the features I need for the basic model. The car is comfortable to drive and haven't had any issues for being 4 years old. The car is fine and sporty worth every penny.

- Jessica N

My awesome 2014 Toyota Prius.

I absolutely love my 2014 Toyota Prius. It is very reliable, it gets great gas mileage, and it is very roomy. It has Bluetooth technology, a backup camera, and cruise control. It also keeps track of how many miles your trip was, how long you drove for, and how long your trip cost you.

- Shorty R

The gas mileage is awesome.

The paint on the hood of the Prius chips easily. I was told by the maintenance department that this was normal. The car is small and a little harder to get in and out of. The center section between the 2 front seats is cumbersome. The automatic lock button on the door is awkward.

- Susan C

Best Overall Gas Mileage For Me

Consistently over 50mpg. No mechanical problems, Easy to see dashboard. Comfortable seats.Have only had to replace windshield wipers once. Don't have a rear camera and have trouble seeing out of the back. Car is always hot - dark color pain, but it's more the fishbowl glass.

- Karen B

It beeps when there is a car in your blind spot.

I love the style and the great fuel economy. I love the interior room and the features it has like the navigation system. It is fun and easy to drive. The only thing I do not really like is that sometimes I cannot fit everything or everyone in the interior that I would like.

- Sharon R

Love my Prius. It never lets me down.

Good on gas. Reliable. Handles well. Good in bad weather. Easy to repair. Good choice of colors. Easy to maintain. Good in cold weather. Sporty looking. Plenty of room. Back seat folds down. Excellent heat and air conditioning. Comfortable interior. Very good stereo system.

- John M

Great and reliable Prius. Best for those who wants a low maintenance car.

No issues with my Prius. Easy maintenance and great gas mileage. The car has a lot of room for moving big items. Since I bought the car, everything has being running properly. I recommend this car to all my friends and family. I get gas about 2x a month and spend about $60.

- Terry M

It is economical quite holds a lot of cargo and easy to maintain.

I love the fact that it is low mileage and quiet. However it is light and feels like it was built at legoland with is similar to china. It is easy to maintain and use. It is a very useful, easy to park anywhere and holds a lot of cargo. A great long distance vehicle.

- Gina L

It's great gas mileage! It's a relatively low maintenance car. I have had very little problems with it. It just runs great.

What I love about my vehicle is It's great gas mileage. The tank is only 8 gallons, but it can last me over 400 miles. I don't have to spend a fortune filling it with gas. Also, I have the plug in prius, so I get additional mileage each day from charging the car.

- Terence K

A great commuter car that is great for the environment too.

My Prius is awesome. It gets super great mpg and has a great futuristic design with all the latest technology. Being a hybrid a lot of regular car maintenance is not done as regular like the brakes. It has great cargo space with a hatch and fold down rear seats.

- Christopher B

It runs well on the rain.

My vehicle does not have that much problems. It just got some scratch and it works great. The heater and the conditioner work great. I have not faced any problems with it. I never seen any problems with it other than the scratch. Well it is not really a problem.

- Tay A

I will forever be a Toyota Prius owner.

I bought a used 2004 Prius in 2014 and it was the absolute best vehicle I had ever owned! But I was in an accident in Dec 2017 and the vehicle was totalled. I of course did NOT want anything else but another Prius. They are extremely safe & excellent on gas!

- Jennifer M

Great mileage on and off the highway so you can travel great lengths on few dollars.

I really like the gas mileage that I get driving to work and the console that allows me to see all of the vehicle stats. One thing I do not like is that there is no cruise control. I have to be more alert when I am driving through which can be a good thing.

- Erin H

It has a heated steering wheel option and a cooled seat option in the summer.

Love the gas mileage. Love the touch pad for locking & unlocking doors. Appreciate the adjustable seat height. Only complaint is how low the carriage is but if it is something that cannot be avoided in order to achieve the great gas mileage, then I am ok.

- Grizel N

Great car for commuting and just around town.

I do not like the navigation system. It is a bit difficult to use, but voice activation makes it easier. Good destination storage. No mechanical problems. Dependable and reliable. Great gas mileage and good pick up on freeways. Smaller size, easy to park.

- Mary M

I like that the Prius comes with different modes of driving.

I appreciate the super efficient mpg on the Prius. It is very economical and exactly what I need to get around town or go out on weekends. It is also been very reliable since I bought it, with zero issues so far. I’d recommend getting a Prius to anyone.

- Michelle F

My vehicle highlight is that it's good for the environment.

Honestly I haven't experienced any problems with my 2014 Toyota, Prius. My vehicle is very affordable, economical and comfortable. I get about 200 miles per gallon of gas. It is a four door Prius with much leg room. The black color shows up wonderfully.

- Marissa A

The prius is a good choice for people that have to drive a lot and like to save on their MPG and gas.

My prius helps with gas consumption and the environment but it also feels a bit unsafe if I were to be hit by another car, it would probably be totaled. The car has good MPG and is relatively comfortable, but can be slow to accelerate.

- Carese L

Hybrids are a good way to think about becoming more environmentally friendly and sustainable in terms of your everyday driving practices.

Priuses get great gas mileage. I love that mine is a hybrid and that I often get ~500 miles per fill up of my tank. What I don't like is that the car doesn't accelerate very quickly and that the style of the body isn't so stylish.

- Kathleen C

My Prius averages 50 mpg over the year (lower in winter, higher in summer).

It is quiet and does not use gas when stopped (a hybrid). It feels sporty even though most people might not consider it this way. I have no dislikes or complaints. It fits everything I have had to move in it. I love it!

- Sharon F

It's actually a fun car to drive.

Great gas efficiency is tops, especially in a high gas price zone like Southern California and being stuck in the worst freeway traffic. The car is well built, and very low maintenance. The whole family enjoys it.

- Ed K

The gas mileage is great AND it handles well in the snow! Living in an area where there is often snow, the fact that the bulk of the weight of the vehicle is over BOTH axles means that it handles remarkably well in snowy weather.

The biggest thing I dislike about the Prius is the annoying beeping it makes when you put the car in reverse. The gas mileage is great, and while it isn't the largest vehicle, it fits our family of 4 pretty well.

- Gretchen L

It is efficient, reliable transportation that provides the flexibility to haul stuff like a little truck

The ride, gas mileage and durability are excellent. My only complaint is that it is a bit noisy on the highway. Other than that it is a great car that serves multiple purposes beyond commuting to and from work

- Steve H

It is a great option for people who want to save money on gas while still having a practical vehicle

I like that it has good gas mileage and rides well. I also like that the ride is comfortable and there's more space than you'd expect. However, it is a highly complex vehicle to service and is very lightweight

- Bo A

I really like that it tracks month to month fuel usage and shows fuel efficiency

I hate the center where the drive and shaft are. It blocks the storage. I also dislike that it doesn't say weather it's an oil change we need or tire rotation when it displays the maintenance required light

- Angela J

It is too low to the ground, and it scrapes the ground going over bumps.

I like the gas mileage and the fact that because it is a hybrid, it harms the environment less that most cars do. I dislike that it is too low to the ground, and it scrapes the ground when I go over bumps.

- Vivian S

great, reliable car with amazing mileage and very comfortable for road trips

I love the great gas mileage, comfortable seating, heated seats, roomy storage. Don't like the side visor needs an extension to keep the sun out of eyes when driving. and the back area can be hard to see.

- Sue V

The great gas mileage is the main reason I bought the car and I think if most people test drove a Prius they would love it too.

Love, love, the great gas mileage. Like that's it's a hatchback so I've got plenty of storage space. Only thing I don't like is the view through the back windows is bad. Would buy one again anyway.

- Suzanne M

It's energy efficient and it saves money at the pump

It gets great gas mileage. You can walk up to either front door or liftback and the car will unlock without having to dig the key out. It's reliable. I don't like the blind spots on each side.

- Tracey B

Toyota Prius 2014 review by Judi W

I love my Prius. It gets excellent gas mileage and it drives really easily. I only fill it up about every 2 weeks! I love how quiet it runs. I would definitely get another one down the road.

- Judi W

Because of the smaller steering wheel and smooth handling, I enjoy driving.

Terrific gas mileage, wonderful handling. Car does fine on approach and driving on freeway. Comfortable interior, voice activated navigation system. Roomy hatchback space in lieu of trunk.

- Marianna M

It is easy on gas. If you have a long commute every day to work or school, consider the prius

I love my car. Beside regular maintenance, I haven't done any repair. It is easy on gas especially since gas is so high. It is nice and small to squeeze into small spaces. Dislikes: none

- Shirley B

Amazing gas mileage, small but roomy. Beautiful smooth ride.

I love my Prius. I get 45-50 miles per gallon and can't imagine driving a non-hybrid again. Though the car is small, the trunk space is huge and I have been able to do long road trips.

- Amy S

Save gas, save the earth. The car is very quiet and runs smoothly.

Best car ever! paying less in gas to get more miles is my favorite feature. The Navigation system is the only thing that needs improvement. It is more complicated than it should be.

- Katherine M

The gas mileage makes it worth it; Prius is cooler than people think.

I love the color (sea glass pearl), but it scratches pretty easily. The alignment isn't so hot. I wish I had one a year or two newer; I like the spaceship feel of the new ones.

- Ashley B

Great gas mileage! Great reliability! Can go just as fast as a normal car.

I love the gas mileage. It is very reliable and holds its value. My husband is concerned that if I get in an accident I am more likely to get hurt than if I had a big vehicle.

- Cindy M

If you have a lot of stop and go driving like I do, this is the car for you.

My vehicle is a hybrid and I love the gas mileage. It has a lot of space for a hatchback for passengers and cargo. The only complaint I have is the blind spots are horrible.

- Sherril A

This car does not come built in with android car like it says when you but it.

My vehicle is very reliable. It is not the coolest looking car but it gets me from place to place. The fuel economy is great and the miles per gallon saves me a lot of money.

- Keith S

The care is very safe due to the integrated steel beams.

The Prius is roomier than I had anticipated and has better acceleration, thanks to the battery/gasoline engine hybrid system. Of course, 50+ miles/gallon is pretty sweet to.

- Earl T

The Prius has really amazing gas mileage - we regularly get 50 mpg without even trying.

It has amazing gas mileage. It's a little small for carrying luggage. And it's a little low but no worse than most "sports cars". The push button to put it in park is weird.

- Kelly H

Quality and mpg that the car gives out.

It gives me at least 50 mpg so we love the car plus it continues to run with no issues. The only dislike would be that the new car is not getting 100 mpg or even 75mpg.

- Sing W

The room it has and its AWD.

I love the fuel efficiency and carbon footprint. I love the hybrid nature of the vehicle. I dislike that if the key fob dies it makes starting the car more difficult.

- Jen G

Perfect! Great gas mileage.

It is comfortable and I love the automatic locking doors! Also, love the gas mileage! This was the perfect car for our frequent trip and my 45 minute commute to work!

- Randy P

Reliable, environment friendly, great

I love my Prius because it's reliable, easy to drive, and has lots of space inside. It's not too nice to worry about dents. It's great for the environment too.

- ali R

It is incredibly dependable and has amazing gas mileage.

Love the gas mileage. Love the dependability. Like low maintenance costs. Dislike small passenger space. Dislike severely: non telescoping weird steering wheel.

- James G

It's a hybrid and gets 50+ mpg on average daily use.

Love the 50+ mpg. Has all the extras like leather heated seats and gps navigation. Also very smooth riding both city and highway. Do not have any complaints.

- Cindy S

It is a fun car to drive.

I love the gas mileage because it is great for my long commute. I enjoy how quiet it is. I like that it has more room than it appears. I do not have complaints.

- Brian M

The cargo space is fantastic!.

I love the cargo space, smooth ride, and fuel efficiency! I wish it were a little bit more cool looking, but it gets the job done. I love it in a nerdy way.

- Allison S

The most important thing about my car is the gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage on the vehicle. I enjoy the hatchback feature and that the seats can go down. It's very spacious and perfect for my road trips to LA.

- Sabrina S

Keep your Prius maintained.

I like the gas mileage for the Prius, and I also love the quiet cabin. I dislike that the car does not have automatic lights, but overall I like my vehicle.

- Jerry S

Prius Gets Great Gas Mileage

I love the gas mileage we get (about 45 mpg). It is comfortable and we can store a lot of things in the hatchback. I just wish the sound system was better.

- Pat H

Great mileage and stable vehicle.

Like mileage, and usually is a quiet ride. Do not like it beeping as I back up and the too low front prevents you from parking w/ o scratching the bumper.

- Mandy L

It does not use very much gas. It helps the environment by conserving fuel.

I like the gas mileage. We only need to put gas once a month. The only thing I dislike is that it is not good in snow-it is a very light weight vehicle.

- Renee C

It is very comfortable and economical, especially for urban and suburban driving.

It is a great car. I get great gas mileage, especially since I drive it mainly in the city. Also, it is very comfortable and a good size for my needs.

- Edward E

I live my hybrid Prius! Great design and gas mileage.

I like how it looks and has plenty of room. I love the hatchback as it makes access easy. It gets great gas mileage and hasn't needed a single repair.

- Barbara M

The gas mileage is the top reason for owning a Prius.

It rides well. Very comfortable Has great gas mileage. Drove 500 mile on a tank. It is very quiet. The drawback is that there are too many blind spots.

- Clayton S

It gets good gas mileage. Other than that, that's the only thing I like about the car

The drive is very uncomfortable. The seat is uncomfortable and trying to see out the back window is odd and difficult. Only good thing is gas mileage

- Felicia S

It is a great car for long trips. It is fantastic for fuel economy and easy to drive.

I like how I spend very little on gas every month. I do not like how car seats fit into it. I like how quiet the engine is. We call it the ninja car.

- Sheila R

I have traveled all across the country in it - 37 states thus far. If you pack well it is the best road trip vehicle. Use a draw tite hitch for bikes.

I love the 50 mpg and the room. It sits a little low though so I lifted it which has been helpful. I also wish the base interior was a little nicer.

- Tyler K

It really does get really good gas mileage. Sometimes you can run into more issues with the battery than other cars, but other than that it's been running great and I haven't had any major issues after 4 years

I love the fuel efficiency of it! I also think it's a cute car. The ability to connect Bluetooth to my sound system is great. I've always liked them.

- Laurel B

Great gas mileage with my hybrid Prius

The car is great. Especially the gas mileage. Having it hybrid helps that issue immensely. The only drawback, for me personally, are the blind spots.

- Clayton S

It gets 50 plus miles per gallon of gas.

It is a hybrid and gets 50 miles or better per gallon of gas. The color is a pretty red. It is a hatchback which I would prefer a car with a trunk.

- Barbara D

hybrid car..not great but very good for city

because it's hybrid the pickup is not that good. car is little smaller than other same range cars. but saves money on fuel for sure. low maintenance

- shah s

It is very a very environmentally friendly car.

I like the size of the vehicle it makes it easy to drive and park. I love the gas mileage I get. I like that is a hatchback and therefore versatile.

- Linda N

It has great gas mileage and runs great.

It is great on gas mileage. It is very quiet and runs smoothly. No complaints. We are very satisfied with it and we would another one in the future.

- Karen L

It's got more torque that you would think!

It has great gas mileage and is quite comfortable. Good for the everyday commute. I wish it had more advanced technology like adaptive headlights.

- Michael M

It gets good gas mileage.

I wouldn't say I have problems with my vehicle. It is just not as new as it once was, and I prefer newer cars over cars that are no longer as new.

- Sharon H

Best Gas mileage of any hybrid and reliably

No complaints. The gas mileage is fantastic. Have never had any problems at all. It is very comfortable and has a lot more room than people think.

- David R

Great car, low operating cost.

Have never needed repairs. Routine maintenance cost at dealership are very reasonable. Great gas mileage (I do get about the 50mpg as advertised).

- Thomas H

Fuel efficient, decent sound system. Only complaint is that it doesn't accelerate and well as non electric cars.

My last car was also a Prius and it lasted for 10 years! It's a great car for those looking for a reliable car that doesn't cost much maintenance.

- Stephanie K

That it gets 51 mpg and is good for the environment.

I love the gas mileage and how roomy the vehicle is. The price was also very competitive. I don't like that the vehicle isn't good in the winter.

- Holly Z

It is low maintenance and gets good gas mileage.

Reliable, fuel efficient, good purchase price. The negatives might be the eventual battery replacement, age, and competitors are closing the gap.

- Erwin W

You can buy less gas less often. Great gas mileage!

It is a quiet and smooth ride. The GPS system can really be annoying with it's "too quick" turn instructions. I love the mileage that it gets.

- Michele F

Prius' are gas saver;s and very spacious. You can fit into small parking spaces

My prius is called pearl because she is a pearl white color with some sparkles. She drives very well and has gray interior leather heated seats.

- Paige G

Gets excellent gas mileage. Has a large trunk and is comfortable.

Gets excellent gas mileage. Is very comfortable. Has a large capacity trunk. Is a unique color which makes it easier to find in a parking lot.

- Alicia M

It is ecosystem saves lots of gas.

I love the fact that it tells me about where my problems. It also has the gas an ecosystem. I save a lot on gas. It is also efficient for me.

- Sean G

It has a high rating for safety.

My Prius is fund to drive and is very comfortable. I bought my 1st Prius in 2006 and would not own any other car. The mpg is exceptional.

- Larry M

Get the Best Mileage of Your Life!

I love my cart runs quietly and uses a minimal amount of gas. It could use a little more room inside but that's it. otherwise It's perfect!

- Julie C

Comfortable, money saving car

Love how quiet the car is, very full efficient being a hybrid. Comfortable & safe for me and my family to use every day or on a road trip.

- christy h

Economical and low maintenance

Easy to drive; comfortable; low maintenance; great fuel economy; great run around car; great car to have in an city/suburban environment

- Guido M

It is a car designed for middle class and those who travel a lot.

I save a lot of gas off of it since it is a hybrid car. It works best for me as someone who works far away from home and travels a lot.

- Tara R

It gets excellent mileage.

I like it gets great mileage. It is slow to accelerate. I love that it is keyless. It is a good size but I would like it a tad smaller.

- Natalie S

The Prius gets awesome gas mileage. Great for the wallet and EV mode is good for the environment.

I love the gas mileage! I can go almost three weeks without getting gas. Plus, I feel good about being able to drive in electric mode.

- Amy M

Great mileage Toyota prius

I purchased my vehicle used of two years and absolutely love it. I haven't had any major issues with it. Great for mileage, obviously.

- Anthony L

Excellent gas mileage for commuting. Get this car if you are not in a hurry and want to save on gas.

ToyotA makes a very reliable vehicle. Gas mileage is exceptional on a hybrid. The car does lack power on hills and quick acceleration.

- Eli J

The Prius has a lot of cargo capacity that might surprise most people.

The Toyota Prius is one of the best cars on the road today. It's dependable, fuel efficient, comfortable and has a high resale value.

- Chris E

It is totally reliable and has great gas mileage.

Love the mileage and overall low cost of ownership. I have no complaints. I would buy another one in a minute. It is very reliable.

- Jackie c

Others should know that my car is maintained routinely and stays in good running condition.

I like my car. It's the newest and best car that I currently own. It's good on gas mileage and it's stylish. It fits my personality.

- Henry S

I get an average of 57 miles to a gallon on everyday driving.

It is easy on gas. It would s good for the environment. It requires very little maintenance and repair. I have no complaint at all.

- Fred M

I often get 60+ miles to the gallon when highway driving!

I LOVE the gas mileage. I like the interior. I feel it is roomy enough for 4 people. I would love a hybrid vehicle that seats 6!

- Stacy T

It doesn't get the gas mileage that is advertised.

It's fairly good on gas but not as good as advertised. It's got a lot of technology. I like the navigation app. It is easy to park.

- Alison A

Very good gas mileage and extremely flexible cargo space.

I like the gas mileage and the ability to sync up to technology. I also like the camera feature and the spacious back cargo area.

- Pam D

Amazing and fuel efficient car

My Prius is extremely gas efficient, and while it is a compact car, still has a lot of space in the car for passengers and items.

- Bailey N

fuel efficient, saves money, easy to maintain and a smooth ride.

I love my prius, because it gives me really great mileage and i save a lot of money on gas, for 30 bucks i can make a trip to L.A

- Juan L

My Prius is reliable, and the fuel efficiency, especially with gas prices on the rise, is a big bonus!

I really like my Prius. It gets excellent fuel mileage, is reliable, and, most importantly, I feel safe in it while I drive.

- Patrick S

Fuel efficient vehicles are better for people and the planet.

I love the prius, because of gas milage, mostly. I have a basic Prius. It thrills me to get good gas mileage, and it's comfy.

- K G

Great on gas and the headlights are very good for night driving.

My car is great on gas consumption. I like that it is small so it's easy to park in tight spots. Very comfortable to drive.

- Kathy o

People should know that the Prius is both economical and environmentally friendly.

I like that it gets great gas mileage. It also is very dependable. It is family friendly and also great for the environment.

- Kyle J

That it is good for the environment.

I like that it is compact, efficient and environmentally friendly. It serves our families needs. For that, we are grateful.

- Darren M

How smoothly it runs I have never had any problems.

I love the gas mileage, the reliability, and the look of my car. It never gives me issues and is comfortable on long trips.

- Shannon C

Nice car with great gas mileage

The color of the car is nice. The styling is nice but I do not like the rear spoiler that shows up in the rear view mirror.

- floyd m

Gets good mileage so you will spend less money on gas and less time at the gas station filling up

Love that it's eco friendly, less gas. Has a big blind spot and a little small for fitting a jogging stroller in the trunk.

- Yurie S

Great Commuter Car, small and compact.

The window controllers seem to make noise after a while. The car isn't very protective. Other than that, it does its job.

- Thai H

It can go far on a small tank of gas

I like the mileage I get and the savings of gas. Don't like the slow acceleration and the way it beeps when it backs up.

- Derrick K

It's a reliable low maintenance vehicle that has more trunk capacity than an SUV.

I love the size, fuel efficiency and trunk space. I wish the engine had more pick up. I wish the car looked more sporty.

- Lisa K

It has great gas mileage and is reliable.

It is sluggish sometimes. It is also a little flimsy on the body. It is also not very fast. I wish it had more features.

- Steven A

Love the color and how smooth it drives

Runs great awesome gas milage love the interior.. Breaks are need work engine runs good love how cheap our payments are

- Elizabeth C

It was a great deal for the cost.

I like the gas mileage. I like the open space inside the car. I wish the Bluetooth software were a bit more up to date.

- Josh L

It drives great and it saves you money on gas because it is a hybrid

I love the solar panel on the car. I never have to worry about burning my hands because a fan will on after 10 minutes.

- Rachel S

Toyota Prius will last forever

It has lasted a long time and works very well. I haven't had any problems with it at all and I love Toyota as a brand.

- Cornell S

Cannot get enough on how much you save on gas talk about savings!

You get fantastic fuel economy about 50 mpg highway. It is spacious has huge cargo space and it is a comfortable ride.

- Tanya C

My car is a hybrid and gets wonderful gas mileage.

I like the fact that it gets good mileage. I like how smooth it runs. I don't like not having a place to put change.

- Brian C

It drives well and it gets very good mileage.

Its a basic car. Can be used by my family every day. Its energy efficient. It's easy to clean. It's an affordable car.

- Rose M

It gets great mileage and has low emissions. I don't use much gas.

I like the mileage and the lowered emissions. I may add a roof rack and wish I had gotten back seats that fold down.

- Tina W

We do a lot of driving so the gas mileage is very important to us.

I get good gas mileage, it rides good and I have never had a problem with it. My only complaint is I find it small.

- Sheryl H

The Toyota Prius gets amazing gas mileage for the investment.

It gets excellent gas mileage and handles well. The car is roomy inside the cabin. The car is very easy to maintain.


The case mileage is incredible.

I dislike the outside noise level but love everything else. The radio could be better. The gas mileage is wonderful.

- Alex M

it is quite Fuel Efficiency and it is very easy to handle

it is fuel efficiency and easy to handle. however, it does not have a lot of power and there is no back up camera.

- Eddie L

It is great and you should totally look into one.

Very reliable; a little bit noisy on the highway; comfortable seats; very advanced technology, superb fuel economy.

- Alex V

This car gets outstanding gas mileage

it is very economical, I only fill the tank twice a month, I don't have very good visibility out of the back window

- janis e

It's fuel efficient and a good ride

It's incredibly quiet and smooth, and can switch between gas and electric. The trunk is roomy and the car seats 4.

- Matthew M

Economically and Eco Friendly

I love my vehicle because it is very eco friendly, economical, compact and gives great mileage for what I pay for.

- Rajni S

It has very good mileage and fuel efficient.

Fuel efficient, very good mileage.. Easy to drive.. Reliable.. Very quiet.. Nice design.. Environmental friendly.

- Chee L

I love my Prius. I can drive 3+ weeks in a tank of gas. The car is so quiet and fun to drive. I feel like I am helping the environment.

They should know that the Prius is a wonderful car. You get a great functioning car and you help the environment.

- Kim F

It is a budget friendly drive when it comes to gas.

I like the gas value and the reliability. I dislike the corners they cut with interior. Overall it's a great car.

- Kim S

simple car with gas saver

gas saver, simple car, easy for parking and the material and maintenance not too expensive compare with other car

- maya r

Toyota Prius- best car around.

It has great gas mileage and it is a very quiet drive. One of the best cars I have ever drove. Very comfortable.

- Mark P

Hybrid car has great gas mileage

I like that it roomy inside, the main reason I like is the gas mileage. We use this car to take long road trips.

- Jose W

The car is fun to drive and comes in many different colors.

The car has a low cost on gas.. The car is a very smooth ride with no bumps.. The car is very low maintenance..

- Michelle P

Great MPG and body styling

great miles per gallon, nice color and body styling, but has a spoiler that you can see in the rear view mirror

- kate p

Hybrid vehicle, built in navigation system, and leather seats.

I like the Prius because it gives me 50 mpg and very reliable. Also the built in navigation system in the car.

- Jason G

It is a little bit confusing at first and takes some getting used to all of the components.

Great on gas and I never have problems with it! Very reliable and I only have to fill my tank every two weeks.

- olivia R

the permanent review on the safety aspects and the characteristics of fuel and safety performance with a great design and advanced technology functions and their tires for the protection of mine and my family

very good fuel and safety performance characteristics with great design and avanzadas functions of technology

- juan m

When the car has been charged, I get well over 70 miles per gallon.

The car gets great mileage and is an environmentally friendly car. I have no maintenance issues with the car.

- barry S

The Prius is very eco friendly and also is good for keeping within a budget.

My Prius is very easy to handle. I like how spacious it is. I do not like the beeping noise while in reverse.

- Calla S

That my car is a hybrid and that it's good to go green.

I like that I save some money on gas. Also that I'm helping the environment. And reducing my carbon footprint

- Jay F

It's eco friendly and gets amazing gas mileage letting me travel more with hurting the environment less than a standard car

love that It's eco-friendly, easy to drive love the backup cameras and motion sensors and keyless starting.

- Chris A

It has been the most reliable and trustworthy car with excellent mileage.

I love that it is a hybrid. The trunk space is fantastic for a midsize car. It is reliable and trustworthy.

- Jamie C

My car is very dependable.

My vehicle is a teal color. It is compact, but has four doors. It is easy to park and very gas economical.

- monica g

The gas mileage is amazing!

I love the gas mileage! There are some design elements I would change, if possible. No real complaints.

- Mary R

Why I like the Toyota Prius.

Reliable, economic, comfortable, this automobile receives excellent miles per gallon gasoline efficiency.

- Randy M

Great gas mileage and fun to drive

I love that it is a hybrid and gets great gas mileage. It's fun to drive. And I get a lot of compliments.

- Andrew S

I like the camera for backing up

I have had the carsense 2014, and it has been amazing the whole time. I have not had one problem with it.

- Billy C

Good gas mileage, very economical.

It gets good gas mileage, but is small. Tires are inexpensive, seats fold down for more room when needed.

- Mo N

It feels like a substantial vehicle that gets very good gas mileage

I like that it's energy efficient. It is environmentally friendly. It's fun to drive. I hate the console

- Michael K

It gets great gas mileage for a sedan.

It is a reliable automobile. It gets you from point A to point B. Also, it gets great gas mileage too.

- Sharon L

It gets great gas mileage and that's important when we are trying to limit pollution.

I like it's gas mileage. I like it's ease in driving. I don't like it's hard to get into and out of.

- Tara M

It is fuel efficient and great for the environment.

I love the gas mileage. Toyota provides lifetime oil changes. I dislike the 'smallness' of it inside.

- Martha S

great gas mileage on a car that I love

small on outside; big on inside; great gas mileage; fun to drive; no complaints nothing to dislike

- Judy H

It is good for the planet by reducing use of fossil fuels.

No complaints. It gets great mileage. It is ecologically friendly. It gets me from here to there.

- George L

It is fuel efficient. Great for trips. Holds a lot .

It is a hybrid. It is Great on gas. It is roomy. I don't have a sunroof is my only complaint.

- Mary R

It can be charged with a plugin. It doesn't take much gas.

It is a hybrid electric vehicle that has a very quiet engine. It is white and looks nice.

- Melinda M

It's such a great car, way more reliable and powerful than what its reputation says

I love the gas mileage of the vehicle. It is also a very smooth ride, dependable and quiet.

- courtney k

It is very fuel efficient, which especially perfect for me because I drive a lot for work. Performance is great. I haven't had any problem with the car at all

Fuel efficient and low maintenance. Very good for people like me who drive a lot for work

- Ryan C

Prius Plugin has high gas mileage

Save on gas money, drive very smooth. the only complain would be it accelerate slowly

- Cindy K

I get great gas mileage. The ride is comfortable and plenty of room to load things.

Great miles per gallon! Tons of room inside and especially with the seats folded down.

- Richard S

Easy to get in and out of and comfort for Its size.

It gets great mileage. Holds the road very well. I love the size and it's four doors.

- Stuart C

Cut your gas bill by at least half!

reliable, fuel efficient. Very much a practical car and save a ton of money on gas.

- Eli C

Excellent mileage , i love the hybrid option. Not only liberals drive them

I love the hybrid option Love the gas mileage Right sized car for empty nesters

- Michelle V

Fun to get around in great fuel economy great for city parking

great gas mileage. it's really fun to drive I just wish had more space in back


Very dependable great gas mileage. Cute little car

It gets great gas mileage very easy to drive. There is nothing I hate about it

- Pam H

You do receive good gas mileage, but it is a lifestyle change to move to a hybrid.

It's a good car just not my style. I also want something that has more power.

- Sarah V

It is a very spacious vehicle that can comfortably fit a family with 2 small children and 2 large dogs.

I like how quiet it is. I like the gas usage. I like the space for my family.

- Jennifer W

Eco friendly hybrid car.Status symbol and good value for the money.

Eco friendly hybrid engine. Good mileage. Prestigious car well respected.

- Muthuraman N

It get great mileage on the highway and around town.

I love the mileage that I get. I like the color I chose. I love my car.

- Donna D

Dependable, comfortable, reliable, spacious and economical

Reliable with lots of storage Excellent mileage Excellent climate control

- Don D

It can go fast too, you just lose out on gas mileage when you floor it

Love the gas mileage. The rise is smooth and there is enough storage.

- Nicole R

It's a hybrid vehicle with great mileage and a reasonable price range

Hybrid, very quiet, great mileage, plenty of space for a compact car.

- Juliette W

Good gas mileage but not as good as advertised. Not a slow car.

Gas mileage not as good as advertised. But pretty good gas mileage.

- Tony T

Very good gas mileage. Also good if you wanted a small car.

No complaints at all. Very good mileage car. But it is a small car.

- vicky v

Great gas mileage without sacrificing comfort

It's a good size for us, is comfortable and gets great gas mileage

- William L

miles per gallon is very good compared to most cars

plug in hybrid so it gets good mpg like color dislike the spoiler

- n m

Environmentally friendly.

Great mileage. Environmentally friendly. Small. Low maintenance.

- Peter w

Good car. Nice mileage. Very quiet. This is the only thing.

Good car. Low mileage. But expensive maintenance. Small car.

- Pete P

Have no complaints about my car. Love everything about it

never costs much to fill tank and the gas mileage is amazing

- Dana F

It's really quiet and pedestrians can't hear you driving up behind them

Great gas mileage Dependable I can drive in the carpool lane

- Jody F

The Prius gets gas mileage and is comfortable to ride in

Great gas mileage. Comfortable. More room than expected.

- Todd E

it is very efficient with fuel

it has good gas mileage but cramped space. no complaints.

- william R

Saves a lot of gas, also helps people be more careful driving because it's slow.

I like that it's efficient, but could be more powerful.

- Fiona L

It's pretty reliable for what it can do

It's affordable yet reliable for what I need in my life

- Shelby H

Excellent gas mileage. Roomy for a small car. Comfortable.

Great gas mileage. Comfortable. Can fit a lot of items.

- Rick s

Great gas mileage! Quiet ride. Lots of space inside.

Way more space inside than it looks. Great gas mileage.

- Judy S

I am not sure. I am very happy about my car. I would probably recommended.

It's comfortable. It's gas saver. It is good to drive.

- Sherry S

It is a car that is built in for hybrid and electric to use

I like the safety and features. I dislike a design

- Anthony F

Gas per mile is great, it is a gas saver

Very reliable. Gas saver. Very Spacious. Hybrid

- Leslie Q

IT DOES What we like and need.

IT is fine. No problems. Does what we require.

- Sheldon D

Great mileage. Reliable. Easy to drive.

Great mileage. Good handling. Comfortable.

- Bill w

It gets great gas mileage

Great on gas. Comfortable. Plenty of room

- Heather N

It's very gray and it rides good!

It's nice. It's cool. It's not bad. You.

- Angela N