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Prius: reliable car with a lot of pros.

I like the Prius. It has a lot of pros. It is reliable, safe and great with gas! It feels more spacious than it looks on the outside. The driving controls are sleek but took some getting used to. The steering wheel controls are very useful and comfortable and do not interfere with the driving. I like the touch screen option on the radio and Bluetooth connection. The back seat is very spacious. My husband is 6’3’ and was actually ok back there with the baby car seat in the middle. We scooched the passenger seat up a little and he had plenty of legroom. The cons: the bar in the rear trunk mirror was pretty annoying at first. Now I adjust my seat height to block out the other car lights behind me. I do feel the Prius is quite low. I have noticed this more now getting a baby in and out of the car. I didn't notice as much before. The car vents had a strange smell when we first ran the ac for a few months on and off after we first purchased. We purchased brand new. We brought it back to the dealer and they said that people often complained about that. They said it wasn't toxic so we kept it. It is completed gone now and the car still feels very new two years later.

- Nicole S

I love it and when you pull the handle the car it only unlocks the drivers door.

Problem 1: I wish the windows came slightly tinted because its weird having people look in so easily . Problem 2: when I bought the car the tank was at like 800 but not it's up to like 580 and although that's great for my spending habits and car usage it was really misleading and made me think I was lied to . Problem 3: my care repeatedly tells me there's air pressure problems when there is not and then it'll go away for awhile and then come back again. Performance: I have only ever had problems with the breaks when I first got the car and also I have had the car jerk when making turns on freeway ramps twice. Reliability: it is a very reliable car except when your tank is low because the eco mode will only get you maybe a mile and the tank will run out faster than its supposed to. Comfort: drivers seat is really comfortable but back seat is a little weird since its raised in the middle. Features: the only feature I do not like is the car realigning in the lane for you when you go over a line because a lot of the time I'll be driving on big roads and my car will say I went over a line when there is no line to go over.

- Katherine R

That it saves money that it saves fuel that it's good for the environment compared to a regular gasoline motor

I really do believe everybody should try some form I'm an alternative car that uses something other than gas I really like my little car it has a lot of power I live in Florida it rains all the time you never know when it's going to pop up and shower one great thing about not having to stop for gas it's not getting your hair your makeup nice shoes and other things soaking wet every time you stopped to buy gas I love the fact that it is silent it's like driving a Jaguar it makes no sound I do not like noise pollution whatsoever loud cars just upset me. The fuel economy is great I get at least 60 miles to the gallon it runs wonderful in city and it does great on the highway at higher speeds I think everybody should at least test drive one and if possible own one as a second vehicle at minimum

- Pick V

A safe and reliable car for long distances.

There are no real problems with the Toyota Prius. The only problem I would say is that if you are on eco-mode and you push the gas too hard you can you hear the car strain a little bit. This could cause it to stop I have only had this problem once. I would recommend this card to people who I have longer drives one of the only bases it saves a lot of money. Specially when paying for gas it can be up to $25. Which cuts down on cost especially if you are a good driver. It comes in various colors which I believe placed her the orders personality it is reliable and since I have had the car for a few years now there has not been any major problems to the vehicle.

- Sam D

Toyota Prius- Great Car- Great Value

My Prius has all the tech stuff you would look for in a higher end car. Voice activation for most features including hands free phone and dialing. NAV system that offers at least 3 different driving routes to your destination. The ability to see the local weather map. Notification of traffic issues and detours. In addition to all that, supreme gas mileage, averaging 58 to 60 MPG without driving like a little old lady. Seats 4 very comfortably, or 5 no problem. Plenty of cargo space. The lines are now very stylish and sporty. This is my second Prius and if I needed to buy another car, it would be my first choice.

- Don L

Reliable and affordable vehicle

Very reliable. I have never had any problems with the car. Gas mileage cannot be beat. The ride is smooth and quiet and the car has great acceleration. One negative is that the car is a little too aerodynamic which makes it a little annoying to have the windows down, too much wind gets into the car and causes it to be noisy and uncomfortable. Also, the model I have has an ugly white center console. It is hard to clean and shows dirt very easy. Hopefully they have changed this feature in newer models. Overall I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a reliable, affordable vehicle.

- Megan D

The Prius is the car of the future.

I absolutely love my Prius! It drives smooth, is reliable, safe, and comfortable. I especially love the it let’s me know when I am ready for an oil change or I am getting close to needing gas and will map local gas stations if needed. It has built in GPS, a wireless phone charger, built in apps on my touch screen display. It really is the car of the future! I can even track how much I have spent on gas every month and every time I fill up! It is also surprisingly roomy! We can fit our huge mountain dog and our two golden retrievers in the back without them being cramped.

- Alyssa W

Toyota Prius 2016 review and information.

I love the great fuel economy of my 2016 Toyota Prius 3. The car is comfortable and easy to drive. My family recently took a 8,000 mile trip across the United States in my Toyota Prius. The car was comfortable and we had plenty of room in the hatchback to bring everything we needed. I also love the exterior appearance of the Toyota Prius. It is eye catching and modern looking. The interior dash is appointed with everything you need right within reach. The fabric seats are soft and easy to clean. I love my Prius and would recommend it to a friend looking to buy a new car.

- Sara M

Best pee-wee car around: the Toyota Prius.

My Toyota Prius is pretty amazing. I mean, who wouldn't love paying $25 in gas for 500+ miles of driving? The technology of this car is really cool, as well. What is included is cruise control, ac, Bluetooth connection, contact history and phone services, etc. The ac/heat is really nice, especially living in California where the weather has not been as consistent as recent years. With this car, I can take extended road trips without any problems. I can log miles and not worry about oil changes, as you can go up to 5,000 miles without having to schedule maintenance on it.

- Ashley S

A lovely, tireless little car.

No problems to speak of. It handles very well and drives smoothly; I never pay more than $20 for gas even when it is running on empty. Mileage is great, and even on long trips I do not worry about gas running out. I average about 40 mpg, but I am a very careful driver, so assuming 30 mpg might be a safer bet. Bluetooth is a must for me and the speaker setup is great (bass is fantastic). The a/c is wonderful and takes only a couple minutes to run from cold to hot, or to melt the ice off your windshield on winter mornings. I really love this little car.

- Devin W

All the bells and whistles.

I gas up once a month as the mileage is great. It has many safety features like sounds and side lights that blink if a car is approaching on my left or right. Also helps when backing up out of parking spaces..Let's you know a car approaching. Very good in highways. GPS is excellent. Sound system quite good. Interior lights go on as you near the car. No harsh sound when locking car doors. Good visibility. Hands free options. Has a cell charger you just lay your phone on. Seats warm up. A bit of road noise on highway is only con.

- Sandy L

My Toyota Prius is a black, 4-door hatchback. It is a manual drive.

The vehicle has been reliable thus far for me. The main reason why I purchased this car is because I needed a gar with good gas mileage, as I commute to work every day. It has modern features and is pretty roomy, considering that it is a sedan. One thing I do wish it came equipped with was 4-wheel drive, since the winters in my area can be harsh. Other than that, I would certainly recommend the Toyota Prius to anyone similar to myself, who it looking for an attractive, reliable car that will not break the bank.

- Amanda S

Reliable, fuel efficient, comfortable

This is my 2nd Prius. Both of them have been extremely reliable, which is why I bought it again. I live alone & work full time, & worrying about car breakdowns is not something I have the time or money for. I regularly get almost 50 mpg, which saves me money. I was disappointed that it didn't come with heated seats or a lumbar support, though. To get those features would have cost $3 thousand more. Once you drive a hybrid, though, it's difficult to go back to poor mileage and a noisy engine.

- Amelia F

The Prius: A practical vehicle

I love my Prius. I travel 50 miles per day for work and only fill my tank once per week. The car drives well, has pick up and is quiet. The touchscreen is easy to use and not overly technical. The car rides smooth, I did not have to replace tires until almost 60,000 miles. There are 3 different drive modes. Eco mode I use the most because it saves gas and is good for stop and go driving. There is the regular mode and then the power mode which provides great pick up and is best for highway driving.

- Regina R

I have gotten 65 mpg before!

I love the backup camera and collusion assistance. I use the cruise control in stop and go traffic. I hate how loud it is in the car while driving. I had to tint the windows because it is basically a greenhouse. I am not thrilled with the white middle console. The amount of space is surprising. The self park is hit or miss. I have had it try parallel parking in a space that was much too small and would have crunched another car. I guess their front bumper was too low for the car to “see” it.

- Gina B

The amazing Prius: cost efficient and awesome to drive!

I have a 2016 red Prius. It has the keyless way to start your car. I love this, as long as the key fob is with you the doors will automatically open. The Prius has the ability to keep the temperature in the car the same as the temperature outside the car, so the car is never dangerously hot inside. The most important feature is that it is a hybrid, so my gas cost is extremely low, also the car shuts off when you are stopped at a stoplight to save on gas. All in all it is a great car!

- Kyle P

I love the comfort of my Toyota Prius.

I love my Prius. It has amazing gas mileage. On average I get about 45-50 miles per gallon. It rides smooth and I feel safe driving it. I love having a backup camera. I really like the display features on the dash as well. It is nice having the ability to connect multiple phones to the Bluetooth to be able to play music, take calls, and have the car read out text messages. The app that connects my phone to the car is very useful as well since it can give fuel prices in the area.

- Ryan J

Toyota Prius is perfect to save Money while keeping your driving comfortable

Great car with a wonderful ration for gas. Easy to maneuver and very silent. The trunk is quite large and the seats are comfortable for long road trips. I love that there are 3 options to drive the car. Eco, sport and normal which gives you the chance to save on gas or add a little bit of sensation with the power mode! Overall the car is nice to drive, easy to park places and awesome outcome gas wise. It is a great family car if you are looking to save money on gas expenses.

- Virginie C

Surprisingly, great in the snow!:).

Very reliable. Great on gas. Easy to use- radio, electronics are user friendly. Very comfortable and good in the snow which was unexpected but I am very happy about how it drives in all weather conditions. The only thing I do not like is that many of the service people that do things like tire rotations, oil change, etc. do not always know how to properly care for the car and reset things as it is mostly computer based as opposed to a more low-tech, traditional car.

- Amanda L

Pros and cons of owning a Toyota Prius.

Okay, well the car sets too low and it only came with air and not a spare tire and it beeps when you back up. The 2 years of free road service and free maintenance went by pretty fast. I like all of the safety features such as knowing if there is someone in your blind spot when trying to pass and the brake warning if you are too close to another car in front of you. The camera is good for warning if another car is behind you and for parking.

- Sandra F

The Prius has the best gas mileage. It is also roomy. It is great for a family.

The Toyota Prius is a very reliable and comfortable car. It gets the absolute best gas mileage. We averaged about 45 miles per gallon. Sometimes more depending if we drive more in the city rather than the highway. The car is completely roomy and comfortable and looks really good too. The heads-up display and dashboard is easy to read. The seats are easily adjustable. It is got a good view from the mirrors all around. We really love this car.

- Diana H

Some features to consider

The car has a rear facing camera that makes it easier and safer to navigate while in reverse. The camera has lines indicating how close you are to an object as well. It helps with parking tremendously. The mileage for this Prius is very fuel efficient which I really enjoy. My least favorite thing about the car is the interior design of storage space. It seems to be too slender to hold very much and I tend to hold on to paperwork in my car.

- Melissa K

The Prius gets better every year.

I have 2016 Toyota Prius. I have had it for a year and a half and I really like it. It is comfortable and the gas mileage is great. If I am not getting 50 mpg or close to it I am doing something wrong. I already have over 30, 000 miles on it because I take a lot of road trips. I recommend this car to everyone to consider as an option if they are in the market for a new car. It seems like the Prius gets better and better year after year.

- Stephan P

2016 Toyota Prius with sonar.

I love the sonar features, extremely helpful while backing up, in addition to the back up camera. It has a smooth ride, great miles per gallon. The driver's seat has automatic adjustment controls but the passenger seat is a bit low. My passenger has to practically fall into the seat. The exterior is beautifully designed, very sporty looking, and I love the sea glass foam color (waited for that color to be delivered from states away).

- Darlene E

Great gas mileage - quieter than a church mouse!

I bought this car because my service contract expired. I have no complaints about the car. I didn't get it fully loaded but I am very satisfied with it. Overall I have been averaging 50 - 60 miles per gallon on highway trips. Around the city between 35 - 50 miles per gallon. Depending on what my driving week is like I full up every 2 - 3 weeks. I have yet to put in more than 9.5 gallons. This is a gas/electric not a plus-in.

- Jennie S

Love the gas mileage for fewer refill stops.

The ride is comfortable. Outside noise is not completely blocked out but minimal. The gas mileage for long trips is amazing. Surprisingly the trunk is very spacious and even more so when putting the seats down. I have been able to transport fencing supplies from the home improvement store. Bluetooth connectivity is easy and reliable. The navigation is good and able save many addresses into the address book.

- Chelsea G

I love the gas mileage and sleek design!

I had always dreamed of owning a Prius and it has lived up to my expectations. Of course, one of my main points for purchasing a Prius was the incredible gas mileage. I average around 59 mpg, which is great! I haven't had any major issues (knock on wood) in the past three years. Only some cosmetic issues that have come up, really. The car is comfortable for me and my passengers. It has been reliable for me.

- Brooke W

Sporty, reliable and fuel efficient.

I absolutely love my Prius. It is comfortable, sporty looking and holds the road well even in bad weather. Mileage is consistently above 50 mpg, sometimes over 60. This is my second Prius; I traded in my first one when it hit 250,000 miles and it was still running great. I have never had to do anything to either of them aside from routine maintenance and replacement of things like tires and headlights.

- Deborah W

I didn't set out to buy a Prius, but I'm glad I made the switch.

Quiet, economical, environmentally gentle...this Prius is the best car I've had in awhile. It is dependable, and comfortable (hatchback provides tons of room for light/medium hauling). Even the owner's handbook is clear and easy to follow and consult, as I have spent the last year getting to know this vehicle. Having purchased the Prius, I now understand why I see SO MANY of them on the road.

- Rosy B

A comfortable and affordable hybrid.

It has great gas mileage and rides smoothly. The Bluetooth /phone connection part could be better designed. It is nice having the call answer and hang up button on the wheel. The eve mode is not very useful as it currently is but it is nice to use in parking lots. The price for the vehicle is fair for the benefit you gain. If it is like the older Priuses, this car will last a long time.

- Katy S

No other car gets the gas mileage you get in a Prius!

I've been driving a Prius since 2007 and I still love a Prius. The gas mileage can't be beat--- this one gets a consistent 61-62 mpg. This 2016 model is very roomy and such a joy to drive. And they never break down. Starting in 2007 I have had three of them and , except for the usual oil, brakes, and tires, I have not put $1 into any of them. This is the only car I will ever buy!

- Mary K

I love my Prius she has never done me wrong.

I really love my car. It is very reliable I have never been stranded. I love the fact that it has great gas mileage. The air is great in it. I am totally comfortable on our long trips. Although to sit in the backseat for a distance is not comfortable at all. I am lucky I don't have to sit back there. I think it is because the seats sit straight up. It might be easier if they reclined.

- Tammy S

Great pick up when you find yourself in a tight spot.

Love this car because it averages 53 miles per gallon. I am very active and travel to the nearby city at least three times a week so I needed an economical car. I like playing my music from my phone thru the car. I love the backup camera. I do not like the sound the car makes every time I go in reverse. It makes me think I'm getting a warning that I'm too close to another car.

- Mary A

The Prius is a reliable vehicle that's good for your wallet and the environment..

I like that my car is environmentally friendly and saves me money on gas. I like that it's reliable and fits my entire family for now. Only complaint is that Vancouver/Portland is starting to provide public charging stations, but not where I frequent. So I haven't been able to fully reap all the benefits of having a hybrid vehicle compared to those living in other cities.

- Randy T

It's the third Prius we've owned. Fans for life. It protects our environment by creating less pollution than most other cars.

It's a touring model. It is extremely fuel efficient—more than 50 mpgs. It's roomy, quiet, and comfortable. It can hold a double bass, stool, amplifier, and passenger. It's easy to operate and I like the reverse camera. It doesn't need much maintenance. Negatives: The glove compartment is much too small and the center console box opens the wrong way.

- Judie A

I love the sleek design. It doesn't look like an old style egg Prius.

I love the great gas mileage that the car gets. I also love the touch screen display. I like how I can connect my phone in with the Bluetooth to listen to music or podcasts on my phone through the speakers. The only thing that I don't like is that the display screen freezes up if I am charging my phone while listening to music through the Bluetooth option.

- Emily S

Our reliable, efficient, road-trip vehicle.

We have never had any mechanical problems with our Prius. It is comfortable in a long road trip for our family of three, especially since you don't have to stop and get gas as much. The display screen is really accessible and provides useful info. It is a perfect vehicle for commuting, road trips, and just getting around town. We love our Prius!

- Suzanne G

Eco friendly and various technological features.

The 2016 Toyota Prius is very easy to drive and eco friendly! There are various technological features and they are all easy to understand and work! The car is amazing on gas and mileage as well as the cost on gas! It comes with many beneficial features such as Bluetooth, a charging plate for your phone, a navigation system, and more!

- Mina N

Environmentally friendly!

I love my car! I average 50-60 mph. It saves so much gas and is great for the environment as a result. It is very spacious, including the trunk. It's comfortable too! It rides really smoothly. I've only had it for a couple of months, so I'm still having trouble figuring out the best settings for the ac. I also wish it had navigation.

- Bekah L

The Prius is a fun car with great gas mileage and a surprising amount of power.

I love the Prius. The color is great. The engine runs great. However I wish my specific one had heated seats and a moonroof. I wish the interior was a little more luxurious. There are some issues with the gear shift squeaking. It never used to make the squeaking noise but now it does almost every morning when you first turn it on.

- Megan S

The gas mileage really pays for itself. It is a hybrid, so it goes a long way.

I love the gas mileage the most. I live 30 miles from my job, so it has been a lifesaver. I enjoy the feature that when you go in reverse, it shows you on a screen to help with blind spots. I don't like how nosy it is. When I reverse, it beeps like crazy. Same thing when I take off my seatbelt, regardless if I have parked or not.

- Barbara L

A car with amazing miles per gallon.

This vehicle is a hybrid and gets 62 miles per gallon. We have had no problems with this vehicle. The only negative thing with this automobile is the vehicle is not equipped with a spare tire. Stored in the trunk is a kit to inflate the tire with a sealant. This would not solve the problem if the tire experienced a blowout.

- Jack C

Very fuel efficient in the city as well as on the highway.

I love my Prius because it is very comfortable to ride in. It has enough storage space for luggage when we travel or for groceries. The Prius gets excellent mileage around town as well as highway driving. Very economical to drive. There is nothing that I dislike about my car and I have had no complaints about it either.

- Peggy t

Wonderful experience. An interesting detail is that it talks to me.

I have had no problems. The ride is smooth and comfortable. I like the arrangement of the cockpit/dashboard. Gas mileage for me is awesome. Maintenance package that came with the purchase is a very good one. My care is still under a service warranty that was a part of the original sales contract and is still in force.

- Victoria H

a convenient and economic car without all of the bells and whistles

The Prius is great. Gas efficient and silent. I wish it had more luxury and technology features but the available features are great. I wish the car was more attractive on the outside but the benefits outweighed the style. The backup camera is good. The self parking feature is not as user friendly and I rarely use it

- Sabrina S

The most high-tech vehicle out there!

I love the new body style of the Prius. I have had one previously and had to get a new one once it was totaled. It is very high-tech and has incredible safety features. Roomy inside and really great gas mileage. I do wish that it had more/better storage like previous models but that is the only concern that I have.

- Fawn P

My Prius is the perfect car for a retired couple.

My Prius is the perfect car for a retiree like me. I have 44,000 miles on it and I have averaged 59.5 miles per gallon. It has a backup camera, blind side mirror alert and XM radio. It isn't a large car, but now that my children are grown, it is perfect for my wife and myself. I will never own any car but a Prius.

- Paul M

Most attractive car on the road.

It performs beautifully - quiet, approximately 50 miles per gallon, smooth, spacious hatchback area, several areas to put cups in, storage area for medicines or other needed items, brakes that respond quickly. The vehicle's color is attractive; easy to lock because of automatic key lock when you press the button.

- Kathy B

The EPA estimates the car to do approximately 52 mpg, but using ECO mode and properly monitoring your driving, utilizing the onboard computer suggestions, I can easily get as much as 70mpg, consistently.

2016 Prius Four Touring model with Soft-Tex Leather option, Navigation, All Power, Tire Patch Kit, and all options minus heads up display and automatic parallel parking. I have had zero problems with the vehicle after 51K miles, other than replacing the tires, which is normal for the wear and tear on the car.

- Jacob H

Prius, my favorite car. That saves me a lot of money.

I get phenomenal gas mileage, mostly 60 miles per gallon. For a car that is not an electric car, that is very good. I fill my tank once a month. It is a comfortable vehicle with a lot of safety features. It is a fun car to drive. In addition, I have had no problems with the car. It is extremely dependable.

- Diane B

Excellent hybrid with great fuel efficiency

Had no problems. Love the car. Great gas mileage. It is very comfortable. It has been very versatile. Able to carry lots of things with this car. Best of both worlds. Quiet and reliable. Lots of power. Very reliable. I would recommend this car to everyone. The gas mileage is my favorite part of this car

- James B

Economical = I already said what I wanted to on the previous page.

Nice looking inside and out. Fits my lifestyle as well as my own physical needs. Best of all is the economical gas mileage. This car is easy to drive and maintain. I would buy this car again. I also like the Bluetooth and the other features. I listen to audiobooks and it is easy to operate in this car.

- Deborah M

Reliability this car is very dependable.

Just love my Prius performs just as expected from a Toyota 60mpg you just can't beat that the car is adorable is very comfortable and with the back seats folding down I can get a surprising number of items in this car. There are so many great features like the backup cam Bluetooth and keyless entry.

- Renee R

It is economical to drive due the great gas mileage.

My car is a Prius two eco which means it gets very good mpg- mostly over 60 mpg. It is comfortable and easy to drive. It has a rear view camera. It does make a sound when the car is in reverse, which I don't like. It has a push button start but it is required to keys in car before it can be started.

- Ella B

Toyota Prius great reliable car!

I love my Prius. Great on gas mileage. Very easy to maintain. Dashboard is easy to read and informative. Seats are comfortable. Plenty of room in the back seat. Very roomy cargo area. Safety features include harness clips for car seats. Only problem I have had is hubcaps pop off very easily.

- Anne P

Pros and cons of Toyota Prius.

This is a great car for people who drive long distance. However the windshield cracks easy. And you have to get the tires rotated often. The car drives nice but there is a lot of blind spots. I would recommend this car to anyone who drives a lot but be prepared to have maintenance done often.

- Heather R

2016 Toyota Prius 3 lots of room.

It is the perfect car and has great mileage I get almost 70 miles per gallon it is very smooth to drive best car ever. It's very comfortable is very smooth ride I think it is great for people that do not want to I have to do things themselves it has a lot I have the tech package it is great.

- Sandy S

Comfortable, reliable, cool looking but not for charging

It's a great car! Very reliable, amazing on gas, very comfortable! It's pretty spacious too! Very convenient with Bluetooth. Only downfall I noticed was the wireless charging. There's a wireless charging area but it doesn't work. It may start charging for 2 seconds then it stops completely

- Connie C

A reliable and affordable choice.

The car is great, it gets great gas mileage and has lasted a number of years. The features of the car are very useful, the backup camera, radio and phone connectivity. However, physical pieces of the car are falling apart, buttons on the stereo have broken as well as the window adjuster.

- Izzy S

Quiet driving. Eco energy.

I do not see any problems. I think maintenance . Cost and time are relatively low, and you will save time and money. You can also drive stably, and even passengers feel very stable and comfortable. The sound when you drive is very low, as well, and babies and children can sleep well.

- Amy Y

Smooth ride while helping the environment

I have an electric car so I save on gas. I get 30 miles to the gallon in highway miles. My vehicle takes premium gas only but the upside is $25 fills up my tank. Power locks and windows and an amazing sound system, the ride is smooth and quiet, and has a non-idle feature that I live.

- Nina A

It is worth sacrificing power for the excellent gas mileage.

I have never had an issue with my Toyota Prius. I love it for the gas mileage and ease of use. Best car I have ever owned. I wish I could buy a brand new one every year. The only thing I have noticed is that you can hear the road noise more often in this can than in my previous cars.

- Matthew M

Great all-round vehicle with excellent mileage

This car is reliable, comfortable even on long drives and gets nearly 60 miles per gallon in regular city driving. The trunk is large enough for normal shopping and for larger items. The stereo is good, and the Bluetooth capability is handy for both music and hands-free calling.

- Barbara S

The hybrid king of Toyota.

Toyota Prius is good compart car. We also appreciate the Prius practically and comfort. And its smooth ride qualities. There's a reason that Prius remains the king of the hybrid cars. If you put a premium on efficiency and value you will not be disappointed in the Toyota Prius.

- Glen Lyn E

I just love my 6th Toyota Prius.

We purchased our 6th Prius in 2016. We both love the black & white interior. We chose white exterior because my wife loved it, she said it: spoke" to her. With over 30, 000 miles I have averaged 57. 1 mpg. It has plenty of power and handles high speeds on the freeway very well.

- Daniel D

Small but drives pretty far.

It is not that spacious inside. So it does not quite score in regards to comfort to the backseat passengers. However, I like the convenience of the plug-in battery. It goes on electric charge first before relying on gas and the car normally goes a pretty high rate per gallon.

- Kristina C

Toyota--the best car I have owned.

Good reliability. It accelerates well. It took me a bit to psychologically get used to a car that ran on a battery instead of straight gas, but once past that it was a breeze. Good gas mileage, smooth ride, would definitely purchase again and recommend to family and friends.

- Rose M

High price of owning a Prius.

Too expensive to maintain. Parts are very expensive. Just a headlight replacement will cost $80. Tires are. For heavy load due to batteries, so much more expensive. Than others. Oil must be synthetic. The gas mileage is. Not as advertised. I would not buy a prius again.

- Victor M

Great gas mileage, very talkative though.

The best quality is the gas mileage, for me. I live over 30 miles from my job, so economically speaking, it is been a life saver. I do not like all of the little noises it makes, such as when I am going in reverse or putting my seatbelt on. Other than that, I love it.

- Barbara L

It is has excellent gas mileage.

Excellent gas mileage. I pay about $80 in gas per month. It could be a bit bigger, but I'll be getting the full size Prius next time. However, it can fit packing, camping gear, and our dog’s crate. Interior is a bit more spacious than would appear at first glance.

- Jon S

Great car that's just a little buggy.

lot of tech issues in its old age. Most recently I had to have the center computer taken out to get fixed. In the past I've had weird issues where the car wouldn't even turn off. I had to youtube how to do a factory reset. Besides that I love it. It's great on gas.

- Miranda L

Gas mileage is the best really great on this car.

The gas mileage is amazing for this car. I used to drive a Toyota Sienna minivan and I would have to refill my car about once a week, but with my Prius I only fill it up about once every two weeks. The one thing that I do not like is how sensitive the brakes are.

- Timothy L

What I like about my Prius.

It has great gas, mileage. Comfortable. Reliable, like the technology, like the color, like the moonroof. I have 0% interest are. Toyota is easy to deal with to find financing. Prius holds the road, my dog likes it. I like the Bluetooth, I like the sound system.

- Sharon R

The Prius is great but can still use improvements

I love the Prius' fuel efficiency, design and comfort, the only thing that continues to bother me is the large amount of blind spots on the Prius as well as the 0-60 timing has not improved over the years. Beyond those two minor annoyances the car is fantastic.

- Aly R

Why I love my Toyota Prius

A few recall issues, but they have quickly been resolved. I'm very pleased with my car. It is extremely quiet and drives well. The best part is the amazing gas mileage I get! It has a backup camera and had made me very happy overall. I would get another one.

- Kevin E

I don't spend a lot of money in gas the car has a great miles.

My Prius is very reliable and I have no problems. Almost 2 years in and around 17k miles. We do not drive to work so we use it for daily commute to the gym and groceries run. We also use for road trips. No complains at all as of right now as how the car runs.

- Isabella L

Toyota Prius: convenient, easy to drive, and good looking

The hatchback is really useful in so many ways. Moving, traveling, random activities. The color is really pretty too. And I love that I don't have to go to the gas station very much, it's really a time saver. I have had it for 2 years now and I still love it.

- Adrian S

Our car is sleek sporty and fuel efficient!

We actually love this car! The gas mileage was a huge factor in buying it and it's amazing! It's really comfortable and it has quite a bit of space for a smaller car! The model we bought has a wireless phone charger, and internal GPS. We really love it!

- Debra C

New Prius upgrades are great

This car is very comfortable and has great gas mileage. I also like the improvements from the old model where the center console no longer separates the passenger and driver front seats. Also like the addition of a backup camera and wireless charging.

- Kelsey M

It gets amazing gas mileage so it's great for commuting and running errands.

My Prius is fun to drive, has some great technology, and gets really great gas mileage. I wish it was a little larger, but it's a great size for running errands in town. There are a lot of Prius cars in my town, so I'm not the only one who likes it.

- Kimberly M

One important thing others should know about my car is that you save a ton of money on gas.

I like the GPS system it has. It makes it very easy to arrive at your destinations. What I also like about it is how smooth it feels when I drive it. The camera it has to see what's behind you when you backup is also an excellent feature.

- Suset M

Learn how to drive a Prius efficiently, or It's not worth it!

I like that it is energy efficient, but it is not as intuitive as I thought it would be in order to be as energy efficient. I'm not getting the best mileage. Also, it takes a lot to get it to move fast. I practically have to flood it!

- Arlene P

The gas mileage is awesome (also, I often have to explain to people that it runs on gas (there is a misconception that hybrid/prius has to be plugged in)).

I like my gas mileage. I like the way it travels (on the road, the safety features, turning radius, etc). I also like the technology (touch screen, backup camera, being able to listen to songs back again that are played on the radio).

- Kristle K

This car gets fantastic gas mileage!! It's also a great looking car and I also feel very secure in it.

Love the gas mileage. I get 60 mph. Love the look too. It's rather sporty. My only complaint is that the front is very low and when I park at my office parking lot (we have diagonal parking), it scrapes against the sidewalk.

- Diane G

The best gas mileage and quiet. It isn't the fanciest but has wonderful techie gadgets and they are very easy to use.

I love that I do not spend $30 for gas every week. I get an average of 56 MPG and going home from work (a 45 minute commute) I have often gotten up to 70 mpg! It is quiet. The car is well built and has never had any problems

- Judi R

My car has electric brakes so they will probably never need replaced.

Some things that i love about my Prius are that it is very good on gas, it has a hybrid engine so it is very quiet. It has a built in Bluetooth stereo system. The only thing i wish is that this car could be bigger than it is.

- Amanda G

that is easy to drive and maintain. i've had no problems with my car.

i really like the gas mileage my car gets. I used to be required to fill my car up two times a week for traveling to work. now I can go up to two weeks before I need to refuel. I don't dislike anything about my car.

- b A

55 MPG average of two years.

I love getting 55mpg. Not only am I saving money on gas, I am being environmentally friendly. The design of the 2016 model is sexy. The hatch with fold down seats leaves me a lot of room to haul what I need for events.

- Nancy K

It's not good for blind spots. It's very energy efficient. It doesn't have an aux plug-in (I think).

It's energy efficient but I really dislike the way it is made due to parts of it blocking my blind spots. Although there are two alternative mirrors to look into, I still think it's bothersome. Otherwise, it's fine.

- Monica M

It is saving the environment!

My car gets 60 miles per gallon and I can make fairly long trips without having to buy much gas. It has great safety features and is very fun to drive. The cargo area is spacious and I like the keyless door locks.

- Janet D

This Prius is economical to run and does not skimp on performance.

My Prius 2 eco exceeds the typical mpg statistics. Love the ability to travel and camp in this versatile vehicle. My only complaint is the road noise. Hard to listen to radio unless volume is set pretty high.

- Ruta M

Great Miles per gallon currently 56 and it's awesome.

It's my second Toyota Prius and I love mostly the gas miles which currently is 56 miles per gallon. The car runs great and the last one I traded had 240,00 miles never needing any repairs just maintenance.

- Anne M

It gets really great gas mileage!

It's a great little car for getting around in town. It is easy to drive and easy to park. I don't have to get gas often because of it's high gas mileage. The only drawback is that you can't haul much in it.

- Kimberly T

It is extremely economical. It is perfect for a daily use.

It had everything I need, and especially it is very economic. I can use it to go to work every day, it is a thirty-minute drive, but still, it is cheaper than using the metro. It is also very comfortable.

- John J

Make sure oil changers (if you take it to someplace to change your oil) KNOW how to handle hybrids. Make sure you know yourself how to maintain and handle hybrids for repair.

I like that it's a hybrid, and I love that it's tiny, so parking is MUCH easier than most other cars. I don't like that it's had some pretty rough repairs done to it, and it runs a bit shakily sometimes.

- Nannah B

You get the most value out of a Toyota Prius. For what you pay for the car, you get a lot out of it.

The toyota Prius is a terribly practical car. It's not very attractive to look, but it gets pretty good fuel mileage. The brakes and acceleration are not the greatest, but it's quite roomy, which I like.

- Hana K

It accelerates and drives like any gas vehicle, but gets almost 60 miles per gallon.

I get great gas mileage in my Toyota Prius. My only complaint is that they changed the body style to look like many other sedans. I preferred the unique look of the earlier Prius models (2015 and older).

- Lisa D

The Toyota is great if you are tired of paying too much for gas. It gets about 55 miles a gallon.

I like the look of my 2016 Prius. It is amazing on gas mileage. I would recommend this car for anyone who travels by car a lot. It is also roomy enough to transport items as large as a replacement door.

- Jack F

Great fuel efficiency so less time wasted at gas stations.

I like that it's hybrid so I get great gas mileage and spend less time at the gas station because I also hate to get gas. The maintenance is pretty low too so I don't waste a lot of time in the shop.

- Guen G

It is so Worth getting a Prius

Love my Prius. Drives so well, cannot hear the motor running, I save so much money using the express lanes for free as it is a hybrid. I also save a lot of money in gas. Toyota service is excellent.

- gayle g

it is a hybrid, gets great mileage and is comfortable and safe to drive

love the mileage. it is comfortable. has a lot of features, such as blind spot and back up camera that make it easy to drive. only do not like the bar across back that interferes with visibility.

- dee h

The best is fuel efficiency,

Love the fuel efficiency. I hate how difficult it is to repair/ replace certain items due to the compact nature. In addition has issues with low impact collisions causing great amount of damage.

- Laura N

The most important thing others should know about my car is how awesome it is to drive a Prius!

I love everything about my car. It gets amazing gas mileage, it looks great, it's comfortable, and it has excellent technology perks. I don't dislike anything or have a single complaint.

- Stacy S

Our vehicle is silver with black interior leather.

We haven't had any problems with our 2016 Toyota Prius 3 touring. It drives very well and is very comfortable. We love all the features that come with our package. It's sleek and sporty.

- Kelly C

How good the car is, why should I buy it, does it get auto upgrade?

My vehicle is amazing since it has high mile per gallon. Also it has high durability in which other clients are making money. What to do if you do not know geographical segmentation

- Vinay R

Excellent miles per gallon, efficient, reliable, and feels luxurious

I love the gas mileage and that it is a hybrid. Aside from a few recalls from Toyota, we have had no major problems so far. It feels like a very advanced car but still affordable.

- Leah S

Environmentally friendly Fuel efficiency

It's an effective hybrid, so there's than environmental responsibility. A quiet ride with fuel efficiency. But the design needs improvement from the low hanging front carriage.

- Mike K

That it has excellent fuel economy but still has plenty of pep.

I like the size of the car. The fuel efficiency is very good without having to go to an electric car. There is plenty of trunk space. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Deedee H

The gas mileage is great. And it tells you a lot about your driving habits so you can improve on the mileage.

I love the color and the sporty style. The gas mileage is great. It is comfortable. I love the hatch back because it is easy to load. I do wish it had a power adjustable seat.

- Gina C

It has excellent fuel economy making long distance travel about half as expensive.

Doesn't have great acceleration but fuel economy is great. There are great standard safety features like dynamic cruise control, emergency automatic braking, rear view camera.

- David A

It is dependable. We have driven it across the country and it has given us no problems at all.

Love the gas mileage and dependability. It is comfortable to drive. Only complaint is that the 2016 Prius seems to have less interior storage areas than our old 2005 Prius.

- John M

My 2016 Prius is one of the nicest cars I have ever owned. The range of a tank of gas is around 670 miles. It has a peppy engine and really keeps up with traffic. The interior is attractive and the temperature is always comfortable with more than adequate hac. It has a very sporty design for a hybrid car.

I like the streamlined design . It gets fantastic gas mileage. I like the quality of interior Seats and console. The paint job is very good. Everything fits together we'll.

- Roger S

The low gas use is incredible.

The low gas use is incredible and I spend about 30 bucks a month on gas. It is also incredibly roomy and has a surprisingly large trunk. There is very little not to like.

- Rachael K

Great mileage per gallon. Very dependable. Lots of features including a day by day readout of the miles per gallon.

Love all the features. Backup camera, lane warning, automatic wipers and lights, etc. Get great mileage, approximately 65 miles per gallon. Even gives a comfortable ride.

- John L

The brakes can be a touch sensitive sometimes.

I like how silent the car is starting up. I like the design and the small size. I like the ability to switch to electric. There's nothing that I really dislike about it.

- Haley K

it is not as slow as most people think priuses are.

i like the hatch and the gas savings. i also like the look of the car. i dislike the size. we are looking into trading for something bigger in the next couple of years.

- haley L

It gets awesome gas mileage, typically over 50 MPG.

It gets awesome gas mileage. I love only having to fill up my car with fuel at most once per week. Plus it's a really cool car that came with a Sirius XM received.

- Jo Anne B

68 miles per gallon for the past 2 years and 13000 miles

I like the Prius for its handling ability. I like the Prius because I am getting 68 miles per gallon for the past 2 years and I like the Prius for it reliability

- Robert W

Great Prius vehicle with leather option.

Love it, save gas money. Looks very futuristic. When you pick the leather option for the seats it makes you my car looks like high end vehicles. Affordable too.

- Phu N

My Prius gets 55 mpg. Going to the gas station less often reduces work travel stress and it's better for the environment.

I love the mileage that my car gets. It is smaller than my previous cars which I really enjoy. My car is quiet and emits less pollution than my previous cars.

- Holly T

The best car you can drive for the best mileage without a charger

It saves me a lot of money on gas. This is my 2nd Prius It's comfortable I can drive for a long time without stopping. It has great features and is dependable

- Justin R

The new Prius and how it drives.

It has great gas mileage and it is comfortable to drive. I have not had any major issues with it. The new design is stylish. The EV mode is a bit lackluster.

- Katy S

It's super quiet and environment-friendly. Highly recommended!

I can't get over how quiet it is. Driving it is a pleasure. It feels like I'm doing my part for the environment without all the range issues of all-electrics

- Sam P

My car has more than enough power to travel on the highways and still get 50+ MPG.

I love the size of the interior of my Toyota. I also love the 50 + MPG fuel economy. I could do without the black and white interior on the dash and column

- James B

Toyota Prius is a great car

I drive a Toyota Prius. I get great gas mileage of at least 50 miles per gallon. I love the way the car drives. Smooth. Quiet. It is a fun car to drive.

- Nancy S

Comfortable drive and good gas mileage.

Great gas mileage. It has a smooth and comfortable ride. It is easy to park. Toyota service is always great. This is the 3rd prius that I have purchased.

- Sue S

Great on gas, comfy to drive

It's comfortable. It's great on gas and has saved us a lot of money since we bought it. It never has any mechanical issues and it's easy to learn to use.

- Tracy D

Travel and camp in the versatile Prius!

Fantastic mpg! Great acceleration when needed. Hybrid feature makes camping with the Prius a very comfortable option. You can run heat or a/c or pennies.

- Ruta P

fantastic gas mileage; save the planet by reducing carbon emissions and provide cleaner air for the world to breathe

like the gas mileage; like the interior and sunroof, dislike the exterior appearance of the car and not sure why it can't look like a traditional sedan

- e F

I don't have to get gas as often as I used to so less time and money spent at the gas station.

I love how it runs, looks and drives. I also love the features on it such as the brake warnings and nav system. The color of my car makes me smile.

- Julie K

I get 63 miles to the gallon. It gets great gas mileage

I love my car because it saves me gas. It is easy and comfortable to drive. I love the navigation system and the blind spot detection features

- Carolyn K

Great car for gas mileage.

We have had no problems with this car. Gas mileage is great more than 50 miles to the gallon. Would buy another only maybe a bigger size car.

- Linda T

As long as you drive properly, you can get great mileage - 45-50 miles to the gallon, easily.

I love this car. It gets great gas mileage (if you drive sensibly). The navigation system is a plus. It is comfortable, and easy to navigate.

- Michelle C

There might be a recall on it. Something about causing a fire, I'm not sure.

I love the gas mileage. I love that it is small enough to fit in tight parking spaces. I love that I can make an actual u-turn in one motion.

- Betsey H

hybrid with onboard readouts to attain maximum performance and mileage

hybrid, good mileage, performance, onboard readouts, rear camera, most reliable and comfortable, multi-usage capability and seats 5 decently

- Zandorf S

My Prius gets 58 miles to the gallon. I named my car.

I love that it saves me money on gas. I love that it is energy efficient. It drives like a dream and has all the features I was looking for.

- Steven F

Miles per Gallon value is incredible

The miles per gallon value is incredible. I would not change the car for any other as its mpg is the best in the industry for the price.

- Ryan N

Great vehicle and poor survey.

Great vehicle and most certainly would buy again. We are forced to write a review that is at least a certain length and that is wrong.

- Charles C

this is a good, reliable car

great mileage, good pickup, easy handling, comfortable, reliable. as a retiree, i really like only filling my gas take once a month.

- ellen d

Great gas mileage comfortable seating. priced reasonably. Big trunk

I love the gas mileage I get. Comfortable car big trunk back seat is comfortable . The price was great. No complaints love the car

- Missy C

I can get 60 mpg. It does not have a spare tire or back windshield wiper

It is very economical and a good vehicle for 1 person. It is small and not always safe against larger vehicles. It is comfortable

- Deb C

Car is roomy and can haul a lot of items.

Like gas mileage, saving the environment from more gasses, no smog check, good driving.. Wish had air conditioning for back seats.

- Norma P

It's a car that is environmentally and economically friendly.

Love my vehicle. Great gas mileage. Very quiet engine, sounds like a spaceship. Seats are comfortable and surprisingly spacious.

- Nikki R

It is crazy quiet and is definitely doing it is part for the environment.

Very comfortable interior and quiet especially while idling. Super cost effective and also a little better for the environment.

- Garrett H

It has great gas mileage.

It has a keyless push button start. It is great on gas mileage. It is quiet. It is comfortable. It has a Bluetooth capability.

- Sandra S

It is safe and gets great gas mileage.

My car is fantastic! It is comfortable, has a great sound system, a/c and gets 66 miles to the gallon. What’s not to love?

- Karen F

Good car for the price. Nice looking and stylish. Pretty color and great air.

I love 52 mpg and the fact that it drives very smoothly. It is pretty and it has leather seats. It is a very economical car.

- Josie G

That I will never go back to any other car then a Prius.

I love that the gas mileage is awesome. I love that it has great power in passing cars. I love how quiet it is on the road.

- Bobbie B

The car gives great mpg, I drive highway miles mostly at an average of 55 mpg.

Love the gas economy. Love the hatchback. Love the tech inside the car. It could be more powerful with a stronger engine.

- Elmer R

Quite affordable, easy to drive, but definitely not the best for snow.

I generally really like my car. It's compact but spacey inside. Gas mileage is great! It works well for my current needs.

- Karina D

It is a very good deal and is extremely worth the money.

This car is very nice. It has good mileage and is dan kkkkkkkkkkkkk. It is extremely helpful and drives far on a charge.

- Pranav K

The car is dependable. The dealership offers 24/7 tow service.

The only thing I dislike is that it is not compatible with google auto. I want to be able to use google maps in the car.

- Lisa W

it's faster than it looks

It has more power than expected and the gas mileage is incredible. The ride is very comfortable even on long car trips.

- Jamie M

It has great gas mileage. It gets over 50 miles per gallon.

Love the gas mileage. When running on electric, even animals don't hear it. Very comfortable for long haul driving.

- Charles F

It is gas efficient and good for the environment

I like that it doesn't use a lot of gas and is easy to maneuver. I don't like the consul because it feel awkward

- Tara K

The truck is dependable, does not present troubles.

I dislike nothing about my car. I like how good of gas mileage I get. I like that it has a sleek new body style.

- Kaitlyn G

It get 52 miles per gallon overall

My car gets great gas mileage. It rides comfortably and has good pickup. Interior noise level could be better

- Charles B

Good for the planet I care about the future generations

I love the gas economy. I love the size. And I love the look. It makes me feel good about my carbon footprint.

- Phyllis H

Hybrids live up to the hype.

I love having a hybrid. It saves me money on gas. I also like having a hatchback. It helps me transport things.

- Ralph D

that it is a commuter car and it saves great money in traffic.

love that the car saves us on gas. also love that it when we first bought it it had a great maintenance plan.

- linda c

Most important thing is the low gas mileage. You can go close to 500 miles on one tank.

I love the gas mileage and how comfortable the ride is. Having a 4-door is a plus. Really have no dislikes.

- justin g

You shouldn't run the battery out of charge as it is expensive to replace, and it is in the rear of the car, where access is more challenging.

I like the size, the quiet ride, and the economy. I also like the fact that it reduces my carbon footprint.

- Susan R

Great gas mileage with power to spare.

Great gas mileage, power on hills but can be a little hard to get in and out because it is low to ground.

- Tom B

It's very gas efficient and easy to park where I want and very dependable.

I love it! I don't have any complaints. I like that it's gas efficient and small enough to park anywhere.

- Loren D

Sporty Prius Looks/Drives Great

Great car, very comfortable! It gets excellent gas mileage. The new body design is very sporty looking.

- Suzanne S

Gas mileage is great! Drive ability is great as well!

The car is great, reliable and fun to drive. Usually costs about $27.00 to fill up, so that is a plus.

- Jacob B

It gets great miles per gallon, and is a comfortable car.

Love the MPG, plus looks good and is comfortable. Has enough cargo space for the bike travels we do.

- Sandy A

When pumping gas you must always hold onto the pump. Very inconvenient in winter season.

I love how compact it is. How fuel efficient it is. I do not like that it is difficult to pump gas.

- Lauren T

That it gets wonderful mileage.

It is very drivable. It has leather heated seats. It gets wonderful mileage. It is a stylish car.

- Karla M

It is dependable, i have driven over 66,000 in less than two years(more like twenty one months) and haven't had a single problem.

it is reliable, great gas mileage and handles well. on the down side it is slow and boring as can be

- mary m

It is economical and environmentally friendly.

I like that has good gas mileage. It is roomy yet not to large. I also like that it very reliable.

- Heather A

I like the gas mileage on the car but hate the fact that there have been recalls already on the car and there are some pieces that feel cheap

the gas mileage-- it is the best part of the car and makes a huge difference if you drive a lot

- moira s

very fuel efficient and quiet.

It is very quiet. Very fuel efficient. Very comfortable. Compact but still has enough space.

- Mita S

it gets 60 gallons per mile

I love the miles per gallon I get. I love how quiet the car is. Storage is a little small

- michael m

Style is awful interior is cheap make rattling noise

It is fuel efficient. Reliability is good. easy to drive steering is light. It is cheap

- Ryan L

my prius has great fuel economy - less trips to the gas station is always good!

love the great gas mileage. love the miles per gallon. don't like the shape that much.

- mich m

The car is roomy for tall people and the gas mileage is something to get jealous over.

I love the gas mileage, but it could be a little better in terms of get up and go.

- Taylor B




reasonably priced car with good features

excellent mileage and I like the style. runs very quiet and has plenty of space

- marie L

that it is cool to drive and has great fuel economy

i like the cool styling.i like the fuel economy.i like the layout of the dash.

- dave H


like the body style, the interior, the gas mileage, and the car in general

- Kevin V

The hybrid engine which saves me so much money on fuel.

Hybrid engine. Great gas mileage. The vehicle looks like a luxury car.

- Mark F

It has outstanding mileage. Fill up is $24 and it gets me 582 miles.

Love the gas mileage. It's super comfy. Did I mention the gas mileage?

- Jennifer L

It is pretty good as it is fuel efficient, good acceleration and easy to maintain compared with most models.

Fuel efficient and high MPG. Important now given the crazy gas price.

- Rob S

Front seat could be better. All other aspects are great. Mileage, best so far 68.4 MPG

Great Car and mileage. Reliable. Easy riding and great pickup power.

- Louis P

Great gas mileage. Futuristic interior.

Great gas mileage. Handles exceptionally well. Quick acceleration.

- Ron u

It is perfect for the environment and fits my lifestyle!

It gets great mileage. I live the way it drives. It's a great size

- Beck C

is a lot smaller than it seems. small trunk and backseat space. you may not feel safe on the road.

the gas mileage is good. the drive is silent. small space though.

- christopher k

it's a very reliable and safe car

I like that it is a hybrid car and its good for the environment.

- Anna K

What a great car it is, fun, convenient and sexy.....

I love that it is a hybrid. It's fun to drive. Safes money

- Laura M

mileage, engine warranty, service warranty, pricing, freebies,

great mileage, less maintenance, trunk spacious,good deals

- megh s

good performance, it is a reliable, safe and efficient car

very comfortable, I am very happy with the brand of my car

- Mau C




Hybrids get great miles. Very economical. Comfortable car.

Excellent mileage and good performance. Love a hybrid!

- pj a

Great Gas Mileage with this vehicle you gas bill will love you

Love the gas mileage Has a nice look Low maintenance

- Ken O

very good on gas mileage and very nice on the highway

gas mileage too low to the ground I would like a SUV

- Sandi D

great value and fuel economy

fuel economy size and comfortable seating cargo room

- usan M

Mileage and uses less gas

mileage, brand no complaints and nothing I dislike

- matt J

Great gas mileage winter and summer

Great on gas usage. Drives well. comfortable

- Alice F

I do not have any money for now.

- Justin L