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Powerful and efficient yet compact and reliable.

2000 Toyota RAV4 4dr Manual

Well for starters, it's a Toyota, need I say more. I love this car. Performance is great, especially due to it being a manual 5 speed. Its compact enough to squeeze through tight spots, yet roomy enough inside to transport my 5 children and myself. It has all the little extras like cubbie spots, full sunroof and with plenty of storage space in back. As long as regular maintenance is done this is a wonderful car... sorry Rav. I sit high enough from ground to make me feel like I'm driving a full SUV just a tad smaller. Glass seems to last forever. Its compact yet powerful enough to pull a trailer, and very in space efficient. Great auto.

- Kristin H

2000 Toyota RAV4- Still Going Strong!

2000 Toyota RAV4 4dr Auto 4WD

I bought my 2000 Toyota RAV4 used while I was in college, and it's the car I still drive today. I love that it's compact, but can fit a large load if needed. Since I have an older car, I have had to do some repairs/maintenance to it. I have had to have the head gasket replaced, the exhaust system replaced, oil pan replaced, axels resealed, and I recently put new tires on. Now that the car's about 20 years old I seem to have one big thing that needs work per year, but all in all my Toyota RAV4 has been a very reliable car!

- Ellen E

Toyota's are great, reliable cars.

2000 Toyota RAV4

I am driving a 1998 Toyota rav4, it has 270, 000 miles and still drives very well. It is a small SUV, it gets great gas/mileage. The problems with the vehicle is that the radiator is leaking, so I am needing to refill the fluids about once a week. Also the car has been in a accident, the previous owner hit a deer and it messed up the hood of the car. Other than those issues it has been a very reliable car. It is comfortable and has plenty of room for the kids, and a back area for the dog.

- Sarah G

As weird as this may sound, my car's headlights are actually really awesome.

2000 Toyota RAV4

My car runs really great. I have had a few problems with the brakes, but once I have fixed them they have been totally fine. It gets really good gas mileage, about 25 miles to a gallon. The inside is pretty roomy. The seats and the back can come out and give you plenty of room for luggage, or whatever you need to put in the back. I have had my car for about a year and I really enjoy it.

- Madison W

Wonderful crossover family vehicle

2000 Toyota RAV4 4dr Auto

I absolutely love my Rav4 I truly believe the Toyota brand is loyal and trustworthy (post replacement controversy) It runs good with proper maintenance A very comfortable vehicle Sunroof for sun and air is my favorite feature So far the only issues I've encountered are the Air Intake Valve keeps getting stuck and had to be cleaned or changed our frequently

- Jeanette S

Rav4-small SUV-great for the big city!

2000 Toyota RAV4

The SUV is a compact one, has good gas mileage and the rear seats fold if you have larger cargo. It is smaller body may be a downside for some, but it is a great size city SUV. The only other downside would be that the car does not have any 'oomph'. It is not a sports car, so I get it. however, a bit more pick-up would be wonderful.

- Laura C

Perfect family car with a sunroof.

2000 Toyota RAV4

I love my Toyota, it gets me and my family where we need to go, haven't had it break down, I do with it was a bit bigger for my growing family, may need to upgrade soon but I love the space in it and that the seats fold down in back, it allows you to move things that are bigger if need be, it also has an awesome sunroof.

- Sarah L

Comfortable on long road trips.

2000 Toyota RAV4 4dr Auto

We have a basic rav4 model and it is very comfortable. The vehicle is compact enough and easy to maneuver and spacious enough to carry small furniture that we often do. We go on long road trips that usually spans 4-5 days and the cars runs smoothly. The performance is great even though it is an older model.

- Karen K

2000 RAV4, STILL RUNNING and turning heads!

2000 Toyota RAV4

I´ve had my Toyota RAV4 for 18 years now and it drives so good! It has been very reliable, and with regular maintenance, and the usual repairs, it still runs and it is at over 200K miles. I love the compact size, the roomy cargo, and the visibility. I wish Toyota still made the RAV4 like the 2000 model.


Great quality and dependability!

2000 Toyota RAV4 4dr Auto

Bought my rav4 new and owner since 2000. Other than routine maintenance: oil changes, tires, brakes, etc., no mechanical issues. I have 230,000 miles on car and would have no concerns in getting into car and driving cross country and back. I would definitely consider buying another rav4.

- John W

Toyota rav four with red exterior and multi-colored interior.

2000 Toyota RAV4

This car is incredibly reliable! I am coming up on 250, 000 miles and it still runs like a gem. I have had a few problems with it, but they were easy fixes. This car is comfortable and compact, perfect for a single person or small family. Back seats do not have much leg room though.

- Jenna M

Keep up on preventive maintenance.

2000 Toyota RAV4

What I like about my vehicle is that is small and compact. When it's snows it's perfect for getting out. Also it's 4 wheel drive which is perfect. It runs the same with or without the weight which is something to look at. I don't like that it's a bit small but it's workable.

- Juan J

“high-ho silver” Low maintenance, under 140, 00 miles & another 100, 000 to go.

2000 Toyota RAV4

This has been a great vehicle for the past 18 years; dependable, good gas mileage, & no major repairs needed. I would love a new vehicle with all the newer “bells & whistles “ but I hate the thought of trading in my RAV 4, affectionately named “high-ho silver”.

- Kriss M

Just the right size for me.

2000 Toyota RAV4

I love my vehicle because it is so comfortable to drive. I like being up high and the visibility is outstanding. Even though it is an older car repairs have been minimum. I think the second row seating is too small and not enough leg room for adults.

- Linda E

This is a great functional car, that gives great gas mileage, and is very reliable.

2000 Toyota RAV4

It has great ground clearance and visibility. It has great gas mileage. It has all wheel drive and does very well in all types of weather conditions. Most of all it has 300000 miles and is very reliable.

- Kim S

Wonderful dependable vehicle. Gets good gas mileage. Smooth ride on highway.

2000 Toyota RAV4

Have had no problems since I bought it in 2010. With the exception of new clutch. And just the daily and yearly maintenance work i.e. tires, oil changes, etc. A good ride short and long distance drives.

- Patricia W

It is a durable car and still looks good after all these years It doesn't require major maintenance as long as I keep up with the oil changes and tune ups. I honestly wish they didn't change the design of the car, the new designs just don't say Rav4.

2000 Toyota RAV4

I have had the car for so long I pretty much know everything about. It's very functional for me and my three kids, provides the right amount of space and is good on gas.

- Jaime L

Air bags bad!! Big problems.

2000 Toyota RAV4

Fun to drive comfortable very dependable. Looks good air conditioning is very good. Plenty of power transmission great cruise control air bags was a problem.

- Dion G

The trunk door opens sideways and has tons of space.

2000 Toyota RAV4

I like the shape, color, trunk.. I wish it was a stick shift. The price was right. The seatbelts need repair. It is a fun car to drive, like a car truck..

- Marilyn B

Toyota makes the most dependable cars that rarely break down and when they do it's a lot cheaper to fix than others makes

2000 Toyota RAV4

Its pretty good on gas and turns on a dime. Very dependable and cheap to repair. Only thing to dislike is the air conditioner doesn't work great.

- Kayla S

It's a great car to have if you have a little family like I do.

2000 Toyota RAV4

It is a very good rally car nothing is wrong with it had been a very good car I have had it since 2015 It's a very good family car.

- Jennifer S

Toyota is the way to go. I think.

2000 Toyota RAV4

It drives good, never had to fix anything. Like the back up camera heated seats. There is nothing I can think of that I don't like.

- April R

Reliable and easy to drive.

2000 Toyota RAV4

Great run about car. Perfect for groceries. Little short of backseat space for senior citizens. Easy to get in and out of vehicle.

- Cherie T

It is a perfect size for a small family. You won't have to spend much on fuel.

2000 Toyota RAV4

It is a vehicle you with easy maintenance. Good size. High but compact. 4 cylinders so you don't have to spend too much on fuel.

- Yasmine V

It rides so smooth. It is good on gas.

2000 Toyota RAV4

I don't like how compact it is. I love the air conditioner. I do not like that it does not have a modern radio with a aux cord.

- Amanda M

Dependable, High gas mileage

2000 Toyota RAV4

Dependable, never any engine problems, runs like new 18 years later -- could be a little bigger like such as the newer models.

- Michael T

Awesome little 4x4. Will take you anywhere!

2000 Toyota RAV4

Love my Rav4. Has 4 wheel drive and great on gas. I've got over 200,000 miles on it. Have had very little problems with it.

- Jamie F

I love that my car suits me and is stylish.

2000 Toyota RAV4

It is easy to drive, big but not enough room. Never breaks down.The car is on a timer that reminds me when to take it in.

- Brook A

Very comfortable to drive.

2000 Toyota RAV4

I love the visibility. Can see everything. Not enough space in back seat. Very noisy. Also hard to see speedometer......

- Linda E

It is reliable and it will always work.

2000 Toyota RAV4

I like that it is a manual. It is also very reliable, and it is cute. I do not like that it is not super fuel efficient.

- Danielle K

Dependable in all weather. Love the AWD. All wheel drive.

2000 Toyota RAV4

I have no complaints about my RAV4. Purchased brand new in 1999. RAV4 has been very dependable and has held up well.

- Carol H

Solid 4-door. Great for animals!

2000 Toyota RAV4

Good size. Reliable even after 200,000 miles. Easy access for maintenance such as oil changes and fluid refills.

- Michael D

It is reliable and gets good gas mileage.

2000 Toyota RAV4

Like that it is reliable sporty and good gas mileage. Do not like that it is older so amenities are outdated.

- Whitney H

That it's very durable and there's not too much 2000 year models

2000 Toyota RAV4

It's easy for me to drive since I'm short. I also like the size since it's easy to park. I love my car

- jalene i

it lasts a long time, is durable

2000 Toyota RAV4

I like the handling. I like the cargo space I don't like the way the seals degrade

- Natalie S

Very reliable. No complaints about the car it's wonderful.

2000 Toyota RAV4

It runs really well. There aren't any blind spots which makes driving easy.

- Chelsea W