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The 2001 Toyota rav4 l, pick of the pack, a gem.

I really lucked out when I bought my Toyota rav4 l, it was a preowned unit, but still in great shape, as it is still. The first thing I liked about it was the full time all wheel drive, which is a huge advantage for me where I live in rural northwestern California. Also, I was fortunate enough to purchase a rav with both traction control and, amazingly, a manual transmission, which I prefer over automatic trans by a mile. The tinted windows and automatic sunroof are both awesome, although the motor on the sunroof does need replacing,( after 17 years of operation }. The rear hatch is side mounted, not top, which is usually convenient, as I am tall and am often in danger of bumping my head on the door of most small SUVs, the Toyota rav4 rear hatch is hinged on the right, putting it well out of my way making the amazingly spacious interior compartment very accessible. There are several loops and tie down options, a plus in my book, and best of all I love the way the rear seats completely unattached from the floor of the vehicle, to be removed it stored 8n whatever way is most convenient at the moment. They're heavy, so I store them in my shed to save on weight, and when the rear seats are out, the cargo area approaches the volume if a small pickup bed, with the added advantage it being totally enclosed, a bonus for security and also warm and dry in all weather conditions.

- Justin M

It is been both a versatile and a reliable vehicle for over 17 years.

I purchased my Toyota rav4 new in 2001 and am still driving it! This vehicle has needs very few repairs over the past 17 years although I do complete the regular maintenance, as suggested by Toyota. I never imagine a car would still look great and drive well after 15 years!! I am not sure if other car makers have many car on the road as daily drivers after 15 years, but Toyota has made me a customer for life. My rav4 has been reliable, versatile, and a great vehicle for a small family. It is smaller and sportier than a minivan and gets 23-26 mile per gallon. I have hauled children, furniture, and pavers in it consistently and conveniently. I am currently considering purchasing the 2018 Toyota rav4 for myself and passing this one down to my teen drivers.

- Jessica R

My vehicle is the perfect size for someone it wanting a large vehicle but also wanting a vehicle big enough to be comfy for travel. My German shepherds is rather large and she can fit in the back with the seats down with enough room to run in circles when she wants... she is 80lbs. The space is unbeatable.

My RAV4 is old but it has put up with a LOT of heavy usage. I put about 20,000 miles on it on average in year. Recently, i have needed to put some work into it because some Pieces are starting to "show their wear". The carpet seating is hard to clean unfortunately but that's expected with these seats. My paint has worn down but I also have had it through all seasons. I have not driven it in snow and ice because I don't trust myself personally on that. I have never even considered another brand of car. My first car is this Toyota, and all my future cars will be one as well. The size of the RAV4 isn't too large but it's also not to small. It's a comfy SUV that has travelled well even with a 2 Year old German Shepherd.

- Kaitlin M

Overall a very good and reliable car that I would recommend.

There have been no problems with my vehicle other than the air conditioning no longer works. It have very good performance besides the lack of a working air conditioning. It is a very reliable vehicle and I would certainly recommend it. I use it to drive to work and have also driven on longer day trips with no issues. It is a comfortable vehicle with space for a driver and four passengers. The trunk is not super big, but the seats can be folded down to make room as needed. Over all a very good and reliable car that I would highly recommend.

- Margaret T

My vehicle is almost 20 years old, and it is in good shape for a car that old.

Currently I own a 2001 Toyota RAV4, and it is okay. When I got it, the car had over 180, 000 miles, which is to be expected due to its age. However, the mileage is a major concern for me, which makes me think that I will not have the car for as long as I need to before getting a new car--which stinks because I drive far. Also, when it is in park or when my foot is on the brake, it makes weird noises and "jumps". I like it because it gets me from A to B, but at the same time, the mileage and weird car noises is of concern.

- Alexa M

The 2001 rav4 is the nicest car I've ever owned.

I had originally intended to test drive a Camry but when I saw the rav I just had to check that little sporty thing out. It had the additional advantage that my mother had no problem getting into and out of the front or back seats after her hip replacement. It gets great gas mileage, the steering handles nice and tight. The only major problem I have ever had was a problem with the distributor which was totally covered by the Toyota warranty.

- Sandra R

It looks tiny on the outside but can fit so much comfortably on the inside.

I love my RAV4! I am he second owner on the vehicle with just about 200, 000 miles on it. Over the years there have been few major mechanical issues with it over the years. It is has been a reliable commuter car for work as well as road trips across country. I can comfortably fit anything I need to go mountain biking, paddle boarding, hiking or camping with plenty of space for my two large dogs! I love this car!

- Laura Z

The car is very dependable and I feel very safe driving it.

Its an older model and car so it has slowly started to give me more problems but for how old it is it still is a very dependable car. I really like the view I get from the driver's seat because I shorter than average so it really allows me to have a clear view of the road and makes me feel safe and comfortable being able to see the road from all angles.

- Michelle G

Dogmobile and daily driver

My RAV4 has been a really reliable ride. It is great for shopping and around town, but could use more cargo space for trips. There was a big problem with the ECM (brain) of these models and should've been recalled. Luckily I was able to catch mine in time and have it fixed before it caused my transmission to fail.

- debbie m

Affordable compact SUV you'll love.

I love my Toyota rav4. It is a compact SUV but still is roomy with a nice sized back seat and a large cargo area. I use it to haul things like animal feed and straw often. As a plus sized person having a spacious driving area is important as well. The rav4 provided that and I can easily get in and out of the car.

- Kia T

Great handling SUV that gets terrible fuel mileage and has transmission problems

The transmission feels terrible and I don't feel confident that it won't leave me stranded. It handles very well for a small SUV, better than most cars. The fuel mileage is awful and is very expensive to drive for a vehicle if it's size. I wish I would have gotten the 4 wheel drive version of this vehicle

- Robert M

RAV4 - a comfortable ride for the whole family - wherever you are going.

I love the RAV4. It is comfortable, has great visibility, AWD, great gas mileage for an SUV. It is updated and feels like a newer car than it is. I wish it was a little more spacious in the backseat but has lots of room in the front and the trunk. It has a nice sporty look unlike the older models.

- Haley B

Toyota Rav4 2001 model review

The brakes get pretty squeaky sometimes. I love how comfortable the seats are and the wheel turns really nicely. I like how it is not too wide so that I can still fit into compact parking spots. The paint is chipping off since it has been through lots of rough Pacific Northwest weather.

- Cameron C

Comfortable and smooth and easy to drive.

It's very comfortable and drives well. Very easy to operate. The cruise control works amazing and the seats are very comfortable and the space in the back helps hold a lot of items. I recommend this car to anyone and especially a newer model would have more features and be even better.

- Lisa L

Issues with Toyota RAV4 2001.

Slow getting up to speed especially on hills. Good getting around in all weather. Easy to get in and out of seats especially those with long legs. When using the rear view windshield wiper and cleaner does not do a good job clearing away the best time to use is on rainy days.

- Melissa S

Great running car. Would highly recommend.

I have had this car for over 10 year and have had very little problems with it. Besides normal brakes and oil change I've only had to replace the battery and radiator. I have over 180000 miles on it and would recommend this car to anyone looking for a reliable car.

- Donna K

Spacious SUV with foldable back seats.

Low maintenance good gas mileage. Good quality engine. Tinted windows. High quality stereo and speakers. Crash safety number one. Good braking system. Good steering wheel. Awesome air conditioning. Comfortable seats. Spacious cargo area with foldable back seats.

- Stephen B

Rav4 is a pretty good first car.

For a first car, it is lasting (running for 18 years and still going). Interior is polyester which is subjected to staining but is very comfortable and does not adjust with the temperature. Has had several transmission issues in a short time period.

- Mia S

This vehicle is reliable and I love the size of this SUV!

It seems to be reliable other than the computer going. I just got that replaced. It is comfortable and it drives great in all weather types. We get a lot of snow and ice where I live and I have never solid.

- Sarah O

Great size and can get around town in all types of weather.

I like how it gets me around town and that I can see better than in a car. Dislike the sunroof that I had put in since if you don't close it all the way it can bring in rain. Don't use the sunroof anyway.

- Melissa I

It is one of the best rated and most reliable cars out there.

My vehicle is a little older (need to update). I like the size of my vehicle. I dislike the gas mileage. It is an older car that has ran very well for a long time. I also like the interior design.

- Kayla K

Its' compact and great on gas.

It's compact and great on gas. I would recommend only using OEM parts if possible. I used aftermarket brakes and the performance was terrible, then installed OEM brakes and no problems.

- Geneva G

Toyota rav4 a pleasure to drive.

My Toyota rav4 is such a great car. Good on gas, love the way it handles the road, and it's the perfect size vehicle for me. I have never felt so comfortable driving any other car!

- Chrissie K

My car is very reliable and dependable and also gets good mileage

I have had my car since 2001 and I have never had any real problems with it, just normal maintenance/ Granted, I do not drive much at all but I have been happy with this car.

- Shiela K

Great safety features come standard.

I like that it is four wheel drive. I do not like it has a lot of miles on it. I like the color of it. I do not like it is air does not work since I got it.

- Jimmy S

It's safety and reliability.

It's a Toyota which has always been reliable for me. It had one recall issue which Toyota promptly fixed. I will probably by another Toyota in the future.

- James T

Dependable and economical to own

Fuel economy. Roomy enough to haul. Sits high offering good visibility. Dislike that rain can land on seats when entering and exiting the vehicle.

- Carol C

It's a great car that might night be the best looking but it is going to be safe for my kids

My car is an older year but it reliable and comfortable. My only dislike is that's getting old and we will be needing to get a newer car this year

- Sara m

It lasts a long time! You don't have to worry about taking it to the mechanic every few months.

It's very reliable and doesn't use very much gas. It has plenty of room for road and grocery trips. It isn't impeded by potholes or gravel.

- Sofiya C

I have not had to do much maintenance on it.

I love the size and ease of driving it. I do not like all the blind spots in it. The blind spots make it difficult to see when backing up.

- Penny K

It's been very reliable with minimal issues that I've had to deal with.

I like the cargo room in the back. The vehicle is highly reliable. The cup holders adjust for drink size, and I get decent gas mileage.

- James W

It is not a new car but gets the job done for us...

It is just the right size for my husband and myself. Also I love the size when just running errands. It gets good gas mileage also.

- Sheila M

Very dependable. Easy to drive. Great for traveling.

It has great space and 4wd, which is helpful for winters and outdoors activities. Unfortunately, it does not have good mpg.

- Cindy H

Very reliable and very roomy on the inside.

Lots of room. Drives and handles well. Reliable. Gas efficient. 180k miles so long-running. Not really anything I dislike.

- David A

My car is reliable and safe. I enjoy driving it and hope my kids learn to drive it.

I love my vehicle. I have had it for 17 years and is still my primary vehicle. I have only had a few problems with it.

- angela s

The one most important thing about my car is it is eco friendly.

I love this car. Very reliable. It has lasted a long time. I would get another model of this car. It is very dependable.

- RHonda J

sturdy - long lasting car - easy and pleasant to drive

Roomy inside but small enough that it's easy to park in the city. Is a bit higher than most cars so visibility is good.

- monica l

That if you take care of this car it will last a long time.

I like sitting up higher in an SUV for driving. It rides smoothly. Good gas mileage. It has lasted over 200,000 miles.

- Kathy C

Small but mighty gets the job done

This is a awesome car gets around great in the winter has 227,000 miles and running strong. Would recommend to anyone.

- Bill K

That it is a very reliable vehicle.

I love the four wheel drive and room. It does not have automatic headlights. The heat and air could be better.

- Mary P

Great for size for one or two people!

I love my vehicle! I am a shorter person so I sit higher than in a regular vehicle and have more cargo space.

- Dominique R

Decent for a College Student, who is poor. Otherwise, do not recommend

Was used, so it does not work great. Like the amount of space. Don't like how slow it takes to accelerate.

- Sam A

Its built tough to run longer.

I like the compact size, the way it handles and feels. I hate the parts are so high to replace and fix.

- Cristy P

This car even though it's having minor problems it had always been very reliable

I love our car but it is getting older and starting to have problems. Great car over all for the year.

- Sara M

it gets great gas mileage and looks great...also it's a safe car

no complaints it's small but just big enough easy to get stuff in and out it's tough

- Deb K

Its green and i love the sound it makes. I love the vibrant colors.

I love the gas mileage. I like the price. I love the colors. I love the brand

- Heather B

It is very dependable. I would recommend it to others.

I like the size of it. I like the way it drives. It drives well in snow.

- Danyelle t

it's dependable, long lasting

it's dependable it's rugged it has good storage space

- merrie S