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It gets you from point A to point B.

I bought it from a private owned dealership and it was in really good cosmetic condition. Dealer told me transmission was rebuilt but it felt and sounded good. He told me it had a one year warranty and that if there was ever an issue, I can take it to their mechanic. I drove it around for a good amount of time so I decided to take it home. About 3 months in, the transmission became faulty. It became really loud and started vibrating too much. So I took the car in to the mechanic around march 2017– didn't get my car back until July 2017. Really wasted time and the mechanic didn't want to give my car back because there was still work needed. The car sounds the same and keeps vibrating a lot. It gets me to point A to point B. I upgraded the radio to a new one and works just fine. It is comfortable for sure. Really spacey.

- Maria G

Dependable car that is spacious and comfortable for large people.

I love my 2003 Toyota RAV4. The only problem is that I do not like that it only gets 23 miles per gallon. This could be due to it is age. It has been a dependable car for me to go to and from work and college. I have had the car for 5 years. It is a very comfortable car. I am a short person so sometimes I cannot see over the steering wheel, however, this car has a steering wheel that is at a great height. The only issue that I have with the car is that sometimes it makes a screeching noise that I always thought was the brakes, but I have had my brakes checked three times since I have had the car and each time they say it is not the brakes and they do not know what the issue is. Overall, a very dependable vehicle. I plan to get a newer version of the Toyota RAV4 in the future.

- Jess H

Cannot go wrong with the rav4!

Overall, this is a great vehicle. I have been driving it for over 10 years and it has stood the test of time. It has over 230,000 miles on it and it is still running great. It gets decent gas mileage for a crossover, it is comfortable to drive and ride in, it has much more cargo space than it looks like it would have, and it has never had any major problems outside of normal wear and tear. The only thing that I find lacking is the power. As a four cylinder, it struggles to get up large hills and I sometimes have a hard time getting up to speed on a highway as I merge, which can be tricky in a busy area. I love this car, though, and will drive it until it dies!

- Sarah T

Great car, still runs like a champ after 16 years.

This car has been the most reliable and functional car I have ever owned. Living in Colorado, it has to have excellent heat and cooling systems, Drivability in snow, ice, extreme heat, and torrential rain. It is easy to drive with great visibility (few blind spots), great acceleration, lots of space and comfortable seats. As it is now 16 years old, there is some wear on a few nonessential systems, such as the electronic door locks, and a window that has to 'rest' for several seconds when you raise it - a few inches at a time. I love this car and expect to drive it well past 300,000 miles.

- Janet W

Right size for a girl and her dog!

I adore my rav4. As a smaller framed woman it does not make me feel swallowed but I also like being a bit higher off the road than a sedan affords. Regular maintenance has kept it running well and Toyota did right by me when there was a transmission recall that affected the car's low gear acceleration. One of my favorite features is the 5th-door rather than a liftgate on the back. This and the spare tire on the door instead of the trunk floor makes it so much easier helping my large aging dog in and out of the back safely.

- Katherine R

Four wheel drive and great on gas.

My car is low mileage and easy to maintain. . It roomy it sits 5 and the cargo space is just fine for me. I have taken very heavy loads including camping equipment. And the gas is also perfect. $40 gives me a full tank. Easy to find parking. It runs really good. It struggles a bit going up hill but its a champ. I really never had to invest a lot of money to maintain it. As long as you keep up the basic tune up and rotate the tires and do the brakes. . This has been the best car ever for me.

- Yolanda P

2003 Toyota rav4. I like my rav4. It is a nice, safe family vehicle.

My 2003 rav4 is a nice vehicle, can fit 5 people and has ample trunk space. It is an all wheel drive vehicle so it can get around on off road areas. The car does not have a lot of power, but I associate that with the fact that it is an older vehicle with approximately 154,000 miles. Also for a small vehicle with a 4 cylinder engine the gas mileage is bad. It gets under 20 miles per gallon. Again I associate that somewhat with the fact that it is an older vehicle with high mileage.

- John A

My RAV4 is a reliable, basic mode of transportation

I bought my 2003 RAV4 in 2015 with 110,000 miles. It was my 3rd RAV4. I know they are reliable. It is a basic car with no bells or whistles but with 3 kids in college that is what I could afford. I am sure my next car will also be a Toyota. I do have to say that the computer went out about 8 months after I bought it, 120000 miles. That was a big expense and a problem with that year's model. Other than that, I have done regular maintenance work to it.

- Kim G

My vehicle is a white, 2003 Toyota RAV4. One interesting detail is the sunroof.

I bought this vehicle brand new in 2003. It has been one of those most efficient vehicles I've ever drove. It's great on gas and the horsepower is great for it to be an older car. Wouldn't trade it for the world. The seats are comfortable & very easy to adjust to your comfort settings. The car itself doesn't take up too much room on the road. I'm glad that it's a smaller size car. Very easy to navigate. I highly recommend this type of vehicle.

- Dari C

Great car for single person rav4.

I like my car, its reliable. The only problem is that it burns through oil very fast. I am looking for retire the car soon, it does need a new engine. It was very comfortable for me until I recently had a baby. The car is a bit small now with stroller in the trunk, it's hard to grocery shop now and fit everything. A great car size for someone single with no children.

- Kelsey L

SUV 4 door plus 4 wheel drive, good cold air.

I love that it is 4 wheel drive and 4 door, there is enough room in the cargo space to haul all my shopping purchases. I can fold away the two split seats and have enough space to throw a sleeping bag in and spend the night just like it is a tent. It also has a luggage rack that gives more hauling ability. It is a six cylinder which has great gas performance. It.

- Jerry N

My trustworthy navy blue rav 4.

The car is very comfortable and is a good size. The seats have cloth and are not hard. It does not have a lot of horsepower nor does it accelerate very fast. It burns up gas fairly quickly, and has a decent size tank of 12 gallons. However, it is very reliable, as it made a 500+ mile drive from GA to la. It performs well, and gets me from point A to point B.

- David D

Amazing little RAV4 lady.

Most reliable vehicle I have owned. Great gas mileage, drives so good in the deep snow, it is front wheel drive, comfortable to drive and take trips. Love the back hatch, can actually put small pieces of furniture in there. We are a family of Toyota’s, my husband is a mechanic and has found they are one of the most reliable vehicles built.

- Kelli H

The vehicle is reliable. I feel comfortable getting most places and/or driving far distances without hesitation.

I love the versatility of my vehicle. I feel comfortable going into the wilderness, but still feel able to navigate narrow city streets. I like the height off the ground. I wish the vehicle was a little bit bigger so I could fit more equipment in the back. I also wish the back door was a hatchback as the giant door is inconvenient at times.

- Kate K

Best vehicle ever. Love everything about it.

I have had very little work done to this vehicle other than routine maintenance. Serpentine belt replaced in 2005 or so. Bought car new. Also had to replace module or something after check engine light came on. I love this vehicle and plan on driving it as long as I can. Over 136,000 miles and still runs great. Best vehicle ever.

- Rita F

It handles well in rough weather both snow or flooding.

We like it because of its ability to carry awkward loads like wheelchairs and a service dog. ; however it is hard to carry both at the same time. This will be a major consideration when we look for our next car. It handles well on the road even in difficult weather. It is not too low to the ground for rough Ohio weather either.

- Karla B

Toyota rav4: reliable & sporty.

What I love most about my Toyota rav4 is its reliability. I know it will start up every day, and perform at a high level. I enjoy how it looks. It has a sporty but rugged look about it. On the downside, it can be kind of loud overall. But it is comfortable, had plenty of space, and gets me everywhere I want to go.

- Linda T

The always reliable and smart buy RAV4

Have had no major issues with this make and model vehicle. It's very a very reliable car and has required little maintenance besides common issues due to the age of the car. It runs smooth, and is a very comfortable and spacious vehicle. It has a large trunk and the back seats fold down for added storage space.

- Mars R

Excellent vehicle with high mileage capabilities.

The 2003 Toyota rav4 is a compact SUV with great gas mileage and style. This is a super reliable vehicle. I have experienced no major issues with this car and am close to 200,000 miles. The 2003 Toyota rav4 has an terrific turning radius. This vehicle can take you from the city to the mountains and back again.

- Natalie R

Dependable and long lasting

My car has held up very well over the years. The only problems I've ever had with the car are due to rust, which any car would have after so many years and exposure to salted and sanded roads each year. I frequently make long trips (6 hours) to school and back and the car handles it very well

- Emily P

To flip, or not to flip. That is the question.

I love my car. It drives good and works well, but I wish it was not top heavy. Sometimes I do not feel safe going around turns. There is a warning on it, but I just recently noticed it. Just be careful when making hard turns. Otherwise the rav4 has been a reliable and safe vehicle.

- Savannah H

The RAV4 is a very reliable vehicle and requires little maintenance.

The RAV has been a very reliable car - I can always count on it to get me where I am going and to do it safely. We have put very little money into it and it is 15 years old. I do prefer smaller cars, which is my only dislike. But having an SUV has really come in handy.

- Janice S

Nice room comfortable for long road trips especially if you are overnighting.

It reliable, runs good a bit high on mileage no major mechanical issues, easy to maintain and parts are easy to find. Also runs good on roads in the winter snow etc, air condition and heat give no issues, great leg room in the back and plenty of space in the trunk.

- Rodney M

Simply, it is very reliable.

I love the size and style of my vehicle. It is comfortable and it does not give me any problems. It is easy to maintain. The only thing I do not like about my car, is that it is old, so replacement time will be coming soon. I am trying to keep it as long as I can.

- Maria P

Great ride and very dependable.

So far this has been a great car. The only problems is with parts wearing out with age. It gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable. It is very easy for the whole family to get in and out. I have a fourteen year old that is 6'2 and he loves it. Thank you.

- David L

Love the Toyota RAV4 maneuverability.

The very best thing about this vehicle is its ability to turn on a dime and park in very tight spaces. It maneuvers well and drives comfortably. I have not had any problems to speak of. I appreciate the ability to store and haul a great many things in the back.

- Alice S

It will possibly not start the alarm is a problem if you lock mess with locks.

The best thing I invested in, is the tires along with lifetime warranty. My brakes are on the verge of going out, while braking the loud squeaking noise will turn heads. The car almost did not pass smog, this past year. Air filters need to be replaced as well.

- Christina T

The price on a rave 4 is really high know,

The only complaint I have the brake light is on and I do not want to spend money on it, was told I am alright driving by a person at Toyota dealership. The car had some other issues but was able to take care of it. The car is running good for the year it is.

- Julie M

They should know that it is very versatile and extremely comfortable to drive.

I used to have a much smaller car and I like the fact that the RAV4 sits up higher. This makes it a lot easier to see. I also like that it has a lot of space for seating and also storage. The only thing I dislike about my RAV4 is It's age and high mileage.

- Heather V

My car is 15 years old and has been really good to me

My Toyota Rav 4 has been great. I love the car. But now it's betting older and I don't want to spend money on costly repairs. So I am thinking about buying a new Toyota. I will probably stick with Toyota because I love it so much

- Terry F

It's sporty, fun and easy to drive. I think anyone who buys this car would be really happy with it. It's also great for road trips.

I love my Rav4! It gets great gas mileage, has a sunroof, it is so easy to drive, and I can park it anywhere. There is plenty of room for the daily groceries and my swim backpack. The one complaint I have is the way the trunk opens.

- Kathleen M

Long lasting Toyota. These cars tend to last a long time.

It is a reliable car. Toyota's have great reputations for lasting a long time. The ride is rough in the rave. I have people complain all of the time that it is not a smooth ride. The mileage is great. I would buy one again.

- Judy S

It's good in the snow and is reliable.

I like that it's good in the snow and sits up higher than a car. I like the cargo space and that it's okay on gas. I dislike that it's about 15 years old and is starting to have issues. I would buy a newer version though.

- Allison N

safe and secure It gets you where you want to go

I have had my car for 15 years and I love it. I feel very secure in it and I can go anywhere. I can go up hills that you would think you would need a four wheel drive truck for and people are amazed to see me do that.


My car is reliable and can handle many different road conditions. Even though it isn't a 4 wheel drive, we can still take it off road.

I love my vehicle but do have a few complaints. The first is fuel efficiency. I would like the car to be more economical and environmentally friendly. I would also like a cup holder on the inside of the door.

- Heidi R

Good small suv ...good value for the money...dog friendly ... would buy it again

Not high on comfortability but good on performance and reliability and gas mileage ... like the features especially like the door on the back as opposed to the hatch lift...does well in tight parking lots

- Debra P

Love our Rav4, the perfect small SUV.

love my Rav4 for it's perfect size, dependability and good winter driving safety. goo gas mileage, comfortable ride is perfect for my family. the wife really loves it so that makes my life easy.

- tim m

The adventures of pippin the rust-bucket

This car gets me where I need to go. I LOVE Toyotas in general but this one is old and has so many miles on it, it's no longer my baby and now, just a rust bucket that mostly works.

- Leah R

It's durable/ long-lasting. It has over 175,000 miles on it and just keeps going.

I like the size of my car and that it is good in the snow. I don't like that it's about 15 years old. I would like to buy a new one, but I can likely get 200,000 miles out of mine.

- Allison D

Saves gas lasts and fits everywhere.

There are not really problems with it is just I need pick up and haven't had the time or money to buy it but fav 4 are very good for a small family saves on gas and very reliable.

- Carlos G

Not as good on gas as you would expect.

My Toyota RAV4 is the perfect size. It handles great and looks sharp. Lots of storage room with removable seats for when you need to haul large items. The perfect vehicle!

- Sharon D

Handles great and it is a comfortable ride.

The rear seats fold up and are removable. It is a great vehicle for moving and camping. I biggest complaint is the cruise control will not resume if you go below 25 mph.

- Kris G

Rav4 is a good car & reasonably priced, I would definitely consider getting another one.

It has actually been a great car. Repair can be expense, such as check engine light. It has been relatively easy to maintain & It's a perfect size for family of 3 or 4.

- Virginia M

Very versatile car. Fine for one person, good for passengers, great trunk space for traveling.

Great trunk space. Car has only had problems with catalytic converter. All other maintenance is routine. Would love to get a newer model for some more tech features.

- Karen C

My beautiful car is something that I enjoy having.

My car is ok. The A/C works fine, have tires and oil changes every year because of winter. The radio still works fine, performance is still fine after 5 years.

- Bee H

It's old and very hard to drive because of a bad suspension.

The Toyota RAV4 is a good vehicle just not mine because of how old it is! Water damage has it rusted out but I wouldn't mind having a newer version of the RAV4.

- Nate M

They are very easy to get use to driving

I love it. Very user friendly especially with someone who has use of only one hand. Good gas mileage. Also there haven't been a lot major issues gone with it.

- Mary M

It is dependable and is a comfortable ride.

Solid ride, quiet, ac and heat are quick, good gas mileage. Easy to drive/handle. The normal lifespan in miles driven is over 150,000 miles.

- Beverly F

Dependable Rav4 has been the perfect family vehicle.

My Rav4 is amazing. It had been dependable since I purchased it used with 30,000 miles and I am now at 330,000 miles and still going strong!

- Era k

It gets good gas mileage.

I love the look of the vehicle. It looks very outdoorsy. I do not like my speaker system because I have to use a tape AUX converter.

- Renee W

It's very dependable and reliable.

My Rav4 is very dependable. I haven't had any major problems with it. Most the repairs have been due to wear and tear be over time.

- Jo s

Economical and reliable. Running for years and years.

I like the model. It is not too big, not too small. Not so expensive with gas. It is still running despite of its old age.

- Mary V

It's reliable, and offers peace of mind, the car that makes you want to go places.

I love this car. 14+ years, and it's been completely reliable and a pleasure to drive. I'd recommend a RAV4 to anyone.

- Tara K

I call it my beach cruiser.

It is a great car! It would be good for a first car. Good on gas. The only problem I had was the air conditioner.

- Samantha S

It is a good economy car with great storage capacity.

I like the sized the vehicle. I like the look of it. I like the spacious storage and it has decent gas mileage.

- Melissa F

Good mileage and enough room in my trunk for my mobility scooter.

Rugged construction and good performance. I am so happy with my car. It has good mileage and no major problems.

- Larry P

It's mostly because of our kids. They're the reason we need a spacious car.

Gas is really good. No engine trouble whatsoever. And it's been very reliable since we had it 3 years now.

- John G

It has lasted a long time and is very reliable, it is over 15 years old

It is a very reliable car & has lasted a long time. It's more of a "family" type vehicle than I prefer.

- Lisa Y

You didn't have mine listed! It's a Pontiac Vibe 2003 GT. I love my little car. But it's very sick. Needs a lot of work. Has great features of the previous owner had taken care of it. Piecing it together now.

Feel the Vibe of Power! With this 6 speed, fun to drive for play or work! This little car has it all!

- Luria W

It has 4 doors. This makes it convenient for family use.

I like the 4 doors. I also like the height of the car. I dislike the sound of the engine.

- kay k

It's a keeper. I would not trade it. It is safe and reliable.

I would like a new stereo. But aside from the fact that it's a little old. I love it.

- Jocelyn S

I like that the vehicle has a lot of cargo space but can still fit into a parking spot. It also is a nice smooth ride and is visually appealing. It is great for road trips.

It is part of a reputable brand and so you can trust that it's quality.

- Jamal W

It will get you from point a to b and it's is a economical vehicle

I like that it's fuel efficient. It's used so it has some problems.

- Cathleen F

I like that it is small but not too small. I like that the trunk opens differently. I love that it has lasted for so long.

It's a quality car. We bought it used and still works great.

- Kristina V