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Only Toyota for me from here on out. Die hard in love with them because of my Rav4.

For gas mileage savings, ease of driving, and space, this is the best four cylinder vehicle I have ever driven. I bought it used and replaced the brakes, which was just as easy as with my other vehicles. It works great with cheap or expensive off road tires, and you can fit a ton of home improvement stuff in it. There is enough room inside to camp, and enough fuel efficiency to go far on vacation. I literally fell in love with Toyota vehicles because of this baby, and am never going back. I also found out they are one of the few manufacturers giving Americans jobs here in the US, and are a great company to work for. Sold, sold, and more sold. Love my toy!

- Amanda H

Toyota rav4, not to big- not too small. Just right!

It is reliable transportation, gas mileage is great. It's a cheaper version of an SUV. We are happy. It's not too big, nor too small. The engine runs good. We have not had any real problems with this vehicle. I would definitely recommend a Toyota RAV4 4 to someone living in the mountains as well as a student who drives back and forth to college. It's great for travel. Small enough to buzz around in the city, yet still good enough for rough terrain, camping, etc. I absolutely love my Toyota RAV4 4. I will always buy Toyota.

- Jami C

Reliable car! Solid car!

The car runs really well, we bought it for like $3, 000 from an auction. It has never broken down, it is actually a really nice car. It is just old. But it works amazing in snow, sand, hills, etc. It just feels like such a nice and solid, good car. Very reliable. One window does not go up or down anymore so it is stuck being closed (the drive thru window:( ) seats are not super comfortable, but you get used to them. They're not too horrible. Otherwise, I would 100% recommend it. It is a great car.

- Alex T

Love my Toyota! Long life, minimal repairs!

I bought my 2005 Toyota rav4 in 2008. It had only one previous owner. Overall it has exceeded my expectations! It is now thirteen years old and, despite a few repairs over the past few years, it has been very good to me. I didn't even have to replace the original battery until it was ten years old! The catalytic converter has gone out in it now, but that will be my most expensive repair to date. Love this car! I do not intend to replace it as long as it runs.

- Ellen R

Toyota rav4 - great family car.

It has a large trunk areas and the seats fold down so it is great for transporting it purchasing items that do not fit in a regular car. 3 people can fit in the back comfortably. It had a middle console in the back that had 2 cup holders. It had power windows, CD player, and radio. It drives good, but I do get frequent recall notice in the mail about this car. I have had to have the brakes redone several times, but no other major issues.

- Jennifer L

Will purchase a rav4 again when the time comes.

The Toyota rav4 is a dependable, easy to handle car. My family has enjoyed taking long trips with it as it does well on the highways and is fairly economical. We can comfortably seat 5 passengers in the car. We do enjoy the sun roof especially in the spring, summer and fall seasons. I have not had to take the car for major car repairs. The car has over 100,000 miles on it and it can go for another 100,000 miles, I'm sure.

- Joanne S

I truly enjoy driving my car. The air conditioner in my car is wonderful.

I like that the trunk is spacious and flat. Perfect for delivering my wedding cakes. You can take half or all of the backseat out if you need the room. I think the quality of my RAV4 is lasting well. One thing I have noticed is that there is not enough room between the front and back seats to comfortably put a baby seat. The baby seat has to be in the middle or else the person in the front seat will be all scrunched up.

- Kris D

I love my old rav4 SUV car!!

Very good, reliable, good power, just at 14 yrs old starting to think of replacement. Gas mileage has always been good and that has never changed, 2-1. 2 years ago, the a/c started getting less able to handle all the really hot summer days--that was the deciding factor in thinking of needing new--that has been difficult to successfully get repaired.

- Ann P

I would buy another rav4 without any reservations.

My rav4 is 13 years old and has never caused any problems. The only things I have done are routine maintenance. I love sitting "up" so that I can see oncoming traffic. It also makes getting in and out a breeze. Gas mileage is good. I also like the trunk space in the back. It has hooks to hang grocery bags on so that they do not go rolling around.

- Donna H

It has the radio controls on the steering wheel.

My car is very spacious. It has a good sized trunk for suitcases, groceries or anything you take from place to another. Family friendly! It has a CD player and cassette player. Also has the radio controls on the steering wheel! Very good gas mileage! I haven't had many issues with it except normal car stuff like oil change, needs alignment etc.!

- Shanna D

The very best new car purchase ever.

I love my car, and it has been the best purchase I have made with a new car. It is quiet, a smooth drive, and has been very reliable. The only problem I have had is with the wheel cover on the spare--it wouldn't come off! No big deal... I cut it off to use the tire, and all is fine now. I'd buy another rav-4 in a heartbeat.

- Kari O

Comfortable and roomy and is great on gas mileage.

It is good on gas but the transmission is not in the best of shape right now. It is pretty comfortable to drive around in and has plenty of room inside of it. The radio and speakers sound good but the bass does not sound good any higher than 3. The heat is very powerful and warms up the car fast.

- Sara B

Dependability and reliability of a 2005 Toyota rav4.

It does okay on gas. Depends how much driving you do. With gas prices now about 20 dollars to fill up. So far no problems with it. Doing good for 14 years. Interior holds up good. It is comfortable for long road trips. So far if is a very reliable car, as long as you keep up with maintenance.

- Elizabeth A

Miles on miles and still doing swell.

I have had this car for 13 years and it almost has 300,000 miles on it and still runs great. Ac, radio, heat, and all other features still work. Transmission wears sooner than engine but most mechanics know how to handle it. Overall love this car and would totally get another one.

- Rochelle R

That it is simplest vehicle to repair and maintain. Never vehicles these days manufacturers are trying to make it difficult to do it yourself because they try to make it a business selling maintenance on the long run after selling you the vehicle new.

What I like about the vehicle is that it is simple and easy to repair/maintain, the rear seats are removable for more cargo space, and I have no major issues with the vehicle ever since I bought it new. Only complaint is the gas mileage is not as good as the newer vehicles.

- Robert P

Toyota rav4 2005 does not disappoint. Extremely sturdy and comfortable.

Purchased Toyota after about 115k already put on car. Have had it for four years and have never had any huge problem with it. Just keep up with oil changes, rotations, etc. Very sturdy car and drives well on sideroads, on freeway, and in different weather/road conditions.

- Janice K

Toyota RAV4: overall review.

Basic RAV4. Good on gas short on space. AWD nice in the winter. Plenty of ground clearance. Comes in many colors. Can only fit two car seats. Rear brake calipers need to be replaced often. Speakers are adequate not great. Body did not rust muffler needed to be replaced.

- Jackie L

No thank you I don't care anymore.

It is fun and reliable I shouldn't have to have an arbitrary amount of characters to describe how I feel so if you want to waste time and make me not want to help your company in the future you have succeeded in your goal this is ridiculous and your survey can shove it.

- James F

Compact, two door SUV with leather seats. Gets excellent gas mileage.

I love my Rav4. The gas mileage is awesome. My favorite part about my car is that although it's a compact SUV it still has enough space for me. I really love how it fits into tight spaces and can maneuver quick turns in small areas. I have the 2 door with leather seats.

- Belinda C

Great and reliable car for its value.

My car is very reliable, I haven't done any major repairs yet. I mostly just maintain it by changing oil when it is needed. I love this car from the moment I first drove it. The performance is great, I still feel the power. I honesty will recommend this car to anyone.

- Riza F

Perfect SUV that feels smooth driving like a car, much more useful than a car.

Had to replace the alternator. I love the way it drives. Problems: don't run low on gas, starts to make random noise. Does drive well. Has comfy seats. Perfect height for being short, I can adjust the seat however I like, and get taller. I can see over the dash.

- Sophie V

Great bang for your buck and so on.

Great size, great gas mileage, drives amazing in the snow and lots of room but can get into a space of small car. I recommend this car in all climates and situations. Very reliable. I really do no want to write anymore but it is making me and that is really silly.

- Jackie K

This car is perfect for a new Mom. It is spacious enough for a car seat and has loops in the middle seat to hook up the car seat for extra security.

I love this car because it is the perfect size for my family. It has been very reliable and I feel safe while driving it. It may not be the fanciest car, but I do like that the back seats fold down. It's come in handy when we have had some big items to transport.

- Ciera J

Review of RAV4 from a Toyota buyer for life.

Very reliable car, low maintenance, holds up well, very durable and can handle off-roading adventures as well as long car rides. Enough room to comfortably seat 4 passengers, and plenty of room for hauling/moving boxes, smaller furniture, or camping/hiking gear.

- Karen L

Dependable, roomy, midsize SUV with great mpg.

Great handling, roomy, leather seats, excellent mechanical. Seat warmers, cold ac, wonderful visibility. Perfect seat height. Middle range for mpg, 4 cylinder, not much pep. Nice shade of blue. Luggage rack, removable rear seats. Tinted windows in rear and back.

- Kelly M

It has a good room of space but not that good.

It has problems like thing's dying fast and it is very useless when you are trying to go camping but in all it is always horrible because it is actually a very ugly model. It also burns up a lot during a long ride or even a short one like riding for an hour.

- Jenna J

Toyota RAV4 is a great vehicle for the working adult.

I love my RAV4it is a great vehicle and very reliable. I haven't had any issues with the car and am completely satisfied with my vehicle. I have plenty of room for my family and whatever they bring as well as plenty of trunk space for purchases and storage.

- Dominique P

Toyota rav4 a safe reliable well performing vehicle in all weather.

I have not experienced any problems. It is a really reliable vehicle and rarely need fixing. The comfort is average as far as features it has power windows locks. Airbags for front passengers. I performs great in winter conditions and get good gas mileage.

- Ed G

It is Very very reliable and extremely dependable.

Love everything about this vehicle! The dependability, low amount of maintenance, reliability, the color, the fact that it has a cassette and a CD player also. This vehicle is very stylish as well. It has lots of storage, and is the perfect size for me.

- kim h

That there are only 4 seats in it.

I love the size of my vehicle. I am a shorter person and it is a great size for me. I love that the trunk opens up like a door. I wish it had a third seat in the back row and I wish it had 4 wheel drive. Otherwise, this is a fantastic car.

- Katie R

It is a 2005 RAV4 and has around 100, 000 miles on it.

A problem I have is the air pressure light will never go off. I have tried to get it fixed but it is an older car so it is just a malfunction. I love the four wheel drive and always is amazing during the winter! And has great gas mileage.

- Ivy A

Great value versus other similar SUV models that are in the market.

I love the quiet ride, good gas mileage and great value vs other SUVs. I wish I had a better sound system and more updated tech features in the SUV. However, this is an older model so I just need to upgrade for those features.

- Sherry S

Compact and comfy SUV. Great for family trips and driving around town.

My Toyota raven hasn't given me much problems. It has been very dependable and reliable. The performance is great, handles well on the freeway and local streets. Inside is roomy and comfortable. Plenty of room for our family.

- William C

It is extremely reliable. I have had to put such minimal money into it in the past 15 years it's almost unbelievable!

I have owned the same vehicle for 15 years and have never had to do any major work other than regular maintenance. It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned and I will never buy anything other than a Toyota again!

- Rachael W

Great dependability and reliability!

Love everything about this vehicle except for 2 things. The console storage is very small and it has no outside temperature gauge. It rides so smoothly and is extremely dependable! Haas a CD and cassette player as well!

- k G

It makes it easy to get the things done that I need to do.

I like that it has held up for as long as it has and runs well. It's reliable but I'm only worried how long that will last since it has a good amount of mileage on it. It accommodates pretty much anything I need it for.

- Leila B

I believe that the most important thing about my car is that it is good on gas.

I really like my rav4. I get good gas mileage , It's great in the snow and very roomy. The biggest complaint I have is that it is not a manual transmission. I have found it very difficult to find an suv in a standard,

- suzanne M

The gas pedal is a little jumpy, so you have to be careful with that.

I love my RAV4! I especially like it because I haven't been driving very long and it is a great first car for people learning how to drive. It is up higher, shorter, narrower, and easier to navigate than many cars.

- Sarah S

It's a great car that never lets me down.

I bought my Rav4 brand new in 2005. It has over 230,000 miles on it. The only maintenance i have done are normal things like oil changes, brakes and tires. I will replace this Rav4 with another Rav4.

- Sharon S

My vehicle is very hard working and very efficient and undeniably reliable

The RAV4 drives well and is very reliable. Gets acceptable gas mileage a and is very comfortable to drive. Only complaint is the front wheel only drive and no 4wheel in my specific model.

- Theodore Z

That it is excellent maintenance wise.

It has pretty decent gas mileage, it runs great. However it is getting older so it burns oil more and needs new shocks. However I feel confident it is going to be around for awhile.

- Lauren G

It's been in the family for a long time but it runs well.

It's the perfect size for our family before they decided to make SUVs bigger and bigger. It's rugged and used so I don't feel bad when it gets scratch. We call it our "lazy" car.

- Maxine W

Very reliable. No major issues, normal wear and tear. Has over 220,000

Absolutely love my RAV4. Never have had issues with it, besides the ABS unit went bad, easily replaced. Have gotten to work with no issues even in snow storms. Very reliable.

- Rebecca S

That it is an older vehicle, 2005, so talking on the phone and driving is something I do not do.

My car has been dependable with regular maintenance runs great. It's an older vehicle so I don't have some of the current pirks like navigation and cell phone voice system.

- Racel V

Car is small and compact, so parking her is very easy. That's an upside! Down side is she is getting too small for our growing family.

We have our little car since 2015. We bought her second hand. so far she has caused us little to no bother. We get her serviced every six months so I'm guessing that helps.

- Geraldine O

Very low maintenance extremely dependable.

Extremely reliable never been in the shop for other than basic maintenance since I have own it. This is my 2nd RAV4 both very relaxing to drive handles like a dream.

- Debra H

Very reliable and efficient, I had a Toyota before the car I have now.

It is a older car so I didn't start having problems to recently. Drives nice, haven't had a lot of problems, no major problems, it has all been pretty minor issues.

- Betsy S

That it is 13 years old and does have some maintenance issues.

It is 13 years old so there are maintenance issues. I like the way it drives and it gets pretty good gas mileage. I like the 4 doors and the rear door feature.

- Craig P

The Toyota Rav4 is a good vehicle.

The Rav4 is very reliable. Throughout the years I've learned it, there has been minimal problems. It is very good on gas mileage and has just enough space.

- JoAnna B

It is a dependable vehicle.

I own my car that is what I love about it. There is not anything I can complain about. My car gets great gas mileage. It is a good car for moving as well.

- Jay L

It has great gas mileage and is the perfect size for a small family.

I've recently put a lot of money into it. It's gotten me to and from places. I've had issues with the tires and have had to replace things several times.

- Megan V

It's a bit old and not very clean but I take good care of it and expect it to run for several more years

Like that it is tall so I ride up high. I like that it's an SUV But not too big. Big enough that I can haul stuff but I don't take up the whole road

- Allie M

Grey Toyota RAV4 2005 : Very Sturdy and Reliable

I bought the car used, however it has proved to be very reliable and sturdy for a car that is nearly 13 years old and has had two previous owners.

- Jenna H

That if you're considering purchasing a new or used vehicle, you should without a doubt, purchase a toyota!

This is by far the most reliable vehicle I have EVER owned! In 13 years I have never had to do more than just regular maintenance on it! AMAZING!

- Rachael F

people should know that my car works fairly well and is reliable.

The car is fairly reliable and has a good amount of space. Still, I wish it had a more powerful engine and was somewhat more fuel efficient.

- Jason E

Auto instills confidence in drivers. Can rely on the rav4.

Love it. No quirks. No problems. Always feel confident traveling. Would recommend to anyone. Price is also excellent. Parts not expensive.

- Cheryl K

It's great on gas that is my favorite thing about my car

I love it its great on gas drives smooth its reliable works great in the snow I wish it had 4 wheel drive but it goes most places anyway

- Jim F

It is very reliable. It gets decent gas mileage. It is actually fun to drive.

It's very dependable. I have not had to put a lot of money into it. There is over 120,000 miles on it and it it still going strong.

- Patricia D

My awesome Toyota Rav4 2005

My Toyota RAV4 is great car. It is super spacious and is great in long drives and for trips providing plenty of room in the trunk.

- Tatiana M

People are surprised to know that the car is a 2005.

the car is very reliable and we have not had any serious problems. the gas mileage is great and the body has stayed new looking.

- Diane N

It is a car that is safe and reliable and is the only car that I would own

I like it because it is a Toyota, it is fuel efficient, it is safe, and it is the only brand of car that I would ever purchase.

- Regina C

It's a Toyota. The only major issue in fourteen years is the Air Conditioning. We've had to replace it all. Other than that it's no more than standard maintenance.

Dependability. Toyotas are wonderfully manufactured vehicles. Change the oil, tires when necessary, wipers, that's about it

- Brendan B

It is very smooth while riding. It needs some care.

My vehicle is good for basic purposes. But it has no inbuilt technical features. I have to install every feature manually.

- Shobana R

Fun to drive and has great acceleration when needed.

Very reliable and good gas mileage. Great running vehicle for short and long trips. Some minor problems mostly due to age.

- Don S

It can fit much more than it looks like it can.

I like the space that is has in the hatchback and the backseat. It's an older car so the original radio is out of date

- Kenzie M

Reliable and cost beneficial.

Bought it used but never have had any problems with it. Love it and it is dependable and very low maintenance costs.

- Zipper V

have driven it for 13 years and it still runs fine

my car has been reliable and durable. does not get good gas mileage. it has an ample cargo area. has good pick up.

- george N

Toyota seems to build cars that stand the test of time in my opinion.

My car is extremely reliable. I have had very few mechanical issues with it over the years. It handles very well.

- Brian Z

It might not look pretty but it's very sound and in relatively good condition engine wise

I like that it's been good for over 13 years. I don't like that's its a 4 cylinder Wish it had updated amenities

- k w

Its small and is good at gas leverage.

It is small. Steering wheel is hard. Its faded the color. It's pretty sweet. Does not take too much gas.

- Ivy K

Its fits my family needs.

Nothing is wrong with my vehicle. It fits my family needs since we have 2 kids. I would buy another one

- Rachel C

Reliable and easy to drive Toyota puts out a great product that goes for miles and miles

It has been a fantastic car. Very reliable Easy to drive Wish it had more modern fear Tires inside now!

- Lorri M

This car is both economical and fun. It has also lasted well, and we look forward to more years of good service from it.

I like that it has a good, even ride, good gas mileage, and has enough storage space for light hauling.

- refuse z

Review of a toyota rav4 2005

The car is just starting to give me some issues but otherwise has been a great car since I purchased it

- sarah a

Best car for dependability

Never a problem and .very dependable Great in snow and ice. Plenty of cargo space with a smooth ride

- joanne f

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is my car and it is in good condition

The car was a used car which is what I like and dislike. I love that it is small but it has space

- Diana G

It is such an easy driving car

I love how easy it is to drive and it is really easy to see since the seat is up high

- Cary M

It's the best of both worlds. It's an SUV that feels like a car.

Has a little height, but drives like a car. It gets great gas mileage. Feels roomy.

- Deb K

All the details about it.the information on gas tank, information on headlights, windshield wipers,how the doors and windows lock.any information on he important parts.

Love the size. I can see out of it. .easy to get in and out and the way it drives.

- dee I

My favorite thing about this vehicle is it's durability and integrity.

Wonderful car. I wouldn't trade it for anything unless it was a newer year model.

- Emi B

we love it - we looked for 5 years to find a small SUV this is roomy enough for broad shoulders

small but roomy. handles very nimbly. gets good mileage.

- kat a

it is a great car. safe and reliable. cute. safe. its a Toyota.

it is perfect for me. perfect size, runs great. its cute.

- nope n

No mechanical problems at all very low maintenance love driving it.

This car is easy to drive good on gas no problems at all.

- Sue C

Perfect vehicle for around town and traveling. Reliable and gets good gas mileage. Comfortable for 2 adults and a medium sized dog.

It's reliable, comfortable, versatile and easy to drive.

- Louis T

you get very good gas mileage and don't have to stop too often to fill the car

I really like my car. I drive great and is good on gas.

- Kathryn D

Wonderful vehicle, easy to load and unload to travel

dislike the back door catches the wind and throws open

- Kimberly A

I think this is a great car. I have had it for a long time. It is old so no bluetooth

It is a good car with great stopping capabilities.

- Henry H