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I love my RAV4. My honest review:

The Toyota RAV4 I drive is pretty reliable. It gets good gas mileage which is convenient when going on long road trips. As the driver, I find the car comfortable. However, passengers have informed me the backseat is not comfortable. It is difficult getting the back seats at a comfortable angle. I have had my Rav for a few years and have not had any major maintenance issues. One of the O2 sensors broke a few months ago and that was a bit expensive to get repaired. And a few weeks ago my alternator broke, which then drained my battery. That was also an expensive repair. I try to take care of my car and have had pretty good results. I have a little over 119,000 miles on my car and it still performs well. I make long distance drives often (over 1000 miles) and find the car does great. I do not yet have children but can see that it would be helpful for those with children. The backseat is spacious and the car has good safety features. There is also really awesome storage space. There is room in the floor of the trunk and the seats fold down for more room. I moved into college and then into a house using my Rav and it was great getting everything to fit. I also have features to hide items in the backseat which is comforting when shopping or when my car is parked for an extended period of time.

- Kristen S

It's spacious, dependable and smooth to drive

I have had my current car for about 8 years. It was used when I got it and I have had very few issues aside from the normal wear and tear with vehicles (battery life and alternator) my car drives very nicely, it's not a 4 wheel drive which I do miss in the snow as traction is not as good as my previous vehicle. The gas mileage is pretty decent. I can't speak much to the interior features of the car in a newer model but my make has all my basic needs. I can plug an aux cord in to listen to music and there is a port for an iPod inside the glove compartment which could probably used for a phone with the appropriate adapter as well. One thing I love is the storage space. The trunk has lots of room for storage and you can comfortably for passengers in the back without feeling squished. I am currently using my vehicle to teach my younger cousin to drive. I probably wouldn't have noticed otherwise but it is pretty user friendly for new drivers or those not familiar with the car. Turn signals and wipers are clearly labeled and easy to navigate as are the hazard and high beam lights. Overall this car has served me well in the nearly decade I have owned it.

- Lauren B

Great car with one minor inconvenience.

The rav4 has plenty of space for people. The back seats can be lowered if you need extra storage or if you are like me and want your animals to have plenty of space. The four doors make it easy to get people and things in and out of the vehicle. It runs very well and I expect it to last a long time as long as I continue the basic maintenance on it. The only problem I have had with it so far is a covering that came on top of the engine. When the oil gets changed if the workers are careless they get oil in this covering causing it to drip down the engine. Because of this dripping I have been warned three different times that my oil is leaking. There is no leak and I have had them remove the covering because it serves no purpose. I would recommend removing it as well if your rav4 comes with one.

- Casey R

Oil problems but overall good car

I am very happy with the RAV4 however the only problem we have with this vehicle is that it goes through oil very fast. We spend a lot of money on oil and that's my biggest complaint. The car is otherwise very reliable and easy to maintain. We've gone on quite a few road trips and it's very comfortable to ride in. Oh well I guess I do have one other complaint. I wish there were vents in the back seat. There are none and so my son and others in the back get super hot during the summer and cold during the winter. Meanwhile us upfront are freezing or overheating because we have the vents turned all the way up in effort to get the air to the back. But like I said overall this is a very good vehicle.

- Sarah C

It's actually a Suzuki and it's awesome.

My car is actually a 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara, however there was no option for it or for other. I do love my car it's small enough (very similar to a Toyota RAV4) to fit in compact spaces with room to spare. Yet it is large enough to carry everything I've tried to put in it the last 11 yrs. I like it so much that I have put off getting a newer car. I've had very little wrong with it mechanically and it has cost me very little in maintenance. I plan on keeping my car for at least a couple more years before moving in to a much more computerized vehicle, which they all seem to be these days.

- Lynn C

Great-looking, Economical, Dependable Vehicle

I thoroughly enjoy my vehicle. We purchased it used and it was in great condition. I have owned it for 3 years and have had no major issues. My husband recently replaced the alternator, but that was reasonable for a vehicle with 150,000 miles. It has good pickup which is necessary in busy Orlando traffic. It has a lot of room and yet is not too big. My only complaint would be it rides a little rough, but I assume that is to be expected for a sport version of this vehicle. It is a little older as well so it may need certain parts replaced that are wearing out. Overall, I love my Rav4!

- Robin H

Best vehicle I've owned since �94

We've had the car since 2014 and it's an '07. We've had it regularly maintained and so far only one new set of tires. There's been battery and alternator issues but some of that is because of the heat out here and some was just because that part eventually died. Still drives great, maybe a little too much road noise though. Our interior has held up just as nicely as the day we bought it except for where it's obviously been a spot that we messed up somehow. I would definitely have another Rav4 or probably any Toyota.

- Marie S

In the back there is two spaces in the floor that can be opened for extra space!

The only real issue I have had with my Toyota Rav4 is that the air unit in my car only works when blowing on my face. It doesn't work on my feet, or to defrost my windshield. That is my only BIG issue with my car. Other than that I absolutely LOVE my car! It has wonderful gas mileage, it gets up and goes, it does great with long drives, always lets me know when my tires need more air, or I need an oil change. My whole family has a Toyota of some sort, and I am grateful for the car that I have!

- Grace N

Great car with a few problems.

I love the size of the RAV4. It does not have many special features like heated seats or a sunroof, but I like the simplicity. I have a few problems with how it runs. There is a hole in the muffler as well as an exhaust leak into the car. I do not know how common this is in other RAV4s, but these are a few of the problems I am dealing with. My RAV4 does not have good acceleration, which can be frustrating. The inside of the car is well put together and everything is easy to find.

- Margaret W

The rav4 is great for all.

It may be because my vehicle is old, but it is always getting called into the Toyota dealership due to recalls. But apart from that I absolutely love my car! It drives very smoothly; it is great for 'everyday use' but also for things like sand or dirt roads! My car has nice seats; the back seat also recline which is great for long road trips! The car is spacious. The trunk has hidden compartments which gives me about two times more space! Overall, I really love the rav4!

- Brenda R

I love my RAV4 even though it has some problems.

I love my RAV4. It is the perfect size. I can easily fit 3 passengers without anyone getting squished. There is plenty of trunk space. The design is simple and everything in the vehicle is easy to find and understand. My only complaint is the few maintenance problems I have had to deal with in the past few years, including a hole in the muffler and an exhaust leak. There just always seems to be something. But I still love my grave and will drive it as long as I can.

- Maggie W

Small SUV Big on Convenience

I bought my Rav 4 used. Best investment ever. It was very useful as it came with third row seating. Not much leg room but perfect for younger or short people. My car is also the Limited Series and came with the JBL speakers and this feature has totally spoiled me. Also at the time there was an option of 6 cylinders which is no longer available but helps tremendously in the mountains. All in all I am looking for another car and it definitely will be the RAV4.

- Nancy B

Very reliable despite lack of routine maintenance.

We got this car right before our first son was born. We bought it used in 2012. In full disclosure we are not the most proactive when it comes to routine maintenance. After our free oil changes from the dealership ended, my husband began changing the oil and haven't taken it in for any routine tune ups. We have had no major problems with the car. We are now looking for a new car as we’re expecting our 3 child and cannot fit 3 car seats in the back.

- Childs C

I love my Toyota! I have always had great performance and reliability.

This is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven. I do have the sport model and it is has a bit more road noise than other models. It has a great turning radius, average on gas usage per mile, always reliable. I really like the ease of getting in and out of the vehicle and also the height of the vehicle which makes it easier for loading and unloading packages and kids. I love Toyota and the last 4 vehicles I have owned have been Toyota's.

- Inez S

Durable. Big enough and small enough handle your needs. No one can really tell its age.

It still looks relatively new because of the original paint job. It gets good mileage. In 12 years it has had regular maintenance issues, but nothing else to speak of with repairs. Runs great. Only things missing are the rearview camera video and cellphone hook-up. Otherwise, looking for another 10 years. Also, I love the tire encasing on the back. It's become extinct on newer models.

- Cheryl H

My SUV has so much to do my antiques shopping.

My Rav4 is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. I bought it last year and it was a pre-owned vehicle. No accidents, 98,000 miles. There was an issues with the tires but the dealership took care of it before I even drove off the lot. I live in Massachusetts so the weather is always up in the air. Snow or rain, my Toyota has never let me down. My doin always wants to use my car.

- Michelle I

It is a SUV meaning that is a Sports Utility Vehicle.

What I like about my vehicle is that I do not constantly worry about having to fix my car due to some unknown issue or worry about it breaking down. It has good seating and overall the fuel lasts for a good amount of time and also comes with necessary accessories. What I dislike is that it is easy to get scratched up and misses some features that would be nice to have included.

- Muhammad T

Great First Car: College Student's Commuter Car

Standard sports-SUV. Reliable in the winter months. Not great fuel efficiency, but pretty standard for an SUV. Has had consistent performance, even up to 150k+ miles. Has an AUX cord which was progressive for 2006 - AUX no longer works, but able to use Bluetooth attachment. Toyota is reliable when it comes to recalls, and any issues have been addressed in this particular model

- Amy J

Sporty but compact, reliable and stylish

My car has been in my family for over 10 years and is only now starting to wear out. I've been in one accident and I was completely unharmed thanks to my car. It sits high so I can see everything, has good acceleration and reliable braking. It can weather the elements very well, along with multiple owners and several pets. Overall, a wonderful car to own.

- Shannon A

RAV4 - reliable and comfortable.

My 2006 Toyota RAV4 sport has overall been reliable. There has been a few repairs I have had to make to the car which include getting new hoses put in, replacing the tires, and other general fixes that are common. The car is quite comfortable. I have had it for just about a year now and have driven well over 30, 000 miles and it each ride is comfortable.

- Hannah H

Nice crossover that gives you bang for its buck.

Performs well. Some road noise but not as bad as other vehicles. Flip down seats are great, lots of storage. It is easy to do simple repairs on, if you are a day mechanic. It is managed to hold up well on the road. The mpg is awesome. I have also taken it up and down dirt roads, and onto the beach and it is done fantastic. The optional 4WD is great.

- Leah T

Rare air is an issue, visibility is not.

Rear air is an issue and passengers in the back seat tend to get hot easily. Furthermore, it is not very kid friendly. It's a high step into the back seat for kids. Also, the engine burns oil. Visibility is great and the seats are comfortable. I also like the compartment in the back that allows you to hind items so it doesn't look so messy.

- Casey H

Toyota RAV4: Dependable and Convenient

My vehicle is extremely reliable. I have over 160,000 miles on my car and it continues to get me places safe. The seats are uncomfortable. The only problem I have is the sensor on the tire pressure is broken; it always says my tires are flat no matter what. I love that my vehicle is spacious but also can fit in compact parking spots.

- Mckenzie R

250,000 Miles and still going strong!

I have never had a single issue with my Toyota Rav4. I just hit 250,000 Miles and my vehicle is not showing any signs of letting up yet. I keep it maintained regularly by regularly recommended oil changes by my local body shop, and I've yet to encounter any serious maintenance issues. When this car dies, I'll gladly get another!

- Dillon R

My little Rav4 with get up and go and lots of seat room

I love my 2006 Toyota Rav4. I have only had to fix the muffler on it since I bought it in 2012. I have no problems with it and it has some get up and go. I have taught my kids to drive in this car. The SUV is great for taking at least 4 people with an extra pull up seat in the back for 2 more complete with seat belts.

- Bonnie B

Great car that always starts and I have the flexibility to go anywhere.

The speakers died on me. The knob for the radio also broke so I have to pull and twist for it to work. The car always turns over and I have driven across the country multiple times with it. The steering is tight and the ride is comfortable. I have enough space for anything I want to do and I can go anywhere

- Daniel H

It is a dependable car that is lasted a long time with little maintenance.

My rav4 gets somewhat good gas mileage, and has great handling. The turning radius is the best I have ever had in a car that size, and it is stable in rough conditions. I live in a severe weather area so having good and reliable 4 wheel drive is important to me. I like the size, it is perfect for my needs.

- Libby G

Awesome reliable car for adventuring

I love how reliable my car is. I drive it on a lot of long road trips and have never had any issues with it. I like that it has 4wd and a full sized spare, it makes me comfortable taking it off roading. The trunk has tons of storage space too which is a huge plus. Also love the side hinged trunk door.

- Haley P

It is safe and has plenty of space for a growing family!

I love that it is an SUV but isn't huge. It has plenty of space for my growing family, including an optional 3rd row. I also love that it has important safety features such as side airbags. I have no complaints about my car, even though it is 12 years old I love driving it as if it were brand new!

- Ashley S

Toyota rav4. Issues that grate on your nerves over time.

Paint scratches easy on body of the vehicle. Clock hard to read because of location especially when the sun is shining. No hands free options and the radio and iPhone options have never worked right. I hate the tire in the back. It is hard to back up or put the SUV in a garage because of it.

- Alicia M

Good as a couple, too small for family.

Car is too small for my family of four. It handles well and is reliable. It is comfortable. It is features are outdated, because it is an old car. Performance is solid especially I am the snow. The optional four wheel drive is especially helpful. I'll be looking for a larger car in the future.

- Ivy B

Great car for summer fun!

I love me car, however, I had bought it for summer drive ins and the side open rear door makes it difficult to see the movie. Otherwise I love the car! The ride is excellent and the room inside the car is amazing! Having. The seats fold down is perfect and I cannot wait to get a newer model!!

- Karen S

Lasts long for how old it is.

Reliable, but does have several issues with struts. The engine is loud compared to many vehicles. Gas mileage is ok. Does not speed up very well. Have had to put a lot of money into it, but it is old. The ac smells weird when not used for awhile. Tons of trunk space. Good for small family.

- Casey D

My Rav4 has lasted over 200,000 miles

Transmission problems. All the lights go on. It'll be very expensive to fix. I am going to have to get a new car because of this. Besides that there hasn't been any issues that I can remember. I like the comfort of the car, I like the size of the car, and I would buy a newer model again.

- Lindsay L

The problems with my car. I bought it used.

The vehicle has had lots of recalls. It feels like every time I turn around that I am getting another recall notice in the mail. The drivers side visor is broken and will fall in my face while I'm driving. Also the thermostat knob is broken and won't fully turn to the vent only setting.

- Melissa W

It�s an Well we ran vehicle.

My vehicle is pretty well. It runs pretty well, and the looks of it is amazing. I really do love my vehicle because it's a nice color it provides a lot of space it runs smoothly on highways. I would definitely Recommend my vehicle because it is an amazing vehicle and you'll love it.

- Marie R

Very affordable and useful alternative to the "glam" SUVs and mini SUVs.

Ideal size, even though we're well past the "school years". It is roomy enough for 4 larger adults, which is a typical load. There is adequate stow/carry space, although it could be a little and more easy to access from inside. Gas mileage is, unfortunately, only okay - 20/21 mpg.

- Tom D

Love the car, dealer-not so much!

A lot of recalls. Dealer always tries to tell me everything needs to be repaired replaced. Do not trust the dealer anymore. Like the vehicle though. Gets. Good gas mileage. All wheel drive is great in winter. Overall is a good vehicle and would consider another as a replacement.

- John F

Very reliable and comfortable

I have had my RAV4 for about 2 months now and I absolutely love it. It is very spacious for my 5 member family, has a lot of extra room for travel, and an all around comfortable ride. The RAV-4 has been has been very reliable in getting my family to the places we need to be.

- Lisa S

The best car I have ever had.

The car runs great. The care has a lot of space and plenty of trunk room. It a small SUV. The gas mileage is great I fill up once every week. Easy to work on. Has storage space by every seat. A lot cup holders. They car oil change have to have a special tool to change then.

- Kayla G

Fun to drive with little worries!

The RAV4 is fun to drive, easy handling, great gas mileage, lots of storage! The inside interior is easy to clean, love the side airbags in the back where my grandkids sit! The dealership is close by where it is easy to go get all my maintenance! The price is affordable!

- Charm L

Toyota RAV4 the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

I love my 2006 Toyota RAV4. I have only had to do normal wear and tear type of repairs. This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever had. Currently my vehicle has over 150, 000 miles. I have never had a vehicle last this long and still feel secure and safe driving it.

- Jennifer T

The Rav4 Really Revs My Engine

I love my rav4. It gets up and goes when I need it to and there is plenty of space to transport everyone and everything that I need to. There are 3 rows of seats, and you can put the back row down so you have more room for stuff if you're going on a long road trip.

- Reagan B

Sturdy, trustworthy and durable.

My RAV4 has been reliable and durable. It has helped me move twice, carried a car full of suitcases for a trip, is over 200, 000 miles and is still going with very few and only miner issues. I have had the car for almost 8 years and have enjoyed it the whole time.

- Kate R

Toyota Rav4's are a great all around vehicle for everyday use.

I've had problems with the speakers and with the abs, 4wd, brake and check engine lights. It is reliable in other ways, and the mileage is decent. I like being able to tow and fit large items in my car because it is a 6V and 4WD. It is spacious but still compact.

- Sara C

RAV4 is spacious and functional, while maintaining style

Comfortable, good gas mileage, has lasted me many years, acceleration is quick though not overly touchy, brakes are reliable and do not stick. I have not experienced mechanical problems with this vehicle, outside of regular oil changes and scheduled maintenance.

- McKenzie K

Toyota is for life. I will not consider any other brand.

My car is very reliable and dependable. The only maintenance we have to have is routine service in 12 years of having the car. It is the best car we have had and will not deal with any other dealer now. I would not consider going elsewhere at all in the future.

- George B

Toyota rav4 details and features

It drives really well, high up so vision is good, comfortable seats, nice compartments to put personal items, lots of space, big back, seats pull down, entertainment system, multiple CD holders, movie player, moving seats, spare tire on back, sunglasses holder

- Skye W

The most interesting detail about this car is the sporty unique look to it.

My car is extremely reliable and also really comfortable with a lot of extra room in the front and back. The performance is great, gets up to fast speed quick. The problem with the car is it does have some auto body damage. It features a loud system for music.

- Morgan C

Very spacious! Large trunk! Great sound system!

The RAV4 is a great family car! Very spacious and has a large trunk! The only problem I have had so far is that my ac randomly stopped blowing cold air. Now it has been a very hot summer here and my husband says it is an easy fix of just recalibrating the ac!

- Emily H

Toyota best purchase ever

I have not had any problems with my Toyota RAV4. The car is super reliable. Drives super smooth. I love how big the back is. The car has good air conditioning, a big back with extra storage, good base on the speakers, and it sits up high. I love my car.

- Kayla S

Toyota rav4 is simply awesome.

No problems, reliable, comfort and I love it. The rev 4 had several recalls but Toyota took good care of the problems. It has good gas mileage. I just love my rav4. I would tell anyone to purchase it. My next car will be a rav4 in the next year or so.

- Linda T

It's a perfect sized family vehicle.

I like the size of the vehicle. I like that Toyota included many items standard that I had to pay for at other dealerships. I like that this has been a very reliable vehicle, only requiring maintenance, and some very small repairs.

- Stacey F

2006 Toyota RAV4 very reliable vehicle.

I love the reliability of my 2006 Toyota RAV4. I have over 150, 000 miles on my vehicle and still feel like I can go anywhere and not worry. I have had to do some of the normal wear and tear type of repairs but nothing unusual.

- Jennifer L

one thing you should know is that it's old and has been through a lot

I like that it has lasted this long but there are a lot of issues with it. We were able to drive across country 4-5 times and it's gone through a lot and is still holding up but there are a lot of kinks and it's pretty dirty

- brooks s

it handles nicely, get good mileage and is fun to drive

i love this car. it has enough room to transport people and some stuff. the only thing i do not like is the that the back door open to the side. it would really help if it opened up like a hatchback type vehicle,

- marcie J

How many times it has been recalled in the last ten years. Too many recalls makes me feel as if the vehicle is unsafe and wasn't truthfully tested before it was released to the public for purchase.

The vehicle has had too many recalls in the last ten years. Besides that the Toyota is reliable when it comes to gas mileage and repairs. U haven't had to spend much on repairs in the last twelve years.

- Nathaniel S

She drives exceptionally well.

Comfort is great, music sound system plays beautifully, and it drives amazing. Have taken it on a road trip to Utah with no problems. Take it hiking all the time and it holds up on the dirt road trails.

- Amanda S

Toyota is a great car. Easy to handle and is good on gas. It is a nice looking car too.

I love my car and it runs great. It handles perfectly, is great on gas and rides easy. Only problem is.... one of the sensors needs to be replaced. And this is the second time that has happened.

- Dennis K

so far it is dependable. mostly happy with it.

I like the way it drives. The control (defrost, feet,) has given me a problem. Can't change settings, have had it in numerous times to fix, the vanity lights dont work and parts are not available

- teri h

It fits our family. We enjoy traveling in it. It is comfortable, affordable, & dependable.

I loved it when we bought it. We will be looking for a newer Rav. I like the size. I like the gas consumption. It's attractive. Easy to drive. We haven't had many maintenance or mechanical issues.

- Doris W

It is the perfect size for everyone.

I like the size of my vehicle. I like how it is set up and how it does not have all the fancy bells and whistles of newer cars. I do not like how often I have to get it checked out for problems.

- Maggie W

It has not given me any trouble so far. With 140,000 miles it is still a very reliable vehicle. I would drive it anywhere.

My RAV is the perfect car for me. I love the all wheel drive and stability control. I am not as happy with the fuel mileage but it is decent for a 4 cylinder engine. All in all I love my RAV.

- Matthew B

It is very reliable and will last a long time as long as you do the required maintenance.

I love my 2006 Toyota Rav4. I purchased brand new in 2006 I have only had normal wear and tear type of repairs. I currently have over 150,000 miles and it is still a very reliable vehicle.

- Jennifer T

How dependable and well-built it is and how roomy it is.

I love the smooth V6 engine, how roomy and practical it is and how reliable it has been in spite of It's 133,000 miles. Clock is very hard to see. Front seats could be more supportive.

- Jerry M

Great all around vehicle!!

My car is so reliable! It does have a mystery rattle that usually requires a good cleaning by my husband, but other than that, it's done fantastic! Our next vehicles will ALL be Toyota

- Sarah B

It is a quality car. I will get a lot of life out of it by doing regular maintenance to take care of it. It is a good investment.

I like the size of my car. It is good for transporting me, my family, and my dogs where I need to go. It is easy to drive and easy to park. It is fuel efficient and cost effective.

- Melissa A

No Bluetooth radio for hands free calling.

It has great pickup for a 4 cylinder vehicle. Very comfortable to drive. Due to Its age it does not have Bluetooth stereo but added an FM transmitter adapter and that does the trick.

- Jim J

Toyota Rav4's are easily the most durable cars on the market and provide everything you need (especially leg room in the back).

I love that it is durable and runs smoothly. I just like a car that gets me from point A to point B. It works, it continues after over 170,000 miles, and it holds a lot in the trunk.

- JJ F

It is built well, runs great and is reliable! Love it!

I love how comfortable the seats are and also the amount of room in it! It's the best for traveling! There is a TON of trunk space because the tire is on the back of the vehicle.

- Cheryl K

This is a great family car for comfort and style.

This car is very reliable and typically without problems. It is long lasting and can run through any weather including heavy snow. This car is also very comfortable and spacious.

- Shannon F

Parking brake does not work.

I like that I can get into it easily. The car had a lot of problems the first 7 years (that was covered under the extended warranty). Also a lot of manufacturer recalls on it.

- Cynthia W

Good gas mileage and pretty comfortable!

My rav4 has been next to one of the best vehicles I have owned. I'm currently working on I believe over 140,000 miles on it. It has great gas mileage and is pretty comfy.

- Chris B

Easy on gas mileage. Drives smooth. Easy to steer. Well made.

I like the vehicle a lot what I dislike is the spare tire that is on the back door. It rattles when I drive. The car drives great. Would buy another if tire not on door.

- Sherry H

Its safe, dependable and comfortable - even for large [over 400 lbs] and tall [6' 4"] people.

We bought our Rav4 used when it was 6 years old. The only problem we've had so far is with the tire pressure sensor in the spare tire. I would definitely recommend it.

- Julie P

Cargo space in this car is a plus

I like the cargo space and hidden compartments. The features on the dash are a bit antiquated like you have to manually move the side mirrors and move your seat up.

- Cari H

It is 12 years old and still runs well. Hope to get at least another few years.

I like the size and the way it drives. It's pretty good on gas considering it's 12 years old. Plenty of room to carry a lot. I can't think of anything i dislike.

- Kathy S

It's a cute style and the trick door opens from the side which is cool.

My car has a high center of balance in turn making it very tippy on turns. It also has a burning oil issue but other than that I love the space and drive feeling.

- Shannon P

Versatile and easy to drive!

Very reliable, good gas mileage, we use it to haul several items and to go skiing. We have driven it across country with a U-Haul trailer and it performed well.

- Debbie N

It has a great v6 engine that you can't get anymore and provides tremendous acceleration.

I like the v6 engine it provides tremendous power. The size is great for me and my large dog. I don't like the dials I can't see them with my sunglasses on.

- Dennis O

This vehicle runs well and is comfortable!

I love my Toyota! It has over 150 thousand miles and has only needed required normal maintenance. It has plenty of room, and is comfortable for long trips.

- Stephanie S

The car has great room making it a comfortable drive.

I really like the room and the trunk room. I do have a problem with the noise the back of the car makes when I drive, but other than I really love the car.

- Maria C

Resale value is good than other cars.

Good vehicle you can buy. Comfort. Good safety features. Resale value than other models, good color. Easy to take care of. Good value and name in market.

- Mary T

My rave has been very dependable over the 12 years of ownership.

My rave is now 12 years old and still has great pickup. I've had very few issues. It runs great. My only complaint would be a very poor turning radius.

- Jo S

It is functional and holds lots of stuff.

I like the limited maintenance. It is roomy. It is stylish. It is good for city or highway driving. I do not like that it does not get better mileage.

- Andrea I

I've never kept a vehicle this long and will replace it with a newer version of the same, which I've never done before.

I love my vehicle. It's had very little problems. For the first time in my life, I plan to replace this vehicle with a newer version of the same.

- Christina C

Overall, this car is reliable. Didn't have any issues until it hit 100k mark.

Since my vehicle hit the 100,000 mile mark, it has had lots of issues that needed repairing. I have spent over $2800 in repairs the past two years.

- Shay M

It does not get amazing gas mileage.

It is a reliable car. I have never had any unexpected issues with it. Is got a nice design and the acceleration is impressive. Great sound system.

- Hannah B

It is awesome and has good gas mileage and drives very well

I love the storage capabilities. I do a farmers market and it is so easy to set it up. I love the gas mileage also. It is a very comfortable ride

- Linda F

Toyota makes cars that are pretty maintenance-free and whose engines last a long time.

I love how well it maneuvers, the comfort inside and the easily accessible cargo area in the back. It gets fair gas mileage, but could be better.

- Wanda R

It is a sport SUV with tiptronic so I can drive in manual mode.

It makes you feel safe. It is roomy. It allows you to go where cars can't. Dislikes Oil usage problems Not very good gas mileage Under performs

- Jack F

it is very dependable and does not break down often

I like that is all wheel drive. I like that it has space to carry large items. I do not like that it consumes oil and it has a lot of road noise

- Laurie P

I like that it is high up off the ground so it's easier to see and come out of parking areas.

it is old and makes noise. also its very dirty because someone doesn't take care of it. by someone I don't mean me. also it smells like cigars!

- ivy y

The Nicest Car I've Ever Had

I literally just got this car from my parents last week, so I don't know much about it. It is really nice, and I can't wait to drive it more.

- Dawn b

If you take care of your car, it will take care of you.

It has a lot of power. It feels safe and is very reliable. I haven't had any issues with it at all. I maintain it and it just keeps running.

- James B

It has been with me thru ups and downs.

I have a Toyota RAV4. I do not dislike anything from it. I love it because I can rely to it. It is stylish, modern and it is blue in color!.

- J T

Very efficient and safe to drive

I love my rav4 as it's a midsize suv and you have the best of both worlds. Only things is I wish the seats at the back were more comfortable

- Joanna m

Good reliable car that is perfect for small families

I've had no to little problems with this car. A few years back I had an issue with oil consumption, but Toyota replaces the engine for free.

- Kristen R

It has super fast pick up.

It's been very dependable, at 12 years old, I have 80,000 miles on it and expect it to last for quite a few more years and many more miles.

- Carol M

It's durable and better than American company cars.

I like the Rav4 dependability, gas mileage, style and room. I wish I spend more the luxury series for more speed and better sound systems.

- Brian H

Toyota Rav4 review

Safe, comfortable, economical, it will take you anywhere you want or need to go, through snow or rough terrain as well as on pavement.

- Julie P

This car is really the perfect size. Easy to park but holds a lot

It's reliable although this point it's getting old. It's sturdy and even though it looks small on the outside, it fits a lot of stuff.

- Ashley C

This car handles very well when driving and it has plenty of power.

Our RAV4 is very comfortable and reliable. We enjoy having the feature of seatbelt reminder beeps, although it can be annoying too.

- robin p

It is reliable. I have had no major issues with it.

I like that it is easy to get in and out of. I like to be able to transport large items. I feel safe in it and it has good mileage.

- Patricia F

It is a very good car and will last a long time.

I love my car. I have a couple some problem but Its because Its old. But otherwise that it runs great. And I do a lot of driving.

- Amanda G

It is a reliable and has gotten fairly good gas mileage.

I have only had my car about 7-8 months. So far it has performed well. I know Toyota is a highly rated car. I get about 23 mpg.

- Nancy K

Smooth riding even when older model.

I like how roomy it is and how much I can pack into it, it handles well in snow and rain. Unfortunately it gets low gas mileage.

- Joseph D

The one most important thing others should know is that the car is safe. Safety should always be priority when choosing a car.

The bluetooth audio is nice when you don't have an auxiliary cord. The car is very safe which is important to me. No complaints.

- grace s

Plenty of room for each passenger.

Dependable, comfortable, ok on gas, not too much rust for it is age.... There is really nothing I dislike about this vehicle.

- Jean H

It's got a ton of room for the size. The seats fold down flat, so you can pretty much out whatever you want it there.

I love everything about the Rav4. It's got so much room. The only downfall is that it's hard to drive if you're really tall.

- Danielle B

The one most important thing others should know about my car is the several recalls that have been issued

I like the size. I dislike that there have been several recalls. But even with that it's been a good car for over ten years.

- Christie A

It's the perfect size and driving it is comfortable

I love the size and comfort. I wish I got better gas mileage. Plus, the last couple of years things have started wearing out

- Michelle P

It is very comfortable and it does not run . on a lot of gas so that means less money for gas.

It is a very good family car but it is very old. I enjoy the car and it wastes a little bit of gas which is very economic.

- Rocio A

My car is extremely reliable.

My vehicle runs great. It greats really good gas mileage; 30 miles to the gallon in towns and closer to 34 on the highway.

- Brooklyn B

It is reliable and will get you from point A to point B.

My car is very reliable. But certain lights go on in the car for no reason and there have been several recalls on my car.

- Lauren M

Good car for a small family.

My vehicle has been reliable, and a good family car. It gets fairly good gas mileage. It has, however, had many recalls.

- Amy L

Rav4 is a dependable midsize suv. Everyone who drives it, thinks it is a great car.

I love my rav4. It is cute, comfortable and reliable. II like toyota, and how they handle any problems that come up/

- Donna B

It's 12 yrs old and still running well. Well built-comfortable and great storage. Check out the blind spots when changing lanes.

I love the room in the vehicle. I love the height-easy in and out. I do not like the blind spots when changing lanes.

- Marsha W

It has a lot of space and a very good drive and a really safe car.

It's a really easy drive and a safe car. The car has a lot of space and room. And the car doesn't ever fail anyone.

- Chandler G

It's safe and dependable no matter what the conditions.

Our Rav4 takes us through whatever weather conditions and whatever road conditions to get wherever we need to go.

- Julie R

When the alternator failed the engine kept running but the power steering failed. Difficult to maintain control of the vehicle with the steering out.

My vehicle has NO problems ! I drive my car many times each day, there has been no problems with my Toyota RAV4!

- Judy K

Very serviceable good transportation.

Almost no problems. Gas mileage good. A windshield leak that has never been found otherwise an excellent vehicle

- Robert S

It's easy to drive and steer.

Does not have a loud car lock when I am looking for my car but it is also very spacious and comfortable inside.

- Katie F

I like how it sits up high but is not a HUGE SUV.

It has been a wonderful car to own and drive on a daily basis. Easy to get my son in and out of his car seat.

- Katie S

It's a very reliable well made SUV. If taken care of, it will last a very long time

It handles very well on the road, gets good gas mileage, and has a good deal of space for transporting things

- Kristen L

it is the most low maintenance vehicle we have ever owned.

it is the most dependable vehicle we have ever owned. I hate the vents in the center of the console though.

- Andrea M

solid car, built to last. has ample storage space. Reliable

Has really held up for a long time. It has over 150,000 miles and still going strong. It is a little loud

- jack h

It travels well in all weather.This vehicle has ample storage space and is very well made which makes you feel safe.

has room for needed equipment .. Is not the most comfortable. warms up quickly. takes on all terrain.

- tess b

This car will last you. It's reliable and maintenance is easy.

This is my third Rav4. Other than it's known issues with the water pump, it is a very reliable vehicle.

- Tara H

reliability, roominess, great in bad weather, would get another

Absolutely love it. Bought it used and it's holding up well. Only standard maintenance needs to be done.

- Debra D

high from road and smooth drive

smooth ride, not close to the road, sexy car, love that it looks like a jeep but its not really a jeep.

- ricki n

It is compact without feeling small. It is extremely reliable and has rarely had serious issues. It is also pretty cute and easy to park.

It is not super fancy and luxurious, but it will get you where you need to go reliably and is not ugly.

- Elise E

That it runs great. Have not had to fix anything major on it. But I get my oil changes when I'm supposed to

I love the size of it.. not too big not too small. Has enough storage space in back. Good gas mileage.

- Vikki S

SUV that's so cute you'll want to drive it and spend your life in it!

it's an suv. mileage isn't great, but it's really cute. I love the amount of room in the vehicle.

- Naomi S

It's got good gas mileage

I like that i am high off the ground and can see a lot. I have a lot of mileage which i don't like.

- jessie p

It drives well. Good visibility. Sits high. Lasts forever, I hope

I love how it drives. I don't like the back door and I wish I could fit 6 people in the car

- Jane P

It is reliable, tough, car and it's great for anywhere.

My car is ok and used, however it runs everyday. It is very solid and stable. I love Toyota.

- Lily S

It is reliable and comfortable. It rides well and runs well. I can fit plenty of stuff in it and on it.

Reasonably reliable. Reasonably comfortable. Good size to capacity ratio. Not rusting.

- Philip s

it will last you a long time and a good value for the money

it has lasted me over 12 years with very little maintenance just regular oil changes

- ryan T

Lots of carrying space for traveling and moving.

It has Lots of carrying/trunk space, good gas mileage. Has had some engine issues

- Kyle W

It is well taken care of. My husband keeps it clean and the maintenance is kept up

It is safe, dependable. Thanks to being a stay at home mom, it has low mileage.

- melinda b

It is a pretty reliable car and fun. It does have problems with all the door locks.

Love the pep the 4 cylinder has. Don't like the problems I have had with it.

- k k

Great gas mileage and very dependable. There is plenty of room inside.

I love the gas mileage,the smooth ride and the amount of room. No complaints.

- Donna L

Great ride. Dependable, safe, good on gas, great mileage

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- Betty H

It's durable during flood season

It is champagne in color It has an extended exhaust It has fabric seats

- Monica T

That I am so happy with my car and it is dependable

I like how dependable it is and the comfort. It fulfills my needs

- joanne s

Nothing. It's got a lot of miles on it too, but it's still going strong.

It's gas efficient. Smaller car that is just my size. Not bad.

- Susan H

It is an oil burner. I have to replace the oil often.

It is very roomy. It does not have any mechanical problems.

- Elizabeth E

The sun roof leaks at times. However it has great pick up. I don't Like how much gas it uses all the time especially with the cost of gas. Great storage capability.

It's reliable and a good family car. Highly recommended.

- Tammy W

comfortable to drive and get in and out of, love the size

low maintenance, comfortable, good size, no complaints

- Gina B