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Others should know about my car’s performance and reliability.

My vehicle is very comfortable. It is spacious, lots of compartments and seats. It has one secured compartment in the front passenger seat and in between the driver’s and passenger seat. You can also put your things on the sides of each seats because it has a mini compartment. Another thing is, it can occupy seven passengers with convenience since it has a wide legroom. In addition to that, it has many drink compartments which are again convenient especially if you will eat inside the car. Furthermore, the back seat can be folded to store other stuff like groceries when needs. Lastly, the excess tire is located just a the back of the car which is very easy to get whenever it is needs.

- Maria R

RAV4- almost everything I could need in a car, but overall great to drive.

I love the size and the way my car handles on the road. The seats have room for improvement as the headrest has caused me excessive neck problems because of how far forward it sits in comparison to the seat. I drive hundreds of miles a week, so provided mileage, the car is very reliable. I have had 3 major expenses in the last 2 years including motor mounts busting, alternator, and typical upkeep. Being a Toyota, maintenance is moderately priced and sometimes higher than I would like. Additionally, the gas mileage is not impressive and neither is the stereo system options.

- Miranda D

All terrain or highways it runs and handles great. Could use so more technology.

The SUV has been great so far. The seating is comfortable. It is 4 wheel drive. The highway driving is fantastic but it is also good in the mountains and rock roads. The paint has been a little weak in some spots but part of that could be the age of the vehicle. I will consider buying another rav4 new next time. I want for the next purchase to have Bluetooth connection so that it connects to my phone to allow for hands free while driving. I also have lots of content on the iPhone that I would like to control from the vehicle.

- Chris C

My RAV4 is a 6 cylinder it goes from 0 to 60 so fast I like that.

I have had my RAV4 for 10 years I love it in that time the things I have had to replace is the water pump, and of course tires, brakes, spare tire rim it rusted out I never had to use it thank goodness. I do have a problem with the headlights plastic covers have cracked and fogged up. Been way too many recalls have not liked that it takes time out of my schedule to have to bring it to the dealer to get it checked and having to wait. Other then all that I can say it has been a very reliable vehicle first time owning a Toyota.

- Karla G

Consumption is the smartest feature.

Great vehicle. The rav4 gets 23 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway, which is a typical rating for a vehicle in this segment. Toyota also offers the rav4 hybrid (reviewed separately), which gets an epa-estimated 34/30 mpg city/highway. The Toyota rav4 is offered in le, xle, se, limited and platinum trim levels. All have a 2. 5-liter four-cylinder that produces 176 horsepower and 172 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed automatic is standard, and buyers can choose either front- or all-wheel drive.

- Joseph A

Small but surprisingly spacious.

I would say that my car is pretty reliable, it is about 10 years old now, but it is still working just fine. It is rather spacious on the inside for what I would consider a small mid-size car. The seats are very adjustable and the back seats lay down to provide a large back area for hauling all sorts of things which is incredibly handy. It runs smoothly and the only small issue I have had was with trying to change the air filters since they're in such a tricky place. Other than that, it is been great!

- Joanna N

Very affordable and good, safe, first cars. Very dependable Toyota.

Overall it is a very nice and well built car. Or crossover I should say. Although there is quite a bit of trunk space, I find that the overall space seems cramped. Car feels a little bit outdated. But overall considering how cheap they are I cannot complain. AWD works great, and it comes with an electronic diff lock. Which is a bonus for me. 2. 4l i4 engine does feel a little underpowered for a vehicle of this size and weight. A 3. 0 v6 would be a lot more fitting.

- Drew Z

I enjoy the room that it has, as well as the secret compartment in the back!

My rav4 does not seem to hold oil very well, but other than that it is a champ. It holds gas very well when traveling on the interstate with consistent speed and no stopping and going. I find it really comfortable since it has cloth seats which are really handy for when it is hot out. The seats in the back go all the way down, and I have a dog so that is super helpful when we travel. There is also a secret compartment of pretty decent sized storage in the back!

- Kali M

I love the RAV4 for size, gas mileage, and reliability!

I love my RAV4. I wanted something larger than a sedan, but smaller than an SUV, but with good gas mileage. The RAV4 is the perfect size, easy to handle, good gas mileage, and has a lot of storage space. I have always had good experiences with Toyotas; I previously owned a Camry. I haven't had any problems with the RAV4, which I have owned for 5 years now. It has had no maintenance problems, and has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Jennifer H

Buying a genuinely solid vehicle.

This car drives really smooth! The only issue that this car has is that it burns through oil. However that is due to the previous owner not keeping up with car maintenance. Other than that, this car is very reliable. The seats are also very comfortable and the interior is roomy. The height of the car is perfect for getting my 2 year old son in and out of the car. There is also extra storage in the trunk which is really nice.

- Kayla H

Good family SUV, good cargo space.

I haven't had any problems with my rav4. It is a bit noisy in the passenger compartment and definitely rides like an SUV, i.e. Not plush. It has good cargo space, easy to lay back seats down to create more cargo space. Some people object to the door-like cargo door, but I think it is great since it is hard to lift and close the other kind. You just have to remember when to put the shopping cart to unload it easily.

- Bet A

Perfect for families and pets!

It is a very comfortable car. I love the fact the tire is on the back of the car. It creates a lot more storage inside of the car that has proven to be very convenient and it makes it easier to get the tire off if you get a flat. The back seat is great because you can lay the seats flat and fit a lot in the back of it. Toyota is a very trusted brand and is known to last for a long time so it is a good investment.

- Jessie P

Toyota rav4 owner and loving it.

I travel with my pets and children and my rav4 has room for my 2 dogs, two children as well as our luggage. The backward position of the back seats allows for a quick nap for the children when traveling as well as the forward recycling position when I need the extra space in the back to transport items such as gardening mulch and large purchases. I love my rav4 for its fuel efficiency and comfort when traveling.

- Karen G

Toyota RAV4 2008- Highly recommended

The rear mounted tire makes the trunk door hard and heavy to shut so I am glad they moved the spare tire back to under the trunk. It handles like a car- but has the storage of an SUV- which I love. Even with the base model- it has plenty of cup holders, a decent speaker system, and great pick up. The gas mileage is great to- about 27 mpg avg of highway and city. I definitely would recommend the Rav4.

- Ivy T

Great for camping and hunting.

Love this car. Takes me off road when needed with no problems. I can fill it with camping gear, put a kayak on top and it goes with no problems. Love that it has 4 wheel drive so that I can go thru mud and water with no problems since my husband likes to hunt. Since my model was base we added a rack on top and a trailer hitch receiver for more room to take camping equipment with no issues.

- Mickey C

What I love about my 2008 RAV4.

I personally love the car. It drives great and it has all the benefits of a SUV without looking like one. It drives great in the snow. I have been able to get out of tight spots in the snow without any issues or slippage. The only complaint is the space in the in back. Our family grew a little more than expected before we got the car, and would of gotten something a little bigger.

- Mari F

You have to what your oil levels because the car eats oil.

The car has a very smooth ride and steers very easily for parking in tight spots. The only problem I have had with this car is it eats oil. This is a known problem and mine does not eat enough for Toyota to fix it. I have had it tested and it eat more oil than normal cars should but not enough to qualify for the recall. The oil light has come on 3 time between oil changes.

- donna v

it's very comfortable and looks sporty, good room for everyone and everything.

I really love our rav because it fits everyone comfortably, it travels well with a smooth ride. It has the heating package, passengers in the back can feel the heat or ac through vents in the floor, a necessity when living in a cold climate. It has a great turning radius, it has room for cargo with seats that flip down easily. my one criticism is it's an expensive vehicle.

- Bernice g

Ruby red flawless smooth driving car.

My car is drives very smoothly. When the weather changes the tires do need to be filled with air a little more. The seats in the car are not leather but they can be cleaned easily with the right products. The seats are a harsh color and the exterior is a ruby red color. The gas can last you about a week which can be really great. Overall the car has no problems.

- Tolu A

Toyota RAV4 runs smooth and very comfortable.

My Toyota RAV4 was purchased in the year 2008, it is now 10 years old. It has had a few recalls on it, but nothing major and alarming. Car drives smooth, but one major issue I have been facing these past few years is the oil in my car. I think it is caused my the high mileage that I have so I have switched to high mileage oil and change my oil every 3000 miles.

- Maria P

Recall notices / 140, 000 miles.

Car has never had any serious mechanical issues, however it has had numerous recall notices. The regular need to bring the vehicle to the dealership for recall repairs is frustrating. At 140, 000 miles, the car is still running well. The fold down third row seats are not feasible for adults, but are fantastic for short drives carting around younger children.

- Chris E

Safe and solid SUV that has a great engine.

Good engine but the car has issues with oil. I have to put oil into it every 500-1000 miles. Had the car three years and no issues with the engine. Only needed routine maintenance. I like that it is heavy duty and safe. I have not been in an accident but would know I was safe if I were as it had heavy doors. Lots of space and safe to drive in the snow.

- Jill N

Why I love my rav4 in all seasons. I feel safe & cool & trendy when I drive it.

I love the height of the vehicle. I can see better. I feel safe when there is bad weather with 4 wheel drive. Comfortable seats & love the heat warmers. The sound system is excellent & I love that with an six cable, I can connect Spotify to hear my own playlists. I adore the sunroof & how much light that it lets in. I would buy another rav4 for sure.

- Tammy T

I heart Toyota rav4! Best compact SUV ever!

My current vehicle is the second rav4 I have owned from new. I love the performance and reliability. I like the fact it is "higher" than a car/sedan, but not too high! It is easy for me to get in and out of (I am 70). I love the storage and ease of filling and emptying the rear area. I have two grandsons who are very comfortable in the back seats.

- Grace N

Reliable in all conditions.

The rav4 is very reliable. 4- wheel drive does great in the winter seasons. It has good horsepower and overall a very smooth and safe ride. It is quick to heat up in the winter and cool off in the summer. I do have a sunroof which is another great perk. Only negative is the swing open trunk which can make is challenging when parking and shopping.

- Natalie R

The v6 engine makes for smooth driving and can easily tow a small camper.

I love the comfort, this vehicle is spacious and comfortable, plenty of leg room. For an SUV it gets great gas mileage. I can haul lots of stuff in the back and the seats fold forward if I need extra room for larger items. There really is not anything I do not like about my car except I wish it had a sunroof but it is not absolutely necessary.

- Marianne H

Toyota 4 reliability including comfort and room.

I have owned my rav4 for ten years and not once had a problem with it, I do routine maintenance twice a year, perfect size and great for taking dogs for a ride -a St. Bernard and two German shepherds, very easy to drive and very comfortable, lots of legroom in front of car and back cargo area has plenty of space, and easy to turn seats down.

- Lori N

Rav4 is great for carrying kids and sports equipment. I transport a complete drum set and the drummer.

because of my bad back I was looking for a vehicle that I could get in and out of without aggravating the pain. The seat height and entry height are critical. The Rav 4 fits perfect. It has a comfortable drive, and the V6 is enough to get through the snow. At 5'4" most back doors are to high for me so the side pull door is great.

- L L

The RAV4 is a reliable family car.

It is super reliable, have never had to do any major repairs. It is very comfortable with lots of legroom in the back seat. It is powerful enough, though not a high performance vehicle. Sometimes I wish it had more bells & whistles but in terms of comfort, reliability and getting us from point A to point B, it is been a great car.

- Elise P

2008 Toyota RAV4: overall great car.

The only issue I have ever had with this vehicle is the fact that even the slightest change in weather will cause the tire pressure light to turn on. They installed a button on the dashboard to make the light turn off, but the next time you get in your car, it will be on again. Other than that it is a great and very reliable car.

- Nicole B

Gas. Dependability. Wear and tear not bad.

This is the 3rd Toyota I have owned. I have a 2008 Rav4 model with a 4 cylinder engine. Gas mileage is very good. As the present time I have not had any vehicle problems other than tires, which wear due to the poor driving conditions in my state. I have at the present time 60, 000 miles. My Toyota is a base model not many frills.

- Linda H

Just an all around good vehicle. The best I have driven in a long time.

The only problem I have had with this vehicle is that buying it used, there was no warranty. 2 months after driving it, the alternator was shot. I returned to the dealer, and they replaced it and charged me only half the cost. I love the sunroof and there is plenty of space in the back. This is a very comfortable vehicle.

- Carol T

I like how it is very spacious.

It is a very good quality car. It is very spacious and I like how the back door opens like a regular door. It is very convenient especially during the winter so that the snow does not fall into the car. I also like how it has space on the bottom of the trunk to store more bags. So far I do not have any problems with the car.

- Leslie C

Great overall vehicle for work and pleasure.

The 2008 Toyota rav4 is a reliable vehicle. Enough room in the back to carry recreational gear. The only issue that I have is the breaks make a squealing sound when coming to a stop most of the time. This is even after new brakes have been installed. Overall it is one of the best cars I have owned along with a Toyota Camry.

- Kristina A

Rav4 has been one of my favorite vehicles to own to date.

One of my favorite vehicles I have owned so far. The vehicle feels heavy duty so I feel very safe driving on the highway, but drives like a sedan so I do not feel clunky or out of control. There is plenty of space for both passengers and storage so long trips are comfortable. I would say I average 25 miles per gallon.

- Kelsey C

To always keep it maintained and to take the car in to Toyota whenever they send you a recall notice.

I love that my Rav4 is big enough to carry all of my equipment for work and outdoor sporting, but small enough that it doesn't eat up too much gas or space. A couple of things I don't like about my Rav4 are that there's no warning if you keep your headlights on. Also the seat gets uncomfortable during long drives.

- Chris R

It is one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. This is my second rav4.

The rav4 is a great vehicle for city or country driving. It allows you to put and carry lots of things in the rear especially if you put the two passenger seats down. It is easy to park and tight spaces, and it is big enough to make you feel like you are in an SUV. It holds it is worth, and is easily re-sellable.

- Cindy S

Just an all around standard vehicle. My first car. Not too low to the ground and not too top heavy. Responsive and well aligned.

Seats are a bit difficult to adjust but controls are very responsive and fluids are easy to check/maintain. Good gas mileage and reliable. Comfortable and excellent a/c. My personal car has no extra bells and whistles just a simple car for running errands to getting to work/school. Great for a starting driver.

- Orion P

Reliable and flexible transportation.

The RAV4 has been a reliable vehicle. It gets fairly good fuel mileage and has adequate acceleration. It is comfortable and has all of the features I use regularly. The only problems have been leaking struts, alternator failure and a leaking water pump. It has approximately 115, 000 miles on the odometer.

- Jim F

It's roomy and comfortable and has a very smooth ride.

I like that even though is it a smaller SUV, it has plenty of room and is very comfortable in which to sit. One thing I don't like is that all 4 doors don't automatically unlike when the ignition is turned off; only the driver's door unlocks. Sometimes that's OK, though. It also gets good gas mileage.

- Chris U

Soybean wrapped insulated wires eaten by mice.

Engine and transmission no problems. Issues not resolved are airbags replacements, mouse climbed up intake valve under engine and caused damage, and brake and gas pedal too close to each other. Causes abrupt acceleration at times. I have brought these issues to Toyota's attention. They said too bad.

- Robert S

Comfortable ride and high standing.

I have had my car for 4 years and my parents for years before and there have been no major issues. It drives very comfortably, lots of room inside and the trunk is super spacious. The only thing that I would prefer to change, is to add the ac vents in the back, which is offered now in the newer models.

- Iris A

Love my RAV4. Perfect family car!

I am really pleased with all the features. The seats are not very comfortable for long trips though. The air temp controls can be adjusted for each side and that is a great thing for my family's comfort. The leather on the seats is starting to tear from where we get in and out but it is not that bad.

- Amanda T

My Toyota RAV4 is very reliable.

Overall, I really like my Toyota RAV4. It is reliable, comfortable, roomy without being outlandishly huge, and I sit high enough that I feel I see very well all around me when I am driving. The gas mileage is good as well. The only thing I am missing is bluetooth, hands-free capability for my phone.

- Gd K

Our RAV4 experience as a family of four.

The RAV4 is perfect for our 4-person family. It suites our family’s lifestyle, fits groceries conveniently, & it is easy to get our children in & out of the car easily. We recently took it on our family road trip across state lines w/ no issues at all. Most importantly, it feels safe on the road.

- Sally L

For me, a Toyota RAV4 does not live up to the typical Toyota vehicle.

Always loved Toyota, however, I have had too many recalls. It seems I always need new tires and breaks. Great on gas. Drives smooth, however, I would not buy another one. It is black, and I would not get another black one. It is been great for me as far as having enough room when I go on road tips.

- Kim C

Love my RAV4! Perfect for small families.

Maybe a little small for family or using to haul stuff but it is held up well. Average about 24 mpg. No major issues for the 30k miles I have put on it. Back seats are adjustable for leg room and fold down to add more room for big items. Holds 5 people but the 3 in back row better like each other.

- Tammy W

Toyota RAV4 they just do not quit.

I inherited this car from my father-in-law. I have honestly never had to take it in for a problem. I take it in for maintenance and oil changes and it runs like a top. I live in Minnesota and it gets very cold sometimes -20 and it always starts even after sitting out all night while I am at work.

- Sandra D

Durable and tested vehicle.

I have been using RAV4 since 2008 and I do not have any problems with it along the way. Great performance and security for my family. A great vehicle and will lasts longer just always make sure to track and do the mileage services and oil changes to a dealership and everything will be worry free.

- Mel B

Nice features for the win.

The only performance problem is that it rumbles at forty miles per hour. It has features such as a sun roof, auxiliary hookup, and great speakers. There is also a lot of airbags, and passenger controlled temperature. The tire is on the back of the car instead of under it which is also very nice.

- Cassie C

Comfort and ease of operation of vehicle.

My vehicle Toyota rav4, has not had any major problems, the reliability is one reason why I like it so well, actually this rav4 is my third rav 4 I have own. The comfort I like is setting higher up from the ground as in non SUV vehicles, and the performance in ice and snow performs with ease.

- Mary R

Love my rav4! Great vehicle for personal use or taking a big trip.

The rav4 is a very good vehicle. It is very reliable, easy to maintain, but it does not get the best gas mileage. It was als hard and expensive to replace water pump. Having the spare tire on the back makes lots of room for towing and hauling gear. The back seats lay flat for easy transport.

- Tai A

I would recommend the rav4 to all.

This has been a great vehicle. The seats are very comfortable and the ride is smooth. The pick up is surprisingly great. I like that there are a lot of compartments throughout for storage. Also, a nice perk is that the front seats can recline into the back for a comfortable sleeping option.

- Connie M

Overall a good vehicle but has several pros and cons.

Great size car, easy to get in and out of, great storage. Ride is not bad. Gets fairly good gas mileage. However it has had several recalls, problems with a recall and do not think speedometer is hard to read. Seats could be a little more comfortable for long hauls. Overall a good vehicle.

- Cynthia S

It handles very smoothly and allows you to see over most cars.

I like the size of the vehicle, how smooth it handles, and the space for transporting objects. The only thing I dislike is the tire pressure alert light is always on, so I have to frequently check tire pressure on my own because the gage always says the pressure is low, even when it isn't.

- Jeff M

Comfortable with plenty of power

I absolutely love my 2008 Toyota RAV4! The seats are comfortable. There is plenty of legroom. The tallest person in my car has been 6 foot and there was still plenty room above his head. My car is a 4 cylinder and still has excellent "get up and go". I will always buy RAV4s from here on.

- Amber S

Great car to drive, but does eat up gas.

Very reliable SUV, plenty of room front to back. I have a very bad back with plenty of surgeries, the car is a very comfortable ride especially on long drives, like the swing gate on the back. Only thing I do not like is because it is a 4WD it eats up gas, but wonderful in rain and snow.

- Jonathan C

It is very reliable. I have not had any major issue in my 10 years of owning it and it has over 325,000 miles on it.

I like the power of the V6 engine since I drive over two mountains daily. I also like the cabin room and cargo space. The only dislike I have is that I wish it had an area to store umbrellas and a car scraper under the rear passenger seats so they are not in the way of passenger's feet.

- Toya M

The engine is not sluggish at all. It It took me awhile to get used to starting from a standstill (it surges), but the engine purrs once it gets going.

We bought it from a car rental company. It only had one cosmetic defect. I wish the gear shift lit up, because I am short and can't see the gear shift on my dashboard. Also, I would rather have the tailgate lift up, rather than pull open like a door. Otherwise we like the car very much.

- Kari S

5 does and a moonroof and it's silver.

I haven't had any problems with it at all. I love the leg room that it has and that the seats fold flat for transporting things. It is comfortable for long trips. I love the cup holders, the multiple storage compartments. I like the sleek lines, that it is has 5 doors and a moonroof.

- Alicia K

Good car for the money very satisfied with it.

Steady ride, short turning ratio, reliable, acceptable mileage, warranty coverage could be improved, recalls have been done in timely manner. They should provide a loaner car on recall cars. I would buy a new car and it would be a RAV4 4, wife wants a RAV4 4 so does son and daughter.

- Thomas K

It is very safe. The airbag and safety features just makes the car comfortable and safe for the whole family.

I bought my car after I had my son. I have never felt safer. The leather seats are perfect for having a child in the car- easy clean up. I like to sit up high and I love all the room. It is just big enough, but not too big where it is difficult to park. The gas mileage is excellent.

- Alise T

Reliability, performance, tuning ratio extremely good.

Reliable performance, short turning ratio, warranty is excellent, gas mileage is somewhat lower than I would like have had recall repairs made without any problems. Good snow usage, touring usage excellent family usage excellent. That just about covers everything nothing else to ad.

- Tom J

RAV4: they're for cool moms.

The Toyota RAV4 is spacious, perfect for those who want a lot of room but do not want to drive around a soccer mom van. The back row seats can fold down and it is almost like a truck. Great for hauling stuff around when you are moving or setting up stuff to sell at art festivals.

- Roberta D

It has great handling and good space for a small compact suv.

I like the interior set up, the controls on the steering wheel, smooth ride and the compact suv style. It has been the perfect small family car for hauling kids for sports and good in winter weather. However, i do need a third row now for more space so will need to upgrade soon.

- Debbie R

This car has always worked well mechanically.

I like that it has a powerful engine. I still haven't gotten used to the way it surges when I step on the gas, however. My favorite "feature" is that it is a vehicle I can just slide into. No stopping, as in my old tercet, no hiking myself up to get into my husband's old truck.

- Kari S

Its a 2008 rav4 limited. Its a pearl white color with specks of glitter.

My vehicle is pretty good. I've only had it for a few months so I have not had any issues. It's the limited rav4 so it drives great and has a lot of options. The only thing I do wish it had was a moonroof. It's a very pretty white color. The paint has little specks of glitter.

- Alison S

Comfortable to drive and ride in.

It currently is burning oil but otherwise is giving me very few issues. It does need a tune up. I am considering purchasing another Toyota in the next 2 years. This vehicle has been a very good purchase. It has a large storage space in the back after you fold down the seat.

- Kathy C

Why everyone should drive a Toyota!

My Toyota rav4 has been very reliable. I have kept up with the maintenance and have never had a problem with it. I have had Toyota's since I have been driving and find that their ride is smooth, you cannot beat their reliability and they retain their value over the years.

- Mary M

Rav4 - a safe car for everyone.

The car runs very smoothly, its trunk is large for transporting - I used it to move. The engine light comes on a lot for small problems. I feel like I get oil changes very frequently. It is a good size, easy to drive. The sideways opening trunk is a little odd at first.

- Constance C

My rav4, I am pleased with it, especially love it when I can open my sunroof.

I am a faithful Toyota lover. I have had several Toyota's. I have had a Camry, a Tacoma, and two rav4's. I have had to do very little to keep them running. Granted I have gotten oil changes, brakes, and a few batteries, and replaced a few other parts, but nothing major.

- Susan L

RAV4 is a peppy car sized right for urban parking.

The most reliable car/engine I have owned. Totally reliable, great v6 engine, the dealer has done everything to keep the car dependably running. All systems are excellent, and have outperformed any American car I have owned. I would love it if this car lasted forever!

- Lucy B

Dependable and very safe in all weather conditions.

The rav4 is dependable and fun to drive. The cost of repairs to keep the car on the road are very responsible. The car gets good gas mileage and handles well in snow. I have a job that requires me to report during snow emergencies and the car has always handled well.

- Louis R

Overall trustworthy vehicle.

Minor cosmetic problem happen pretty regularly like paint chipping, a plastic piece hanging down over the wheels but they are easily fixed. The engine and other more important features have been very reliable. Pretty good gas mileage for the a small SUV sized vehicle.

- Anna I

I love my Toyota RAV4 it's a family vehicle and it's a great money saver.

It's an amazing gas saver and has a lot of space I couldn't live without my RAV4 I am a mother of a 6 year old and expecting and it's perfect for my child and it will be when my other bundle arrives I have had it for over 8 years and it has never giving me a problem.

- Diana P

Very reliable and comfortable to drive especially on long trips.

Performs well low maintenance very reliable very durable great on long drives easy to maintain problems with blower motor, heavy on gas Usage problem with electric door locks they break down and there is no way to get into passenger side and cargo compartment.

- James M

The tire is on the rear outside.

My RAV4 is very dependable and is good on gas mileage it has a lot of room inside to haul things. It is very comfortable and it performance very well I would buy another one when this one wears out, my husband really likes the spare tire on the rear outside.

- Judith H

Great storage space. Great vehicle for camping.

My Toyota rav 4 has been a real reliable vehicle. Good all around performance. Shocks and struts needed replaced after 150,000 miles. Basic maintenance will keep this vehicle on the road for 100's of thousands of miles. Keep good tires and it will deliver.

- Greg R

RAV4 is pretty reliable. It is a go to car when others just are not good enough.

Good robust car. Gets me to and from destinations a, b, and c. Not many problems to reports because it is just that good of a car without any issues. The space in the back for leg room is perfect and space in the back to stores stuff is pretty spacious.

- Anthony A

RAV4 an amazing family car.

I love the RAV4. Fits my family of 5 perfectly with room to spare. Drives really well, has great speakers, and lots of trunk space. The trunk was large enough for my mom to drive me and all my stuff to college in! Lovely car, easy to park, perfect size.

- Rachel G

I love my 2008 RAV4 and will buy another.

I have not had any problems. . . It is very reliable and very comfortable to drive and passengers like riding in it. The 4 wheel drive goes in snow. I love the space in the back and hidden storage. I feel safe. It has always passed the pa inspection.

- Susann P

I like Toyotas, I find them to be workhorses and you can drive them for years.

Reliable, dependable transportation. 4 doors make it easy 'to get in and out. Roomy, good storage, not a gas guzzler. Quiet motor, not too many dials. I do wish it had a backup camera. I suppose newer models the camera comes on the standard model.

- Nancy M

This is an all around great vehicle for both driving and riding.

I love my car. I like that the rear door opens to the side instead of overhead, which is unusual for a SUV. I have the Sport model, which is a perk that I like. I like the way that the vehicle handles and it's also very comfortable to drive.

- Jodi A

Make sure to upkeep the cars maintenance and it will be in great condition.

I love my car! It's very reliable and the local Toyota dealers/repair shop is extremely helpful! Haven't had problems other then the wear and tear of the vehicle. Overall I've been loving the experience with this almost 11 year old car!

- Alynna C

Its a toyota that can drive families for years and years to come.

I like its utility and lifespan since its been with the family for almost 10 years now. I also like its size though I would prefer a car more suited for a "bachelor". I have no complaints overall since it is still a car that is usable.

- Christian A

great car to drive;nice features

love this car. easy to drive, nice features, love my sunroof. i have one little problem with my alarm that goes off way to quick but that is not a problem of the performance of the car. would recommend rav4; this is my second one

- robin p

The Rav4 is a great, mid-size car for a young, one-child family!

I love the size of my Rav4. It is not too bulky, and it's not too low to the ground. I dislike that it lacks some newer features, including GPS. I also would prefer it in white, because black vehicles tend to show dirt more.

- Sarah B

Rav4. We had to buy 4 new tires, still need tire sensors.

Sensor lights for tire pressure come on often. Expensive to get new ones. Tires are expensive as have to get all 4 due to 4 wheel drive. It is a little jerky/extra sensitive steering. Good for driving on the freeway. Nice.

- Carolyn G

Toyota makes a very reliable engine with good fuel economy, however quality is sacrificed in other areas such as tires,brake rotors and water pumps.

Great gas mileage, vehicle is versatile with plenty cargo space when back seats 60/40 split are folded down. Cons Water pump failed at 50K miles. Not a quiet ride. Brake rotors rust very easily when not driven in 2 days.

- Robert M

Good gas mileage for SUV. It has good pickup for a 4 cylinder engine.

RAV4 is very comfortable. It is reliable and fun to drive. Only problems have been the wheels there was an issue with paint pitting and peeling the dealership knew it was an issue but Toyota didn't do anything about it.

- Pam D

I am grateful to drive this car! Best vehicle I have ever owned!

I have absolutely no complaints about my vehicle. My car is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned, and the mileage doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. I have paid it off as well, which means no more payments!

- Taylor D

Toyota Rav4, the car that won't give up.

The performance and reliability of the 2008 Rav4 is superb. A vehicle I have owned for 10 years with no problems at all. A low maintenance car that with the dependability it has given thus far, I would repurchase.

- Sommer V

Toyotas are long-lasting, reliable family vehicles.

I like that it is a reliable, long-lasting car. It is comfortable and easily fits my family and whatever we need when we travel. I dislike the numerous recall notices we get, but better safe than sorry I suppose.

- Erin F

It gets good gas mileage for a bigger car. I typically fill my car like every week and a half.

I enjoy how spacious it is on the inside. It is good for long drives. However, after the warranty ended, the doors have electrical issues with locking; I have to manually lock the doors from the inside.

- Paola R

It has a very spacious rear passenger area.

I really like the way how the RAV4 drives and how spacious the rear passenger area is. I also like the amount of trunk space available. RAV4 is also very easy to park in pretty small and tight spaces.

- Nicholas B

That this RAV4 is reliable, durable and fun to drive. It is the second RAV4 my wife an I have owned.

This RAV4 is a delight to drive, it is reliable and most comfortable. I find the collapsible seats perfect when I need to haul things or when my 2 dogs need a ride to the Vet or family gatherings.

- William Y

Have had no problems with it. It is comfortable, roomy and easy to drive.

Love it No problems-comfortable and easy to drive. Nice looking and has a moonroof which I love. Color is white with a black interior. Love the size and it is very roomy-just enough that I need.

- Nancy K

It's got a full size spare tire which is far better than those silly little spares or run flats.

Good power to weight ratio. Acceleration is great when you need it. Compact size is easy to park. Good visibility through all angles/ windows. Turns well (reasonably tight circle). No complaints.

- Nelly M

This has been a great family car with very low problems.

We have had the car for over 10 years. Bought new when purchasing it. The only problem we have had was it burned oil. Took to Toyota and they were aware if the problem. They repaired the problem.

- Carol M

Buy me, buy me; you will not regret it.

Virtually no problems. Performance is quite good. Mileage is about normal for the rav4 I think. It rides a bit rough. But it is quite comfortable for me and carries what I need to have carried.

- Wanda G

Its graceful under extreme road conditioned.

It is a nice size which makes it easy to park. It is easy to drive because I do not have problems with blind spots. It is dependable with very few major repairs except for regular maintenance.

- Brenda H

It is well made, I have had no trouble with it.

Like the gas mileage, comfort and dependability. Dislike the blind spots and limited view from rear windows and also the fact that there is no air conditioning for the passengers in the back.

- Susan O

Rav4 is a good compact SUV that offers lots of room for passengers and cargo.

The car is spacious and tall. It is very to do parallel parking with this car because the front and back of the car is short. The seats can be put down to make space for moving big furniture.

- Ivy V

The Toyota RAV4 is very Reliable. It is rarely in need of major repairs if proper maintenance is kept up with.

Very reliable.Comfortable, and serves our family well. Can put 5 people in and have plenty of room for luggage in the back. Or I can lay down the seats and have a load of room for hauling.

- Heather K

Awesome 2008 Toyota RAV4 SUV

The 2008 Toyota Rav4 Sport is an awesome vehicle. After 10 years of driving it, it is still drives great like the day it came out of the showroom. The Rav4 has unbelievable great quality.

- Sherry M

It is a Toyota. Just like Honda they last for a very long time.

Good spacious SUV. I love my car. Have not had to change brakes yet and I have put 40, 000+ miles on it. I bought it used and have not had any problems with it. I feel pretty safe in it.

- Hector C

Spacious but not too big for an SUV.

I do not have any complaints on my car. It receives great gas mileage and very smooth drive. It is got great room for friends and the dog to ride around in. I love traveling in my car.

- Cassie D

Reliability of the Toyota Rav4 is unparalleled. Need I say more?

We bought our Rav4 in 2017 and haven't had a single problem with it. It is comfortable in every way, especially the ground clearance that makes it so easy to get in and out of the car.

- Karen H

has had a lot of safety recalls, which makes me think the manufacturer is a little careless

It has had way too many recalls in the time I've owned it. My previous vehicle had maybe one in the 8 years I owned it and this one has had about half a dozen in that same time period.

- Cy N

A great family car, great on gas, roomy, convenient to drive.

I love the size. I love the power entering the highway. I love the 4 wheel drive. I love the AC and the sunroof. I love the generous amount of cupholders and the fold down rear seats.

- Linda H

It is reliable and was a great value.

Like the sporty factor, has great options and is fun to drive. There is still room for hauling stuff (and dogs). Do not like that there is a service repair notice for using oil on it.

- Jackie C

It's dependable and honestly it just goes and goes and goes even with over 120,000 miles on it. Toyota's are great vehicles.

My vehicle was pre-owned when i bought it. I love the size of it and I love the way it drives really smooth. It's got an under compartment in the trunk and that's really helpful too.

- Breannah B

This model is reliable with excellent gas mileage.

I like everything about it. It is a good car for Colorado winter driving with AWD. However it is only a 4-cylinder and I wish I would've gotten a 6-cylinder model with a tow package.

- Annette L

They should know that the RAV4 is an awesome vehicle

I like my car because it is very versatile in everyday functions. It has great pick up and is comfortable to drive. The only complaint I have is the gas mileage is not that great.

- Joseph S

That it is very dependable.

Easy to drive great gas mileage. Very roomy. Low maintenance holds up well love the four wheel drive which comes in handy in the winter. Great visibility. Wish I had room camera.

- Alice K

It can fit so much more than you think it can! It will surprise you.

I love being higher than a normal car. It has the best storage capacity while still fitting passengers comfortably. It is not my favorite color being red, but I don't mind it.

- Sharilyn H

It's a Toyota. Dependable reliable

The Toyota RAV4 is a dependable small to midsize SUV. I have the four cylinder front wheel drive model. It pulls my 14ft fishing boat with ease. Good driving in winter too.

- Greg D

When stepping on the break, push harder than you normally would.

Well the breaks are brand new and it takes a good amount of force to actually get the car to stop. The tire light is on and all the tires are good. It's easy to go fast.

- Conor P

Love my cute RAV4 with lots of room and lots of power!

I have had my RAV4 for 1 1/2 years and I love it! It is the perfect size and it has a V6 engine, so has a lot of power. I travel for work and find it very comfortable.

- Sukey M

I am able to carry another 4 people

It is a good size for driving. It can help me to drive through somewhat heavy snow. It is a 4x4 and gets me to where I want to go and back again. I have not complaints

- Henry Y

It is affordable, has great features, and will last a long time .

I like the features of the seat that can be adjusted. I like that you can adjust the temperature on both sides of the vehicle. It is a great size to fit our family.

- Diane o

It is made to last a long time. It is very easy to handle.

I like that it's a smaller type SUV but easy for me (a senior citizen with arthritis) to get in and out of. Can haul a lot in the back. No dislikes or complaints

- Susan H

It will last me forever!!

I love the roominess of the inside, yet it is still a small car. It was in great shape when I bought it and it will last me a long time. Also gas mileage is good.

- Sarah R

When looking to purchase a new or used car, don't even consider other brands.

No problems, extremely reliable, good gas mileage. Buying Toyotas since 1986, well over 1 million miles on 3 Toyota trucks, keep regular oil changes and drive on.

- Jerry F

Definitely small and compact.

The RAV4 is a limited model. It has a 169 hp engine with a lot of power. Has a hands free phone. Has power windows and door locks. Has a sunroof. Every roomy to.

- Jerry P

doesn't start up good hard to get it going

doesn't have good pick up but is a overall good suv I had one before and definitely wanted another one. The suv runs great except it doesn't want to get moving

- Sue M

Toyota is truly a very reliable and good brand. I had never owned one before.

This has been my favorite car that I have ever owned. I have not had any problems with it. I love the look of it. I love the cargo area. I have no complaints.

- Jeannean S

I've had a lot of recalls.

I love the size. It's large enough to have helped me move into a few apartments. The 4 wheel drive is a life saver in the winter. It's comfortable long drive.

- Roxanne V

It's safe and great on gas. It's super easy to park as well.

The SUV is rather small compared to what it out there now. I have a family of 4 and there is not enough seating if we wanted to go out with friends or family.

- leah a

Gas mileage needs to be improved, vehicle handles well

I drive my work so the all wheel 4 wheel option is wonderful. I don't like all the recalls that I have had to have completed. The gas mileage could be better

- Linda F

With regular maintenance this car will give you many years of good use.

I love my car. It is a good on mileage and the interior is very roomy. There are also many hidden storage compartments in the back in which to store things.

- Lynda L

This car is great for a starting family and has been extremely reliable over the years with basic maintenance.

It has had minimal problems since I purchased the vehicle in 2008. I have noticed however that it has started to burn oil. Overall I really enjoy this car.

- Brittany P




Worry free driving with RAV4.

This vehicle has 170k miles on it, and has never let me down. Other than oil changes, brakes, batteries and tires over the years, it takes care of itself.

- Donna E

It is spacious and comfortable for long rides. Road trips are fun to take.

We love to take road trips in this vehicle. We have room for a twin inflatable mattress to sleep at night. It makes a two week road trip cost efficient.

- Debbie H

The interior is very sleek.

It is very reliable, the color is pretty. Also I do not know enough about cars to actually make a formulated opinion but it is a good car on my standards.

- Rebecca B

It is a very comfortable car that I can depend upon.

I am very satisfied with my rav4. It is easy to drive, easy to park, gets good gas mileage and is comfortable. I have not had any problems with it at all.

- June M

It works well and is reliable.

Easy to drive. Sits up higher than a car. Four wheel drive. What I dislike about my car is that it does not have all the latest features mew cars have.

- Rich L

The trunk of the car has a secret compartment on the bottom that you can lift up and put more luggage or groceries in!

The car works great except for the brakes but just the rav4 has brake problems. It's very good on gas mileage and it's a very convenient car to have!

- Emily S

It easily fits two oversized car seats which allows us to fit two toddlers

I like how much room I have for my family. I also like how reliable it has been and easy on the gas. I dislike that the back seats don't fold flat.

- Jennifer B

the space that you have the safety and the type of engine that you have

love it best space and quality and the best safety when you have family I have mine for 10 years and if you take care the car its gonna last more

- Jennifer L

It is a great mini-sub that gets you where you want to go.

I like the fact that it has a short turn radius. It rides higher on the road and gets good gas mileage. No complaints, just wish it was newer.

- Scott K

Awesome 4 Wheel On Demand Vehicle

My vehicle is awesome. I take care of it and I haven't had any issues. If you do regular scheduled maintenance it should be a reliable vehicle.

- Valerie S

The RAV4 has TONS of storage space! Lots of hidden compartments and the back seats completely lay down out of the way!

I absolutely love my RAV4. I've had it for 10 years now and have never had any major issues. It's exactly the right size for everything I need!

- Heather R

It is fun to drive and is peppy.

Roomy drives good no complaints although I would have preferred cloth seats instead of the leather. And would have loved the 3rd row seat.

- Lena M

that is opens up to 3 rows if you have more people but if not you have plenty of storage.

I like the size and how it can turn into 3 rows if you need to. I wish it had better gas mileage. but I guess it is better than most suvs.

- anns P

Comfortable and roomy vehicle.

Large cargo area for a large dog. Love that back seats can be adjusted. Very reliable vehicle and comfortable to ride in for long trips.

- Tammy P

It's low maintenance and is dependable.

It's dependable. It's pretty well made and has served Its purpose for transport well. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.

- Luis P

It's safe and reliable. Haven't had many issues as long as it is maintained.

I like the size of the interior. It can hold the kids and luggage well. Gets OK gas mileage. Seems to be a magnet for idiot drivers.

- Zebb r

I have had very few issues with it in over ten years of ownership.

It rides smoothly. It is reliable. It gets good gas mileage. There is plenty of room for my family of 4 with two rear-facing car seats.

- Kate S

The v6 engine had extraordinary gas mileage.

No complaints. Best running vehicle I have owned. Service had been great, the v6 engine has been wonderful, with excellent gas mileage.

- Jeanette B

It has good space and is comfortable and gets pretty good gas mileage for a crossover.

It has a third row seat which we love when family comes into town. It handles well and we take it on long trips several times a year.

- Lara B

Toyota Rav4 is a versatile mid size SUV

Great mid size SUV. Extremely reliable. Versatile cargo area. Could use more outlets and the gas mileage is a bit under expectations.

- Alix W

Great vehicle, highly recommended.

We actually love this vehicle!! Not bad on gas, drives great and has minimal issues. . For the money it is definitely a great value!!

- Roger B

It feels safe and reliable.

It is the perfect size, small enough to handle well, big enough to fit a lot. It is reliable and has been cost effective to maintain.

- Laura G

My vehicle drives nicely and has a nice stereo system. There is plenty of room.

It drives nicely, but there is a defect that causes it to lag around 40 mph. The mechanic says this is normal for the make and model.

- Casey C

Gas and interior my only issue.

I wish it got better gas mileage. The color of the interior is tan and for a person with children and dogs, it gets stained easily.

- Heather M

It handles like a car.It doesn't take up alot of space for parking.

It's good on gas and also works great in the snow. The size is great for getting in and out of traffic but can still go off road.

- Jim F

Like the way you seat up in it.

Like the size and ease of driving. Do not like numbers or lack of on speedometer and seats could be a little more comfortable.

- Cindy S

Great, reliable and safe car

I love the height of the car. The blind spots are minimal and I have had very little issues mechanically in the last 10 years

- Hannah P

Really great resale value!

Excellent in the snow with all wheel drive. Very good ride, I attribute in part to the larger 17" tires. No real complaints.

- Frank G

It is reliable and has never had a problem.

Its does and does not have all the new bells and whistles. Like Bluetooth and a back up camera. Also id like leather seats.

- Amanda B

It drives pretty well and it's easy to maneuver.

Like - four wheel drive for the snow and has a lot of space. Pretty good with gas. Dislike- its basic. . Not much for show.

- Cindy H

Versatile dependable crossover SUV!

This crossover SUV has been a great car. It has been good for traveling long distances as well as just driving around town.

- Amy R

The most important thing to know is that the car doesn't have a key to start it, so make sure to know where the key is at all times,

It is a good size car. I would like there to be more storage to carry things. It drives nicely and has good gas mileage.

- Jaime C

It's a great compromise between SUV and sedan.

I like the seat positioning on my back. I enjoy the space, and I enjoy being up high. I also love the light blue color.

- Kate N

That it it a very safe car for families.

I like it because it has excellent control and handling. It also has great safety features. Nothing to complain about.

- Chad s

Front seats do not adjust to fit tall individuals.

Driver's side seat is uncomfortable, hit my head when getting into the car and tall people can sit in the front seats.

- Rose B

The g35 is sporty and quick.

Like 6 cylinder power, not available anymore. Love cargo space. Reliable. Do not like noise, cold air leaks in doors.

- Beth A

It is safe to drive, rides good.

It is getting old so it is noisy when it runs. I like the size. The sensors on the tires keep needing to be replaced.

- Laura E

very nice looking car and great to drive

nice car and easy to drive. great gas mileage. low cost in maintenance. will buy a new one in a couple of years.

- mark k

Toyotas have good resale value.

Drives good, is roomy, gets pretty good gas mileage.. Not anything I really dislike about it, fairly happy with it..

- Cindy H

Toyota Rav4 is a compact crossover SUV with amazing space.

Rav4 is very spacious for a compact SUV. The trunk can fit more than expected. The stereo system is also very nice.

- Ivy V

i have had al1 most no repair on the car and the gas mileage is high.

It is great in the snow. the rear door opens to the side so no bumping your head on it. I would like a softer ride.

- jim c

it rides great. don't have to fall in or climb out

140000 miles and no problems. only car I ever bought new with no problems. Don't like the spare tire cover rattle.

- bob M

Have had no major issues with the car in 160,000 miles.

Bad in snow and ice. Too noisy while trying to carry on a conversation. I like the reliability and dependability.

- Sue T

That I will never buy a black car again. When the sun is shining it gets very hot.

I hate where the horn is located. I'm always accidentally beeping at people. I like the way the rear door opens.

- Mary B

Over 150,000 miles and it still runs great (with regular maintenance)

Great car, good mileage. Reliable with lots of room. Great option if you're looking for a small to mid size suv

- Brady W

Low costs! big, comfortable for traveling! Good car

Very good vehicle, no problems at all, very comfortable and safe. Low costs for gas and service. Very Steady

- Maria S

RAV4 is a great family car, it's good in snow and is just the right size.

It's very dependable, which I like. There are some issues, but it is a 10 year old car, so that is expected.

- Jaimee M

I've never had any mechanical or other issues with this car. Since it's a V6, the performance is great — power and speed over tough mountain passes, and zippy handling in traffic. Even after 10 years, the styling of the RAV4 holds up great and still looks new. I especially like the size and cargo capacity, plus the back swing open door (instead of a hatch) which is easy to open and makes loading and unloading a snap.

This has been an almost maintenance-free vehicle with no repair bills or part failures even after 90K miles.

- Mary E

The Rav4 is the Best Car you can Drive

I have had my car for 5 years with no problems. It is the best, most reliable car that I have ever driven.

- Lizz A

The option of the third row seating.

Not enough leg room in the front. Plenty of room in the back. A lot of storage room in the trunk space.

- Erin M

Gas mileage is significantly worse in the winter but overall it is a great vehicle that requires little big repairs if taken care of

The car goes through water pumps every 50,000 miles but other than that have not had any major issues

- Liz G

It's a good compromise between sedan and SUV, and it drives nicely.

I like the size and it's height. It handles well, and I like the color. I just wish it was a hybrid.

- Kate N

Good used car. Still runs well.

It runs quite well. Gets good mileage and for being ten years old everything works very well still.

- Mike J

reliable and dependable I love it. good in driving in snow. May buy another vehicle soon.

Very dependable, reliable and I love my car. No complaints about this car. I may buy another soon.

- sheila d

I like that it is an SUV but drives more like a car than a truck. Love the trunk space. But I dislike that there is no 3rd row

A lot of cargo space for a small SUV, more than most others because the spare tire is on the back

- Jodie L

I don't like that the trunk door opens sideways. The seats are not very comfortable on long trips. I do like the storage space.

The back door opens sideways. That makes it difficult to access in close parking spaces.

- Loree E

Steady and faithful. It is heavy enough to withstand hits.

No repairs other than regular maintenance. Good mileage. Heavy machine. No complaints.

- Carol G

I love my Toyota RAV4. It fits my children and I extremely comfortable and never seems to have any problems.

Most important thing to know about my car is to make sure fluids are always checked.

- Samantha M

Like that it can accomodate me and my hubby and 3 kids without a problem. Don't like that I have to seriously upgrade in a few years to deal with changes in car technology. Outside of that, I overall like it.

Roomy but compact. Gets me to my destination without compromising comfort. Love it.

- Alexandra B

Is very reliable and handles very well

Like the confort .Don't how seat belt connector is located.Like the way it drives

- Bud B

The most important thing is that my car is very reliable...

This car is very reliable car. I think that it should be a better on the mileage.

- fred j

It's a small SUV with plenty of room but it's not too big that it's uncomfortable to drive.

I like it. It has enough room inside but it's not too big. Toyota is a good make.

- Josefina M

I love how it is higher off the ground so you step up into the car. I love how much space you have with the front windshield and just in general. It is super enjoyable to drive and I would 100% buy it again. I love this car! Very comfortable as well. Not overly big and still manageable. I have never really had any big issues with it or any Toyota for that matter. It always starts right up despite being a few years old. I think I may have been wrong though-I think it is a 2011 Rav4, not 2008 though.

I have never had a Toyota vehicle of any kind give me any really big issue ever.

- Veronica C

I would want everyone to know that it is a very comfortable car and it has decent gas mileage and the extras like satellite radio make this a great choice

I like the space I like the moonroof I like having the option of satellite radio

- Michele K

I love the way this car runs and the mileage that I get from it.

I love its reliability and road worthiness great ride best ac unit beautiful car

- fre j

That's it fun to drive and very dependable,on road or off.

This has been a very dependable suv for me i just love it,so fun to drive too.

- maren n




Rav's get decent gas mileage.

I like it's size. I like Its shape. I don't like that it isn't true 4wd.

- Tina S

Too many recalls. Toyota did not want to fix broken engine

Too many recalls. Engine broke at 100,500. Had to argue to have it fixed

- Lynda G

It is great. if someone wants a smaller SUV, this is a great way to go.

The RAV4 is a great vehicle. I refer to it as my big station wagon.

- elliott W

it is very functional, and the price is reasonable.

i like that my rav4 is the smallest suv. it can fit a lot of stuff.

- jocelyn c

It is a high quality, dependable car with 4 wheel drive.

It's a comfortable ride. It gets good gas mileage. It's reliable.

- Dana B

It is reliable and the storage is great. It can seat 5 passengers. Roof Rack comes in handy

I have never had a breakdown. Easy to maintain. Performs well.

- Nancy C

The wheel on the back is great for easy access, but the rear door can make it a bit hard to get wide items inside

Plasticy body is bad, but the versatility and space is awesome

- No T

It runs great, fits at least four bikes if you put down the back seats, or two bikes and one dog. Have yet to have any major issues with it!

It's the car for outdoorsy people, with dogs and bikes.

- Jaime B



- AN Y

A very good car with no problems and very low costs

It is a very good car. No Problems. Very Low costs.

- Jean S

Easy to get in and out off. easy to drive,

The best vehicle I ever had, no complaints

- Joyce C

It drives great and is comfortable.

I love it but do not like the gas mileage.

- Becky B

A great car for road trips.

- Kelsey B