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Toyota Rav4: Reliable & Sturdy

Love the feel. One of the things I want most in a car is comfortability and it's perfect for driving since we take passengers a lot. It's also such a sturdy car and it feels smooth and safe. The features are nothing fancy but it has everything needed, everything works great despite the fact that we bought it used. I was surprised by how great shape the car was. Another important thing is mileage and durability. I feel like I can take long road trips in the car and it can handle it. We haven't ever really had major problems with the car apart from general wear and tear which is fantastic. What I want out of a car in this age isn't necessarily something fancy, but instead something that is reliable and sturdy.

- Vee Y

Perfect for everyday commute with great handling and ample space.

My 2009 rav4 is a great vehicle. It has everything I need and want in a vehicle. I am single with no children and do not transport other people, so I often keep the second row seating folded down, creating a large trunk space. It has ample room for my hockey equipment, gym bag, groceries, and more. Living in New England, this vehicle handles well in the snow with the 4-wheel-drive option. However, I did not realize before purchasing that the 4wd option automatically shuts off if you drive above 20 mph. Despite this, it handles pretty well in sleek conditions above 20 mph. Seating is very comfortable, visibility is great, and the overall feel of the drive is smooth. Great little SUV!

- Holly G

Amazing car great gas mileage, perfect for a small family.

I absolutely love my Toyota RAV4! It seats 5 with the option of adding extra seating in the rear. Has a under compartment storage and a spacious trunk for storage. Come with roof racks. Very comfortable seating, has a sunroof. Gets decent gas mileage. I believe we get about 28 mpg on highway. It a great vehicle for everyday commute, going to work, picking up kids, daily outings. We even traveled 4000 miles on a vacation and never had any problem with it. Since owning our RAV4 tgd only thing we've had it replaced was the alternator and the windshield. Over all it is a great vehicle and I would definitely buy another if something happens to this one.

- Stacy K

Reliable, Trustworthy and Safe for the Family

When I purchased this vehicle brand new in 2009, it was top notch and the features that came with it were pretty normal for a smaller SUV. The size is perfect enough for a family of 2 adults, small child and 2 dogs. 10 years later I still feel safe in this vehicle and have only had minor repairs needed. There have been some recalls for various aspects, but all have been addressed and didn't alter my opinion. This vehicle isn't made to be the fastest as it is a 4 cylinder; however, I didn't purchase it for the speed, I cared more for the MPG to which it is above average I believe based on a smaller SUV.

- Kelly R

Rust free, zippy and sweet.

I bought the vehicle used, with a 4-cyl. Engine. I think the gas mileage is excellent, with 25 mpg average in town, and a highway average of between 30 mpg - 35 mpg. The small engine is more than enough to quickly zip around a slower vehicle when passing on the highway. The ride is comfortable for a SUV, much better than my previous ford explorer, and with 142000 miles on it the need for repairs has been minimal for that much mileage. The vehicle has been very dependable. My favorite positive review is the complete lack of body rust, while almost any American made vehicle of that age is a rust bucket.

- Jim L

Rav4 is great for dogs and kids.

The rav4 has been the perfect car for our 3 dogs and now our 2 children. We wanted a smaller SUV that could fit dogs in the back and have room for camping gear. Now that we have children we are able to still fit everyone in the car. Installing car seats was a bit tough using the bar under the seat but once we got them latched they are very secure. Having cup holders in the back that would be more accessible to our children would be helpful. We also have the sport version and the run flat tires did not last long before we had to replace. Overall a great car no major issues!

- Jan F

Sometimes dependable and sometimes not.

Car runs a bit noisy. Very hard to hear the radio. Hard to hear the music on radio sometimes, because radio system is standard, and cannot raise the treble high enough for clarity. Do like the look of it. However, the ride is not the smoothest. The car has been reliable for the most part, until the most recent problem with the gas gauge that just quit, and I ran out of gas on a major highway. Then next day, the gauge worked just fine. No reason for it working again, and mechanic recommended that it not be repaired until started acting up again.

- John J

Adventures galore in my RAV4.

I drive about 60 miles a day to work and school and my RAV4 has been an absolute joy to drive. I sometimes go off-roading a little and the 4 wheel drive is wonderful! I have purchased a fold up twin mattress for the back of the SUV for long trips that turn into surprise overnights and it is perfect! I wanted adventures when I bought my car and I have lots more adventures in my RAV4. The mpg is decent for an SUV and the limited edition is comfortable for long trips. I also love my 12v wall plug in and use it several times a week.

- Anna H

Why the rav4 should be your vehicle choice.

This is a very convenient vehicle as far as space and getting my 2 year old in and out of the vehicle. The roof is high enough that I do not have to struggle to put her in her car seat. There is also a lot of cargo space in the back. For people who like the extra room for grocery shopping or taking family trips. There is plenty of room to store everything. The gas mileage is great and I can fill up for less than 40 dollars. It is also a smooth riding vehicle that navigates easily and turns corners more like a car than an SUV.

- Ashley W

It has had several recalls that have been very inconvenient.

I like my Rav4. It has had several recall and repaired by Toyota free of cost. the performance of the car is good. It's comfortable but wish it was a little more spacious. I wish it had more drink holders. It could use more leg room but it's not crowded it would just be a little extra luxury. . A little extra space in the very back would also be nice. There is a moderate amount of space we have had pretty much just the normal problems with the vehicle. I've for the most part enjoyed my Rav4.

- susan m

Love this car! Reliable and dependable

I love this car. It's reliable and runs great. I have had to do some maintenance over the years but it's been reasonably priced and easy to fix. The system is reliable (fluid level warnings, air pressure warnings). Only con is that it can suffer in winter sometimes, I've had to replace the battery twice during my winters with it and I've had it about six years. It's small enough to not feel like you're driving a beast of a car, but large enough to haul things.

- Lindsey K

My vehicle is a fun and comfortable and spacious SUV

My car is constantly in the shop and breaking down but I love it and it is very spacious and a fun car all around especially for bringing pets places and carrying luggage and groceries. I enjoy the folding seats and ability to create more space in the car by folding them completely down. I wish there was an aux cord but I do understand it is an older vehicle so I just use a radio connecting aux cord that connects to the cigarette plug

- Jessica M

There are too many recalls! And to have a minimum length of 25 is ridiculous!

All four doors are plastic and have cracked but Toyota will not replace these pieces. I have complained about it during my 3-year warranty. I have had numerous recalls that make me feel very unsafe in my vehicle. The one recall "fix" is to glue something related to alignment so that it has to be unglued and regaled every time my car is re-aligned. There are other features I am unhappy with and will never have a Toyota again.

- Anonymous P

Overall nice rice ride with outlets so you can use any two prong power cords

I love the heated seats, power driver seat, power windows, the sunroof, the amount of cargo space, and the ease of use of the controls. It contains a CD player, Bluetooth, ability to connect phone to the sound system, and a light up dashboard. One of the best things is that there are outlets in the vehicle so you can use power cords if you need too. The downfalls, the amount of seat space for 2 car seats. It's quite squishy.

- Michelle P

I love my rav4 however others looking into purchasing one need to do some research on the recalls, no matter what year. My 2009 rav4 has quite a bit of recalls, granted none are serious and not life threatening vehicle recalls but they are still recalls and the list is very long.

The gas mileage on my 09 Toyota Rav4 is amazing, much better than my previous car. The storage space and seating is very reasonable and spacious for a crossover SUV. A great feature not known to most is that you can purchase a special tow bar for the Rav4 so that you're able to tow up to 1500 lb on the v4 model without the towing package and on the v6 models with out the towing package 2000 to 3000 lbs and with it 3500lb.

- Lindsay A

Reliable, but not in the snow.

This car has been incredibly reliable except for a few issues I've experienced since purchasing this car. I've had a constant minor squealing noise occurring without explanation. I've taken it to several car mechanics with no luck in solving the issue. Another issue that is present would be that the car is EXTREMELY light. I live in a snow heavy state and even with all wheel drive, this car is NOT good in the snow.

- Marco L

Very spacious interior with nice styling but lackluster gas mileage

I like the overall space of my car, I can easily fit 5 fully grown adults without worrying about space problems, I don't like however the gas mileage I get in this car it is in the low 20s which I am kinda disappointed because other cars in the market near those years get better gas mileage towards the upper 20s. Other than that I really like the size, the safety, and the overall looks of my rav4

- Mohammed A

The rave 4 handles very good for a small SUV.

I very much enjoy our 2009 rav4. It has been a very reliable vehicle and is comfortable to drive. I am 6' tall and have more than enough head and legroom. It gets great fuel mileage as well and handles good in the snowy weather. Storage is also very good. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone that is looking for a reliable vehicle that is not to big or small that gets good fuel mileage.

- Vaughn P

It has two extra storage areas under the bed in the rear of the vehicle.

My car is roomy for a four door SUV. It has ample storage in the back and it does not have many blind spots. It is a quiet, comfortable ride. It does extremely well with gas mileage and it does not cost a lot to re-fuel. It is very reliable and has been easy to maintain. This model does not have the newer luxuries like Bluetooth but I am able to still use my phone to listen to music.

- Ny D

Reliable, dependable, and spacious

I love my Toyota RAV4. It is the most reliable car I have ever owned. I have owned a lot of cars in my twenty five years on this planet. My Toyota RAV4 is amazing on gas. I have been able to safely drive long distances without ever having to worry about breaking down. My Toyota RAV4 is very dependable. I can fit almost everything I own in it and it's so comfortable.

- Summer E

Not sure what you mean by 'title of your review'. 2009 rav4. Good vehicle.

There have been no problems with the vehicle other than normal wear and tear. Other than a couple of batteries, a new starter and routine maintenance, it has been an inexpensive vehicle to own. And it has always performed well. It is comfortable, rides well and has plenty of capacity for larger, longer items. It would nice if the average mpg was 30 or higher.

- Betsy F

Toyota RAV4: A Great Family Car

Overall a great vehicle. Accelerated quickly, but not too touchy at all. Slick looking exterior, durable interior. We've had our Toyota RAV4 for 10 years and never had any issues. Only complaint that I may have is that the radio is very quiet compared to the noise of the car. I have a hard time finding a volume that works well when going down the interstate

- Cameron K

My vehicle is a 2009 red Toyota RAV4. It's used so we got it for only 9, 000.

My car is a 2009 red Toyota RAV4. I got it three years ago from my parents. Therefore I technically do not own it but it is under my name. It's really a mix between a small SUV and a large SUV so its perfect size. The gas is a bit touchy but you get use to it once driving. The steering wheel fits perfectly in my hands so it makes it comfortable to drive.

- Kayla M

The thing I like about my Toyota RAV4 is the spare tire on the back.

I have had my RAV4 almost 10 years and really had no major issues at all other than just general maintenance things you know like oil changes, tires, and a new battery. It has a lot of room and I really like how it rides. It is a great car. The only thing I would have had that do not have is a sunroof. Had that on my other car and I miss it on my Toyota.

- Maria S

Best vehicle purchase- reliable, comfortable, practical, and enjoyable!

My Toyota RAV4 has been a reliable vehicle for 9 years. It is comfortable to drive and has never had any issues aside from regular vehicle maintenance. I have moved 7 times since purchasing the vehicle, and it can surprisingly hold the majority of my belongings (aside from furniture). The visibility is great, and it is overall a safe functional vehicle.

- Tara N

Excellent SUV for the money.

My car has 126000 miles on it and is still going strong. It has been a very reliable car and I would recommend it totally. There is plenty of room in it for adults even in the back seat. The on issue I have with it is the low quality of the paint job. It has bubbled up and peeled in areas on the hood of the car. Even with that I would buy again.

- Connie B

Very comfortable to drive

I find my vehicle very comfortable for driving. There is plenty of room inside and it offers enough room for my son in his booster seat as well. It drives well without any major hiccups. The only real problem I have found is that the front passenger tire has to be filled with air regularly but that is not a vehicle issue, but a tire issue.

- Alison P

Great small, reliable SUV.

I love being able to sit up higher than cars. The only problem is the rav can be turned off without putting it in park and whether or not the car is going it can roll. Not a good feature. Maybe the newer ones have changed. I have never had a problem with my vehicle but have it serviced every 6 months with the dealer, ira, which is very good.

- Elaine B

Rav4 LTD is an excellent vehicle. Dependable and low maintenance.

This is the best car I have ever owned and when I get ready to get another one it will be another RAV4 LTD, it is dependable, cost efficient, fuel efficient, low maintenance and reliable. It is a smooth ride, has tons of room to carry 'stuff' I like the side open back door. I have the model with a trunk and that is an extra bonus in a SUV

- Doctor P

My review of the 3009 rav4.

I love the Toyota brand. I have had no issues with the cat outside of usual maintenance. I purchased it because of Toyota’s reputation. I love the small SUV style and 4 wheel drive. I also get fairly good gas mileage in town. Mine has a v6 engine in it so the gas mileage is not as great as the v4 but I wanted the bigger engine.

- Bobbi N

Still like brand new after 150,000 miles.

Rav4 limited is a great car. It is very reliable however there has been quite a few recalls on the vehicle and that can be very annoying. The limited has all the features that you could have wanted based on the year it was made. Very comfortable and roomy and can hold as much as a truck bed when the back seats are turned down.

- Linda T

Living is easy with the RAV4

I live in an area with hilly narrow roads, with snowy winters. The Toyota RAV4 handles so well in these conditions. I also have a steep driveway, and snowy conditions are not a problem. We also used this car to move my son into college. There is plenty of space and storage that getting him set up in one trip went well.

- Christine Z

Great pick up but not very comfortable.

I like my car a lot. I like the pick-up when getting on the freeway the most. It is a very reliable car and it handles well. I do not like that it does not get very good gas mileage. Also, the seats are not very comfortable for long distance driving. I have tried adjusting the driver's seat but it still makes my back hurt.

- Cynthia H

It is very reliable. It is a 2009 and I've had very little problems with it.

I love that it sits high off the ground, has AWD for the winter months (this has come in handy many times), and that it is reliable. I do wish that I had purchased it with more features, but at them time I could not afford it. It also has enough room for my adventures and for when I need to load up equipment for work.

- Johanna S

The one good thing about the vehicle is the amount of space.

The air went out about 4 months after purchasing it used and needed a new compressor. There are a lot of problems with my power steering. The wiring is very faulty, causing lights to come on and stay on even when there are no problems. Every time I fix one thing on the car, something else goes wrong. Very unreliable.

- Sierra C

2009 silver Toyota rav4 review.

Pros: good on gas, easy to drive, big trunk for traveling, cruise control, spacious, easy to clean, safe to drive, love the silver color, holds it is value, good a/c and heat unit. Cons: radio is going bad, flat spots on tires due to a short SUV style, no Bluetooth, CD does not work anymore, needs an upgraded radio,

- Heather P

Love driving my rav4 everyday.

I have owned at least 4 other cars in my life until this point, and all were vehicles I couldn't wait to get rid of, until my Toyota. I have had it for a few years now, it is paid for, and I still love driving it every single day. My next vehicle will be another rav4; I do not see myself every buying anything else.

- Trevor S

Great car for a first time driver with pets.

It is a really reliable car for being 10 years old. The gas mileage on it is around 21 so not bad for being such a large car. It's great for fitting a full size great Dane in the back. The steering wheel sometimes locks when I try to turn on the car but that happens in a ton of different cars. Overall a great car.

- Lila B

Awesome versatile and long lasting car

The Toyota RAV4 has been a very versatile car. I have been able to drive long distances and carry a lot in the trunk for the trips that I go on. I have never had a problem with the engine and I currently have 230,000 miles accumulated. The car still runs like the day I bought it. I am a huge fan of the Toyota RAV4

- Matt A

I would buy another Toyota again overall good car

Reliable and good for driving to work and traveling to vacation spot up north. Roomy and safe for grandchildren. Has over 175000 miles and haven't had major work done Regular maintenance has it still running like a charm. Tailgate rattles which is annoying but can be ignored. I'll buy another one or Toyota again.

- Yv W

Reliable, safe, long-lasting car.

The RAV4 is an ideal size. Just large enough to not feel unsafe on long trips, but small enough to drive around, and park in, the city. The car is now almost ten years old and has been reliable in all kinds of weather. The back seats fold down, which is extremely useful for transporting large and bulky items.

- Emily B

A great truly amazing car! no complaints

This vehicle is fantastic! I get great gas mileage and it is a very responsive car. I work about an hour away from where I live so I mostly use it for highway driving it is extremely reliable and the only issue I have ever had is with the air conditioning which I'm not sure if this happens with other RAV4s

- Catherine D

Love the RAV4, great for adventures

I love our RAV4 we even converted the back into a fold down makeshift tent where we sleep when camping! The car is great for adventures and everyone always comments how roomy the back seat is. We have had no issues with the car thus far. We wish we would have purchased the car with a third row back seat.

- Jolie B

My vehicle is red, a color I feel stands out for safety.

This vehicle is so reliable, I have never had a problem in the nine years since I have owned it. As far as comfort, I would not go with the sport edition again due to a somewhat stiff and bumpy ride. My favorite features are the size of the vehicle, perfect that it is a SUV and the awesome gas mileage!!

- Donna C

I love the LTD sport package with sunroof, tinted windows, premium sound,

Great vehicle over time, great gas mileage for the size and vice versa, love the ltd package with sunroof and subwoofer surround sound, custom tailpipe and luggage racks. A few recalls were taken care of by the dealership so I'm happy with how it's held up, running great as I'm approaching 100,000 miles

- Phil K

Aging gracefully. Reliable, comfortable, and timeless.

My rav4 is very reliable. In the 10 years I have owned it, I have only had to invest in maintenance costs. It is comfortable, versatile, and fun to drive. It has aged very well, the interior shows very little wear and there are no rattles. Friends are amazed when they find out her age. She is timeless!

- Rebecca V

Reliable car to get you through life!

I have had this car for a while now and it has been very reliable. It is a good size, not too small but also not too big. The only problem is the speaker have blown out one side, and I do not listen to loud music typically. Gas mileage is good when compared to other vehicles in the same size range.

- Bailey S

Reliable, perfect size, and fast friendly!

This Toyota RAV4 has great features! It has the capability for Bluetooth (hands free). It also lets you know when you are due for an oil change. There is a lot of storage in the back and underneath the trunk in the carriage area. This car also is 4WD So in the ice and snow it does really great.

- Hannah S

Heated seats comfortable driving.

My car is dependable needs little service have not had any problems with it since 2009 I feel safe and secure when driving especially in the snow. . . I had a job that required traveling in the snow and my car never failed me. It is very comfortable to drive I especially like the car seat water.

- Lucille B

Rav-4: a good car for the money.

It runs well. We like it. One time, it conked out in the middle of an intersection. That wasn't great. But overall, it is gotten a lot of mileage and it is a nice midsize car. We've all driven it, and have always really liked it. Our other cars in the past haven't lasted as long as this one has.

- Julie N

RAV4 is solid affordable vehicle

Performs well in winter. Especially in snow. I have had some repairs that included brakes twice within 1 year, however dealer compensated for the error. All other repairs were normal wear and tear. To date no engine problems. I am very satisfied with the vehicle and would buy another one.


The RAV4 is the perfect vehicle for a single gal who drives a lot on the reg!

I LOVE the reliability of this vehicle. Toyota makes such wonderful cars, and the RAV4 is no exception. I also love the amount of space. It's the perfect size! It's a 2009, so it's not a 'smart' vehicle by any means, but it's super comfortable and has been so good for me over the last 10 years!

- Natalie M

Dependable and reliable vehicle.

It is an older model so the tech package is not very current. The seats are not very comfortable and the ride is not very smooth. Our tire covers did not handle the snow or ice very well and rusted. On the positive it has been very reliable and needed very little work done beyond maintenance.

- Lura E

Four wheel drive, best vehicle I've ever owned

No problems at all, runs like a top. The car is very reliable. Other than normal maintenance the car has cost me nothing. The service has been really good. I bought it new will for sure consider another one in the future. You need to put this on your list to look at if you are in the market

- Tim F

RAV4 - good dependable vehicle.

The car has been very dependable for 9 years. However, recently, the transmission had to be rebuilt. The cost of this repair was almost equal to the value of the car. The car is in good shape for a car with 175000 miles. There are bumps and bruises that one would expect in a car this age.

- Rick S

Highly recommended Toyota

I bought my vehicle used. It has been a great vehicle. I have owned my vehicle for seven years. I have not put any money into the vehicle besides basic maintenance. I would highly recommend a Toyota. It drives great in the snow and I love that it has three rows because of my family size.

- Michelle M

The most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

This is the best car I have ever driven. It is reliable and it is fun. The clearance is great! There have been no mechanical issues since I have owned it. I would recommend this vehicle to everyone, in fact, I am going to give this one to my daughter and I will get a new one for myself.

- Jasmine M

2009 rav4 limited - cannot go wrong with a solid vehicle.

Vehicle drives well with good gas mileage for it being an SUV. It is a comfortable ride and handles standard bumps in the road well. Easy to see without many blind spots. Toyota's are always very reliable vehicles and hold their resale value. I would definitely recommend purchasing one!

- Kate B

Very reliable and gas friendly.

I have minor problems, like a couple battery and brake change and have to replace all my tires once. Performance is outstanding and this is a very reliable car and it is very comfortable and the features suit me. I would definitely recommend this car to anybody that likes smaller SUVs.

- Christine D

Great car with a bad sound system.

Decent acceleration and ride quality. Poor visibility looking backward. Has a full size sore which is nice, and the rear seat lays down flat. Weakest point is the sound system. The speakers and amp are of the lowest quality. Please consider an aftermarket solution if you love music.

- Jacob J

Road trips are the best with my Rav4

Room for everyone. Fun to drive. I love road trips in this car. Kids can sleep comfortably in the back at night. Feels safe to drive. Good gas mileage in road trips. Room for dogs in back. Love the light blue color. Gas mileage around town is low. Cost too much to run errands,

- Penny H

Very reliable and economical for someone who is on a budget but wants a SUV.

No real major problems so far. Has to change battery 2 since had and get new tires once. Performance is great, very reliable and comfortable, love the features. Would recommend this car, very nice size for an SUV, great on gas and mileage. Would definitely purchase again.

- Christine S

Great back door for tailgating!

I had an issue with my air pressure indicator light, but it was an easy fix by my mechanic. I really like having a skylight as my last car didn't have one. I also like having the option to lock the windows as my niece and nephew enjoy putting them down when they're in my car.

- Lauren M

It has been very reliable because I haven't had anything beyond regular maintenance with over 150k miles.

I enjoy that it has a V6 and am disappoint that Toyota has discontinued the engine for when I look for my next car. On the occasion that I have three passengers in the back, the center seat belt is a pain. Overall though, the car has a decent ride and has been very reliable.

- Andy B

rav4 is perfect for all ages

great for long-distance road trips, durable (purchased used & have had little to no maintenance/problems), smooth ride, large trunk space, visually appealing exterior, comfortable seats, sunroof, leather seats easy to clean. Could improve with better speaker quality

- Danielle C

RAV4 is a very nice Sport SUV.

This car drives great. Side view slightly obstructed by the vehicle design. Ltd package is very nice. Getting to be a noisier ride as it ages. Remember to keep the spare tire inflated at the level of the road tires so the automatic sensor does not alert to a flat tire.

- Eric W

The safety rating for it.

I love the space it gives me and it has a high safety rating. I have also read lots of reviews that says this vehicle is long lasting. Parts are all readily available and multiple services are around if it needs work done. No complaints at all regarding this vehicle.

- Tiffany W

Great customer care and service.

I love my Toyota and we have had several of them over the years. We only buy Toyota because of the dependability, comfort, and they are fun to drive. They also are extremely dependable and the service centers are comfortable and the mechanics take the time to listen.

- Ruth B

Great reliable vehicle perfect for travel

I have had this car for 9 years and it is the most reliable vehicle. The only problem I have ever had is that I have had to replace the battery once. It has been great for me. Great travel car! Full of great storage space and a great commuter car with decent mileage

- Sara R

I like my red Toyota RAV4!

Long lasting, well made, not about to trade it in. Plenty of leg and head room. Red is a great color. Leather seats wear well. 2 wheel drive does well in the snow. Tires have lasted 9 plus years. Toyota is a well made car - looks nice too. RAV4 is the perfect size.

- Elaine M

The amount of compartments are the best.

My car offers a sunroof which is nice for the summer. There are many compartments for storage. It does well in the snow. There is plenty of room in the back for hauling. I also like the racks on top because I can strap my kayak to it. I also like the heated seats.

- Shanna M

Reliable and the gas mileage is great , it has good storage capability.

My vehicle is a rav4 and I have had it since 2009. It is reliable(never had any problems) and the gas usage is very good. i keep it in great shape . The maintenance is low on this car and every time I take it in for checkups i get compliments from the mechanics.

- Tyrone C

Love the feeling of stability and weight of the vehicle while driving.

Love Toyotas. They are dependable, easy to drive and comfortable. I have owned 3 Toyotas and have put more than 280, 000 miles on all of them with very little repairs to engines. The only complaint is the hesitation in acceleration due to the emissions controls.

- Sarah S

Great ride! Very reliable and safe.

Several recalls, fast rusting, weak battery. Car is very reliable and great in winter. Car is comfortable and seats five people. Good ride and safe. Will keep car as long as I can and replace it with same. Easy to drive, maneuvers well and great highway driving.

- Suzanne G

A good reliable car for a college student

I have had the car 10 years and love it. I have done minimal maintenance on it and have had no major problems. It gets good gas mileage for the size car it is. And it has lots of space! The only thing I would like to change is adding air vents in the backseat

- Medea B

Tried and True Toyota Rav4

It's in fairly good shape for an older car. Most recent work involved removing the muffler and exhaust pipe below the catalytic converter. The only thing I dislike about my car is that it makes a squeaking noise because of one of the belt wheels in the engine.

- james G

Toyota rav4 has been a great car.

The only problems I have ever had with this vehicle are. A slight issues with the ac/heat (I do not feel like they work exceedingly well) and a little bit of visual disturbance in line of sight when driving and looking side to side. Otherwise, I love this car.

- Erin M

2009 V6 Rav4 has lots of power

Performance is great. I have a V6 so it is great for merging onto highways. The back seats move forward and backwards so compared to other small SUVs it has a lot more leg room in the back. The only problem I have had is 3 of the speakers stopped working.

- Ann M

The car handles well and has plenty of power.

The brakes often squeak when the car first starts or if it's cold and if it's wet. I think it's a smooth ride. I would recommend all weather mats. The driver's seat could be more comfortable and I wish there was navigation and upgraded radio with a screen.

- Ben F

Sporty exterior for trekkers.

Problems are the brakes will squeal when it is fairly new. It has spacious interior. It is pretty gas efficient. The trunk is spacious for groceries and etc. There is a spare tire at back of car. It sits pretty high up so provides better view than others.

- Lucy H

Very reliable and durable.

This car is very durable and versatile. I have had this vehicle for 10 years and have not have had major problems with it just the yearly oil change and other little stuff like that. Very reliable. I take it on long trips all the time. Very good mileage.

- grace M

I feel it is a good running car and has all the necessities.

Good runner. It has issues with the rear suspension and knocking noise, it could have been from overdue repairs needs not done by the previous owner. Comfortable to ride in for 4 even though it seats 5 rather to close. Good gas mileage and easy to drive.

- Linda W

The vehicle is easy to mobilize and demobilize.

The engine lights come on often, but I cannot detect a problem. I have given it to a mechanic but he does not find anything wrong with it, so I drive the car and the lights go off for a while and then come on much later, and I go through the same ritual.

- Geoffrey P

Plenty of room for all passengers.

The back seats have spacious legroom. I love the heated seats. I do not mind the spare tire being on the outside of the car as I use the extra space below the trunk floor for storage during long trips. Dashboard is clean and simple and easy to navigate.

- Meagan M

Love my RAV4. Great car with great safety features.

I love my car! It has been very reliable. It has lots of room in the back to move things around and still has plenty of seat room for my family. The "pick up" is great !! Gas mileage mpg is ok but to be expected for that size car. Drives smooth.

- Erika S

It's flexible for suburban life

I love the flexibility of the car in that it can be a regular street car, but it has some all-terrain capabilities and performs well in the snow. I dislike that it doesn't have trailer hitch hook-ups, and the size and gas mileage could be better.

- Christian R

Rav4, a great car with one issue

I think my Rav4 runs pretty well. I am able to store a lot inside of it and transport a good handful of people. The only real issue I have is that the check engine light is on all the time, even after a tune up, making me unable to use the coast.

- kwan w

It has been reliable. Its been passed down.And it's been well maintained.

The RAV4 is a great ride that is economical to drive. I love how it sits higher than a sedan yet still rides like a car. It has been very reliable transportation... My only dislike is that the gear that raises the driver seat no longer works.

- Linda M

Most factory recall of any vehicle I have owned, both foreign or domestic.

My rav4 has been solid transportation for nine years: easy to drive, easy to maintain - simply reliable. The test of its durability is I am about to turn it over to my grandson with confidence that it will be safe and reliable for him.

- Frank B

Great family car but not so much for a single person.

I like that my vehicle has had little issues from the time of purchase in 2009.I like that maintenance is usually inexpensive. I like the amount of space my vehicle has. I do not like that my vehicle does not pick up speed very well.

- Ashley R

It fits my needs almost perfectly.

I really like the power, the higher driving position, durability, reliability, and 4x4 capability. I take my car to places it's probably shouldn't go and it just eats it up. I wish it had more ground clearance and a true 4x4 system.

- Taylor S

The spare tire case should be taken off properly.

I love this vehicle. The vehicle handles my dirt road great any time of the year. The only issue I have is that it would be nice to have a few features that are available for the year but did not get it due to previously owned.

- Ashley L

Lots of space and comfortable for tall/big people and fully loaded.

Very reliable and dashboard lights very helpful when needed to bring in for service. Has over 100K miles and runs as if new. Besides regular maintenances and wear and tear via driving conditions, the Rav4 was a great find.

- Tony D

Beautiful, reliable, dependable.

Have only had 6 weeks but based on other Toyotas I have driven. It will be reliable. My only complaint is I miss the hatchback on my scion. The back door opens to the side and I do not like that. Maybe I will come to.

- Judith M

Toyota Rav4 is super reliable!

My Toyota Rav 4 has been a great car. I purchased it used with less than 100,000 miles on it and am now at 149,000. The shocks need to be replaced but overall have not had to do to much more than normal maintenance.

- christina h

That it has longevity and is still a strong car 8 yrs later. It is a good investment.

I like that it is a crossover and that it has the convenience of a sedan and the capacity of a jeep. It is not a gas guzzler and has been a strong worker in the snow and other difficult weather conditions.

- Bola A

It is a very dependable small SUV which is good on gas.

I like the size; it isn't too small and not too big. I can carry all that I need in the back. I like the brand as it rarely needs anything fixed. I like how it maneuvers on the road and has no blind spots

- Renee N

It rides great. I have had no problems with the car, routine maintenance only. I would definitely recommend this call to friends.

I love most things about my car. The gas pedal is a bit touchy, but you get used to it. I had a problem with the paint peeling , but Toyota fixed the problem by giving me a new paint job at no cost.

- Sue K

It is very spacious and affordable.

I love my vehicle. It has so much space and very nice. Ride so smooth. Never have any problems with it. I never have any complaints. Toyota has really won me over. I will continue to buy with them.

- Diamond H

It is worth the money and I plan to buy another one.

This vehicle is reliable and it is a beast. I have kind of beat it up and it still runs perfectly. It has a high enough clearance that I can go through ditches and not scrape the bottom of my car.

- Sarah M

It's a family vehicle and also a luxury vehicle, its suits all occasions.

I love everything about it except the paint job. It has not held up well at all. If I had the money, I would buy a subaru forester. It has many updates and safety features that my car does not.

- Dorothy A

It's great on gas, good for driving around town or for long distance travel.

I love this car and I have never had an major problems with it. That is of course as long as you keep up with the regular maintenance. It great on gas, has plenty of space and a smooth ride.

- Michelle E

It's reliable. Over the last 6 years we've had very few problems with the car.

It's an older car but still very reliable with few problems. It fits our size family well and makes it easy for us to get kids and all their stuff toted around. And it's a comfortable ride!

- Katie O

Back seats move back and recline for very tall people to be comfortable.

Great vehicle. Don't know how I lived without it before! Only problems have been recall issues, have driven it to Texas and back twice. Very comfortable for me and my 2 tall teenagers.

- Jessica D

I love the sunroof on my vehicle! I am a lover of fresh air and this option is wonderful. I also like the little "secret compartment" above the glove box.

I have not had any issues with this vehicle. It looks great and is extremely reliable. At times, I wish it had a slightly bigger gas tank, but other than that, I have no complaints!

- Alexis P

Great pickup speed! It's speed is the best thing and makes it easy to merge onto the freeway.

I like the good pickup it has that makes it easy to get onto a freeway or pass another car. I don't like the gas mileage. I also find the seats very uncomfortable for long trips.

- Cyndi H

The RAV4 has great trunk space and handles well with driving

I like my car. It's very reliable. I've driven it from coast to coast multiple times with no issues. As long as it's well maintained, should keep running for many years to come.

- Katherine N

Don't forget that the trunk opens like a back door. So if you want to put stuff in the trunk, don't back in or pull through a spot bc then you couldn't open it

It has tons of room and I can fit a lot in the car with the backseat down. It runs great and has held up well over the years. It's a pre-owned car and it's like it's brand new.

- Carolyn R

It has been very reliable for me so far.

I really like my vehicle. It has not given me any problems and has done everything that I have asked and expected it to do for me. I do wish it had better gas mileage though.

- Greg P

It's reliable and dependable, and is perfect for a small family.

I like the Toyota brand. It is generally dependable. However, there is an annoying check engine light that keeps coming on, even though there is nothing wrong with the car.

- amanda k

In the Toyota rav4 the gas mileage maxes out at about 17 on the highway

The 2009 Toyota rav4 is a good and reliable car. It seats 5 people comfortably and has a large trunk space. the gas mileage is bad but that's just because it's an older car.

- Thomas D

Great and reliable SUV with simple upkeep

The care is very reliable. I have never broken down and have had minimal maintenance costs. It has great space as an SUV but is also compact enough to make maneuvering easy.

- Jessica P

Because it is a Toyota, it is incredibly reliable and safe.

I like that it is a small SUV so it is big enough to be comfortable but not too big. It is reliable and safe. I don't like that it is not a very fun or cool car to drive.

- Tory T

That it is very roomy and not confining.

I really like the amount of space of my rav4 and there's nothing that I do not like about it. It is just perfect for me only or for me and for other people comfortably.

- Lynn L

It is a smooth ride. It is comfortable and enjoyable to drive. I like being in my car.

I don't really have any major complaints. I had a problem with a rattling sound for a while and it turned out to be a heat shield. That was an easy fix by a friend.

- Jade M

It is very reliable. I haven't had any problems that have needed to be dealt with, just routine maintenance.

I love the ease of getting into and out of my RAV4. It sits at a nice level while I am in traffic. Road noise is a little loud. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Katie M

Reliable Car with Good Sound System

My family has had the car for 9 years and it still runs very well. The car also has a good stereo system, and you can buy a Bluetooth device which works very well.

- Amanda F

It gets really great gas mileage!

It gets great gas mileage. I have only ever had an issue once with the battery. It is very roomy and has plenty of trunk space. I love the tire on the trunk door.

- Alex P

The vehicle knows the correct time to switch to 4 Wheel drive without you having to do it. Then it will switch back.

I really have not noticed any problems with the Rav4. It does take about $35 to fill the gas tank. I do like how it will switch to 4 wheel drive when necessary.

- Rachel F

Great vehicle for the price, great gas mileage and very reliable.

This is a very comfortable vehicle. It has great gas mileage and plenty of interior space. I just wish it was a little more heavy and made of nicer material.

- Brad M

Dependable, safe to drive and great with gas.

My car is very reliable, I have had it for now about 10 months and it has been running great. My car is great with gas mileage, fast, smooth, and dependable.

- Brian C

My car may be small, but has great gas mileage and a spacious backseat. It would be a great road trip car.

I like that my vehicle has decent highway gas mileage. It also is a decently small car but has a lot of room in the backseat/trunk area to store things.

- Cass S

Great gas mileage and easy to drive. Big enough for children

It gets great gas mileage. I've never had to put it in the shop except for normal maintenance. The only problem I have had is the struts have went bad.

- Shanna H

I feel safe while driving, riding, or transporting others in my car. Safety is the most important thing to me.

My vehicle is reliable, comfortable, and practical. I use it to commute to work and road trips. I feel safe while driving and transporting my car.

- Amy P

it's easy to drive. It also has a great size. it's a great car for singles or families.

I like the size of the Rav4. You are able to fit a lot of things in the car, without it being too big. I also like the safety features on the car.

- Nicole s

My vehicle has a sunroof and jell speakers.

I have not had any major issues. We changed a couple of parts, but it was pretty easy with help. We changed the water pump, alternator and battery.

- Kelly B

That it is comfortable and roomy. It has about 180,000 miles on it and I have had zero problems

I like that it has a lot of mileage and still runs great. I don't like that the tires seem to wear down quickly. I like the style and my sunroof

- Cindi Z

RAV4 - Perfect Price & Safety

The 2009 Rav4 is awesome and I bought it used with over 80k miles on it, but it has been one of the safest - most reliable cars I've ever owned!

- Henry B

My reliable Rav4 Gets me where I need to go

I love my Rav4! It's comfortable and reliable. I drive my two young sons around and I'm never concerned that it will break down or have issues.

- Allyson B

It has never broken down.

Like the size, miles per gallon, handling, safety. Dislike that 4wd will only activate up to 25 miles per hour, then it unlocks automatically.

- Donna C

The storage compartments.

The car runs well and does not take a lot to maintain. There are a lot of storage compartments in the back so it is perfect for a road trip.

- Christy N

It is a Toyota, so it will last a very long time.

Very reliable vehicle. Standard maintenance. Runs and drives great. Lasts forever. Keep up with the oil changes and you will be good to go.

- Kohl M

It has never let me down. It is reliable, comfortable and gets decent gas mileage.

It is a very reliable vehicle. We use it for long trips and for around town. he only issue I have had was tires wearing out fairly quickly.

- Michael D

It has lots of room and great on gas.

I love the look of it and also the mileage it gives me per gallon. I have always liked Toyota models. My daughter drives a Yaris as well.

- Rosie A

It is a small sub and gets about 20 mile to gallon in town.

This has been a very reliable vehicle. Gas oil and it keeps on going. It is comfortable and rides nice. I plan to keep for a long time.

- Jim M

It's very reliable, has good fuel economy, and has been a great value and good quality.

I love this vehicle. It's an SUV, but it's still small and sporty. Other than regular maintenance, i've never had any issues with it.

- Laura J

People should know that is very roomy inside.

The engine power is most appreciated. Goes up hills with no problems. Great size and gas mileage is good. Nothing to complain about.

- Barb L

It has lots of space, especially when you put the back seats down. It is easy to drive.

In general, I like the vehicle. The only thing I dislike is how high it sits. I feel a little top heave going around tight curves.

- kate c

High recall rate for problems.

Disappointed that this is one of the vehicles with the highest recall rate. Does get good gas mileage and performs well in the snow.

- Elizabeth L

I has four wheel drive-wheel drive.I've had it almost 10 years and I still love it.

I've had no problems with it .It has 4 wheel drive . It sets a little higher than a car so I can see the road better .No complaints.

- Sandi G

I will always drive a Toyota RAV4. Powerful when you need it.

RAV4 is an extremely reliable car. Has been everything the manufacture states. Would highly recommend this vehicle to everyone.

- Diane C

A very dependable ride!!!

Low maintenance..great drivability...a little loud in the cabin...great handling in all weather conditions. I would buy again

- Leslie P

Reliable transportation. Also good gas mileage on the highway.

It is reliable and gets me where I am going. Comfortable ride. I love the color and the moon roof and the heated seats.

- Karen F

The no. Of recalls and the solutions.

The interior is cheaply made? There have been numerous recalls that have unsatisfactory solutions..... The size is nice..

- Nan M

I can drive from my house to Vegas in one tank of gas. Over 300 miles.

The back of my car squeaks. The radio volume varies. Gets good gas mileage. Comfortable ride. My car has been redesigned.

- Ilana K

It is the best car I have ever owned.

I like how big it is. I hate the look of the vehicle I wish the radio was updated, and I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Emily M

It has incredible gas mileage.

I love my car because it is fuel efficient and it has no problems. It also really drives very well and it really goes.

- Heather M

Its handles very well. I haven't had any trouble out of it at all.

It drives very well. I just wish it was bigger, I need something that seat 6 or more. No complaints other than that.

- Nancy H

Has good safety features, and is an all-around good value for the money.

Decent size, would like more stow way space. Decent gas mileage, easy to drive. Comfortable but loud on the highway.

- Erika O

Toyota Cars are awesome. Comfortable, roomy, and pretty decent on gas.

I have no problems with my vehicle. It is the perfect size. It fits 5 comfortably with plenty of room in the back.

- Brenda H

How reliable it is. Although things have needed to be fixed, it has never broken down on me.

It's a very reliable car, even in the winter when I need it to be reliable the most. It gets good gas mileage too.

- Kylie A

Its reliable... Its saves on gas... It's the type of car you can depend on not breaking down...

I like my vehicle because its reliable. I haven't had any major issues out of my vehicle. It runs like a champ...

- Alphonse S

Rav4 is a great vehicle and I would buy another

Need more room but love its compact. Makes tight turns. Safety lights are always on even after being checked out.

- Jen B

It is a very dependable car.

I have no complaints about the RAV4.... The car has plenty of room for my dogs. I really like the remote start..

- Betty K

Toyota engines can handle 350,000 miles with proper maintenance.

Dependable, durable, easy to drive in all kinds of weather. Emissions controls cause hesitation in acceleration.

- Sally S

Newest models do not have exposed spare.

Dislike: too expensive to buy + spare tire is vulnerable to theft.. Like: reliable, attractive, satellite radio.

- Kiss A

Very reliable and fuel efficient vehicle.

It is works very well, it has not giving me much problems since it was bought. Seat warming and also big trunk.

- Jefferson B

It is dependable. It seems to always go with no engine problems,

It is the right size SUV, not too big. Has good storage room. It is roomy for passengers.Gets good gas mileage.

- janet w

Toyota is a brand that you can trust. They make great cars that are dependable.

I like the easy handling. I just like how much gas it uses. I like the tight steering. I like the heated seats.

- Marcia M

You need to get the oil changed regularly, and get all the recalls performed.

I like how it handles, it gets great gas mileage on the highway, and has great acceleration for a 4 cylinder.

- Joseph S

It is very reliable and dependable.

I like the size. I like the color. The way it drives is nice and smooth. It is a 4 cylinder and that is nice.

- Jacque H

It's been very dependable with only moderate maintenance

I do like my Rav4 but not as much as my previous/older model, which had better sightlines and maneuverability

- Maria H

It's a very safe and comfortable car.

It's a good ride. The SUV is safe and very comfortable. And very spacious. I have no complaints or concerns.

- Leslie B

It's quick, comfortable and gets decent mileage

I like that the vehicle has a V6 which unfortunately, toyota no longer offers. It could use better brakes.

- Adam G

It lasts long enough to really get a good value out of it

The vehicle is very dependable. It has plenty of space for me and my 2 kids. The trunk space is fantastic.

- Danielle V

Good for a small family. Drives like a truck but feel like a car.

Love how big it is but also how small it is. Lots of storage in the front. Comfortable, smooth driving.

- Ashley S

With the 6 cylinder engine it has a lot more power then a 4 cylinder.

It is the perfect size for me. It is a 6 cylinder with 4 wheel drive and it has a lot of get up and go.

- Nancy K

It is the most reliable car on the market. Anyone with a family should be looking for one.

My Toyota Rav4 is very reliable. Easy to drive and comfortable. Great storage and safe in all weather.

- Chris R

Toyota means dependable vehicle with above average gas mileage.

I like the design and look It's also been very dependable. I dislike the fact that It's getting old..

- Lisa B

It's reliable and is useful for multiple purposes. A good family car.

It has a good size, so it can fit a lot of people. Also when we need to fill it up with groceries

- Scott B

It has NEVER given us mechanical problems. And I love to drive it. We got a great deal and it is quite comfortable

It is comfortable. We can haul everything we want. We can put the grandkids in it. Good mileage

- Patricia B

Very Low mileage on it due to my working at home for several years

it is easy to drive and very safe. It gets great gas mileage and has plenty of storage space.

- Larraine Y

i'd like others to know that the car is easy to drive

the tire on the back blocks my view a little. so many recalls. bad service from dealer.

- sherrie k

Durability and It's brand and the comfortable of it

i like it because it has been our car for 5 years. but not much and I dislike anything

- Ellaine M

Comfortable, reliable, easy to care for, fuel efficient

I love that it's big enough to haul camping equipment without being a full-sized SUV.

- Victoria R

The toyota Rav4 is an incredibly safe and reliable car! Has lasted almost 10 years with no serious issues

great storage great mileage minimum recalls in almost 10 years very safe and reliable

- britney p

30+ mpgs on highway is really good gas mileage for an suv.

Drives great. Love the seats that fold down. Too much road noise. Not enough power.

- Silas F

Very dependable for a lot of miles.

With over 175000 miles, it has been very dependable. It only recently needed work.

- Richard R

IT's a great size for one person or family. Newer styles are hatchback but mine has door that I like

I like its size and gas mileage. I don't like not having nav system or bluetooth

- sharon m

It is very safe and high up and doesn't need servicing very much

I love being high up and feel it's safe. I don't like the dinky back up camera

- Sandy B

The car thus far has been reliable and ensure my safety appropriately

I mostly love the stereo system. It's an old car so the bass bumps like crazy.

- Bailey B

it runs well, has no rust, and has new tires. bought it new

dislike the road noise. like the interior room. like the fact it is paid for.

- larry w

it is dependable and good in the snow

the rav 4 rides well has pretty good gas mileage and also handles very well

- rob S

Reliable engine that will last a long time. Japanese cars have reliable engines that last through many miles.

rattles but great ratings. Great gas mileage. Has plenty of storage space.

- Mo L

Toyota Rav4 makes users feel safe and confident

The Rav4 is reliable, trustworthy, and makes me feel secure as a driver.

- lauren T

dependable and well built. The gas mileage is good. It is nice to drive. It is safe.

Well built and dependable. It is comfortable. It gets good gas mileage.

- Mike R

It rides smoothly and takes or burns not so much fuel

I love the smooth ride I like the color I chose It is very comfortable

- Norma S

This vehicle is reliable and easy on gas

Have had no major issues since purchasing. Rides smoothly. Looks good.

- Terry c

I love my RAV4. I bought the model with the more powerful engine and I never have problems accelerating. It's big enough for kids and cargo but not so big that it feels like a tank. My only issue is that there's a blind spot on either side so I have to be careful changing lanes.

For an SUV, it's peppy and somewhat sporty. It's a great size, too.

- Susan M

I love the gas mileage. I like how much room there is to stow things. I don't like how often recalls come up.

It has been reliable, sturdy, and a good investment over the years.

- Katie A

It will last over 20 years with good care given it

I like the way it rides. The only problem is it is too small inside

- Dawn H

It's roomy and big for a SUV, although my model is old, which has a tire in the back, it's a great car!

I love it. It's a SUV, which is higher than a car, and it is roomy.

- Nancy T

Great gas mileage and runs great for a nine year old car.

No complaints, It's a great car. Room enough. Great gas mileage.

- Andrea G

The Aux Cord doesn't work

It's comfortable, big enough to see on the road but not too big

- Nick c

Very reliable, no breakdowns.

Rides great. Very comfortable on trips.No issues or complaints.

- george V

Reliable vehicle. Low maintenance costs. Wish it came with a stick shift

Not that comfortable for long trips, but it is reliable.

- Mary C

The safety and the price is a great concerning

It is reliable, great riding and no maintenance required

- Dan C

very very dependable,and great gas mileage,with good looks

good gas mileage,dependable,and enough storage space.

- Leonard Z

It is reliable and easy to drive

It's a great size, and can hold a good deal of cargo.

- Loisrae g

Sturdy family car. Good for hauling and camping. I

Good family car and spacious. Great for camping Love

- Joy S

It's reliable and fun and I enjoy driving it

Love the gas mileage. Love the color. Love the car

- Carrie D

My Toyota RAV4s are the best, most reliable, and fun! I feel great when I drive my Toyota RAV4s.

My Toyota RAV4s are reliable, and they are smooth!

- Kpp D