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Best car I have ever owned.

The front window on the driver side is sometimes slow to roll up but there was a recall with free repair. This car is very reliable and has been a very good car for me for years. No major problems have occurred. It is very comfortable and spacious. My specific vehicle did not come with Bluetooth and the left speaker goes in and out sometimes. However, this could be an individual problem due to loud volume use. This vehicle gets pretty good gas mileage and handles very well both on country roads and interstate. The interior of this vehicle is very nice as well. The seats are comfortable, spacious, and easy to adjust. One of my favorite features of this car is how easily the back seat lays down and allows for optimum storage space. I have room for everything I could possibly need. The seats are also easy to clean, even if you are accommodating pets. One small inconvenience is that the gear-shifter is not illuminated so it is difficult to see in the dark. It would also be better if there were a second set of overhead lights in the back. The back of the vehicle could use some features like air vents, charger ports, or cupholders if used for a family car. The exterior is nice but perhaps not as sleek as the newer models. This model would be great in some different colors, as there weren't many available to choose from. The final and most individual problem with this vehicle is that being as the vehicle is several years old now it has a very loud alarming start-up that sounds problematic. This could be only our specific vehicle though.

- Heather B

Rav4, small but mighty and dependable SUV.

I have really enjoyed my rav4. We purchased it in 2010 and we have driven it all over the state, in all types of weather. I like to go to out of the way spots to take photographs, so I also drive my rav on dirt roads that are not always in the best condition. This vehicle is excellent in snowy and icy conditions. It has never had any types of problems. We have only done regular maintenance on this vehicle and she has performed admirably. For a small SUV, the rav is comfortable for 4 people and it can hold a lot when the rear seats are down. We have loved the rav so much that we stuck with Toyota when we decided to get a slightly larger SUV, and purchased our highlander which has also proven to be an exceptional vehicle.

- Cris L

Beware of the Toyota rav4.

My Toyota rav4 has not been the best vehicle. I had a corolla that I loved but I wrecked it. Since Toyota is suppose to be very good vehicles I decided to stay with them. Well, the radio had to be replaced. It would cut off when you changed the station. Sometimes the CD player works and sometimes it doesn't. It's been about 4 years since it's been replaced and it's doing the same thing again. I think it's some sort of electrical problem. It's had several recalls on it. Down to the rear suspension. Some part in the motor quit working. It is also rusting really bad. I've never had a vehicle do that. The paint on the hood and the front has bubbled and peeled and now its rusting. I am very disappointed with this vehicle.

- Elvira L

The RAV4 is a spacious, but compact SUV with a great fuel economy.

I purchased my Toyota RAV4 from a used car dealership about 1 month as of completing this survey. So far, I enjoy how spacious it is without feeling like I am driving something the size of a tank, like some of the larger SUV's I test drove. I am very satisfied with the performance, however the fuel economy is not as well as my previous car(2003 Honda Accord), but this is to be expected as that was a smaller car. My RAV4 makes some strange noises when I apply a certain amount of pressure on the brakes, however I attribute this to the fact that I bought the car used with 80, 000 miles. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and price I paid($8, 000).

- Aaron M

Toyotas have staying power and they last longer without lots of repairs.

Toyota vehicles are the best. I have had two so far and haven't had any major problems with them. One thing that is very different from my previous car experiences is that Toyota lasts a long time. In the age of ever increasing vehicle prices it is good to know that there is a reliable company out there. When I drove Dodge vehicles they lasted no longer than 8 years and that was pushing it. With Toyota, I just sold my first Toyota which was a 2006 Toyota Corolla s and the reason I sold it was because it was a stick shift and I got another vehicle - a Toyota RAV4. The Corolla was still in great working condition when I sold it.

- Amy S

Great size SUV with a lot of room for storage.

I love my RAV4! My favorite thing about this model is the storage under the carpet in the way back. I wanted a 2010 because they still have the spare tire on the back of the car which leaves storage open for you under the mat in the back. This is awesome, because I coach softball and it is nice to put my softball equipment there, keeps my car clean of dirt and looking organized! I love that my trunk opens to the side, and not up like most SUV's. This is a great size for people transitioning to a SUV or those not sure if they want a car or an SUV because it is a smaller SUV but still has a lot of room inside.

- Katie W

The most amazing trunk, it is like it has an undetectable extension charm!

I really like my RAV4 sport. This is my first four wheel drive car and I will never go back. It is so great in the rain and snow, which frequent my area. We haven't had many problems with the car. It was purchased used, it is a 2010 model. We bought it in 2018 so it is 8 years old and has about 180, 000 miles on it. We had to replace the brakes not to long ago as well as replace the wipers. Other than that it has been a great car and we really like it. The trunk space is amazing! We have always been able to fit anything we need to into the trunk with no problem, for vacations, moving furniture, etc.

- Maddie H

Check to comfort of the seats front and back before you purchase.

The things I don't like about my rav4 are 1. Its to light weight, on the road I feel every bump the back swings. This makes the car feel unsafe although it is supposed to be one of the safeness SUVs 2. The seats are not comfortable no matter how much I adjust them nothing works it is almost like the seat and the headrest wants to go in different directions. And this holds the same with the seat belts. My car is white and it now have three spots of chipped paint. I have yet to find out if this is a manufacture paint job or if it was repainted. I must say it have pretty good gas mileage.

- Sylvia H

RAV4 hybrid highlights. . . The roomy cabin brings lots of comfort to RAV4.

The RAV4 eve is a plug-in, all-electric variant of the RAV4. Produced from 1997 to 2003 for fleet lease, this "zero emission" model was only offered for public sale for seven months in 2002, in very small quantities in California. Powered by an advanced nickel-metal hydride (nimh) battery pack capable of storing 27 kwh, the RAV4 eve can go up to 193 km (120 mi) between charges, and came with a 97, 000 km (60, 000 mi) battery warranty. [citation needed] a total of 1, 484 units were leased and/or sold in California, [6] and as of mid-2012, there were almost 500 units still in use.

- Sean L

Reliable with few problems.

It has problems with the ignition switch, had to get it replaced. Also, I have had problems with the battery, had to get a new one of those. There is also a noise that comes from the tailpipe that makes a noise when you accelerate, only occurs sometimes. Overall it is good driving experience, it is very reliable on driving mileage and heavy duty travel. It also has good comfort with the seats, the lighting I like that you can turn it on when you want. Also I like the fact it has a port for an AUX cord. Safety features are great as well.

- Kaitlyn C

The sunroof on the rav4 is wonderful. It lets in just enough sun and fresh air.

Our Toyota rav4 has been a wonderful vehicle to have. It has 167,000 miles and has not been a difficult car to drive. It's been great on gas and limited repairs until now. We are in the process of having the transmission repaired. It has taken a little longer than usual because the company had to build a new transmission. We will be getting our car back this week. We(my husband and myself) are hoping to get at least another 75,000 miles out of the car. I really love it. Very easy to drive and just enough space for us.

- Tricia B

My RAv4; A good car with easy care

I really enjoy the RAV4, it's a great crossover size with a good mix of features. It doesn't feel like it's an overwhelming investment that you can treat casually and feel like it's still reliable. I was a little worried because there were a good number of recalls on my vehicle, but the dealerships were all incredibly helpful and easy to deal with through the process. It has a smooth ride, which I appreciate for longer trips. I enjoy the sturdy body for the variety of weather that I encounter on the mid-east coast.

- Hannah F

Keep up with this cars regular maintenance and it will last you forever.

I bought this vehicle brand new 9 years ago. Due to me working a little over an hour away from home, my rav4 has 250, 000 miles on it. As of today (sept 2018), I haven't had any major issues with it. I had to replace the starter a few years ago but besides that, I haven't had any problems. As long as you keep up with oil changes (and other normal car maintenance) and replace the tires every few years than this car will last you a lifetime!! I highly recommend anyone to purchase a Toyota rav4.

- Jennifer S

A Toyota made for a family!

My rav4 is spacious without feeling like too large of a vehicle. My family fits comfortably (which includes 3 dogs, 2 adults and a child). We travel constantly and the rav4 provides good gas mileage and a comfortable ride. The rubber liners by the roof rack have come off over the years, but other than that no other major issues. I like having the spare tire on the back of the vehicle versus underneath for ease of changing a tire when the unfortunate happens on the freeway. I love my Toyota!

- Michelle M

Comfortable and safe car with a smooth ride.

It's a comfortable car. Smooth and quiet ride. Plenty of seating and storage room. Warning system to let you know if you are tipping to one side or the other, and corrects itself. Great that you can switch into 4 wheel drive. The visibility over the hood isn't the best, has led me to bump against a wall or two. There is a big blind spot over my left shoulder. A little more space between the break and gas would be nice. Overall a good car. Safe. Good gas mileage. I

- John M

My car is not like it used to be its getting old.

I was in a hit and run accident a few years ago and the car has not been the same since and the car runs like its older than eight years things rattle and are going out. The auto shop my insurance company picked did a horrible job they had my car for months and every time I got it back something else was wrong. The paint job was bad there was still glass in it so I feel unsafe when I am in my car. I have anxiety every time I am in a vehicle. I don't trust anyone.

- Holly O

RAV4 is a nice sized vehicle but it needs more comfort and more speed.

I like the RAV4 but I have found that people hate sitting in the back seat and the front seats are not very comfortable either. I use a back pillow and a seat cushion to make it more comfortable. The stereo died around 75000 miles and I had to get a whole new stereo which does not work very well. The ride is nice and it is sort of quick but I hope my new SUV has more get up and better gas mileage. I get around 26 mpg which is nice but compared to cars it is not.

- Robert R

Nice mid-range vehicle for the money

I really like my Rav4 I get good mileage 28 miles per gallon and handles well on the road. I have leather seat which are easy to clean and pet friendly. I like that I can put my Rav4 seat down to carry a lot of cargo and is roomy when having passages on board. the ride is a bit stiff rides a bit more like a truck that a car. I have had little or if any repairs just the basic necessitates, like tires, oil changes etc. I would buy the same model in the future.

- Wendy H

I am going to miss this version of the RAV4. Near perfection in my eyes!

I adore my RAV4! Comfortable, which is great for a short person such as myself, and powerful. Nothing about an auto bothers me more than putting my foot on the accelerator and getting a lackluster response. When I want to move, I want that engine to make me move! Another feature that I especially like is the full size spare tire. So many vehicles come with the little 'donut' spares, and I hate those things. She also travels well and gets good gas mileage.

- Elizabeth H

Toyota rav4 won't break the bank so you should buy one.

The rav4 four is a great sized vehicle, plenty of comfortable space with a lot of trunk room. It is great on gas and doesn't break the bank. Comfortable seating and very reliable. Have owned it for 2 years and haven't had any major issues just routine maintenance. Only problem was air conditioner leaking on the inside but that was it. Would 10/10 recommend if you are parents buying your kids a car. It is a safe car and low maintenance.

- Jackie C

Comfortable car for the whole family.

I really love how comfortable this vehicle is. It is easy to drive and high above the road. This year of the RAV4 has had a lot of problems though. Basically everything except the motor has been replaced and there have been a ton of recalls on it. Fortunately most of these repairs have been covered by recalls and when I had to have the transmission replaced I only had to pay for labor even though it was out of warranty.

- Paula S

I feel like my car is inexpensive to maintain.

I enjoy that the car is not too large, but high enough off the ground that I feel protected. I think that Toyota makes a quality car which can run efficiently and is easy to maintain. I enjoy the large amount of trunk space for buying groceries, and the ease of being able to put the seats down. It has gotten me through a few long trips and seems to run reliably with no issues as long as it is well maintained.

- Alex T

Solid spacious 5 seater with upgrades including sky roof, seat warmers, extra subwoofer.

Wonderful starter car, supposedly reliable, have had some issues with the battery at first- but probably due to having bought it used/previous owner didn't care for it super well. Runs well, has never had major issues, but is a push start so that is different. Spacious 5 seater, a little noise prone on the highway, but good speakers and accommodations like seat warmers because I bought the limited version.

- Deepti A

It's very versatile. good in any kind of on-road weather conditions. Good in most off-road conditions as well, with locking 4WD for below 15 MPH.

This has been a great vehicle for me. It has been very reliable, needing only typical maintenance type repairs and service. after 6 trips across the U.S., I can say that it is quite comfortable for long trips, and its features like full-time 60/40 all-wheel drive and a beefy engine can meet inclemente conditions. My only critique is that the brakes should be heavier duty. it tends to eat brake pads.

- David D

The rav4 is the perfect starter SUV.

I bought the car used with a little over 100,000 miles on it. I have been driving it for around a year now and I have not had any major issues with it at all. Only issue was a worn out tire cap which caused air to leak out of the tire, but that is a pretty common and easily fixed problem with most cars. The gas mileage is outstanding and I plan on getting at least another 100,000 miles out of it.

- Josh S

It has the towing capabilities.

We needed a new car that could tow our tent trailer. The older RAV4’s have a v6 engine with is important for towing and in some have a towing booster. I like the look of my car. Also the older model was smaller than the new car which needed to fit in our 1 car garage. The heated seats are good but the cycle is too long. It does not stay warm for very long. And we did need to add Bluetooth .

- Sarah G

2010 Toyota RAV4 - I wouldn't trade it in unless I am getting a newer RAV4!

I love my RAV4. It sits up high like an SUV but does not guzzle gas like the larger one! It is the perfect size for me and my kids and pets! Plus I love the look 👀. I haven't had any problems with the car at all, only a couple minor recalls which Toyota takes care of for free. I highly recommend this car, and I will probably just upgrade to a newer version when I am ready for a new car.

- Amy D

Comfort and ease of driving..

I have had this vehicle for several years now, and I haven't had any problems with it mechanically.. The problem is with the certain paint they used. A pearly white which is peeling off... It has all the perks, such as seat warmer, automatic windows, telephone service.. It is wonderful in the winter months and goes through the snow with much ease. 4 wheel drive.. Wonderful reliable car.

- Ruth S

Pros and cons of the RAV4.

It's the perfect size and has great maneuverability. Base model, wish it had more features. It has over 200, 000 miles and has been very reliable. I has lots of storage space with extra storage in the back due to placement of the spare tire on the outside of the vehicle. I sometimes wish the back door opened up rather than side opening, which limits transporting oversized items.

- Carol K

Smaller SUV with lots of space.

I love my rav4. It is the perfect size to haul large bags of grain and other things for my horse. It is got a lot of legroom which is great since my fiance is 6 foot tall. It also has a great size back seat and room in the hatch for my dog to sit when we go to the park. The car drives really nice and does great on gravel and uneven roads. I have not had any problems with it.

- Audrey C

It is incredibly fast. The back rows are not super spacious but it's perfect for little kids. And perfect for our family.

I have a 3rd row rav4 and it is amazing. I am able to fit all 3 of my kids in carseats. I love all of the extra features including the smartly option. The only complaint I have is the trunk is somewhat small but that's because we chose the 3rd row and my husband thinks the cupholders are designed badly. I have the rear view mirror backup camera and I love that feature.

- Julie F

Built for durability and relative safety, comfort, and utility. Good balance.

The vehicle is spacious, very durable and reliable in all conditions it has been in (cold mornings and very hot afternoons). Getting replacement parts is very simple and easy as well as changing out the old ones. Plenty of trunk space as well as cup-holder in between the backseats. Cover-able trunk space as well as compartment under trunk useful for mechanical tools.

- Andres P

Toyota is the best family vehicle. It is reliable and comfortable.

I have had no problems with my vehicle. I love most of it. I do like the new models door that lifts up instead of to the side better. I feel the door gets in the way when you have something wide to put in trunk. It is very comfortable. I wish I had heated seats on my model. I love the temperature control. It works well for my family. Very practical. Easy to drive.

- Amy E

Toyota is the only car for me. I can drive this car forever.

This is my 2nd fav and I do love it. It is very reliable. That is what’s most important to me. It is the perfect size for all of us including our dog. I would like a new one with more updated technology but my 8 year old car has a lot of life left. I have never had a problem and keep up with the maintenance so I can realistically drive it for another 10 years.

- Kathy S

Great car that is reliable and a great size.

It is very reliable, comfortable and a good size-not too big, not too small. I like the seat heaters and the leather seats in the model that I have. The back seat and back/trunk area are spacious. I do not like how the back opens. I wish it was a hatchback rather than opening from the side. Also, the doors do not close well and they often need to be reclosed.

- Megan G

2010 Rav4 Limited, heavier than most SUVs and it's the ideal vehicle for safety in all weather

I have 100,000 miles on this SUV, bought it with 36,000 miles in 2015, and I absolutely love it! The maintenance upkeep is simple and not as expensive as I thought. I've needed brakes once and two full sets of tires in three years. Oil changes and detail is a few times a year. It's great in the snow and truly a gold mine. I'm going to run it to the ground.

- Cassandra B

Best car for daily travel and hauling.

I love the space of the interior. It fits 5 people. There is also a lot of trunk space with also two hidden compartments. The only problems with this vehicle is that it has several recalls on it. Even though they were paid for 100% by the maker it is still a worry about future problems. The parts are cheap and easy to fix such as brakes, spark plugs, etc.

- Tiffany W

Great and reliable vehicle.

My RAV4 is spectacular. I have never had any issues with my vehicle. Any time my car had a recall, my Toyota dealership fixed it free of charge and washed it afterwards. I love the fact that is also has the spare tire on the back in case I need it. If the key fob doesn't work, the dealership also changes the battery for me in both of them so they'll work.

- Elizabeth Y

Toyota. Durable and built to last.

This is the second Toyota I have owned. They are reliable and well built. With regular maintenance they will last well beyond 10 years. The parts got these cars are well made and last longer than most cars. Toyota’s come in luxury models that have leather seats and plenty of room for family. These cars are built to withstand everyday driving for years.

- Carrie B

It has a lot of storage space and hidden compartments for those unfamiliar with the car. This allows you to store more stuff when moving or to secure more important items

I love it because it's fully functional, easy to clean, raises you higher so you can get a better view of the road. The leather seats are great, the ability to play music and charge my phone is awesome. I dislike that I'm unable to use the charger with my iphone charger directly since the cap on the outlet blocks the ability of the block to be inserted.

- chu B

Rav4 limited with heated seats.

I think this vehicle handles very and handles good in the winter. The performance and I think the engine is very quiet. The spare tire comes with a regular tire and not a donut which is a plus. My rav4 came with an electric sunroof which is really nice in the summer months, but for the winter months, I have electric heated seats which I love a lot'.

- Darryl A

Very liability. Last as long as you take care of it. Do the normal maintenance.

I love how reliable it is and haven't had any problems with it since I have bought it. Only thing I have done is put tires on it and do normal oil and maintenance. I have always loved my Toyota and they go forever. As long as you take care of it. Just wish the vehicle had more room when you have car seats in back you can only get two back there.

- Trish L

The rav4 is dependable and trustworthy.

The Toyota rav4 performs very well on highway and in town. It gets good gas mileage and is very dependable. It had just the right amount of room for a road trip and the seats are quite comfortable. The back up camera is rather small and hard to use or trust. It is not a luxury vehicle but is dependable and has all the features you really need.

- Mitchell M

Reliable trustworthy I love it.

I have driven a Toyota for 29 years a Corolla and 2 RAV4 they are reliable you take care of them they will take care of you they are extremely reliable. My Toyota will be 9 years old, other than a battery tires brakes (normal wear and tear) I have had no mechanical problems whatsoever I highly recommend Toyota I feel very safe in my vehicle.

- Marie R

Toyota RAV4 a reliable vehicle.

My RAV4 is an excellent vehicle. Sometimes, it has a clicking noise and seems to be mostly okay. Even if sometimes I wonder how good the car is actually working. When I come to a stop, the vehicle rumbles as the rpm dips from 1 down toward the 0. There are times it almost stalls because of it, but I cannot figure out why it's doing that.

- Alicia J

My Rav is roomy and reliable. It holds everyone I love and everything I need.

My 2010 Rav4 is a great car and fits my needs perfectly. It has enough seats to take my family where we need to go. My other half is 6'8 and he fits in the car perfectly, unlike my last car, where he hit his head if we hit any kind of bump in the road. The back is spacious and allows me to haul anything I need. I highly recommend it.

- Anna K

Why I love my rav4 and everything in it.

The Toyota rav4 seems like a very light car. I have experienced hearing a lot of road noise. Radio is loud and I enjoy having the jbl speakers. Car is a push button to start and is very reliable. I believe that it gets great gas mileage. The feeling of driving the car is very smooth only needing very small movements while steering.

- Emmy S

A rav4 is a great family vehicle.

My favorite thing about this vehicle is it is size. It comfortably fits my family of four and has a good amount of storage space. The seats fold down easily for extra cargo. The only problems we have had with it is normal wear and tear type repairs. It does not have much in the way of fancy features which I think is great.

- Rebecca B

Rav4 - it has everything I need for travel.

The rav4 is perfect for my needs. It allows me to pick up items I wouldn't be able to in a sedan. The back seats lay down flat. It has enough room for everything I take on my beach vacations. It is comfortable, has features where I can plug in my phone and other devices using a USB, and I can sync my music to the speakers.

- Donna L

A Toyota will run forever as long as you change the oil a couple of times a year - you can easily get 200k miles or better out of a Toyota without putting thousands of dollars into it.

It's an SUV that is a good size for a small person like me, I can reach everything. It gets quite good gas mileage, on the order of 26 mpg on the highway. It only needs an oil change every 5000 miles, which comes out to about 2 times a year the way I drive. Toyotas hold up very well and don't need too much maintenance.

- Grace G

The one thing that I would tell everyone is that it is great for driving in the snow! It truly holds the road well. We have driven through some nasty storms in the Lake Erie area and never got stuck.

We bought the RAV brand new in 2009 and have driven it 85,000 miles. I love it! We have had ZERO problems with it and all maintenance is typically performed at out local dealer. Again, zero issues therefore I have no complaints with this vehicle. We drove from California to Pennsylvania in 2010 and had a wonderful ride.

- Judy b

It fits me perfectly & I wouldn't sell it unless I could get a car that fit me even better.

My vehicle fits me, meaning it's the perfect size for me. I'm just over 5 feet tall & when I drive it, it just feels like it's just the right size for me. It has a V8 engine which gives it a lot of power & I can fit a lot of stuff in it, which is great when we travel. There really isn't anything about it that I dislike!

- Christine M

Its sky color blue outer shell.

I love the way it rides as a SUV and holds pretty well for mpg. It has a nice sky color blue for its outer shell color. It fits four passengers and has a roomy carry space in the back. It takes care of us in our time of need. Whenever we want to go somewhere it makes a head start effort to where we need to be on time.

- Christopher M

It is a compact SUV with room for a family of five and all their travel needs. Everyone can ride comfortably for a 5 minute drive or a 15 hour drive.

My car has plenty of room for my family. My tall, long legged boys have plenty of room in the back seat to where they can sit comfortably. The back, cargo area has plenty of room also. We have had it packed for road trips without having to worry about not having enough space. I get good gas mileage and it runs great.

- Cathryn H

My review of my reliable car.

My vehicle is blue and reliable. I love my car and it is relatively cheap to fill up the gas tank. It is very spacious on the inside and can fit a lot of luggage if you are going on a trip somewhere. The trunk is also very big. The rear window is big too and I have no trouble at all looking through it when I back up.

- Heather D

All purpose and peppy for a 4 cylinder.

It is a very dependable SUV. It has 180 thousand miles on it currently and it is still running strong. I would buy another, as they do last. I have looked at the new one's and will probably get one next year unless something else catches my eye. A good vehicle for New England with the all wheel drive in the winter.

- Ron B

2010 Toyota rav4 performance review.

Overall, my 2010 Toyota rav4 has been a very dependable and reliable vehicle. In the past year, the main maintenance items have included a new set of tires, oil changes and a tune up! My vehicle is comfortable on trips around town, and longer vacations. There is ample storage room and the vehicle performs well!

- Brian M

The Toyota RAV4 is fantastic!

I have had no issues with my RAV4. It is been a reliable vehicle and in keeping up with my oil changes and wheel alignment it is been solid. I have had to replace the brakes and tires once but that is normal car maintenance. If you need a reliable vehicle with plenty of room I'd highly recommend taking a look.

- Andrew W

Toyota review a dependable SUV.

My car is reliable and I have not had many problems with it. I do regular maintenance on the vehicle. The back of the car is nice and holds all of my groceries quite well. The back seat is comfy and I usually drive my friends. I enjoy how smooth the vehicle is and will purchase another Toyota when I am ready.

- Kimberly E

The car is four wheel drive with antilock brakes.

We haven't really had any issues with our car. It is very reliable. Pretty good on gas. Could be slightly larger as we are a family of five and my husband is about six foot two inches. I wish all models had a tow package as mine does not. We have has one or two factory recalls, but not for anything major.

- Bobbi L

Toyota 2010 RAV4 review- very spacious and high quality.

I have always driven Toyota cars, and my 2010 RAV4 is without a doubt my favorite. It drives smoothly, and has never had issues. My favorite thing about my rav is the space. The front seat has more of a car feel, but the back and trunk areas have more of an SUV feel. Overall, it has been the perfect size.

- Lauren S

Comfort is everything for me.

It is very reliable. It is pretty spacious. It goes pretty fast. I am fairly fond of it. The interior is fabric. It seating is pretty comfortable sometimes. If you have to ride far distances it can be fairly uncomfortable at times. Overall I would recommend this car to others. It is also a beautiful car.

- Alize T

It has a nice ride and fantastic maneuverability.

My car is a base model, so not a lot of bells and whistles. But, I love it. I love the turning radius. It is small, but holds a lot of stuff in the back. The large back opening allows me to transport small bikes, furniture, etc.. However, the side opening vs. Overhead opening is sometime limiting.

- Carol K

Indestructible workhorse: 2010 rav4.

No mechanical issues. Very reliable in all sorts of weather. As of 80000 miles there have been zero problems. I switched to synthetic oil and have had no issues. Very roomy, ac and heat are fast-acting, handles well, no problems. Very satisfied. Space in the back for everything I want/need to do.

- Jeffrey B

My rav4 is white with basic features. It has a rack on top.

The vehicle is pretty reliable but the suspension on this vehicle tends to wear out fast. I love the space and that it has ways to transport big items by folding the back chairs. So far this vehicle is comfortable for 4 people also, the Toyota company is attentive to any problems with vehicles.

- Flor P

The vehicle has a nice sunroof.

The vehicle is very good on slick roads the vehicle rides nice the vehicle looks nice. The vehicle is very roomy the vehicle has nice trunk size the vehicle has a fair price in the market today the vehicle has a nice sunroof I do not know anything else to say to my 200 words hope this does it.

- Sandra S

Family friendly and, very reliable.

My car is very good is very reliable performance is decent. Haven't had many problems. The comfort of the car is very nice. Car doesn't have many feature because it is very basic but it doesn't need them. Overall the car is very reliable and gets u from point A to point B and family friendly.

- Ryan C

Rav4: simple yet reliable.

My rav4 has zero bells and whistles and has been my absolute favorite car. It's paid off and I have had to put no money into it other than oil changes, tire rotation and standard car upkeep. There's nothing fancy about my car but if I had to do it over I would get the exact same car again.

- Brooke P

2010 silver Toyota rav4 review.

Rav4 has good gas mileage and is comfortable to drive. It sometimes struggles with pick up, especially getting on the highway. Backseat is comfortable however when there is a car seat in the back, the front seat needs to be pushed up far, leaving very little leg room for front seat riders.

- Erin D

Tons of storage space for small business owner.

The performance and reliability are okay. I also appreciate the size. It has come in handy since I recently started my own business. There are a few things I do not like though. It has fairly large blind spots. I have adapted to them, but whenever others drive my car, they have problems.

- Morgan L

Pretty nice car, but could be better.

Compared to the height of the car, the seats feel pushed back and sort of low. Reliable and easy to drive. Good size; not too big or too small. Nowhere to rest your arm on the side while you are driving. Seats are easy to flip up and down. Audio quality could be better, but it is okay.

- Laura C

Height sucks. 6cylindar engine has good power.

Cup holders do not hold large cups. I like the power and the turning radius. No room for my left leg when I drive. I am bruising the side of my knee. Height of car is a bit too high and it is not too easy to enter and exit. I have a mobility scooter and it's hard to get in the trunk.

- Larry P

Why I love my Toyota RAV4 automobile.

I have a Toyota RAV4 which I love. I is a 6 cylinder since I drive on highways and need the extra pep. To date I have not had any problems and a. Though it is 8 years old I have no intention of retiring it. When the time comes I will definitely purchase another Toyota, I love mine.

- Marilyn S

Sure-footed ride that is just right.

I love my rav... And so would goldilocks. It is not too big but not too small. Comfortable and reliable. Sure-footed in all kinds of weather. Peppy 4-cylinder engine that gets good gas mileage. Spacious interior. Rear seats fold down for hauling large items. I would change nothing.

- Jen E

It has plenty of room and gets great mileage. Although it is a certified used toyota, I have had no trouble with it at all.

I like this suv very much. My only dislikes are small ones. I would prefer that the rear door lift up because when it rains and I am loading groceries I get soaked. I would also prefer space between the 2 front seats instead of the console. I also wish it had a mileage countdown.

- Yvonne P

Great Toyota SUV easy to drive and comfortable. Extra feature heated seats.

RAV4 has a great drivers seat it adjusts easily. Drives and handles with ease. Spare tire on the car, so more room in the trunk area, holds lots of storage. Seats. Have lumber and are heated. Back up camera. Back seats fold down for moving large items even furniture, bikes, mulch.

- Gloria S

I own a 2010 Toyota RAV4 and I would buy another.

I love Toyota I have had several, they last a long time. I plan on keeping it and putting lots of miles on it. They are very reliable, and will last a long time. I constantly change my oil and keep up with it so it will last. I have had several other vehicles but I love my Toyota.

- Denise R

Fell in love with how this car drove the first time I test drove it.

Great car. Reliable. Great size. Good engine and not very much maintenance required. I fell in love when I first drove it. Love the back up camera and seat warmers. Haven't figured out the Bluetooth but that is my own fault. My radio is going out but hopefully carmax will fix it.

- Kaitlyn N

Great vehicle to drive and own.

I love the way it looks and feels. It is also reliable. The four wheel drive is great in the winter. I love the features of heated seats and backup camera. The only con I can think of is that it has some road noise. Other than that, it is a vehicle I would recommend to everyone!

- Dorothy C

Power windows. CD player. Lots of cargo space.

2010 Toyota rav4, base model black. Have had it 9 years myself. 105,000 miles. Have had to do only minimal work to it. Tires, brakes, rotors, alternator. Has always gotten me through those New England winters even without 4 wheel drive. Very reliable and plenty of cargo storage.

- Robert L

I like its visibility range but how it handles like a coupe - almost.

I live my rav but the back door does rattle quite a bit. Since it is not a hatchback and opens from the side and with the weight of the spare tire, it makes sense but can be annoying on long drives. I love the space and height level too but it still feels a little like a sedan.

- Phoebe F

A safe and problem-free vehicle.

Since I bought it new in 2010, I have had no problems whatsoever. Had a minor fender bender, which was fixed to perfection. This vehicle is very dependable, as long as I keep it maintained. Tires, battery, and regular oil changes. It is comfortable, too. Now a little outdated!

- Linda S

I am going on 150, 000 miles and I still very confident in driving it.

I drive a 2010 RAV4. It is coming up on 150, 000 miles, and I have no complaints. I feel this car has been very reliable and I am hoping to get another 100, 000-150, 000 miles out of it. I make sure to change the oil on a regular basis and do some basic maintenance when needs.

- Laura B

Reliable and Roomy 4-door SUV

Reliable 4-door SUV. I purchased this car used 2.5 years ago and haven't had any major problems. It is quiet running. The only issues I've had are electrical (passenger auto window and radio), and the AC drainage tube got clogged which caused water to spill into the floorboard

- Summer M

It is a very reliable vehicle.

I like the space it has for a small suv. It seats my family comfortable and still has enough space for luggage, groceries, or whatever we need to carry. It has been a very reliable vehicle. We have only had 1 major repair. Other than that it has all been regular maintenance.

- Jeremy l

A great Toyota leads the pack.

I love this vehicle! It is reliable and comfortable! It definitely rides nice for being a small SUV. It is roomy inside too. I have had minimal problems with the car so far. The tires have been replaced and the brakes. This truly is a good car. Cannot go wrong with a Toyota!

- Gina J

The vehicle drives well. Height of it and overall size is good.

The vehicle has had some difficulties with the AWD. It is comfortable, but does not always feel large enough. I dislike the run flat tires and sometimes there is not enough space in the trunk. The door opening to the side can be a pain at times, especially when tailgating.

- Stacey J

The many recall notices. No sooner do we get one fixed, we get another notice in the mail.

Many recalls for this year make and model. This makes me want to consider another vehicle when it's time to purchase my next one. Otherwise, a good vehicle. Only other complaints are that the RAV4 has loud road noise, and the cup holders in this years model are terrible.

- Jennifer D

Safe and reliable car for young people.

My car is amazing especially for young drivers. It is very dependable and has lasted in my family for a while. I live up in the north, and during the winter it is amazing in the snow and ice. It accelerates very quickly, which makes me feel very in control while driving.

- Maggie F

It a very reliable vehicle, even after 8 years of use.

I love the height of it. It is so easy to get in and out of. I love the cargo space. Since the spare tire is on the outside there is a well in the back for extra storage. IT is a comfortable ride with plenty of room. I wish it had more of the technology available today.

- Malinda D

Easy to drive for a sport car.

Problems are navigation takes the long ways to arrive, sometimes certain addresses is not exists even though the place been there for awhile. Does not have Bluetooth to connect phone for incoming calls. Performance are good, very good on gas, does not cost a lot to fix.

- Jenny N

Spacious seating in the RAV4.

There is lots of legroom in the backseat and a nice spacious trunk with under floor storage. The car gets decent gas mileage. It drives nicely on paved roads as well as primitive roads. Problems would be no air vents in the rear and the rear cupholders are questionable.

- Marissa G

Most important thing is that it is reliable.

I have no complaints about the vehicle except one. The rear door opens from left to right, not up and down. This sometimes is inconvenient especially when engaged in outdoor activities. This issue has been corrected in newer models and has kept the look of the vehicle.

- Andrea J

If you want an adventure then you need this car!

It is not too bad, it is a car and it gets me from a to z. Gas mileage is great as long as you keep up with the oil changes. This is definitely for someone with or without children. If you like to adventure, this car is for you. It seats up to five people comfortably.

- Stacy B

Comments on car: pros and cons.

Plain jane RAV4. Reliable and low maintenance. Decent mpg for a small SUV (21-25). Just keep up with oil changes, recalls and tires and you are good to go. Bit loud on road noise in cabin but not intolerable. Comfortable ride for either rural, suburban or urban areas.

- Zack K

Really comfortable Toyota rav4.

I love my rav4. It is spacious enough that I can fit four people comfortably in my car but the car does not feel enormous. I can count on my car any day of the week to get me through anything. In the snow it struggles a little but I have always felt safe in my car.

- Jessica B

Nice reliable stylish Toyota.

Reliable care me and my family have had it for nearly four years. It is reliable hardly ever has problems, and when it does it has extremely low rates for maintenance. I recommend to anyone who needs a car for a long time it is reliable and stylish to all people.

- Megan L

Absolutely exactly what I was looking for in a SUV.

I've had no trouble with it whatsoever. Only general maintenance. I bought the baseline model. The only thing I might have done differently is splurge on a nicer version with some bells and whistles. I will certainly consider another RAV4 hybrid for my next car.

- Sterling W

It's reliable and the car is easily driven. I've never had any issues with the car at all.

I really love my car because it's reliable and the maintenance is low cost. The only part that I do not like is that it didn't come with a third row standard. Now that we have 3 kids and two of them are in car seats, the back row doesn't fit all the children.

- Maria M

I love the spare wheel on the back.

I love it. It is just "old". It does not have a navigation system, which would be one of the few upgrades I would say it needs. It runs great. I put over 80, 000 miles on it. I had to replace the air conditioning in 2018 (it is a 2010) so that was I fortunate.

- Jackie H

It's a great car that handles very well.

I like how it looks. I like the size and how easy it is to maneuver. It accelerates quickly, turns easily, and is easy to park. It rides pretty smooth and has plenty of storage in the back. I am starting to need more space though so I need a third seat option.

- Kristin B

Toyota rav4 all wheel drive.

It is very reliable and never has broken down on me. It gets good gas mileage. Has four wheel drive. It has lasted me eight years with no troubles. I drive it every day to and from work with confidence. It is blue with light grey interior. Has room for five.

- Jim S

Toyota rav4 sport: the beginner vehicle.

The Toyota rav4 sport is an overall great vehicle for a starter car. Great visibility, comfortable for long car trips, but it does not handle as well as other rav4's do. The mpg is low, averaging at 18 and it is not as smooth a ride as other Toyota vehicles.

- Cassidy F

It has the best sound system.

I really like the RAV4 as it gives a feel of a Jeep with a sporty like quality. I prefer leather seats with warmers which it has. I like that the trunk opens from the side. I like the shape and size as it is a little bigger and can have a third row of seats.

- Krystal H

It's reliable with plenty of leg room and space to store and cart things around.

My vehicle is all-around pretty reliable. It's certainly comfortable to drive in and use. When I bought it certified pre-owned I had some initial issues and it doesn't have as many features as I would like, but it's a good car that will last me a long time.

- Danielle C

Toyota rav4 best vehicle I had.

Toyota rav4 I have and so far I see no problem in the vehicle. I am happy with my vehicle. I would advise anyone to buy this vehicle. Toyota is a good choice. I have been driving Toyota since 2010 and have no issue. I can advise anyone to buy this vehicle.

- Indie K

In tech features, blue color.

My SUV has all of its performance together. The color is beautiful and I love the way she handles. The way it takes off on the road is excellent and I rather had not any other car. I love the blue color the air conditioner and all of its in tech features.

- Chris M

Reliable comfortable I would never by anything but a rav4.

Never had a problem its reliable comfortable good gas mileage I would always buy a rav 4 I am not in the market for a vehicle right now but when I am it will for sure be a Toyota rav4 all I do is change the oil when necessary. Its as reliable as can be.

- Jane L

Good car, not made to last though.

This is a good car. It was great for the first 3-4 years. This is our 5th year owning it and it has cost us $2, 000 in repairs for wear and tear just this year. I still love the car. It is safe, reliable for the most part, good size, and nice features.

- Beth M

The height and reliability.

I like the height of the vehicle visibility is allot better. It is great on ice and snow. It is quick to pick up speed when necessary. Maintenance is very low just the basics oil changes, tires, brakes battery. All major parts of the car are wonderful.

- Barbara T

Not as big as some SUVs but performs like a champ.

We bought it used and it has performed beautifully. Very comfortable with leather seats. We bought it initially because it was a 6 cyl. 4WD with the intention of using it to pull a pop-up camper. We were very, very satisfied with how well it pulled it.

- Joyce G

It is a reliable and safe car.

My RAV4 is amazing in the winter and performs very well in the snow! The heated leather seats are a very nice feature. I feel that this vehicle is also really good on gas mileage. I am overall extremely satisfied with the functionality of this vehicle.

- Cynthia V

It's dependable and just the right size for our little family.

I like it because it handles really well. There is a lot of space in it in the rear seats and in the back. It's big enough to travel with our dog and we have enough room for luggage. I would recommend the RAV4 to anyone looking for a small SUV.

- Eileen G

2010 Toyota Rav 4 - I highly recommend!

I currently drive a 2010 Toyota Rav4 and I have never loved a car more. I travel for work on a daily basis, often visiting clients that are 1+ hours away. I am inconsistent with oil changes and regular maintenance, and it is still faithful to me!

- Emily B

The Rav4 is a good dependable midsize car. It would be great for a family of 4.

I like that the Rav4 is a taller vehicle, I feel like I can see better. It has enough storage space for camping trips. It is comfortable and handles well. It would be nice if the three seater back seat would comfortably seat three people.

- Denise A

Reliability, reasonable operating costs

I like it is a medium sized SUV that makes me a bit higher for better visibility. I like it has enough engine power to get up and go. I wish it got better gas mileage. I wish it had a spare tire. I wish it had a better stereo system.

- Jacki C

That toyota's are reliable and go for ever as long as you take care of them.

I love love love my car, it rides smooth is safe and roomy. It has a good sound system but my biggest complaint is that the shape of it or something causes several rock chips and dings to hit my windshield. My old rav didn't do this.

- Virginia C

Great and Reliable Midsize SUV

I love my Rav4 and would definitely consider buying another one next time I purchase a vehicle. I love the size, storage space and how well it drive. Also I have had no major maintenance issues for the 8 years I have had it.

- Mary B

The rav4 is a nice reliable compact suv with good gas mileage and a comfortable feel.

I like the sporty style of my RAV4. I like that it feels roomy without being overly large. I like the gas mileage. I wish there was slightly more room in the backseat and I wish there were air vents in the backseat for my kids.

- Melissa H

I love the look of the car, and its performance on snowy roads.

I love my Toyota rav4. I bought it used, and I have had no problems at all. We keep up with the regular maintenance schedule, and everything has been fine. I am a super chicken winter driver, and this car is great in the snow.

- Janet C

Great mileage to the gallon.

Great vehicle for the price. Mileage is great can drive thru 2 states and back home before filling up. Long as maintenance is done regularly it can last as long as you wish. Only 2 major issues. Bought the car certified used.

- Toby L

Holds its value well and has been very dependable, not needing repairs, have only needed to do normal maintenance.

I really like that my vehicle is 4 wheel drive, I like that it is a smaller SUV, I like that it has required little repairs over the years. There really isn't anything I dislike, just want something newer with more features

- Baeb M

It does have a hard ride; it rides more like a truck than a car.

I like that it is a hatchback. This gives me more storage room in the back. Mine is a V6 so it has enough power to merge on the highway. It also is a bit higher up than a normal car making it easier to get in and out of.

- Dale C

Great workhorse of a vehicle for work/school commuting

Base model lacks features such as bluetooth audio, gps, backup camera, and skylight or moonlight. Very comfortable and roomy for up to 5 passengers or for hauling things with the back row down. Always a reliable vehicle.

- Natalie O

I feel like it's very safe for drivers and passengers.

I like the smooth ride and I can see very well. It is very roomy in the back for backseat passengers. There is also plenty of space in the trunk. The only complaint I have is that I wish it was better on gas mileage.

- Deanna G

I trust Toyota to make good, reliable cars that keep passengers safe.

I love my car. I bought it used and it has some issues with the tires but other than that I have no problems with it. The tires came with the car and they needs to get patched a few times because they were losing air.

- Laura O

This car has the most cabin space for those who love to have room inside.

I love my RAV4, it has the most cabin room in its class which is a must for me. I love the style, color and features. I do not like the 4 cylinder because I have no power. So next RAV4 I buy will be a 6 cylinder.

- Tamara S

it is a reliable car to drive. never has left me stranded on the side of the road.

I like it as for as it is reliable. it is a little larger than my older rav4 that I had before liked the smaller one better. the color is silver I don't like the color if you don't keep it washed it will turn green.

- cheryl c

Surprisingly Spacious and Affordable!

When it gets very hot out, the radio will sometimes disappear (the text on the screen) and I cannot tell what channel is on, and it will just spit CDs out of the CD player (if any are in there) for some odd reason.

- Annie D

It's reliable but not perfect.

I like the size of my car. It is easy to flip the back seats down to haul stuff. I hate the back door, how it swings from side to side instead of up and down. I also hate the awkward placement of the cup holders.

- Kaitlyn B

It is more spacious than it looks because of the fold down seating.

I like the color, the design, the comfy seats and the navigation system. I also like the fold down feature of the back seats. I wish the car was quieter on the road because the road noise while driving is loud.

- Kristina R

Toyota has never gone bad on me.

My personal opinion about Toyota is that make quality vehicles. I had a Toyota Camry before the RAV4 and I've never had anything go bad on either vehicles. I highly recommend Toyota to anyone in the market.

- Sharon S

quality that lasts with regular service

It's been 8 years and over 109K miles, and it has had relatively little work done to it. I love the space in the back and fold down seats. Only problem: in the AZ heat the wheel cover has come off.

- Kristen M

It's a great family vehicle! It fits 4 nicely, and has fantastic trunk space for travel.

My car fits me perfectly. It's size is great for a family of 4, and the drivers seat adjusts to fit my shorter stature. It's rugged enough to take camping and nice enough for long distance drives.

- Katie P

Best car ever - family, business, travel.

My vehicle is reliable - never has a problem other than routine maintenance. It has room for cargo and passengers. I like the fact that the seats fold down if I need extra carrying capacity.

- Susan F

It's reliable but doesn't have the bells and whistles of newer RAV's.

I like the size and body type. I dislike the number of repairs I've had to have to it and I wish it had Bluetooth. I like that it has pretty high resale value if I want to get rid of it.

- kathryn s

This was my first car, I do not have experience with another.

I like the design, and how it resembles a Jeep with its wheel cover. I like the simplicity and features. I dislike the speed capabilities. I also dislike the tendency to get flat tires.

- Madison P

Reliable running vehicle. I have never had engine or performance problems

Overall I have been satisfied with my RAV4. The gas mileage could be better and is not what was promised. I have had some electrical problems with the radio. Many recalls on this model.

- Christine B

It gets bad gas mileage, even though Rav's are know for better mileage

This vehicle is good in the snow, and has a large amount of room inside. It is comfortable for me, as I am large man. It also pulls my small boat well. It gets bad gas mileage however

- Nick G

The most important thing would be if one is used to cars that have slow reactions, my car does not. Once you hit the gas, it's going to move fast.

I like that It has an aux cord that can also charge my phone. I like that it has heated seats up front. My only dislike is leather seats because I prefer a softer service to ride on.

- Emily S

It's a great car for the family to use for everyday trips!

It's been reliable and easy to take care of. I love that it's bigger than a sedan and sits up higher. I wish it were slightly larger and would love ac vents in the back seat area.

- E S

When my car has a problem the Toyota company fix it a cheap price.

I have had it for a 6 years and It's really reliable. It has Bluetooth, GPS and backup camera. The only problem is that it is small for my family it can only take 5 to 6 people.

- Rita L

It handles well in all weather and is very comfortable on long trips.

Great to drive. Just the right size plenty of room but not too big to feel like you are driving a full size SUV. Looks good economical to drive and I really enjoy driving it.

- Dorothy P

This car has a high roll over rate.

This car is amazing. Have had little to no problems with it. I had to replace the battery because I left the lights on for a long time but that is the only issue. Great car.

- Bailey B

It is one of the most dependable cars around and affordable

I love that It's an SUV but does not suck up a lot of gas. It has more cargo space than some cars twice It's size. It wasn't expensive! The engine could be a little stronger

- Winnie N

It is a SUV and gets good gas mileage.

It is like driving a car but higher off the ground. It is easier to get into and out of than a car. Because it is low to the ground it is a little rougher than a bigger SUV.

- Jo H

They should know that the mechanic that does my oil changes recommends this car to people. He does not even sell cars!

I love this SUV because it drives so well and turns on a dime. I do dislike that there are so many recalls on it and I still haven't had time to get them all fixed though.

- Carol L

It is very durable and worth the money to invest in one.

I like my vehicle because my view/vision on the road it's good since it is a SUV. Something I dislike since the very beginning is that it is very loud on the free/highway.

- Anny L

If you are downsizing from a van, this is the perfect vehicle.

I used to drive a van and I like that I'm still somewhat high off the ground. Also, since I can fold down the back seats, I can put a lot in it when needed. I love my Rav!

- Terry O

It's a great vehicle for someone who needs a lot of capacity and is economic to own.

The vehicle is easy handling with comfortable seating. It's roomy for a SUV of Its size, with ample cargo room. Gas mileage is good in city driving. I've no complaints.

- Joseph M

This vehicle receives decent gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage I get from my vehicle. I dislike that it is a 4 cylinder engine. I do not like that I have to sacrifice air conditioning for more engine power.

- Kevin J

It is spacious inside without being too large outside

I like the size and leg room. There is room for my son and husband, both are tall. There is good storage space. I would like a navigation system and new safety features

- Jennifer W

It is extremely dependable and give a comfortable ride.

I love that it is a mini-SUV. It also has 4 wheel drive. It is highly dependable. It maintains controls at high spend even when another car tries to move in your lane.

- Teri B

It is sold as a five-person car. There is no way five adults can fit with seatbelts because of the overlapping rear seatbelts.

I like the way it drives. I like the cruise control. I don't like the confusing 4-wheel drive function. I don't like the rear middle seat belt that is almost unusable.

- Erin P

You can get a lot of mileage out of it.

I like that it is an SUV and is comfortable to drive. It takes a lot of road trips and has not given me any problems. Only thing I do not like are the cloth seats.

- Casey C

It's highlights is good for us

My car is good but it door can be scratched and all time glass will be broke I don't know why but it's good for to go interstate to go it's never make us feel bad

- Pramila M

It's a nice small family car that runs great with proper maintenance.

I like that it is 6 cylinder. I like that it is 4wd. It was a nice improvement from my previous vehicle but now with baby #2 on the way it is getting a bit small.

- Cassandra J

Decent gas mileage but not as big a tank as expected for a car this size.

Overall, I just fell in love with this car. I really like the exterior style designed and safety features as described. It is an eye-catching car on the roads.

- Anne W

Long - term dependable vehicle

This car is now eight years old and this year is the first time we have ever had trouble. It needed bearings replaced, but otherwise a very well grounded car.

- Abby W

How dependable it is. It has never broken down on me or caused me any grief whatsoever.

It is dependable, comfortable and runs very well. It has never failed me and has room for several people, as well as room for lots of luggage when traveling.

- beth p

Reliable but has its issues.

The car is very reliable but the interior noise is loud and there are many rattles. The brakes are not that responsive. The premium stereo is not very good.

- Martin S

It's the perfect height and has good gas mileage and allows me to store things if I need for a trip.

I like that its compact for an SUV and I like that its tall. I don't like that the silver color attracts all kinds of things to it so I have to wash it a lot.

- Amanda D

It's a comfortable car, and people always compliment me on it.

I love my car, and have no major issues with it. I will only buy Toyota cars and have had this is my 4th Toyota. The ride is smooth, and I love driving it.

- Rita C

Great height. Drives smoothly in snow. Great on gas intake.

It's a great reliable car. Runs great for having 88k miles in it. It drives amazing in the snow. I would buy another Toyota vehicle. I love their vehicles.

- Angelica H

the way the car handles itself on the road while you are driving.

I like that it has enough room for people to fit comfortably in the back seat. The gas mileage is not too bad. It has a ton of storage compartments in it.

- Sashe W

It's has lots of cargo space. Big enough for furniture or a simple move.

It's has held up for almost a decade now. Plenty of cargo room. Not too high off the ground you have to jump in, but high enough you are above most cars.

- Lois H

There are no interesting details. It is reliable is the most important thing.

It's a Rav4 with basic features. I have not had any major problems and it drives smooth. The vehicle is reliable and I have owned Toyotas my whole life.

- Paula T

The car is extremely reliable, easy to fix and maintain, very inexpensive to upkeep and is the perfect size.

My car is the perfect size. It's great on gas and is very reliable. I take it camping and on road trips and It's the perfect blend of rugged and luxury.

- Meghan V

It is very safe and it's super cute. It also has great features.

It seems very safe! I have never had it break down or any problems and its 8 years old. Absolutely love it. I am thinking about getting another Toyota.

- Jacqueline S

No interesting details, just a reliable vehicle.

My car is very reliable and it has never 'broken down. ' I need a vehicle I can depend upon. Keep regular maintenance and a Toyota is very trustworthy.

- Colleen M

Most important is comfortable ride, reliable.

It is not too big or too small and it's not very heavy so it is pretty smooth. I also like that the trunk door swings open to the side rather than up.

- Angel G

That it's rides well, and I have no problem getting from place to place.

I like the car's back-up camera and I like the size of the car. It's not too big so I can parallel park it. I don't like the air conditioning system.

- Tracy S

It is a great mid size car for small families.

It is good vehicle n all weather. The gas mileage that the rav4 gets is okay to average. It is been dependable so far for the years I have owned it.

- Sara S

It is dependable and easy to maintain.

Dependable and easy on the pocket. Paint is not the best, black fades and nicks easily. Good strong engine, love the v6 and towing is easy with it.

- Donna H

People show know the rav4 is a safe dependable vehicle

I love the way it handles, how roomy it is, the features such as the aux inputs, cruise control etc. I do not like the small tires and small rims.

- Mark p

Not flashy but a solid reliable vehicle.

The RAV4 has been a reliable SUV. Storage capacity has been good for our purpose. Toyota has been good at fixing recall notices at their expense.

- mark G

It's very reliable, very rarely does anything go wrong.

I like that it's a toyota. They're the best cars. I wish I would have gotten something slightly bigger though, sometimes it feels a little small.

- Justin B

Observation of my vehicle

Runs smoothly, low maintenance, good gas mileage for a SUV, has a bit of road noise but handles well, inside is fairly bare bones but functional

- isaac k

Toyotas have been good for me for many years so I trust them.

I like the stability especially in bad weather. I like that I can get Sirius radio. It is larger than my previous car so harder for me to park.

- Tamara C

Pontiac buyer that had to make a change

Absolutely love this SUV. It drives so smooth, has tons of room, is sporty looking and is built to last. Toyota is one of your safest brands.

- Jason L

sturdy, stable and high resale value

toyotas make reliable vehicles which have a high resale value but they are very boring in design. if you are going for style skip this brand.

- Alan A

It is highly rated safety features.

It sits higher than a sedan, with 4x4, great gas mileage, and high safety ratings. Toyota?s maintain their value after driving off the lot.

- Katie L

It is really good on gas and rides smooth.

Like that it is an SUV... Like the pep it has.. Easy to get in and out with family of 4... Downside a bit to small for a 6 foot plus man..

- Candy H

Overall it's a great all year round family vehicle.

It's a great car, reliable, low maintenance. Compact with a lot of room. The only thing negative is its power. It's only a 4 cylinder.

- Anthony N

There's a camera to help you with parking your car.

It's pretty big so I'm not used to it. I'm afraid of scrapping other cars. It's a smooth ride though and there's a camera at the back.

- Jen C

Faithful and reliable Toyota RAV4.

I do not like the room it offers in the second row. However I find that it is been very reliable over all. It has great trunk space.

- Brooke M

Easy to drive. Very dependable.

Like the low maintenance cost, easy to drive. Dislike that it is bigger than I need or want. Bit of a blind spot on the left corner.

- Cathy L

The best vehicle I have ever owned

It is very reliable and comfortable to drive. I have almost 100k miles on it and the only thing I had to replace was the alternator.

- Denise V

Dependable Car and Great Value for the Money

My car is about 8 years old and has over 130,000 miles on it. While it does have a lot of miles on it, it has been a reliable car.

- Erica B

Keeps running and hauling

Over 130000 miles and no problems except a suspension issue and a few recalls. Has a large area and fold down seats to stow items.

- Lacey B

The Toyota RAV4 is safe and reliable! Dependable both around the city and on the highway!

Overall, the Toyota RAV4 is a reliable vehicle. It runs smoothly and gets decent gas mileage. Nice storage space for longer trips!


They should know how many road trips it has taken.

I love my car mostly because of its size and that it is reliable. The back seats go down to give me huge storage space for moving.

- Leah H

The spare tire is so convenient when you get that annoying flat.

My car has the most comfortable seating! And does great on gas! We can take road trips with change! And to me that is very handy.

- Jasmine W

Dependable and smooth with plenty of space for family.

It is a very dependable car that is good on gas and a very smooth ride for the entire family, I have had no issues with this car.

- Anthony D

It's used for my family and taking my son to school and activities

It's a sparkly greenish blue Toyota rav4. It runs great with no major issues since I've had it. Just normal maintenance needed.

- Jordyn K

It drives like a luxury car.

I like the fuel efficiency and the ride height for getting my mother in and out. I dislike the poor pick up and lack of power.

- Eric S

Everlasting vehicle, will out do Duracells " Everlasting Bunny"

Very reliable, bought it new, never had any mechanical issues, good on gas. Only kept up on maintenance which is affordable.

- Deanna D

This is a great family car!

Very reliable; comfortable to travel in; a little noisy; plenty of room for packing in people and things. Great family car!

- Jen W

Excellent vehicle for someone seeking a compact SUV/Crossover type of vehicle.

This vehicle is very dependable and fuel efficient. As a result, the net costs of operating this vehicle is relatively low.

- Mark W

Smooth ride. Smart looking. Great on gas.

Great in snow. Fits a lot of things for travel. Great on gas. Great interior. Love it. Rides smooth. Never had a problem.

- Patricia M




It's safe and I use it for my Family. It's been a really great and trusted car.

I love how reliable it is and has been. I wish technologically didn't change so quickly because it's now so outdated.

- TAmmi R

Average but could be better

It runs well and gets pretty good gas mileage. I wish there were vents for the back seat, they are only in the front.

- Jess A

It's very reliable and I feel pretty safe in it.

It handles well but I wish it got better gas mileage. It doesn't drive that well in the snow either so there is that.

- Chris R

It is very reliable safe to drive.

This vehicle sits a bit off the ground. I feel safer.. It is simple to park.. I have no problem driving in the snow.

- Barbara A

The towing ability. We needed the older car. Newer RAV4s do not have that.

It can tow a trailer since it has the towing package. It can fit 2 car seats. It is kinda tall and not my Mercedes.

- Sarah G

It gets great gas mileage around town and on the open road.

I had this suv for less than one year and I love it. I wish it had more modern features, but it's a great vehicle.

- Danielle W

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is a safe car and offers a lot of space.

I like that it drives well in bad weather. I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like that it has a lot of room.

- Carly V

it's comfortable to drive in and sit as a passenger

i like the rooney left back area. it is pretty easy for me to get in and out of. it sits up higher than our sedan.

- barbara b

It is very safe with the roll bar and sturdy exterior.

Rav 4 is very reliable, cheap, cost effective and efficient. Perfect, can't ask for more. Very easy to parallel p.

- Raymond G

RAV4: comfort and lots of room.

Comfortable ride with ample room for people or packages. Includes third row seating, CD player, and luggage rack.

- Paul P

Dependable RAV4 for the family

Feels sturdy, supportive, like the 4-wheel drive aspect. SUV, but zippy! Great family car and it's built to last!

- Katie S

The perfect car for road trips and also around town.

I love that there is a lot of interior space and comfortable seating, plus it fits in many tight parking spaces!

- Emma C

Reliable and safe car that handles well.

It handles really well. We have had very few repairs with it. It is reliable and comfortable. It fits our needs.

- Jeff K

It is very gas efficient and has good gas mileage I would definitely recommend this vehicle to the ones that like to travel.

I love everything about it. The size is just perfect. I haven't had any issues with it in the year I have had it

- Elisha W

It is a good family vehicle.

It is reliable and doesn't need to much maintenance. It doesn't take to much gas. It has plenty of space in it.

- Josh B

That is a very reliable one.

My rav is reliable. It has a hinge back door that comes out outwards instead of opening upward. It is spacious.

- Melissa G

Reliable vehicle, but the style and options are lacking

The vehicle has been very reliable. It is a bit boring style and option wise, but has never left us stranded.

- Justin T

Reliable, but a bit noisy.

A very reliable vehicle, comfortable but even with windows closed it seems bit noisy. V6 fair on gas mileage.

- Tammie B

Comfortable, reliable vehicle

It is a very reliable vehicle. Comfortable to drive has easy viewing to identify other cars. Good gas mileage

- Mary G

Comfortable drive, and provided good visibility and control

Comfortable to drive. Good visibility for a short driver. Good for long trips. Third row seat. Good mileage.

- Macarena U

Best SUV I've owned, and I've owned 5.

Love it, it's been a great SUV. Lots of room to carry things, good mileage. Love the heated seats in winter.

- Jami m

Size, mileage, and easy to maintain.

I like the size but no trailer hitch and I wish it was higher of the ground. Runs great, easy to maintain.

- Maria G

It is fun to drive! And it has a good service history.

No complaints at all. It has proven to be a very reliable vehicle. It handles well in new england winters.

- Tom M

Quality was put into the workmanship of building my car model.

It is good on gas. It is very dependable and reliable. It rides and drives good. It is a very pretty car.

- Ginger O

The car is very reliable and looks nice.

I like that it is small but bigger than a car. I do not have any complaints. I never have issue with it.

- Steve B

I love the size and the trunk space. I love the all wheel drive in the winter. Back door opens to the side. Great for kids!

It is reliable, no matter the weather. Putting studded snow trees on it in winter makes it unstoppable.

- Mini W

Very comfortable for passengers

Very comfortable and a great size car for passengers and items. We have never had any problems with it.

- Dominique W

It has a high roll over rate, which may concern certain people.

I like the size of the vehicle. I like the space it provides. I don't like the high risk of roll over.

- Carina C

The rav4 is a pretty good car

It is a great car, works well in snow. It also gets decent gas mileage considering it is a bigger car.

- Seth M

The most important thing others should know is it is very safe.

I like the color green. I like the safety ratings. I dislike the seatbelt settings on the second row.

- Nathalie B

My Rav4's smooth and easy handling.

My car may be a few years old but it still runs well, rides smooth as a new one, and is great on gas.

- marcia c

It is older than most cars.

I like it because of the heated seats. I hate the nothing. I like it all. It's got everything I want.

- Beth B

Awesome — No Complaints!!

Love it. Regular maintenance, no problems. Not sure of what else to write since I have no complaints.

- Keri B

It is a very reliable brand of toyota. Wouldn't drive anything else.

alove my toyota. Bought it when my other Rav4 was totaled. This has been a great, reliable car.

- Donna R

It hasn't failed me yet. Toyota is a very reliable company. I'm a complete Toyota fan.

I love how it's spacious. It drives very smoothly I dislike the color of it I love it over all

- Cassandra S

That it is a perfect car to get you from point A to point B in a safe and quick manner.

I like the way that it handles. It gets excellent gas mileage. The sound system is phenomenal.

- Dawn G

That it is safe and easy to handle.

I like that it is an SUV, but the problem is that it uses a lot of gas and the paint is peeling.

- Nicole S

It's reliability. Toyota's are known to run for a very long time... If you do routine maintenance.

I love that it's reliable, it gets great gas mileage, it's a pretty color and it's comfortable.

- Michelle S

Fun to drive. Awesome ride.

It drives nicely. It gets good gas mileage. It is fun to drive. It has a great turning radius.

- Jana V

dependable and safe while all the while looking good

this vehicle replaced one of the same totaled in a t bone accident. i was fine so i felt safe

- marie j

It also rusts, horrible paint job by manufacturer

I don't like because the paint is bubbling up and peeling off and manufacture doesn't care

- Stacie r

the vehicle is a good make and it runs good it is a nice color

the vehicle is very good on slick roads the vehicle looks good the vehicle has some road noise

- sandra s

The most important thing about my RAV4 is its dependability.

I love how dependable it is. It is very attractive, easy to handle and has good gas mileage.

- Rose M

Our car has amazing storage. It also gets great gas mileage.

Love all the storage room. Wish it had more leg room as I'm over 6ft. Gets great gas mileage.

- Aaron B

The one thing others should know about the 2010 Toyota RAV4 is that it is dependable.

I wish I could have push to start, a sunroof, & volume/channel buttons on my steering wheel.

- Andi M

It is easy and economical to maintain.

My Rav4 is an economical vehicle which offers me a comfortable ride and great cargo space.

- Thomas T

It's affordable, easy to drive, fun to own. Just the right size

It's an SUV, but small. It has a lot of get up and go for a 4 cylinder. Fits my lifestyle.

- Kim A

I like that it has a V6 engine. I like the backup camera.

the back seats fold all the way down. The interior is leather and the seats are heated.

- heather I

priced well; good value for your money

like the style; it's roomy without being too big; runs wells, not bad on gas; complaints

- Catherine S

The car is really loud, because of the age. It has about 95,000 miles recorded. I had to get this fixed multiple times per year.

My car is trash, and you should never get it under any circumstances, because it is old.

- Jeff C

That quality of the vehicle the Toyota is dependable car

I like the quality of the rav4 like the fuel mileage I don't dislike anything about it

- Janie H



- Diana R

it's very easy to drive and has good trunk space. It drives very well and it's just the right size for me.

easy to handle. Lots of space . Always liked Toyota brand. Just the right size

- Cathy N

It's dependable and is pretty low maintenance.

It has been a dependable car. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an SUV.

- Julie B




Swiss Army knife of cars! Can load it up for moving or drive 5 people

Tons of storage space. Good on gas for an SUV. Fits in right parking spaces.

- Gavin F

it works. takes point a to point b. good storage. like the color

its reliable. easy to commute. color is nice. nothing much to say. seriously

- mat t

It is safe. I have children so this is very important.

I like the size of my car. It is safe. There is a lot of space in the back.

- Brandie B

Easy maintenance and very functional and reliable vehicle

I love my Toyota. I bought it used and it has never caused me any problems

- Roxanne V

It is stylish and efficient. It is a reliable vehicle.

I like the amount of storage it has, the technology, and the gas mileage.

- Dennis D

Toyota is always my favorite car, over many other vehicles specially the engine and economic gas per mile

Engine and durability you can put many miles and still running like new

- Dilman R

Toyota is a good brand and I really like the Rav4.

I really like my Toyota Rav4. It runs so good and is just what I want.

- Donna K

reliable. have had no major issues in almost 6 years of owning it

getting a little old but It's reliable and does everything I need it to

- Chris l

Reliable! Has been a lifesaver many times! Love driving it!

It is Red. I have named her Rosalee. She is reliable. Perfect size.

- Valerie S

That it is reliable, in excellent shape, and runs smoothly

I like the reliability. I like the interior. I like the acceleration

- Richard P

It is reliable and functional and is good for me and my passengers

Like that it sits higher than a car, like the style, dislike nothing

- Wendy W

My car is dependable and gets good gas mileage for me.

There are no frills like power seats. It is overall a great vehicle.

- stephanie f

The rav4 is a very reliable and comfortable vehicle. Its full efficiency is great but in my case, the base model that i have does not with that many extra features.

My car is very great with fuel efficiency considering it is a SUV

- William B

It is a small SUV that handles like a compact car

I like that it is sporty, well made, and allows me ample storage

- Jill L

My Rav4 is practical and rides great. I love driving my Rav4.

My Rav4 is red. My Rav4 drives great. My Rav4 is great on gas.

- Marnie W

I would buy the car again. Ride is nice with no major repairs in the 5 years I have had it.

No mechanical issues so far. Rides nice. Needs more features.

- Ginny M

nothing important to know . for me is a perfect car and i love my car very much

Is to slow! Is nice! is ease to maintenance is very comfortable

- Liana L

I enjoy my car, its good on gas...especially when you drive long distance, its reliable, a good make.

great on gas, a very reliable vehicle,comfortable, smooth ride

- Marie A

I like that it is roomy. It is safe. It does not have any special gadgets that new cars have.

Because of its size, it is safe if you get into an accident..

- Rachel F

toyota quality great value for money superior maintenance

noisy inside lots of road noise comfortable seating flexible

- Cindy W

good for every day carting around town.

It's a good car, but could have more room for carrying cargo

- Kristin U

It's bigger than it looks.

I love my RAV4! Perfect size. Comfortable and dependable.

- Marcy H

The rav4 is a reliable, low cost maintenance vehicle that is fun to drive

It is reliable car. It is Low maintenance. Easy to drive

- Tom K

It's a great car. very well made and doesn't need a lot of maintenance.

It is built well, easy to maintain. Nothing to dislike.

- le l

Runs like a charm. Over 210, 000 miles, still going strong.

Love my Rav4. Runs great. Would definitely buy again.

- Sandi M

my rav is a great vehicle. It has good pickup. I really like the backup camera as it helps with safety backing up. I do not like the anti lock brakes however.

My rav is really reliable. I have not had any issues

- amy l

dependability & versatility

it's a dependable, sturdy & versatile daily driver

- Markus F

Reliable, good gas mileage, easy access as I am disabled. Roomy. Looks good.

Reliable. No significant problems. Joy to drive.

- Charlene B