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Back pain from driving - no more!

My Toyota RAV4 is the limited edition so it has many of the extra features such as a navigation system that is very easy to use. My RAV4 also has a moonroof which I do not always use but love that it is there when I need it. Plus, it gives a more light-airy feel to the vehicle. The heated seats for both driver and passenger is my favorite feature. Along with the adjustable lumbar support, my back does not fatigue when we're driving long distances. The cargo space is awesome and very spacious. Fold down middle seats provide extra cargo space for hauling. The only negatives I can think of is that it does have road noise so it makes it difficult for conversation between front and back passengers. Also, I have the leather type seats in a tan color and the first week I had my car, the seats became stained from our blue jeans (which had been washed dozens of times). All in all, love my RAV4 and will stick with it for many years to come.

- Karen J

Toyota rav4 - the best crossover out there.

I love my Toyota rav4. Prior to purchasing my rav4 I'd only ever driven smaller cars, sedans. Although the rav4 is not as large as an SUV I have found that I really enjoy being a little higher than when driving a smaller car. I enjoy how much roomier it is than a sedan and how large the trunk is. I feel like the trunk stretches for days. The backseat has adequate leg room, which was a big deal for me when shopping around. I have two large car seats in the backseat and my husband, who has long legs, is still able to push the front seats back a bit so he can fit comfortably. The gas mileage is not terrible; definitely not as good as my 2009 ford focus, but still not bad. I love the backup camera, so much so that now I do not like to drive cars that do not have them! We make sure to service it regularly and haven't ever had any performance problems, at least none that I remember. All in all I would recommend this car!

- Mackenzie H

Too many problems with not being able to use the technology.

I have a black 2015 Toyota rav4. I have a lot of problems with the car, including technology, having several recalls to the car. It is really hard to change the station on the radio because they have the commands so close together and it is on the screen so I am constantly pushing the wrong button. I have put my car in for service only to leave and have to go right back in because the car sounded like it was going to fall apart. I once left the Toyota repair shop and could not get out of the parking lot without the tires sounding like they were coming off. The car requires a lot of maintenance, more than any other car I have ever had. The engine sounds like it dragging at times and they cannot seem to repair this. I have had a Toyota before and really liked it but this one must have been a lemon.

- Kim S

My 2015 Toyota rav4 vehicle review.

My rav4 is a very reliable vehicle. I use the Toyota dealership for maintenance and repairs. It has a very smooth ride. The back seat has a lot of legroom. The front seats are bucket style. I do wish the driver seat was higher as I would feel safer. I also think the driver seat needs lumbar support for long drives. I have had to take the car to dealership approximately three times due to an awful smell coming from fan and air conditioner. I was told that I need to switch between outside and inside circulation to prevent mold spurs. I have never heard of such a thing. They cleaned it and sprayed it and sent me on my way. I was told next time it happens I will have to pay for the service. This does not seem right. I will not by Toyota in the future.

- Donna T

The 2015 Toyota RAV4 is the most comfortable vehicle that I have ever driven!

My 2015 Toyota RAV4 is not only the best vehicle I have ever driven, it is also the most flexible vehicle I have ever used! My rave has good gas mileage and maintains good fluid levels. The AWD is great to power through tall mounds of snow. I live in the snow capital of USA, I know from experience! The Bluetooth capabilities are fantastic. My rave makes it super easy to drive, navigate and communicate all a the same time. The controls on the steering wheel is such a great tool for safe driving. My favorite part about my rave is that it can make extremely sharp turns in smaller spaces. Parking has never been so easy! Especially with the backup camera. The backup camera features guidelines to help for safe movement!

- Tory S

The rav4 is a sporty looking small SUV that provides a great drive.

The rav 4 is a great small SUV option. It handles well, drives great, and gives me more room than a traditional car, with better gas mileage than a traditional SUV. I have owned this car for over 3 years and have had no major issues other than a battery replacement. It also has over 40,000 miles on it, which speaks to its reliability. . There have only been two issues with this car. One is that the 2015 model can only fit two car seats, which means a bigger car is in our future. Plus a carseat cannot be in the middle seat. It can with a seat belt, but not the latch options. The latch is more important to me, so that was a little disappointing. I bought this car without kids in mind.

- Theresa F

Great, reliable car. I love all of the features that is on the car..

The reliability of my car is great. I know that it will work for me as long as I keep everything up to date on oil change and tires. It's really comfortable and very roomy I have not had anyone complain about it to me. Some of the features on it is backup camera, dual ac/heater control for driver and passenger. The performance of the care is great as well. It has a friendly part to it so when you go for a while in a certain speed it averages the mileage gage, and helps save on gas. It also has some giddy up and go so when you are needing to get out of something it goes for you. Also its does great with turning in tight spaces.

- Tiffany F

Reliable and comfortable SUV.

I have had no trouble with my rav4. It is performance is great. It is very dependable requiring only routine maintenance to keep it reliable. The seats are comfort and since I am short I like the way I can adjust it to fit me. It has a CD player, am and FM radio and the ability to add Sirius if I want to. It has cloth seats that do not get to hot when sun is "cooking" the car. It is a 2015 model and I have only had to replace the brake pads recently. I also love the service I get from my dealer. They do a thorough job and always get me in quickly when I need service. This is my third Toyota and it will not be my last one.

- Donna B

Nice leg room, great gas mileage.

I love the style of the car and the gas mileage is pretty good, the only thing that I really do not like is the road noise is kind of loud. When I am on the phone service through the car, it is hard for the person on the other end to hear me. I love the sunroof and most of the features on the car. The back seat is a good size that fits 3 adults pretty comfortable I think because of the leg room. There is a good amount of it. Not like in a small car, but I think that I need a little more cargo space for kid hauling. I am a mom to 2 very active boys so thinking when my lease is up we will be considering a larger SUV.

- Darcy R

Super reliable and comfy car.

I haven't had any major problems with my car. Performance wise the car has not given me any problems, as long as you stay on top of bringing it in for service to make sure everything is working properly. I have only driven Toyota's and they are incredibly reliable as I have not had any serious problems. I think it is really cool how I can set up Bluetooth and have my car read my text messages out loud to me while I am driving instead of dangerously looking at my phone. The seats are very comfy and I like how I have seat warmers in the front. The sound system is fantastic. I like that I have satellite radio.

- Kristen F

Rav4--good, basic transportation.

The rav 4 is good basic transportation. It is very reliable and I feel that it's also a safe vehicle. My rav 4 comfortably seats 4, even the two in the back. The newer rav4s may have features I would like to have. I liked the side mirrors with the blind spot indicators like my niece's sienna. I would also like a hands free tailgate. I wish Toyota and other vehicle manufacturers would offer more interesting colors besides, black, white, silver and occasionally red! Finally I would like a purse hook designed behind each seat. It could be used for my purse or a small trash bag.

- Twyla R

Toyota rav4 2015 - beautiful brown mid-size SUV. Good car with great storage.

This is a great car. The front and back seats are roomy and comfortable. There’s lots of room in the far back area for all our groceries and other shopping. The back seats fold down to give plenty of room to haul large items, like the ladder we just brought home last week. One really cool feature of this car is onboard phone calls tied to the main driver’s cell phone so you can easily answer on the dashboard and talk hands-free while you drive, especially helpful when we're on the way to my mother-in-law’s since she never fails to call during our 15 minute drive.

- Kristin F

In summarizing my 2015 rav4 I feel it has been everything I expected it to be.

Our 2015 red rav4 is sporty looking with its alloy wheels and chrome luggage rack, dependable as it always starts and gets me where I want to go, economical as it gets good gas mileage and it came with free oil changes for the life of the vehicle (this is the first time we have had this offer), we love the custom leather interior (black and gray) that we had upgraded, along with the automatic tailgate lift which comes in handy when you have been shopping and your hands are full. The only issue we have had is that the paint chips easily.

- Bill H

Sporty RAV4 4 - flows and goes.

My Toyota RAV4 4 is sporty and fun to drive! I love the eco and sport buttons that change the gears and driving style with a push of a button. The option to change to manual transmission really gives it a more sporty feel. I have the moon roof and it makes the car feel roomier than it already is. We take this car on all of our trips. It fits 4 grown adults, 1 large dog, tents, bedding, coolers and all the stuff you need to camp for a week. I will only be upgrading to new models of the RAV4 4 as long as they keep making them!

- Angie L

Love this car! Wouldn't drive anything else!

I really love my Rav4. It's a breeze to drive and it was easy to transition to this suv after driving a compact sedan for many years. It has lots of get up and go, the seating it very spacious and the gas mileage is great. There are a couple of minor details I wish were different; I wish the console area was set up a little differently (more compartments) and sometimes there can be a glare bouncing off the radio/camera screen when I'm driving. Those things wouldn't have swayed me away from purchasing this car though.

- Christine K

My Toyota Rav 4 keeps me happy!

There are not many problems with my rav4. One problem I do have is that it does not have a vent air setting. You have to use the heat or air conditioning. That is it. Sometimes I just want outside air. I also wish is was more comparable with android phones. I love the performance. It has a lot of power for a 4 cylinder engine when using sport mode. It also gets great gas mileage in its eco mode. My rav4 is very reliable and have not had any problems in almost 30,000 miles. It has power everything which is great.

- Tim B

Toyota Prius work in progress.

It suppose to give 40 miles per gallon however is not accurate. It seems all depends how you drive plus type of gas use. If you drive less than 40 miles per hour, you do get more gas mileage. Parking is easy since it is a small car. It is small but is roomy when inside. It is comfortable needs very little maintenance. The radio is not a good as my Honda Accord. It engine is loud when driving. The sound while driving is loud needs improvement however, turning engine on is pretty quiet. The screen is too small.

- Rm M

Highly recommend Toyota rav4 for your next light SUV!!

Love my rav4! It handles so nicely, has a very smooth ride and is easy to drive. So much comfortable room in the back seat, which can each recline separately. Great cargo area in the hatch back! I also have the auto-open hatch which I love. Very handy when the weather is rainy or snowy, esp. When leaving the grocery!! There is only one thing I do not like and may have change with newer models. There is a blind spot on the passenger rear side. I previously owned a Toyota Camry for 14 years!! Reliable vehicle!

- Michelle M

Screen difficult to see in sunlight.

I got my vehicle previously owned 11 months ago. I have had no problems with the vehicle. I got it because I have to drive on a lot of unpaved country dirt roads and become almost un-passable in rainy weather and my other care (a Prius) with its low profile wasn't able to navigate these roads well. I have not had this problem since!! The RAV4 rides smoothly, has good clearance. I like the options its came with i.e. lane diversion alarm, blind spot etc. The only option I wish it had was the auto braking.

- Barbara C

The RAV4 is a versatile vehicle with plenty of space without being too big.

The RAV4 is a perfect size vehicle for me. I can put lots of things in the back with plenty of space, including my dog. The vehicle is very comfortable and easy to drive even for long trips. It has proven to be very good in all kinds of road conditions/weather and I feel safe and confident that it is dependable. I have plenty of features/options that I wanted on a vehicle. The only thing that I dislike about the vehicle is that it is not a pickup truck, I really miss having a pickup.

- Jeanne C

I love the everything about the rav4 except, there's always an exception.

Great handling, comfort, room and safety features that is easy to drive in the city and comfortable on the road. I love the everything about the rav4 hybrid XLE except, there's always an exception. The GPS system uses 'scout' a horrible app that will not show any moving maps. It gives you turn by turn but will not show any maps. It also will not allow either apple play or android play and without them you cannot use google maps. Nice car, nice safety; very poor on the GPS app.

- Winnie C

The Toyota RAV4 is an all round good mid size vehicle with a comfortable ride.

Toyota vehicles have a reputation as a very reliable well built vehicle. As far as performance I am very satisfied. My RAV4 has plenty of power and goes great on all road conditions. It is a very comfortable ride. I am not pleased with short warranty offered. I do not like the seat belt arrangement in 2nd row and with 3 passengers it feels very confined. When a child's car seat is added it is even worse. There is a lot of road noise in vehicle with all windows up.

- Phyllis S

Basic review of a 2015 Toyota RAV4

I haven't really had any problems with it. I don't like that I have to use the fully synthetic oil so every oil change cost me like 75 dollars. It's a fairly comfortable car. I wish I had bought the model that had the power adjustable seats the model I have only has the manual adjustments it can get a little frustrating especially when my husband drives it and moves everything. Overall it's a good car I'm hoping to drive it to the three hundred thousand mile mark

- Melissa M

Blue crush RAV4 crushed it!

Purchased a 2015 Toyota RAV4 just over a year ago. It has many more bells and whistles than the 2001 RAV4 I replaced. I really like the backup feature that outlines spaces within a radius so that you do not hit or bump into anything. Icons on the dashboard let you know when you need an oil change; when tire pressure is low, etc. It has Bluetooth hookup which I really like for my cell phone. The car has much more leg room and is a very comfortable ride.

- Shirley R

I love my rav4! My rav4 is burnt orange and is a spacious vehicle.

My 2015 rav4 is burnt orange. I love the color of my car. My car has cruise control, a sunroof and touch screen radio. My rav4 is the perfect size for my family of 5. I can fit two car seats and one child not in a car seat in the back seat. The trunk is big enough to fit my medium size dog kennel in it so that's nice when my dog has to go to the vet. Also the trunk is spacious enough that there's no worries about all of our groceries fitting in there.

- Tiffany S

If you are looking for a reliable SUV then this is the vehicle for you.

I love my Toyota RAV4. This is the 2nd RAV4 that I have owed. It is very comfortable and rides smooth. It is perfect if you have kids because it is not too small or too big. I have used my RAV4 to take road trips plenty of times. If you drive in the snow you do not need chains on your tires, which I really like. The built in navigation system will make sure you never get lost. This vehicle is very reliable and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Tiara J

Great comfort ride with great gas mileage!

I enjoy my rav4. It is comfortable and I really like being up higher than a regular car. It is an all wheel drive, which in Michigan in the winter is a good thing. It has more features on it than I regularly use but it is great to know they are there when I needs them. It has been very low maintenance and good on gas mileage. I really like the video camera for back-ups. It has the lines to tell you how close you are to curbs or other cars.

- Cynthia T

Love it. It is a safe comfortable ride.

Problems: had to change brake pads after 3 years. Performance: great, I would drive 8 mile for work daily and it drives smoothly. I can take it to uneven terrain with no problem. Safety: been involved in a collision, which made it undrivable, the front bumper was totaled but everyone was safe inside. Comfort: it is comfortable, like the seat warmer during winter months especially in the morning. Features: Bluetooth , carplay, USB port.

- Maggie L

Rav4 the perfect car for me!

I love my rav4. It handles the road fantastically in all sorts of road conditions including snow. It is just the right size car to handle, not to big and not too small. I had a rav4 before this one and was in a major accident with it and walked away with just a slight injury my pinky finger on my right hand. The car was totaled but I was ok and got a very fair price from the insurance company. They really hold their value (Toyota).

- Elizabeth B

Toyota rav4: a navy blue-greenish rav4. I love the color & interior is cloth.

It's a great car, it has good gas mileage; around 22 miles per gallon. It gets you where you need to go. It is a smooth drive. The only reason I rated it a 3 is because it is an old car and has been through a lot in our hands. That does not mean it will be like that for everyone. It has been on many trips and still has a good amount of time left. It is a higher up car, so you feel safer but it is also not huge and easy to park.

- Eden N

The RAV4 voice commands and phone connectivity could use some work.

My car is comfortable, reliable, safe, and user friendly. I have a limited model and I wish I went for the upgrade, not having heated seats or a sunroof stinks. I wish the phone connectivity options worked differently. Having seen how they perform in different vehicles I think this system is inferior. The voice commands have a hard time understanding what I say and often will do a completely different task than what I asked.

- Amy A

Toyota RAV4's are comfortable.

I have had RAV4's since 2004. I enjoy driving them. They are comfortable and I have never had any problems with them. My husband is a big guy and he was worried they wouldn't be comfortable for him, but they were. I guess the only negative thing I can say is that I am only 5'4" tall and I have a hard time seeing well on turns and judging how far from things I am in front of me. I do like being higher than you are in a sedan.

- Patty B

It is very spacious and good for tall people. I love the sport feature in it.

The RAV4 is good on gas, good for tall people over 6 feet, has 3 speed mood, economy, regular, and sport. You can fill your gas tank for under 50 dollars. The car is very comfortable and spacious. It is good for young people or for a family. The car has the sedan and a Jeep feeling, it is in between. Easy to park and very inexpensive to maintain. For the last 2 years I never had any major problems with regular servicing.

- Steve A

I love my brand new car!!!

I really love my car. It has very comfortable seats, but the headrests are NOT comfortable! It is the right size SUV for me. It gets very good gas mileage. The royal blue body is beautiful. It came with a navigation system. My husband and I got it right off the truck with only 2 miles on it. It's my very first NEW car. We bought it on July 4th! It has a very clear radio. The Bluetooth system is marvelous.

- Susan C

It has excellent safety features and rating along with the traditional reliability of a Toyota product.

I have the XLE model of the RAV4 in a red color. I appreciate how responsive the steering is and believe it offers good acceleration. I like the quality of the sound system and the fact that I was able to purchase it in an AWD format. My only dislike comes from the fact I have not been able to get nearly as good of fuel economy as the vehicle was supposed to get, even with new and aligned tires.

- Stephanie T

Toyota rav4, great first car for a college student!!

I love my car! The interior is incredibly sharp (as mine has two tones- light gray and dark grey). The build is sporty but modern, too. The inside has room to fit 5 comfortably and the back seats lay completely down. I have slept in the back with ease and plenty of room. The middle back seat belt comes out of the ceiling so if you are only carrying 2 people, they are not sitting on the seat belt.

- Julia B

A Frank Look at the 2015 Rav4

I like my Rav4's smooth ride, the body style (I'm short, so the higher seating helps), the fact my vehicle is a good size (not too big), and the technology features, such as bluetooth (I love connecting my and others' phones so I can make and take calls and play my music). On the other hand, I wish the seats were more comfortable, the gas mileage was better, it had more storage, and a moonroof.

- Charmaine G

Rav4 great investment for winter driving.

Toyota rav4, is a great vehicle for getting around in bad weather... All wheel drive. It is large enough to carry my grandchildren. It handles extremely well. The only drawback is the gas mileage. It is lower than anticipated, but manageable. The back storage area is more than adequate for a family grocery trip, or sports equipment..Roomy..But not so much so that you feel you have wasted space.

- Pam F

I have named it the always ready rav4! Excited about my next trip.

I absolutely love my rav4. It is big enough yet small enough at the same time. I keep the maintenance as scheduled because I plan to drive this vehicle for a long time. I just recently took a mini vacation and traveled 325 miles one way. Great gas mileage and was as steady as a rock as we passed 18-wheelers or they passed us. This is the second Toyota I have owned and it the best purchase yet.

- Angela W

The rav4 does it all for less.

I love my rav4! Before I had a Subaru Outback and I thought I loved that but no way after driving the rav4. You can tow, pack three kids and your dogs into the back. The hatchback like style allows you to transport large items. I have taken it on dirt roads, in the mountains, does well in small city roads. Small enough to pack into a compact parking size but you do not feel it on the inside.

- Miranda R

Practical and sophisticated.

This is by far the best vehicle I've owned. It have great cabin space, and mileage. The eco option is really nice on the gas mileage. The comfort is excellent. I do find it a bit noisy and that makes the hands free phone feature difficult to use. At first the touch screen was bothering me, but it can be dimmed. The cargo space is large, and I love the cover that goes over the cargo space.

- Theresa H

2015 Toyota RAV4 limited review.

I have had my Toyota RAV4 now for almost 4 years. I have had no issues with the vehicle. The performance is great and the gas mileage I get is good too. I am a bigger guy and was initially worried how comfortable I would be in the driver's seat and the interior comfort is great. Only thing I wish the navigation screen was a bit larger but I would still highly recommend this vehicle.

- John G

The interesting detail is the leather interior color.

Wish I had the auto braking function. Other than an occasional rattle I love me car but the rattle drives me crazy. It is not loud but I am just sensitive to things like that! I love the interior of it. At first I wasn't crazy about it but it grows on you. I have what I call saddle colored leather interior and at first I thought it looked to orange but as I said it does grow on you!

- Barbara C

The perfect car for a short, stay at home mom.

As a short person (just under 5’2”), it is always been hard for me to find a car that is comfortable for me and that I feel safe in. A lot of cars over the years weren't able to scoot up close enough or I couldn't see above the hood of the car. With my Toyota, I am able to adjust the seat just perfectly. I enjoy it is a “bigger” type of car. And the backup camera is amazing.

- Amy R

Spacious with lots to offer for families.

My rav4 is a great size and provides lots of features that make driving helpful (like the backup camera). I can fit car seats in the back comfortably, and I love that the seats fold down for more room. The handling of the vehicle is good, but sometimes it takes more to accelerate up hills. I wish the seat material was easier to clean of dog hair, but otherwise, the car is great.

- Ellen K

My 2015 Toyota rav4. An excellent example of the crossover SUV in limited trim.

Rav4 is an excellent little SUV or crossover. In my trim it is a little underpowered while the ac is on but overall it is a well balanced vehicle. The seats can get just a little uncomfortable for my body type (I have a back issue) but they are very adjustable. Amenities in the limited trim are excellent. I would recommend the vehicle to anyone looking to buy a crossover SUV.

- Michael L

Awesome car. Needs better lights.

I love the vehicle. There is just a few problems for me specifically that I don't like. 1 is the headlights could be brighter. But the newer vehicles they are brighter in. And I also don't like how I always speed. The car is so light that it doesn't feel like you are going as fast as you are really going. Subsequently I have received 2 speeding tickets because of that.

- Kayla R

Comfortable and smooth ride. Good in snow. Also like back seat tinted windows

I like the feel of driving the RAV4. It is very comfortable. It is good in the snow. What I do not like is the middle seat belt set up in the back seat. With 3 kids one has to sit on top of the other persons buckle. Also I wish that i could have more speed control of my wipers and I wish the gas mileage was a bit better. Also my touch screen stopped working in one spot

- Krystle S

Toyota Rav4 2015 - does it live up to the Toyota rep.

Car was purchased new and now has 30,000 miles. Cons: Already had to get new front brakes, interior door arm rests have pulled away from structure, seats are uncomfortable, missing outer plastic piece from top part of roof area. Pros: decent gas mileage, backup camera, spacious in front, backseat, and rear cargo area . Car kept in garage and we'll maintained.

- Kelle D

Best pick I ever made on a car!

My car is smooth for the most part on the road. Maybe better suspension would be nice. The rear backing camera is great and the screen is bigger than most and it gives you lines of being too close to something and the line when you are hitting something. It is specious and the back seat reclines a little if you are not the type to sit at a 90 degree angle.

- Rosie E

Rav4 the SUV your mom is not driving.

The rav4 is a stylish SUV. The interior is rooming but not over the top space. I do not feel like a mom driving in this SUV. The back-up cam is a must have safety feature. I also enjoy the Bluetooth installed for this vehicle which I never had before. I feel safe and cool in my rav4. Haven't driven in the snow yet but I am actually looking forward to it.

- Elizabeth D

The way it handles on the road - between it's safety, it's highway mileage, and it's smooth ride.

I love my Rav4 for multiple reasons. It's very spacious - between the seating and the storage compartments, plus the trunk. It also handles great with regard to the ride - whether on the road or off-road. It also gets great mileage for an SUV. I also really like that it has the lay flat back seats for extra storage and has a nice wide view in the front.

- Michelle R

The fun and safe RAV4 4. Bronco orange and spunky.

Runs well, great gas mileage. Smooth ride, very comfortable. Fun to drive. Took it to Colorado to a broncos game, and to Arizona to visit a friend and it was amazing on the road. Love being able to add my phone tunes and jam as I drive. I feel safe and taken care of when I travel. Waiting to see how service is when I have an issue, and how expensive.

- Carolyn B

I love everything about this vehicle. The gas mileage is the best part.

My rav4 is a very reliable vehicle. I love the color and how the turn radius is just right. I love the gas mileage my other vehicles. I only have to fill up on gas about a week and a half or so. I am saving so much money and I couldn't be happier! I am now comfortable to drive with my kid in the car and not have to worry about her not having room.

- Alicia S

The rav4 is the ultimate off roading, all wheel vehicle.

I have a rav4. It's an amazing car. It drives great in any type of weather. I live in Wyoming and it snows a lot. They don't work on the roads very often so the snow piles up and my rav4 drives great in the snow. I have gone off roading and it works great. The only bad thing is I can't get the auto lights to work. I always turn them on manually.

- Kelsey P

Toyota’s are a reliable vehicle.

Roomy enough for up to 5 people with room for luggage, groceries, or kids sports paraphernalia. Mileage can run from 20 to 27 miles per gallon depending on local or long trips on the highway. A little frustrating because the trim does not offer leather seats and I am always taking our dogs to the vet and hard to vacuum the hair from the seats.

- Michelle W

Comfortable and spacious SUV.

The RAV4 is definitely a reliable car. It is very roomy and spacious. The car is great for going camping or on long distance road trips. The seats in the front are heated and the center console allows for dual control of the climate in the car. Toyota customer service is great as well. I would certainly recommend this car to friends or family.

- Jessica W

My wonderful 2015 Toyota rav4.

My 2015 Toyota rav4 is very comfortable (has cloth seats), is reliable, and drives very smooth. It is really good on gas, depending on the price of gas it only takes $18-$27 to fill. It has the option of being in eco or sport mode. My favorite feature of the vehicle is the backup camera, I do not know how I ever used to drive a car without it.

- Chelsea T

The RAV4 is a versatile automobile.

The inside is very roomy for driver and passengers alike. The cargo area is large enough to accommodate our large dog kennel. We love that the seats fold flat if we want to haul something. It does have a small fuel tank which means stopping at the gas pump more often. There is more road noise than expected which interferes with conversation.

- Karen J

It has a high safety rating and handles well in all types of weather.

I have short legs, so it's a little high off the ground, it would be nice if they would add a step board to the sides. I like the way it handles on the road in all types of weather. It pretty good on gas mileage, although I am considering looking into purchasing a hybrid. It is roomy inside and the seats drop so I can carry larger items.

- Janice R

Dependable and ready to go when I am. It is a strong car and has never let me down.

I love the features on my RAV4. I love the rolling cover in the cargo area. There are a couple of small issues, one being it needs more cup holders. But the biggest issue I have is lack of phone charging ports. Or device charging ports. There should be some in the backseat. Performance is wonderful, I love it. Gas mileage is great also.

- Monique J

Great winter vehicle for upstate NY.

My RAV4 is a great SUV. Some of the features I have are auto-start, which is great in nays winters. I also like that it is all wheel drive. It has a sunroof and climate control, which is great because I like it warmer than my husband. Two things I wish it had are keyless start and automatic headlights. Overall it is a great vehicle.

- Kathleen S

Toyota RAV4 automobile review. Mechanically good comfortable bells and whistles.

The card has been made mechanically excellent. It is comfortable and has a lots of bells and whistles. Heated seats skylight I'll help to make it a more comfortable vehicle. There is lots of cargo room for carrying things. Gas mileage is not wonderful but then that is not a hybrid. Like that on average about 25 miles per gallon.

- Susan K

Rav4 is a great SUV and is comfortable whether you are the driver or passenger.

My rav4 has great performance and reliability. So far no problems with it. The only negative is that the headlights do not project as far as I would like. It is AWD and has leather seats, seat warmers, electric windows, Bluetooth connection, and rear view camera. It is very comfortable while traveling and around town traveling.

- Susan L

Toyota rav4 2015 best family car.

We always have heard good things about this car from owners. When was time to change vehicles we included the rav4 in our list of options. After test driving all of the options and all of them were similar car we decided to go for the rav4. Definitely a winner, not only looked better but performed better and had a great price.

- Aline S

The Toyota Rav4 is a roomy, comfortable, reliable, all-around general purpose vehicle.

The interior is very roomy. The gas mileage is about average for a vehicle this size. The road noise is a little above average. The reliability is high, and there has never been any problems. The seats are comfortable, and others who've ridden in it have commented. The infotainment system works well compared to many vehicles.

- Tim B

The front window frames can create blind spots so be aware of that.

I really like that it is not too big (which makes parking easier), yet it's still roomy and comfortable inside. I also like the fact that the back passenger seats are adjustable. I REALLY don't like where the front window frames are located; it blocks some of the important view when driving and creates several blind spots.

- Erika L

It is very comfortable and easy to drive.

I really have enjoyed my car. I love the leather and heated seats. I use my sunroof all the time. I just thing I should have gone a little bigger. I thing next car will go back to third row and the panoramic sunroof. My car is very comfortable to drive and mos5 everything is in reach. Love the backup camera and Bluetooth l.

- Jeannette B

Just the right size for me.

It is the perfect vehicle for me, just the right size. I like sitting up higher than a regular car, but not overly big. Has standard features, but that is all I really need. Only wish the side mirrors had the little light that alerts you when there is a vehicle in the next lane. That is a great safety feature I wish I had.

- Debbie A

Great vehicle for a rural lifestyle.

My car gets great gas mileage, 28 mpg. It also is very comfortable for long drives and the back seat is comfortable for the dog. We added a brush guard ( deer protection) and weathertech for the floors. Love the radio/ CD player, great sound and controls in the steering wheel, as well as phone. Syncs well with my android.

- Sandy C

Comfortable ride, but cannot accommodate three car seats.

Very comfortable drive. Seating is spacious. Great acceleration. Great trunk space. Problems are that it cannot fit three car seats and I am not a huge fan of the media system. Phone calls are very unclear and difficult for the receiver to understand at times. Also wish we there was more light in the back of the vehicle.

- Andy P

It has a history of holding a good resale value, which is important to know about any car that you buy.

It is an SUV which is similar to a van, which I owned before I bought the RAV4. It is the Limited model with most all the bells and whistles which I like. It also has All Wheel Drive, something I've never owned before. Overall it is a fun vehicle to drive, however it doesn't get as good a gas mileage as I would like.

- James A

Family friendly and affordable.

It drives very smooth. Very spacious and comfortable. Great gas mileage. Great for a small family. Very affordable for all the amenities it provides. It has a sunroof, heated seats, touch screen, leather seats and a very spacious trunk. I am very please with this vehicle. I wouldn't change absolutely anything about it.

- May V

My first RAV4 and what its like.

Comfort: in terms of this, it is very nice. Relaxing to be in. However I do not like how angled the car seats become. In terms of performance it does speed up pretty well. I do not have any trouble going from 0 to 30. The features are very nice, birds eye view and ability for it to sense the distance between objects.

- Mary C

Toyota rav4 - pretty good for the price!

Seats could be more comfortable especially against the back. Performance has been very reliable. The phone connection could be easier to manage when there are two people with different phones in the car. We have had the rubber insulation around the hatchback become loose and so the back does not always close firmly.

- Mary S

It is reliable. Honestly, it is the reason I buy only Toyota or Honda.

My RAV4 is a smooth drive with lots of space. The back seats fold down to give plenty of room for moving large items. My only discomfort is the headrest. It is an awkward position and does not all your head to test naturally. My only other regret is that I bought the gray car. I really wish it was a different color.

- Shannon S

Good car, fun to drive, but I enjoyed my 2011 version more.

It was leased to a smoker before we bought it. Still stinks like smoke but we got a great price because of it. The air filter systems don't really do anything to help. It's fun to drive, love the sunroof, and I actually miss the side-swing open rear door. I preferred that over the raise above your head door.

- jill s

Syncing problems with text messaging.

So far I have not noticed any problems other than with the phone syncing. I find it hard to use the touch screen to sync my text messages. One thing cosmetically I would change would be to add the back truck window ability to roll down. Having a German shepherd back there would be nice to have some wind for her.

- Morgan L

I love the fact that my truck has automatic start.

The day that I test drove the Toyota RAV4 I immediately fell in love! The pick up is amazing along with the safety features which ensures that my children and I are in a safe and reliable vehicle. I have had my truck for 3 years and it still runs well. It is spacious and I wouldn't trade it in for anything!

- Stephanie R

Love my RAV4. Great for active sports minded people.

Great gas mileage. Lots of room. Enough to take a girl to college and not have to use roof. Totally comfortable on long drives. Stylish. I live in an area with lots of snow. Do not need snow tires. This is my second Rav4 v4. It has as much room as my 4Runner. Toyota is most reliable vehicle I have ever had.

- Alison E

The car is great in the snow. It handles well it has leg room in the back seat.

I drive a 2015 Toyota RAV4 4. The car is very comfortable and fuel efficient. It rides very smoothly and the back seat has more than enough leg room. I also enjoy it because there is plenty of room in the trunk for my sons hockey gear. I also have peace of mind because the car handles very well in the snow.

- Stacy S

Just right SUV great gas mileage.

I love the easy driving and parking. This vehicle has lots of room for four people great gas mileage very sporty looking great price comes in many colors smooth riding different trim package I really like the moon roof this vehicle is reasonably priced you won't break the bank and if will last a long time.

- Lynn I

Love my rav4, the best car I have ever owned!

This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever driven. Living in Colorado it can handle most road conditions in any weather and drives extremely smooth. I feel safe and comfortable driving my car around town and into the mountains. I have great gas mileage and low maintenance which is a great bonus feature.

- Samantha H

Lots of cargo room and great on gas .

Love the cargo space . I can lay the back seat down to give more space . Under the cargo area is the spare tire and room left to put in a few more things . It is great on gas and have enough power to pull my boat . The only thing I do not like are the seats . On long trips they are very uncomfortable .

- bill O

Love my rav4, you will too!

Two toned interior coloring. Leather seats with seat warmers up front. Sunroof. Backup camera, navigation system, connects to my phone. Drives smooth. Handles well in wind, rain, snow. Comfortable to drive. Blind spot monitoring on side mirrors. Lane detection assistance as well. Great safety features.

- Britt T

Overall satisfied with the vehicle just unhappy with the blind spots.

Too many blind spots. The rear doors do not always close tightly. Gas mileage is good and it is comfortable excellent leg room in the back seat and terrific trunk space. It is a very quiet and smooth car ride. Audio feature is good and easy to navigate. Enjoy the hands free phone option in the vehicle.

- Stacy S

I love my RAV4! Provides the space and comfort I need!

I needed a larger car (previously owned a Honda Civic) for space. My RAV4 is not huge, but provides the perfect amount of space for grocery shopping, beach trips and carpooling. Decent on gas. I went in wanting to buy a Toyota RAV4 and that is what I left with and I do not regret it. I love my RAV4!!

- Caitlin S

It is very durable and made to last!

Perfect for my needs of enjoying outdoor activities that require AWD/some clearance and having a lengthy commute in stop and go traffic. Love the roominess of the inside and look of the outside. This vehicle can accommodate a wide arrangement actives. My only dislike is the relatively small gas tank.

- Bonnie S

Forever hooked on a RAV4!

I love my rab4, I have never had any mechanical issues! I love how it is a small sub but had lots of room. The back seat is very roomy and can accommodate taller passengers comfortably. The trunk has plenty of room if you are a mom always on the go to kids activities. I am forever hooked on a rab4!

- Leah M

Roomy, reliable, rav4. A car for any family.

The vehicle is comfortable and roomy. It is reliable and I can take it anywhere. There is plenty of trunk space so having lots of things in this car is an option. The gas mileage is pretty good all things considered and it does not take too much to fill it up. The sunroof is nice and does not leak.

- Julianna S

Rav 4 has many helpful features.

My RAV4 is one of my favorite cars I have ever purchased. I haven't had many problems with it at all. The ride is smooth, there is an option for sport mode for getting on the highway, or eco mode for saving on gas. The backup camera is a great feature to have when leaving parking spots or garages.

- Rachel C

2015 Toyota RAV4. Approximately 30, 000 miles. Leased for 36 months.

Reasonably priced for leather, heated seats, memory seat package & automatic back hatch opener. Comfortable ride, pretty ok with gas. Cannot afford a huge bulky SUV, so for myself & my husband, a smaller SUV is better, more efficient & cheaper. Four wheel drive is definitely needed where we live.

- Tara B

An SUV that is great for anyone who would like a fun and spacious vehicle.

The Toyota RAV4 is a very reliable car when it comes to performance, gas and comfort. I love that it has a back-up camera as well. The back seats also have a lot of legroom which makes road trips that much more comfortable. The drive is also very smooth. One thing I would change is more features.

- Elina B

Reliable, secure and easy to drive.

It's a nice car, easy to drive, really liable, the inside have all the new generation features with Audio AUX cord or Bluetooth, GPS. The brand really gave me the comfort of security and the pieces are easy to find to replace. I don't any issue or problems as far as I am concern it's a great car.

- Bob B

2015 Toyota RAV4 4 truck rating.

We are Toyota loyalty members. My entire family shops there. They make a quality vehicle & an affordable price. A Toyota will last forever if it is taken care of properly. I always drove American made, but the reliability of a Toyota is priceless. Great in all types of weather. Especially snow.

- Tara B

My RAV4- the best vehicle I have ever owned.

It is reliable, comfortable, and spacious for me and my daughter. I love this SUV!! The back has so much space, there’s nothing so far that I haven't been able to fit in it. Even with my daughters booster seat, she has good legroom. I know that this car will run well into 200 thousand miles.

- Crystal S

if you have more than one car seat you should consider a larger vehicle

Vehicle is nice if you have older children. looking at having a second baby there really isn't a lot of room for two car seats and luggage or anything extra for that matter if you had older kids there would be plenty of room. Also the sun glare on the screen makes it impossible to see at times

- Danielle M

Rav4 the best deal and the best SUV.

I love my rav4 it is a great SUV. The cargo area is good and enough room to fit and carry anything in the back it is spacious and comfy. The con is it does waste a bit of gas. But overall look and style is awesome. It has the capability of having a tow hitch and tows very good without hassle.

- J R

My Toyota vehicle is rave!

I love my RAV4. It is very comfortable in all seats. It provides a smooth ride. It's a dependable car. Outside of routine maintenance, I haven't had any problems. The fold down 2nd row seats, allow for moving/carrying a lot of cargo. The backup camera assist with getting into parking spaces.

- Linda J

I love this Toyota and the way it drives.

I have really enjoyed this car. Had previous issues with used mini SUVs. This one has proved to be reliable so far. It drives great although I have not driven it in the winter yet. I have felt comfortable so far in rain and any other weather that I have experienced this far. Very reliable.

- Nicole S

Rav4 is a great car— good value, great style and smooth ride!

Love this car! Small yet very roomy. Holds everything I need including two big dogs!! My husband didn't think i'd like the car. He thought it wouldn’t have enough power. Now he wants to drive it all of the time, lol!! It is easy to maneuver, good on gas, great on city streets or highway.

- Connie B

I love the Rav-4 it is an amazing vehicle. Decent gas mileage, roomy, plenty of storage.

I love my car! I have not had any issues with it at all. There is really nothing much I would change about it. I did look at a newer Rav4 but they eliminated the sport package with plastic bumpers and that is what I like most about my car. So I will be keeping it as long as possible.

- Treva H

The rav4 is sporty and fun for anyone but it is also comfortable and reliable.

I love my rav4. It is small enough that it is easy to maneuver but big enough to where it feels spacious. It gets good gas mileage and is very reliable. I have not had any problems with it yet. I have had a Toyota highlander in the past until it was 205,000 miles. Toyotas are great cars.

- Anna K

It is a small SUV but still has AWD.

Size is nice with a little higher clearance for winters and AWD does well with snow without being a full size SUV. Good sight lines for blind spots. I don't get as good gas mileage as the reports say, only about 16 in town and 20 on highway. Comfortable seats and headroom. Fun to drive.

- Amanda B

Forever a rav4 fan! The perfect car for family and friends!

I love the roominess of the rav4 and also the storage in back. It has a big SUV feel without the big size! I have had zero maintenance issues in the 60,000 miles. Toyota dealership is so amazing to work with and keep my rav in tip top shape. It is a great value for how much car you get.

- Leah K

2015 Toyota RAV4 le AWD will purchase again.

It rides very comfortably. Gets great gas mileage. They Bluetooth and radio works great. Plenty of space available for carrying items. It is very reliable and low maintenance. This is the second time I have purchased this model. Toyota customer service is always great to deal with.

- Allan L

Super safe rav4, perfect size.

My car has been amazing, it is not too big but also not too small! I love the backup camera, it is such a help. The car also feels so safe. My brother had the same car but was in a head on collision, the car was totaled but he and his wife were fine other than a few small injuries.

- Ashley B

It feels safe and it handles well in the snow.

I love my RAV4 so much! I have a limited edition and it is fully loaded with heated seats, moonroof, and stylized leather seats. I got this car because my last one did not handle the snow very well. This one is so reliable, cozy and safe feeling. I couldn't be happier with my car.

- Kate T

Comfort is a-one and gas mileage is excellent.

Our rave has been extremely dependable, is excellent on gas mileage and has plenty of legroom for comfort, seats are fully adjustable and even the fold down rear seats can be half folded down to still have use of one rear seat while getting the extra room for storage on the other.

- Paula P

Good room in the back for carrying larger items.

The Rav is a good mid-sized SUV. It's our second SUV in this size and we like it better than the first one. It does well in winter weather conditions. The back is roomy and since we do home improvement, we like that the seats fold down to make even more room to carry large items.

- Cathy C

The rav 4 is a great family vehicle. I can my child and my niece and nephew in it without any complaints. Or I can also fit my dog and luggage for a weekend getaway.

The computer monitoring works well to help remind of oil changes or if the tire pressure gets low. Being able to just push a button to open and close the back hatch is convenient especially when I have my child with me. There's enough room in the back to fit 3 toddler car seats.

- Heather C

Very safe family car, great in the snow with the all wheel drive.

Very spacious. The performance is beyond what I expected the car drives very nice. I love the touch screen with Bluetooth. A lot of truck space. Very good on gas if you travel a lot the car gives you an option to put it in eco mode. I feel very safe in this car with my children.

- Brian F

Affordable, spacious, fuel friendly, smart technology,

Good on fuel. All wheel drive, which is. Convenient on any weather (snow, rain, or sunshine). Spacious enough for leg room. The rear view mirror very helpful when backing up. You can also download GPS. The trunk is spacious for big grocery shopping and the back seats can fold.

- Florence O

The seats are very comfortable.

I love how quiet my RAV4 is. The only problem I have is in the xle there are no power seats. You would think in a 2015 vehicle that is not base that it would have power seats. Also, the gas tank is small requiring multiple stops on vacation. The comfort of the vehicle is great.

- Kimberly L

Rav4 has excellent cargo space and handling!

I love this vehicle! The back seats fold down so easily to create a lot of cargo space in the back if needed. I also love the rubber floor mats and the way the vehicle handles in the snow. The only thing I do not care for is the color but that is what happens when you buy used.

- Mona J

Has comfortable leather-like seats which is a big plus for long drives.

We love the comfortable ride and the reliability of the car. We love the exterior and interior designs. However, it needs a larger rear window, glass windows at each corner of rear window, and to reposition the rear view window as it currently blocks your view at 4-way stops.

- John M

It's a good practical all around vehicle. Good for families or even single folks to have if you only have one car.

I like that it's practical, it's not too big but also has enough space for my activities. I would like some better gas mileage and better headlamps but those aren't deal breakers. I would also like the option to turn on and off four wheel drive but cars don't have that anymore

- Er H

It's comfortable has a lot of features I enjoy and I feel like it's very safe to drive in our snowy Minnesota winters

Love the extra space I upgraded from a Toyota Corolla to the RAV4. It's pretty decent on gas mileage. I love it's features like touch radio, calls over the loudspeaker. My only complaint I would have is the same complaint I have with any car I could awash use more cup holders.

- Kelleane R

Well rounded and reliable

Extremely reliable and comfortable. Good gas mileage for the size of the car, plus eco mode helps with that a lot. Nice extra features (Bluetooth radio, good quality speakers, etc). Great protection; I rolled my last 2015 RAV4 4 times. The car was totaled but it kept me safe.

- Jenna G

The RAV4 is convenient and reliable, with great gas mileage.

I like the size of my vehicle, which can haul more than a car but is still nimble and has a tight turn radius. It has been very reliable, which is quite important when living in Alaska. I do sometimes wish it had more luxury bells and whistles instead of just the basic build.

- Michelle S

Rav4 is a great dependable vehicle.

I love my rav4.. Great gas mileage, big enough to haul something, runs great and when you need it to get up and go it does. I have not had any trouble so far. The seats are comfortable and tall or short has enough leg room. It could have just a little bit more head room tho.

- Mona B

Toyota RAV4 smooth ride and reliability that is amazing.

Love the comfort and gas mileage is a great plus. Has always been very reliable so far with only normal maintenance having to be done. The Toyota RAV4 also has a smooth ride. We have taken our RAV4 on many road trips and does great in normal weather as well as snow and rain.

- Scott K

Sweetest ride in town. It is my freedom machine!

Love my RAV4! Very dependable nice ride. Do not like that the entry model (the one I have) does not have electric seats. The radio sound great. I feel very safe. Good gas mileage. I have taken it on many road trips. Also I love the backup camera it makes it so much easier.

- Lynn K

Excellent family car with quality performance, safety features & comfortability.

The Toyota rav4 is an excellent family car. We are very happy with its performance, safety features & comfortability. It is sleek exterior and interior makes it enjoyable to drive. In addition, there is ample trunk space, which is essential for a family SUV. Great car!

- Joanna S

Look and functioning of this vehicle.

I have owned three Toyota RAV4's. . Love it, love it, love it. I would only buy Toyota's, I have never had any problems with them. The only money I put into the car are buying new tires, brake pads and oil changes every five thousand miles and a new battery after 7 years.

- Paula J

It rides very smooth! I have enjoyed it! I love the sun roof.

I bought my Toyota used, I have had it for almost 3 years and I love it. I have not had any problems with it at all! When I bought it I had leather interior put in and a built in GPS. I love that it is a little SUV! I highly recommend it if you are looking for a new car!

- Dev D

Gas saving vehicle that fits the perfect family of 5 and drives smooth.

Super comfortable and great mileage. I can drive to work with no gas problem and it is reliable. I wouldn't trade it for any other car. We bought it when we started a family and it fits the car seats just right. The color is gray and trim is black. Toyota rav4 is great.

- Jessica V

Float on clouds while driving to your destination.

It rides very comfortable if want to go on long trips. For trips or having to tow a trailer is a plus for us when always had a car. Gas is around 26-27 on highway and town around 22. Roomy trunk for your luggage and seat folds down. I have not had any issues as of yet.

- Cherie H

Nice car. I like it. Would recommend this car to others.

I like this car. It is fairly new to me. It has nice features and technology within the vehicle and has plenty of car and trunk space. I enjoy driving it. I have not had any issues with it so far. I would recommend this car. It is the first car I have from this brand.

- Me T

Toyota RAV4 4 the ultimate in comfort and performance.

Dependable, great gas mileage, comfortable ride, great passenger capabilities, great storage capabilities, all wheel drive, roomy, great air conditioning great heat distribution, comfortable seats that recline and adjust nicely, excellent back-up mirror on the dash.

- Danielle M

Helpful and responsive dealership.

Bought the Toyota RAV4 in the mountains of Colorado because it handled the ice and snow so well up there. It also has a great ac system that works well here in the heat of north Texas. The local Toyota dealership in Frisco is very helpful and responsive to my needs.

- Frances M

All wheel drive, back up camera, seating for 4, 5 if skinny

Love the room, all wheel drive and large back up camera. Also set adjustment for driver so my tall husband can drive and then I who am short can raise the seat to drive also. Carpet is hard to clean and the way the door is made water drips on seats and stains them.

- Frances P

A White 2015 Toyota Rav4.

I love my rav4, it's great on gas and can handle my driving up and down the east coast for work and to see family. I just wish it had more trunk space. The trunk is deceptively small and even if I can easily put a box on the top I just wish I has slightly more room

- Nik E

Comfortable for long drives.

Moonroof. Durable . Less maintenance. Good resale value. Reliable in driving long distance . No keyless entry. Love driving the car it is excellent good mileage excellent performance would recommend to others. Turn camera not installed . Remote start not installed.

- Aman M

The gas mileage is wonderful. Very affordable, and perfect for people on a budget.

Smooth running, you can barely hear the engine. The car is fairly new, great on gas. It costs about only 50 to 60 bucks for a full tank, and the mileage is awesome. The car looks beautiful inside and out and has plenty of space, perfect for families and travelling.

- Mariah K

My review title would be. Great for your money.

I haven't had any problems. It is great on gas and roomy. Enough room for 5 people. The back seats let down to pack a lot of stuff. I have cloth seats. So far no problems. Even with a grandchild riding f in it. Sits up just enough that your not in a car or a truck.

- Kelly R

Toyota dealers are the best.

Love the great look/style of car, great gas mileage, easy to drive, and ease of maintenance. Is a good car for up to 4 travelers. Good size storage area. Love the sunroof. Road noise at times is distracting from undercarriage. A problem with all vehicles this size.

- Patricia P

The 2015 Toyota rav4. A family car.

The Toyota rav4 is a great car drives smoothly. I have not had any major maintenance issues and I feel my family is safe in this car. I have plenty of room for my son and my dogs handles great on rocky roads and my husband will even drive it. I just love this car.

- Dee B

RAV4 is the best SUV owned.

I have always had good luck with Toyotas. This is my 1st RAV4 and it has more room in the front and back then any SUV I have owned. I get about 29 mpg on trips and 24 mpg in town. The worst thing is I did not buy a RAV4 sooner. I would consider one down the road.

- Arthur R

It is not too big for an SUV. Provides great passenger leg room.

We've always bought RAV4s. They are very reliable. Perfect family car. This is our third one. I do wish there was a way the screen on the dashboard could link to your iPhone and mirror it so it can display the GPS on the phone vs the one that comes with the car.

- Nicole M

How big the space is in the back.

I like how my car looks. I like how big it is, it has a lot of room in the back. I like how high up I feel when I am driving which gives me a better sense of my surroundings as I am driving and makes me feel safer. I do not have any complaints about my vehicle.

- April H

My vehicle provides a smooth ride for short or long trips.

I love the smooth ride that my car provides. The interior has a lot of room. The truck space is really big. I wish it had air vents in the back to cool down the car quicker. I wish the middle back row seat didn't have the seatbelt coming down from the ceiling.

- Elizabeth S

It's efficient on gas and comfortable for long trips. And there is a good amount of space in the back for storage

I like the efficient gas mileage I get. I like how comfortable the backseat is and that the seats recline slightly. I like my sun/moon roof. My only complaint would be it's kind of a big blind spot for me where the windshield and door meet on the drivers side.

- Courtney G

Has a camera which is a great feature and very comfortable.

No mechanical issues thus far. Very comfortable drives smoothly gets great gas mileage similar to a small car but still is very spacious. Has a lot of great upgrades even the basic model which is great. One of my favorite cars to own would recommend to anyone.

- Ashley D

Making better the RAV4 with a couple of suggestions.

I love the car I would love the automatically open and closed the back door and lights I would like the speeding with numbers. And a longer service for oil and tire rotation etc.. Sensor to tell something is wrong with car like oil change or tire or something.

- Maria C

It is a great vehicle to drive.

It is a comfortable drive, in both how it feels to sit in it and how it drives as well. The only problem with it is it disables your phone for hearing notifications. You have to drive with music playing from your phone through Bluetooth to hear notifications.

- Casey W

Great car! Toyota's always rock!!

Great car. Good mileage. Very comfortable. Very reliable. I have the "limited", leather seats, power and heated, air conditioning, dual climate controls, factory tint, eco mode or sport mode. AWD. Average 24. 8 mpg city and highway. Great power, stops great.

- Lindsay W

Overall it is a reliable vehicle that gives me reason to drive

I really love the handling, but I wish the trunk was slightly bigger. It is very comfortable and my family has taken many trips in it! I can't wait to upgrade eventually, maybe to something bigger. I love that it is reliable and the gas mileage is reasonable

- Rylie G

Great choice and value for us.

I like my Toyota. Had not planned on buying a new vehicle, but we did. It has roomy interior and get head room. Looks small from the outside. If you decide to look at Toyota be sure to check out all there vehicles and remember how big your families may grow.

- Penelope S

Loving my upgrade to the Toyota RAV4!

The Toyota RAV4 is the perfect size upgrade from my old sedan (Corolla). I love the extra seating space as well as the extra trunk space. I find this vehicle to be extremely comfortable as well and love the sport and eco modes. It is also very gas efficient.

- Emily P

I will only drive Toyotas.

This is my second one my first one was a 2006 which had 285,000 before I was rear ended in an accident and it was still going strong. I received over 8,000.00 in insurance money so it also held its value well. Only thing I ever did was routine maintenance.

- Monica C

Great as is, but could be better.

So far I haven't encountered anything with my vehicle. It's easy to handle, I like how there's a back camera which really helps a bit more when backing up. I also think though that there should be a better seat adjustments for those who are petite like me.

- Mary T

I think the most important thing to know is that ultimately in the end you will be paying for more gas. It's not a gas guzzler but its not really going to burn gas like a prius either...

It's perfect! I used to drive a Camry and really wanted something in between an SUV and a small car. The RAV4 is perfect for this. It feels like driving a camry with the benefits of an SUV! The only complaints I have are usually aesthetic on the interior.

- Karen P

The rav4 is the perfect size SUV for someone who wants to sit up a little higher.

I love my rav4 because it is reliable, has pretty good gas mileage and is the perfect size for me. I have not had any problems with it and the Toyota brand has a reputation for making vehicles that last. I would definitely buy another rav4 in the future.

- Debbie A

It's durable and well built and can last for many years if taken care of.

I love that it's a Toyota because they are well made and last for years. I wanted a suv after driving a compact car and my RAV4 is the perfect size as i sit up higher. What I dislike is that there are no rear ac vents and there are several blind spots.

- Amy B

Toyota best car ever for you and your family.

I love my Toyota. I own the car since 2015 and it is great. Never had a problem with it.It's a really great car. If I will go shopping for car again I would chose Toyota again. Its big enough, fast and very comfortable. The service they provide is great.

- Robert M

Reliable even through -50 degree weather.

I love my rav4! It is very comfortable and easy to drive. It is a good looking car that is very reliable. It has started every morning even in -50 degree weather! I have never had any issues with this car and I know I can count on it for years to come.

- Amy M

Easy all wheel drive to 4 wheel drive switch.

I have no issues at this time I love the car it has all the features and more that you could want on a SUV the dealership was amazing I like how its AWD but u can push a button an it goes into 4WD I would recommend this SUV to anyone looking for a SUV.

- Cheryl M

My vehicle is perfect. The Toyota rav4 has absolutely no errors.

Backup camera, all wheel drive and wonderful in the snow. It has hands free calling and Bluetooth hook up along with the amazing sounds system. This baby can do and go anywhere. I absolutely love the interior and exterior. This was truly my dream car.

- Tricia T

Great size, comfort and valve.

Great sized compact SUV. Gets great gas mileage. Very spacious on the inside and very comfortable. Very reliable and no major mechanical issues. Has great features included even the standard base model. Come with a back up camera which is very useful.

- Ashley D

I love having a sunroof that slides and also pops up.

I haven't had any major problems with my car. The Bluetooth is not reliable. People I am talking to often have trouble hearing me and I end up talking to them using my phone. That would be the only downside I have. I would certainly buy another rag 4.

- Kelly P

Great car. Perfect mid size SUV.

Great car. Perfect size and fit for all my needs. Lots of interior space as well as trunk space. Not the best on gas mileage but runs well. All interior features hold up well and are sturdy. Sound and automatic controls work well. Overall life my car!

- Jen C

The vehicle does not meet my expectations when it comes to safety and stability.

I like the model of the vehicle because it has extra room. I like the hatchback because there is more room for groceries and storage. The vehicle seems like it is cheaply made, which I do not like, and it does not feel like a safe vehicle, overall.

- Tiko D

The unobstructed view is A-1. There are no blind spots while driving the vehicle.

This is a very reliable vehicle. Probably the RAV is the best overall vehicle I have owned in the past 20 years. It does all that I could expect while giving excellent service the entire time. I cannot say anything negative about this Toyota.

- Gary H

The most important thing about my car is that it is economical.

Fun to drive. Quick acceleration. Comfortable seats. Bluetooth enabled, good gas mileage are all things I like. I dislike the fact that there has been a rattle in the dashboard that started almost as soon as I bought it and they can not fix it.

- Neil D

It has a lot of digital technology in it which could be confusing to some.

The backup camera makes me uncomfortable to open the tailgate. The seats tend to get very hot & uncomfortable in the summertime. Do not feel safe in it, car feels very lightweight and not that sturdy. The color is nice at least though, silver.

- Joe R

Toyota Rav4's are comfortable and they seem to sell very well. There are a lot of them on the road.

It is a reliable car and is probably the 6th or 7th Toyota we have owned. It is comfortable and just the right size for my husband and me. I like that we are higher off the ground than with a sedan. I have no complaints about our vehicle.

- Carol T

Toyota RAV4 is an awesome vehicle!

My 2015 Toyota RAV4 is by far the best vehicle I've ever owned. It is sporty, fun to drive, safe and reliable. I love knowing that I drive a vehicle with an awesome safety and dependability record, as well as one that holds its value well.

- Darleen M

That is travels will and handles greatly on the open road. You are able to travel in comfort with equipment and passengers.

This is a very dependable vehicle. It handles well on the road. The balance is great I have lots of room in this vehicle for my luggage, folding chairs, and passengers. This is an excellent vehicle for a traveling caregiver, as I am.

- Yonne E

I love my SUV and take the very best care and maintenance of it so please respect it and don't go near it, and don't touch it.

It's mine and I paid cash for it. I love my SUV because it is the best of everything in one vehicle and I keep it minty clean and perfect. I enjoy being in and driving my SUV. I only wish it had leather interior otherwise it is perfect!

- Mabel M

reliable car that has very comfortable seats and gets good gas mileage

Love the reliability, comfortable seats; exterior design, and storage space. Don't like that the rear view mirror blocks your view especially when you come to a 4-way stop. Also, don't like the rear window view--too small of a view.

- John H

It doesn't have a Gps system on the touch screen

I have the xle and I wish the roof would be a lot taller. My husband that is 6'1 almost touched it with his head, which is not comfortable at all, they should should fix it in the newer models because I know I'm stuck with it now.

- Andrea W

driving it is a relaxing experience. short or long trips are relaxing

toyota is a trusted brand. the rav4 has proven to be a quality vehicle that is durable and dependable. we are on our third rav4 since 1997.we still have our 2nd rav4. I like the old style better but it is still a quality vehicle

- George S

It is perfect for small families.

I like how much space my car has. I like how my car is versatile for many parts of life. I do not believe the gas mileage was accurate though cause it is actually 4-5 mpg bellow what the reports were for it. Easy car to work on.

- Justin M

My car is very reliable and gets great gas mileage.

My car is very comfortable and reliable. I have not had any performance issues while I have owned it. The trunk space is a decent size, but the back seat is a little small, especially when we have 2 car seats in the back seat.

- Elizabeth Y

It is economical and dependable. A great around town car.

I like that it is a relatively gas efficient vehicle and easy to park on a busy campus. It is a workhorse of a vehicle. I don't like that it rides a little lower than I would like and that it seats only four comfortably.

- Darcie C

Comfortable, Reliable and Powerful

The Toyota RAV4 provides a quiet and powerful ride. I love the roominess and large cargo capacity which makes the ride more comfortable for everyone. If it could only be more fuel efficient, it would be the perfect car.

- sandra c

With regular maintenance I haven't had a single problem in three years. It is perfect for a small family.

I like the size most features of the vehicle. I wish the trunk door was easier to open. The traffic map (I did not upgrade to navigation) rarely loads and does not show the location that I am in, which makes it useless.

- Megan R

Good price, comfortable, safe, and not to expensive.

My RAV4 is great. I love how it drives so smooth, it is very reliable, even though is a smaller SUV so very spacious, you can put back seats down when you need to put something big in the car. Overall is a good vehicle.

- Marisa G

I love my 2015 Toyota Rav4!

I love my Rav4. I have not had any problems with it. I put a lot of miles driving to and from work everyday and it has be super reliable. It's the perfect size to drive around town, and pack up for a camping adventure.

- Natalie G

This vehicle has great gas mileage. I feel safe when I'm driving.

I like that there is a lot of room in the vehicle. I like that there is a backup camera. I dislike that it doesn't have a sunroof or heated seats. I like that it automatically syncs to my phone when I turn on the car.

- Jessica M

It's reliable and easy to do service maintenance.

It's a good size Mid-SUV and reliable. Also, very spacious in the inside with a large trunk space. The only things I would improve on is to see that my vehicle would more fuel efficient and have more miles per gallon.

- Kimberly C

That it is a safe car to drive.

I like how the car drives. It is sleek looking and people comment that it is a nice car. It is comfortable to drive. I don't like that it is black and shows scratchy and looks dirty. And the mileage is not good.

- Amy K

Ground clearance is only 6 inches.

The RAV4 performs well most of the time. But I really wish it had a turbo feature. Very comfortable, quiet ride. The ground clearance is only 6 inches, so I would not recommend driving on rough, back country roads.

- Nancy Y

Toyota RAV4: The perfect car for a college student

It is a very good car. I leased it for 3 years, and then bought it. It drives well and has a lot of storage when you fold the back seats up. It does very well on road trips, gets about 23 mpg, and is very safe.

- Richard B

It is very spacious and great for travelers. Especially if you drive long distance, this is a great car.

I like that it's high so I can drive on mountains and rocky roads with no problem. Also, it has so much space that I can fit in many luggage. It's great for travel. No complaints about it really. I love my car.

- Ariana C

Good looking, smooth running RAV4 SUV.

Performance is excellent, quiet, smooth. Seats are very comfortable. In 50 years I have never had a mechanical problem with any of my Toyotas. The beeps help when backing out. Has lots of technology features.

- Carol F

Love the look and comfortable seats. Like the size of the vehicle but wish for a little more trunk space

Love the size, perfect for my family and pets. Wish the trunk had a little more space and a cover. Very comfortable just need to have some features regarding the brakes checked but I got it used so who knows.

- Alyssa H

It is safe and reliable vehicle.

I like the size, the seats fold down and gives it space for hauling. Dogs can sit in the way back when seats are up. Back up camera is a lifesaver, Bluetooth, sits higher so I can see better, and it is red.

- Andrea G

That it is a great family car, and you can actually fit 3 carseats in the back row!

I love my car, it's easy to drive and not too low or too high off the ground. It gets good gas mileage, and has great trunk space. I only wish that it was a little longer so that I could have a third row.

- Mic L

It's the perfect size for a growing family.

The size is good for my family, but it still drives as easily as a smaller car. We have had a few issues with the tires, but maintenance is easy, which is a plus. I only wish it got better gas mileage.

- Karla G

fuel efficient, goes anywhere and easy to drive. The car was a good purchase.

I like the car in general. I would change the center console so that it locks and doesn't move when bumped. Also the dash is pretty basic for a fully loaded vehicle. I would add auto start as well.

- Jessica s

It has been very dependable and is great on gas mileage.

I bought it used and it had heated leather seats. The heat is nice in the winter but I hate leather seats in the summer. I don't like that the company took away the swinging to the side trunk door.

- Rhonda P

Toyota is a good brand of vehicle.

This is a very comfortable car to drive & ride in. The gas mileage is great. However, our transmission went out within the first 1000 miles...while on a vacation...very inconvenient and stressful.

- Jackie S

Great SUV for the first-time SUV buyer.

I love that it is great in the snow, which is important living in Wisconsin. I also like that I sit higher up in this vehicle - I feel like I see better. My car is also fun to drive and very cute!

- Nicole L

That it is tough. It gets the job done. And it's cute.

The 4 wheel drive gets me up and down the mountain regardless of the weather. It also has storage space to haul hay and feed. Inside it is roomy and comfortable. I have had no maintenance problems.

- Carolyn S

It's spacious and versatile for someone around my age range.

I like that it has user friendly features. I also like the look of the interior of the car. The only downside for me is the look of the exterior. I would like it if it was shaped more like a Jeep.

- Lauren H

Comfortable and sporty car that requires a bit of care.

Overall a very reliable car, but the maintenance costs are higher than I expected. It has held up pretty well on long road trips, but I have had to get minor work done on it a few times each year.

- Misty K

Good all-purpose car with plenty of room for people/things.

Generally good and has lots of space for transporting things. Defrost/mirrors get really foggy in rain no matter what I do, and built-in fans blow air in ways that makes front windows very foggy.

- Adaline A

It is a very safe and reliable car.

Very comfortable. Has driver's assist which is helpful if you do not notice changes in traffic. Very good at acceleration and braking. Not too expensive to fill up the tank. Can fit 5 passengers.

- Bruno H

That it's good on gas mileage, but has a small gas tank, so you have to fill up often.

I like that it has 4 wheel drive. I also like that it has an excellent turning radius. I dislike that it doesn't have seat warmers and that it is hard to get a moderate temperature inside the car

- Neal S

It drives great and has great features like Bluetooth blind spot monitor, cameras.

I love the RAV4 it is very comfortable. I like that it has blind spot monitoring and lane departure warnings. I wish I had the newer model that has forward cameras but I already bought this car.

- Ashley M

the most important thing is that you cannot see well out the back or to the sides when backing up even with the camera

I don't like that I cannot see very well when I back out. It doesn't get as good of gas mileage as my solara did. I like that I can take more children places. I would rather have a sports car

- marge B

that it is very dependable and the resale value is more than most others

like the way you have a 6 way seat. the seat belt on the drivers side when you go to put them away you have to physically push them away not like the passenger side that go back automatically.


Still more generally speaking, it is ok

The Toyota RAV4 can also be opened with a smaller space and a smoother feeling of movement than the full power output. The overall comfort level is flat. Still more generally speaking, it is ok

- George B

My car gets average mileage, but the best part is how smoothly it rides.

It has lots of legroom which is great for someone tall like me! Toyotas in general have a great reputation for lasting a long time with proper care, and the Rav4 models have excellent reviews!

- Katie B

Great car for people that travel. Lots of cargo space.

Easy to drive. I love the backup camera. The touch screen is a little complicated to use. I like being able to change radio stations from the steering wheel. Lots of room in back for the dogs.

- Terri W

Has a rear view camera for safe reversing

I like that my vehicle is rated high in security features, however there are new models out that that are even safer. I like the way it drives smooth and I like that it's spacious all around.

- Andy S

My Toyota rav4 is fun to drive.

My rav4 is great to drive. Gas mileage is good, very reliable. The interior is roomy. The features on my model are standard. Radio sound is good. Also the Bluetooth works great with my phone.

- Debbie L

The car is very reliable. All you need to do is standard maintenance.

My rav 4 runs well and we have had no issues. I do not like the fact it did not come with running lights. Without running lites it is way too hard to see to the sides. We had them added.

- jenelle s

Comfort and rides like a car and has the space like an SUV!

I love the size and comfort of the car! I like that the ride is smooth and like a car. i dislike the fuel economy and the clock goes too dim when headlights are on. I like the truck space

- Kari r

Rav4 review. Short but helpful.

I have had no problems. The backup camera could be clearer and the screen is hard to see, constant glare. That is the only complaint that I have had. Drives well and gets good gas mileage.

- Mary S

it is a great car for teenagers, moms, dads, family car. it is very sturdy

My rav4 is amazing it has good gas mileage and it runs smoothly. Any issues are easy to get taken care of. I love the music options and the bluetooth options. Great car with lots of space.

- Maggie O

I have the AWD model and it is great in the snow which is what I was looking for

I wanted a vehicle that was good in snow and I have always owned a Toyota and the RAV4 is the perfect size for me. The hands free phone and navigation I use all the time. I love my RAV4.

- Diane K

Not great gas mileage expected better.

Great car. Feels heavy and sturdy. Not sure if air conditioning gets to the back seat. Also expected car to get better mileage. Get 20 miles per gallon. Other than those no other problems.

- Irene D

It is a smooth, silent drive.

It is comfortable, silent, and has good gas mileage. The only downside is the touchiness of the turn signals. I often find my turn signal going off when I am trying to do something else.

- Emily W

The turn radius on my rav4 is awesome! I'm always able to get in and out of parking spaces easily with my mini suv.

I love my rav4. It's comfortable and pretty spacious for being a small suv. The only thing I dislike is the lack of vents in the back seat. It can get very hard to direct air back there.

- Brittany V

It is safe and drives great in the snow.

This car is spacious, reliable and tech savvy. With the built in computer there is Bluetooth for calling and music. You can also have sirius radio, along with air control for both sides.

- Kaitlyn H

It is very reliable in snowy, icy weather. It holds the road well and makes me feel safe when driving in inclement weather.

I like sitting high and being able to see the road and other cars easily. I love the ride and the reliability of it. I have no complaints other than wishing it got better gas mileage.

- Maryann R

Performance is amazing along with safety technology.

It is roomy and does a little bit of everything. If I need to transport a large load, it folds into available space. Gas mileage is reasonable and it's a smooth drive, very relaxing.

- Daniel S

This is a great family car!

I love my RAV4. I haven't had any issues with it at all. It gets good gas mileage, runs great. It is very comfortable for our family of 4 plus a large dog. Would recommend to anyone.

- Rhiannon B

Great value for the price

Very reliable, roomy vehicle. Gas mileage is average for the class size. The only downside i see is the rear door can not be opened with a remote. There is no way to open it manually

- jason v

That it does not get the best gas mileage.

I like that I can see better than in a lower sedan, the uplift hatch. That the back seats fold down for extra cargo space, the rooftop crossbars, etc. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Lee Ann B

I think the most important thing is that Toyota's are reliable.

I like the size of the vehicle and that it sits up higher than a sedan. I wish it was a little quieter inside. I also like how reliable the vehicle has been over the last few years.

- Irene W

I love the style and the lines of this model.

I wanted the hybrid but was told it wasn't out yet. They lied because it was... I wanted all wheel drive.... The car drives nicely.. Perfect size for me.. Comfortable on long trips.

- Susan C

It's a very reliable car; that you can count on . Toyota won't let you down !

Love my vehicle. Rides great on the road . Mileage on gas is great. Easy to park and maneuver here in the city. Dislike: very small inside, uncomfortable to sit in the back seats .

- Martha A

The car gets good gas mileage in both city and highway travel.

I have loved my Rav4 as it travels well on all road conditions while getting good gas mileage. It's been three years and my car has not needed work besides the regular maintenance.

- Meghan H

It has lots of space and is good on gas for a SUV.

I love my vehicle and haven't experienced any issues since purchasing it. Which is one of the reasons I stayed with Toyota. I have owned a Toyota for 8 years and love their cars.


It is the most versatile vehicle i have ever owned

I absolutely love my Rav4. I have taken it on several vacations. I can leave it in econ mode for normal driving or switch to sport for those time when i need more boost and power

- sheila w

It is a reliable, dependable, efficient and affordable vehicle.

My Toyota RAV4 vehicle holds its own on the highway. The gas mileage is very good compared to other models. I wish that I had a choice of choosing between leather and cloth seats.

- Natasha M

It is reliable, great on gas, comfortable, safe!

Love my Toyota! My previous car was a 2010 RAV4 and my son had a terrible accident. The car flipped, every airbag deployed. My son was safe! It is easy to maintain and efficient!

- Patrice M

They can back up with hitting someone or something.

I like the back camera because it helps me see what's going on so that I do not crash into anything. The Bluetooth setting allows me to talk and drive as well as text and drive.

- Ashley W

Safe. Drives well. Reliable.

The RAV4 is very comfortable to ride in. Solid thud when you shut the doors. Not a ting like our old Sentra did. RAV4 has plenty of room inside. We feel safe driving this RAV4.

- Tina S

Great for shopping and taking grandkids to the beach.

I love my rav4 lots of room but not too big.I wanted a suv that drive through all kinds of weather but was not too big for me to handle, the Rav4 is perfect with lots of power.

- Doreen A

Good value for the money.

A reliable, sturdy, comfortable car. I feel safe while driving my rav4 and feel that I got a very good value for the money I spent. I also like that it has a good resale value.

- Marie S

This car has great gas mileage and awesome storage capability

I love the size of the overall car. The amount of storage in the back and the versatility of the back seats are awesome. Most importantly is the great gas mileage for the car.

- Deb C

.It is very easy to control. You manage your mirrors on the outside from the inside. You can see where you're going when you are backing up from the inside!

It rides very smoothly. It is very easy to steer, so your not pulling at the wheel constantly. It has avery nice interior and exterior . I can get all my grandchildren in it.

- Cheryl T

it's reliable and good on gas without sacrificing engine power

the rav-4 has a smooth ride it is good on gas without sacrificing power the sound system is smooth and clear I've had no problems with my vehicle including electrical systems

- Gregg C

Good Family Car - i purchased my rav for my future family so i would have room for everything

I wish i got better gas mileage but it's not bad, 22-26 mpg is good. I love how tall the rav it, it's not overly closes to the ground but high enough to see than a lower car

- Kayla M

It's a great car I don't think I will buy anything other than a Toyota

No complaints it gets better gas mileage than any other vehicle that I owned it was a great price and it is very comfortable to drive and it has a lot of modern accessories

- Roy G

The most important things others should know about the car is the comfort level - I feel it is very comfortable for me.

Love it for the most part. Very comfortable. I do not like where the mirror adjustment knob is placed. And I do not like the sliding armrest. Other than that, very happy.

- Paula W

The most important thing you should know is that it is reliable

The RAV4 has been a great a reliable vehicle. This is my first Toyota and I couldn't be happier. I have owned it for a year and haven't had any problems. I bought it used

- Ryan W

My vehicle is an incredibly well made car.

My car is overall great. The acceleration and user interface are very well crafted and the seats are extremely comfortable. I would recommend this car for almost anybody.

- Aidan C

Great in snow and does not use a ton of gas.

I like that it is a compact SUV and good in snow. I dislike the fabric of seats. They are very hard to clean. I also wish I felt like I was sitting higher while driving.

- Beth S

Its roomy and has good safety features.

Roomy and good size. Love the safety features, change lanes or going over the lines makes the beep to let you know. Air conditioner very loud and stereo not good sound.

- Donna H

It's great in the snow. Gas mileage isn't too bad either

My only complaint is that the trunk isn't automatic. It is heavy to lift. It is fabulous is the snow though. Toyota's are so sturdy,they require little maintenance

- Bernie a

It's a great brand and safe.

I like the performance of my vehicle, as well as safety features. I am also attracted to the back up camera, which I've never had before. The vehicle is good on gas.

- Darice B

They should know about safety-the latest time the car had its routine checkup.

I like SUVs and the automatic transmission because it makes driving a lot easier. If I could change anything about it I guess I would opt for a AWD instead of an le.

- Diane C

A comfortable vehicle with plenty of storage in the rear.

I like the vehicle. I wish the ride were slightly smoother. It has been reliable and is comfortable to drive and ride in. I haven't had any problems with the car.

- Jody I

There are no air vents in the back seat.

The back seats don't have air vents. That is my only complaint. I get great gas mileage. It is a compact SUV but is great for our family and can fit all of our junk!

- Jessica D

Car is fully loaded with front and rear passenger airbags

Dependable vehicle with built in GPS mapping. Has warning indicators for cars alongside you. Front and rear cameras, All electric with moonroof and Sirius XM radio.

- Doug K

It is fuel efficient. I can usually go 1 to 2 weeks without filling my tank.

I like the space. Being a college student, I usually move every few years. I like having a big enough vehicle to carry a lot of my stuff while still looking nice.

- Aubrey F

It is a safe vehicle and has never given us any trouble.

It has great gas mileage (30 mph). I'm 67 and It's super easy to get in and out of. It has a smooth, comfortable ride and can haul a variety of things when needed.

- michael f

It is a safe vehicle with numerous safety features.

I love the height of the vehicle. It has a smooth ride, is reliable, and is comfortable. I dislike the gas mileage. I wish it had gas mileage comparable to a car.

- Jen W

It is absolutely the easiest style for someone with arthritis to enter and exit it.

I like that I am able to enter and exit easily. I like the ease of opening and closing the hatch. I like the amount of room inside. I like the way the RAV4 looks.

- Helen S

Having space to put all my belongings is important.

I definitely like the style and color and size. It is a perfect fit for a busy single person like me. I also like the dependability. But I dislike gas mileage.

- Jessica B

My car is reliable and dependable.

I love my RAV4! It has plenty of space and its never given me any problems.. I didn't love the price. And it's somewhat expensive for tags and general upkeep..

- Pamela G

It is easy to drive and maintain.

I love the size, style, and how easy it is to drive. It is great for families. My last vehicle was very low to the ground and I feel much safer in a small SUV.

- Courtney R

Dependability is a key factor

I am proud to own a toyota.i enjoy the low price and the excellent fuel economy. I like the service as well as the 2 year Toyota care package that is standard

- gary C

It is my car and no they can not borrow it. ??.

I love my rav4 due to the fact that it is a newer vehicle to me and I love that it gets 30 mpg. It is very roomy which I can fit 5-6 people comfortably in it.

- Kimberly M

Goes great in all road conditions.

I like the size and ride of my rav4. Large enough to accommodate my family but easy to maneuver. I dislike the road noise inside vehicle with all windows up.

- Phyllis S

It is very dependable and reliable.

I love that it is very dependable. It gets great gas mileage. The size of the vehicle fits my needs. Only dislike is I wish the navigation screen was larger.

- John S

it's eco-friendly and uses a low amount of gas, we actually spend less in gas because of this

i love the technology the vehicle has, i love how easily it can be driven, i love that it takes little upkeep and is useful for almost any kind of situation

- david r

Great gas mileage and steering wheel.

Good handlings, the car has great gas mileage but I want it a little more efficient. The front rear designs need a little more improvement for newer models.

- Vic D

It is a good driving SUV.

I like the way it picks up speed from takeoff. It is a good roadhandler. There is nothing I dislike about my Rav4. I don't have any complaints either.

- Delores B

I love that it is roomy and does not have many blind spots.

I love it. My first Toyota. The only problem high is that the oil filter cap got stuck and the dealership tightened it too tight. Now I have to replace it.

- Tina R

Red toyota rav4 2015 xle. Love this car!

The only problem with it is how the radio bugs out. It's very comfortable and has bluetooth audio. The car is also a very effective form of transportation

- Katelyn G

All Toyotas aren't foreign cars! The Camry has the highest percentage of parts made in the US than any other car.

It is very easy to drive. It is also very comfortable and has a backup camera. The only thing I don't like is that things in the trunk tend to fly around.

- Kathryn K

that the Toyota is a reliable car and has good gas mileage

I like the fact that is has Gps and bluetooth and also a sunroof and It's good on gas mileage. Dislike that the truck area isn't bigger for my two HUskies

- Gwen S

It looks like an SUV but it handles more like a sedan.

I like that it handles smoothly. It's also higher up so it provides better visibility in comparison to a sedan. I wish it got better gas mileage, though.

- Janice T

Great performance and versatility.

The interior cargo room is very good and versatile. There are no complaints about this car. In fact, I will buy another RAV4 because of new technology.

- Louis N

My Life- Toyota Rav4 the best

well I really love my toyota rav4 that I bought in the year 2015 and now it has become a part of my family. It has great features and is very reliable.

- Ankita J

A very comfortable and smart car that anyone can dream of.

I am driving this car from last 3 years. I didn't face any issues till now. Car is really comfortable and reliable. I am very happy with my purchase.

- Amita K

A great ride for a reasonable price!

It's a nice vehicle. It does exactly what I need and is a very comfortable ride. Good mileage, great storage, and the sound system is pretty solid.

- Brad G

it is a simple car that will get you around

I like that it is gas efficient. It has lots of feature and a rear camera. I wish the trunk was a little bigger and had a little more engine power

- ben M

Toyota RAV4 has brought happiness to me.

My 2015 Toyota RAV4 has been absolutely great at the moment. has a big space on the back, it makes easy when I travel!! Gas mileage is pretty good.

- Eduardo E

It is safe and reliable and great on gas.

My car is reliable and safe. It has great full economy so I do not have to fill up as often. Only thing I do not like is that it lacks technology.

- Suzi A

Toyota RAV4 - I have the Hot Lava color. I get many compliments.

I have the limited RAV4. It is the best SUV I have ever owned. Mileage is great. It's like driving a bigger fancy sport car wrapped up in an SUV!

- denise b

How nicely it switches gears and how quiet the transmission runs

It's a bigger vehicle than my last one. Has an eco and sport button that I can use while driving. I don't like how much it costs for maintenance.

- Aaron E

The car is safe and reliable. This car gets great gas mileage.

This car is perfect when starting a family. Plenty of space in the back for every day essentials. Comfortable and reliable for the whole family.

- Heidi G

It's a good car and enough to get me through the day

I like my vehicle. Good fuel economy and reasonably priced. It's also spacious enough for multiple people. I have no complaints about my vehicle

- Marcos G

Very family friendly. Space for kids, dogs, and groceries

The car is a very comfortable ride. It has tons of space for driver and passenger. Cabin noise is a little loud. That is my only major complaint

- Cindy B

The most important thing for me and my family is the fuel mileage. We average 26 or so in town and over 30 on the highway.

The size is perfect for our family. It is great on fuel mileage both on the highway and in town. The space in the back for storage is perfect.

- Charis C

The Rav 4 may be both affordable and useful in most cases

I like how the Rav4 is reliable and has good gas mileage. I dislike on how it is slightly smaller which is not as useful when family is in town

- Bob M

Great gas mileage. 35 miles per gallon.

Love my car and Toyota. My last car was a pontiac vibe with 200, 000 miles on a Toyota engine. Will probably always own a Toyota of some kind.

- Andrea W

The RAV4 is low maintenance and is a great vehicle to drive!

We have had no issues since we purchased. We have only had to pay for maintenance. I love to drive the vehicle - it is just the right size!

- Brenda O

Get the rav 4 it is so much better and roomier than any honda product.

I love everything about my Rav. Perfect size. Great on gas mileage . It has all the features I want and need...esp all wheel drive for winter

- Lynn D

The best car I've ever owned. I'm an amputee and when I was looking for a car to buy I had to find one that had plenty of legroom. My Rav4 gives me the legroom I need. It also has a sunroof and satellite radio and a Cd player.

My Rav4 is very spacious inside. It drives very well. It's a smooth ride. I haven't had any problems with my car. since the day I bought it.

- Mark M

A eco-friendly car that suits your need

The car is very comfortable and really isn't hard to adjust to. One of its fascinating features is being able to save gas by driving on eco.

- Lina T

It lives up to it's Toyota brand

I love my RAV4 - it's very comfortable, has a great feel while driving. It's super safe as well. I've never been disappointed with a toyota.

- Chris P

The best car ever! Red exterior, cream interior. Will never not get a Toyota.

I love my car. I really do. Although it is not the newest, it is extremely dependable and I rarely have issues. It is a perfect family car.

- Kyra C

Toyota RAV4 is very roomy

It is a basic car, no special features but it is great for its price point. Very affordable. I would recommend it to first time car buyers

- Amyna L

Car gets good gas mileage for the size. It has a lot of room inside

I have not had any problems yet. I do feel as though the battery is going to need to be replaced soon with 50,000 miles it is feeling weak

- chad g

It drives differently than any other hatchback.

Big upgrade from last car! Only dislike is need a little more room to fit in one extra person when you have two car seats taking up space.

- Teresa C

Safety and good handling on the roads

I like feeling secure and in control of the vehicle. I wish SUVs had better acceleration at times and were more environmentally friendly.

- Caitlin L

It is a decent car if you are just a couple or small family.

No rear ventilation to keep rear passengers comfortable. Size is great, still easy to park in the city, but enough room for longer trips.

- Elizabeth P

That my car is extremely very safe.

I like that it is not a large car, which makes it easy to drive. It is simple and gets the job done. I do not love the trunk size though.

- Jennifer M

It drives incredibly smooth and controlled.

No dislikes. I like the spacious interior and large trunk space. I like the back up camera. I like the foot room in the back for my kids.

- Meghan T

This is a very easy car to own and maintain.

Such a simple vehicle to own - low maintenance cost, great gas mileage, fits five people comfortably with roomy trunk for carting items.

- Gina P

The Toyota RAV4 is a reliable car with nice features.

I like all of the premium features like the leather heated seats and the navigation system. I like the reliability of the Toyota brand.

- Stephanie M