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Great reliable SUV with many features and uses.

This car is incredibly reliable. Nothing goes wrong. The engine has performed perfectly, uses no oil despite well over 100,000 miles of use. It is very comfortable and sits up high on the road. The seating is comfortable and spacious for even a 6 foot individual. The cloth seats have held up very well and remain intact. The tires are large,and although expensive are very smooth.Considering the age there are few noises and all accessories function as if new. The plastic headlight covers have required repeated refinishing to remain clear. The exterior paint has remained in good condition expect for two black vertical panels at the sides of the rear window. This seems to be a defect on all older Sequoias. Gas mileage is unremarkable for a 4.7 liter engine running in the 15-20 mph range. The cargo bay is massive and the seats either fold or are removable depending on location. Radio, CD player is standard. Towing package is worth the extra cost. This vehicle tows a trailer easily.

- Allen D

Love My Reliable Toyota Sequoia

My Sequoia is so comfortable. It has leather seats so it's easy on my old joints to move around. It has heated seats so when I am freezing while everyone one else wants the AC, I can be warm. It has awesome visibility because the windows are big and it sits up high so o can see better. It has seating for 8 so I can carry kids. It has 175000 miles with no breakdowns. It has awesome AC in front and back so on 100 degree days we can cool down. It gets fairly decent gas mileage 15-24 mpg

- Ruth N

Most reliable car we have ever had - and we've had quite a few cars over the years. Big, comfortable, and never breaks down!

This truck is 16 years old now and has nearly 250,000 miles on it. In the past 5 years we have only done maintenance - tires, brakes, oil change, and just had to replace a tie rod - our first real repair. It's big and fits our whole family so we can go on adventures without having to take two cars. When we do finally wear it out - I hope to buy another just like it.

- Tara M

This car is both durable and enduring. We have over 200,000 miles on it and it shows no signs of issues whatsoever!

We have loved the roominess of our car and the fact that it holds 8 passengers. The only issues we've had are with wear of the parts. The handles to the trunk broken and had to be replaced. The driver's side lock doesn't always work automatically. But the car runs great. We have over 200,000 miles on it and no problems with the engine at all. I love it.

- Jess S

Highlight of my car is that it is a 2003 and the thing is still going.

I love my truck. I bought it in 2003 because I had 3 small children and it is so roomy and reliable. I still have the truck and I have had no major problem regular service.. It is great for traveling with lots of trunk room for luggage. The third row always came in handy with kids friends. The seats are very comfortable and drives well.

- Christine M

Sequoia is reliable and comfortable but some things have failed.

The sequoia is extremely comfortable and reliable. However, there have been several things that have failed. The power door lock on the front passenger side is broken. The motor for the back window has broken two times. The leather on the driver's seat is cracking and has a rip. This car has been kept in a garage 100%!Of the time.

- Sheila M

The cloth seats are perfect for hot weather, no burns!

The sequoia has really good handling which makes it a great choice in any kind of weather you experience in your area. The SUV is also very spacious and comfortable for myself and for passengers. Having a larger car really comes in handy when you need to transport furniture or run errands. I would highly recommend.

- Mikayla B

My vehicle is especially good when it comes to handling and overall performance.

My vehicle rides fairly well, it is got over 160, 000 miles on it and it runs fairly efficiently, I have had no major problems with it, except the air conditioning and the alternator which I consider a superficial. Overall this vehicle is very reliable and was built very well I would definitely buy another one.

- Steve B

Great family car, very spacious... Touch pad screen is buggy though.

Incredibly spacious and comfortable. No issues with it so far, no breakdowns whatsoever. Great family vehicle... The only downside is the specific touchpad system in town particular model. Very buggy and can sometimes become unresponsive. We do a lot of traveling using only this vehicle and we love it.

- Alicia G

I love our Toyota sequoia.

I love how my Toyota sequoia rides. The space is amazing too because I have 1 son and expecting another soon. We have never had an issue with our Toyota when it comes to performance. The only cosmetic issue we have is with the back hatch. Our handle broke, but the trunk is still accessible.

- Chloe C

The mean green SUV that keeps on giving.

My vehicle has no working A/C and makes travel difficult during the hot summer days. Several door handles including the front and back right passenger handles broke, as well as the back latch. Besides those problems, the vehicle runs well with over 100,000 miles on it.

- Bryce G

It is the best vehicle I have ever owned

I love my SUV, I will drive it until it can't be fixed anymore. It is very comfortable seating, the size is perfect and it is a great vacation ride also. I have only had a few problems with it, the rear hatch door handle breaks inside about once every few years.

- Maureen M

Toyotas are awesome they can run forever as long as you take care of it.

It has been reliable I love it runs great had it since February only had to replace a hose it has built in heaters for front seats and has third rows seats which is perfect because I have a big family has lots of room I can fit my whole family plus some.

- Stephanie R

I have been impressed by the sustained gas mileage I get from it.

I have had no difficulty with this truck. I have owned it for 2 years. It was purchased used. It has over two hundred thousand miles on it. The ac still blows cold and I average about 16 miles per gallon. I plan on keeping this vehicle for a long while.

- Stephanie L

It tends to slide if you are not careful about the speed you drive it.

I have had 2 Toyota sequoias in the last 15 years. The only problem with my 1st sequoia was a universal joint went bad. And, I had to replace the charcoal filter once. I've had no problems with the sequoia I am currently driving.

- Lee H

That it is very dependable. I have had no major issues since I have owned this vehicle.

I love the fact that it is dependable. It is 15 years old and has 270,000 miles on it. The only dislike I have is that the leather seats need to be repaired because there are some minor tears.

- Jonathan T

I love my gentle reliable giant.

I love my car. It has always been very reliable and comfortable to drive. The only issues we have had so far have been easy and inexpensive to fix or not relevant to the function of the car.

- Maddie H

It's a Toyota and is built to last and be dependable.

No Complaints at all. I bought is as a used vehicle and am thrilled with it. It has 3rd row seating, is roomy, has cargo space for shopping. Rides smooth, runs great and is dependable.

- Janet L

This is a great vehicle for taking family vacations and road trips.

I love that I can fit a family of 5 in it easily as well as a dog when needed. It rides smooth. The only negative is cost of gas. It has a large tank and does not have great gas mileage.

- Jennifer J

I'm really impressed with how stout the motor is...has a lot of power

I bought it used. But she runs amazing! Very fuel efficient. Strong motor. I've only had to replace brake pads. It's a solid car which i'm surprised..i feel completely safe on travels

- Dorothy P

Very reliable, rides well, great car for family and hauling many things.

Love the size of the car. Gas mileage is as good as other large SUVs we've had. Seats for 8 people is great. Don't like that front seats do not tilt up/down. Good overall car.

- Julie B

It's completely dependable, roomy, stylish, and even luxurious for a family car.

I love the many years it has given us without many major repairs. I love the size, the style, and I can not complain about that vehicle one bit. I love it and will buy another

- Amy I

My car is an eight seater.

The vehicle is a very reliable car lasting me over 200,000 miles. The only problem is that currently it is old and keeps having little problems. It still works.

- Hunter P

It's still in great shape even though it's older. Worth the money

I love my vehicle. It's big, lots of space, and I feel safe in it. Toyota's are nice quality so it rarely gives me any mechanical issues. Perfect for my family

- Melissa S

It holds 7 people and you can put three car seats in the second row

I like that it fits my whole family and there's room for all of our stuff. I don't like how big my vehicle is because it's hard for me to drive and park.

- Rama P

I love the color & the features such as automatic seats.

It handles good, great in winter driving. Very good for hauling groceries and stuff to town. Smooth ride, comfortable for long distance driving.

- Charmaine G

It'a been a very reliable and useful vehicle for my family.

My vehicle has been very reliable and roomy. I have over 260,000 miles. The only issue I currently have is the back window won't go down.

- Tony B

It is a strong vehicle that protects the family in car crashes. Also very reliable

Reliable vehicle and I have had no major proms with it. However, it wastes too much gas and it definitely does not have good mpg

- Melissa J

That I take care of my car because it has lasted so long.

It is 15 years old and has over 270,000 miles. It is dependable and has never given me any problems. No dislikes or complaints.

- Jon C

Great truck for a person with money for gas

It is s great SUV not exactly good for gas but I love the car it has all the power I need and also features that work for me

- Thomas H

Great all around car for any type of activity.

Really nice roomy drives great. The engine blew up and put a brand new engine in. Runs great in all weather snow and rain.

- Haley K

Best family SUV. You will enjoy driving this vehicle.

Drives smoothly, turns at 180 degree radius, perfect for u turns. Not many problems if you do your regular maintenance.

- Hector V

It will last. I have only had one major issue with it and I have been driving the car for 7 years now, and I bought it used.

It has been a very durable car. The gas mileage is awful, but it has been a safe car for me and I can depend on it.

- Taylor A

It is a blessing from the creator.

I love my vehicle because it is big. I love the color. I love the v8 engine. I love that it accommodates my family.

- Michelle O

My vehicle is spacious with a nice sunroof and has enough room to fit a family.

I love everything about my vehicle. It is very reliable and the perfect size. It requires very little maintenance.

- Bianca J

The third row can be taken out easily to maximize trunk space.

I love the amount of space and it is height above sedans, it makes it easier to see. It also has seat warmers.

- Naomi K

Very strong engine v8 tow package.

I like the style comfort, very roomy and can seat 8 passages and the color silver is nice also. Reliable.

- David M

Parts can be hard to get and repair can sometimes be a challenge

Nice and smooth ride, roomy, parts can be hard to find and get to though. Amazing gas mileage and lasts

- Susan N

It's roomy and you can feel comfortable whenever you are going

I love my car,it's low maintenance, doesn't give me much problems it has 266,000 miles on it

- Dawn C

Great car even as old as it is. I would drive it across the country in a heartbeat.

fantastic car. no problems except service. Love the style and will keep it

- joel b

Great family vehicle, reliable and fun to drive.

- Sunshine H