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Large family vehicle. Runs great. Very dependable.

The only problems I have really had is with the brake system. When the brakes get hot the brake light comes on. I have had to replace the radiator and 1 of 4 Cadillac converters. I get about 15. 5 miles to the gallon. The air conditioner works great. It is a smooth running ride and it is a 9 seater passenger vehicle. I have a family of six and we all ride comfortably. We've been to California and we live in Arizona. The trip only took 5 hrs and only used 1 tank of gas up and 1 tank of gas back. It is also got a 7500 lb. towing capacity. All in all it is not bad for a Toyota and all in all with me being 6'3" tall I fit comfortably behind the steering wheel. There's a lot of room to work on the engine as all the components of the engine are very accessible. I bought the vehicle two years ago and really have no regrets. It was really a good buy for the money I spent.

- Michael R

Reliable and long-lasting vehicle with heated seats, sunroof, and DVD player.

Very reliable and has a long 'life-expectancy.' Mine has over 250, 000 miles on it and runs great. The only problems I am just now starting to notice is with the sunroof. Sometimes it does not like to close. Other than that, the leather has become worn out over the years and the switches used to adjust the seats have broken. I really like the features is has, such as the seat warmers, the DVD player, the sunroof, and the cargo space. I really like that it has the capability to hold 3 rows of seats. With regular maintenance and care, it is well worth the money. I would buy another Toyota again.

- Jessica M

Very comfy Toyota sequoia.

I love the room and comfort of my sequoia and would purchase another one. The seating makes it easy for all of the family to travel together in ease and great comfort. The leg room is great for all three rows of seating. The double temperature control is great also. This allows the back seat occupants to control the temperature for them. The surround sound and entertainment package is an added bonus for the back seat occupants as well.

- Jennifer S

Why I love my Toyota vehicle.

I love the Toyota brand. My car is relatively comfortable, handles very well and is very reliable. Very safe too. It's not very economical so that is a downside and it does drive a little like a truck. I have an older model so my features are not the most up to date. I do have a sunroof and heated seats which is just fine for me. I have almost 190, 000 miles on it and it is still going strong. Toyota vehicles are very reliable.

- Page J

It will run forever - buy the longer mileage sets of tires.

Great car. Engine runs like a dream still after 200, 000 miles. 2 things to watch. . . 1) o2 sensors seem to get jogged around regularly and need service/replacement, 2) it slightly lurches at initial acceleration. Not in a scary or dangerous way. I am guessing those issues have been worked out in later year models. Will most likely get same car when this one eventually rusts out.

- Rachel S

Toyota sequoia experience.

The vehicle is very reliable. The only two things I am having trouble with is the switching between 4-wheel drive and regular driving and the latch of the trunk. This latch is made out of plastic - instead of metal- and therefore prone to break, which it promptly did. Replacing it is a headache, so make sure you buy a metal one.

- Nu R

Good car but has brake issues.

Have had brake problems with this car. The car is roomy but not good on gas. Comfortable seating throughout. It is an older model and probably considered a classic sequoia body style. I like the moon roof and the seat heaters. I am told I need a brake booster at the time of several hundred dollars. It is a known sequoia issue.

- Kim C

I own a black 2004 Toyota sequoia limited.

I am very pleased with my Toyota sequoia. It has been a great vehicle with lots of room to fit all the kids and haul stuff around. I rated a 4 instead of a five when given the 1-5 option only because the gas efficiency is not optimal. Other than that my sequoia has high miles and has maintained its value by still going strong!

- Athena T

Very roomy car with minimal issues over the years.

It is a large car very roomy. Allows for kids and friends and luggage and everyone still riding with comfort. The third row folds down to allow for extra space if more room is needed. Engine has now 250, 000 miles on it and can still outrun some its age and younger. I have had minimal issues with this car.

- Phillip J

Great and roomy for cross country trips.

I love my Toyota it has required minimum maintenance it is roomy and has completely performed the job for which it was bought. Great for cross country road trips. Only complaint I have now is the gas mileage it gets around town. It is not made for the quick trip to the market or across town.

- Cameron C

The Toyota sequoia, a reliable car.

This car has not failed me or anyone in my family it is a smooth driving car. Really comfortable and spacious. We use it to go to vacations almost every weekend. It is also really strong and good to drive in all types of weather, it had never gotten stuck driving on the snow or the mud.

- Ronald F

Paint on the rear bumper has peeled off it makes the vehicle look bad .

My vehicle is very comfortable it is excellent towing capacity and it has never left me stranded in all of the years that I have owned it. I like that has enough seating to haul a lot of people and removable seats with plenty of room to haul anything that I would need to haul inside.

- Lori L

Vehicle stabilizes itself when sliding (e. G. , when sliding on icy roads).

Very dependable, safe, and roomy--nice for those with families. Sitting behind the wheel of this vehicle is luxury travel. 4WD capable, reliable in rain, mud, and snow. I have 250, 000 miles on my sequoia and it is still going strong. Highly recommend it.

- Zachary G

Toyota sequoia defaults is the interior of the vehicle.

On my Toyota sequoia it actually is a very good vehicle the motor is still running great. The only bad thing about it is that everything is falling apart inside the vehicle. The doors u need to slam them really hard just for the doors to close right.

- Alexandra R

Comfortable, smooth drive and feels like a luxury vehicle.

It is very comfortable and roomy. It handles well in all sorts of weather. We love taking it on family vacations, and it has come in handy when helping people move. My only complaint would be the gas mileage which is about 14 mpg city.

- Marcy C

Sequoia 2004: great for families.

Car does not have the most reliable brakes. It is a very wide and long car so parking and backing out can be a problem. However, acceleration and control is above average. A huge advantage is that you can see above most cars and traffic.

- Jason M

It runs smooth. The engine is a good engine.

I like that it is roomy with lots of storage space in the back. I like the sound system and it rides well. I do not like its wide turns, and it is hard to see over the hood while driving. I also do not like that it guzzles lots of gas.

- Heather D

Good on gas mileage, runs well and has good pick me up to pass cars.

I like the look, it is reliable and not too expensive in repairs there is nothing I really dislike except the trunk latch should have been made out of a sturdier material than plastic as it broke on me easily.

- Nora R

It's very reliable. I love Toyota! It is well crafted cars. Not to many cars made with the ability to last anymore. My car is almost 25 years old! Still drives well. Requires the general fixings but That goes with any car!

I like my vehicle for its sleek compact body. I Wish it was more updated interior wise but overall it's a very easy car to learn. Only major thing I would adjust would be the number Of doors I have ( 2 door)

- Angel C

It is only limited by what you can afford in gas.

I love that it's spacious and can haul a lot. It's very comfortable as well as safe. I love that it is four wheel drive and I can take it pretty much anywhere. I dislike that it isn't fuel efficient.

- Robin S

Toyota sequoia 2004: pros and cons.

Very reliable drive. Latch on trunk tends to break as it is made out of plastic (why?!) Instead of metal, which you can find in the market easily. Once replaced with metal one all is good.

- Nina B

Toyotas are hassle-free and quality vehicles. I would always own a Toyota.

Toyotas last long with few problems. It still drives smooth and is comfortable. The gas mileage has gotten worse and since it's an SUV, the costs are high, but it's still a great ride.

- Lawrence E

This One Is A Keeper...this is an amazing vehicle that meets all my needs. I have no complaints.

I wish this vehicle would last forever. The engine is powerful and runs smoothly. There is plenty of room on the inside and is very comfortable to travel in.

- Monica K

Toyota Sequoia is one of the most reliable cars on the road.

My car is reliable. It is big enough to hold my kids and parents, or kids and friends. It looks good. It has pep. My only complaint is the poor gas mileage.

- J A

Why I chose a Toyota Sequoia.

I love the Toyota Sequoia. It has plenty of room for the family & for when we take trips. If I ever had to buy another car, I would get another sequoia.

- Amanda C

My Toyota is incredibly strong and very durable. I've never had any problems with it.

Toyotas are the most reliable cars. Their high rate performance, comfort and affordability surpass all others. My next SUV will definitely be a Toyota.

- Maddie F

Amazing for long road trips

Amazing car for road trips. I have had it for fourteen years and it hasn't failed me. This car has a v8 engine so it sounds sexy with no muffler.

- Matthew C

That its roomy inside. Great for traveling with kids.

I like that its spacious inside. . I do not like airbags, but it has airbags. I like that the 3rd row seats can be removed to make more space.

- April J

Comfortable riding and driving for long trips. Plenty of room for luggage.

My Toyota Sequoia is spacious with 3rd row seating. This vehicle handles well and great to drive long distances and hauling a trailer.

- Stacy M

Holds 8 people very comfortably. Seats come out to hold a lot of cargo.

Love it. rides well, interior is nice, holds a lot of people, dependable, hate the color (white). We use it for work and personal.

- Amber C

My vehicle has a lot of room

Enjoy very little problems have almost 300000 miles and had in dealer 4 times twice for recalls one radiator and back hatch

- Fred A

Reliable, I always feel very safe. Like that it is a larger. Ar.

Very reliable, low maintenance, very comfortable! We would buy another one. Even at 14 yrs. old runs, great, no issues.

- Terri W

Great except for gas mileage.

Safe, and very reliable. Its large enough for everyone in my family and then some. Wish it was better on gas mileage.

- Amanda H

Toyota builds reliable cars that can can be driven a long time.

Very reliable car with no major issues. There isn't anything about it I don't like other than it is an older car.

- Rich W

Last a long time. Reputation for longevity. Trustworthy.

Excellent ride. Comfortable, smooth, sturdy and durable. No major mechanical issues. Built to last. Decent mpg.

- Linda S

Comfortable car and reliable

Very comfortable and reliable. Fits 8 people and that is perfect with a family like ours. Never have issues.

- Olga G

Its 4 wheel drive gets me out in the country.

I love the size of my vehicle and how it drives. I dislike that I have had some electrical issues with it.

- Page J




It's a great vehicle for my large family

I love the size and handling of it. The 4 wheel drive has come in handy. I can haul a lot of cargo.

- Heather A

The vehicle is great and reliable with minimum upkeep and plenty of room

I love my Sequoia, it's a great road vehicle minimal maintenance. Only complaints is gas usage.

- Cameron C

It has been very reliable

I love that it has lasted this long with few issues. It;s older so cosmetically it needs works

- Stacie D

It is a great car had it for a long time and it's still in good condition.

It's big so it fits perfectly. It drives perfectly. It handles a lot. It needs a lot of gas.

- Philisteen K

Good SUV, reliable, tough.

It's like a tank. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Love it. No problems to speak of.

- James M

It is s very reliable car. Toyota has a great product.

It is a 2004 and still going strong. I really like the size of the vehicle.

- Susan N

It's a large SUV made by Toyota. It is white. It is for me and I like it.

Plenty of room and reliable. It's getting old. Gas mileage could be better.

- Timothy P

I like how big my car is. I do not like how old it is. I like how I can fit many people in my car or move things around if needed.

The most important thing about my car is that it is very big.

- Jillian K

Is mine..and no one can borrow it.It's a great comfortable car.My car is actually an S.U.V...

Luv it is comfortable and as Toyota it doesn't break down

- Mirta B

I love the size. I feel safe in it. It is old and in bad appearance.

It is a safe and reliable car that I have had for years.

- Stacie J

Reliable and if maintained there are very few issues

It is reliable and can fit eight people, no complaints

- Holly S

My car has dual airbags as a safety precaution if I have a wreck.

I like my car because it gets really good gas mileage

- William C