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Even though it's expensive to fill up, it's a very reliable car for a family.

2010 Toyota Sequoia SR5

When it's cold in the winter the dashboard freezes up and I can't use it till the car completely warms up. It uses a lot of gas and it's expensive to fill it up. I have driven it up to the mountains countless times and it has been amazing with all those road trips. It has all wheel drive and is amazing in the snow. It also has the rear view camera which is nice. The car is also very spacious so if you are taking a road trip and you have a lot of people then this is a good car.

- Katie G

This vehicle is built to last. It still drives like brand new.

2010 Toyota Sequoia

This vehicle is built to last. It is roomy. Smooth riding. Solid. Quite. We bought it used from a family friend and feel it is the best purchase we ever made. It is an older model but still looks really good. We take good care of it. Regular oil changes. Tire rotation. Things like that. If I could afford a new one I would consider it. Love this car.

- Louise T

My sequoia is just the right size!

2010 Toyota Sequoia

This vehicle is able to tow utility trailer, horse trailer and boat. It also enables us to haul large items because the seats all lay flat. /there is enough seating for 6 people comfortably. When we go on road trips there is no need to pack conservatively, we can take anything we want. Enough room for even coolers and beach chairs.

- Donna G

2010 sequoia. It has heated seats and has a very good turn radius

2010 Toyota Sequoia Ltd

The Bluetooth is not user friendly. I love how it drives. It's great in the snow. The seats are very comfortable. The storage in the back is another bummer, there is very little room. The seats fold down very easily if you don't need the extra seats for passengers you can use the room for loading stuff.

- Jen F

Toyota sequoia for large families.

2010 Toyota Sequoia

Toyota sequoia is a reliable vehicle for a large family. Good on gas even though you wouldn't think it would. Great for family vacations especially if you figure who acts best sitting next to the other. Durable and no complaints. Really roomy also and a lot of room for groceries to be put in the back.

- La E

The Great road trip vehicle

2010 Toyota Sequoia Ltd

Last forever, super roomy and great for road trips. It's the only SUV that has a movable middle row, which when you travel is very important. With the middle row able to move you can have both adults sitting in either row, as opposed to the 3rd row only good for small children.

- Jennie A

Nothing really, just that it is a decent SUV for the price and that if people get the opportunity they should get one, it is a great utility vehicle.

2010 Toyota Sequoia

It is a dark green Toyota Sequoia, it seats at least 7 and has a lot of cargo space. I like everything about it, it gets acceptable gas mileage for being an SUV, it is nice to be up high when driving so you can see everything, it is quiet and handles well.

- Emily K

2010 Toyota Sequoia...192000 plus miles and still going

2010 Toyota Sequoia

4x4 Toyota sequoia with over 192000 miles on it. No major repair issues, other than regular maintenance and the back hatch and back window don't work. Other than that, I love this truck. Seats 8 comfortably

- Danie M

The dependability in the snow.

2010 Toyota Sequoia

This vehicle is great in the minnesota cold snowy winters. Very safe due to the size of the vehicle. haven't had any major issues with the car since I have owned it.

- Kip L

It has plenty of towing capacity if you want to tow any size trailer.

2010 Toyota Sequoia

I like the size and the comfort. It can carry all my family and their luggage whenever we go on trips. It provides passengers plenty of legroom and comfort.

- Doug C

Toyota sequoias are the best. 3 rows rock!

2010 Toyota Sequoia

My car is 8 yrs old and I love it. It is my 2nd sequoia. Plenty of room and safe and solid. Good car for those with a larger family.

- Ellen M

It holds 8 people and still has room for luggage and items. Even a stroller

2010 Toyota Sequoia

I have my truck because I can take up to 8 people including myself. So it's great for scout outings. I dislike the gas mileage

- Vesper M

It's longevity. Over 126,000 miles and still looks good inside and out.

2010 Toyota Sequoia

It is very reliable even with over 120,000 miles. It pulls a 27' travel trailer easily and safely. It is comfortable and roomy.

- Stuart K

the size is amazing and it rides really well love having a third row seat when I have my kids friends over

2010 Toyota Sequoia

I do love this vehicle just seems the owner before us did not take care of it always having issues but love the size of it

- jessica d

Safety features are wonderful.

2010 Toyota Sequoia

Safety features I love for the vehicle and the look of the vehicle. Size of the vehicle I do not like. It is too big.

- Andrea J M

The usefulness of the vehicle during the snowy winters

2010 Toyota Sequoia

Very reliable vehicle in the snow and the cold Minnesota winters. Very safe due to the size of the vehicle

- Kip L

It's a very stable car with less maintenance.

2010 Toyota Sequoia

I like it because It's big. I wish it is an 8 seater instead of 7. I wish there are 3 seats in the middle.

- Gina B

This vehicle is reliable.

2010 Toyota Sequoia

Nice, sturdy, reliable vehicle that holds a lot of people. Feels safe when traveling long distances.

- Phillip T

I love the size of my suv. I can fit 8 people very comfortable. I would love if it had a little more storage space in the back when all the seats are up. It would also be Great if it was a little more fuel efficient.

2010 Toyota Sequoia

It's a good quality, safe family vehicle that I enjoy driving.

- Joanna O