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The sequoia fits 3 car seats in a row!

We love our sequoia. We bought it because we now have 3 children and needed room for 3 car seats(they fit in one row!) Plus a dog and any family members who wanted to come along for the ride. The sequoia is very wide. Its very easy to drive. It does take some getting used to especially parking it. There's so much engine power! We cannot wait to go on our first road trip. For me, the best part of this vehicle is that we can get car seats in and out easily. I can actually climb into the back and fasten my youngest into his car seat in the middle while my daughter is in her booster on the side. My husband did a lot of research on sequoia's verse Chevy Tahoe and suburban. The Chevy Tahoe broke down a lot. The suburban was a lot more reliable. But it could still break down. We come from a long line of Toyota owners. Even if your Toyota breaks down it will still drive to wherever you needed to go. Unless you run out of gas of course. So far there have been no problems with our sequoia. Which I do not expect there to be. My husband keeps our vehicles in great shape and well maintained. Driving on the highway and about town, the sequoia drives well, has lots of power and is very comfortable. There are sensors on the vehicles sides that let me know when another car is in my blind spots. There are also sensors in the front and back. Along w a backup camera. It would be hard to park if there wasn't a camera or sensors. My favorite features are the heated seats. And the see-through blind that goes over the back windows to block the sun. All of the seats fold down easily. You can tilt your seat back too. The front of the SUV has a lot of space. I have a place for my purse, water bottle, coffee cup, gum. There is a place for everything.

- Rachel C

This car is great for growing families, and those who roadtrip.

The performance is great. It has just enough space for me, the kids, friends, and family. I love the rearview camera. I love the space in the vehicle (plenty of space for items, large glove compartment and area above glove compartment, AMAZING middle console). The 3rd row seating is great and easy to lift up and down.

- Jill W

Sequoia comfortable and reliable.

My sequoia is very functional and reliable. It is very comfortable. I would recommend this vehicle for a family whose main concern is comfort and safety. It seats 8 comfortably and has plenty of room in the trunk for everything you need to haul, including a large dog. It does consume a fair amount of gas.

- Silvia H

Family rides in comfort and style.

I love the size of our SUV. It is comfortable, reliable, and has a great reputation. Toyota has always been reliable and safe. I look forward to having this vehicle for many years. This is a great vehicle for long trips and large families. The look of the exterior is nice as well.

- Susan M

Comfortable as your coach

I don't have any problems, I really like it, it's very spacious between the middle row and the back seat and with five kids that I have it's very comfortable when we travel, the only problem that I have is that the truck is too small but rather than that I love this car

- Alma B

The van is very convenient with traveling and has plenty of room for storage.

The van has good gas mileage and is comfortable while traveling. I had no problems with the van and the engine is still in good shape. However, in the back seats in the van the outer sound is very loud and can interfere with hearing other people talking.

- Todd A

My drivers seat has the ability to raise and lower the seat. This is awesome if you are short and have trouble seeing over the hood.

My suv is extremely roomy. I feel very safe when driving it. I wish it had The sensors on the mirrors that lets you know if a car is next to you. It's very expensive to get oil changes in this suv.

- Christina J

Great family car- plenty of space and room for kids to space out.

My car is great, has plenty of space, seats 8 people comfortably, has cup holders for everyone, also outlets for charging. Great for road trips, gets great highway mileage.

- Crystal M

The most important thing about my car is to lock the door after driving.

I like the seat belt features of the vehicle. I dislike the improper air bags. Overall, it is a good vehicle that best money can buy.

- Tim M

It's SR5 model, I love it

The car is so Comfortable , it has a lot of room , never give me any mechanical problems But it use a lot of gas in the the city

- Jamal F

Dependable, fun to drive. Economical. Great design, nice lines.

I love that it sits up high and our family and all of our things fit inside for road trips. I also love the bucket seats.

- Sara T

My Sequoia is a huge SUV that drives like a car! It has the luxury feel of an expensive car but rugged enough to hold everything I need to haul.

Love the size, luxury and comfort of my Sequoia. Dislike the repair cost of anything that has to be done by the dealer.

- Laura V

Wow the car is great would tell everyone to buy one.

I don't have any problems of my vehicle I really like it it is spacious not top-heavy good dependable family car.

- Keary V

It is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever been in.

I love this vehicle. The comfort and ride is like no other. Only downfall is it is not good on gas mileage.

- Suzanne P