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This iS Not your typical mom SUV.

I love my sequoia! The only challenge I have had has been with aftermarket products. I added a remote start, a 3' lift, fat tires, and window tint. It does not look like a mom SUV anymore. I have 2 teenage boys that live at home and 2 step-kids out of state. We take a lot of road trips. We all fit comfortably and there is plenty of room for our stuff. We purchased a waterproof container that fits perfectly on the roof rack for the long trips. Everyone has their own charger plug-in, even in the 3rd row. This is vital for teens on long drives! The kids love that the rear window rolls down. My husband loves that we can tow the boat or the trailer and fit all the kids. We always buy Toyota. They've always taken care of us and the product is stellar. They last forever.

- Julie J

Sleek, smooth, reliable and safe.

My vehicle runs smoothly for a four wheel drive vehicle. It has handled snowy and icy roads with ease with tons of traction. We have driven between two states on several occasions and logged a lot of miles. This vehicle is safe and reliable and worth the purchase price. This vehicle comes with a variety of options and colors to suit every day driving.

- William M

All around amazing automobile.

A Toyota sequoia is a perfect vehicle for a large family. It seats 8 people. It has the capability to get me through bad weather with its 4 wheel drive ability. It had an included navigating and entertainment package for that long road trip. A Toyota sequoia is the ideal vehicle for our family of six, who are always on the go!

- Jessica P

It is like driving a school bus.

I really enjoyed my car. It was hard to get used to driving at first because it is so large. I like the size because we have a growing family so I can fit a lot. I wish that we had gotten a car with a second row bench seating instead of captains chairs though because then I would have access to the entire backseat for storage.

- Gillian G

The Toyota sequoia is one of the longest lasting vehicles on the road.

I love the Toyota sequoia for many reasons. The dependability, the way it drives, the way it looks, large enough to hold my family and guests. I have driven other SUVs and those have major body roll when turning, the sequoia does not. The only thing I wish is that Toyota made a more fuel efficient sequoia, my only complaint.

- Amelia L

Family loves our Toyota sequoia.

I like the way it drives, almost like a car. Better than the American SUVs, with body roll. It is very dependable. Never an issue with anything. The seats are comfortable, with lots of legroom, even in second and third rows. Only thing I do not care for is the gas mileage, wish it were more fuel efficient.

- Jamie N

My comfortable SUV, minor complaints.

The gas tank is small, only hold around 30 gallons, I expected a larger one. The tow capacity is low with a 4x4, I was hoping to tow a medium sized trailer. There is a blind spot in front window, the right and side of the front windows. The information screen, tend to have a glare. Otherwise a great car.

- Angie R

My vehicle review about the Toyota I own.

Seats are very comfortable, lots of space, very nice. Large car, good for my family of 7. I enjoy car rides, only problem, trunk is kind of tiny, I would make it bigger if I could. All in all great car, totally would recommend it. Great job Toyota, you really hit a home run with this one!

- Blart G

Best family vehicle ever!

I love this vehicle. We are a family of four and previously had a Ford escape and there just wasn't enough room. Love the space, how sleek it is, and it is the first vehicle that I have owned that my husband also loves! It has a DVD player in the back which is a big thumbs up for my kids!

- Alison W

My Toyota sequoia has a very comfortable ride.

My Toyota sequoia is a great vehicle. I bought it for family road trips and it does the job. It has a very smooth ride and is very comfortable. It has a third row which my kids really love because they can ride far in the back. I really have no complaints about my vehicle.

- Laura V

My car is in excellent condition and runs very smooth and comfortable.

It's a very comfortable car to drive. It's also easy to drive but uses up a good amount of gas but its a nice car either way. I do not regret buying it a good amount of people fit and we travel a lot on it and will last a while. So I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Crystal A

Toyota's retain their value pretty well and the dealership will give free oil changes for the first good bit of miles driven.

I'm a smaller person and it's a little bit difficult for me to park and drive it. I feel like there are a couple of blind spots and I can't see around them. I like the car and feel safe in it. I feel like it's a smooth drive and can fit my whole family.

- Stacy U

Great car for kids. Plenty of leg room and able to see the road.

Love all the room. Even sitting in the last row plenty of legroom. The trunk does not have great storage but you are able to lay down the seat in the back and still have one seat that you can use. It work great for 3 kids.

- Kim C

It feels very safe. There are airbags in the front and sides. The vehicle is larger than most SUVs, but is still enjoyable to drive.

It's big enough for the entire family. It's also very safe. I can fit luggage for four people inside and still have room left over. It's fun to drive.

- Kim N

It has a lot of power to tow a travel trailer and room to take everyone with you

I love the Toyota Sequoia because of the size, we can fit the whole family and our two big dogs. It also has a v8 good for towing and snowy weather.

- Kevin B

It is a very safe and reliable vehicle for a large family

I absolutely love every feature the toyota Sequoia, It has the most comfortable seats, comes in third row, and we never have had a problem with it.

- Chasidy R

Roomy, great for travel, decent on gas mileage and easy to drive

Roomy for hauling children. Great for travel. Reliable. No issues with anything. Easy to drive and decent on gas mileage

- Stephanie W

It is a very reliable car.

Engine has lots of power. It has lots of room. Drives nicely. Looks nice. Like the color. Can seat 8 people.

- Kelly B

Very reliable and well constructed.

I like how it was made with solid construction. It is very spacious. No dislikes or complaints.

- Win X

That it is used to transport my big family And is a staple in my life

I have a Toyota sequoia it is very big I love the added features to the vehicle

- Melissa Y