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Most family friendly on the market.

I love my van. It is very comfortable for my needs. I have plenty of space for trips with my children and friends. I like that both sides have gliding doors for easy access. It seems to get great gas mileage and dash lights help to let me know of any problem such as low fluids or fuel. I also like that the seats can easily lay down to offer more space if I need to move a piece of furniture or things bulky in size. I use my van to travel to and from work. I do drive on the interstate for the commute. My van drives smooth at higher rates of speed as it does when driving slower in downtown. I enjoy that I can control temperature throughout the van. The controls in the back are very helpful to passengers. My family loves our van. I hope to purchase another possibly newer year soon. I would recommend a Toyota Sienna for any family.

- Denise A

Toyota sienna best van for starter family!

Only problems I have had with my sienna is the door handles broke off. The driver and passenger doors on the inside. The drivers side sliding door and the back hatch. Performance has been good since the day I got it 4 years ago. It has never broke down or left me stranded. Even starts up good when I haven't started it in a week during winter. Comfort in exceptional. Better seats than our newer 2017 car and when we travel we have plenty of room for our luggage, 3 kids, our dog(90 lbs) and two adults. There are no special features just a good van altogether.

- Cecilia M

Runs smooth, good size for a growing family.

Well it's my husband's car. He thought he could modify it and make it into like a camper and I told him he couldn't. He's ruined the vehicle. If he didn't bother it I wouldn't mind it even though it's kind of big. I'm more of a small car kind of person. Other than that I can say that it runs pretty good but not ideal for Chicago in which we live. I feel it would be better in a not so city area. Maybe a suburban area around Chicago I don't know. But with the size that means more people can sit inside if he would put the seats back.

- Ashley C

Toyota sienna. . . The babe of badness.

My vehicle has been reliable and problem free (mechanically) until the mileage reached 216, 167. The alternator belt needed to be replaced. The body is in rough shape due to a neighbor that broke out my back windshield and "friends" that broke off handles and damaged mirror and doors. But what are friends for? This vehicle has withstood more than ordinary usage. If you are looking for a vehicle that will last and endure almost anything, I would highly recommend one just like mine.

- Dana F

Love this vehicle wouldn't trade it.

I love smaller cars so this vehicle works perfect for me. It's red which is also my favorite color. Last year my grandmother passed away from cancer and this is her car so I enjoy the rides a little more feeling like she's still with me today. The car has not had any issues since me nor my grandma had it. We keep it up to date with oil changes & keep the vehicle clean so I love it. Definitely recommend this car because it is older and still runs perfect.

- Brittany O

My Toyota sienna is great for getting around town, its spacious and comfortable

I have had a Toyota sienna since 2007 and since then I've never experienced any major problems with the vehicle. Its spacious and has a lot of leg room, feels smooth on the road and the seats are pretty comfortable. The only problems I've had are cosmetic, in example the panel on the passenger side has come off, and the ignition is worn down from putting in the key all these years. Other than that I haven't had any major engine issues or anything like that.

- Tierra W

Our Toyota Sienna: Comfort, Space & Functionality

I drive a silver 2001 Toyota Sienna. I like the amount of seating and cargo space it has, especially since my vehicle prior to this one was a sedan, so it is definitely more spacious than that. It's obviously a little dated (it has a cassette player, for example, and no audio input ports), but it's comfortable and functional and it fits what my family needs right now. We haven't had any issues with it in the time we've owned it (about 2 years now).

- Jennifer G

It's a decent car, but always do some research for newer models and check our their features and problems.

It's got good space, since it's a van. The transmission was replaced, since the original transmission that came with the car was faulty and I believe it was recalled, could be wrong. I didn't pay for the new transmission when I got the car, so I was lucky there. For some reason the back door handle keeps coming loose and that sucks, having to go to the auto shop and paying to get it unhinged and functioning again.

- jonathan r

The car is well organized, runs fast, and also it does not break easily.

I am the original owner of a 2001 sienna xle. This have been a very reliable car for my family. The only problem we had was the running board rusted out at 80k miles that we had to remove, may be due to winter road salt. We replace timing belt and water pump at 100k and vehicle has 170k miles now. The other large ticket maintenance item was the catalytic converter, it consists of 3 sections and were all replaced.

- Ibrahim N

I love this car this cars performance is really good.

I love this car this cars performance is really good I love this car this cars performance is really good I love this car this cars performance is really good I love this car this cars performance is really good I love this car this cars performance is really good I love this car this cars performance is really good.

- Sally W

The unstoppable Family shit-wagon

Its held up forever. Been coined the family shitwagon. Breaks down less than the other and survived a few crashes. One door does work but most else still does. Make great alternative to a pickup too. Became the bands official gear hauler. She ain't pretty but she really get the job done. Lots of jobs

- Andrew K

I choose van as the title because I never had a van.

My vehicle is long it has chairs that fold up and come out the car. It is very spacious. It is perfect for traveling. The comfort is fair it has soft chairs and the rubber on the inside of the car is nice. I believe the car drives nice the steering is aligned and the headlights work. It is a decent car.

- Caitlin L

Typical Toyota. Do not hesitate to buy one.

Very reliable, no major problems. The workhorse of the family. The engine was also put in the Avalon and I think Camry. Great performance for a van. I also have a 2013 Avalon, both have the same reliability. I will drive the wheels off of it before I get rid of it. At least 50, 000 miles left to go.

- Steve S

It gets my three toddlers around and us good for grocery shopping

Air conditioning and heating ventilation is horrible and hard to control. Horrible gas mileage. Blind spots are bad and audio system are far from good. Problems with wheel bearings, tire pressure lights coming on. Engine light comes on every couple hundred mile for O2 sensors. Not a great buy!

- Brie A

My Toyota, my baby, my van, mine.

Wanted another van so when I found this, test drove it, loved it so bought it. I like the room it provides, the comfort, it's up off the road, make me feel secure. It's great on gas mileage, easy on tires. Its a used car, I have a slight oil leak but nothing that can't be controlled.

- Dolores C

Casual comfort for the modern family.

My vehicle runs very well to be pretty old. It is roomy and comfortable, and is not a "gas guzzler". It is easy to get into and out of, which is convenient with small kids. I am able to get my smaller kids into their seats very comfortably. I love having a sliding side door.

- Dawn H

Its old 2001 toyota sienna vehicle.

Sometimes the engine smokes and the brakes need fixing. I enjoy riding in the car because it's comfortable and has electric power windows and a door that slides open when pushing a button and you can change radio. Stations on the steering wheel. The car ride smoothly.

- Lil D

Great van, poor gas mileage

Great reliability, poor gas mileage. Slow acceleration, easy to drive, paint has faded on roof, no real complaints. Seats seven, good A/C so far. All door handles needed replacing. Dependable and useful for many passengers. CD player stopped working but radio works.

- David R

minivans are the bomb dot com.

My van is great. It gets decent gas mileage. It is very comfortable on the inside with 3 rows of seats, including a set of captain's chairs in the middle. The automatic sliding door is very convenient. It is easy for my kids to get in and out safely. It is great!

- Dawn L

Good vehicle. Back quarter windows could be better.

Good vehicle overall. I like the feel of it and appearance especially after the new paint job which was needed. The would prefer if the back windows opened from the back manually. Currently they only open from the driver's seat by turning on the vehicle.

- Bret C

Car drives well had it only for a few months, it holds up well.

This car drives well. Though mine has manual windows, which are a pain, but still the a/c helps with that. The seats are nice and cleanable, and the interior holds up well to the heat. The exterior paint job is great and has held up for so many years.

- Danielle D

Love all the room in my Sienna and that it can tow my small trailer.

My Toyota Sienna was purchased about two years ago gently used with about 90,000 miles. Since the purchase I have changed the brakes and installed a trailer hitch. It's a pleasure to drive and multi functional.

- Tom H

It's great for families of 3 to 6. It seats seven, but doesn't have a lot of cargo space.

I like the comfortable driving. It's fairly easy to park. I like that it has two sliding doors. I don't like that the middle windows don't open and we've had a horrible time with the door handles breaking.

- Andrea H

Toyota is a dependable brand.

I like that it gets great gas mileage. Another benefit is It's compact exterior with plenty of room for kids inside. It also doesn't require frequent repairs. I don't like that it is so old.

- Hillary S

I've had the van for 14 years and it is still reliable

I've had my van for years and it is still working quite well. Gives me the space I need to transport family and belongings. I've got no car payments and it is a very reliable vehicle

- Jennifer D

I love it! I'M USE TO HOW IT DRIVES, so I am comfortable in it.

It has served me well for over 12 years. It sits up higher than cars so I can see all around me. It doesn't have all the "Stuff" that new ones have, so there is less to go wrong.

- Kathy T

It has a lot of room for 2 kids in car seats. I have enough space for a rear and forward facing car seat

I have only found 2 problems with the vehicle. You can not just change the fuel filter, you have to change the complete fuel pump. The other issue is not having 2 automatic doors.

- Vanity M

Toyota Sienna one mile or 200,000 plus runs great!

I bought my van in 05 used with 90 thousand miles now 13 years an 130 thousand more miles an one wreck it's still awesome. Brakes alternator tires little more has been updated.

- Mary C

I like its style and the way it accelerates when I put the pedal to the metal.

I like the way it handles when I drive it. It has a great pick up speed. It is easy to handle and I would buy it again. I don't have any complaints about it at all.

- Peggie R

It has low repairs so far.

I love ability to carry a lot of people as well as cargo.it is 17 years old and still runs well. I resent the high cost to repair it or for routine maintenance.

- Sammi n

It is been our primary family vehicle for 17 years and still runs great.

We've had this car since it was new and it keeps on going! I love that it is roomy. The engine just will not quit! The body and interior are showing age though.

- Cheryl P

I very like the seats and they support my lower back

The toyota sienna is grey. It is very comfortable to drive in. It has no road noise. Especially when driving. The idle is very quiet and not disturbing.

- thomas p

It can fit a lot of people and has pretty good gas mileage.

It is a very reliable car it has lasted my family and A long 17 years of safe mobility. Would 10 out of 10 recommend as a family friendly van.

- Jennifer C

Rides like a luxury automobile and the seating is outstanding.

Has the best seats of any car I have ever had. Has the most room available than any car or van I have ever had. It rides like a luxury car

- joni d

It is a great vehicle for those with multiple children.

I like the size and shape. The seats are comfortable. I don't like the cargo space. The door handles all keep breaking and sticking.

- Andrea H

Not much to say. It's a good vehicle just needs a tune up

Its reliable, comfortable, and has an exhaust leak, needs a new O2 sensor. All in all it's a good and reliable vehicle

- Anthony H

I love my vehicle, it is a toyota. It runs better than any American car I've ridden in.

My vehicle is dependable, run smooth very good quality. I wouldn't have any other vehicle unless it was a Rav4.

- Linda D

It rides good it is heavy and that makes it rides it is very comfortable.

It has too many miles, I do not like the color, use too much gas. It rides good and it hold a lot of people.

- Brenda L

my van has some age on it but it still runs very good

This vehicle has been a very good vehicle. We have not had any trouble with the van. No complaints.

- thelma p

A lot of space inside, could be used as small moving van

It's very reliable vehicle. I like it's safety and driving experience. No complaints, yet...

- Arkadiy S

I love that i can transport my family and it is very dependable. It has lasted 17 years with almost zero problems. I don't like how difficult it is to remove the seats.

it might be a minivan but it sure likes to go fast and it can haul just as good as a truck!

- Shawna R

It rarely has any problems.

It's a luxury minivan. It can fit my whole family comfortably. It rides really smoothly.

- Roq W

It has 4-wheel-drive and is good in all weather conditions.

I love how roomy it easy, easy to travel with our four kids and all their stuff!

- Noble G

I like the fact that it holds up to 7 passengers and I like the power doors.

I like the reliability of the car. There is nothing that I dislike.

- Jennifer G

It's my grandchildren and great grandchildren to the places they need to go.

It gets me to and from where I need. It's had its problems

- Cindy h

I have had my Toyota Sienna since 2005 and love it. It has performed well on numerous long mileage trips and has plenty of space for my family of five.

It has plenty of legroom in both the front and back seats.

- Michelle E

It is great for hauling kids to college. It has gone a lot of miles delivering our kids to their college of choice.

It is silver. It is nice to drive. It is getting old.

- Cheryl C

it has a lot of room inside the car and has a roof t

more space inside the car and has a roof top for air

- mel c