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Toyota Sienna comfortably fits 7, part recalls, & easy YouTube diy fixes.

Toyota Siennas are great if you have a big family or plan to carpool a lot. It fits 7 and has comfortably fit me and my family of 6 with all our traveling gear for state-long road trips. It is also nice to take the seats out and put a mattress in to travel around with. I've been told this make and model car had a recall on the original engines but when I bought my car the engine was already replaced. Both strut mounts had to be replaced over a year ago and that is another thing you might want to look into before buying this car. Cost about $1, 000 to get both fixed and is not something you can do by yourself. It has always driven smoothly however in the past two years it is been falling apart. The side door behind the passenger is automatic and does not close properly anymore, meaning you have to pull with all your strength to get it closed. The door handle on the outside side door behind the driver's seat broke once but good news is you can easily fix it. All you need is to buy a new handle online, have the correct tools, and look up YouTube videos to fix it yourself. Took less than a half hour to repair. Same with the front lights. I have had to replace light bulbs and they are really easy to do it yourself with the correct materials and a YouTube video to follow.

- Isabelle S

Minivan uses for family with young kids.

We love having the sliding automatic doors with our kids. I like being able to fit 4 car seats comfortably in it. The added features like DVD player, and heated seats are really useful. I like that I can fit our double stroller in the back and still have room for other things. I also like the built in sun shades. Very useful for the kids. All the cup holders come in handy too we are having problems with one of the doors not sliding open automatically anymore. We have a sunroof but rarely use it.

- Maggie M

People should know this van is comfortable, safe, and will last for the long haul.

I would buy this vehicle over and over. We have had it for eleven years. The vehicle is 16 years old. We are nearly at 200,000 miles and it has never failed us! Routine maintenance has kept it going strong. We have driven it across the country and back without any concerns. Now that it is becoming more ancient it still runs well. The only issue we are having is with emissions. We are looking at new vehicles and the Toyota Sienna is at the top of our list again.

- Alana B

Vehicle you will never regret.

Toyota sienna great mpv van, runs smooth no major issued, economical on gas. Spacious inner space, and flexibility to remove or flipped the seater made this van a must to have. I had been driving this precious vehicle for my family on road trip, sightseeing in town even transporting heavy stuff like sofa, cabinet when I moving house few years back, safe my budget from renting movers service. I'll recommended this vehicle, you will not regret it.

- Maya M

Dependable and roomy for moving or travel.

It a ok car, it was bought used, and had it for 4 years, and only had it fix 3 times, this time it was the back shocks and needed brakes and there a little rust showing now and when go over bumps my front passenger side makes a noise. But all and all the car runs pretty good, I really have not and whole lot of problems, if I need to get another car I would get me another Sienna, and would recommend people to get this car.

- Selina D

Perfect for the family of today.

I love the room I have for passengers as well as packages. The seats fold or remove depending on what you need to transport. The gas mileage is good. Perfect for families. It is easy to get in and out of, even for toddlers. I thought I would not like it when I first got it, but I actually do like it a lot. (I needed something bigger than my car I had. ).

- Lisa C

It's a Toyota so it's been so reliable and easy to maintain. I'm only the 2nd owner and the first owner treated it like gold so if you're looking for a used but still usable vehicle, you should look for one-owner Toyotas!

I love my minivan! I am so blessed to have found it. There isn't really anything I dislike about it. If I had a wish, I would've wished that the passenger seats would stow away instead of having to remove them if I need to haul something. But I rarely need to haul anything big enough to need to take the seats out so it's not a big deal.

- Rose B

Toyota Sienna not just for moms anymore. Gets the job done without being an SUV.

The van has comfortable seating. Plenty of room for suitcases if we travel without having luggage around our feet. I can fit six adults comfortably if we are a crowd. It gets decent gas mileage 20 mpg. As it is older I pay lower taxes and insurance. It also is higher than a crossover without the gas guzzling of an SUV.

- anne h

It is a comfortable vehicle for the whole family to ride

It is a comfortable family vehicle. My husband has over 6 feet tall so making sure that it's comfortable to drive was an important consideration when she was in this vehicle. I like that you can move the seats around. It helps us when we have just our children, or when we are traveling with more people than our children.

- Jennifer C

Toyota sienna is awesome!

A Toyota sienna is amazing. It is easy to maintain and will go many miles if cared for properly. It has a lot of room for the family (seats 7) and the seats are pretty easy to remove. It is so comfortable! I've had mine since 2013 and it had 125000 miles on it when I got it, and it is still running like a dream!

- Candy A

The Toyota sienna is a high performing vehicle.

In the years I purchased the Toyota sienna, I have been happy with the overall performance. Aside from regular maintenance, my repairs have been far fewer than other vehicles I have owned in the past. My one complaint is with the air conditioning as it is only adequate and has not ever been strong.

- Lee H

Nice riding car and you can fit 8 people in comfortable.

It is a nice riding car. It gets good gas mileage. And is very spacious. The doors handle seem to broke on it and they need to be replaced. It does get expensive to have someone replace so it is easier to do yourself. But as long as you keep up on maintenance your vehicle will run for many years.

- Rebecca B

Everything still works like new.

I have never had any problems with my car other than things that would normally need replacing with age. Any time I have had a problem, I immediately have it fixed. Everything on my car works, electric seats, windows, etc. Work like new. I have 260, 000 on this car and it runs just great.

- Leigh R

It's a minivan and is very comfortable with lots of room.

My van is amazing it can seat 7 passengers comfortably. It has ac and good heater for the winter time. Has power windows, power locks and a power sliding door on the passenger side. It has a good radio and a CD player. It is white and has plenty of space. It runs good and is great on gas.

- Hope P

Dependable and reliable. . .

Reliable and dependable and has only needed minor repairs in 16 years I have owned it. Drives great and can hold a lot of stuff or people has not been a money eater on repairs more than I expected over the years it to have and it is a dependable and reliable car to have.

- Bruce C

My van has survived two accidents in the last year and is still going strong.

Almost 200, 000 miles and it has been so reliable even as a used vehicle purchase. I would buy a new Sienna. It is comfortable and holds my family of 6 nicely even packed up for a week of camping. We have had some minor service needed but never more than $500 at a time.

- Laurie C

Good reliable and safe van.

My Toyota Sienna van is a really good reliable vehicle. It currently has 170, 000 miles on it and it is still going strong. Other than normal maintenance, we have not ever had any major issues with it. I would totally own another one and I would recommend this vehicle.

- David E

A smooth comfortable and spacious family friendly car.

It is a safe family size with good leg space car. It has a good safety features and gives smooth ride. It has sensors which is very helpful for parking and while taking reverse it can comfortably sits 7 people. Very good car for long drives. Brakes works fine too.

- Sonali B

Reliable, easy to maintain.

I have no problems. I have only had to perform regular maintenance through the years I have owned it. Plenty of space for teenage boys legs in the middle and back rows. Back seats come out if I have to transport something large, and I can easily do so by myself.

- Jennifer L K

Best minivan you can get.

What sets this vans specs apart is that the ability to turn on a dime. The speed its capable of is great everything handles well and it is pretty quiet. Toyota always makes great vehicles. The sienna is a really fun vehicle that so happens to be a minivan.

- Reggie S

It seats 7 and can haul a lot of things and is not bad on gas for a an older van.

I like that it still runs. I like that it does not use a ton of gas considering how old it is. I don't like the fact that it is old, but we do not want a car payment. Ilike the fact that it does not require a lot of work to it for as it is an older van.

- Pamela M

Reliable and versatile car for families.

I like the Toyota Sienna. It is reliable. The gas mileage is good. It has comfortable seats that fold down or remove easily. It is easy to find tires or other parts for this vehicle. They do tend to have problems with the o2 sensors going out though.

- Heather S

The standard safety features.

I like the electric seats, comfortable to drive, dependable, long life. I do not like how hard the seats are to remove and it has quite small cargo space in the rear. Also, some of the controls are hard to see/reach while driving.

- Becky E

Unexpected space for activities.

The space is very nice. It is very easy to remove the seats in the back. This makes it easy to put larger items in the back of the van. That really comes in handy. It seems to run well even though it has over 100, 000 miles on it.

- Mac M

I love how much room is has to help transport children and their stuff.

I like that it is an automatic. I like the fact that I can raise the seat up higher because I am a bit short. I do not like that there is no AUX cord, and that all of the vCard AUX cords are too big for it.

- Marissa W

It's been a very dependable vehicle. Great gas mileage!

My vehicle was purchased from a friend. The professional mechanic that recommended it is, in fact, the only one that's ever been under the hood. I trust him plus I knew the previous owner . . . all good

- Rick B

Even though our car is old, it works like a teen

My car has been doing me good since the year i got it. i got in 2002 which was 16 years ago. The seats are like felt and they still can recline. The engine sometimes doesn't work but we got it fixed.

- Erika c

If you take care of it the motor will last, it is a reliable family vehicle.

Reliable vehicle. Issue with door handles breaking on the exterior. Paint is peeling on the hood, seems to be a common complaint. Turning radius seems to be worse than a Suburban.

- Marianne E

It gets very good gas mileage. I drive 30 miles a day five days a week and a full tank lasts all five days.

It's a good car with excellent gas mileage. My one complaint is it sits low so when you are driving at night another taller vehicle will be using their lights and blind you.

- Arianna M

Older model van, looks great, runs well!

We love that this van has 8 full seats for our large family. The extra storage throughout is also helpful. This van drives smoothly and gets good gas mileage.

- Sarah M

Its truly exceptional, it is the perfect combination of speed, size, economy and comfort

I love the size and the handling of our van, it's big enough to give us plenty of room for children and groceries etc but doesn't feel too big like a truck

- Shaun H

Our Toyota van is very reliable, has enough room for extra passengers, and the CD player is wonderful.

I love the roomy seats, the great A/C, cargo space. This has been a very reliable vehicle for our family. I will be very sad when we need to replace it.

- Heather T

The power doors and windows are very fragile as the car ages...2 of the doors no longer open.

reliable, rarely needs major service. I like the roomy space for lots of my "stuff". It also has high number of miles (220,00) and still going strong.

- bev b

It has only been taken to a certified toyota dealership to get parts replaced

I have had to put new parts in it already and I haven't had it for a year yet. I love it cause it swats 7 and the seats come out and is very spacious

- Kristine P

Reliable sienna with quality design.

Very reliable. Only problem is o2 sensors tend to fail frequently. Also the door handles tend to break. Otherwise it is well designed and reliable.

- David B

Good price and reliable..

I like the space inside and gas mileage. I like have two front and two side doors. I dislike the cheaply made door handles which break easily.

- Julie L

It is a perfect car for a mom/family with kids. Or for those who transport people a lot.

I love it! It is a perfect size for our little growing family. It has plenty of storage and room for people. Very durable and easy to drive.

- Elisabeth H

Rides nice and maintenance is easy when you have a good mechanic.

Rides nice. We don't have many issues with it. The handles need to be sturdier. Good mileage on gas. Hard to clean carpet in it.

- Eric B

It is old and need to fix a lot of things.

The muffler is not good, it keep making noise when stepping on the gas pedal. The back and right side of the door handle broke.

- Mai M

Van is at 233,000 miles and probably has 70,000 miles left--just purrs along.

Toyota engine/internal workings keep going! Lots of space inside the van; but, the visor and other small items fall apart.


It only has one power door.

Like the power door just wish it was on both sides. Few electrical issues i wish were fixed along with an oil leak.

- Caitlin S

Little things tend to break or wear out a lot. I am constantly changing tires, brake pads, rotors, sensors.

I love the amount of space my van has. The middle seats come out. I hate that there isn't a built in carseat.

- Colene B

Good transportation and good gas mileage. It was free from a pastor friend

Love how it handles but need to get the hood fixed so it will close. And the back hatch so we can open it

- Lori B

It's reliable. It's roomy. It has lasted 16 years! maintenance costs relatively low.

Toyota makes well-made cars, that will not live in the shop, even a decade or more later

- Amy N

This vehicle has been reliable and a great vehicle. Lot is seating and comfortable

Great vehicle, but showing its age now. Been a very good family car.

- Douglas J