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The one most important thing is that it can run on e15 gas.

My vehicle is a light greenish color with fabric seats it has an automatic sliding door that all you half to do is push a button, and the door opens. It is an eight passenger Minivan, there are two different temperature control panels one in the middle for the use of the back passengers, and one in the front for the use of the driver and the passenger seat rider. It contains a disc player that will hold six discs and play them in order. It gets good gas mileage, and does not rust very easily. It has a lot of cup holders, there are five in the front by the driver and shotgun seat, there are four in the middle, and four in the back. Some of the seats can be folded down into tables for the seats behind them, and the back three seats can be completely folded down so there is more room in the very back for bigger objects, or just for a bigger amount of objects.

- Joy N

It's gone for this long and is still going.

It's comfortable. After 15 years, the interior has held up for the most part. It also hasn't had a lot of major problems that needed repairs. Things and parts have broken, but nothing that wouldn't break on any car. It's dependable and handles well. The handles are cheap, though, and break easily. The power door also creates a drain on the battery, occasionally causing trouble with it.

- Caitie W

Love the minivan lifestyle

It's an older van and we bought it used but it's still in great shape. I love how the back doors slide open with a click of a button on the clicker. There's a decent amount of space behind the third row seating, we love that there are vents in the back for the ac and heater. Only downfall was the DVD player didn't work when we got it.

- Jennifer G

Great car, great space, great buy!

My vehicle is so good on gas! Usually big cars are gas hogs but not this and it has held up a while even tho I am so bad at keeping up with oil changes. I love that it tells me when things are low and same with gas. There is plenty of space in my car for my whole family. Two kids and a husband. I am in love with this car.

- Kirsten G

This is a wonderful dependable vehicle. Toyota Sienna.

It's been a great vehicle I've only done minor repairs but there were problems with the door handles breaking which does make it hard to enter the vehicle but with time and effort they can be replaced. I hopefully plan to drive this 2003 for a few more years hopefully getting as many miles as possible out of it.

- Andrew N

Great van except one thing.

I love my Toyota Sienna not only for the space but because it is a very reliable car. I haven't had to do any major repairs on it the only issue would be with the handles. It seems that the material that these handles were made with break off after some years, I have seen others Sienna's with the same trouble.

- Irene L

I got my Toyota from a used car lot.

Just recently, the handle on my hatch fell off, and my rear a/c stopped working. Other than that, my vehicle runs great! I absolutely love it! There is plenty of room for my family, especially with babies (there's plenty of space for car seats). My husband says no matter what, we will always have a van.

- Katherine F

Toyota is great, just not this one.

The driving performance is acceptable. The interior is comfortable. The censors and electronics for the engine and drivetrain are unreliable and tend to fault out though nothing is wrong with the vehicle. All in all it is not bad for the price but I wouldn't recommend it even though it is a Toyota.

- Rodney O

The Sienna not suited for me.

Within the first year, we had a failed steering fluid system and a locked seat in the back. Not a very comfortable ride--it feels a little "top-heavy". It is a pretty rough ride. There is not good visibility toward the back -when turning to look, there are blind spots.

- Shirley C

Very reliable. We have had no mechanical difficulties with this vehicle.

I love all the space that we have especially when we travel. It rides comfortably. I do not like the back-up camera due to the distortion. I think it could be better. I also think it is very noisy. The road noise causes it to be difficult to carry on a conversation.

- Marla H

Door handles on this vehicle break!

The only thing I do not like about the Toyotas is that the door handles break all the time. They are made of cheap plastic and the engine will outlive the door handles! The performance is great, the 6 cylinder engine gives the van a ride like that of a sports car.

- Kathy P

It is family friendly car. Very safe to drive and gives eeing of smooth ride.

It is a comfortable ride, it is a family friendly car, very safe to drive with lot of leg space. It has good storage capacity. It is all wheel drive. My kids loves its sunroof feature. It also sensors which is very helpful for taking reverse or while parking.

- Sonali B

The pros to having this van with having kids

The van is wonderful it has sliding doors and on one side it has a automatic door. Comes in handy along with the windows to sliding door comes down to. So far no problems as i have been aware of. It drives smooth.

- Rebecca G

My 324,000 mile toyota sienna van.

I have 324,000 miles on my sienna. I had few if any problems until I went past 250,000 miles. It still runs good but its old and has a lot of miles on it. Other than this I have no problems with it.

- rommel s

I am still driving it reliably with over 200k miles on it!

My van is very old with over 200k miles and is still running great. It has always been reliable. Besides normal wear and tear it is holding up great. We haven't had many problems besides the usual.

- Amy N

Reliable vehicle with decent gas mileage.

I like that it has space for 8 people. It has enough storage space in the back. I do wish that the speakers were not only in the front and back but also by the sides. I do not have any dislikes.

- Rebecca B

Overall, my van has been very reliable.

The least liked feature has been my brakes. They have always been squeaky even when replaced. I like how easy it is to remove the seats to make room to carry large items.

- Nichole T

I never want to drive a different type of car again.

I like that I have a lot of room. I like that I can easily get my toddler in and out of the car. I do not like the automatic doors since right now ours is broken.

- Sarah S

It runs great performing all the maintenance on a regular schedule.

The door handle on front passenger door needs repair twice. The performance of the car runs great. Paint is chipping.

- L M

I Love my Sienna minivan!

This is my second Sienna minivan and I love it. It's a great van, spacious, rides smooth and is highly dependable.

- Tabitha H

The Toyota Sienna has a lot of room for kids and gear. The seats all recline back and come out out pretty easily.

I love the room. I wish the slider doors were both electric I wish that it had bluetooth for my phone

- Carol H

Has lots of miles but looks great!

It is dependable. Drives smooth and gives me confidence that I will always get to where I am headed.

- Jane P

Incredibly durable and dependable.

Dependable. Good gas mileage. Easy to get into and out of. It is easy to drive and very comfortable.

- Jennie P

It is a reliable van that never give me problem

I don't any complain about the van. It has been so good and reliable to me and my family

- Jasmine h

It's a reliable car made by toyota motor company and is fuel efficient too

toyota minivan is reliable vehicle but it does not have the latest safety innovations

- manish s

It's mine paid in full. It's a good family car with room to grow.

It gets me to where I need to go. It hauls what ever I need when I need it.

- Julia C

It is a reliable vehicle and has been over the 10 years I have owned it.

I like that it is a well built vehicle that has lasted a long time.

- Kristin P