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Toyota Sienna Van: A terrific ride, a comfortable environment!

The Toyota Sienna is a marvelous ride! It rides very smoothly and has alerts if the tire pressure is good, along with what direction you are heading and what the outside temperature reads. The van has many extras such as cruise control, remote radio and CD controls on this particular model a moon roof where the glass atop can retract and fresh air enter. The driver's seat is motorized and can be adjusted back, forward, up and down. There is a heating element in both front seats on cooler occasions. The sliding doors on each side are motorized and can open with a push of a button. So, can the hatchback be opened with a button control. There is room for 7 people in the van and the seats on the second row can be lifted up to make more room. The seat to the back can be lowered into the floor allowing a good sized area for a storage. All in all the van is a great touring car and can be great on long trips and just making quick trips around town or country. I love it!

- Jeffery M

2004 Toyota sienna: a seven passenger minivan.

The only problem I have had is that the tires light on the dashboard never turns off. I had the tires replaced this year and a month after the light turned back on even though I checked the tire pressure and it was within standards. On the other hand, the minivan is really old so when one of my family members was driving it on an extended uphill trying to go more than 60 miles per hour, the engine light went off and the car started to smoke. I took it to a mechanic and they said that one of the cylinders wasn't working correctly and fixed it. Other than that there have been no significant problems. The car has been reliable especially for the amount of miles on it. The performance, reliability, comfort, and features of the car are satisfactory.

- Rose S

Our family vehicle of choice

Our growing family recently purchased the Toyota Sienna and we love it! We love all of the room we have, especially the trunk space! The back seats fold down as well to give even more storage! You can also have 2 separate seats in the middle, or push them together to make one big seat. I love how the door slides open. Being able to push a button on the remote makes it easier to get the little ones in the car. There are lots of cup holders as well as hidden compartments to put things in such as sunglasses, spare change, and even some larger items. The van rides very smooth and is perfect for family vacations. The automatic seat position buttons are helpful when switching out between drivers.

- Hope M

Family best ever minivan, you will never regret it.

2004 Toyota sienna purchased used early 2016, has 186k miles on it and still drives like a brand new, the engine start so quiet you cannot hear it idle. This is the most comfortable seat on the road, gas mileage 28/mpg on trips. Great for long trip, run around town, grocery shopping, believe it or not I even used it to transport my belonging last 2 years using this van, safe on renting budget lorry, due to spacious space available, I never had any issue to transport bulky item such as sofa, cabinet, as I'm a fan of goodwill items. Reliability very superb, no major issue and no sign of stopping, by far the best vehicle I had ever owned. Take care sienna and it will return the favor.

- Maya H

It's a very reliable car. Ours has gone over 200k miles with minimal issues.

My minivan is a 2004 Toyota Sienna. Even though it's over 14 years old, it's been my favorite vehicle. The sliding door opens with a click of a button, which is super helpful with our toddler. There is plenty of space. The seats are comfy, the back ones also fold flat so it makes transporting large items much nicer. 6 people can sit nicely, 7 if you want to cram. There are controls for the radio on the steering wheel, I like that. It has a lot of belt problems but it's very old so I understand, belts don't like me much anymore either. Other than that it runs great and I'll be sad when her run is over.

- Kimberly S

A good strong running vehicle.

We really haven't had many problems with this vehicle . We did have to get the air conditioning recharged last year, but the car was 14 years old. No major work was done, just recharged the refrigerant. . The automatic sliding door on the driver's side does not work anymore. However, the door is easy to open and close, so we haven't even looked into getting it fixed. We seem to use the passenger side door the most and the automatic open and close mechanism works great on that door. . We've only had to do routine maintenance to keep everything in good working order.

- Cynthia J

My Toyota is the most reliable and everlasting car I have ever owned.

These particular vehicles are made to last and their very reliable. Very rarely do I need to fix anything because they last forever. The performance of my vehicle is very high. The only problem with the vehicle is just repairs because of the age and endurance my car took. On general things like new tires, spark plugs, and brakes. The seats are comfortable and the window from the back to front are automatic to open and close. There is a built in TV for long distance driving. It provides automatic open and close doors. Overall a very good sturdy car.

- Naomi R

I very like the seat they are so comfortable.

The performance of the car is still perfect. The only problem of the car now is the check engine go on and off, but still drive smoothly. Another problem is that if you want to sit at the back you have to pull one of the front row seat down to get to the back and it heavy to move the seat. It is very reliability if you have a huge family and have a lots of grocery. The seat are very comfortable. One of the features I like about the car is that you can buy a DVD player and connect to the car when you on a long trip. This will keep the kids quite.

- Gloria H

My review for my Toyota sienna. Definitely a family vehicle.

It is very reliable. The ac compressor when out and we had to replace. A little hard to work on by yourself. Location of the heating duct under the entertainment center is a problem. It caused our stereo to stop working and we had to replace it. You have to make sure you keep up with the tire rotations. It is an amazing family vehicle though. It is very roomy. I have 3 graco 4ever car seats in it and it does not feel cramped at all. I would definitely recommend it. The one thing I do wish mine had is a DVD player. That is an easy fix though.

- Michelle H

Frozen door crazy fused kid car

Automatic sliding doors always freeze in the winter, so when you push the button to open, it un-latches but doesn't open. So then the 'door is open' beeping starts as soon as the vehicle is in drive. The headlights and tail lights are always burning out. There are several fuse issues including for the cruise control, radio, and air controls. The driver seat is movable up and down, but it's not automatic and it's awkward to move it while sitting in the seat. It is quite convenient for the kids and nice and roomy.

- Camille H

Toyota is a family investment.

The sienna is a very comfortable vehicle, mostly because of how it rides like a bigger vehicle, but site lower for ease of loading and unloading. Getting kids, pets, groceries in and out is a breeze. The automatic doors are also a wonderful feature. I wish it had stow and go options but it is an older model so can't fault anyone there. It has been incredibly reliable as most Toyotas are if consistently maintained and cared for. The do incredibly well even as the climb into the high mileage.

- Alexis S

My Toyota Sienna minivan has been the most dependable, well made car I have ever owned. It was a great investment and is still running strong at over 175,000 miles.

This Toyota Sienna minivan has served our family of 8 well for 15 years. We have had to do minimal repairs on it. It seats 8 people and is very comfortable and well made. The only complaint is that the electric sliding door failed and was not under warranty. However, we cut the cable ourselves and the door works just fine manually. This is a great car and we are going to hang on to it as long as we can. We still have 3 kids in school and that means 3 more kids we need to teach how to drive.

- Nancy K

Family of 6 who travel love this vehicle

As a second home for this vehicle, we are very satisfied. The interior of the car is clean with maximum seating. The legroom for each seat is comfortable while the seats are easy to move. The back bench folds flat opening up a large and convenient space for storage in town or for travel. Opportunities to travel on the mountain roads are frequent and show off the smooth engine power and steering ease. Long term travel has also been safe and comfortable. This vehicle is highly recommended.

- Jessica R

This is a spacious, long lasting vehicle.

I love my van! It has so much space for my whole family plus the extra items we need for travels or groceries. It is so comfortable even when packed with many items for traveling with my family of 6. The motor and other components work amazing. If you keep up on oil changes, brake pad changes, and tires it will last forever. I have only needed to repair these in the nearly 4 years I have had my van. I would highly recommend this van to anyone looking for a new family vehicle.

- Heather B

Overview on my Toyota sienna.

I have several issues with the brakes. It drives nice and smooth. The interior has held up nice and there are no tears in the seating. It has been hard to get smells out of the fabric, but that is normal. The engine has held up really nice and have not had any major mechanical issues with it thus far. The seating is comfortable. I do wish the seats were easier to fold down, but it still works and makes plenty of room.

- Maire L

It's a very safe and reliable vehicle that has served our family of 6 very well.

I love my sienna because is very comfortable to ride in, and holds lots of people and lots of stuff, and it has all wheel drive so it feel safe. The things I dislike about it are the run-flat tires because there is no place for a spare and we've had a flat that will not run on it. It also does not have a light in the very back which makes it difficult at night if you're getting things out of the back.

- Sharyl R

My vehicle is a tan 2004 Toyota sienna.

The vehicle is older so it is not brand new. However it is a great reliable family friendly care. It fits all of us for a family of 6. I love the van. I can be sitting in passenger sit and if the kids need me I can move myself to the back to help them. The van does have a DVD system but it does not work, which is a bummer but then again it is an older van. I would get another van or a suburban.

- Katherine K

That it runs well. It is a reliable vehicle, and we haven't needed to do many repairs on the engine. Aside from the issues with the body, it's been a great van.

Overall, I am very happy with my van. The engine seems to be very reliable. We have had some problems with the body. And the automatic door stopped working right, so we had to turn it off. Something came apart inside the driver's side door, and so now it swings open really fast. The dealership told us that they can't do anything for either door. But as for vehicle performance, we love it.

- Angela S

Very reliable and efficient minivan

We have only had to do routine maintenance on this car for the last 15 years. It has been so reliable and efficient. We have used it for long trips, picking up supplies from Home Depot, etc, and even trailing a boat to launch in the bay. Even though we have over 250k miles on it, the Sienna runs like new. I often call it our living room on wheels as it's so comfortable. It's a great car.

- Kathy B

Reliable, spacious family vehicle

Very reliable vehicle. Interior is leather , temperature adjusters for each passenger . Fits 7 people. Electric doors that slide open / manually open, whichever you prefer. So far I have had no issues with this van other than replacing the serpentine belt, which I could tell was due to it not having been replaced in awhile. Van looks like a 2000 year model, it does not look old at all.

- Elizabeth D

2004 Toyota sienna = life saver!!

I own a 2004 Toyota sienna. I always said I would never buy a minivan but now I do not think I will ever drive anything else. The automatic doors and back hatch are a lifesaver with kids. Ours have captain seats which is great for car seats. I am impressed at how much storage space there is in the very back of the van. The seats also fold or can be removed from the car with ease.

- Melanie P

2004 Toyota Sienna. Still going strong!

15 years old and still going. Replaced motor last year. Drive cable replaced. AC still is very cold and runs great because it was properly maintained. Reliable car. One leather seat tore from frequent us. Car still looks new. Major problem w the automatic doors is that the cables are prone to snap and are VERY expensive to replace. So one of my sliding doors does not open.

- Michelle G

Spacious and smooth ride, but has its downsides.

Acceleration is very smooth, but brakes are not the best; it can take a few seconds for the car to come to a complete stop, especially at high speeds. Automatic car doors in the back also have quite a few issues and sometimes close randomly while people are getting in and out of the car. The vehicle is very spacious and it is easy to transport large objects.

- Ra H

Plenty of room. Great riding vehicle for a family.

I have a 2004 Toyota sienna van. It is an 8 seater. We bought this van when my daughter was a baby. The seat in the middle of the second row can be adjusted closer to the front row. That is handy if you have an infant in a rear facing car seat. It also has a lot of room for vacations or sports events with kids. It has been a great vehicle for our family.

- Tammie H

Reliable minivan that withstands high mileage.

I really like it as a family car, it has been quite reliable in performance and already has over 250,000 miles on it without and major mechanical issues. However the durability of the body is lacking. One of the doors broke and parts of the inside are coming off. The windows in the back seem to be 'leaky' and let air in even when they are closed.

- Brooke C

Spacious vehicle with great storage space

The air conditioning has been inconsistent for about the past 4 years. The car is extremely heavy, given that it is a minivan. There is however, lots of legroom, comfortable seats, and great storage area in the truck. Overall, I would recommend this car for anyone that had a large family and/or extended family that is living with them.

- David L

Casual or fancy outing, Toyota minivan is for me the perfect vehicle.

Really enjoy driving my Toyota minivan. I got it gently used but it runs great. It has just enough room for whole family (including pets) comfortably. It's great on gas and runs smooth and quiet. I haven't had any major repairs other than major tune up and oil change. I would recommend it for far away trips or quick trips around town.

- Susan H

2004 Toyota Sienna. Best car ever

Best car I ever owned has 220k miles and still drives like a dream. Have replaced transmission but otherwise very little has gone wrong with this gem. I will be sorry to move on but want to guarantee reliability for New England winters. I would recommend manual vs automatic sliding doors. Needed to replace sliding door 2x

- Mary F

2004 Toyota Sienna perfect minivan until it breaks.

Great gas mileage, comfortable seating and plenty of storage space and seats 7 passengers. But god forbid if something does break on this vehicle it will cost a fortune to fix/replace and most likely will have to be taken to a mechanic. So much high tech computerized parts it's almost impossible for a quick backyard fix.

- Jennifer T

Strong reliable and spacious.

It is a very reliable car I had since 2004. I would strongly recommend the car. It is spacious comfortable and great for family trips we have been travelling long distances trips. The technology of the one we got was very basic. We had only to change the batteries or the tires which is normal for a 15 years old vehicle.

- Carolina R

Minivans are cool and will recommend to anyone.

I love how it is a van so it fits all of my siblings and I, including my parents as well. The interior is nice for a family and the seats are comfortable as well. The driving is smooth too. Some problems that you may face when purchasing this vehicle is that in the cold winter nights, the sliding doors are hard to open.

- Lucy X

I have been using the car for 15 years and it's still in good condition.

The car has lasted for years! It has comfortable seating as well and a mini tv for the family to enjoy for long trips. It does not have many problems and if it does it's only because whatever the problem is its required to get changed. The vehicle has shown to have good quality and very safe for families to use.

- Naomi R

this vehicle is very long lasting and has lasted me many years.

since it an older model it need more service to be one on it. The car makes a lot of noise when I drive, but I've had this car since 2010. This car has been with me for more than 7 years because it is now 2019 and I still have my 2004 model sienna. Toyota is honestly the best car company for any person to have.

- Christina A

My Toyota Sienna has stood the test of time and keeps on going.

My 2004 Toyota Sienna may be 14 years old, but it runs like a charm. It is dependable and smooth. The only issue I have ever had with it has been a starter needing to be replaced. Basic things like tires and brakes got done this year. I would highly recommend a sienna to anyone in the market for a van.

- Stacy H

It gets us from place to place but isn't really a comfortable or status vehicle.

I like the extras, like leather seats and an easy close trunk. I don't like that the door handles are weak, the doors are heavy and the wheels/tires have constant problems. The vehicle was not made to carry spare tires either, so that makes it more difficult when tires go flat (a couple of times per year).

- S M

A wonderfully crafted vehicle!

Love the gas mileage and plenty of cargo space! I have taken it on road trips across the country. The air conditioning works wonderfully for those hot summer months. One of my favorite parts about this car is how much seating space I have, I can carry all my friends and anything we buy when we go shopping.

- jane M

Toyota Sienna 2004 still in good condition and long features

It is very old and has issues too many times even after being checked and fixed. Although for 14 year the car is still in great shape and has more minor problems rather than big problems. The starter was just fixed after 13 years and that is amazing. I know my next car is going to be most likely a Toyota

- Ariana C

Perfect family car for traveling comfortably

My car has 300,000 miles on it and it still works perfectly fine. Never any major repairs. The only issue I had with the car was the automatic sliding door gets jammed every once in awhile which is common as the car gets older. Over all I love this minivan and would purchase a newer model in the future.

- shannon B

Dependable and reliable car.

The Toyota sienna is very reliable. It requires very little maintenance outside of the typical servicing issues. It does not give us any problems. It drives well and smooth. My children enjoy the spaciousness of the sienna. They each can have a row in the car and not bother each other or me the driver.

- Michelle T

Toyota sienna, the perfect vehicle.

Great vehicle. Easy to move seats and change configuration. Use it for transporting people one day and moving boxes the next. I love the roof rack for transporting bikes and kayaks. We even use it to camp in. Great gas mileage and very reliable. I have 209, 000 miles on mine and have had no problems.

- Terry W

My Toyota van is the one I choose.

My Toyota sienna is a great van. Its roomy, seats 7 people comfortably. Seats are huge & fit your bottom well. Body style is a nice gray color that seems to shine in the dark. Rides smoothly even over bumps. The engine is clean, no rust anywhere on van. Has a rack on top of van for extra storage.

- Bobbie O

I live my vehicle but it can use some work to get it back in good condition.

The problems that I have with my vehicle are as follows: my van suppose to be powered but it has electrical issues, minor problems under the hood, a little body damage when purchased. The reliability of my car is very reliable. Dashboard lights are on. Consumes a lot of gas frequently than normal.

- Ashley W

Dependable and practical for families

The vehicle is very reliable for having almost a quarter of a million miles and only doing necessary maintenance. The side doors can be a pain because one does not work anymore but we get around it fairly easily. We have taken it on long trips many times and it is nice to have the space for kids.

- Amber H

Great car, especially for family road trips.

Runs very well, it is very spacious inside, great for long family trips. Some minor work has had to be done, but that is honestly to be expected with a vehicle that is 14 years old. Other than that though, it really does run great for its age, will definitely be keeping this around for a while.

- Rosa H

It's a comfortable and quiet vehicle. It's all-wheel drive so it handles well in the snow and ice.

I love how the trunk of my van is below the hatch so that when I open it, I'm not chasing watermelons down the road. I dislike the way the windshield wiper bar is set up. It's hard to adjust the length of time between the wipes. I like how the seats are comfortable with a nice lumbar support.

- Tarah S

It is comfortable and practical.

I like MY car it is very roomy fits all my kids comfortably drives nice etc. one thing I have had issues with however is my electric door which is now broke and we hardly are able to use that door other than that the car is great reliable and with basic maintenance can run for miles and miles.

- Emily L

Great vehicle for family, but a lot of attention needed.

I like my vehicle, it is very spacious and easy to access with 3 kids (6, 4, & 1). Best vehicle for family of 5. But lately it has been giving problems, I had to change the starter twice in less than 2 years. It goes through gas very fast. I love the car but I feel I can find a better vehicle.

- Leslie F

It rus good,8 seaters good for the family,and you can count on to drive a long distance.

Toyota Sienna 2004 is a nice vehicle and you can count on,IT'S VERY COMFORTABLE AND GOOD FOR THE FAMILY.EVEN IF I BOUGHT IT USED BUT IT RUNS GOOD,FOR I CAN'T TELL THE PROBLEM COZ still runs good.I recommend you guys to buy toyota sienna 2004 cos it very nice vehicle for the family and for you

- Zolton R

The class of all minivans.

My Toyota sienna is extremely reliable and ever since I purchased it in 2014, has given me no problems whatsoever. The only non mechanical issues has been the dashboard area which has cracked and I heard that most Sienna's have this issue. I have taken many trips with it in pure comfort.

- Ed R

Best traveling vehicle you can own!

I love it. The seats fold down and can be removed to have space in the back that is 4x8. I travel in it all the time. It is very comfortable with leather seats. My sister bought one after riding in mine. I have driven it down to Mexico and back up many times loaded with household items.

- Cheryl M

My van Toyota sienna 2004.

I love my van it runs smoothly does not make a lot of noise when driving. Since I bought it the check engine light came on and never goes off but I bought it used and I have had it for about 3 years and no problems. What I love the most is all my children fit perfectly and not squashed.

- Vanessa R

Love this car and it still runs great after 8 years!

It runs well for its age, I have had it for 8 years but it is 15 years old, the problems are minor issues such as strange noises, but it still runs very well. I drive a ton ever week, including 2 hour or more drives every other week twice in that week. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Nicole M

Helpful cruise control feature.

I love that when I set cruise control on my van that it has a safety feature where I can determine how far away I want to remain from other cars and it will gradually slow me down from cars in front of me to maintain that distance! Makes driving on the interstate much less stressful!

- Lauren G

Toyota sienna minivan 2004!

The car is very long lasting! Lasts a lifetime! Will never break down. Super easy to drive. Great visibility and comfort. Tires last forever. The inside is not as nice as other cars but still good. The ac is great, mirrors as well. I promise this car is the best family car possible.

- Alice S

My Toyota Sienna 2004. This is what I hate about it.

This vehicle feels like a bus. It is difficult to back up. The heating and cooling do not seem efficient. On the plus side, there is plenty of leg room and space for several passengers. The gas mileage is really bad so I would not recommend it for people with long daily commutes.

- Paula M

Roomy, great gas mileage and price was within my budget

I have not found anything that I do not like about this van. We take it on family trips. 7 people in total and we all ride comfortable and have room to move. Grandson likes that flip down built in DVD player with headphones. Gets great gas mileage for being 15 years old, 27 mpg.

- Michelle L

Good van with a good deal of burrito holders

Runs terrifically, comfortable, TV in the back, has good gas mileage, easy to drive, cup holders on cup holders, can fit a lot of spaghetti in it, turn one of the cup holders into a burrito holder, one adjustable cup holder, gets me lots of compliments, rear wiper, good brakes.

- Sawyer F

The king of vans. This van has captain seats and is full of luxurious perks.

My vehicle is a minivan that is made for comfort and designed with family in mind. It is a 4 wheel drive with great handling. This van had great gas mileage in the city and amazing highway mileage. My family appreciates the multiple charging port and the rear air conditioning.

- Brenda B

2004 Toyota still performs great after 15 years

Although it is old, the van has been well maintained, is very reliable with few problems..It is very comfortable to drive and ride in, with several helpful features, especially the fantastic air conditioning. with its lively engine it accelerates well and handles beautifully.

- Mike D

Toyota makes the best I have ever owned and it keeps on going strong.

It is reliable, roomy, durable and good on gas. Like having a truck and a car all in one. I have had it now 14 years still running good, just done the basics, battery, filters, oil and tires, brakes as normal. I plan on keeping it for the rest of my life they made it good.

- Carolyn Mclean m

Space! It has lots of space. It can carry 7 people at one time.

I love the space it has because I have two kids in car seats. I coupon so I buy a lot when I grocery shop so the space in the back is great. It drives very smooth compared to my car. It has a few issues like the lights pick and choose when to turn on and off by themselves.

- Samantha C

The most dependable family car I have ever driven.

Got the car gently used and have had it for 10 years. It has had no major repair needs in that time (unless you count replenishing freon in the AC and changing the brake pads and tires every couple of years) I love how it drives, and I can haul more in it than the truck.

- Elm H

It's spacious and fits the whole family. It's great for travel. There's even a travel rack on the roof.

Enough room for the entire family .Spacious storage area. Abundance of cup holders. I don't like that there are only two latch areas for carseats in the back that are right next to each other my kids tend to fight and it would be nice to be able to separate them.

- Cassandra L

How I love my Toyota sienna.

Easy to handle. Roomy and comfortable especially for longer trips. If engine oil is changed on schedule it runs forever!! The only problem that I have noticed is the dashboard area which cracks after a few years. I have noticed this problems on a few sienna's.

- Eddie R

Great minivan! I highly recommend it.

It is been a great minivan. Very comfortable, roomy, and it is held up great. The exterior is great condition and so is the interior. No major problems. The only thing I can think of, if the power door will have issues sometimes. 206000 miles and going strong.

- Casey W

2004 Toyota sienna..The minivan that keeps on going!

We've had our sienna minivan for 11 years, and still love it! We have not had any major repairs, only maintenance and a few small things. We have almost 200,000 miles on it and it is still great! When we buy another van, it will definitely be another sienna.

- Mel K

Great car to own good family vehicle.

No problems in all the years we have had it. A comfortable ride good gas mileage. 6 comfortable seats good vision ability. Air conditioner always works perfectly we have enjoyed owning this vehicle for many years and hope to have it for many more years.

- Jeanne L

My car is older but it stands the test of time in regard to reliability and safety.

I love my car because it is reliable without too many repairs. It was one of the most sought after cars at the time it was purchased because it was rated well. I'm still not embarrassed to drive such an old model car. It has classic traditional styling.

- Janice D

As it gets older it will jolt every time it shifts gears.

I like how convenient it is for having 4 kids. However, I have an issue where the doors regularly freeze shut during the winter. Overall it is a great vehicle that has required very little work to it. Even with 200,000+ miles it is incredibly reliable.

- Alesha R

It has the best gas range, I have driven this car from Washington to Texas and it ran so well. I hardly had to stop for gas.

The only thing I don't like about my car is that the air conditioner is broken. It has not been working for a while but then I was in a different state than I am in now. It is a pain to try and get it fixed but I guess I will have to do it very soon.

- Knikki P

The sienna is a very reliable vehicle and perfect for a small family.

I love my Toyota Sienna! It has plenty of space for all of the things I need for my baby. The back seat folds down which has been helpful when I have large yard sale finds. The only problem we have is the hatch no longer stays open by itself.

- Jenny F

It is great for people with a lot of children.

We love that our vehicle can hold plenty of people and has lots of room it is great for road trips. It is an older model so it has some issues and that is the only problems I have with my vehicle. I even like the color of it, which is grey.

- Erika B

It is easy to drive and very comfortable.

The Toyota sienna is an extremely reliable car which we have had for years. It is comfortable and I like driving it. I can not say anything bad about the car except the tires are very expensive. Other than that, it is a great car/minivan.

- Celeste B

Count on the Toyota Sienna for a pleasant and reliable ride.

I LOVE this car. It has been incredibly reliable with very few repairs. My favorite features are that the rear windows open and the back seats fold into the floor. Road noise isn't bad, and the gas mileage is pretty good for a minivan.

- Anita L

It is reliable car that gets good gas mileage.

Like: it rides smooth, gets good gas mileage, has comfortable seating, is reliable. Dislike: getting older so years and miles are beginning to wear things out. The tv does not stay where it is supposed to so you can see the screen.

- David J

My Toyota's best feature Electronic Double sliding doors and back hatch...I walk out the front door and stop to lock it, but first hit the unlock on the Sienna and slide open back doors... Allowing passengers to load up as I finish securing my home and I can see the little ones all in their places..

I really enjoy driving my Sienna. Plenty of room for the family and the BIG dog. Smooth driver, hugs curves, excels on quick pick up. Automatic side doors and hatch make lift a little bit easier... Would definitely but another.

- Geneva S

It's awesome!!! I refuse to drive any other type of minivan.

I love my car. Maintenance has been very easy. 240,000 miles and drives like new. Interior has maintained very well. Only dislike, is sliding door cable broke but motor still works have to replace whole unit and not just cable.

- Megan O

It's definitely a soccer mom vehicle.

The automatic slide doors sometimes do not want to open in the winter until it heats up. I love the built in DVD player it helps keeping the kids quiet. It is roomy and the stow away seats help when you need the extra space.

- Juana S

The toyota sienna worked when I needed a larger vehicle to transport wheelchairs but I would never buy another.

Its small, the wiring is off making the door sensors strobe like a disco which is infuriating at night. Then the hatch door to the trunk lost pressure in its post one which makes loading two wheelchairs into it a nightmare.

- William R

2004 2nd gen Toyota Sienna

Fuel economy is decent for such a large vehicle, I like that the doors are powered however the design was not good and the system failed in most vehicles. Automatic transmissions are usually the weak point in any vehicle.

- Robert C

It's a great vehicle for traveling, very easy to load and unload

I bought the van while my daughters were in college, having to load all their stuff and drive them back and forth. It's been on a lot of trips and has been wonderful. But sadly, it's on its last legs with 205,000 miles.

- Margaret Y

Great for kids - plenty of room and great for travel

I like the room and storage space. There are several seat configurations for the kids we had an older model before and the doors stopped working on it along with other problems and it cost a lot to repair these things.

- Jen G

The seats are wider, and it has three seats in the first row in the back that an adult can sit comfortably in any seat.

I love the seats in the van, they are wider and very comfortable to sit in. I love how rugged the van is and how much room is in the back to store things. The one thing I don't like is it goes through tires quickly.

- Amber P

Very reliable, over 200,000 miles on it and still driving well.

It drives smoothly and is reliable. The vehicle has a lot of storage and comfortable seating. I do not like that the sliding doors are manual. I also do not like the way the radio controls on the steering wheel are.

- Carrie P

Had this van the longest of all the vehicles I have ever owned.

Love it, drives like a catalytic, very computer cloth seats, rides 7 people very comfortable, kids love all the features, they sleep well on long trips, seats in back can be folded under for more room. Reliable.

- Jen F

I love my vehicle because I am a big woman and it has enough room for me.

I think Toyota is one of the only brands of cars I will buy. That, or Honda. I have had both and love them. Such reliable vehicles and the dealership where I take mine for service are extremely nice and helpful.

- Marilyn R

Toyota Sienna: reliable transportation for a large family.

I love the reliability of my Toyota Sienna. I am never concerned about it breaking down on me. There are a few small problems with door handles and the sliding doors sticking. All easily fixed with a little TLC.

- Darrell B

The van is durable and holds up to day in and day out use. It has traveled many miles and the engine is still doing great

Love the 8 seats. The windows that roll down in the middle. Old style mini van just use to have the middle window crack open. Great room to put stuff when we go out shopping. Has plenty of miles and still going

- Amber B

AWD minivan is what drew me to the Sienna.

Love that the sienna can be AWD. Perfect for Alaska living. Ours is very basic but we like it that way. The only negative is the automatic door function stopped working. Other than that it's great for a family.

- Rebecca J

It is dependable and roomy. A great vehicle for an active family.

Our van has been great for our family of 6. Lots of room for our kids and their school & sports equipment. We have had issue with bearings and had to have them replaced, which affected the alignment and tires.

- Katrina H

Room for Six plus much more

Our Sienna has been a terrific minivan for our family. It is incredibly reliable! We have packed our six member family into it for vacation and could still ride comfortably. Lots of room and lots of features!

- Melanie E

Toyotas are very reliable

I love that it has power doors that open with the key fob. I love the child safety locks and window screens. I love all the space it has for carrying stuff! It drives great and has pretty good gas mileage too

- ada D

The back passenger door does not open.

I like Toyotas because they are pretty dependable. My minivan is roomy. I do not haven't problems with it. I do not like the color of it. I have problems with the radio. But that is not really a big deal.

- Lisa P

Its reliable and roomy for storage and extra kids.

Bought it brand new in 2004. Has over 235, 000 miles still runs great. Had to replace the norm, brakes tires etc. The only big job was getting a new radiator other than Its the usually wear and tear.

- Cris G

It is very reliable as hardly ever breaks down or needs to be repaired.

I like that it has been reliable. I like that it is easy to drive. I feel safe driving my family in it. I don't like some issues such as the dash is cracking and wish it got better gas mileage.

- Betsy T

Toyota white great gas mileage heated drivers seat

Like that it can hold 7 people also space for our dog love the great gas mileage it gets wish it had the built in DVD player but since I drive it most of the time it really doesn't matter

- Kira S

Reliable, roomy, transporting, not much fuel efficient.

I like the vehicle because it is roomy and reliable. I can use it to transport family and from time to time, I can use it for moving. For one thing I dislike, it is take to much gasoline.

- seng x

I love that it's so comfortable to drive on long trips.

I love that it's so roomy and comfortable. One of my favorite features is that the back windows roll down and that used to not be common for vans. I really like all the cup holders.

- Teresa L

Toyota Sienna is a great vehicle.

It is up to 320,000 miles and mostly routine maintenance is all it has required. A few issues with 02 sensor but for the most part it has been an excellent vehicle. would buy again.

- Sonya H

The car has been very reliable and made many trips with gas mileage being excellent.

I love the look of the car. The Comfort during long trips with the heated seats. When sitting in back, have plenty of legroom and has lots of space for moving items with seats down.

- Michael M

This kind of vehicle I can tell that its very durable and its worth it

Toyota Sienna 2004 is good vehicle for the family very comfort and eight seaters.and you can count on this kind of vehicle cos you can travel for a long distance having no problem.

- Zolton R

It's reliable and has stood the test of time and 3 children.

My biggest complaint about my vehicle is the number of recalls it has had. Seems like a lot. My minivan has over 220,000 miles on it so I love that it keeps running.

- Heidi C

Besides losing a/c in west Texas, in July, it is been great!

The only problem I have had with our sienna is the compressor going out. Besides that, the kids all fit and are comfy! We have done many cross country road trips in it.

- Whitney G

Perfect for a family, lots of space for everything we need.

It has plenty of space, 8 seats! The storage space is amazing, my son is in a wheelchair and we need room to bring that with us. It drives nice and gets us all around.

- Lauren H

Toyota Sienna XLE 2004 Reliable

Luxurious leather interior with wood accents. Sleeker looking outside than most minivans. This car has lasted many years and still runs like new with 180,000 mi

- Gabriella D

It has pop up back seats.

I love how there are pop up seats in the back so you can watch fireworks without getting cold. I also love the space it has to pack things to go on road trips.

- Anna M

I it is an enduring CA that you will own for many years with excellent service.

It still performs well even after 14 ye a rs and has required few repairs during that time. Dislike that we have had to replace the tires more than expected.

- Diane h

That it is a solid car. It has been reliable.

I like the style and how well it is held up for me. It is a solid reliable vehicle. I do not like that it does not have all the updated fancy safety features.

- Janice D

Something new from this model.

It works fine and it has lasted me this long the thing is that now it is rather dated and in the end it seems to be cost effective to just get a newer model.

- Alicia S

Reliable, long lasting, what a dream!

I love my Toyota Sienna. I bought it new and have owned it for 14 years! My parents were handicapped and I was able to fit two motorized carts in the back!

- Kim N

This Toyota Sienna 2004 was the best purchase I ever made. It has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It fits our family of eight perfectly and has been going strong for almost 15 years! The electronic slider door failed several years ago and that was a big disappointment. However, we were able to cut the cable and continue to use it as a regular manual sliding door.

Our minivan has over 170,000 miles and continues to go strong. With regular maintenance and a great detailed cleaning it looks and runs great for its age.

- Nancy K

It's a minivan that seats 7 passengers and allows luxury comfort and legroom.

My car is a minivan. Its seats more than the normal amount of passengers. Rides very smooth. It allows me to step into the vehicle instead of sit down.

- Brenda G

It is a little long. don't linger in the blind spot

It is comfortable to drive. The back seats fold down for extra storage space. It is easy to get into and out of. Has dual air conditioning controls

- c W

It has the capacity to seat eight.

I really like that it seats 8. I like all the hand holds above the doors. I don't like that I can't pull the seat up closer to the steering wheel.

- Brenda H

Minivans are the most safe and efficient way to gets lots of space.

Is relatively reliable but seems to have as many or more problems than our old camry. A minivan is very practical and makes more sense than an suv.

- mom d

It is the most dependable vehicle that I have ever owned!

I love the seats in my van. They are very comfortable. I love the room that the van has. It is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned!

- Theresa J

It's the limited edition, comes with everything except a DVD player.

I like the sonar. I like how roomy it is. I don't like how big it is. I can't see the front of the van unless I move the chair up all the way.

- Mimi S

The Luxury ride with poor gas mileage.

Has had some brake issues and paneling inside van seems cheap. Overall the van rides really smooth and but does not have great gas mileage

- Mary C

Toyota is the best most reliable brand

i love my minivan. smooth drive, low maintenance, lots of room, have had it for 14 years and will keep it as long as i can. very reliable

- Jan C

Reliable and Comfort are a plus!

My Toyota Sienna is the best car I have ever had. It's reliable, comfortable and roomy! I love that I can drive six people in my car.

- Marilyn V

It is very reliable and sound.

I like the gas mileage that it gets. Also the amount of seating it has is very nice. The engine is very sound for the age of vehicle.

- Jeffery B

It is reliable! I get regular oil changes and tire rotations and this keeps the vehicle running smooth.

I love my Toyota Sienna. Van because it rides so smooth and it's so comfortable. It's the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

- Kendall S

Great gas mileage, which is important at a time when gas prices are fluctuating.

I love that it is dependable. I get great gas mileage. Toyota is a long lasting vehicle, as long as you keep it serviced properly.

- Deborah H

It a reliable vehicle and lasts a really long time.

I love that it has over 200,000 miles on it and is still going strong. It's comfortable and still drives fairly well for its age.

- Stephanie F

Fits a lot of people and things

I like that it fits several people. I like that it gets good gas mileage. I don't like that it's a van, I'm not a soccer mom!!!

- Dee G

My van has a lot of miles from driving it all the time.

I like that it's roomy, good on gas, and drives well. The kids love the space. There's not really anything I dislike about it.

- Crystal N

The fuel economy is great!.

I love my minivan because I have 4 kids and lots of their things to transport. It holds so much and drives like a regular car.

- Kelly H

Tons of space for storage and organization when traveling with family

Plenty of space for family and pets. Many windows for full surround vision. I would like both sliding doors to be automatic.

- S W

That my kids love it is kid friendly.

It a great vehicle all around seat warms traction control sunroof leather seats CD changer and a bunch more family friendly.

- Antonio H

It has over 100,000 miles on it and the AC has to be repaired every few years.

I like that it seats seven. The seats fold down easily in the back if needed for moving large items. It isn't great on gas.

- Gena H

Quality of the utmost! 300,000 miles with no major repairs.

Our van has over 300,000 miles on it and has not had any major repairs done on it. It is sturdy, reliable and very useful!

- Brenda L

This is very dependable vehicle and very safe, I hit a deer with it and because it held It's value it was repaired instead of totaled

I love the mileage it gets and the room in it, I have moved a lot of stuff in it. There is nothing I don't like about it

- Mary R

It runs very smoothly and does not give you much trouble. It is reliable

I like that it allows me to get to where I need to go. I like how smooth it runs even though I've had it for a long time.

- louisa l

Great vehicle for a family

I get good gas mileage.It is roomy. It has a good sounding stereo . Reliable transportation. It handles good in the snow.

- Edward S

that it is a great vehicle and has plenty of room.

I like that it has enough room to transport my daycare kids. that the seats fold down. that it is comfortable to ride in.

- Deb C

The particular model is very basic.

The vehicle does not have enough features. The vehicle too big sometimes. There is not enough leg room for the car seat.

- Sandra M

It is Extremely dependable and reliable and completely solid!

It is extremely dependable. It has 200k on it without a problem. One of the doors does not work anymore, but I can deal.

- Rose T

Very roomy inside, drives like a smaller car.

First the size, big but drives small. Have had no major problems. Excellent price for value. It is very roomy inside.

- Claire S

This car is the most reliable vehicle we have ever had.

Dependable, comfortable ride with plenty of room for everything! My next car will definitely be another Toyota sienna.

- Jane J

Great that the back seats go into the floor to give a little more travel space.

Not enough storage space. Not enough leg space. The newer model has a lot more high tech gadgets and safety features.

- Jennifer P

I have the luxury model and love all the items on it, the inside size. Everything. Very comfortable. Problems with the driver seat belt getting stuck extended quite often, frustrating. I keep it up and just had tune up but the mileage indicator does not show any better mpg don't understand why, just getting worse. So that's a negative.

Drives great, very comfortable. Bad seatbelt on drivers side and others have complained about it also per internet.

- Mary A

They last a long time if you take care of it.

I love that it has lots of room for my kids. It gets great gas mileage. All around a great van and has lots of room.

- Kimberly K

It has a lot of space and it makes it very easy to move.

I love the storage space, I would prefer something more sporty. I also would like a vehicle with better gas mileage.

- Haley K

Very spacious, very comfortable & great runner

This was my first car , very spacious , very family oriented, even after having a car accident this car runs amazing

- Paola R

I have used amsoil lubricants with TV his vehicle.

Defective wheel finish. Problems with driver door. Seating is comfortable. Maintenance costs have been reasonable.

- Bill S

Toyota is a good brand and my car is no exception.

Reliable. Spacious. Bought it brand new and still driving it. Gas mileage is good for the size of the vehicle.

- Mikhail D

Loved having the automatic door and 7 seats.

Once the sienna hits 250k miles the catalytic converters go bad and the automatic door cable stopped working.

- Mindy J

It is a workhorse and will serve you well for the long term.

It handles really well and has a large capacity. What I dislike is that I spend a lot in repairs these days.

- Karah S

It's a smooth riding car that gets great mileage and turns on a dime.

My Toyota sienna is a great car. I love the way it drives very smooth. It is great on gas and highway miles.

- Noelle S

It can fit 7 people, which is helpful when transporting kids and friends.

I like the size, the radio, the height of the seat, and the size of the gas tank. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Annie D

Leather seats, power driver seats,

very comfortable, sits high, smooth ride, maintenance is sometimes high. i.e. tires,struts,water pump, etc.

- allan b

It can fit a small army inside. Storage space is great as well.

Not quite enough get in space. I can fit my family in once everyone can get in through the tiny walk space.

- Ciara B

The safety of my vehicle, making sure all of the seat belts and airbags work properly. Its up to state code and is maintained and running properly.

Built-in navigation, television for the back passengers, removable seats, sunroof, built-in dvd player.

- Courtney M

Toyota all the way great van

DVD player for long trips. Gets great gas mileage on the hwy. Has a great trunk space for large loads.

- Lori D

It is a dependable vehicle.

It has great gas mileage. It has plenty of room and seating for traveling. It has comfortable seating.

- Megan V

It is very versatile, especially for a family (small or large).

Large and roomy, dependable, easy to drive. I easily fit my 2 kayaks in it. There are no complaints.

- Lori S

Few problems but great ride

Seat belts get twisted. Tracking light stays on. Very comfortable to drive. Lots of room for riders.

- Roseland M

Reliable All-Wheel-Drive Van

This is a great running van that fits my family well. It has over 300,000 miles and still runs well.

- Roxanne R

great family vehicle that is reliable and easy to use.

I love the minivan. easy to drive. but I am ready to upgrade to a new version with more features.

- Shana p

The vehicle is very safe and I would recommend it to anyone.

I love the space of my vehicle. I also like the acceleration and handling. The vehicle is quiet.

- Chris R

Get a car you know will last a very long time without a change of tires.

AC takes a very long time to start working. It is almost about to break down. Seats are dirty.

- Benjamin G

It lasts and lasts and continues to drive after 15 years.

My minivan is comfortable. It allows me to cart people and items when I need. It is reliable.

- Sally S

Nice family van - seats 7 and all your gear.

Love how the seats fold down. Seats 7. Lasts a long time. Very little problems with it.

- Kathleen S

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Tan and long, like everything is going to be the one to talk to about it and she said

- Elizabeth E

It has over 240k miles and still runs.

It's old but it is paid for. Good on gas especially for the age. It is very spacious.

- Judith E

It doesn't have air conditioning so it's a little hot.

I like that it's big. I like that it hold a lot of things and people. It runs well.

- Katie O

It's Very Reliable. Rarely needs repair. It's roomy.

No complaints whatsoever. 3rd Toyota van we've owned besides other Toyota vehicles.

- Helen T

It's a van so there's lots of seats and room for groceries and such.

it's nice to drive and I feel like I have control of the vehicle when I'm driving.

- Kourtney D

A Toyota is very dependable and I'd made to last for years. I have had mine for 11 yrs & I bought it used.

I like it because it has plenty of room. Also rides smooth & is very dependable.

- K S

A lot of space if you have a big family like I do I love it

I hate that it's a foreign car hard to fix I love the room it has for my children

- Ebony H

It's my mom van that can take you everywhere safely and reliably.

I love my minivan as it was reliable taking my family everywhere I needed to go.

- Monica P

I love the size of the vehicle. It has been great for our family of four plus the extra kids that we tote. I just wish that it was newer with technology and that it had better gas mileage.

It is a great car. Toyota makes great vehicles and they have great service.

- Angela G

all the toyotas i have owned have been very reliable and safe..

my family has always owned toyotas. never had any trouble. very reliable.

- Dale H

They should know never to buy this van. It stinks big time

Car is very Old. Car is always Broken down. Doors and windows are broken

- Tova S

They last forever. You can't kill it. Parts are expensive.

I enjoy driving it, comfortable. Wish they would recall the dashboards.

- Elizabeth C

It uses gas and it is also really great if you take long road trips.

I like it because it uses a lot of cool features like the headlights.

- John T

Great storage space. Works well for families. Would buy again.

Only issue has been with the transmission. Otherwise a great vehicle.

- Kevin M

I love that it fits 8 people. I love that it is a smooth ride and has needed very few repairs. I don't like the traction correction feature alarm. Ugh.

It is fabulous, trustworthy and spacious. It has lots of storage.

- Beth a

it is durable, economic, good on gas

durable good on gas, roomy, last a long time, not much to repair

- lathan m

The car is dependable. My only complaint at this time is that the air conditioner has gone out and it's too expensive to repair.

It is very reliable. It has lasted 15 years with no major work.

- Mindy W

it is getting old but it is working fine.

my van is working fine as it does not require any maintenance.

- kalpesh D

It's not a Lexis , It's a Toyota ,

Great ride , It's a Toyota , who could ask for anything more .

- Louis s

Toyota is an excellent brand

It is roomy, has power to climb steep roads, trouble-free car

- V C

It has held up well and fits 7 people. Holds lots of groceries and anything else that don't fit in a trunk

Comfortable and dependable. Good on gas takes me from a to b

- Noel H

reliable good on gas it issues durable and has plenty of room to load and haul people and all I need

reliable and good on gas best I know they make for families

- carolyn m

will last a looooong time

Very happy with it -- roomy, comfortable, and reliable!

- Andrew D

Its keeps its value and always looks good. Very little maintenance.

Easy to drive, keeps it value. Very little maintenance

- Donna M

Very reliable and trustworthy

No complaints, no problems. Reliable, good gas mileage

- Lori t

I have never had to do anything except regular maintenance to my van (new tires, oil changes, etc). I get good gas mileage, and am hesitant to replace it!

It is reliable, dependable, and gets good gas mileage.

- Lori M

It's a great family vehicle, it's very spacious and comfortable

I like that it's roomy and comfortable and seats 7.

- Angela C

With more than a 100,000 miles it is still like new

Very dependable. Runs very well. It is very roomy.

- Tila C

It can be expensive on gas purchases.

It drives good, but takes a lot of gas to drive

- Mac N

Overall, great car, and again would definitely own another one.

- Julia S