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The Sienna is the best all around vehicle that I have owned.

2005 Toyota Sienna CE

Toyota Sienna is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. The maintenance has been much lower than any other car I have owned. The vehicle has been serviced regularly and has not had any major mechanical issues. The vehicle gets very good gas mileage even when it is loaded with people. It is the primary vehicle that I drive because it needs very little maintenance and has lasted over 200,000 miles. The only issue that the vehicle has is that the paint has faded. The clear coat has gone off of the vehicle and the paint turned to a dole color and it could not be repair without a complete paint job. Compared to other vehicles I have owned, the price of oil changes is lower. I have began to use full synthetic oil and it seems to help the vehicle run well. The brakes on the vehicles have been changed regularly and have not had any issues. There have been no transmission issues on the vehicle. There have been no electrical issues with the vehicle. I have had to replace the drivers front headlight several times within the last year. I tried different brands each time. I bought a higher end lamp and have not had an issue with it since. The lenses on the headlight have frosted over to give it a dole look. I have tried products to repair them but they have not worked. One if the DC plugs has stopped working but the other works fine. After 14 years, the CD changer has stopped ejecting CD's. The player still works but the CD's can not be removed. There has been no issues with the heating or A/C.

- Jamison B

13 year owner

2005 Toyota Sienna

I bought this car new in May of 2005. After one year, I booted the run-flats. I put Michelin high mileage tires and at 166k miles that is three sets of tires, rotating and aligning religiously. I did have the lift gate strut issue before the recall and paid for it to be fixed. I had the same problem less than a year later and pitched a fit to Toyota. They paid. I leave the automatic lift off and open manually because I am pretty sure it would continue to fail but it was not a reason to ditch the car. At 100k (before the extended warranty was up), shocks, radiator, water pump were done. In its younger days, I could go do D.C. and back on a tank of gas. Now, I can still manage 20mpg if I consistently drive more than 30 miles a trip. Overall, reliability has been fantastic. Although I don't need a minivan anymore, I am inclined to do it again. This is my fourth Toyota, only two were purchased new. As consumers, I guess we have to decide what we can and cannot put up with. I owned a '91 5 speed Camry that only ever needed a distributor and two sets of tires after 112k miles with typical normal maintenance. Even my 87 Corolla SR5 that burned oil got 37mpg and lasted me 50k. I'll just cross my fingers that "Betsy" keeps running!

- Denise Amundson

A reliable family van for travel.

2005 Toyota Sienna

We bought out minivan because it would accommodate a lot of people. We love the eight passenger seats and how easy they are to remove and reconfigure. There is a lot of storage, our family of six can fit everything we need for a short camping trip in the van. It has multiple places to change the devices that we use in trips. The main problems we have are that the hubcaps come off easily, we have lost two, and that the automatic sliding door does not work properly anymore. We do the regular maintenance, and have not had any unwarranted mechanical issues given the age of the car. While we would like to fix the automatic sliding door, it is too expensive. We can still open the door manually. As the years have passed, the ride is not as comfortable or as quiet as it once was, but it still runs reliably well. For a large vehicle it seems to get good gas mileage. Any recalls, like with the airbag, were fixed as we were notified, by the dealership. Toyota has a track record of selling reliable vehicles. They stand behind their product. We know our van cannot last forever, but we hope to get at least another 10 years out of it. Then we hope to buy another Toyota.

- Tracey S

It is great for busy families because it has lots of space.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I drive a Toyota Sienna minivan because I have twin girls. we brought it because we needed more space and it had automatic sliding doors. In the 13 plus years I have had it, it has proven to be reliable, comfortable and handles like a I would expect from a minivan. It is not stylish or a sports car but it gets the job done. My girls have just gone off to college and my next car will be smaller since I am now an empty nester. I did not want to buy a minivan because I am not and I have never wanted to be a soccer mom but to be honest with you the pros outweighed the cons and I have been very happy with the sienna. Only issues I have with it are the size and poor visibility out the back window. The girls found it to big to drive when they were learning to drive and preferred my husband's forefrunner.

- Kim S

Lots of space, lasts a long time and can take on a lot of mileage.

2005 Toyota Sienna

although like nay car, it has had its issues, but it has lasted for about 13 years now and everything is still running smoothly. it has four wheel drive which makes it great for trips to the mountains and lots of spacing for packing things and having a full load of people. The manufacturer, Toyota, has made sure to fix anything that is ever recalled on the vehicle. the only real issue i have seen with this car is the seatbelt on the passenger side next to the rear electronic door, it constantly breaks and gets stuck and i believe it has been one of the recalls on the car on the past. there is also a button where you can sync your garage door, me and a friend of mine both have the same car and both buttons in each car have become unusable.

- Jacklyn Y

Toyota Sienna for life! Durable, reliable and comfortable.

2005 Toyota Sienna CE

My van has really held up with very few issues. It now has 208,000 miles on it and I hope it keeps going. Most issues have been maintenance, like replacing the serpentine belt and timing belt once. We also replaced a tie-rod a while back. One of the handles on the sliding door we had to replace a couple of times but it was an easy repair that I did myself. My van is the simpler model and for that I'm grateful because it is less stuff to break. It is comfortable to ride in, even with 7 passengers as I often have. Lots of room to carry even big furniture with the way the stow and go seats fold down. Handles like a car and not at all intimidating to drive. I love it and if we ever have to replace it I would buy another.

- Misty S

Reliable: For generations

2005 Toyota Sienna CE

This van handles well, but really gets blown around on the highway. It has been passed through four separate drivers and has seen two minor accidents, one of which I fixed myself since everything is still relatively user serviceable in this model of car. The brakes and heat shields are liable to rust like any other car but each of those are relatively easy to replace too. I believe the car has over 130,000 miles with no serious mechanical work needed. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of room in the back to carry large items, and all of the seats can be folded into the floor or removed for more space. I completed two construction projects using this van like a truck due to its large capacity.

- Corey M

2005 Toyota Sienna really good car

2005 Toyota Sienna CE

I purchased my 2005 Toyota Sienna about a year ago from the Toyota dealer. It in great condition. It feels like I'm driving a new Toyota van. The interior and exterior is like new and it drives smooth like a new car. I haven't had any mechanical problems so far. It's so comfortable. I have two toddlers and it's perfect for our family. It has space to stretch your legs in the front seats and space for the kids chairs and to stretch their legs. The truck is very spacious. It's deep to fit a lot of things. You can't go wrong with this car. Before I purchased this car I read a lot of reviews and overall it's a really good car.


My Toyota Sienna has the comfort I would feel like as if I am at home.

2005 Toyota Sienna

My vehicle is good when used as a family car because it has 8 seats that can be taken up. My biggest issue with my vehicle though, is that the sliding doors don't work anymore unless it is manually closed. Performance wise, it has been working fine for now, only sometimes do I get small issues with the brakes that I have gotten checked out multiple times. The comfort of this vehicle is pretty good to all of us riding in it. Because it is a older model car, it does not carry many features in it, but for my daily use it has been good to me.

- Ruth S

It's great for larger families and has good reliability. We've had it 13 years and still runs great.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I like the engine reliability, the comfort, the special features it had when we bought it, i.e., sonar, navigation system, moonroof, power and heated seats, etc. I love the storage space and that it seats 7. I like the way it handles and the higher seating and good visibility. I don't like having no spare tire but instead having very expensive run-flat tires, that the brakes aren't great and it doesn't have much pep. I also don't like that after having it about 9 years the navigation system, back-up camera and sonar went out.

- Karen A

The 2005 Toyota sienna xle is still a reliable car choice in 2018.

2005 Toyota Sienna

My 2005 Toyota sienna xle is pretty reliable to be honest. For a van made in 2005 it still feels somewhat luxurious for a 13 year old model and holds up pretty well. The camera on the back of the car really helps parking the car easier and is one of my favorite features. The only problem that I have had with it so far is that the buttons to open the back doors in the front seat work whenever they feel like it, I am sure this is maybe just like a wiring problem or something but it gets me frustrated.

- Adam C

Love comfortable seats. Love the spacious interior. Smooth travel.

2005 Toyota Sienna

My Toyota van rides and drives so smooth. The seats are very comfortable. I have 250, 000 miles on this van and I have had to put very little maintenance in it. The interior has held up nice too, practically still looks brand new. I feel safe in my van and would feel fine driving it far distant on vacation. Very spacious interior and comfy for passengers. Normal things, such as wish I had an updated stereo system. Besides that, I am just going to keep on driving this van.

- Regina M

Comfortable roomy ride that's great to drive, haul passengers, pets and anything else you need.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love my minivan. It has two bucket seats in the front row and middle row with a separated full row in the back. The back row of seats folds all the down into the floorboard, and the two rear passenger seats fold up allowing me room in the back to haul large items furniture if I want to The ride in the car is very comfortable It's the most reliable car I've EVER owned. I have over 180,000 miles on it and I intend on keeping it until it just won't go anymore.

- chris c

Reliable, well-built van that is easy to maintain and have repaired.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I have a 2005 Toyota Sienna LE van with 176,000 miles. I used it for a combination of work and personal.It has been extremely reliable with few maintenance issues. I have had a couple of recalls but Toyota always takes care of those in a timely fashion. I have used it pretty hard and, while it looks a bit rough, it has held up beautifully. I'll be in the market for a new van in the near future and the Toyota Sienna is the only one that I will be considering.

- Barry H

The Problem with the Fiberglass Sienna

2005 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited

The bumpers are made of fiberglass. Sucks they should have been fortified by a stronger substance with an underlayment of aluminum or lightweight steel. So when I backed into something a puncture went into my rear bumper. And when I backed the corner into brick building, it just mushed it in, and I proceeded to push it back out. So I don't know if the vehicle's shell would protect me in a real collision, but it has a great safety rating.

- James C

Our Toyota sienna axle AWD is safe, reliable, and comfortably spacious.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It is a smooth and quiet ride. It is very reliable; I am never wondering, even after owning it for over 10yrs, whether I will be stranded due to break down. Fits my family comfortably and it is espy noticeable on long-haul trips. It is easy to move the cargo seating area to accommodate my needs whether it is all passengers, all cargo, or mix of both. I love all the features available. Given a re-do, i’d choose the exact same vehicle.

- Laurie O

Mechanically my Toyota sienna is extremely well built and reliable.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Love my Toyota sienna minivan. Most versatile vehicle. Easily seats 4 adults when the back row seat is folded down for cargo. Room for all your luggage inside the vehicle. Better than a SUV which does not have this cargo room inside. Seating for seven with all seats up. My sienna is a 2005 but still looks stylish and drives smoothly. Best used minivan brand out there. I plan to maintain this great vehicle and keep it indefinitely.

- Peggy T

Costly repairs over a long period of time (13 years)

2005 Toyota Sienna

My vehicle is very reliable. Unfortunately my year model comes with run flat tires and they are very costly! We had the change to regular tires and now have a spare taking up room in the rear of the vehicle. Also the discs for the NAV system are extremely expensive. Our rear camera no longer works and the fix is also very costly.. I never had a camera for backing up prior to this vehicle so we are making due just fine.

- Heather H

I love my awesome Toyota sienna

2005 Toyota Sienna XLE

I am a mother of five and this vehicle provides all we need with seating seven people and having a great comfort level. This vehicle has had no problems since we have bought it other than normal maintenance. We love how the back seats fold flat into the floor giving a ton of flat space for moving something. The awesome gas mileage gives us the option to enjoy fun recreation on a low budget.

- Amber S

Reliable and comfortable vehicle.

2005 Toyota Sienna

This has been a reliable and comfortable vehicle for the family. It is roomy and we've had very few issues over the life of the van. There is plenty of legroom and space for whatever you need to haul around. This has been our main vehicle for traveling as we can take lots of luggage and the kids have their own bucket seat. It has a third row which makes it handy for carpool or friends.

- L P

My vehicle has lasted 15 years, and we bought it when it was used for 3 years.

2005 Toyota Sienna

My car currently is falling apart, but I still love it. One part of the inner car handles was coming off, but I glued/taped it back. So it looks fine now. Functionally, I think it still serves its purpose, but aesthetically, it looks worn. Sometimes the passenger window will not move by pressing on the passenger's side, but it can move if the button is pressed on the driver's side.

- Carina C

2005 van with 333k miles still going strong.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It is been a great and reliable vehicle. It currently has over 333k miles on it and is still doing good. We've had an issue with the water pump but it lasted for about 10 years before going out. The rear air has stopped working but when it did work it was great. There is lots of room in the van. The seats all fold down and creates a large flat space in the back of the van.

- Amy S

Toyota Sienna XLE Limited

2005 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited

I love my Toyota it's very reliable and great on gas. Even though it's an older model of car, it still runs great. I'm thinking of trading it in only for a newer model. The Sienna is great! The DVD system is perfect for my kids, I have 4 and it keeps them occupied while my husband and I run errands. The in-dash navigation is great also because I'm terrible with directions.

- Erica P

My Toyota Sienna - a great option for a family of six.

2005 Toyota Sienna

This car is a reliable vehicle and drives well. It is a very comfortable ride, but with four kids, it seems to be lacking in the space department. It offers ample storage in the trunk area and luckily fits my clunky double stroller. At this age, things are really starting to break down a little bit. Overall, I am still very pleased with this car for my family of six.

- Christina K

Toyota Sienna minivan. 7 passenger seating. Slate color.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Well it's a mini van with 7 passenger seating. The seats fold down and you have plenty of trunk space. So far it has been pretty good on gas. Has some minor technical problems with the lights but other then that it has been really realizable. I think it drives pretty good. The seats are pretty comfy. Took a 14 hour road trip in the van and it was comfy.

- Jennifer A

An amazing performance for a minivan

2005 Toyota Sienna LE

This car meets my expectations. It has all the factory items in good working order, has a good engine and a safe braking system. The suspension of the car is very good and has good stability on internal roads and freeways. Its performance is amazing, with a good fuel economy and reliability. It's extremely comfort and with a good internal space.

- Danielle M

Toyotas are extremely dependable vehicles.

2005 Toyota Sienna CE

My Toyota sienna is a very dependable and reliable car. It has a lot of room and it has helped me transport my 2 children and all of the necessary items they need. . It is good in all types of weather and rarely have I had anything drastic break, so I would advise anyone to get one, especially someone with kids, since it is especially roomy.

- Jennifer F

A big spacious car for comfortable riding yet with slight problems.

2005 Toyota Sienna

The car is like a van. Given that I have a big family it is perfect for road trips and riding comfortably. After a few years however the automatic side door stopped working as well as the already installed DVD player. The heater in the winter is also a problem as sometimes it never warms and the side doors freeze and cannot be opened.

- Guadalupe P

Reliable- but some annoying glitches.

2005 Toyota Sienna

The sienna is a reliable vehicle. We have never had any major malfunction with it and we are close to 150, 000 miles! Some automatic features have malfunctioned such as the automatic doors and the stereo. I like being able to fold the seats down. The antilock brake feature has triggered inappropriately a few times, which is annoying.

- Sarah K

One interesting detail is the heated seats.

2005 Toyota Sienna

The main reason I bought this van is because it is AWD. No other van on the market has AWD. I will not own a vehicle that is not. I also love the seats in this van, especially since they’re heated. I also enjoy the room that this van has. It is an all around great vehicle and I would have no problem buying this vehicle again.

- Heather S

Best rides. The vehicle is safe, spacious, and durable.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I enjoy my Toyota Sienna. The vehicle is very reliable and spacious. It has several different features that makes the ride nice. The trunk has plenty of space and the seats adjust to create a flat utility surface. Maintenance has been maintained and have had little to know engine trouble, my Toyota is safe and family friendly.

- Anna M

A Very Reliable Van for my Clan

2005 Toyota Sienna

So we bought this car used and I honestly didn't want to drive a minivan BUT this car has hardly given us any problems. We take it on long car trips regularly, about 3.5 hours each way. It hold all of our kids and luggage pretty comfortably , although we have had to add a luggage rack on the top. It is a very reliable car.

- Michelle H

It is a pretty, big, blue car.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I it is a very roomy car that can fit up to seven people. It is a nice color and the only problem is that it is old. This means that the radio and air conditioning no longer work which makes it less appealing to drive. However, it gets the job done and did last a long time before it started having all these problems.

- Kat C

The style and quality is top notch and ahead of its time.

2005 Toyota Sienna CE

I love Toyota because they build their vehicles to last. My car is now 14 years old and it has regular maintenance issues. Things need to be replaced like some belts, brake pads, but if you take care of it, then it will take care of you. After 14 years, it still drives very smoothly and the style is still desirable.

- Tina L

15 year old minivan still a great driver.

2005 Toyota Sienna

My Toyota Sienna minivan has been very mechanically sound for a used vehicle. Seating for 6 or 7 in comfortable seats is family friendly. Back seats fold down or remove for a large cargo space when needed. Multiple cup holders for all seated passengers. Smooth ride with basic comforts make it a pleasure to drive.

- Peggy T

When you decide to get a minivan go with a Toyota. You wont be mad at yourself.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love my van. It has lots of room. Very comfortable. There is a lot of trunk space. There are three rooms. that's so everyone has space to ride very comfortable. The ride is really smooth. I love riding on the highway. It takes about 50$ to fill up the tank. So it's great on gas. At least in my eyes I would say.

- Elaine P

I love how comfortable it is to drive the vehicle.

2005 Toyota Sienna

The vehicle is very comfortable on long drives and on short drives as well. Love the fact that it has the low tire pressure light that comes on in the dash to let you know that the tires are low on air. It is very spacious. Every seat has plenty of leg and arm room which is super important when you have 5 kids.

- Melissa W

It doesn't get very good gas mileage. If you are looking for economy, this car is not it.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I like the heated leather seats of my Sienna and I like the double sliding doors. I think the model year after mine, the middle seats were also made to fold down into the floor. I wish mine had that. I really don't need the size of the minivan anymore as my kids have all grown. I would like the Rav4 next!

- Heather S

White sienna limited edition.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I haven't had any problems with my vehicle so far. It has decent steering (I bought it in 2015), has leather seats that have held up well, and the front seats are bucket seats and have a heating element that you can activate via a roll switch. It also contains a GPS system and a radio with CD capabilities.

- Elizabeth S

Great family car can take everything you need.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Love my car for most part it is been very reliable for me and my family. We drive often and it is great for carrying all we need. Chairs, blankets all kinds of sports equipment on the regular. I have had some issues over the years but it is to be expected. I have over 140000 on my car and I bought it used.

- Melissa M

10 Speaker system that really rocks it out. I can blow anyone away with it!

2005 Toyota Sienna LE

Lasts long acceleration is pretty slow but other than that is pretty solid build. I also like the 10 speaker system and plenty of outlets and ports really is helpful. I also like how it rides and that you can carry plenty of cargo and it is pretty good in all season. Wish it was AWD and takes in less gas.

- Chi J

It's very comfortable and spacious for road trips, or for kids and pets.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I don't really have a problem with my car. I do though share the car with my parents once in a while. What I like the most is that there's enough space for everyone. It also has one automatic sliding door so if you have kids or pets you can get them out of the car and close the door with the car control.

- jessica m

Minivans are the best kept automotive secret. If you can look past the "stigma", you've got one heck of a workhorse vehicle.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love that my van can fit a ton of stuff in it which makes it perfect for us because my boys were scouts. I love all the amenities and cup holders. What I don't like is the pistons on the back hatch has pooped out and now the back has been rendered unusable, and the automatic side doors need a boost.

- Stephanie B

The Versatile Toyota Sienna Minivan

2005 Toyota Sienna

The sienna minivan is comfortable, versatile and reliable. I love the fold down 3rd row, the power sliding door, traction control and room interior. I love all the side and front airbags. We did have an issue with the 1 power sliding door but it has been repaired. Mine has over 170,000 miles on it.

- Christine T

Great family vehicle for every day or long trips

2005 Toyota Sienna

It is reliable and comfortable. It has a collapsible 3rd row, so I can carry extra people or cargo. When the 3rd row is down, there is plenty of space for cargo. It has a DVD player to keep kids entertained on long trips. It does not have a rear view camera. I would also like more storage compartments.

- Theresa M

Toyota are the best. Roomy easy maintenance.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Toyota sienna have a lot of room. Seats 8 both side doors slide open. The windows on sliding door work also. Ours is 13 years old no real problems at 107, 000 miles and still like new. We would buy a new one in near future. A van to keep for life. Camping and traveling are really easy in this vehicle.

- Eunice C

Very roomy and comfortable to travel around town or on long trips.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I have been nothing but satisfied with my minivan. It is roomy and comfortable. And very reliable. It is a seven passenger. I've used it on long trips but mostly just around town. My children play sports and its got enough room to transfer all of their sports equipment. Very satisfied with my minivan.

- Kristin C

This van is built to last.

2005 Toyota Sienna

My van has been an amazing value and has lasted a long time. Unfortunately, because it is an older model it does not have features that are available on newer models. Also, while the engine is still going strong, other parts of the van are not holding up as well, such as the exterior and the radio.

- Heather T

Awesome vehicle to drive. Love to take trips.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Do not have any. . Runs great and very happy. It is good on gas. Roomy. Comfortable to ride in and to drive. When this one wears out I want to get me anther on. This my second one to own. It has all the bells and whistles on it, has a sunroof heated seats. DVD player. Fancy radio and backup camera.

- Karen A

Definitely worth it. A bang for your buck!

2005 Toyota Sienna

Do not have any complaints! Seats 8 passengers so it is perfect for the whole family and traveling. We always take it on trips because we can fit everyone, all the luggage and it is great on gas! We've had it for roughly ten years and it is still going strong. 300, 000 Miles and not slowing down.

- Miranda W

The best vehicle you'll ever own.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It performs great. The ride is smooth, and the ride is comfortable. The inside of the vehicle is so spacious and roomy. The seats are comfortable. This vehicle is super reliable, is good on gas mileage, and is dependable being high mileage. There is 3 row seating, a CD player, and cruise control.

- Heather M

My lifetime best auto satisfied that I have gotten full value for my dollars

2005 Toyota Sienna XLE LTD

problems have been small and all features still work still like driving this car after 300,000.00 plus miles this auto is comfortable to drive on long distance trips the gas mileage is ok the maintenance cost has been very acceptable the appearance has remained current with today's styles

- george W

A good reliable family car worth keeping for time long run.

2005 Toyota Sienna LE

The vehicle was purchased used and have had it for over 10 years. I have not had any major issues with the vehicle other than regular maintenance. It drives well and smooth, which is why I will not get rid of it. I would recommend to anyone as a family car due to its durability and reliability.

- Vanessa T

Four wheel drive good in the snow and rain.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Great minivan would recommend to anyone with a family or does small side work very cheap oil change and tune up very comfortable plenty of room and nice accessories like TV in the back and jbl radio system good gas mileage for a minivan and after getting this van will never get a car again.

- Timothy S

Room to carry the family or drop the seats and go buy groceries alone!

2005 Toyota Sienna CE

For a van it has great gas mileage, exceeding my expectations. It has great handling and is a very comfortable ride. It has your typically features, power windows, power door locks, and a CD player to name a few. The seats drop down or fold allowing for added storage or buying larger items.

- Chris G

2005 Toyota Sienna minivan--family comfort.

2005 Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is super comfortable and easy to drive. The sliding doors are known to malfunction though. Both of ours no longer work correctly. Gas mileage is about 20 mpg. I have the xle, so we have leather seats and a few extra comforts. I would definitely buy another Toyota Sienna!

- Katy P

Has a great engine and it has never broken down.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It has a great engine and electrical system; problems have been few and far between. It seems hard on tires. The biggest complaint is the little things that go wrong i.e. the automatic door does not work right, pieces break and fall apart. So while it runs great, the body has issues.

- Otis P

Vehicle is roomy and has nice cargo space

2005 Toyota Sienna

My Toyota Sienna has been very reliable. It rides comfortably and the gas mileage is reasonable for a minivan. The only complaints I have are the fit of the seatbelt for a less than average height adult. The seat belt also tangles easily. The sound system/ speakers also are lacking.

- Lisa S

A good car that has lasted me for a very long time.

2005 Toyota Sienna CE

Just old now but works fine. It has recently had battery problems but for the year that it was made it still has a lot of life in it. The car takes many road trips and it always passes inspection too. It is a good car overall. No regrets buying it. Recommend it a lot to others.

- Tania P

The seats are removable and the car itself is reliable.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I really like my sienna because it is spacious, reliable, and can be modified for a variety of needs. The hatchback and sliding doors are wide forgetting things easily in and out. The seats are removable for carrying large items, or you can put all the seats up for carpooling.

- Sam S

Toyota Sienna is amazing!

2005 Toyota Sienna CE

Vehicle performance is great, the pickup on highways/interstates is great. Super reliable vehicle, has lasted me so long! Comfort is great, it has a DVD player in the car which is nice anytime there might be kids in the back. Really like the aux cord feature that the car has.

- Emma P

I would buy it again and recommend it to my friends.

2005 Toyota Sienna

The height of the sienna is perfect for me(i am 5'7") it gets great gas mileage(27 mpg), it is very comfortable to drive especially on long drives. It has been very reliable. One drawback is the rear hatch will not open when the battery is disconnected or completely drained.

- Charlotte C

Very comfortable to travel with and reliable

2005 Toyota Sienna CE

I Love the Toyota Sienna it is very reliable, comfortable to go on family vacations haven't had many problems with it. It is also very roomy runs very smooth perfect for big families. It has lots of space in the back also the seats fold down In case you buy something big .

- Claudia G

I love Toyotas! Most reliable car in the world!!

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love my Toyota minivan. It get good gas mileage has so much room on the inside. Plus its a Toyota if you keep oil in it and maintenance it will run forever. I trust Toyota and will only buy them in the future. I love the automatic side doors that open love that feature!

- Sherry M

Excellent vehicle, comfortable, not very soft.

2005 Toyota Sienna LE

Excellent vehicle, comfortable, not very soft and very useful, since you can travel with the whole family in a very comfortable way, it is very economical in relation to gas, very durable. It is accessible when buying a well-used or new sea. Absolutely recommended to all.

- Janice A

Toyota is a very reliable car

2005 Toyota Sienna XLE

The care has 198,000 miles on it and has given us very little trouble. Had an AC problem not long after we bought it (new) but has run fine since. Of course we keep the oil changed and tires up which helps it run smooth. Toyota is a very reliable and hard working car.


Long life span, with minor problems

2005 Toyota Sienna CE

There is a loud screeching sound whenever I hit the brakes, but other than that, I like how roomy it is and the trunk space. Although it has none of the modern technology, it still functions perfectly (other than the brakes) and has served me well over the past 14 years.

- Zane F

It's the perfect family car. The turning radius is better than most small cars.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Rarely any issues with this vehicle. Extremely comfortable and is great for packing in friends and luggage for a trip. The turning radius is amazing, you rarely have to make a three point turn. The seats are comfortable and are maneuverable so to make space in the car.

- Emily O

Drives excellent. Especially through snow.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Love the all wheel drive. Drives through snow. Fits many children. Seats easily are removed and back seat folds under easily. Leather seats easy to maintain. Does not break down. Repairs are inexpensive. My van has 110, 000 miles and still drives like the day I got it.

- Denise P

Smooth riding in a comfortable automobile

2005 Toyota Sienna CE

This is a great riding vehicle. Lots of room for traveling and gets decent gas mileage on the highway. The seats are easy to adjust for more leg room for adults that ride in the back of the vehicle. This vehicle is a very smooth ride and it is perfect for long trips.

- Cherry B

Toyota with wheelchair accessible features.

2005 Toyota Sienna

As long as I keep my vehicle maintenance up to date, I have had no problems with it. The best thing I like about my vehicle is I can drive it even though I am in a wheelchair and anyone else can drive it also no matter if they are disabled or not. It also has a ramp.

- Brenda W

Amazing wheel game with turning capability to die for.

2005 Toyota Sienna CE

I love the way my car drives. I like the wheel action. I am able to maneuver with ease. It's good on gas. It is spacious and I like that you can store the seats and use the back for transporting items. Also makes for a great ride for soccer team and other events..

- Mickey S

It is a great family car for transporting large amounts of people and cargo.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I like the comfort, space for passengers and cargo and safety. It is great for a family who likes camping and road trips as well as around town driving carpools. I dislike that it is older and some features have broken like the radio, and push button door closure.

- Amanda H

It is a nice, reliable family vehicle

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love the comfortable seating, which is leather. I love the size of it. It's a reliable vehicle. The fold down middle console is nice and the fold down seats for storage is nice, too. Cosmetically, it leaves a lot to be desired. We bought it well used though.

- Christine H

The best thing about my van is the built in tv.

2005 Toyota Sienna

My van is reliable. I bought it in 2008 and haven't had any problems. All I have done to it is changing the timing belt because of the mileage and its regular oil changes. We have driven from indiana to California without problems. The kids love that its roomy.

- Beatrice C

Roomy, reliable, dependable car. No repairs for thirteen years.

2005 Toyota Sienna

This car is very comfortable to drive. Roomy with lots of cargo space. There were no repairs of any kind necessary until thirteen years in when I developed a transmission fluid leak. Once that was repaired, I believe the car is good for another thirteen years.

- Marian C

Toyota Sienna minivan -- reliable, comfortable, fits 7 for most families.

2005 Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna minivan has been a fairly reliable car since we bought it used. It includes seating for 7 people and is comfortable for long trips. Our model unfortunately does not come with a DVD player, which we miss for long trips with the children.

- Todd M

It is a long-lasting and reliable car, with plenty of room for family trips.

2005 Toyota Sienna

We've had our vehicle for many years now, and although recently we've had to do maintenance to keep it running smoothly, it has lasted us a long time. And it has plenty of space for family or friends. And it even took us all around the edge of the U.S.

- Imagen L

Siena seats seven comfortably but comes with its own issues.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Catalytic converter, heat shields fall off, side passenger door is not automatic and it sticks. If maintained properly with recommended schedule, the van does find. There was a short in my wiring causing difficulty get the rear lights stay functional.

- Ann T

I call it my limousine because it drives so smoothly.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love the heated front seats, the steering wheel has control of all music and volume. There’s a DVD player and remote control for those long rides to VT to visit my sister. Very spacious! Set back is a small dent in rear but all lights are working.

- Erin M

Love my sienna! Highly recommend this car for any family!

2005 Toyota Sienna LE

Love the roominess in the sienna. Looked at odysseus and because we are taller, the sienna felt way bigger. Wish the seats move differently but maybe newer models do that. Handles extremely well. Make nice tight turns. Haven't had any issues with it.

- Lora C

Minivans are not just for soccer moms!

2005 Toyota Sienna

I absolutely love my car. It is fully automatic...sliding side doors and trunk, and with a leather interior. It has been super reliable and sturdy. If it died tomorrow, I would be buying the exact same car...maybe newer, but same everything else.

- Kara M

Switched to vans will never get another car again.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Great minivan plenty of room drives smooth oil change is cheap maintenance period is cheap only problem is sliding doors but just bought the car so don't know exactly what I need to do to it but great car would recommend to anyone with a family.

- Timothy A

It helps get me from point A to point B without any problems.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I like the fact that the car is a family car and it has a lot of space. I also like the fact that it came with a built in DVD player. What I do not really like is the seatbelt in the last row middle seat. It can be really difficult to unbuckle.

- Guadalupe P

It's a very versatile, reliable vehicle. I expect we'll keep it for many more years.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I'm not crazy about the color (maroon), but it was the best choice of what they had in stock. It only has 1 automatic sliding door and I wish it had 2. It's been a reliable workhorse for 13 years and 278000 miles so can't complain too much.

- Roger W

Toyotas are a good choice when you are going for a van they last a long time.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It is pretty basic for a van it does not have very many extras I do like the stowing go but I don't like that it does not have much get up and go and not very good on turning plus only one of the doors is motorized in the motor does not work.

- Heather L

It's a big car perfect for families and road trips

2005 Toyota Sienna

It's too big on many occasions in everyday use but that turns into an advantage when you're travelling because you can take so much stuff and even sleep in there. The automatic doors sometimes act up, but other than that it's very reliable

- Tim M

That it has laser cruise control. This was a very uncommon feature when I bought the vehicle.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love how it looks. It has all the extras inside and out. I love the laser cruise control and backup camera. I really like the quiet ride. This minivan is loaded, and I appreciate it. Sometimes wish I had a trunk that I can lock.

- Sandra S

It has a long life if properly cared for.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I like that it has the room for both my family and any bags, cases, etc. I need for trips. Sienna's tend to last for a long time and that is good. I wish it got better gas mileage as mine is currently getting less than 20 mpg

- Alex W

It last more than 160, 000 miles.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Well this van is super cool, comfortable, great for traveling, running around, good for a big family, spacious and has good trunk space. Runs like a champ and the seats fold down and out of the way for moving things.

- Vin P

It's very roomy and has tons of storage room, which is phenomenal if you have kids.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I like the way it drives, and all of the features, such as the sliding doors, built in DVD player, and navigation system. The electrical system does seem to be a bit touchy, however, and has given me some trouble.

- Megan L

It is easy and comfortable to drive. The seats are easy to adjust and it doesn't require a lot of maintenance

2005 Toyota Sienna

I like that it is roomy and comfortable. It has a good turn radius and the dash is set up in an easy to use manner. I loved it when my kids were growing up. Not that they are grown I would like something smaller

- Debbie F

The use of space in the van is great. We can fit our family of five plus everything for a week long camping trip inside.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Overall the van has been great. There have been a lot of recalls on it though. Toyota has been good about communicating those to us and fixing them, but it is still frustrating to have to deal with them.

- Jenny M

It's a minivan with plenty of room and it's comfortable.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love the space I have in my van, I also love the DVD player which helps entertain the kids on long car journeys. I also love I have 7 seats to take my whole family on vacation comfortably.

- Kirsten F


2005 Toyota Sienna


- zaara A

The amount of room and space it has is so amazing!

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love the roomy-ness of it and the fact that you can fold the seats into the floor to make more space. The color is a unique pearl green and I love that. I do wish it had automatic doors.

- Misty L

You can sleep in it, because there's a lot of space.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It is too big and it is also relatively old now, so it needs more attention than we'd like sometimes. But it is also very comfortable and spacious, so ideal for long trips/vacations.

- Tim M

It is the family vehicle for suburban living, carrying many ppl, grocery shopping, or making larger purchases. You keep everything inside out of the rain or wind.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It is Toyota quality. No problems. The interior is comfy and very roomy. I can carry volumes of things It's easy to get in and out of. I sit higher off the ground than a car.

- Jeff W

It is reliable. It is practical. It has 220,000 miles on it and still runs great.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It is practical. It runs well. It is AWD. It is older and has a lot of miles which I dislike. It has a bit of an odor because we bought it used. It is power lock system is failing.

- Amanda S

2005 Toyota Sienna- Awesome!

2005 Toyota Sienna

Great vehicle for long trips and people hauling. Great gas mileage and very very dependable! Have never had and mechanical issues other than sliding doors freezing shut in winter!

- Russ B

It is very versatile, reliable and convenient.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It is reliable and easily accessible. I really like vans because they are able to be used for so many things. I do not like that it very noisy. The road noise is very loud.

- Beth C

Our car is a reliable one and has lots of history with the places we have been to.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love our Toyota Sienna because it is a reliable car! It's been with us since 2005 and we've visited lots of place with it. It is a comfortable car which our kids love.

- Mary L

It is a great vehicle for reliability. It is comfortable to drive and be a passenger.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I like the space in the cabin of the van. I like the performance and the look of the inside of the van. I do not like the age of the van or the outside color of the van.

- Natalie T

Family friendly with minor issues

2005 Toyota Sienna

We love the automatic doors which was our main requirement when shopping. Our biggest complaint is that the hydraulics are worn out on the trunk and it won't stay open.

- Breanna R

It is safe, but it is also old.

2005 Toyota Sienna

There is a lot of room in it for my kids and for storage. It is a comfortable ride. It is a bit old and I have had to replace both the radiator and starter recently.

- Robert h

I am trying to keep it for as long as I can. I'm quite happy with it!

2005 Toyota Sienna

I like that it is reliable. It has lots of life left after 13 years. I do not like that the sliding doors have not worked properly and they are very expensive to fix.

- AJ B

The doors lock automatically after a while so don't forget the keys inside.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love the automatic doors and that it is spacey, good on gas. I dislike that sometimes the automatic doors won't open or close properly and must be done manually

- Diana H

At 13 years old, it has normal wear and tear. Toyota vehicles are investments.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It is a sturdy, durable vehicle, strong, low maintenance except what needs to be done/replaced because of age. Toyotas are the best foreign-made vehicles to own.

- Pam J

2005 Toyota Sienna, great

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love my Sienna, very dependable. So many years of service to my family. I would recommend this brand to anyone that wants to have many years great service.

- Jean K

All wheel drive is great in the snow. It makes it worth the price. I love the red paint color.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I like that it is all wheel drive. I don't like the way the interior doors separate from the door frame. I don't like how the front grill setup separated.

- Laurel R

They are really well built and relatively maintenance free.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It handles like a dream, and has wonderful visibility. also lots of cargo space for my dog crates. Only complaint is too much road noise at freeway speed.

- Christy B

Great reliable van, good for families

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love this van. It is pretty basic, but that is all I need because it is so reliable. We have owned it 3 years, and have only replaced the brakes on it.

- Emily J

It lives a long time and gets many miles.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love the reliability of my Toyota Sienna. It has a mechanical issue with one of the sliding doors which makes it harder with kids but overall I like it.

- Teresa M

The car has a reliable tradition and an extensive line of high mileage vehicles.

2005 Toyota Sienna

The power sliding doors no longer work properly. The serpentine belt squeals. The DVD player screen self adjusts on bumps. I like the stow and go seats.

- Mike P

It is very dependable, we have had no problems with the engine

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love my Toyota! It is very dependable. We have no problems with it, one of my favorite features is the sliding doors. It comes in handy with children.

- Kristie P

Reliability for a long time

2005 Toyota Sienna

Love the ease of transporting kids and all their equipment to their activities. I have not had any major problems with it in the 9 years I've owned it.

- Carrie M

It's durable and can carry a lot

2005 Toyota Sienna

My van has 225,000 miles on it and is still running well. Since changing to ethanol free gas the engine runs fine and I get 18-20 miles to the gallon.

- Earle W

Tons of room for affordable price.

2005 Toyota Sienna

No real complaints. Very reliable if you keep up with basic maintenance. Comfortable to drive in for long hours. Tons of seating and/or cargo space.

- Nicky B

I love my sienna. It has a better turning radius than many cars!

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love this minivan! It drives very smoothly, like a car would and has a wonderful turning radius which is an asset especially in city driving.

- Tracy S

It will last a long time . Do your maintenance on time .

2005 Toyota Sienna

I have no complains . My van is dependable. I haven't had any major breakdowns . The parts have lasted a LONG time . The ride is still good .

- Herman S

Radiator issues might happen.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Good car overall we have close to 300, 000 miles on it and it still runs great the radio crapped out not that long ago but the car runs fine.

- Brian W

IT HAS ELECTRIC DOORS! Everybody tries to pull it open, but there basically messing up the door.

2005 Toyota Sienna

My vehicle is a very old Toyota model, even though it is old i still like it very much! It has great electric doors and the AC is very great!

- Job H

It is a good size car for the whole family.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I was initially very happy with my Toyota sienna but over the years it has been giving increasingly more problems even with regular tune ups.

- Diva K

Very comfortable and great for driving in the rain.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It runs almost perfect, except it needs work on the electrical system, meaning, I have to open and close the side doors and trunk manually.

- Deborah H

It's has a lot of room, love the stow and go. Makes to have a lot of room

2005 Toyota Sienna

It is a good vehicle. Never had any problems with it. It starts really good in the winter. The sliding door doesn't want to open sometimes.

- Jennifer E

I have been diligent in the maintenance so it's running great even though it has over 100k miles. I did have trouble with the sliding door but the company fixed it at their expense.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It is very reliable and dependable. I know a friend who bought two siennas one after the other and they both had over 200k miles on them.

- Sarla M

its top of the line Toyota and worth every penny. long lasting vehicle and keeps its value too

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love that it is a Toyota and runs really well, plenty of room for people and things. Don't love that its a van and is getting older

- Cheryl W

Auto open/closing side doors are GREAT for young children.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Plenty of room to transport 2 grandkids and their bags while on vacation. The auto sliding doors on both sides of vehicle are great.

- Keith W

If you want to put a lot of money into fixing a vehicle buy a sienna.

2005 Toyota Sienna

The side doors do not work anymore. We've have had several mechanical things go wrong with the van. The engine does not ride smooth.

- Rachel R

It's my baby and I love her to piece have not had any major problems.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I like the brand and I save on gas. Easy to drive low maintenance need to be done on it so far. Good for long drive to the country.

- Laree W

It runs good. My whole family can ride at the same time with plenty of room for luggage and/or groceries and supplies

2005 Toyota Sienna

.Lottsa room, long lasting, comfortable. I have had no problems with my car. I have taken long trips and have had good mileage

- Voni B

It is very safe and comfortable to ride in.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It has lots of room for a long trip. There is plenty of cargo space. The ride is very comfortable. The gas mileage is not great.

- Marian H

It is reliable and it will last for more than 200,000 miles.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Toyota sienna's last for a long time. They rarely have mechanical trouble. Very reliable. I have no complaints about the sienna.

- Sharon C

Sienna Issues That Flopped

2005 Toyota Sienna

On its 3rd engine and 2nd transmission. The 2nd engine did not last long. Has radiator leaks. Have replaced numerous things.

- Virginia U

It gets great gas mileage.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I like Toyota. It is an 8 passenger so it has accommodated comfortably a full load. Like that it has so many cup holders.

- Shannon W

It's very reliable gets me from point A to point B very well

2005 Toyota Sienna

only bad thing is the cruise control can be a bit of a pain the ac works great gets decent gas mileage very reliable

- Timothy H

Best van you can own I give it 10 out of 10

2005 Toyota Sienna

Very reliable got it used and have never had a problem with my car at all I love my van good motor great family car

- Ruby C

Toyota makes great van. Very reliable and very comfortable

2005 Toyota Sienna

Great van have had no problems with it.I have only had to to regular maintenance on the van. I have 235,000 miles.

- Nadine J

The side automatic door cable is unraveling so we don't use it. The other side door gets frozen in the winter

2005 Toyota Sienna

very reliable car, many miles put on the car without too many major problems. We definitely got our money's worth

- Lori J

Love the van since it can carry 7 people in it.

2005 Toyota Sienna

My vehicle is a van and I love it cause it has door open and control door keys. Has a nice DVD player in the van.

- Ka X

Great and dependable minivan for the family

2005 Toyota Sienna

A very reliable and family friendly van. Dependable and long lasting. We haven't had any issues with our van.

- Devon S

Buy Toyota - it will last forever and ever and ever!

2005 Toyota Sienna

I like its reliability, quiet ride and good gas mileage. It is comfortable and spacious. No complaints at all.

- Liesl A

It's a well designed, reliable minivan. Toyota has one of the best minivans on the market.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It's comfortable and reliable. I like the great turning radius and handling. The seating capacity is flexible.

- Kris F

Toyota is the most mechanically dependable manufacturer I've done business with. The 2005 sienna, tho, has had issues that make it more of a nuisance. Toyota refused to honor a specific door recall because the van exceeded a certain mileage when we discovered the recall. That's bad business.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Toyota is a mechanically reliable vehicle and will almost certainly have a much longer life than most others.

- Shannon W

It is a very durable car and runs well for being 13 years old

2005 Toyota Sienna

It is decent vehicle and runs well for the most part.Always having problems with the sliding doors though

- Anne R

Handling is brilliant and it is the perfect family car.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I like the space it has as well as the amount of seating. I just wish it was slightly more economical.

- Dillon N

The Sienna is a great family vehicle. It is very versatile for families, young and old.

2005 Toyota Sienna

The rear tail light has had to be replaced several times. That is my only complaint about the Sienna.

- Anne M

Van good for traveling families

2005 Toyota Sienna

Broken AC. Smells bad. Seats are very comfortable. Very spacious and good for road trips with family.

- Anna S

It is well made and it is dependable.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It is comfortable. For the size, it gets pretty good gas mileage. It is dependable and well made.

- Paul G

If it is kept maintained it lasts forever

2005 Toyota Sienna

In the winter the sliding doors freeze but otherwise I love it. Would love to have a new one

- Nancy m

I like the fact that the seats go down and can be taken out of the van to increase space for moving

2005 Toyota Sienna

Reliable with over 194000 miles on it. It has had few problems, but does seem to eat tires


Starts up everyday even though it has high mileage.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It's been a wonderful vehicle. Haven't had to put much money in it. It's 13 years old.

- Marie H

It is roomy and seats can fold down to haul large items.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I like the room to haul things and people; my husband says the steering is too loose.

- Barb A

It's dependable and has been a great car.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love the power it has, it's comfortable. I don't like how fast I go through tires

- Becky k

It is reliable and hasn't given any problems over five years.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It's spacious for kids. The sound system isn't great. Good fuel economy.

- Laura D

Toyota with nearly 200,000 miles and has been very dependable.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Like the sliding doors. Wish it had a little more room and was a newer.

- Robert W

The great engine it has that can last for thousands of miles.

2005 Toyota Sienna

I love my minivan. It rides like a dream and is great on gas mileage.

- Muriel L

Doesn't get great mileage

2005 Toyota Sienna

High up, smooth handling, lots of storage space, good safety features.

- Ray F

The reliability of the car is really good in the class.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It is a reliable and comfortable toyota car. No major problems yet.

- As S

It's one of the most reliable cars out there. It handles really well for a larger vehicle too.

2005 Toyota Sienna

Extremely reliable, great family car. We have driven it for years.

- Jen H

Take good care of it, oil changes, tires rotated,etc...

2005 Toyota Sienna

The good Lord has blessed me with a good vehicle, Thank you Lord.

- Anissa M

The car is big and easy to drive. The seats can fold flat easily.

2005 Toyota Sienna

The seats are comfortable and the engine is quite.

- Tama L

It is reliable and dependable.

2005 Toyota Sienna

It is Roomy. It is reliable. It is comfortable.

- Sharon D

An amazing van for a growing family.

2005 Toyota Sienna LE

- Cindy B