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My sienna has made me a minivan lover!

I love my minivan. My favorite feature is how many cup holders there are!! In the front alone, you have access to 8! It rides really smooth. It has been so reliable! The gas mileage of avg 22m/g is really not bad. Even though it has some age, it has held up well. One of the things that have stopped working is the buttons for the sliding doors. Neither on the key or inside the vehicle does it work. But that is just a bonus when it comes to vehicles for me, anyway. The emergency brake gave out last year. I love that you can remove whichever of the middle row of seats. This van has made me a lover of vans as a mom of two.

- Lisa S

2007 Toyota Sienna: spacious with many functional features for busy people.

The seats are great and can be adjusted in many ways, both in height and distance. The front and passenger seats are also heated. Sometimes the heat gets too hot though in the seats. There are plugs for car chargers and AUX cables which I like. There is no DVD player which is a drawback for long road trips. The car also squeaks when it makes turns, especially in parking garages. The mini-van is spacious with a removable middle seat in the middle row. The passenger doors are automatic which makes it easy to exit and enter the vehicle without too much hassle.

- Hannah N

I love my Toyota Sienna van!

I love my Toyota Sienna! It is very spacious and comfortable. The seats fold down in the back making plenty of room for hauling things. When the seats are not folded down, there is still plenty of room for items like suitcases. Our family has taken many long road trips in it and have had plenty of room for us as well as out luggage and extras. I like that one of the sliding doors is automatic with a push of a button.

- Heather R

Toyota Prius: the car of today and the future.

My car is extremely fuel efficient. On level ground it gets 56 miles per gallon. Driving up volcanos ( I live in Hawaii) the mpg goes down to a solid 45 miles per gallon. The car is extremely reliable and very easy to work on, if you are mechanically inclined at all. The parts are very reasonable and available. I highly recommend this vehicle for the environment, driving enjoyment, and technical advancements.

- Robert A

It is not made well at all...things are constantly breaking on it..I like the storage and convenience features, though.

I like the storage capacity of the Sienna, but it is not made as well as other Toyotas that I have owned in the past. The majority of the problems that I have had have been with the workmanship. My sliding doors no longer work, the air conditioning often does not work and no one can figure out what is wrong with it. I have replaced air bags, seat belts, the stereo-it is just not made well.

- Mindi L

Great, durable family vehicle

We've done all routine maintenance and had no issues with our minivan. I've been happy with it and would look at another when the time comes to buy a new vehicle. The only things that have broken in ten years (and four boys!) of use are: built in garage door opener button (1 of the 3), upholstery in the very back has lifted up from the vehicle, back storage compartment lid came off.

- Kelli A

It is a minivan boys and it is cool I guess like gas is a lot.

It is a minivan so of course I have problems driving it as an 18 year old it is slow and heavy the acceleration is slow, confit I guess it is good it is holds like 8 people so it is like a party van if you know what I mean. So like if you consider buying a limo van at 18 do it because u and your friends will have a good time together as a group instead in separate cars.

- Alison G

The best thing about my car is the button that you press to open the back doors.

My vehicle is just a standard car that runs just fine and has no problems. However, I have been hearing this weird noise whenever I press on the brake and I am trying to get it fixed. Other than the weird noise, there is nothing negative to say about it. I do love how roomy it really is because you can not complain ever no matter how large or small you are.

- Ron S

Our van has been modified to a wheelchair van for our daughter. We chose Toyota specifically so it would last us for a long time even though the price was more.

I was hesitant about getting a minivan but the convenience is unbelievable. It is comfortable and has plenty of storage. The interior is nice. Toyota is a reliable brand and we plan to drive our van for a long time. The only downside is that we travel to the mountains a lot and the van isn't good in the snow. So we have to use our truck for those trips.

- Janay F

Pros and cons of older Toyota sienna van.

Slight clicking sound when going slowly. Tire pressure light comes on for no apparent reason. Works well otherwise and very reliable. Cool air conditioning. Durable paint. Very comfortable seat for big girl driver. Side slide door sticks and can be difficult to open and shut. As car ages, seat belts seem to twist and get locked up. Great folding seats.

- Christina M

This van has crossed the country coast to coast 9 times. We have loved it.

The most common issues I have had with my van are regular battery failure and frequent tire ware. About every other year we have to change the battery and the tires. Part of that is due to the extreme heat in phoenix. Summers reaching over 120 degrees are brutal on vehicles. Tires wear out faster than normal and shred easily. This is expensive.

- Daniel K

The Toyota sienna is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

I own a Toyota sienna. This van has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. It runs great and has not had very many problems with it at all. It drives smoothly and turns tight corners easily. I would highly recommend a Toyota sienna to anyone looking for a minivan. I will more than likely only purchase a Toyota minivan in the future.

- Melinda E

AWD is amazing in rain, snow, and ice!

I love my van and usually the Toyota brand as we've had several Toyota's that we have put more than 300,000 miles on. This van has had more problems including transmission failure. But I love the van model because it's comfortable and easy to take bunches of my daughter's friends places. The AWD is also amazing in rain, snow and ice!

- Kelly S

The experience I have had with my Toyota sienna.

It has had issues with tire holding area and the light for the air bag keeps coming on, but nothing is wrong with it. Rides beautifully though and I have really never had any major problems with it. Performance is good. I used to drive 30 miles a day from 2007 till 2016. Now I am retired and do about 20 miles every two to three days.

- Celia L

It is a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

My Toyota Sienna is a wheelchair-accessible ramp van. Because it is a ramp van it is noisy and does not drive as well due to the dropped floor. This also causes more maintenance costs because the exhaust system is at risk below the dropped floor. In general, I like the Toyota brand and think they are reliable cars.

- Judith A

It's reliable even if it isn't pretty. We use our cars until they can't go any further.

We got this car when we found out we were having twins. I never wanted a minivan but we needed one. It is Reliable has fairly good gas mileage, and is a good car. We had a lot of problems when we first bought it but bought it certified used and bought the extended warranty. Worth every penny for that warranty.

- Rosemary C

Reliable family van with seven seats.

Super reliable. Minor problems with power doors. Catalytic converters issues. Good amount of storage. Very easy to drive. Fits seven, would be nice if it fit eight. Stow and go seating would be preferable, but that is not offered in these vehicles. It is an older vehicle with limited amount of severe problems.

- Annette K

Very comfortable when driving very long drives.

Good gas mileage, roomie, interior very comfortable and very reliable, have driven over 100 miles with no problems and have taken my sienna on long drives with excellent gas mileage and very comfortable on long runs. The body is very aerodynamic causing less wind resistance making for excellent gas mileage.

- Tony A

Plenty of space, great turn-radius, longevity.

I love my minivan. It is fantastic for our large family, it fits our luggage on trips, and is great for carpooling. The turn radius is also exceptional for a larger vehicle. U-turns, 3 point turns, even backing out of the driveway is a breeze. We've had if for 11 years and it is still going strong.

- Amber T

The Toyota sienna has been in our family for a long time.

Our family grew out of the seating. Performance wise it is ok. The seating could be a little wider. I do love the shape. The cargo space could be a bit bigger. I love the third row seating in some. Toyota is a good quality maker. We have given it a good safety rating. Our son currently drives it.

- Sarah B

Great van. We take it everywhere.

Love the van. Only problem with electric so we have a block on the engine. It took us a few visits to dealer, electric shop, etc. Finally found a neighbor who suggested a block. Now we do not have the battery going died over and over. Dealer never could figure out what the problem was.

- Linda R

My car is dependable. Basic maintenance is all that is required.

My vehicle seats seven people. I'm able to transport my grandchildren, their car seats and all of their gear. Also, it's big enough to haul things like a truck. The.second row seats can be removed and the third row seats fold down for added space. The gas mileage is the only dislike.

- Linda p

Excellent reliability even after ten years with lots of space for everyone.

The Sienna has excellent reliability. Aside from routine maintenance, the only issues have been with the power doors. The gas mileage is very good especially on the highway. With 5 children, I need lots of space and we are able to fit everyone and their stuff for long road trips.

- Karen F

Lights, sometimes you see it, sometimes you do not.

The biggest complaint I have is when backing up. The lights are very dim and makes it extremely hard to see anything at night. The headlights are just ok. Dimmer than other cars. I like the stow and go seats. Makes is very easy to adjust when needing to load things in the van.

- Lynne D

It has great amount of convertible space.

I love the space that it has. The seats can all come out so we can load large items I to our van. I also love the automatic sliding door. It's great with my little kids. I also love how easy it is to maintain. I've not needed to take it to the mechanic for anything major.

- Melina K

My car has lots of space. The space is good for extra passengers and going shopping. The extra space makes it comfortable to ride in.

My vehicle has lots of room. I like that it has hooks to hang bags on when you go shopping. My vehicle is comfortable. I dislike that it does not have built in DVD players. My vehicle has one automatic side door. One complaint is that both side doors are not automatic.

- Emma P

Toyota sienna the car for the whole family

And about the car was older and had issues. Overall, the car is reliable and can be used to transport children and groceries. This helps and all the daily activities that are associated with having children and all the essentials that are needed to perform family tasks

- Elliott K

Toyota dependable and comfortable.

Very roomy including third row, excellent trunk space — third row seats collapse for better storage, good mileage for large car, dependable. Seats very comfortable. Could be quieter —too much road noise; do not like placement of air vents — cannot adjust easily.

- Bobbie H

Great ride and lots of room and seating.

It has lots of room, love the stow n go seating! Had some issue with backup camera, great running vehicle, no mechanical issues. Good sounding stereo, lots of storage compartments, good handling on road way, long wheel base which makes some difficulty in turning.

- Carl C

Old & needs work with new features.

It is got high mileage, needs body work, needs back up camera, better gas mileage, more cell phone charging stations, new tires, brakes, paint job, more room to move around. It is been good for carrying softball equipment and other room for luggage for traveling.

- Lisa C

Toyota sienna reliability.

Very reliable with loads of features. Just oil changes regularly done will keep this vehicle running well. Also normal brake changes and tire changes. I am highly impressed. Only after 12 years is this vehicle in need of more TLC. I am never leaving this brand.

- Nicole B

Meets the needs of a family perfectly. Can carry up to 7 passengers and still have space to do a warehouse club trip.

I love how the controls are positioned and how the space is allocated inside the vehicle. The stereo system is great. Just wish had some newer features like built in dvd players and back up camera. Otherwise handles great and responsive to steering controls.

- Jocara C

This car can definitely be relied on. You will not worry about getting from A to B.

This vehicle is pretty roomy, so all 7 passengers are able to fit comfortably. This has been a reliable minivan in my family for over 10 years now! Sliding doors are great, lots of cup holders, plenty of trunk space and a smooth ride. Would highly recommend.

- Alina C

Love the space and dependability of my Sienna

The Sienna is very reliable. It is 11 years old, and we have had no significant repair issues - only regular maintenance. The trunk is quite roomy, and the removable captain's chairs are an excellent feature. Decent gas mileage for a vehicle that size.

- Elliot N

The sliding doors are amazing! I never have to worry about my kids singing other cars opening their doors too wide.

I love all of the extra features it came with. We bought it used, but it came with a DVD player which is great for the kids. I don't like that it came with leather seats. I prefer cloth seats, but, again, we bought it used and didn't have much choice.

- Val W

My minivan is one of my favorite things!

My van has over 150,000 miles and it is still a reliable car for our family. I love the storage capacity as well as the ability to carry a lot of cargo. Very good option for families. The 3rd row folds down easily for added trunk space when needed.

- Julie H

It is reliable as it is a Toyota, also comfortable, enough room for everyone

love the van, that it is easier for us senior citizens to get in and out, also can carry our grandkids and other family when they come to visit. only dislike is how many miles it has on, not ready to afford a newer one, would like a GPS though

- Shirley S

The sienna is great for the average american family.

I love that my whole family can fit comfortably in this van! My husband even enjoys to sit in the back on occasion and stretch out his legs. We have had no major problems with this vehicle in the past 8 years, even after buying it used.

- Meladie G

This car has basted a long time and has required very little maintenance.

The Toyota sienna is a practical vehicle, it carries all of my family when needed. It is perfect for trips and vacations because it has plenty of cargo space. It is a workhorse that I use on my job if I need to haul or deliver something

- Adron D

The fold down rear seat is a great idea. You can get either more room or more seats so easily it's crazy. It folds down into the van itself.

I like that it has plenty of room for us. The rear seats fold down into the van itself. That made putting the wheelchair lift in much easier, plus I didn't have to find a place to store the rear seats. It would be nice to get better mpg.

- Steven Y

The car is spacious enough for my family

When we purchased our vehicle it was in good condition years of passed by I would say 10 years and it does not work as before but overall it's been our vehicle which has taking us everywhere and it's a very comfortable car to drive in

- Nereida P

It's a reliable car. I've had mine for years now and besides a few repairs there hasn't been anything really wrong.

Large comfortable minivan. Doesn't have any fancy features, only the basics but it's reliable and gets you from point one to point two. Great for weekend getaways as there is room to lie around and has a good storage at the back.

- Joyce C

It fits pretty much everything you need for you family.

I wish I could drive a smaller vehicle that fits my whole family. I wish that the rear tailgate would function like a trunk instead of a door. I don't want to have to unlock all the doors while I'm loading things into the back.

- Rachel R

There is a lot of space to fit people in this vehicle.

The vehicle is overall a good vehicle, but it is 10 years old now, so there are natural problems. The wheel bearings went out recently, and it was sort of expensive to fix. Some of the basic functions no longer work properly.

- Gerald F

Love the a c and The interior design

Good looking car, The interior design gives you an easy access to the back seat if you have kids this is your car. Big trunk, easy folding seats in The back gives you even more space if you're traveling with lots of luggage.

- Sarah Z

Lots of space for people or stuff

This vehicle is a great mode of transportation. you can fit a lot of cargo is the back and still have room for all seats to be filled. The double automatic doors are extremely helpful when loading up the kids.

- Heather T

It has great power and handling.

Love space, speed, reliability, ease of control/steering. Dislike age of vehicle, ability to clean nooks, sways in wind. Hate when driving in heavy rain, no matter what tires, feels like it will hydroplane.

- Nicki S

Toyota minivan is comfortable and versatile with plenty of seating and cargo room.

I love my Toyota minivan. It is very comfortable and holds everything we need. My favorite feature is the stowaway seats in the back so you can either have more passengers or create more cargo space.

- Dena H

It is really pleasant to drive and easy to adjust for any situation.

I love that it has a lot of space. The seats fold down to accommodate either large items or lots of passengers. It is an older car so some of the things do not work anymore, like the push button doors.

- Emily C

The car is getting a little old at this point, and rusting around the edges. Despite Its durability, it should be treated with care. I try to avoid taking it on particularly rough roads.

My vehicle is a white Toyota Sienna that seats eight people. I live in a community with eight members, so this is very convenient. The vehicle has shown to be durable, and has quality fuel efficiency.

- Nathan D

Big and spacious fun to drive

Spacious lots of leg and storage room. Plenty of room for the kids to have space. Tons of safety features. Anchor system for car seats. Love the way my back seats fold down flat with the floor

- Emily H

It's safe and dependable and gets good gas mileage.

I like that it has room enough for eight passengers and an automatic door. I also like that it gets good gas mileage considering it's a larger vehicle. Finally, I like that it's dependable.

- Tan H

It's very reliable. Mileage is decent for a minivan.

I like the way it handles. I like having room for my grandchildren and stuff. I wish it had all wheel drive capability and separate climate control for the driver and front seat passenger.

- Reva F

Lovely for your family drive all along the united states.

Love this van it's perfect for the families and for trips I have given plenty of trips with my family it has a super space in the trunk I had to buy a new car I will buy this sienna again.

- Rosa G

It is important that others know that it is a great family car! Plenty of storage and reliable.

I like that the vehicle has automatic doors. I dislike that the dashboard signal lights are very sensitive (they sometimes come on when nothing is wrong). I like all the storage space.

- Tara P

Do not go off on dirt roads without driving slowly.

Like the size, heated seats and fuel economy. Dislike the gps. Do not use it at all. Also do not like the leather seats as they wear, but they are easier to clean with children.

- Chelsea N

Toyota Sienna 2007 a great traveler!

The sienna has been a reliable car for our large family. We have traveled many cross country trips in it. Exterior looks great. Interior dated but still a great looking car.

- Erin R

Toyota makes a quality family vehicle that will last.

It's large enough to fit my family and plenty of space in the back for our stuff. It rides smoothly and comfortably. We have had issues with the A/C not working very well.

- Ca L

Reliable Family Minivan!

Super reliable minivan! Has served our family and the Boy Scouts well. Goes through tires quickly. Power sliding door not working any more. Highly recommend the Sienna!

- Holly M

It is very dependable and comfortable to ride in.

My sienna is comfortable. It has cloth seats which I love in the winter. I have had only drive train issues in my past 6 months. It is 11 years old. It is very dependable.

- Kerry B

Full size middle seat in the second row, perfect for families.

I love my Toyota Sienna. The best feature is the full size middle seat in the second row. This makes it possible to have my toddlers car seat easily accessible.

- Devin G

Great reliable car! Wise buy!

No problems. Been excellent car with room to move things and take grandchildren places. Has been so reliable and bought it used in 2011. Love many cup holders.

- William O

room for the whole family

love the comfortable ride. like the seating for my family trips to Santa Cruz I wish it got better gas mileage dont like transmission going out at 150k miles

- Dennis L

Although there have been some recalls for the car, but overall it has been working very well for an 11 year old car. Very few fixing required in the past.

I like my car as the 3rd row of the seats can be folded down to make more rooms for transporting things. It's quiet, great features, and good gas mileage.

- Athena L

Dependable family minivan

Comfortable reliable vehicle. Electric doors don't work well and headlights oxidize easily. Seats 8 and roof rack great for luggage. Dependable minivan.

- Tia H

Haven't had may issues with this vehicle.

Have had this car for several years, minimal problems. Good for hauling people and gear. Kind of big for maneuvering/parking but otherwise good.

- Tracy M

It is a very comfortable ride.

The warning lights come on even when there are not any issues, even after we get it checked out. I like the extra room we have in this minivan.

- Michelle H

I love that the seats are foldaway and I can fit so many things in it when traveling or moving

I love my car! It's very easy to drive and smooth, can fit a lot of things in it, great gas mileage, I hope I can buy another van in the future

- Kim N

The seating is perfect for a family or a single person.

The amount of room it has, also the versatility of the seats can fold down or be completely removed. The overall durability of the minivan.

- Stacey E

My kids loved the electric door.

Sliding electric door stops working. Have to get that fixed. Front dad is starting to crack. Other than that it is a pretty good vehicle.

- Jessica H

Extreme High Reliability. Everybody loves the lowest maintenance level required.

It is a very reliable vehicle. It has very little problems. However, the paint started to come off after 10 years which is not ideal.

- Dave L

It is a well made car and is very reliable. We ever have any maintenance issues with it.

It run really great and we never have any issues. I think that the van could have a more comfortable ride . It also is a little noisy.

- Kristin P

The Toyota sienna is good for a college student because it fits everything.

My Toyota is old, inefficient, the radio doesn't work, and lastly several sensors are broken. Overall the car is good for commuting.

- Sean D

It is economical and nice family can for us. Comfortable a it best.

I m using it since 2007 and I don't have problem it is works good for me. Never had a big issue with it. I just do regular service.

- Ragi H

It has run very well and has yet to require a major repair.

This vehicle has been very reliable. No major repairs have been necessary, yet. It is fuel efficient and worth the money spent.

- eric s

It never breaks down and it can fit a lot of people and things in it.

I like that it is reliable, comfortable and useful. I do not like that it is older, common, boring. I do not have any complaints.

- Laura L

This minivan is very dependable and can be used for many things.

The van is very dependable. We are able to carry various size items in the back with the seats down. A lot of seating capacity.

- Theresa C

It is great for road trips and families with 4+ people.

I love that my van rides smooth and can fit our family of five comfortably. I dislike the mileage a get which is about 17 mpg.

- arlene t

It runs good and its dependable.

I love my van because it drives good and is good on gas. It's very comfortable to ride in. Its a pretty color. Its a wine color.

- Alice C

Great comfort for bigger family

I love the space and comfort this van provides. It easily fits 3 kids! I've never had any real issues with it. I bought it used.

- Angela E

Toyota Sienna is a safe, dependable vehicle for the entire family.

My Toyota Sienna is a dependable, comfortable vehicle. It is also a safe van for the whole family. It rides very comfortably.

- Maria C

It's a minivan and has a good amount of space

I love the space in my vehicle. It gets me where I need to go. We have had small problems with it from the day we bought it.

- Lynnette J

Honda has always been very reliable cars for us.

I like how spacious it is.. I like how it does not burn gas quickly.. I like the power sliding door.. I have no complaints..

- Dawn L

Newer Sienna feels like it has bigger dash space.

Family used it for many cross country road trips without problems. It is a pretty great car, lots of space, decent mileage.

- Ida Z

That it has over 160000 miles on it

I like that it can fit a lot of people and there's plenty of room. It also is very reliable and doesn't have many problems.

- Chris A

It gets decent gas mileage on the highway

I like to ride up high. The seats are easily adjustable. I do not like the automatic door as it takes a long time to close.

- Kristopher P

How great it runs. Maintenance is very low. Body is in very great shape.

Runs great. No damages to the inside or out. Gets great gas mileage. Drives smooth, great on long trips and is very fast.

- Lee L

Seats 8 passengers. Also with the seats down, it is great for hauling karate items.

Comfortable ride for the kids with plenty of space. No mechanical issues. Smooth gas pedal, great gas mileage for a van.

- Taylor R

It has lasted me 10 years and over 200,000 miles with no major problems

I like that it is 10 years old and has had no major problems. It has over 200,000 miles. My only complaint is the radio.

- Yolanda C

It's a work horse holds a lot of merchandise.

I like my sunroof. don't like when it rains. Water come thru control pad for back. It leaks rain in the light switch.

- Kim F

no major problems since buying, comfortable, lots of space

like size, good gas mileage, have had no major problems since buying this car, would buy again. Toyota is good brand

- maxine l

It has good gas mileage and is good for a city car.

Like 1) it is completely paid for.. 2) my wheelchair fits perfectly.... Dislike 1) needs new tires (a little bald).

- Barbara H

very comfortable family car

i love my car. It's a very good family vehicle. didn't give me any problems . very comfortable and easy to operate.

- Tamara L

It lasts a long time with no issues.

Reliable. Not expensive to maintain. Rides beautifully after all these years. Spacious and is easy to see out of.

- Cathy B

It's very family friendly and comfortably seats 6 people.

It's very roomy and I love the automatic features such as the doors and sunroof. I like the video player as well.

- Leslie M

It's the perfect vehicle for families with all ages of children

Love the room and auto doors and hatch back it handles very well in all weather conditions stow and go is amazing

- Tabitha M

Highlight of the car that are the best

Toyota its very good vehicle took longer the engine I have this vehicle long time I love it its very nice van

- Maria S

My sienna is extremely reliable.

I love my van. It is reliable and comfortable and plenty of space. I love the captain chairs in the second row.

- Salvador S

My car is extremely reliable.

It is very comfortable. My vehicle is quite old that is the only problem I have with it else works perfect.

- Asma K

Good cheap option. Seats many. Has lots of space for people and items

It's lasted over ten years. It's a good color. It has a good amount of seats. It has some engine problems

- Jonah J

It will last forever. In eleven years I have only needed 3 repairs.

It is very dependable. It fits our entire family comfortably and we have room to transport lots of stuff.

- Jen H




It looks rough, but it runs.

It is an ok vehicle. Clunky but a reliable van. It has had trouble with belts, but beside that runs ok.

- Sarah S

very reliable little maintenance is needed and affordable

Easy to get in and out ,sit up high very reliability and very comfortable easy to handle good gas miles

- Milton S

Sienna, a great family vehicle

It is a really great car for a family vehicle. It is also very good on gas mileage. It handles great.

- Rick R

My Sienna is reliable and practical. It's not flashy but it is a trustworthy vehicle

I love that my car has very good gas mileage and has enough room for the things that I need to carry.

- James P

This minivan is Great for large families and busy parents.

Fits all my kids and our stuff. Has DVD player for kids. Drives smooth. Just stinky and low to ground

- Monica U

It is reliable. I can count on my car to to me to places.

Because the car has never failed me. However, the car is now out of style and needs to be changed

- Yashim N

It is a good lasting car brand that stays on the rode for a very long time.

It is very roomy. it holds a lots of items. The buttons to the sliding doors don't work.


it drives really well and I really like it very much. it is a great van

i like the room it has and the way it drives. I really like the comfort and reliability

- shannon B

It is safe, and it is also reliable. I trust it to get me where I need to go.

I like that it has automatic Doosan. It rides smoothly. It's dependable and reliable.

- Amy H

It's roomy! I like that we can fit our four kids in the van, and all of their things, and still have room.

I like that it is easy to drive. It's not too big of a vehicle. It's nice looking.

- Katie S

It is strong and affordable. I love everything about it.

It is a great car. It has plenty of room. Gets great gas mileage. I love it!

- Kristy H

It has been a great vehicle. Hardly any mechanical problems.

I like how my car rides and the features. I don't like that it is a minivan!

- Terri K

It is low maintenance. I have had no major problems with it.

I love the way it rides and the interior. I don't like that it is a minivan!

- Terri K

Great gas mileage and very dependable.

I like everything about my vehicle. Good gas mileage and very dependable.

- Sharon G

It has over 260,000 miles on it.

It has been a reliable vehicle. It has enough seats for all of our family.

- Hoyt P

it's reliable but need to check the battery sometimes

no complaints on it so far except when the battery failed in its 5th year

- cy l

My car Runs great and it is very economical

It is very Reliable It is dependable It is economical It is comfortable

- akhtar G

It's old, eats tires and needs a new paint job. It's been a good vehicle.

Had refurbished transmission put in it, has a lot of miles on it

- Alisa C

not so many repairs put a lot of miles on comfortable for passengers

rides well on highways. not a lot of repairs.not great in snow

- keith b



- J W

It's unbreakable only change oil and filters

No complaints The car is very useful for MY DISABLED DAUGHTER

- Wesley P

reliable and spacious for driving long trips for summer time

no complaint for any dislikes and can't think of any likes

- mir f

Overall the car has had little to no issues with it other than basic maintenance issues like changing oil, buying new tires, etc. I really feel Toyota did a great job designing this vehicle.

It was a well invested in purchase for me, very reliable.

- Jeffery M




The car runs smoothly. All you need to do is maintenance your car regularly.

My favorite vehicle. It's very roomy. Have no complain.

- Hoai N

It's reliable and gets decent mileage. It's a 2007.

Too big. Too old. Uses too much gas. It's dependable.

- Kira S

I like to be able to offer to drive for almost any carpool. I dislike the total size of the vehicle making it a little more difficult to park. It's been very reliable and has had very few problems.

My car is reliable transportation for up to 8 people.

- Ellen D

It is a very reliable vehicle.

Very reliable vehicle. Good for big families.

- Lilia R