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The car shakes if you go over 100 mph.

My 2008 Toyota sienna really makes driving fun. My friends like to put some movies in the DVD player when we go on road trips. The sliding doors are one of a kind when the doors slide open it makes an assuring sound letting you know the door is locked. The Toyota sienna has a amazing steering wheel. The nice leather makes a nice grip if you are on a highway. The second best feature is the armrest built in so you can push it down if your arm is getting tired. The final best feature is the cup holders and tray. The tray provides a nice place to put fast food or your wallet and phone the cup holders can hold the drinks from your fast food. This is why you should buy a Toyota sienna.

- Dipper P

2008 Toyota Sienna still running.

Our Toyota Sienna is overall a great vehicle for our family. It is mostly dependable and has four wheel drive which is very important for us since we live on dirt roads and get a lot of snow during the winter months. It is starting to get older however and we are now experiencing multiple fixes with it. Part of this is age of the car, the other part is the fact that we do live on dirt roads and the car goes through a lot of abuse. It is a great car overall, I just wish we had the option of being able to add an extra seat (making it an eight passenger car) if we wanted to. But overall, it is a dependable and useful car for our family.

- Jessica K

Toyota Sienna: great eight seater for the price.

We have a large family and were looking for an eight seater minivan. We were going back and forth between a Honda odyssey or Toyota Sienna since those were the only two minivans that had eight seater models. We decided to go with the Sienna due to the fact that it was less expensive. It has served us well. No transmission problems so far. Even with irregular oil changes we have had zero engine problems. The only thing that I wish could have been designed differently is the oil filter casing. Parts are reasonably inexpensive and if you do your own labor it keeps maintenance costs down drastically. Overall we've enjoyed our Sienna.

- James S

2008 Toyota van. Great for families!

The vehicle drives really well. It is nice to be higher up when driving. The automatic doors and trunk is very handy, especially with little kids. The windows in the back have safety windows, so kids cannot open them on their own. The back seats can be up or be pushed down to make more room for large items. The front two seats have heated seats and the temp can be individualize on each side and in the back. Another nice feature is that you cannot lock the doors if the keys are in the ignition. The only downside is that if you are not used to driving a larger vehicle, it can take time to get used to parking.

- Kristen B

Toyota sienna le: a hit or miss car, it all depends on your luck honestly.

Our Toyota sienna le is a good car overall in that it gets us to where we need to go, but it is just kind of an ugly vehicle. Ours is also gray, which does not help that case. The paint gets easily scraped off if merely hit against something (although I am sure that is true of every car). We do have quite a few problems with this car when it comes to performance. For example, the axis completely gave out on the highway one time, leaving us stranded and far from home. And this was right after we purchased it (although it was pre-owned).

- Laur L

It has the power to beat little teenagers in their Hondas off the line.

I love the amount of power it has. Having a 3. 5 v6 in a minivan is awesome. The spacious interior is great for long trips. Plenty of storage space and seating capacity. Auto sliding door is also a lifesaver when loading the car. It is also great on fuel. For being a minivan I can go almost 500 miles before needing to fill up. This car has taken all over America from TX to WA without issues. It also held its own on the autobahn in Germany. Even though she's getting older I wouldn't trade her in for the world.

- Joy B

Toyota sienna minivans are beautifully designed family vehicles.

I used to turn-over vehicles every two years by selling then in order to buy a new car. In 2008, I bought a new Toyota sienna minivan. It is been ten years, and my minivan has never given me any manufacturer-related issues. Outside of the standard oil and transmission fluids, brakes, batteries, and replaced tires, my minivan has held its value in a major way. I have paid about $36, 000 for my minivan and the fact that it is still running extraordinarily well speaks of the great value of the Toyota brand.

- Dianne M

Comfortable family vehicle.

This van is a comfortable ride for the whole family. The interior noise level is low and we have enjoyed the built-in DVD system. I love the sliding doors. One problem was the back door would not stay open, but my husband fixed that. An oxygen sensor also went bad, but my friend was able to replace that, saving a lot of money at the shop. It is had a couple recalls that were easily fixed at the dealer. Overall it is been a great vehicle and we plan to keep it until our other new car is paid off.

- Kathryn B

Spacious for storage, great for travel, family oriented, and great gas mileage!

After our vehicle purchase, we have not run into any complications and have not been frustrated with it is performance. We needed a vehicle that would be family friendly and spacious and reliable for use for many years to come. We were pleased to see there was a DVD player installed for rear passengers, back seats come down for more space, and the comfort level is spectacular! Gas mileage was most important and we see nearly 20 mpg in the city and nearly 30 mpg on the highway.

- Lindsay A

Minimal upkeep even 10 years later.

I really enjoy the roominess, easy, and folding seats in this minivan. At 19 years old it runs well and is reliable, but is starting to have issues with weather-stripping breaking and one of the sliding doors needs to have the cable replaced. Once these are done, it will be great again as it still runs perfectly. One feature I wish it had was an automatic trunk as the back is quite heavy.

- Kelly R

Minivans are not just for families.

The good things I like about my Toyota Sienna is its spacious it can hold up to 7 passengers. Second row of seats can flip down so you can carry large objects inside the van. Vehicle is high enough off the ground making it easy to get into and out of vehicle. Spacious enough to be comfortable on long trips. Only flaw I see is I get only 15 miles to the gallon for country about 7 for city.

- Phillip H

That it is a great, multi-purpose vehicle that functions efficiently and with style.

I like the fact that, as a minivan, my vehicle is much roomier than a car and allows me to transport larger pieces of furniture without the bulk of one of the larger SUV or truck models. My van also has a great balance of comfort and utility - the seats are comfortable and there are lots of convenient compartments, and my valuable space isn't consumed by unnecessary bells and whistles.

- Laura V

Toyota Sienna is a great family vehicle

Our van has served us well for the last 10 years. We have had so few issues with it. Apart from oil changes, brakes, and tires I think the only major expense was the AC compressor going out a couple years ago. It is incredibly reliable and has plenty of room for our family. I have ridden in other vehicles that are a bit more comfortable, but our Sienna is comfortable enough for us.

- Deborah B

I love my Toyota! Best is easy access in the rear and ability to carry stuff.

The only problem with my Toyota sienna is the tire indicator light. I had it replaced 2 years ago and again it is not functioning properly. I love my sienna because it is easy to manage the driving is easy for a large vehicle. I like the visibility factor. The best thing for me is being able to put the seats down and carry large loads of flea market stuff. I love my Toyota!

- Joyce G

Very enjoyable vehicle to drive and ride in comfortably.

The sienna has a lot of "trunk" space. I especially like that the seats lay down to provide room for transporting things. It has enough seats for driving grandchildren around town. It has a smooth ride, very comfortable. We have had no problems. My only complaint is when we purchased the. Vehicle used, it had no spare tire. An obviously easily corrected problem.

- Vicky C

Over all the vehicle is a excellent car.

The 2008 Toyota sienna is very comfortable to drive and also as a passenger. The sienna seats six adults or the two back seats fold down for more storage room. The sienna has am and FM radio. Has air and heat. A CD player. The sienna is a four cylinder has good pickup for being a four cylinder. The only thing I do not like is that it has some blind spots.

- Steve S

Great family vehicle with tons of safety features.

I love my Toyota Sienna. It is super comfy and has tons of cargo space. This car runs so reliable. It has so many great safety features for entire family. Mine has the optional center second row seat. My child had ridden in that spot from infancy to now being nine years old without a booster. The latch system worked great with all our car seats.

- Bella A

Love the van, hate the limited leg room.

Our Toyota sienna has been a very good investment for our family. When we initially purchased it we had two growing teens and a newborn. Our van has rarely needed repair, it has plenty of room to move around in, and it has plenty of storage. My only complaint is that there is very limited leg room for those in the driver's and passenger's seats.

- Crystal B

Seats comfortable. Big space in trunk. Smooth in driving. Perfect for big family.

It is a very nice car and comfortable and I have a big family so it is really good for long rides and nice large space in trunk, and my kids love it and the black windows are like saver of light in the car. And it is automatic starter and no noise while driving, I really refer this van to a big family coz. Very comfortable smooth and perfect.

- A B

Very spacious for family and comfortable to drive for long distance.

It is a big car but very comfortable to drive. For a short person like me, driver seat is very adjustable so easy to handle steering. Only a problem I had is automatic sliding doors. One of them has stopped working. The wire cut off. There is no way to fix only wire. You need to spend a couple of thousand dollars to replace a whole system.

- Mary N

I love our 2008 Toyota Sienna. Especially the stow-n-go seating!

I love all of the space in my minivan. It is perfect for driving my child around and hauling the stroller and everything else a kid needs! Very easy to get my son in and out of the vehicle with sliding doors on both sides. Recently, one of our sliding doors broke so we only have one working at the moment. Everything else works great.

- Alina H

Gas saver and easy access all around.

It a 2008 Toyota sienna automatic front wheel drive has around 145,000 miles and it runs smooth drives smooth comfortable and clean seats 7 people really good gas mileage up to 32 highway and 25 around town has DVD player and a jvc stereo system. Has front and rear heat and cold air heated leather seats very clean inside and out.

- Jeffrey M

Generally this has been a great vehicle and I would recommend it to anyone.

It has been a wonderful vehicle with no problems at all - just routine maintenance - until last year. Then it had numerous electrical problems that were nearly impossible to diagnose and cost me about $4500. 00 to fix. I think it's finally fixed. This van at original purchase was converted to be a handicap equipped vehicle.

- Peggy A

Incredibly reliable minivan.

This vehicle has been great. It is spacious and comfortable. The heat and a/c systems have been great and reliable. The only major repairs have been those that are routine for owning a vehicle. It is reliability has been excellent. It performance very well. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone considering it.

- Daniel M

Spacious car for many uses.

It is a good and comfortable family car which takes me everywhere. The only thing I don't like is the parking, the back door is also heavy for me to lift. This vehicle has a lot of room space and I use it to transport my crafts to my fairs. I have also used it to pick up a new sofa and many other pieces of furniture.

- Evelyn K

That the van is a comfortable ride.

The sienna is a four cylinder automatic. It will seat six people. Has plenty of cargo room. Great on gas. Very comfortable on long trips or around town. Great for hauling kids or groceries. Has am FM radio cassette player. Barge in color. Has about fifty thousand miles. Has been serviced regular.

- Stephen R

Very high safety rating on this great minivan.

2008 Toyota sienna le 27, 000 original miles. Original owner. Seats 7 with 4 captains chairs and last row bench seat. Routine maintenance. Tires have 1000 miles on them and they are run flat tires. Beautiful lime Kist color with grey upholstery. Excellent buy available for viewing. Contact owner.

- Patricia D

My minivan is very spacious and reliable.it can be used for moving as the rear seats can be removed

It's very reliable,excellent family vehicle as I always have my 2 grandkids with me. The sliding power door is very convenient, the rear seats fold into the floor for extra storage space when needed. Toyotas are known for lasting very long as long as you provide proper preventive maintenance.

- Mayra V

The driving comfort and reliability are the highlight.

I really like the comfort of my sienna. It is very roomy, and we take it everywhere we go. I have not had any major problems with it, only minor ones. I have had alignments done as recommended, but still do not get the recommended mileage out of the tires, and I have bought quality tires.

- Julie K

Great van, lots and lots of room!

I haven't had any problems really. It is comfortable, a smooth ride. Starts everyday unless I leave the lights on by accident!! Gas mileage is pretty good for a van. The seats fold down easily in both the back and the middle. It is roomy so I can move my kids back and forth to college.

- Kat H

It drives very smooth and I get great gas mileage.

I love the room that my minivan has for accommodating 8 people into the vehicle. The trunk has plenty of room for luggage as well. The only dislike is there should be more plugs throughout for electronic devices and it could be wider so when you have 8 people it is not so cramming.

- Christy S

This car is a safe, dependable car that is great for families.

I like my Toyota because it's extremely dependable. it has never broken down. It has been great carting around my large family when company comes. It is a safe dependable car. The only thing I don't like is now that my son is going off to college, it is a larger car than I need.

- Kim V

Minivans make a great family car!

First of all, it is a nice family car seats 8 people has TV great on gas my girls love it as much as I do. Also being the third owner haven't had any mechanical issues since I have bought my van but needing new tires like every other vehicle. Wouldn't trade my mom in van!

- Maria P

The Toyota van is a great family vehicle. I have loved driving it.

I love most everything about my van but the passenger seats don't fold back as far as I want them. I like the seat warmers. Another feature I like is the automatic door openers. It doesn't have many blind spots. I also like the space it offers. The heater very powerfully.

- Dianne B

The Sienna is very big, comfy, and efficient on gas economy.

The Toyota Sienna is very efficient on gas for the things I do on it. Very spacious. It also have better viewing angles than any other car I have been in. The car is very comfy and can fit up to 7 people with extra space for luggage or groceries in the back. I love it.

- Kenny M

Great vehicle for family since it is a van and offers versatility. Carries up to seven people, seats go down to carry large items and can also carry on roof with roof rack.

The vehicle was purchased used in 2011. Great running vehicle since we keep the regular maintenance current. However, the vehicles body inside and out is showing signs of deteriorating such as faded paint and dashboard is splitting. Otherwise, great running vehicle.

- Diane P

Sienna Minivans are the best

We've had this minivan since 2008. Bought it brand new. Currently we have 145,000 miles on it. We've kept up with the maintenance. Nothing major has broken other than the radiator. Shocks and struts will be needed next. We plan on buying another one in the near future.

- Chris M

Total mom van that is fun to drive.

It has been a great vehicle. Very reliable. Nothing major has ever broken. It is roomy, seat seven and is a good vehicle for road trips. Gets decent highway mileage has never left me on the side of the road. I might even buy another one when I get ready to replace it.

- Nina A

It runs reliably and gets great gas mileage, but has other minor issues.

My van has run very reliably and I haven't had many issues with necessary parts. However, I've had a lot of issues with comfort/luxury features. The locking mechanism on the tailgate sticks and won't open sometimes. My A.C. won't work and no one can figure it out.

- Cassie B

Need to know about fuel pump issue

Very comfortable and well accommodating for 4 kids and 2 adults. Has video system which is nice with kids. Pretty reliable, however, this model and year has an issue with the fuel pump. We have had to replace it in order to feel safe about driving the vehicle.

- Robin N

It is a very smooth ride, especially compared to a lower car.

I like all of the extra features it has, like a camera, tv, and voice commands. It is also spacious enough where I can move large things/ large quantities of things. It is also perfect for me because my family often travels with at least 6 people in the car

- lia b

Minivans are practical for individuals as well as families.

First of all, I like my vehicle because it is high off the ground which makes it a lot easier getting in and out. Another positive is its spacious can handle up to 7 persons. It also has a rack on top so I can transport things I cannot carry inside the van.

- Phillip M

The Toyota Sienna: a great family vehicle!

We've had this vehicle since 2009. It has been very reliable and although it is getting up there in age and mileage, we still enjoy driving the vehicle. We would be interested in purchasing a Toyota Sienna again. They are well built and are great vehicles.

- Rick M

It's a great vehicle for a family with kids. It is a very roomy vehicle. I love the sliding door especially with having kids.

It's been a great vehicle. It's been very reliable. There is plenty of room for a family of 5. It drives really smoothly. It has great features. I love the sliding door. Love that I can open/ close the doors from my controller and open and close the trunk.

- Ashley S

That it has cruise control.

A Toyota Sienna 2008. It is a four cylinder has good pick up. Seats six people. Very comfortable. Good gas mileage. The only drawback it has some blind spots. Radele tires. 24 pounds pressure. A gauge that tells you when the tires are low. Cruise control.

- Steve S

It is very reliable and comfortable. We use it for everyday use as well as traveling as often as we can.

Love that it has stow and go seats that are easy to do with push button controls. Love that it has navigation and a large back up camera. I love that our van has parking sensors on the front and on the back. I wish our van had blind spot indicators.

- Anita K

Toyota's are very reliable.

I like the fact that it can carry kids to practices. It can haul large objects. Doesn't have street creed though! It should get at least 200k miles if cared for. It is a great family car and continues to be of use after you family has grown.

- Stuart L

Comfortable and dependable van for your family.

My car is very comfortable. I love the automatic sliding doors and that it seats eight people. I like how there is lots of space and that there is plenty of storage in the back. I am able to remove the car seats easily, depending on my needs.

- Mi L

Comfortable for traveling long distance and reliable.

I like my van and plan to keep it for several more years. No majors repairs. Right passenger electric door has stopped working but we just use it as a manual. The only other recent repairs were a new water pump and the usual tires and brakes.

- Danielle C

Very Reliable and Great for trips

Very reliable vehicle. We've put almost 200,000 miles on it and plan to keep driving for another few years. The only problem is that the side doors no longer work as the cables are broken. This is a common problem, but they lasted 10 years.

- Bev O

Handles like a car. Much better than average visibility due to the shape layout of the dash.

Handles well, especially for a bigger vehicle, even in snow. Good gas mileage for a bigger vehicle. No major mechanical problems. And unlike a lot of vans I have good viability, which is most important to me. Overall, I love it.

- amy m

It is very dependable and can transport others.

I like the size of the van. It has a lot of room for people and luggage. It rides comfortably and is good on gas for the amount of driving I do. I haven't had a lot of problems with the vehicle other than maintenance.

- Lydia L

I have had many things go wrong with my Toyota Sienna so I could never recommend that anyone else buy one.

I really like the size and style of my Toyota Sienna. It is roomy and comfortable. My van has had many things go wrong including the transmission going out after five years. So I question the quality of this vehicle.

- Sue T

It is a very reliable car and I always have the confidence it will bring me home safely. When I drive through corners I can feel It's tires hug the ground rather than the feeling of floating like other cars that I had driven.

It is a reliable, multi-purpose vehicle and low maintenance. I should have bought the one equipped with a fog light. I replace the steering assembly after a fluid leak and I keep hearing a thud as it crossed a ramp.

- Romulo C

It has plenty of room and movable storage space for traveling because the seats fold up easily.

It meets my family's needs. The sliding doors no longer work automatically, nor do the back windows open. The child locks on the doors also don't work. There have been several recalls on our van for different issues.

- Courtney H

It can carry 7 people and gets good mileage.

I like the ability to carry a number of people. I like putting the seats down for storage and I like the fact that I can roll a bike into the back, between the seats. The gas mileage and repair records are great.

- Barb G

Great family vehicle, reliable and smooth handling. fits lots of people and stuff easily!

It is both good to carry passengers and cargo if needed. I have enjoyed putting it through several trips. it handles well and gets good mileage for a van. My only complaint is that it wears out tires way too fast!

- Ruth M

Reliable comfortable vehicle.

This van runs really well. So far we've had no problems with it even though we bought it used. It's really roomy on the inside and comfortably seats seven. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have a TV.

- Kelsey A

It's a great, stylish and reliable car for an active family

I like the seating and cargo space. I like that it drives like a car, but is high like an SUV. Since it is a 10 year old car, maintenance issues are beginning. I recently had a problem with the air conditioning.

- Karen D

The seats flip forward enough to make the third row of seats easily accessible.

I like that it is big enough for my family. The automatic doors sometimes get stuck making it difficult to get children in and out so that is something I dislike. I also like that it is a smooth drive.

- Courtney G

White Toyota sienna. Safe and reliable.

Comfortable and reliable. Safe car. Can take anywhere and don't have to worry about engine. Will get you where you need to go. Easy to drive but size makes it a little hard to turn and park at times.

- Andy L

This car came with run-flat tires and no space for a spare.

I love the AWD and the feel of the van. We have had some electrical issues with the CD player since day one. It also seems that more items are in need of repair now that we've got the 10 year mark.

- Hillary M

It has all wheel drive! Most minivans are only front wheel drive.

We own the Toyota Sienna Limited. I love the luxurious leather seats. I love the backup camera. I especially love that the Limited is all wheel drive. Awesome to have for a minivan where it snows!

- Cindy K

It gets us from point A to point B reliably.

Our Toyota Sienna is a great family vehicle. It has plenty of room for our three kids, two dogs and any gear we need to bring along. It has been a very reliable vehicle over the last 10 years.

- Beth B

It is very reliable. It has close to 200,000 miles on it and it still runs like a beast.

We have owned this vehicle for nearly ten years. It still runs well and is very reliable. If we were to shop for another minivan, we would prefer another Toyota Sienna. It is a great vehicle.


I love the seating. It is very good for transporting seven or eight passengers comfortably. You can also remove the second or third row to give more cargo space if you are transporting fewer people.

I love the smooth ride it gives. There is not a lot of road noise, making it easier to hear people talk or music. It has reclining seats and the seats are removable too. Great gas mileage also.

- Hilda F

It is a dependable vehicle.

Love it because it is roomy and runs well, I dislike that it does not get better gas mileage, I wish it were more sporty. It is a mom car. I like it because I can fit a lot of stuff in it.

- Mary J

It has had been very reliable and I haven't had any significant mechanical problems.

I like that it's reliable. It's comfortable. I have had very few problems with it. It has needed very few repairs, just maintenance. I don't like the mileage, which is lower than I'd like.

- Peggy R

Great vehicles for families with children and families that love to travel!

I love the space that I have. My kids can all sit separately and have plenty of leg space. I don't like the fuel economy! Wish I could have something that got more miles to the gallon

- Karen M

Uncomfortable to sit in and drive!

I don't think it is very comfortable to sit in. I don't like how the driver seat is more adjustable than the passenger seat. I don't like how it drives. This vehicle is just okay.

- Laura H

Why I Love My Toyota Sienna

My Toyota Sienna is very reliable and pretty efficient with gas. My favorite features are the leather, the captains chairs, the large moonroof, the power doors, and the DVD player.

- Michelle R

My Toyota has 170,000 miles on it and it still runs great .

I love my Toyota because it has enough room for my family. My Toyota has a lot of miles on it and still runs fantastic. The only dislike I have is it doesn't have many features.

- Amber R

The yellowjackets died. It is safe to ride in again.

It looks and runs great. Has some nice features too. It is ten years old and only recently turned over 100, 000 miles. Now that I am not working I am not putting many miles on it.

- Nina A

It is incredibly practical, but still fun to drive.

I love the amount of room it offers. I love how safe the car is. I love that you can fit car seats easily. I love the AWD and the automatic doors. It is super easy to load.

- Amanda C

Very comfortable and most dependable.

This is my third consecutive Toyota minivan. I wouldn't buy anything else. They have all been very reliable and easy on upkeep. I would recommend Toyota products to everyone.

- Sandra B

Depending on what you're looking for it should cover all the bases.

I like the roominess the van provides. The fold down seats in the back allow for me to transport large items. I dislike that it does not have automatic lights and tailgate.

- Matthew A

It maybe old but it still does what I need it to do. Plus it is paid off.

My main complaint is that it is getting old and the paint is starting to peel. Besides that I have no complaints about the vehicle. It still does everything I need it too.

- Anthony H

It is durable and reliable

I like It's reliability, and it is spacious enough for 8 people. It's fuel economy is good for Its size. I wish, however, that it had a backup camera or parking sensor.

- Alison h

The car also gets anywhere from 19 mpg to 27mpg.

I like the storage space and the seating capacity. I love the smooth ride and the comfortable seat. I also like the small wheel base and the great way the car handles.

- Andy W

It is great for families. Easy access for kids and pilot seats for more room and comfort

I like the feel of the steering in the toyotas. I enjoy the easy in and out for my kids with the sliding doors. I have not been a fan of the wipers or stereo system.

- Deena M

Reliable and roomy minivan.

The sienna has been extremely reliable. Other than routine maintenance, I almost never have to take to the shop. The kids also like it because there is plenty of room.

- Michael E

The seats fold down making it easy to transport many items.

It is very versatile. We have used it for moving kids in and out of college, many vacations and now with our grandchildren. I wish it had storage under the floor.

- Diane B

I love the ride and the comfort of the van

i love the auto doors. the ride is smooth. there is a great amount of room for my kids and their stuff. the doors are a good size so you can access the van easily.

- sarah R

Toyota is the best you could have for your family.

I love my Toyota! It's safe and reliable. I haven't had any problems with my sienna. My husband and I will never buy any other type of vehicle except Toyota!!

- Rachael S

Enjoy your time and relax

Sienna is a big car but very comfortable to drive. I don't get tired for long drive. So, for domestic long distance trip, it's very specious and reliable.

- Mihoko N

Comfort and roomy, gas mileage is acceptable.

I really like my sienna, it is the most comfortable to. Ride in, and has plenty of room for a family. It has always been reliable, and I take it everywhere.

- Julie K

it has been a very dependable vehicle. it's never left me stranded.

i like my van because it has a lot of room. it gets better gas mileage than an suv. the door locks are messed up. it is paid for which is a super plus,.

- shelly g

My minivan is reliable. If you take care of your vehicle, it will take care of you.

I like that my Toyota is reliable. It's in good shape for 10 years old. It can fit 6 people comfortably. I really don't have any complaints about it.

- M S

It is big and wonderful for your needs.

It is big and there is a lot of space for groups of people. I do not dislike my vehicle, except the very back seat is sometimes uncomfortable to sit in.

- Abigail T

The most important thing I would tell people is how you can fit 7 people very comfortably.

I love the quiet and spacious cabin. I dislike the numerous recalls that have happened. It is a great vehicle to take on long trips, very comfortable.

- Amy G

great to drive.It rides very smoothly and is easy to load kids in and out of. Overall family friendly

I like that it has 8 seats to fit my whole family. It has Cargo room and is well thought out with Extras like cup holders etc. I like the V6 engine.

- Micaela L

Others should know that I drive a minivan and I'm proud of it!

I like that it fits my whole family plus a guest. It's comfortable, roomy and reliable. We can fit bikes in the back. I would like a newer model.

- Dana S

They last a very long time.

Car seats cannot go in every seat. I wish 3 car seats could fit in the back row. The inside is very roomy. They are built to last a long time.

- Ashley T

My van is reliable. Even though it is higher in mileage now, I rarely have to worry about it.

I love that my car is very reliable. My car has taken me on many vacations to many states. My car helped move me. My car helps me get to work.

- Crystina S

Maintain it and it will care of you.

It is ok it works and it myself were needs to go on a daily basis. I'd like a newer car but Toyotas are good and this is fine until I am rich.

- A R

Amazing Sienna full of extras.

I love my car. It has enough setting for the whole family. It gets great gas mileage. It is all wheel drive and gets around great in the snow.

- Jennifer S

It is super reliable. No problems at all.

Best car I have ever owned. Been all over the us and Germany in it. Reliable as can be. One hundred fifty thousand miles and still no issues.

- Tim B

How much space there is in it and how many passengers it can fit. Also the security features are great also.

I like how big my vehicle is because there is a lot of room in it. However I do not like that it is a van. I would much rather it be an SUV

- Kelly T

It has a lot of miles on it.

I like the room. I like the automatic sliding door. I like the smooth ride. I really like the large windshield I can see very well out of it.

- Tracy L

Great quality for the price.

I have never had a problem with my car. It runs smoothly and requires few tune-ups. It tends to get good gas mileage, has comfortable seats.

- Emily G

It gets me from point A to point B. It has space for what I need to and I trust it.

I like that it runs nicely and has space for my family. I don't like that the automatic doors stopped working. I like that it is reliable.

- Sarah K

It's a very useful car and been driving it for years.

I like because I can see clear when driving. It is highly elevated. I don't like it feels heavy when driving and have to accelerate more.

- Cj T

It is very comfortable to drive and ride.

I like the interior of the car. It is comfortable to drive. I just wish it got better gas mileage, but then again it is 10 years old.

- Dan M

It is a good quality car that runs well.

Does not have automatic sliding door but other than that is a great car. This is our second one, will buy another when this one dies.

- Kelly H

Reliability and comfortability.

Spacious, comfortable and reliable. The vehicle has great power vs the Honda Odyssey and cargo and the seating are very comfortable.

- Andrew P

I sure do love my Toyota van

Great vehicle, sturdy ,reliable. It has lots of space. The only thing I don't like is the automatic sliding doors, to problematic

- Mike M

It is extremely useful but compared to some other cars, it does not accelerate as fast.

The Toyota Sienna is a very useful car that is also very durable. The seats are very comfortable and it has lots of storage room.

- Alex Z

It is our main family vehicle.

I love the style of the van. It has al the room we need for our family. I do wish it was a different color and had more options.

- Amy V

Toyota sienna is a basic average but reliable car

It's very old so it doesn't have a gps navigating system and it makes lots of noise while driving. However it is a reliable car

- Fabiha G

It has an extra seat in the middle row that is great for large families

There is plenty of room for my Family. I have 3 Children and baby sit for 3. I love the extra middle seat in the second row.

- Krystal R

It is a very reliable Vehicle and low cost to maintain.

The gas mileage is great. It has plenty of room to seat 8 people. The seats fold down so it can be used to transport items.

- Thomas M

It is been quite reliable.

I like the space that it has and its gas mileage. I dislike that it is a minivan and that it does not have 4 wheel drive.

- Riley V

It is very handy if you need space.

I like the space it has. I dislike how bulky it is. It is also very old and does not perform as well as I wish it could.

- Madison L

The seatbelts always get stuck and it's close to impossible to change the actual size of the belts.

The seatbelts never work, I had to make several major repairs before it was even 5 years old. I constantly has recalls.

- Genevieve W

Seats 8, not a lot of extras, but does the job. Ta da!

Reasonably reliable, big enough for my family of six. Terrible gas mileage in the cold and driving on surface streets.

- AJ H

The car is great for families. It can carry a lot of people and a lot of supplies.

I like that I am higher off the ground that a car. I love the amount of space I have. I love the side sliding doors.

- Wendy B

It is mainly used for families and is really cheap.

I like about its seating capacity, and storage capacity. I dislike the milage. I complain about the seats as well.

- Reniel R

The amount of gas I get for only 10$ is great.

There is no problems with my car. The car is great on gas. Back seats come down so you can fit big things in it.

- Brandy A

It has good speakers and has a tv in it

It's a van and it's fast I can hold a lot of friends in it . Although it's a van it can get me places I need to be

- Ricky R

Good gas mileage for a pickup truck.

Like the roominess. Sunroof. Smooth ride... Only thing I dislike is the age of the car and the scratches on it..

- Christine B

Works well for me and it fills my purpose for a vehicle

like the height of the vehicle. it runs well and maintenance is ok. In the heat it tends to fry the electronics.

- stephanie y

It is reliable and dependable. Good handling and pickup

It is a good size. Has a good engine does not leave me with problems. Good storage for my kids and their stuff.

- Sarah F

The backseat is easier for kids if one captain's chair is removed.

Very spacious, as well as a very smooth ride on highways and residential streets. Great for kids and car seats.

- Mikayla D

Toyota is a great car brand.

Good gas mileage and very reliable. Comfortable car with great features. Performs well and hardly any problems.

- Julia M

It's quite reliable, but very expensive if you need to fix it.

It uses a lot more gas than my former minivan. It turns very easily. I would like a few more luxury features.

- Anita S

It fits into any parking space.

Rarely any trouble with van as long as we keep up the pre maintenance. My collies go with me where they can.

- Linda B

It is reliable and very roomy.

Car has been very reliable. I have just done general maintenance and fix something broken by a stray rock.

- Andrew K

It has a lot of room for hauling stuff.

It has lots of room. It is good for long distance travelling. Can put seats down and haul lots of stuff.

- Teresa B

It is modified for someone in a wheelchair, with removable front seats and ramp.

It has rust, but, despite the high mileage, it has been reliable. The gas mileage is good for a minivan.

- Kim S

Lots of room, my whole family and dog fit! We can go anywhere

It's been ok, have been thru 3 transmissions, which is weird and uncommon. Love the room that I have!

- Sag G

It drives really well and is very comfortable.

It is very roomy and drives well. It has good pickup and gets fairly good gas mileage. No complaints

- Cynthia F

It is roomy. There is enough space to carry stuff to the dump or help someone move.

It is a van, which I like, I can haul stuff or take a few people with me when I go somewhere.

- Laura A

It's comfortable on long road trips.

My minivan is old, but comfortable. Best thing about it is that I don't have a car payment.

- Kathleen C

It is very dependable and reliable. That is the one thing.

It is roomy. It has zoned heat a/ac, easy to drive. I would like to get better gas mileage.

- Jo S

High-quality and keep going with minimum of maintenance.

Gets great mileage. It holds a lot of cargo. Holds a lot of people. It's fun to drive.

- Marc P

Well maintained and low mileage, plus has always been in a garage.

I like the room, fuel mileage, it is paid for, rides good. It has too much road noise.


It provides us with what we need

It gets us to where we need to be as a family unit. Decent gas mileage. Smooth drive


Carries a lot of people and/or luggage/equipment/cargo

It has a great ride, very comfortable, with lots of room and is very reliable.

- Karen B

It is reliable. I love to drive it. It is a smooth ride.

It has a nice gps system. It has a sunroof and DVD player. It is spacious.

- Nathan Y

It's used to transport loads of people and that I use to also road trips

I like it because it has lasted a long time, and it has quality mechanics

- John T

Dependable lots of room a van plenty of seating, used for distanced driving

Needs some work had it for 6 yrs , dependable , drives well needs new AC

- Dorothy R

The car is easy to drive, easy to park, has plenty of room for trips.

Fits all of my grandkids. Economical. Enjoyable to drive. No complaints

- Barbara L

dependable, spacious , value for money and good features

Comfort, spacious and well trusted. Reliable and good value for money


It is reliable. It is comfortable. It drives smoothly.

I like my vehicle. It is reliable. I have enough room for my family.

- Tracy K

It will transport a lot of kids.Very safe and has new tires. Equipt with everything even an emergency packs

I like the room it drives really well. It has everything I need

- nikki r

It's very dependable and has a lot of space. the dvd player is great for the kids

I love it! Just wish I had a new model with a back up camera!

- stacy m

The car is very reliable transport, low maintenance and care.

Has the room I need and has been reliable and easy to drive.

- Angie K

Perfect family van. Very reliable. No need for a lot of service.

Love the van. Reliable and perfect. Would but another.

- Kathy Z

It is a great family car with plenty of room and safety.

It has plenty of room inside, it is low maintenance

- Carol m

It is paid for and gets good mileage

Roomy, drives and rides good. Too much road noise.


reliable and dependable van

dependable, reliable, stylish, saves gas, roomy

- townsend M

- Leah N

It is a very reliable and roomy vehicle.

- Sara M