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This is a very great family car!

I really like this car! It has lasted for years under the wear and tear of a busy family. We have taken it both on long highway drives and on cruises through the city, and it has held up well. I do have a few complaints'namely, the breaks have become quite run-down, and the back seats (which can be folded down for additional trunk space or pulled up to increase the amount of seating) are difficult to convert. Nonetheless, the car is very comfortable and spacious and easily holds all of the items and passengers that I need it to. The mirrors are easy to adjust, though they do not have a blind spot alert feature, so additional care must be taken while driving. We also have several drivers of very different heights in the family, and the driver's seat is easily adjustable to give all of them proper access to the steering wheel. The steering wheel also has the nice feature of a set of radio controls so that we can flip between stations without having to take our attention away from the road. I really appreciate this feature in particular, as it keeps me and my family safe. Though the car has received quite a few bumps over the past nine years'and sports a dent or two to prove it'the overall structural integrity has held up quite well. I never have reason to worry about my safety or the safety of my passengers while we are riding in this car.

- Clare W

It's roomy and holds all our kids, BUT watch out for major mechanical issues once it starts to hit the 100,000 mile mark.

We purchased our van used because the price was right at the time. I love the roominess and the sliding doors. I don't like how the trunk isn't automatic, and the rubber part to lift the latch is sticky, which always makes my fingers black. We've had at least 2 recalls on the van since owning it, and the WORST thing just happened earlier this week -- our TRANSMISSION failed! YUP! I was driving with my 3 kids and it went out. Now it's in the shop and I'm without the van for a week. It's going to cost at least $3000. The dealership wanted $4700, but an independent mechanic can do it for 3k. It really sucks, because not only am I without our van for a week and we're cooped up inside on our last week of summer vacation, but the van only has 95,000 miles on it and something so MAJOR happened and is extremely costly. VERY DISAPPOINTED right now.

- Jessica J

My Toyota drives so smoothly and I love the DVD player.

Reliable, comfortable has Bluetooth and navigation as well as DVD player for kids in the back. When e-brake is on the front screen will turn on for driver and passenger to see/work. It has outlets for headphones to be plugged in and many cup holders. I have 7 seats 2 captain I bench in the back. Car seat latches in the seats and behind. Middle seats can be removed and moved around and back seats fold back into the trunk space. Huge trunk. I got a single and double stroller back there. Travels really smooth and quiet. Cruise control options and buttons on the steering wheel to control voice activation/radio/Bluetooth. Automatic sliding doors are awesome with controls for the driver/passenger to open and shut automatically. I love my van and haven't had any issues with it.

- Kelly N

2010 satisfied sienna van owner.

My van has some acceleration power because it was sold with a 'towing ' package. I have to be careful not to give it too much gas as otherwise I would be speeding. It has been a very reliable van. I have had to get things replaced, but only at the mileage the car guys say is normal or even later. I like that it has the older radio so that I can use preset buttons instead of the screens they have now. I do not like those as they just do not work as well and you have to take your eyes off the road for them. It is slightly more expensive to do an oil change, but you only have to change the oil every 5000 miles. I like it because I sit up high enough, but it is not too hard to get out of.

- Julie J

A Parent�s Dream Entertaining, comfortable, and overall, safe

Having 3 kids, our Sienna is a well-used vehicle. I wanted a reliable vehicle, that would keep my family safe, and I found that in the Sienna. I love the easy cleaning of leather seats and the removable mats for the flooring. Being able to open and close the side doors and the rear hatch with the push of a button is very time saving. The DVD system is entertaining on road trips, and with headsets, it makes it even more enjoyable for the driver to listen to their own music. Bluetooth connection allows you to call or receive calls hands free. We've had little to no issues with our van that has well over 140,000 miles.

- Katrina S

It is very reliable and working with Toyota people has been great.

I love my Toyota sienna. We have gray leather interior which helps keep it clean with messy kids. The two front seats are heated. It has a DVD player and multi-disc CD changers. Sometimes the speakers can be a bit spotty and not come in very clear. When we open the sliding door behind the driver the lights don't always turn on. We have also had issues with the tires. But we did buy it used so somethings like that are to be expected. Overall when we need to replace this van I will be surprised if we don't go out and just buy a new version of it.

- Rebekah J

Toyota sienna is a fantastic family vehicle & it is very versatile.

I love the all wheel drive minivan, which is why I bought it! It is been very reliable, and I love all the options. . . Heated seats, GPS/backup camera, roof rack, tow hitch, power everything, DVD player for the kids, lots of room for groceries or gear. I do wish that the road noise was less loud, that all of the seats would fold into the floor and not just be removable, (2nd row), that there would be 3 seats in the middle row as opposed to only 2, & that it would have keyless entry and other features that some of the newer models have.

- Jennifer B

Love my reliable, roomy 2010 Toyota sienna.

I love the reliability of Toyota cars in general. This car fits our needs. I wish it had eight seats instead of seven, but it works. I love the automatic sliding doors, and the automatic trunk door. I was against minivans but now I cannot see myself without the sliding doors. The van is easy to drive and I feel confident when we travel long distances. I pay attention to the maintenance lights and it keeps the van in good shape. We've owned the van for a little over a year, bought it used, and haven't had any issues yet.

- Julie B

I think the self controlling radar assisted cruise control is impressive.

The limited trim package is very comfortable. I like the sonar sensors that provides warning sound when you are getting close to an object. The radar cruise control makes hi-way driving easy, safe and reliable. Plenty of storage. The jbl sound system is high quality and the entertainment DVD option is a nice bonus for long trips. Plenty of power in the v6 engine. Gas mileage is ok, but not great. Dislike the special tool that is required to take off wheels. Self service oil change is cumbersome and not convenient.

- James F

The van that looks and feels like a spaceship.

The Toyota sienna is a really reliable car. It is really spacious. My kids said it reminded them of a spaceship. I love the automatic doors. I love that you can open them by hitting a button. There is a DVD player for my kids and they love that. They even have plugins where you can hook up a game console. It is the little things that make this van amazing. The only downfall to this vehicle is that during the winter we have to shut off the automatic doors or sometimes they will not work.

- Kayla B

Very convenient car for families with young children

I love the captains seats in the 2nd row. They make it easy for my kids to get into and out of their seats. I also love the sliding doors. They are very convenient. I don't like that you can't shut the dome light off manually when the doors are open. Also, we have had some issues with the door sensor saying the door is open when it is not (and turning on the dome light because of it). It seems it's a common problem with the 2010 Siennas and it's worse when it's very hot outside.

- Kathy P

It has absolutely all the gadgets and convenience items you need to safely transport your family on the go

I love that the Sienna is reliable and safe. I love that it has tons of room to haul everything around and comfortably seat 7 passengers, even with car seats. Love the extra cup holders everywhere and all of the easy to access compartments in the front and rear of the car. I am not in love with the style of the minivan, and I have had to replace the entire wheel axle already, but I am at 130,000+ miles and hope to get many more years out of it

- Sheila L

Great van for all! You cannot go wrong with a Toyota Sienna!

I love my Toyota Sienna. It has so much room. I never have to worry about how much my family and I pack for our vacations. The way back seat folds flat and is as big as my husbands truck bed. We have even moved king size box springs in it. The captains chairs in the back come out and that provides even more room. The windows and large dashboard are so big and open... never feel confined and closed in. I highly recommend this van.

- Heather R

All in all it is a reliable vehicle. Low miles and runs great.

Car is in excellent condition. Rides smooth. Seats seven. Very clean. mileage is 38,000 original owner. I do not want to sell this vehicle. Runs great. Performance is great. It has been very reliable. It can be adjusted to many different positions making comfort a must. It is automatic, has leather seats that is like new. Burgundy in color. Power steering and power brakes. Large trunk. Video console. It has Bluetooth and guidance maps.

- Sandra S

It is a great choice for a family as it is roomy and comfortable.

My Sienna is a limited so we have lots of bells and whistles which provide great comfort and style. It is all the little details that make a great family vehicle. I really enjoy having the heated seats and extra space in the back with the seats that can be hidden in the floor. I am not thrilled with the navigation system, it is too restricted while driving for safety. We end up using our phones instead for directions.

- Kathi V

This is a very reliable roomy smooth to drive vehicle that is easily and inexpensively maintained.

The only thing I dislike about this vehicle is that it's a minivan! However it is the most roomy reliable smooth driving vehicle I have ever owned. Not to mention it requires such little maintenance. When it does require maintenance it is fairly inexpensive. I bought it without the bells and whistles for the only reason that less can go wrong. I would definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Larry J

2010 Sienna, Great Family Vehicle, only issue is the power door

Overall I have been very happy with it. It drives very well and handles well in heavy snow. I have to make some minor repairs but for the amount of time I have had it, it really has not been anything major. My one complaint if you will, is the power door cable stopped working about a year ago. When I took it to be repaired it was almost $1500.00! Quite a lot for a non necessary item!

- Christina P

Toyota sienna for a large family.

I enjoy my sienna. It comfortably fits my growing family. I have 4 children and they fit comfortably in this vehicle. We take long trips in this vehicle. I would like for the side door openers to be closer to the driver side door instead of overhead but this is a great vehicle for a large family. The backspace is great for luggage and can hold a lot of luggage and other items.

- Amy S

Perfect for a growing family that is always on the go!

As a mom of two elementary aged girls and another baby on the way, this car is perfect for our growing family. there's enough room for all of us for family outings. There's enough room for friends, groceries, dump trips, shopping trips, vacations and even room to fit larger items when needed. It is comfortable and practical. It does not feel like I am driving a van:).

- Courtney J

The vehicle runs well and gets great mileage.

This car is amazing with regard to space. It offers so much space throughout the car. The A/C works well for all passengers. The backseat is not very easy to open up. It is hard to put the seat back when needed. The middle seat fits car seats well and it is very easy to anchor in the vehicle. The front middle compartment is not very sturdy but it does the job.

- Chantal H

I love my sienna! The back windows even roll all the way down!

It has a sunroof that opens all the way, or tilts open a little, which I have always wanted. The front seats heat up in the winter. It has leather seats, which I do not like, but tolerate. The side doors and hatch are remote controlled, which is great when you are shopping. The radio has controls on the dash and the steering wheel, which is so handy.

- Cynthia T

Best van for family and guests

I've had it for 9 years already and I haven't had any problems whatsoever. I have a 3 year old that grew with the van. I took out one of the middle passenger seats and it has a huge space for me to walk in and out of. So easy to take my kid out of his car seat and still enough room to accommodate my parents if they want to ride along with us

- Mona A

Minivan for families on the go.

I love my minivan. We bought it used and even though we had to replace the transmission, it has been a wonderful car for us. It is useful for our young children and is easy to drive and park. I feel safe driving my kids in the car. I feel that it has been reliable except for the transmission. It drives really well in winter weather and snow.

- Melinda B

If you're looking for a mini van, the Toyota Sienna is the best there is!

My vehicle is a Toyota minivan that we bought when my 3 kids were all still living at home and we went place together as a family. It was comfortable and looked good for a minivan. Now my kids are grown and I find the van cumbersome and not fuel efficient. I drive it because it's paid for but I would rather have a smaller car now.

- Nancy C

We love our Toyota sienna.

Overall I love my Toyota sienna. We have had some problems with tire pressure. The speakers have given us a little bit of issues as well. On the driver side, if the sliding door is open there is a glitch with the lights. They will not stay on if just that door is open. We love how much space the van has and we love it rides.

- Rebekah K

The minivan is always good for transportation and storage.

This van is quite old and worn down. The engine overheats often and the car stalls every time it is started. The ac can't hold up either unless the windows are rolled for circulation. This minivan was bought over 10 years ago though and has lasted many in very good condition, but now it is definitely going to burn out.

- Salem B

It's a very reliable car--we haven't had any major repairs needed.

For a van, it gets good gas mileage. I like the sliding doors (though mine are currently broken). Ours seats 8, which is handy having the extra seat. The trunk is roomy, and it's easy to put down the seats for storing larger items. I wish it had more leg room--as our kids grow, we will likely need a larger vehicle.

- Sandy W

As a minivan, the Toyota Sienna is a larger size vehicle, and it's important to adjust to this if one is used to driving smaller vehicles. Parking can definitely require extra work.

Our Toyota Sienna is the perfect size for transporting multiple friends and family members, alongside any other items (luggage, groceries, outdoor supplies, etc) that we need. It also sits at a height that is advantageous for someone who is short, such as myself. It gets good mileage and has been very reliable.

- Bekka L

Why my Toyota is 9 & I still love it.

Good engine, Toyota keeps you on the road, spacious interior w decent cargo area.. Relatively easy maintenance. Car rides fairly low which makes bumpy roads a problem but highway driving is no problem and of course gas mileage is ok if not great. Driver has good views ahead, behind and sides while driving.

- Steven C

I love my Toyota sienna!!

I love my Toyota sienna! Lots of features inside, and a smooth comfortable ride. It has a quick pickup when you are getting onto highways, and the suspension provides a comfortable b smooth ride. The all wheel drive option is excellent in snowy/slick conditions (which is not available on many minivans).

- Amy F

Great family vehicle with room for more!

This vehicle runs smooth and works perfectly for my family with 4 kids in car seats. It is comfortable and I love the DVD player! It burns oil slightly, but I haven't had any other issues. Great family car! The trunk is super deep and I love the stowaway seats if you need more space for hauling things.

- Susan H

The best vehicle I have ever had.

I love Toyota the van is very spacious and comfortable. I have never had any problems or had to put anything into it other than breaks. The van is a handicap conversion van I am in an electric wheelchair and am very comfortable when driving. I tell people Toyota is the next vehicle I have ever had.

- Karen B

Plenty of room. There is plenty of legroom for all the passengers.

I like my car overall. I just wish it had more technology features like Sirius radio, GPS, etc. it has a great comfortable ride, space for 7 people and storage in the back. It has plenty of legroom for passengers. I wish it also had built a built in TV for movies for the kids to watch.

- Michelle S

Reliable Toyota sienna van.

Very reliable. Have had no problems with the van. Very roomy love the moon roof. Great for long trips or just in town running. Love the bright lights at night. Its fully loaded leather seat captain chairs that can also be put together side by side. Deep truck for extra storage room.

- Shirley P

Great vehicle for anyone with a disability.

I love the van. I am disabled right now and it holds all of my equipment. The fold down rear seats helps to carry my animals back and forth to work. I have not had any trouble with the van so far. I do wish that the update to the GPS system wasn't so much. I need to update it.

- Jamie B

The doors open by themselves.

My vehicle is a Toyota sienna van and the only problems are the sounds it makes and the door but only because I have had it for so long. It performs really well it gets me and the kids to where we need to go. The seats are comfortable and the features of the car are amazing.

- Kayla M

it has a lot of space for kids and materials

its old and no Bluetooth or aux. space is great but I didn't need it as much as I do now. I want a better car. No sunroof, I would love for the sun to shine through. The engine is getting rusty, need to replace the starter every two months. it's good on gas, so there's that

- vanessa C

Good thing about Toyota the car I'm using,

My vehicle Toyota Sienna has no problem, is moving smooth the way I want, in fact I love using Toyota. I don't know if it will give me a problem ahead but for now is my best, and aside that it takes 7 passengers is a family car also. To me, everything about Toyota is good.

- Asana A

A fantastic road trip companion!

My sienna has been a trusty companion though countless road trips, needing to carry huge theater sets and large groups of friends and family all over. The car has had parts replaced, but over all has given me nearly ten years and counting of dependability and safety.

- Emma M

Comfortable van. It gives us great and relaxing moment while using the car.

I do not have problems with the performance of the car it is comfortable in long drive. Easy to clean and manage the van. Our van is user friendly, easy to use for everyday life. We always use it near or far errands. Even my eldest is having fun in driving the car.

- Joey J

Toyota avid fan first time owner.

Totally reliable, love the features, electronics,3rd row seating, DVD player, storage, ease of control, ease of speed, cruise control, short distance or long. Great gas mileage and road navigation. Leg room, excellent service warranties, service capabilities.

- vicky I

that it's an overall great van and I think will last for a long time.

so far I've had no problems with the toyota Sienna. It's reliable and has 3 rows of seats that are what I need for going on vacation with my family. It gets good gas mileage and the seats are comfortable. The brakes are good and it has good get up for passing

- lauri h

My sienna, van, but rides like a car.

Good van, drives really smooth and well. Handles well. Do not like how the engine is extremely difficult to get to for a tune up, or any other engine diagnostic test needed. My air conditioner went out as well. It is a minivan, but does not feel like it.

- Nicole P

Convenient with children, comfortable, and easy to drive.

I like the automatic sliding doors, especially with kids. Spacious. I don't like the low grounded. Everything control by battery, had different issues always end up drained the battery. Tire light Sensor issue. Engine light lightup for no reason.

- Tiffany T

The 2010 Toyota Sienna offers flexible space for families on the go!

I love my 2010 Toyota Sienna! For a family of 5, it offers plenty of flexible space. Whether we are vacationing, loading up sports equipment or shopping for our next home improvement project, we can shift seats to create the space we need.

- JoEllen P

It has been a great car - very dependable.

I love the electric sliding doors. I love how my children can get in and out by themselves. I love how it drives and all the features the van has. I do not like how I cannot open one of the sliding doors while the gas tank door is open.

- Stephanie H

I very much like the rear bench that folds flat providing more cargo space when needed.

My vehicle is okay, I don't particularly love it, but it works for what it is. I believe the previous owners just didn't take care of it well enough and maybe I would like it better if it had been cared for better.

- kade p

Perfect for kids and dogs. Easy to get kids in and out.

I like all the space for kids, strollers, and the dog. I like that it drives more like a car than a truck. I like being able to open and close doors with a button. I do not like that the rear lift gate is manual.

- Ashley S

A minivan perfect for family use.

Excellent car for family purposes. If you have or are going to have a family and need a car you should start here. It has the necessary space, dependability, and there is really nothing that stands out as bad.

- Andrew K

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it is perfect for families.

It is very family friendly and reliable. It is a good quality van and has a nice color. I would love to buy another one because it is so great. It is also very safe and can carry a large amount of people.

- Michaela W

It's a good vehicle for people with young children and minivans are totally what the cool kids are driving these days!

I like that the van has plenty of room for car seats in a variety of different configurations. I like the sliding doors. I like the number of cupholders (a lot!) and general storage space.

- Megan S

It is expensive when you first buy it, but worth it, as it lasts a long time.

I didn't like it at first, but I had never owned a Toyota before. I had such a horrible buying experience, so it made me not like the vehicle either. Now, I find it to be very reliable.

- Julie s

Drives like a dream! Tells you everything. Diagnosis itself. keeps track of maintenance

zero complaints! I love it!!! The back up camera is the best. It made me a better driver. The only thing is the year I have there was a glitch in the automatic doors, so they don't open.

- mary B

The car appears to be a long lasting vehicle for mileage.

I like the fact that it gets better gas mileage than my truck. It has good braking and pick up for acceleration. I dislike that I have a problem with putting the rear seats up and down.

- lauri L

There's a reason people with big families drive minivans. Good gas mileage, tons of room and very easy to drive. We have the 8 passenger version and only 7 in our family, so we were able to take out our choice of seats in the middle row and customize it to our family.

It was a Chevy Suburban. I do miss the hauling power and offroad capabilities, but for daily running errands and stuff the Sienna is much more comfortable and gets better gas mileage.

- Janna S

It is a quality vehicle that has held up extremely well over the years & under a lot of miles.

I love my van. I love the passenger space. I love the space in the back. I love that the seats can be removed to make more room. I love how well it has held up over the years.

- Michael C

It has a backup camera so that little ones can keep safe.

My van has all the bells and whistles. The DVD player is a lifesaver with the kids. It has automatic doors that has a sensor so that little ones can't get their hands stuck

- Lisa R

I have had no serious problems with it and it runs great!

My car runs great and has served its purpose of chauffeuring my kids around to different activities. My kids are older now and I would love something new and different.

- Katherine H

Toyota Van good to own and drive

The van drives very well. The van gets better gas mileage than expected. It is very reliable. The seats go down and up easily. You have good visibility when driving.

- David B

Freedom to a person with a disability like mine is the most important thing in the world.

love it and would buy another mine is set up for use of transporting a wheelchair bound person it also has a ramp and a 6-way power seat for quadriplegic can drive

- Gary P

It is a very family friendly and reliable car. It will carry everyone and everything!

It is very reliable. It still drives smoothly after 8 years. I don't have any complaints about it. It has lots of cargo space and lots of space for carpooling.

- J H

It will last forever, both my toyota cars have ran until over 250,000 miles!

I have LOVED this van. It fits my kids, dog and all our things with extra space. It drives smooth, and I know it will last a very long time because its a Toyota.

- Lindsay C

Siennas are great for families - perfect for carpools and plenty of room.

My Sienna has been perfect for our family. It seats 8 and has a large trunk. It has been very reliable over the years. It is comfortable and easy to drive.

- Jennifer W

It has a lot of room for everything or everybody.

There is nothing that I do not like about my minivan. It gets great gas mileage. Plus it cost very little to maintain and it almost has 400, 000 miles.

- Charles H

The sienna is Very reliable & comfortable for our family.

I love my van for the comfort & reliability. The space & storage is great. I wish the sliding doors had less creaks & sounds that make it seem cheap.

- Beth B

There is a large blind spot and it's hard to back up because of it.

The heating system is hard to work. I love the roominess in the back. The seats are too high and leave a large blind spot. I love the seat heaters.

- Alissa C

Repairs for this vehicle are usually very expensive.

It's a reliable car, the engine is very good. It has a nice ride and nice look. It is very expensive to repair so I do as much as I can myself.

- Rob K

Good van to own, last for a long time.

The van is really reliable. It is comfortable. It gets better gas mileage than expected. The seats go down and up easily. It is easy to drive.

- David B

My family loves Toyota brand they are reliable and just keep going.

There is not enough leg room in the back seats. It is hard for adults to sit comfortably. It also needs more room in back for storage.

- Patricia K

It handles well in bad weather. There is a lot of snow in New Hampshire and it holds Its own.

I like the fact that it is reliable. The gas mileage is very good and it has plenty of room to take my entire family on vacation.

- Dee n

A great family vehicle, room for everything and more!

My Sienna wears tires very fast, but that is my only complaint. No mechanical issues and it is very roomy and works for my family.

- Linda P

It is expensive but true to BMW standards.

I have an in home childcare. It has plenty of room to take kids on trips. It gets good gas mileage. It has a smooth ride.

- Donna J

2010 Toyota Sienna review

Don;t like the difficulty replacing the spark plugs, but the gas mileage on the highway is 31. Don't like the seats much.

- Marc C

It is one of the most reliable vehicles I've owned.

My Sienna has been very reliable for my family. I currently have almost 170k miles on it and it is still going strong.

- Tadd B

It is functional and roomy but the sliding gets stuck sometimes so we couldn't close the door..

The vehicle is reliable and roomy and functional. I don't have any dislike maybe sometimes the sliding door get stuck.

- jlc c

It is a reliable vehicle. Repairs have not been a hassle.

It is a convenient vehicle to drive. It gets decent gas mileage. It has just enough features without being too fancy.

- Andy H

its very roomy and quite comfortable. the mileage is pretty good too

i love how much room there is. the minivan is so spacious and comfy, its perfect for road trips. no complaints here

- Emily s

It has a very reliable and trouble-free engine.

It has a comfortable ride. It has a number of "high tech" features. It's all-wheel drive and is reasonable on gas.

- Robert R

There are a lot of safety features on it that I have never had on a vehicle. .

My biggest problem with this vehicle is learning about all of the little buttons and gadgets and what they do.

- Betty S

It has lots of room, lots of comfort, lots of features.

It's really comfortable, and it has all the bells and whistles I want. However, it's gas mileage is not great.

- Camilla N

I'm a Toyota fan forever!

What a good van. We have not had a bit of trouble from it in eight years. I would definitely buy one again.

- Demara G

It gets good gas mileage.

I wish that both side doors had a manual push button. I also wish that back windows roll down all the way.

- Emma W

That it is safe and I love driving it and it smells good

The door handle fell off. I like how it can fit my large family and is safe. I would buy a newer version

- Sam B

Toyota van & fully loaded

My van is compatible for my family. It drives smooth, and we have a rear view camera. Good heat & AC

- Arianna P

Love my minivan! Toyota Sienna

It has 191,000. No major problems yet. Just routine maintenance. You can haul a lot of stuff in it!

- Susan W

I like that it gets good gas mileage, plenty of space for everyone and has a smooth ride.

I like that it has enough room for 7 people comfortably. Plenty of storage space. Nice ride.

- Michelle S

it's a good car for traveling

it's functional, has good mileage, and is good for road trips. wish the make was sleeker

- Lia L

The car does very thing. Want it to do. Will keep as long as possible.

Love the size, the comfort. Great ability to hold plenty when vacation. Good handling

- Nancy F

Toyota is a reliable brand, and you know you are getting quality with their vehicles.

It is reliable. It has a lot of room from r a family. The doors open automatically.

- Dan W

Others should know that it has problems that Toyota has not addressed.

I like the roominess of it. I dislike that it seems to be cheaply made in some areas.

- Brian M

That it seems really safe and I like to drive it.

I like it ok. It has enough room, and rides really well. I wish it was more sporty.

- Mary H

It is an excellent minivan that meets my needs.

Have had no problems with the car. Drives nicely. Car is very comfortable.

- Carol N

i love my car and it is so cool and soficiated and sweet

i love the color. i love my car's trunk and how big it is. i love my car.

- lila d

My Toyota Sienna is a nice looking van. It's very comfortable and spacious.

It is Spacious and comfortable. I feel safe driving with my kids in it

- Frances B

good gas mileage, easy to drive.

it is a handicap accessible van. easy to drive comfortable to ride in

- joanne f

Plenty of room for a large family as well as a feeling of safety

My only dislike is that it does not have a whole interior DVD system

- Traci B

I love the color and the maneuverability. It's also very smooth. I'd rather not have a minivan, but it's kind of necessary at this stage of my life.

The Toyota Sienna is a great family minivan and is easy to drive.

- Daphne P

It is well made and has had very few problems in the 8 years we have owned it

Drives well, very roomy, well made. Dislike the blind spots.

- Donna S

The vehicle is reliable. It rides smoothly. I had held up well over 8 years of driving it.

It is reliable and provides a comfortable smooth ride

- Paula L

This car is safe and reliable and can get people where they want to go.

Roomy, reliable, easy to drive. Cost was a dislike.

- Stacy C

It's a solid vehicle definitely buy again

i love it. handles great. fuel mileage not bad.

- ed I

My sienna is wonderful for the space and convenience for my family.

- Daly M