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In an effort to achieve the popularity of the Honda Odyssey, Toyota increased the size of its Sienna minivan and filled it with cool, innovative features. With a powerful V6 engine, a large cabin and available all-wheel drive, the 2012 Toyota Sienna is now a force to be reckoned with.

You'll Like The 2012 Toyota Sienna If...

If you want the latest and greatest on your next minivan purchase, the 2012 Toyota Sienna minivan is hard to beat. From its leg-rest-equipped reclining second-row seats to the split-screen entertainment system that allows the kids to watch two separate programs simultaneously, the Sienna never fails to delight. It’s also the only minivan to offer the option of all-wheel drive.

You May Not Like The 2012 Toyota Sienna If...

If you’re all about having a loaded minivan, but you don’t want to spend the $46K Toyota is asking for theirs, you might find the Kia Sedona or Dodge Caravan a better choice. Then again, you must remember that while the Kia and Dodge are less expensive up front, they don’t hold their value nearly as well as the 2012 Toyota Sienna.

What's New

Fresh from its 2011 debut, the 2012 Toyota Sienna minivan receives a few upgrades on the XLE trim, which now includes a power passenger seat and auto on/off headlights.

Interior Features

Unlike some minivans that force a pricey move up the trim ladder to get the options you desire, the 2012 Toyota Sienna minivan offers a wide range of models, most with a healthy options list. With its 2-row bench seats, the 2012 Toyota Sienna minivan can seat up to eight people, but can also be outfitted with second-row Captain’s Chair seating if the number seven equals a full complement. There is ample head and legroom in all three rows, the one exception being when the lounge-chair-style seats are in full recline mode essentially consuming the third-row seat’s legroom. A common feature on most minivans is a stowable third-row seat and the 2012 Toyota Sienna minivan is no exception. We did find, however, that the Sienna’s third-row seat was not as easy to operate as on the Honda Odyssey, leading us to strongly recommend opting for the available power-folding seat option. With the second-row seats removed and third-row seats folded flat, there is a vast flat cargo floor. The second-row seats can also be partially folded or slid forward to allow for a combination of passengers and cargo space.

Exterior Features

With hints of styling influenced by Toyota’s Venza crossover SUV, the 2012 Toyota Sienna minivan wears a new face that is both elegant and original (something previous Sienna minivans sorely lacked.) Subtle details, such as the side-door guide rail carefully hidden at the base of the rear quarter window, and the integrated rear hatch spoiler, abound. For a minivan, the 2012 Toyota Sienna has a rather muscular appeal, with sculpted fender flares, a curvaceous front end, and sporty alloy wheels all adding a youthful touch. Although the 2012 Toyota Sienna minivan is about the same length as the last-generation 2010 Sienna, it is much wider and has shorter front and rear overhangs.

Driving Impressions

The 2012 Toyota Sienna offers a choice between a fuel-thrifty 2.7-liter 4-cylinder and a gutsy 3.5-liter V6 engine. Both engines serve the Sienna well, with the 4-cylinder providing plenty of power for getting around. Unfortunately, when the Sienna is loaded with passengers and cargo, the 4-cylinder just doesn’t have the added reserves required for rapid passing and merging maneuvers. The 3.5-liter V6, on the other hand, is more than up to the task, dishing out 266-horsepower while attaining better highway fuel economy than the less-potent 4-cylinder engine. Power for both engines is managed by a smooth-shifting ECT 5-speed automatic transmission. Base and LE trims have a suspension tuned to deliver a soft, almost floating ride most occupants will find quite pleasing. But, for the occupant in the driver’s seat, it’s the SE trim’s sport-tuned suspension and recalibrated power steering setup that makes driving the 2012 Toyota Sienna minivan a more engaging experience.

Pricing Notes

The base 2012 Toyota Sienna’s Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starts around $26,000, while the LE starts closer to $30,000, and adding all-wheel drive ups the price by about $2,300. The feature-laden XLE starts around $34,000 while the luxury-oriented all-wheel-drive Limited tops out around $46,000 with all the options. Before you buy, be sure to check kbb.com’s Fair Purchase Price to see what others in your area are paying for the 2012 Toyota Sienna minivan. Remove the luxury frills and you can find a comparably equipped van from Kia for a lot less money, while family-oriented options similar to those in the Sienna can be found on the granddaddy of all minivans, the Dodge Grand Caravan. But the 2012 Toyota Sienna is expected to have a high resale value, far better than those of rivals Dodge Grand Caravan and Kia Sedona, a few points higher than the Nissan Quest, but not quite as good as the Honda Odyssey.

Notable Equipment

The base 2012 Toyota Sienna minivan comes with an MP3-capable CD player with auxiliary input jack, remote keyless entry, dual-sliding doors with power windows, and tri-zone manual air conditioning. Opting for the LE trim adds steering-wheel-mounted audio controls, power sliding doors and a HomeLink universal transceiver. The SE trim adds its own sport-tuned suspension and steering, leather-trimmed steering wheel and an 8-way power leatherette driver’s seat. Moving up to the XLE nets you a 6-speaker stereo with a USB port and iPod connectivity, automatic tri-zone climate control, leather and wood-grain interior trim, a power passenger seat, and heated seats. The upscale Limited adds a JBL sound system, lounge second-row seating, and a power-folding 60/40 third row. All trims offer Toyota’s STAR Safety System, airbags for all three rows, plus the XLE features front and rear sonar, which is not for submarine chasing but a parking assist.

Notable Options

Options on the 2012 Toyota Sienna minivan vary by trim and include a choice of 4- or 6-cylinder engines, all-wheel drive (AWD), roof rails, dual-power sliding doors, power seats, Bluetooth connectivity, tri-zone automatic climate control and a power rear hatch. A Dual-View Entertainment Center with wireless headphones is available on XLE and Limited models. The Limited can also be equipped with a Navigation Package, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and rain-sensing wipers.

Favorite Features

Second Row Lounge SeatingThe 2012 Toyota Sienna XLE’s Lounge Seating offers a Long-Slide feature maximizing legroom, while footrests rise up, virtually transforming the second-row seats into Barcaloungers.Dual View Entertainment CenterThe 2012 Toyota Sienna minivan’s Dual View Entertainment Center features two wireless headphones and an extra-wide screen that allows two different movies to play at once. Or in those few families in which the kids agree, one movie can play CinemaScope-style. You’ll almost feel like you’re watching your flatscreen at home.

Under the Hood

Two engines are offered in the 2012 Toyota Sienna: a fuel-efficient 2.7-liter 4-cylinder engine that offers decent off-the-line acceleration and a hearty 3.5-liter V6 with plenty of torque, quiet operation and fuel economy that is remarkably similar to the 4-cylinder’s. If you want all-wheel drive, the V6 is your lone choice. 2.7-liter in-line 4187 horsepower @ 5,800 rpm186 lb-ft of torque @ 4,100 rpmEPA city/highway fuel economy: 19/243.5-liter V6266 horsepower @ 6,200 rpm245 lb-ft of torque @ 4,700 rpmEPA city/highway fuel economy: 18/25 (FWD), 17/23 (AWD)

Editors' Notes

Toyota can’t claim to have invented the minivan – we have Chrysler to thank for that – but they certainly have improved on the formula. The 2012 Toyota Sienna minivan is a pretty big people-mover filled with cool and innovative features. Actually, there is nothing "mini" about this minivan, having grown last year in size and complexity to better take on longtime rival, the Honda Odyssey. Where the Sienna was once always a step behind the Honda, the 2012 Toyota Sienna minivan is now fully loaded for battle, with a powerful V6 engine, a huge cabin area and something no other minivan in the segment offers: available all-wheel drive. There is also a 4-cylinder engine option for those who need to keep the bottom line as low as possible, as well as a Mobility Package and a cargo van trim. The Sienna competes in a crowded field that includes the upscale Chrysler Town & Country, the low-cost Kia Sedona and radically styled Nissan Quest.

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The car that can do it all!

2012 Toyota Sienna Base

The vehicle problems include a recall on the doors. The two automatic doors often get stuck or do not open/close properly. But through the recall I was able to get it taken in and fixed not problem. The car is a overall great car. I haven't run into any other major issues with the car. It is a large vehicle, which I like better than the smaller car I drove around for a few years before I got this one. There are 8 seats in the car, 6 in the back and the passenger and driver seat. The 3 seats in the very back of the car can fold down so there is more trunk room. If you need to haul a large piece of furniture or need even more room for something the other 3 seats can pop out of the car, however, the seats are a little bit heavy so it is something I struggled to do a little bit, but it is doable. The car also has Bluetooth radio, which allows you to hook it up to your phone which is probably the feature I use most as I enjoy listening to my own music when I drive. It is also a large enough car to be able to pull a boat, which my brother loved, because he loves to fish. It is an overall really great car.

- Carlee P

The automatic rear doors are very convenient.

2012 Toyota Sienna XLE

I am a busy mom of 3 young children. A minivan was a must for our family. We've had ours for almost 3 years now. . The sienna is low enough to the ground that my kids, ages 2-6, can climb in on their own. I can fit 2 car seats and a high back booster seat across the middle row. Which is a must if your children are unable to buckle themselves. The third row is great for extra guests. My 6 yr old loves sitting back there and having her own space. The built in entertainment system is great for travel (and around town). We've never used the earphones that came with the van but I imagine we will someday. The trunk area has plenty of storage space and it is customizable. Depending on how many if any of the 3rd row seats are up. . As for perks for mom and dad heated seats are amazing in the mn winters and the sunroof is great for the summer. The van drives really smoothly and is super comfortable. It has built in sun shades on the rear windows and the automatic doors are awesome! It is like driving in your living room.

- Lisa I

2012 Toyota Sienna SE Vehicle Review

2012 Toyota Sienna SE

The Sienna SE has been a fairly reliable source of transportation so far, minus the inconveniences and issues that had to do with Toyota's multiple factory recalls (which have so far had effect on the power windows, power steering, airbags, internal electrical issues, and problems with the brakes locking up for no reason). The only thing that I would really red flag would be to anyone looking at this car who has small children or pets that ride in the back seat of the car with them, we have had several different occasions of the automatic sliding doors shutting on their own when we were parked on any kind of incline or hill, and this is a very dangerous feature due to the fact that small children and pets could easily get caught in the sliding doors if they decide to suddenly close without notice. Also, it is not a very tech savvy car, there aren't very many options for charging & syncing a phone or tablet, which makes it frustrating at times.

- Stacey W

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