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The perfect vehicle for Mom!

My Toyota Sienna LE is one of the best cars I have ever bought. I have three small children which means I have three car seats. All three fit in the middle row of the Sienna. It's a tight squeeze, but they all fit safely. This car is incredibly spacious making it very comfortable. We have a beach trip planned and are not concerned at all about our stuff fitting in the Sienna. The hands free system is a bit dated because it's a 2014 model, but it works. I don't have to cancel commands and repeat them too often. Gas mileage is pretty decent while driving through town. I want to say we get about 18 or 19 miles per gallon. The captain's chairs and rear seating are very heavy. I always have a difficult time sliding the captain's chairs forward and back. I've noticed in later models of the Sienna that the plastic covering the track tend to come up. I haven't noticed it happening with our Sienna yet though. It drives well, although something is up with the alignment that needs to be checked out. I've only had my brand new tires for 9000 miles and the front wheels are already needing to be replaced.

- Kelsey P

Consistent and reliable Toyota Sienna will comfortably get your family where you need to go

The Toyota Sienna has been a great vehicle for my family of 5. The spacious interior is plenty of room for us. I can easily move the middle row captain's chairs around and fold down the rear seat if I need more space or a different seating configuration. The automated sliding doors make it easy to get in and out of my vehicle in my garage or when I am out and about. I have had issues with the automated doors working properly. The dealer did a diagnostic and said the hinge was bent from frequent use. I didn't want to spend the money right away and opted to use the door manually. About a week later, I tried the automatic door again and now it is working without issues. But, I assume it fall again. I've put almost 70,000 miles on my Sienna in the past 4 1/2 years with no maintenance issues. I live in a snowy area and I really appreciate the AWD feature. The AWD doesn't not allow for a spare tire so I have always replaced my tires with run flat tires. I appreciate the peace of mind it gives me, but I don't like the added expense of run flat tires.

- Jen W

It accelerates and handles like a car. I think many people are put off by minivans because they're not attractive , but the functionality, adaptability, and safety are beyond compare.

This is my second Toyota Sienna. While it isn't the sexiest vehicle, when you're inside it checks all the important boxes. It is comfortable and roomy, dependable, incredibly safe, and has the typical as well as fun bells and whistles. It accelerates incredibly quickly and maintains high rates of speed with ease. The ABS is second to none. In terms on maneuverability, it drives like a mid-size sedan, which I love because I don't feel like I'm driving a minivan. The capacity to haul pets, kids, and stuff is phenomenal, and the seating is modular. The third row folds down flush with the floor which is great, and second row seats can be removed completely, also awesome. I would like to see more compartmentalized storage and higher end features like a larger backup/dashcam, more customizable climate control, and entertainment options. All in all my Sienna is a solid vehicle and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

- Jocelyn D

Disabled Veteran Gains Freedom with Van adapted by VA to transport him in his Power Wheelchair, also provided by VA.

We purchased our 2014 Toyota Sienna in the fall of 2015. It is a wheelchair van for my husband. He is the survivor of a massive hemorrhagic brain stem stroke that happened on November 26, 2013. We purchased the van for $20,000 in cash, with a 15 month back pay of Social Security Disability funds. The Veterans Administration paid $29,000 for the conversion of the van to a wheelchair van. The VA also gave my husband a power wheelchair. The van and his power chair have given my husband and I much more freedom to get around town. He is still too weak to actually travel, but helps us get to his medical appointments, We haven't given up hope that he will get strong enough to travel a bit to attend adaptive equipment events.

- Laura H

Great car overall, both mechanical and functional.

I bought this van, because I have a big family, and we love to take family trips together. When I was looking to buy a car, I was sure it was going to be a Toyota, because is well known they are very good through time, and I am planning on keeping it for a long time. So far it has been the best car I have owned (and I have owned BMW, Mercedes, even a Porsche Cayenne) in general. It is super comfortable, I have back problems, and driving this car does not affetc.me at all. It has not have any mechanical problem, nor electrical. It has a good performance, and an average gas consumption, given its size. It has electrical sliding doors, which is very handy for the kids.

- Ingrid L

Why a Minivan is Better Than an SUV

We are very pleased with our minivan. To start, it is very reliable. We've had it since 2014 and didn't have any problems with it other than scheduled maintenance. It is the perfect height to get the kids in and out with minimal assistance. It has power sliding doors that can be closed by a click of a button above the rearview mirror or by the door itself. No more slamming! Power gate is convenient as well. Huge trunk space. Lots of space inside. Great for road trips with the whole family. I highly recommend it to families with small children or those who simply want leg room - there is plenty. Don't hesitate! This minivan is both cool and convenient.

- Hazel C

Very pleased with our Sienna.

I have been driving my Sienna for about 9 months and am really happy with it. I have had no mechanical problems. I know the previous owner of the vehicle and know that it has been reliably and regularly serviced. As a result, it runs like a dream. My favorite feature is the flexibility of seating. Traveling with 3 kids, the option to fold down a portion of the back bench for luggage is amazing. They stow so easily - I am not particularly strong, but can fold the seats away and pull them back out myself. We have also been able to use the vehicle with all seats folded/removed to haul full sheets of drywall and plywood. Amazing!

- Liz M

I think that Toyota is a good manufacturer and I would buy one of their cars again. I would want other people to be aware of the gas door problem and think they should talk to the dealer about what to do if it happens on their vehicle.

I like how much room the van has. I like that it has sliding doors, so when my kids get in and out, I don't have to worry about them hitting another car with their door. I dislike that the gas compartment wasn't made correctly. It has a "button" that says whether or not the door is open that was made too big. It has broken the top hinge of the door to close it, and so it doesn't close properly. It the button isn't pushed in enough, the sliding door thinks it's open and then I can't get the automatic door to work. Sometimes I can't get the door to open all the way, either. This was way more than 3-4 sentences, sorry.

- lisa e

It rides and handles very well. There is absolutely no bouncing while riding and no play in the wheel. There is no jarring or back and forth on the road.

My toyota sienna van has been very reliable. It was bought do to the room it provides. Even though I never wanted to own a van the space and seating was needed since the family is growing. It is not only comfortable seating wise bit also driving. It handles and rides very smoothly. I have now had it for about two years and have only had to replace the bumper twice due to a raccoon and a deer. And yes I am serious about the raccoon damaging the bumper enough to replace it. I have had no mechanical issues with it and no recalls and I purchased the van used. I would recommend a toyota sienna to anyone.

- Jessie W

2014 Toyota Sienna For families

The 2014 Toyota Sienna offers a spacious and comfortable cab for our growing family. This year does not include a touch screen radio/entertainment system or navigation but it does include Bluetooth connectivity, which is very helpful. The middle seat in the second row can fold down or be removed to create a pathway to the back row. I do wish the side seats in the middle row could slide together with the middle seat is removed. The third row folds completely down and creates ample space to move large equipment or furniture, and since it's lower to the ground than most trunks, loading is much easier.

- Nicole Y

2014 Toyota sienna swagger wagon.

It has a very smooth drive. Seats are comfortable and easy to position. I have an 8th removable seat that is small and kind of a pain but has been useful in a pinch. In the middle row I have an infant seat and a toddler car seat both fit perfect and secure. Only real complaint is the glove box doesn't open. It was replaced when we bought the van used to never worked well then a month later broke again. Also all the surfaces on the dash are textured and rounded so you can't stick a holder for your phone to them. All around I love the van. Wish it had a power lift gate then it would be perfect.

- Brittany H

Lots of uses, never lets me down

As far as minivans go, this is the best one I've ever driven. It is comfortable, has plenty of room, is accommodating for different purposes, and meets all of my family's needs. I love how easy it is to pull the back seats up and down, depending on what I have going on. It's VERY easy to have large rear facing car seats. I wanted a vehicle I felt would be very safe for my family. I have been very happy with my van in all of these areas. I gave it 4 of 5 stars because it still doesn't drive like a mustang. If it did, it would be perfect.

- Andrea S

Great family car! 2014 Toyota Sienna.

When we decided to switch over to a minivan we tried out quite a few different options. The Toyota Sienna was a stand out! We love the automatic side doors and rear door. The roominess in the back seats and the amount of space in the van. The multi-zone air/heat is a life saver! Also, my husband was especially impressed with the number of cup holders!:) the only issue we've had is that the jump seat is not comfortable for someone to sit in and that the tires do not last very long. Overall, we use it all the time and it works great for our family!

- Emily M

Minor cosmetic issues, but we love this van!

The car has very few problems and is a very dependable car. It hasn't had any major mechanical problems that prevents it from being driven. The tires have to be replaced once a year because of the wide axle. And there is a fan blower that is very loud and squeaky. Parts on the exterior bumper seem to be loose and we have to shove them into place from time to time. But these are minor issues and overall, I love this car. It seats eight which is very handy for a family. And the sliding doors are essential when taking kids to and from places.

- Sharon A

Reliability, safety and longevity: perfect family vehicle.

I was hesitant to buy a van. We were pregnant with our third child and desperately needed a bigger vehicle that could accommodate three car seats with room to spare. Reluctantly we began looking at minivans test driving all the available choices. I liked the way the Toyota Sienna drove. The se model steering felt more stable than any other van I had tried. The room and organization within the vehicle was ideal and styling beautiful as well. The biggest perks were the reliability, longevity and safety Toyota invests in their cars.

- Andrea S

No problem Toyota sienna!

My sienna is very comfortable, and easy to turn. I love it. I have had no problems with it at all. I have almost 70,000 miles on it with no problems. I had 1 recall that was handled by the Toyota dealership with no problem. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone. I have had to let the seats down to haul things and let them up for taking multiple passengers. They are not hard to change. I appreciate that and I love the fact that I have had no other problems at all. I just keep the oil changed and keep driving.

- Rose B

Love my Sienna but there are issues

I love my vn but I have had many problems and recalls on the vehicle. Driver side window would not close nd they replaced the window 3 times. The passenger doors pop and sometime do not automatically open. This was later recall fix in which the door did not work for months I would let them know and Toyota would say they were working fine. Finally it has been fixed but they still pop when opening. Lastly, the van goes through tires rather quickly. This seems to be know problem when researching Siennas.

- Micelle D

My Toyota sienna is very big nice fashionable and comfortable.

I really like my Toyota sienna I haven't gotten it that long ago I have only had it for about a year. But I really like how it's really wide so if you have a big family it would be great to fit them in comfortably. It also has a camera for when you back up. It even has a navigation so that's awesome so you wouldn't have to use your phone and be interrupted. It also has a built in Bluetooth that connects with your phone where you can use to talk or even simply listen to music.

- Aisha A

Spacious, comfortable, updated, modern.

For my wife and I this is a very convenient and comfortable vehicle. If we go on a trip there is room to take all we want. If we take friends and or family with us to a function or a trip, the space and conveniences are very adequate. Hook ups for iPad, chargers, etc.. The only thing I do not like is that there is no spare tire. The run flat tires on there but the security of having that spare is a bit uncomfortable. mileage is good and servicing is done on a regular basis.

- Larry M

This is one of the best family vehicles ever!

My Sienna has really been one of the most dependable vehicles that I've owned. I love the DVD player when my children were younger. It also has plenty of room for all the trips with my children and their friends. For the family vacations it was great! We had plenty of room for our luggage without making any passengers cramped. Not to mention that we had extra room for any extra we brought back. Overall, my van is the most reliable and comfortable vehicle ever!

- Joni S

It is a great van for a family! It doesn't have a lot of frills, but it has exactly what it needs.

My vehicle is perfect for my family size. I have three children and I needed more space for their car seats. There is plenty of space for their seats and for anything we need to take with us. I love the sliding doors. That is so nice to have with young children! I love the rear camera that shows me what's behind me as I am backing out. That is one of my favorite features. The trunk space is a little small, but it is sufficient for our needs. I don't have any complaints.

- Ariel F

It has AWD. It has a lot of room. It's easy to maneuver. Easy to get kids in and out even in tight spaces

I like the sliding doors and that they're automatic. It makes getting kids in and out easy. There's lots of storage and it's AWD. I think I would like a bench seat in the middle better because on long road trips I need to help the kids a lot and it's hard to reach them from the front. I also like the idea of a built in vacuum that the Chrysler Pacifica has. I think I would have bought that can except it doesn't have AWD

- Brittany N

Great family car with tons of room and storage.

Perfect car for a large family. We have four kids under the age of four, and this car not only fits all the car seats comfortably, but we have tons of storage and room for groceries, sports equipment and strollers. Getting into and out of the van is so quick and easy. All the electric bells and whistles makes getting into and out of the car with little ones super easy and convenient. I cannot recommend this van enough.

- Carla B

Front end is short and makes it easy to park and maneuver.

Reliable and has wonderful features. I love that it has took for 8 and the middle seats are able to move back and forth. Also with the middle seat being removed if needed makes it easy to get into the back. It has a short front end which makes it easy to. Maneuver turns and parking. I have had some difficulty with the wheels though. We have had to trade them out several imeson for wear but not sure why exactly.

- Amy L

Most comfortable ride of any vehicle I have owned.

Very comfortable. Windshield on each model needed reattached after a couple of years. 7 passenger makes for great family rides. Lots of cargo space as well. Mileage is an acceptable 22 miles per gallon. It has a good turning radius compared to earlier models. Electric sliding doors are a great convenience. I would like Toyota to add a kick door tailgate opener for grocery shopping convenience.

- Donna F

Comfy, Classy and Efficient

Amazing reliability. The reason I love my Sienna is because it is so very roomy and it fits my family well. It has seating for up to 8 people if you add in the removable seat that can be added between the 2nd row captains chairs. Plenty of room for car seats, luggage and our stroller. Probably the best feature about the van is the built in DVD player which helps to keep the kids entertained.

- John P

Wonderful family car with a very smooth ride

My favorite thing about my Sienna is how smoothly it drives, both in comfort on the road and in the steering. Our family of seven easily fits inside with room to spare for luggage- and with better gas mileage than an SUV. A wonderful car for a larger family. The only problem we have had with it has been with a grinding of the brakes that has needed to be fixed several times.

- Kim W

Spacious roomy comfortable smooth ride.

I really enjoy driving my Toyota minivan. It's pretty decent on gas. Holds up to 8 passenger. Its very spacious and roomy. My family loves to take it on our road trips because it feels like a minibus! Hold all of our stuff perfectly. It rides smooth and is a very relaxing smooth ride. I feel that it's safe and will keep my family safe on the roads.

- Suzanne P

Comfort, reliability, safety and smooth drive.

I like everything about my sienna. It is roomy comfortable and drives smoothly. I like that I can hold 7 people comfortably and long trip make this vehicle very reliable. The safety factor of this vehicle is important to me, especially when I have to pick up my kids from college and load all their stuff. I would recommend this vehicle.

- Susan J

It is reliable and prices is in range.

It is comfortable and reliable, very family oriented. Great car to go on vacation, very roomy. And the trunk is big enough to pack a lot of stuff. It is the best van out there. Not too high maintenance and parts are not too expensive. Haven't had any problem so far. All the seats are comfortable and have a lot of legroom for everyone.

- Fiona C

It is rated the highest in safety and reliability from consumer reports!

My favorite feature is the sliding passenger doors because it makes it easy for school drop off and pick up with my three kids. I love that I can open all of the doors, especially the trunk, from my key fob without having to actually touch the door. I love the amount of space it provides for road trips. The gas mileage is good, too!

- Jennifer M

Reliable and comfortable.

This minivan is a lifesaver for this family of 5. Car seats are so big now that the middle seats are perfect for the seats. Every seat is very comfortable and the car has been so reliable these couple of years. We've had a recall on the sliding doors, buy Toyota notified us immediately offering a service to the doors with no cost.

- Dana O

1.reliable 2.cost of ownership 3.ok gas mileage (was) 4.dated interior

Great cat with the exception of the brakes. Already replaced both front and rear brake pads. Our van is all wheel drive and gets ok gas mileage roughly 20 miles to the gallon. The van does great in the snow. Has plenty of horsepower to get up big hills. Maintenance schedule is reasonably priced and we always go to the dealer

- Jesse J

Good vehicle for larger families.

Very guy vehicle with a lot of room and very few openings. It is a great vehicle for storage and I have done a lot of today trips with it. I was supposed. It comfortable seats 8 and can do this easily. Gas mileage is also pretty good for this vehicle. Only minor problems I have us it had some problems for the automatic door to.

- Brad S

Details for Toyota sienna.

It's good. A lot of room. Nice big seats. Very comfortable to handle. The only thing is that you can't operate panel if its in drive mode. No music or setup while driving due to safety concern. A bit of a trouble if you are driving and your kids ask you to turn music on. Other than that good family van for long travels.

- Combine H

My Toyota Sienna is so easy to drive!!!

I love how much room my Toyota Sienna has. I love that I don't feel like I'm driving a minivan even though it has so much space. I love all the features aka sliding doors, automatic hatch, sunroof, backup camera, etc. I love that you get nice style with the SE package so it doesn't feel like a boring ugly "mom van".

- Sarah S

Good tough, dependable and great if you want to drive the kids around.

Toyota is always good but we really didn't need a van and it is very close to the ground, we have enjoyed driving it and have put it to good use. But we have moved to the country and its not good for anything but flat roads. And we moved to deer country, so we probably need something that we can put a deer catcher on.

- Tessa H

Satisfied customer, but wants more.

I have not had any problems with the sienna other than the trouble of a couple of recalls, but those were handled 100% by the dealership. It was only a mild inconvenience. The backup camera is only a few inches large, and sits deep into the dash, making it very difficult to even use more less rely on when backing up.

- Jessica S

It can seat 8 persons inside the car, but it lacks trunk space.

I like that it has room for our family of 6. I don't like the trunk-it needs more trunk space. I also think the quality is subpar; the hatch lift has lost power, even after replacing it once before, and the trim is all cheap plastic. The middle seats track on the floor moves, despite having it serviced too.

- sue b

Size and comfort for all members of the family.

I love how spacious it is. It is very easy to load kids in and own. My husband can also haul whatever he needs for home improvement. We can fit the four of us, our skis, and everything we need for a ski weekend all inside the van. The climate zones are a nice feature as well. Overall a great family vehicle.

- Jen M

Spacious and family oriented car!

Love that the car has automatic door opening system so kids are able to get in and out with no problems. The automatic doors also stop if something is in the way, so there are no smashed fingers. Also love the DVD player for long trips. There is lots of room for movement and the 8th seat is an added bonus.

- Kristen L

My sienna and the great features it has. You'll want to drive.

My sienna has Bluetooth as well as an adjustable seat if anyone wants to sit in it and there is also radio as well. It has a rear view camera and sensors on the car for the drivers safety. The leather seats are relaxing and easy to clean and for the family there are multiple charging ports and cup holders.

- Gabriel M

Comfortable for long trips

All seats except the drivers and front passenger can be removed or stowed. It is the perfect family vehicle able to take 7 people comfortably. The side shades for Windows are perfect. The driver's seat is comfortable and easy to get in and out of. It is easy to drive and comfortable for long trips.

- Kris A

It is a comfortable car that fits a full family. It is great around town and on the freeway because it parks easily and it holds a lot of people/stuff.

I like the number of seats. I like that the seats move electrically since I am short and my husband is tall, we move the driver's seat a lot,. I like the storage space. I like that the back seat folds and I like that the liftgate closes automatically. I like the sliding doors on both sides.

- Christine R

2014 Toyota sienna with ability to add 8th seat.

Like the automatic doors, trunk, ability to add/remove 8th seat. Great family car and has room to transport lots of kids camping. Performance and reliability have been great. Miss the features of my previous sienna - room in arms to store stuff, sensors on corners. This van has bad blind spots.

- Kelly C

This minivan is great for families and has enough room for comfortable travel.

My Toyota Sienna is an excellent family vehicle. My husband and I can comfortably travel with our three children (all in car seats or booster seats) with our luggage, stroller, soccer equipment, groceries, etc. I love being able to open the side doors on either side of the van with the remote.

- Kelly P

The perfect mom or family car!!

I love this vehicle especially being a mom! I love how easy it is to get the kids in and out of and the trunk space is amazing for things like strollers, groceries, or any other gear you need! I love the reliability of this van and the really great gas mileage since I am always on the go!!

- Madison B

Great family vehicle and people mover.

Love the room, it is a great vehicle for families and great for car pools, etc. . There are only 2 problems I have with my vehicle. 1) it is very loud. I often have to turn up the radio to block the noise of the tires/vehicle. 2) the time it takes for the ac to cool or the heater to heat.

- Rosa H

All in all my Vehicle is very reliable as it is a Toyota

My vehicle is really comfortable and has so much room inside to fit a family of 7 I like the smoothness of how it drive. It does waste a lot of gas and it is a 6 cylinder. I like how you can control the heat/a.c. seperate in the back seats. And the power sliding doors are a nice feature

- Mara H

I love the sliding middle row! It is so convenient for kids!

My Toyota sienna is the perfect family vehicle! It is safe, comfortable, reliable, and stylish. The XLE package with its leather seats, heated front seats and 8 passenger capacity is great for our busy family! It also gets great gas mileage for such a large passenger and cargo capacity!

- Amy M

It is a reliable vehicle for a family that does a lot of travel or activities.

Takes a long time for HVAC to work. Have had some problems with automatic doors not shutting properly and having to close them manually. Have had problems with console breaking and not being able to close. You can't just order the part to fix it you have to replace the entire console.

- Christine V

The car has been a good fit for us

The turn signal for the right has been giving me problems as of late, but otherwise the car is in perfect shape. The comfort of the vehicle is top-notch and the surfaces are easy to clean. The glove boxes are a nice storage space to have. The overall space of the car is satisfactory.

- Kate E

I hate my Toyota Sienna Minivan! Too young to drive a minivan

The DVD player provides an unclear picture. The GPS and screen for navigation are not sufficient technology for the price that you pay for the vehicle. It is not a very smooth ride and the gas mileage is poor. The flooring in the vehicle is low quality and extremely hard to maintain.

- Stephanie M

Smooth ride, adequate storage

This vehicle drives smoothly and has ample storage capacity. There are two glove boxes (upper and lower). It is sufficiently comfortable and easy to move and remove the first row of captain chairs. The low gas light and other alert lights are blocked by the steering wheel, however.

- Stephen M

A great SUV. It is a great ride to have for long trips.

I love my car because it is comfortable and seats 7 people easy. It seats up high and a nice comfortable ride. The backup safety features is great and I can see better at night by having a large windshield. My seats have heaters to us when cold outside. It also have an alarm system.

- Mark C

Toyota is one of the best manufacturers of vehicles in the world.

Goes through tires like they grow on trees. DVD players is great it entertains the kids good freeway gas mileage good amount of room if seats are put down good traders value service at the dealership in Elias although it is expensive is thorough as well as being one of the fastest.

- Christine T

Great ride for trips with family and friends.

Very comfortable ride. Plenty of seating and space. Excellent vehicle for taking trips. You can travel about 400 miles per tank of gas. Loaded with features and a very stylish ride for a minivan. Other than just recently replacing the battery, have not had any mechanical problems.

- Michael B

A great ride and easy to drive!

The Sienna is a great drive and a smooth ride. It can fit up to 6 people and has great sun shades! It is roomy and has plenty of drink holders and pockets for books! It has heated seats and a great air conditioning system. It gets pretty good gas mileage and can use regular fuel.

- Debra A

On our 2nd Toyota sienna!

Our Toyota is great. Comfortable, smooth ride. Great storage. Lots of cup holders. Reliable and safe in all weather conditions. We love the all wheel drive capability, which boosts the reliability factor even more. Climate control is effective and works for front and rear.

- Catherine W

We feel very safe in town driving or out traveling.We are older and find it so easy to get in and out of our vehicle.

This vehicle has served us well . We have done a lot of traveling everyday shopping to trips with grandchildren consisting of three almost teen boys. Plenty room maybe crowded at times with backpacks luggage and snacks of course. We are planning on trading it for the new model.

- Wynona C

I Love the Toyota Sienna!

This is a great vehicle. It handles like a car but can seat eight. The gas mileage is ok at about 20 miles per gallon average. There is roomy cargo area also. I expect this vehicle to last a long time and to hold its resale value. The Sienna had a good safety record also.

- Jean L

Automatic doors, garage door opener on the mirror, movie player

We love our van it has taken us on many trips, sports outing. The van is very spacious we normally have 7 people, 2 dogs, and baggage. It is very dependable vehicle. We have had no major issues. We love to take it on long road trips it is very comfortable handles with ease.

- Tammy N

Sienna Toyota van comments.

No repairs ever needed. Runs great. Good gas mileage. Regulate maintenance done. It has 10 cup holders and can carry 8 passengers. The heated seats are great for winter time. Seats are very comfortable. Lots of legroom for every seat. Backs seats fold flat into the floor.

- Cindy H

Most highly prized possession!

I love my Sienna. The sliding doors are an absolute must for families with little kids. The trunk space is enormous. I wish I would've gotten the automatic trunk as it can be hard to open when your hands are full. Some of the plastic on the inside has been falling apart.

- Natalie S

Room for a large family and is a reliable car to go on running errands.

It's a great car but the battery is constantly dying. Also there is a problem with air conditioning. It does not work all the time but other than that it gets me where I need to go. I have not had any problems with getting to and from long distances or short distances.

- Rosa A

The ups and downs: what does or does not work.

The locks are iffy. Sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. The sliding doors also do not always work automatically. Sometimes they have to be manually opened or closed. The rest of the features are great. I love the Bluetooth capabilities and the heated seats.

- Nicole C

Comforts of the Toyota sienna.

Great vehicle for family. Spacious. Seats fold down into floor. Drives really well. Automatic sliding doors are really helpful, especially if you have little kids. The second row has an option for removing the middle seat which allows for easy access to the third row.

- Michelle B

Room to spare and safe for families

I really love my Sienna! It's roomy, so it accommodates my 3 sons, my husband, and I with room to spare! I love that the back seats fold down and make room for all the sports equipment I cart around. It's highly rated for safety, and it gets fairly good gas mileage.

- Ariel W

It's great for families and for moving lots of people and things

I like that it's convenient to get my kids in and out and it can carry a lot. I don't like that it's big and we don't have great technology in it for better maneuvering (cameras, warnings when getting close to other vehicles). I also would love a cooler looking car.

- Jamie N

Toyota Sienna: If you are looking for reliable, comfortable and up-to-date, here is your car!

The Toyota Sienna is a versatile minivan. I own the Xl all wheel drive, which seats 7 people and has lots of room for luggage and anything else you might need to transport. Driving the sienna in snow is safer than any other car I have driven in the same conditions.

- Amanda B

The Toyota sienna is very comfortable.

I love my Toyota sienna! It is a comfortable car that still has some luxury. I appreciate how affordable it is also! It is the perfect family car for sure. Road trips are the perfect way to see just how economical and reliable this car is. I totally recommend it.

- Sofia M

You can open the side doors 4 different ways.

Has 2 recalls. Hard to move middle seat. Extra middle seat uncomfortable . Easily and safely fits car seats. Rear view camera not always clear. Tires need to be changed every 30,000 miles. Heated seats and heat work well . Efficient gas mileage. Good trunk space.

- Karen F

Spacious, reliable van able to take care of your whole family traveling needs.

I hesitated becoming a "soccer mom" with the minivan, but I really love my van. I don't have to worry about the kids singing other doors/objects around us. It's been a good, reliable vehicle, taking us from Missouri to Florida several times with no issues.

- Kristin S

The Sienna is very roomy with flexible seating options based on your needs.

Our Sienna has been our best vehicle so far. There is plenty of room for my family and flexibility for carrying lots of luggage or gear depending on our destination. We love the ability to configure the back seats in any way that we need for our travels.

- Lauren Y

The vehicle is smooth sailing and spacious.

The car is very smooth. The only problem that I seemed to have is that it is very close to the ground. So one needs to be careful of potholes and such. Additionally, it is very spacious. The seats are easily adjustable to fit whatever that's needed to fit.

- Jo Y

Great car. Love the automatic door!

The third row and back seats are very comfortable and recline. I do not like the backup camera and that it does not beep when you are close to another car. Love that the doors open from the key. This is very helpful when running errands with toddlers.

- Dan M

Sienna is one solid, satisfying vehicle.

Very comfortable. Solid, secure feeling ride. smooth on turns and highest. Not loud. Have had sliding door issues which are a pain. Stereo is fine, but controls are a little complicated and can be distracting while driving. Same goes for climate control.

- Catherine W

This comes with an extra seat you can attach in the middle to seat 8.

We have owned this vehicle for about 6 months and have had no issues. It is smooth when it drives, and has enough compartments for storage. This is the best car we've ever purchased. We absolutely love it and all the room is had for our big family of 6!

- Nat S

it is good for larger families

I like that it has the eighth seat and is comfortable on longer trips. I also like the engine power. The only complaints that I have is that I thought it would get better gas mileage and that I have had two windshields crack in the same spot.

- chris e

It is a modified van with a ramp that comes out the side and hand controls for acceleration and braking because I am a paraplegic and in a wheelchair.

Like that I've had it for 4 years now and it has only had 1 thing that has had to be repaired. Like that it gets relatively good gas mileage for a minivan - 25 MPG in summer. Don't like that the engine is a bit noisy upon acceleration.

- Jeff Y

I love the backup camera.

I love the automatic sliding doors. The captain seats are great for my kids. I love how spacious it is. I feel safe driving my family in it. The trunk is spacious and I love the backup camera. My favorite family car we have ever bought.

- Leah W

Only a Toyota van will do!

No problems. I love the way it handles; it has a sharper turn than any vehicle I have driven. We've never had any mechanical problems in 4 1/2 years! The seats are so comfortable, I have trouble riding in any other van. I love my van!

- Terry L

Every morning I can count on this car to start and get me to where I am going!

Love the gas mileage, and the visibility. It is roomy enough for taking a long trip yet comfortable enough to withstand the discomforts of passenger aging! Although would like a bit more styling to avoid looking like an old lady car!

- Patricia B

I get good gas mileage and it is very comfortable to drive and ride in.

I like it that I can fit my three grandchildren with all there car seat in it and still have room for the adults.I can control the air and heat in three different areas of the van. One complaint I wish it had a DVD player in it.

- Beth M

It is a very well riding van.

My Sienna van rides very smoothly. It is very comfortable and I love the adjustable lumbar support. It gets good gas mileage for a van. I don't like that the middle row seats don't retract into the floor like the back row does.

- Ann B

A great family car with good performance and affordable.

My car is very good fit for a family with more kids. It's roomy and comfortable. The only thing I do not like is the entertainment system, often covered by some station while kids are watching the movies during our road trip.

- Karen L

Power doors and liftgate.

My Toyota sienna is comfortable, roomy and makes daily commutes with children easier with the power liftgate and automatic doors. This van drives like an SUV but provides plenty of space for hauling lots of people and cargo.

- Heather K

Reliable and very comfortable

We love our Sienna. I love having a reliable vehicle to take my family places. We have yet to have a problem with it. We are all very comfortable and there is plenty of room in the back to put stuff for when we go on trips.

- Anna B

Reliable, efficient, quality minivan

My minivan is reliable, comfortable, and very efficient. It serves all my family's needs. It is user friendly. The brand is also very affordable. I have had no issues with my minivan. I would highly recommend it to others.

- Tanya K

I have no trouble with this car or the one just like it I had before. That one still runs and has way over 200000 miles.

I love that it handles like a car but has room for 8. I do not like that the cigarette lighter does not charge when the car is turned off. I think Toyota makes a good car that holds it value and runs for a long time.

- Jeannie t

Wear and tear to windows trunk.

It is great if you have normal kids, but after three years, one of our autistic kids broke the passenger window mechanic so now it will go all the way up, then all the way down. The trunk no longer stays open either.

- Slink B

The comfort and efficiency of the vehicle is great.

I like the safety features, blind spot sensor, side, front, and rear sensors. The automatic headlight dimmer feature, the automatic wiper feature. The fuel efficiency. Maintenance schedule. And the Toyota products.

- Larry M

Gas-saver and a very roomy van with all the extras like DVD/video player, etc.

I love this minivan, it is very roomy and it is a gas-saver as well. This minivan can load up to 8 people with ease and it is great for traveling with your family. The DVD/game system is a hit with my kids.

- Marcia W

It can safely fit four car seats, which is wonderful since children now have to be in some sort of car seat until age 8 or 9.

I love that my car is big enough to fit both my young children and that there is room to grow. We can fit everything when we go on road trips. I love the backup camera. I wouldn't change anything about it.

- Kathleen G

I don't care if I'm a man minivans are amazing and not just mom cars

My van is beautiful. I don't really have any dislikes, it's a sweat car that gets me place to place. It isn't a gas guzzler but the only thing I don't like is it's size but it's what I need for my family

- David S

I would think the most important thing is that it is dependable. That being said, I think I'm happiest with the comfortable ride, though.

We've been buying Toyotas for several years now and feel that they are very reliable vehicles. This van is our second, and we've been happy with it. It is very comfortable, especially on long trips.

- Janice B

It eats tires! I didn't know that about vans before we bought it, but I guess that is pretty common. Expect to buy tires a lot!

It's a van so it has a lot of storage space. The kids enjoy the extra space for stuff! Their car seats fit into the car well. We have a large dog too, so folding down the backseats works well for him.

- Briana B

I love all the room in the vehicle. The 3rd row seating is great when we have extra people with us. The ride is smooth and very comfortable. Gas mileage is fair. All and all it is a good choice for our family.

This vehicle is very roomy! Perfect for the smaller family or the large family. Allows for extra people or for hauling around extra stuff and the 3rd seat removes for even more storage when needed.

- Danielle W

My auto is Perfect for travel

This car is perfect for all the things I have to do. I love it for travel due to the fact that it is easy on gas and can seat 7 people. It handles to road very well and so far no problems at all.


Make fun of my mom-mini-van all you want...I still love its convenience and reliability.

It's not a "fun" car...but it's useful for hauling around a lot of kids. I don't care how it looks or that minivans have a negative connotation...I just care that it's convenient and reliable.

- Luann R

That Toyota is very reliable.

This has been one of the best vehicles I own. I just love Toyota overall. We've always had good luck with them. My van is next to the top of the line. It is very comfortable and is very roomy.

- Kathy W

It makes life so much easier with small children! Perfect family vehicle

This is the best driving vehicle that I have ever driven. The ride is very smooth. Love all the options included in the vehicle, due to having 2 small children, it makes life so much easier!

- Brittany P

I can fit you in and get us there safely and in a timely manner>

I love my Toyota for Its performance and dependability. Only dislike is that my model does not have all wheel drive. I like the size of it, being able to fit 8 people in it if necessary,

- Michaela P

Great vehicle for families

Has plenty of room for my children and friends as well as any luggage we would need to take along. Nice smooth ride, but I feel like it goes through tires a lot more than it should.

- Jessica W

It is very spacious and great to use for your family!

I like how spacious the inside is. The camera view on the screen is tiny and sometimes too small can be seen. The seats are also very comfortable. The price is also very reasonable.

- Ben R

Great and durable family car with more than ample trunk space

There are a lot of great features but I wish with all the buttons there was one for the trunk. Also there are a lot of recalls that are very time consuming. Overall great vehicle

- Anne H

The back row of seats can be removed for more cargo/travel space.

Love the space and convenience of a minivan with 2 little kids, especially for traveling. Don't love that it's not great on gas and the automatic doors only work inconsistently.

- Allison S

She will glide. You have to keep an eye on your speed the ride is so smooth.

Safety was my #1. And this van has it all. Its reliable and dependable. It's great for long trips to give everyone room to relax. Extremely roomy when sears are all folded down.

- Carmen L

It is spacious and has a deep trunk with fold down third row.

I love my Toyota Sienna. The space inside allows my children to walk around inside when necessary. The trunk space is deep and the third row of seats folds down for more space.

- Jessica A

It is very reliable and dependable.

I like it that my whole family can fit IN. It. It's great to take on family vacation and also for hauling big items. It's very reliable. I just don't like that it is a Minivan.

- Sonia K

It's convenient when you have to drive a lot of people.

I like it because it's convenient to drive a lot of people, but if I drive myself, it's a very big car/van. I don't like it the gas usage. I spend too much gas every week!

- Rose S

The Sienna: Comfortable and Practical

The Sienna is a great vehicle. Doors that open at the push of a button are great when you have small children. The controls are easy to use and it is very comfortable.

- diana d

It has a ton of space that is great for a larger family and is more affordable than an suv.

I like the amount of space it has for our 4 young children. I don't like how it drives, the tires spin out in any rain or snow conditions even after getting new tires.

- Amanda K

My Sienna is a family car -- gets us where we need to go safely and comfortably

I like the versatility of the Sienna -- we regularly take road trips and our family and 2 dogs all travel comfortably in it. I don't have any dislikes or complaints

- Sue O

The car is very useful for families; subsequently, young single people would not value the car until they reach the parent stage if they so desire.

A Toyota is built upon the belief in the reliability, which I need in my life. Luxury is not the intent of my vehicle purchase, therefore I enjoy my car very much.

- Arturo V

Reliable Minivan great in winter

I have had no problems with this van or the two previous siennas I have owned. They are by far the most reliable. Very comfortable and drives well in the winter.

- Tara P

For the size of the vehicle, the gas mileage on this vehicle cannot be beat!

I love the amount of cargo space i have. Heating and cooling in the rear was a must for us! The automatic sliding doors are so convenient to have with children.

- Heather W

I believe my car have very good safety features and others should have those also to help them.

The vehicle is great and runs smooth. The feature i bought of 2 screen DVDs are having lots of problems but other than that everything else seems to work fine.

- Akas S

The Toyota Sienna is a great vehicle for a family

The 2014 Toyota Sienna is a great vehicle for a family; it gets good gas mileage, handles well, and has a spacious interior with plenty of storage in the back.

- Ken D

It is the perfect vehicle for a family.

It is a reliable vehicle that has not given me any mechanical issues. It rides smoothly and is comfortable to drive. There is enough room for my entire family.

- Bonnie G

Good for up to six children. Easy to maintain and operate.

Family minivan with lots of child friendly features. Auto close side doors are especially appreciated. Also like the removable middle seat in the second row.

- Samuel D

Great minivan for busy moms

I love my toyota Sienna. It has lots of room and drive really well. The power doors that i can control from the driver's seat are awesome at carpool drop off.

- Kim M

There's lots of room to fit people, all the seats and the trunk space is helpful to get around

I like that it has lots of space for seating, we have 3 kids and that's invaluable. I don't like the constant repairs we need to bring it back in for though.

- Jace B

Also, it tracks how much fuel you have left before filling up again, in miles.

No complaints. I like the power sliding doors and power rear door. The seats are the stow and go, which make it very easy put large things in the van.

- Rory M

It has comfortable and adjustable seats with plenty of legroom in back seat

Comfortable and roomy. Easy to drive and maneuver. Love the blind spot warning lights on side mirrors. Would love it if it could parallel park itself.

- Koreen P

It is safe and family friendly. There is space to carry 7 people

I love the amount of passengers it can hold. I really like the fold down option for the 3rd row seat. It gives us plenty of space to move big objects

- Cinthia O

Has power sliding doors and backup camera.

So far no complaints with my vehicle. Just bought it used in December so haven't had it for a year yet. It is so convenient having a van with 2 kids.

- Krystal R

It is roomy, on the inside for a van

I love the sliding side doors, the roominess on the inside, and that is seats up to 8 people. It is roomier than other vans we had, and I like that

- Lou T

Automatic sliding doors are the best. Everyone with small children and pets should have them.

I like sliding doors the most. I like auto open trunk. I do not like 8 person once the middle seat is removed. I like that it fits 3 car seats.

- Mary M

it is very reliable, with low maintenance needs.

i like my Sienna very much. in fact it is the third one i have purchased. i like the mileage i get as well as the low maintenance i have gotten.

- borlene b

It can seat eight people and has three tether points.

I like how many passengers it can hold and having separate driver and passenger air/heat settings. Also the rear having its own settings is nice.

- Jessica G

Sienna Provides Family Fun

Easy to load kids in and out. Everyone has access to controls. Pretty design on interior. Trouble with radio and DVD player from the beginning.

- Becky W

It has low maintenance costs over a long amount of time.

I like that the car I have has lasted 3 years and I have not had to take it anywhere yet. I like how big it is and I like my who family fits.

- Matt s

It drives nicely and has lots of room for passengers and cargo space.

I dislike the inaccuracy of the navigation system at times. I love the way it drives. I love the entertainment package and automatic doors.

- Karen T

back up camera makes backing up so much safer

Awesome vehicle! Automatic doors make life with kids so much easier. 3 zone climate control makes traveling with my husband even better!

- Sara S

This car is great for large families that need extra room.

I love all the room and options in my car. I have 4 car seats so they fit comfortably in my Sienna. I like all the extras provided also.

- Kelly B

It is reliable and does not give you any trouble.

I like that it drives good and is roomy. Easy to move seats around. Have not had any trouble with it yet. Wish there was a vacuum inside.

- Lily S

Reliability of the van and comfort especially on long trips

Like: Comfort, convenience, options Dislike: Some convenience items no longer work (hidden cup holders), lack of self-maintenance items

- Scott W

It is very reliable and extremely comfortable to ride in.

It is comfortable. Very reliable. Very roomy. I can fit many people in it and I have a ton of room for big items and lots of groceries.

- Sara D

Has a great cargo space. My minivan requires very minimal maintenance

My toyota sienna is great! It's perfect for my family if 4, has great mileage, very spacy and comfortable specially on the long drive.

- Crystal P

It is safe and has plenty of room

I like the space and storage and how the seats can move and the doors slide. I dislike the remote start that cuts off when unlocked.

- Ashleigh s

How convenient it is and how much cargo space there is.

Love how easy it is to drop my kids off at school. The push button doors are very convenient. It is a smooth ride. No dislikes here.

- Jessica C

Sits very low to the ground.

Husband doesn't like it. It has plenty of room. Is too low of clearance. A little getting used to driving, but good on gas mileage.

- Tessa H

Min. Maintenance keeps it running long time.

Good and decent for family with kids. Enough load up space. Toyota is probably the best maker of long life runner for Its money.

- Kris P

It's been a great van for the past 3 years and I plan on having it for years to come.

I love the big roomy interior, how smooth it drives, the reliability. The sliding doors have problems but only after a recall.

- Dawn T

how much room it has. Compared to other vans it has a lot of space and can fit a lot of things

My sienna is very roomy and easy to drive.It hand;les well ,has room for storage and holds 7/8 people which is very convenient

- John F

It is a good reliable comfortable vehicle for long road trips and family getaway.

Love the comfort while traveling and room for passengers we are not sitting on top of each other. Plenty of storage room also.

- Thomas D

Comfortable seating for long road trips.

This is a minivan thats sits 7. Unlike many minivans the middle seats are very comfortable. There is good room for storage.

- Barbara S

Spare tire is easy to access. LED lights that wrap around are essential for country roads. Battery is easy to access.

I have owned my toyota sienna for 4 years now and have really enjoyed it thus far. Limited issues beyond normal maintenance.

- Kirsten L

Don't knock a minivan until you've tried one. They are fantastic.

I like that it has ample room for my children, as I drive them to school daily. I don't like it doesn't have a USB outlet.

- Robert B

It is the most family friendly vehicle I have had. I never thought I'd have a van.

I don't have any issues with my vehicle. I love the space, the TV, the captain seats. The only thing I wish I had was AWD.

- Jennifer H

The back seats fold down for more packing room.

I like the room because the kids have room. The gas mileage for traveling is good. Sitting up higher is convenient for me.

- Dana T

It's decorative points and technological features

I like It's roomy space, seating capacity and the luggage space. It's installed DVD player is not working from the start.

- Harish Rai G

I love that the car alerts me when it is time to have the car maintained.

I love my Toyota sienna, tons of room & very comfortable. My only complaint is that I wish I had gone for 4 wheel drive.

- Kerri L

Great for families with several children. Easy for adults to climb rob the back.

Love the remote slide doors and how convenient they are with kids. The split back seat that folds to the floor is nice.

- Shannon D

It has a ton of room for all of our families needs.

We like the room that is available for our family. I have no dislikes so far. I do not have any complaints. We love it!

- Rhonda G

Comfortable, roomy, reliable

I love the amount of space this vehicle provides. Lots of compartments to store things. It handles very nicely as well.

- Tiffany A

It does not cost a lot to fill up. Runs smooth and better than a car. a lot of room; can adjust seats and remove them.

- Ti T

It's the base model and it's awesome! Loaded vehicles just cost more to maintain.

Love cloth interior, sliding doors, backup camera. Dislike no navigation system, too many audio/radio station options.

- Ellie H

It is safe and dependable

I like my vehicle because it has room for my large family. It is safe and dependable. It has a comfortable interior.

- Da P

The van is safe, gives a smooth, quiet ride.

I like that It's roomy. I don't like that we've had to repair parts in sliding doors. I like the way it looks.

- Tami R

Very spacious vehicle with plenty of room for cargo and passengers.

Very reliable vehicle with plenty of room for passengers spacious drivers area backup camera and Sirius radio.

- Nick M

It's very dependable and roomy for a family

It drives nicely. It is very roomy. Seats recline and close to make more storage space. Is good on gas mileage

- Kare F

It is very reliable and seats six comfortably. It also gets good gas mileage.

I love that it is all wheel drive. It seats all of my children comfortably. It also gets decent gas mileage.

- Laine W

Minivan for families on the go

Roomy, comfortable for family of four, lots of storage for family outings and trips. Smooth ride, no issues

- Michelle D

Not sure, I like it however everyone has different taste and needs.

I love the roominess for a van. I love that it has a lot of cup holders. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Lou R

Safety features and automatic doors are a lifesaver with plenty of room.

My car has navigation and an entertainment system, perfect for a family. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Jennifer G

The van is very dependable, it gets the job done and gets us to where we need to be

It's a very dependable van. Love that we have more room to store items and people. It picks up speed fast.

- Gabby T

Minimal maintenance for high performance

Minimal maintenance for its excellent performance, great resale value, affordable mpg, loads upto 8 people

- Kris P

Take care of it, maintenance it and you will not have issues.

Great reliable family van, had it 2 years now and it was a previous 3 year lease. haven't had any issues.

- Thomas H

Passenger airbag error message

Issues with passenger airbag error message. Have taken into be fixed but still continues to be a problem.

- Kat W

It has lots of room to do what you need to with lots of kids, drives great

I love this van, it has lots of room for my kids, easy to get into and out of, big storage space in back

- Candace s

Hard to find a parking space because of its size. Windshield is a strange angle which encourages ice to form.

I like the way it handles. It is s very comfortable ride. Gets pretty good mileage considering its size

- Suzanne O

Great for a family. Automatic sliding doors are wonderful.

It has doors that are automatic and gets decent gas mileage. It has been perfect for my growing family.

- Nicole C

It is affordable and has good mileage. It is comfortable to drive.

It is very spacious and can fit six to seven people. It is perfect for a big family to go out together.


Fuel economy smooth drive.

Gas economy, 8 people passengers, cargo space, system entertainment smooth drive sunroof fuel economy.

- Luis N

Not right type of vehicle for Texas because the high temperatures eat up the tires

DVD system goes through tires like they grow on trees good gas mileage for this type of vehicle great

- Christine T

That it is one of the most safest cars around. This is my 2nd time purchasing this van.

I love my Sienna. It seats 8, good on gas, roomy, and comfortable. It was very affordable as well.

- Tanysha M

Quiet, comfortable, and good gas mileage for a minivan.

It has plenty of room for my family. It has lots of cup holders. I love the sliding passenger doors.

- Sharon P

We have not had to have anything repaired in almost 80K miles and almost 4 years.

It is reliable. We have not had any problems with it or the previous Siennas. Quality and value.

- John B

I like it as a smooth ride and is comfortable, however less than a year after I purchased it, the left side door wire snapped and I had to pay $300 to make it a manual door. It's very inconvenient with kids but it would have been around $1500 to make it auto again.

I feel it's a safe vehicle. It rides very smooth. I really like it better than my last vehicle.

- Amanda D

It is versatile and adaptable to many different jobs.

Smooth comfortable ride. Like the auto sliding doors. Wish it was a bit more fuel efficient.

- Callum H

It is a good buy for a minivan and more stylish than other options.

I like the room and how comfortable it is. The storage in the back is great. No negatives.

- Jaime C

It drives great and easily transport the whole family. It is not the coolest car.

I think the most important thing that I would like people to know is how dependable it is.

- Cathy O

It is a very good value for the money. It has had no issues and maintains Its value for an extended time.

I love my van. It is large enough for my family. It is easy to drive and low maintenance.

- Stephanie P

Toyota Sienna is a reliable car. That is all other should know.

Toyota Sienna is a very comfortable minivan. It's very fun to ride and has lots of room.

- Y C

I like how easy it is to drive. How easy it is to remove the seats and load in furniture and plywood and then put it all back and transport my family.

That it gets great gas mileage and you can fit a full piece of plywood flat in the back.

- Lynda Y

It is a good family car with room for family and gear in the back.

I like my Toyota Sienna because it will seat 7 people comfortably. It is a smooth ride.

- Holly s

Drive wonderful. Can not stop on a dime. Is a large vehicle.

Love size and ability. Dislike gas mileage. Like built in gps and smartphone ability

- Krystal G

I love the size and safety! I don't like how low it is to the ground.

It's safe for families. It has great thoughtful features and it's very comfortable.

- Alice M

Practical car that is good for many different uses.

Very reliable. Spacious for many people. Good size not too big not too small.

- Matthew L

It is a safe car on vacation with kids. It has good air bags.

I like the roominess. I like the safety features. I wish it had a sunroof.

- Angie V

There is plenty of space for a large family to fit comfortably, including storage space.

I love the space it provides for our family. I also like how well it drives.

- Katie W

A family Favorite. Great Design. Easy to drive and take care of.

Love how comfortable it is. It is reliable. Only issue is no air conditioner

- Destiny B

It's a great car for families, and the automatic sliding doors are a lifesaver when you're traveling with small kids!

I really like the dependability of my Sienna, and I feel safe in my vehicle.

- Alison S

It is a great family car. It holds all our stuff. It is easy to drive.

I like that it fits my family. I like that it is roomy. It drives well too.

- valued c

It's the best for families and I always feel safe driving mine in it.

Great driver for a big family. Useful for long road trips. Reliable.

- Jason W

It is a great car to drive and it has a very comfortable view..

I get great mileage. We travel in comfort. It is easy to drive.

- robert w

Best family vehicle, reliable

Versatile, can install a lot of stuffs, carry lots of people.

- David A

Dependable. It travels up and down east coast twice a year. Never has a problem

Spacious, comfortable for traveling,good mileage. Dependable

- Allie D

It's a Toyota! Reliability, quality, and craftsmanship.

Best vehicle ever owned. Very smooth ride. Easy to drive.

- Keith C

I love the size and comfort and how many it seats. It is very comfortable to drive and park. I don't love the gas mileage and wish it would be better.

With all seats in, our van can seat eight comfortably!

- Angela W

Power doors, a row n go, back up camera, and dependability.

Dependability and value in a great minivan. Love it!

- David C

The brake is smooth and the starter is easy to start and have auto power

I like this minivan because there are a lot of room

- Mandy K

I love this minivan because it is so comfortable. There are more space and room . The only problem is sometimes the door signal is not that good.

The auto door power is easy and convenient to close

- Mandy K

While my vehicle has low mileage, I believe due to the durability it may last for my lifetime.

It is comfortable. It is durable. It is very roomy.

- di s

Slide doors are very useful. It has Comfortable seats. It is nice up to seven persons can ride.

Very safe and comfortable. Seats can be removable.

- Chami Y

It has a lot of room, and cup holders. It is nice.

I hate tomatoes, and spiders. I like strawberries.

- M M

my car has plenty of room and drives well

it has plenty of room for my family and dogs.

- Jes G