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Safe, roomy, affordable minivan for our busy family.

The Toyota Sienna we own is perfect minivan for our family of five! One of my favorite features is the automatic sliding doors. I can operate the doors from a button on my key fob. I can also operate the doors from a button on the ceiling near the driver’s seat. It makes getting in and out of the car very easy for kids. Safety was a big concern with the sliding doors, and Toyota has a safety guard on the sliding doors. If something, or someone, is in the path of the closing door, the car will sense the object and open the doors back up. So nothing, or no one, will get injured by the closing door. We sometimes carpool with another family to school or functions. There’s always comfortable room for more! And with the “jump seat” stored in the side of the trunk, we can safely travel with up to eight people in the car. Our minivan is the primary family car for us. We take it around town, on trips to visit family two ours away, and have used it on 12+ hour road trips. There is plenty of legroom, even for the passengers in the back row. Storage space is incredible! It is easy to pack for a long family vacation with the Sienna! The trunk space dips down, so stacking up the luggage will not obstruct view our the rear window. Toyota Sienna has excellent fuel economy. On a recent trip, 750 miles one way, I only used two entire tanks of gas! When researching other minivans and comparing it to the Siena, we learned that Toyota uses a timing chain in their vehicles rather than a timing belt. We found out that timing chains can withstand wear and tear better than a timing belt. There’s a good chance the chain will not need to be replaced! That is a huge savings in maintenance cost! And because it handles wear and tear better, the life expectancy of our Sienna will be longer than other minivans. In our two years I'd owning our minivan, we have only needed oil changes. No repairs. It drives incredibly smooth. It is easy to accelerate on highways. I recommend Toyota Sienna over any other minivan on the market!

- Liz S

2015 Toyota Sienna - great family hauler.

I absolutely love my Toyota Sienna! I never thought I would like driving a minivan, but it is absolutely amazing! There is more than enough storage space for all of my things. My kids have plenty of room in the back for all of their sports bags, school bags, travel bags and friends! That was the most important for us. Carpooling is so easy with the Sienna. It holds six kids in the back! I currently have a 2015 model and the only thing I wish was different was that there were latches in the front middle seat. I am having a baby and my older two are already fighting about who gets to sit next to the baby and when. If she were able to be in the middle this wouldn't be a problem at all. As far as vehicle performance goes, I have never had any issues with this model. It is great on gas and easy to navigate. I love that I can open up the sides doors with the push of a button. I would highly recommend the Sienna to anyone that is looking for a minivan.

- Alison R

4 LATCH spots and 4 anchors for car seats! This is very important when you have several young children in car seats!

We love our 2015 Sienna minivan because there is a ton of space! My husband and I can put the front seats back as far as we like and not run into the 2 rear facing car seats in the second row. There are 4 LATCH seats for car seats and 4 anchors for forward facing car seats. The second row seats slide forward and backward to allow more room to get in then more leg room for people sitting in the third row. The third row folds down flat so you can haul large items. Even with the third row up, we can fit a wagon for the kids in the back. There is also a removable seat for the middle row. If you don't need it, it stores in the cargo area and people can get into the third row without any issues. We have not run into any problems with it, however I wish there was an alarm when you get too close to something while backing up. The performance is great. Plenty of get up and go. And very comfortable!

- Meg P

My beautiful black sporty non-mom minivan.

After looking and looking to find the right vehicle for our family we decided on a minivan however, I didn't want a "mom" van so we choose the Toyota sienna se ( sport edition). We have had it for 3 years now and I love it! Anyone who drives it is pleasantly surprised. It rides beautifully, has a lot of get up and go and is also very comfortable inside. I love the heated seats! It is also roomy enough to have full grown adults in the 3rd row which we found hard to do when we looked at other vehicles. There have been a few things on my con list: cheap flimsy plastic on some parts that just snapped off very early on. The factory tires didn't even last 15, 000 miles and the sound system has a hard time connecting to Bluetooth sometimes.

- Jessica M

We like the service from the Toyota dealer and the reliability of the van.

My van is very comfortable, easy to drive, very easy to put child seats in. The doors open with a push on the key. The front seats heat, the heater and air conditioning system works well and makes the air very comfortable throughout the whole car. The radio has good speakers and is easy to work. We can play DVD's and it is easy to use. We have had trouble learning to attach our telephones and the car and the Toyota dealers have not been able to help us. The small seat in the middle in the second really does not work well for anyone to sit in. We like the car very much and runs very well. We have not any mechanical problems, the only thing we have needed to replace is a battery.

- Cheryl F

Versatile as it handles seven passengers or a boat load of cargo.

I like this vehicle because: it is versatile, in that it can accommodate seven passengers, or I can fold down the back seats and haul cargo such as furniture or my recumbent tricycle, etc.; it is comfortable. We have taken it on several long trips and it has served us well. It has ample power as we drove through the rocky mountains with four adults plus luggage with no change in performance. Our middle also has a luggage rack on top to which we can and have attached a car-top carrier when needed as we transport our six grandchildren and their stuff.

- Casey P

Great vehicle with kids! Functional auto sliding doors and lots if room. Great family vehicle.

I feel like the vehicle's interior is poor quality. Seats broke with 6 3mths of having vehicle, rusty parts, extremely worn leather after short period of time. However I have not had any issues with how the car runs. It runs smooth, have not had to do any major service at 60000 miles. So that has been great. Features such as auto sliding doors and trunk huge benefit with kids. Lots of room within and lots of trunk space. Overall I am satisfied with vehicle. Just wish they would have done a better job with interior.

- Tiffany V

The best features of the sienna are the comfort and safety.

The Toyota sienna is a very safe and comfortable car. It has multiple airbags to keep the driver and passengers safe. It is a very comfortable car. My family and I take multiple 8 hour plus trips a year in this vehicle. The ride is very comfortable and there is plenty of room for all of our luggage. You can easily pull down the back seats to make room for extra luggage. It is a very reliable car. I have not had any issues with the car. We do the standard maintenance and the car has run great.

- Kathryn G

My van is great with a few minor difficulties.

My van has been very handy for a busy mom with three kids. The dual sliding doors are very nice and the leather seats a easy to clean up. The back hatch is roomy and the folding back seat is nice for trips. The middle seats are removable and provides good space for big stuff. Although one sliding door has not been working for at least 2 years and after removing a middle seat, we could never get it replaced in the correct spot and bent the chair hardware underneath of it.

- Jennifer C

It is big and easy to use.

Toyota sienna is very reliable van, I use it as for a cargo hauler. A daily working car. It is performance is good and can fit a family for a long field trip. It is comfortable and roomy. I driving it since 2015 do maintenance on time, didn't have major problems. backup camera for a large van is necessary, both auto sliding doors are very convenient. But it does not has auto back hatch door, the door is big and heavy. And the ground clearance is relatively low.

- Kyle L

Toyota sienna awesomeness.

My Toyota sienna van is so comfortable and it is performance is great. It has been so reliable and it is great on long trips. It has heated seats cruise control and a movie player in the back for all the kids to enjoy. It has a decent size tank 17. 5 gallons and gas is efficient. It has leather seats and a moonroof for nice quiet trips. It also has a power trunk that is only a press of the button away. Overall it is an awesome vehicle to drive and I love it.

- Scott P

Seats 8 with the optional jump seat! Finding a minivan that is stylish and seats 8, it wasn't easy.

Great vehicle for larger families (seats 8). Smooth ride, decent MPG (18-21 or so depending on driving situation), and tons of room (for people and stuff!... very important). We have the sports edition and it's very sleek looking, black interior & sporty exterior. Ability to control the back A/C/heater is great. The one thing I hate is the interior metal seats runner covers are horrible. They refuse to lay flat and we are always tripping on them!

- Elta M

It's the only van that had an AWD option, very important for snowy weather!

This minivan makes having kids a breeze.. we live in the north east and it was the only minivan with an AWD option, and the sliding doors are a MUST HAVE with kids.. so easy to get them in and out of car seats, and I don't have to worry about the kids causing door dings when they open the door. I love the entertainment options as well.. we have the DVD player.. we can pop on a movie, give the kids a headset and the. Listen to our own music.

- Jenn S

Good value, good ride and plenty of comfort

I love my Toyota sienna . I have never had any problems with this van. It has a very smooth and comfortable ride. I needed a van to take my grandchildren to and from school and also one good for travel. My Sienna is very roomy and has always been very dependable. I have always had Chevys, car, van and also a truck. Never did I think I would ever be this satisfied with anything other than a chevy. But I am so pleased with my Toyota.

- Barbara G

Comfortable, versatile and hauls almost anything.

We have a 7-passenger van and in it we often haul several of our six, local grandchildren (sometimes all of them. We can also haul my recumbent tricycle, or our snow-blower or lawn mower. Obviously, carrying groceries home is never a problem. Our van had a luggage rack on top to which we attach our two kayaks or our car-top carrier in which we can put anything that will fit such as toys, snowshoes, or luggage.

- Casey P

The van with the most room.

I love my Toyota sienna. Very rummy. Can seat up to 8 people large trunk. Seats can go down or come out for room. Do not need a truck with you have a van you can haul lots of large items. Vehicle drives very smooth. This is my 4th sienna and I wouldn't get anything else. Very safe drive great. Can haul all my kids and their friends and all their sports equipment what else could you ask for!!

- Cara O

I traded in my 2013 sienna for 2015 - so appreciate the new safety features.

Never had a problem; total reliability; love the safety features - backup camera and side view mirror alert; good gas mileage -@ 22+ mpg; good cargo space; like the feature to open or close the rear cargo door when in driver's seat; comfortable seating for 8; usually use just 7 and store removable seat (center 2nd row) and store in trunk area. Close rear cargo door f. When inside vehicle.

- Suzanne D

It fits 7 passengers comfortably without the back seats folded down.

I love that it's big enough to carry all of my kids comfortably. I love that I get relatively good gas mileage. I love that the seats fold down if I need to carry something larger than average. I do NOT like that it has a recall on the doors. I do NOT like that the doors dont always open when hitting the fob. I do NOT like that the trunk doesn't open and close softly.

- Mary F

Toyota Sienna - A car of ease, comfort, and most importantly, safety

The easiest minivan to drive on the market. Comfortable and roomy, kids really love it because of the space. I love it because I feel very safe in it. Last year I was hit on the driver side by a speeding car with my two sons in the car and although my car was totaled, all of us barely had a scratch. We continued with the Sienna because we felt safe and secure.

- Cynthia V

Mixed reviews in this family mini.

Tire sensor indicates tires are always low even after they have been filled with air. Comfortable and roomy. Lots of varying storage space. The ride is smooth. Tires are expensive. Air conditioning. Rear view camera is a terrific feature! Length is a bit cumbersome to navigate. Nice sound system. Has USB port to connect phone for charging and connecting to music.

- Melanie U

The Toyota Sienna has a lot of comfort.

I have a great vehicle. I have not had any problems with it so far. I has a lot of room and there is a lot to do. It has a lot of space for friends and family. It is also a great vehicle to haul groceries with. It is also well known among the people that I know. Many of the people that I know have it because of its great comfort and its great reviews online.

- Dave M

I feel safe with my children in this van. Tons of space for family and travel.

This was not my first choice in car but as new parents of twins we needed to be practical. This was the best decision we made 2nd to having kids. I just love this van! Plenty of room for 8 people we have used it for family vacations, could not be happier. I did feel original tires did not hold up well for a brand new van and already had side door recalls.

- Melissa C

It is a reliable car. I have been driving Toyotas since late 2007 and have not had any car trouble with them.

I really enjoy driving my Sienna. It fits all my kids plus all we pack for our vacations. We have driven our Sienna to Florida 3 times since we purchased it. We have also used it to travel to the beaches in VA and NC 7 times. We love it. My only complaint is that it is not as quiet inside as our highlander was which is what I drove before the Sienna.

- Vicky M

Toyota Sienna People for life!

I absolutely love my van! There is so much headroom you don't feel claustrophobic. They have redesigned the suspension for a quieter ride and it's amazing. It has an incredible acceleration! It has Bluetooth, a usb port and an auxiliary port! I have the 8 seater version and we have used that 8th seat a lot! This car is so awesome! You can't go wrong!

- Natasha G

Awesome Toyota sienna. Plenty of legroom for a large family.

Runs beautifully, takes me from east to west to work every day. Has lots of room for 7 passengers. Does great on trips and is very comfortable. The seats recline and it comes with Bluetooth and Sirius radio. There are lots of compartments for papers and such. The windows have sun shades that can be lifted up. There are many cup holders.

- Carmen M

A busy mom of three kids needs a reliable vehicle to withstand children, messes, carpools, etc.

We have had no problems with our car. We bought it as it came off a two year lease but seemed brand new. We have owned it for almost a year and I've not had any problems. We love all the new features that are old 2008 Siana did not have. We get many compliments and we love having the eighth removable seat in there for carpal situations.

- Julie D

Comfortable family travels, without sacrificing drivability.

I really like the Toyota Sienna. Ours is AWD, which is a must to get to the mountains, and the entire family fits with ease and comfort, including the dog. The entertainment system is great for the long trips, and it drives like a sedan, which is great. So far, no problems, and the van has plenty of power for safe high speed travel.

- Matt D

Very reliable Toyota sienna.

My 2015 Toyota sienna is a very reliable vehicle. We have driven 65, 000 miles and we have had no major repairs, only routine maintenance (oil change, brakes, and tire replacement). The vehicle is very comfortable and good for long trips. Only disadvantage is we get around 17 mpg in the city and at the most 23 mpg on the highway.

- Duane J

Run flat tires, sliding side doors and road noise.

I like the driving qualities of my van except for these two issues, the van came with run flat tires which I've discovered make a lot of road noise and do not provide a very comfortable ride. Because my van has sliding side doors you tend to hear a lot of road noise depending on the quality of the road you are driving on.

- Hugh C

It is higher off the ground making getting in and out easier than from a car.

One good thing about the Sienna is how high it is off the ground, which makes it much easier to get in and out. That also helps to be able to see other traffic around you, although I feel there are some blind spots that make changing lanes difficult. I think the inside could be changed to allow for better storage space.

- terry p

Why am I loving my used Toyota sienna.

We recently purchased this van used. Everyone loves this van. Its reliable and drives smooth. We use it everyday and on long road trips. The kids enjoy the space. No one is fighting for leg room or complaining of not having enough space anymore. There is still enough room for luggage and big items in the bag of the van.

- Anne L

Comfortable riding vehicle.

Sliding doors do not stop easily if something is in the way. They could hurt a child. Sliding doors act up from time to time. Sliding doors freeze if car is washed in cold weather. . I live the keyless remote feature. I love the jump seat feature. We can seat up to 8 people in the vehicle. Lots of storage and space.

- Jen S

Great vehicle for all needs.

My Toyota sienna is a pleasure to drive. I have had no. Problems with it, I have taken it on about 9 1, 000 mile. Trips with 5-6 people and luggage and everyone has been comfortable. I do a lot of highway and city driving and the gas mileage is good. If I were in the market to buy another van it would be a Toyota.

- Pat V

The Sienna is a great vehicle overall.

The Sienna has been a great vehicle overall. I love the blind spot monitoring. Car seats are easy to install, all the controls are easy to use, and gas mileage has been good. We have had issues with the moon roof cover sticking, and I do not care for the rear seat tracks. The covers are cheap and break easily.

- Melissa F

Gas mileage is about average a 23 to 24 mph.

Very nice vehicle. Comfortable enough but a bit of road noise makes Its way into the passengers compartment. Cargo capacity is better than expected with the third row of seats down. If you would want more cargo capacity the second row of seats is very hard to remove and than you need a place to store them.

- Dick E

I am driving my fourth Toyota van. My next will also be a Toyota van.

I am handicapped. My van is high enough to get in and out easily. Also, it has electric driver's seat since I drive close but need to get in and out all the way back. With the back seats down, there is plenty of room for my electric scooter. Seats are very comfortable for sitting extended periods of time.

- Shirley P

The most interesting detail is how easy it is to set up the extra row of seats.

My vehicle has been extremely reliable, performs well, and is very comfortable with plenty of room. My tires wear quickly but other than that, I have had no issues. With appropriate maintenance, I have experienced no issues. I wasn't expecting such a smooth ride with a van but was pleasantly surprised.

- Gina K

Sporty van body style, trendy.

Electronic sliding door on drivers side sometimes does not operate well, really enjoy the sliding doors when they work, van space is very convenient, have an 8th seat option between captain chairs which is nice when needed, like the window shades within the doors, runs well, not very good gas mileage.

- Kelly F

Our Toyota Sienna is a great ride! Smooth and fast and it can hold everything. Not to mention, Toyotas are great cars!

I like the ride-it is smooth and has lots of room (kind of) for my kids and their stuff. On the down side, it is hard to load, like when we're going on vacation it's hard to play tetris and get everything in the back. It's also hard to clean-getting in the nooks and crannies is very challenging!

- Erin B

Sienna, great for families!

I love my Sienna. I have 2 toddlers that still ride in car seats and it's so easy and comfortable to get them in and out. I love how the middle row can slide forwards or backwards to give the middle or back row more room. It also has a great amount of storage in the trunk even with all rows up.

- Corrie H

Due to mechanical negligence by cummings mobility the floor is sinking to detachment.

It is outfitted with a roll in ramp. We wish it had a manual stick to release the ramp, instead of remote. Dealer didn't offer the stick, which works with rental cars on trips. The vehicle endured cross country trips with good mileage. The remote door and ramp are a game of Russian roulette.

- Johanna S

Safe, roomy, sliding doors.

Best family car. Plenty of room and sliding door are the best. Fits twins, 2 infant seats, and two car seats in back for my 3 and 5 year old. Plenty of storage for long trips and reliable. Very safe and easy to drive and park anywhere. Seats easily slide to get to back and fold down nice.

- Emily W

Great for road trips and around town.

Toyota sienna is a comfortable vehicle for traveling long distances with a family! Reliable and well made, I have had no complaints about the van. The only downside is it does go through tires more quickly because of its weight and the size of tire is a car tire, not a truck/SUV tire.

- Lori R

It is the details of the car.

It is like a family car, drives nicely, miles are great, affordable price, gas is the least thing I like about it we have to put gas constantly so if you are looking for something that does not waste much gas then this is not the car for you. The size is great too and there's space.

- Viol V

Toyota Sienna se minivan review.

Very practical family vehicle. Also useful as a work vehicle. The fuel economy is not great at 21 mpg. I would highly recommend the Sienna se to parents with young children. Great for road trips. I have not had any problems with the van. The tires are very pricey to replace though.

- Steve M

A good value for what you pay.

The car is good overall. It is roomy and comfortable to drive in. I have found that it easily dents. I have also had to adjust to it is size. I was surprised that I already needed to replace the tires and have not hit 35000 miles yet. The seats in the back have been easy to adjust.

- Tanya H

Great people mover for families!

Very comfortable, and reliable. Great people mover for our four children. Love how much trunk space we have for cargo and grocery runs. The blue ray player is a lifesaver on long family trips. The captains seats in the middle row make it easy to get kids in and out of the vehicle.

- Zack E

The car is spacious and can fit a lot of people and their things inside of it.

We bought the van used, but it was still in great shape and had low mileage. We love how spacious it is and that we have room for 8 people. We also like that it has a lot of amenities like bluetooth and a navigation system. The van drives well and is spacious for a big family.

- Amanda E

I became a minivan mom and love it!

Love the sliding doors and keyless entry/engine. Make things a lot easier with little kids and lots of gear! The DVD player is great, though we still haven't figured out how to navigate the menu from the drivers console, without using the remote, which is too hard when driving.

- Marge B

Blu ray player, leg room, window shades, oh my!

The Toyota Sienna has great get up and go kind of power. The ride is smooth but can be a bit noisy in the rear on the highway. I've adjusted to driving a minivan better than I imagined I would. I prefer being elevated when driving; I can see the road and cars around me easier.

- Renee M

Great for families, few problems but nothing major.

The dashboard turns off and restarts, had to have the door fixed because it wasn't closing with the button. Also had to have the lock fixed because it wasn't locking with the key button. It is very roomy, love the DVD player for long trips. We have really enjoyed the car.

- Gina Z

One of the things I love is that my vehicle is a beautiful red color.

I haven't had any problems with my vehicle mechanically. The only thing I can think of is the runner below comes off of the car. The front end is to low. The car is fabulous and I love how well it drives. It is comfortable and has lots of room for the driver and passengers.

- Karen C

Fun to drive, easy to love.

I love that it has a sunroof and has power doors. There are leather seats that make it easy to get in and out of the car. I like the way my phone connects to the sound system. It is easy to steer and makes tight corners. The headlights are automatic which is a big plus.

- Sue N

Sienna, great minivan, but upgrade to automatic doors!

I love my van. However, I have the l model. I wish that I would have purchased a little bit nicer to model to have doors that opened and closed on their own. My minivan is very reliable, great gas mileage, and the van has a nice touch screen for controlling the music, etc.

- Courtney B

Perfect family van for families on the go.

I love all the features if my Sienna. I love how easy it is to drive and so functional for my family. I love that I can close and open the side door from the front. Also it is nice that the doors will not open while the car is moving. I have kids so that is very nice.

- Ashley D

Keyless entry and seating for eight.

This van is very reliable. It has so many features that make it the best vehicle I have ever had. It has dual climate control and heated seats. The seats are very comfortable and can be adjusted in many ways. This vehicle is high quality and I am extremely happy with it.

- Katrina R

Lots of storage. Great for kids!

Love the room in the van. I can fit 7 or 8 people in the van at one time.which is nice when you have kids. Also has lots of storage which is amazing when you buy In bulk. Also has a great turning radius and the back up camera is awesome. I can park it almost anywhere.

- Linnea L

Great family van - flexible for every day and long trips.

Vehicle is very reliable. Have had no problems with it. Love the power doors. Favorite feature is the power side mirrors and power back hatch door. The captain lounge chairs are great for long trips, I just wish they went a little further back for long legged people.

- Cheryl A

Toyota Sienna SE, great family vehicle, great ride.

Vehicle looks very sleek for a van. Automatic doors and back hatch are great for children or unloading and loading the car. DVD player is very easy to function while driving. Dual climate control is great for passengers and those riding in the rear of the vehicle.

- Mandy P

Minivans have SO MUCH room! Strollers, luggage, toys, they all fit!

I never wanted to be a minivan mom, but 3 kids necessitate that! Despite this not being the kind of car I wanted, it does fit our needs very well. there is plenty of room for all the kids and their stuff. Easy to get them in and out and still room for Mom and Dad!

- Laura S

Sienna is a great family minivan.

The sienna drives great and has excellent visibility. The power features are really cool. We like the lane change notification. Lots of space in the back for storage. Also it is easy to add and remove the third row. The comfortable seats make road trips a breeze.

- Chris P

Features of the minivan yo.

The vehicle is good. It is a smooth drive and seats seven comfortably. The model is a good looking model. It has Bluetooth speakers with a flat screen TV. I be bumping in that ride with the music turned up. I'll definitely think about getting on in the future.

- Chris S

It so easy to get small kids in and out, without fear of doors hitting things next to them.

I love all the room in the back for my family. I love the smooth ride and easy handling. I love the push button start and the blind spot detection. I don't like that in the middle of the floor there is a big plastic thing for attaching the optional 8 seat.

- Elisabeth B

Fun and dependability and comfort on wheels!

This van is very roomy and comfortable. It has a smooth ride and is quiet with little road noise. We load it up each summer and take our 2 grandsons with us for cross country trip from the south up to the northwest and it's a breeze. The gas mileage is great.

- Patricia S

It's an eight seater car, which means more people fit. That is a great plus for large families.

Great car. We have this for three years now and ready love it. It has roomy seats with a large trunk. The only thing that bothers nm e a little, is that the middle seat in the middle row is narrow and lower than the others. ni still love this car anyway.

- Chaya W

Sienna: it is good to drive.

Even though I do not drive it, I enjoy my sienna a lot. It has comfy seats and a touch screen in the front. The ac works well, and automatic doors work well. I especially enjoy the covered holders in the back seat, and the fact both rows can be pulled down.

- Clarkson Q

Makes life with little kids sooo much easier because the car unlocks by proxy, doors are an appropriate height (good for lifting a carrier) and there are multiple ways to close the doors!

Love the size and ease of loading and unloading children, a dog and groceries. Nice features like a back up camera, leather, sunroof, and blind spot detectors. Dislike all the nooks and crannies that crumbs and dirt fall but I am unable to vacuum out.

- Jess H

That it is built for safety.

I love the space, storage options, and stereo/Bluetooth capabilities. Only one complaint. I would prefer that the notification system were more up to date, such as the tire pressure system that only tells you that a tire is low on air but not which tire.

- Tiffany V

Five star rating for Toyota sienna se.

Love the room and comfort of the van. It is safe and reliable and sporty looking. It has luxury features and I hope to drive it for a long time. No issues in 3 years with anything in the car. I would recommend to anyone who wants style and reliability.

- Julie L

My car has never had any trouble on the road at all. We have never broken down.

I like that it holds 8 people so that my family of 6 can bring along two other people or friends when necessary. The back gate doesn't open with a button and I wish that it did. I wish the seats were leather but they are ok and fairly easy to clean.

- Leanne Z

The driver and passenger sides are both electric s can get comfortable on either side.

I have no complaints about my Sienna. It is so comfortable from driving to the store to taking a long vacation. It has dual climate controls which is a big plus for us. The back seats are removable for trips to the hardware store. I love this Sienna!

- Linda M

Reliable and safe to transport my family.

I like how much space there is inside and the option of adding 8th seat. I like engine power and how well vehicle cools and heats. I do not like gas mileage and do not feel that defrost for windows works well at all. It works very poorly to defrost.

- Danielle W

It is very reliable. Seats are comfortable, speakers and sound system are good.

It is too wide. Other cars hit my doors and put dents in parking lots. Difficult to maneuver on roads without shoulder. Middle row of seats has tight springs that move quickly and are too easy for children to control. I hate the side window shades.

- Casey W

I don't have to think about if I can take your kids and my kids...I can take them both!

Minivan...love that it holds A LOT of things...kids, cargo, pets. Love the backup camera...would be lost without it. Love the flexible seating. I do think it is a little TOO big sometimes..harder to drive and park in the city

- Barbara S

It's a great family vehicle that is spacious and comfortable.

I love my minivan. It is spacious and fits my family very comfortably. The seats are comfortable. It gets pretty good gas mileage considering it's a minivan. It drives very smoothly and I really don't have any complaints.

- michele w

It seats 8 comfortably and still has storage room!

I love how safe I feel! I love how comfortable we are! I love the automatic doors, spacious seating, large back, easy to move seats, adjustable seating, comfort, drives well! I could go on forever! I absolutely love it!

- Lauren D

It is reliable and needs very few repairs/parts.

This is the fourth sienna I have owned. All were purchased new, and I am very happy with the car. It is roomy, gas-stingy, easy to handle and safe. I would recommend a sienna to anyone looking for a family car or van.

- Sk S

The Toyota Sienna is safe and reliable. It drives smoothly and the seats have plenty of legroom.

My van is super comfy, plenty of legroom, lots of storage places, fits my family comfortably. I love the reliability of driving my van. One thing i wish i had was the rear hatch opening, but other than that i love it.

- Joy T

It allows me to travel with my grandchildren and really enjoy life.

I like that it is AWD, this is important in the area I live in. I also like the room I have for passengers and cargo. I sometimes dislike the gas mileage, but I put a lot of miles taking trips with my grandchildren

- Colleen M

It is ranked as one of the safest vans to drive. It has a lot of room and ability for storage in the back with fold down seats.

The navigation system could be better on it, it has been my least favorite of all vehicles. I love the room of the Sienna. I do like the gas mileage as well. The compatibility with a phone could also be better.

- Laura H

Toyota Sienna has seating for 8 and comfortable seating for everyone

2015 Toyota Sienna has 8 passenger seating. It has leather seating which is very comfortable, power seats and windows as well as sunroof. Vehicle is very reliable. I feel very comfortable driving my family around.

- Wendy F

Sliding automatic doors are the best thing about the van.

I am a mom and I am in love with the style of the van. I love the sliding doors. I love the room and storage. I love the sleek interior and exterior. I love the way I feel like queen when I get inside of my van.

- J T

comfortable and suitable for me and my family

I really perform well has many features like you can go backward without looking and you can connect your phone to it so you can call and talk loudly without picking your phone it is big and suitable for travel.

- suheir M

The Toyota Sienna is very family friendly, and helpful for an active lifestyle.

I like the size of my van and the ease for people to get into the back. I appreciate the power doors for my children to get in and out easily. I like the size of the trunk. My children also enjoy the DVD player.

- Priscilla M

It is a great vehicle for everyone!

I love the functionality for my family. It has great storage and drives like a dream. The only issue we've had is with the plastic handles that raise the third row, one has broken and is expensive to replace.

- Amy A

Great vehicle for our family

Love this van for our family! It's roomy and comfortable. Have occasional problems with sliding side doors but then they seem to fix themselves. I appreciate the great visibility from the driver's seat.

- Jen M

Great family vehicle with awesome gas mileage.

I absolutely love my van. Automatic sliding doors and windows go down on the 2 back doors. That a plus. Has Bluetooth feature with all controls on steering wheel. Gas mileage is so great in this vehicle.

- Brandy C

I feel safe in this vehicle, driving my children around the city.

Love the spaciousness of the van, but there are some blind spots when looking out the passenger side window. Window tint is also a bit uneven, which is noticeable with a lot of sunlight coming through.

- ana c

It can fit my entire family of 6.

It is a grey minivan with passenger seating for 7. It is a pretty roomy vehicle and rides really well. It does seem a little cramped sometimes, but that is because we almost fill it up with 6 people.

- Michelle B

Easy to drive and small turning axle

Like that it is spacious and can configure the seats to sit different number of passengers from 1-8. I dislike that the clock on the screen it placed too high and easily blocked by cell phones holders

- Ming O

My car has a great backup and lots of seating and good mileage per gallon

I like that there's a lot of seating available in this car. I also love that there is a backup cam to help with parking and reversing. The car is very nice but could use more places to charge a phone

- Claire G

It runs well because it's a Toyota and the warranty is great.

I like the NAV system. I like the heated seats and 8th seat insert. I don't like that it doesn't have undercarriage storage like other minivan models do. It also should come standard with floor mats.

- Gabrielle H

It has a lot of legroom. Our 6'1" teenager has no complaints!

I like all of the room this minivan has. It has a cabin filter that has to be replaced often and that is kind of a pain! The automatic doors have to be manually closed if the vehicle is not clean.

- Alicia D

It is very reliable and a good strong car

There is a lot of blind spots in the vehicle so it's hard to see. Also the seats are to high so hard to see. Also u should be able to see the whole window in the back not just some of the window

- Michelle B

That you will spend quite a bit on brakes and tires over the life of the car, but it is otherwise a reliable and well built vehicle.

I do not like that it is very hard on brakes and tires. I have already had two sets of tires and am about to have them replaced again. I do like the overall reliability and comfort of the car.

- Elizabeth S

It is very reliable and has a good resale value.

This vehicle is top of the line XLE and has most of the features. I like the backup camera and warning alarms for rear and side (cars coming in a parking lot). The gas mileage could be better.

- Louis S

It has a lot of space to fit people and cargo.

I really do love my sienna. My family fits comfortably and we fit everything in it for our trips. My only complaint is that you can heard more road noise than my old car which was a highlander.

- Victoria M

It is very roomie on the inside, seats can move or be removed to make more space if needed. Gets pretty good gas mileage and is a great family car.

I like that it is comfortable, we can hold a family of 6 and go on long road trips. Plenty of space for sports equipment and the seats can fold down if we need to get large items in the back.

- christiane b

How reliable it is. We put a lot of miles on it and it holds up extremely well with all the use.

It's roomy, can hold up to 8 people. We use this van in our business and we can count on it to be reliable and hold up long term. Plus it's comfortable and has all the nice features inside.

- Sue F

It is very reliable and full of great family friendly features.

This is a great family vehicle with lots of room for the 5 of us. The optional 8th seat is great when we have things to store in the back and we need all the kids to sit in the middle seat.

- Angie S

Sleek look and reliable, lots of room for passengers, or for moving big items.

It is very roomy, it was not too hard to change the tire, there have been no mechanical problems, it looks nice and is easy to clean, I like the option of being able to put the 7th seat in

- Susan L

It has great cargo space for traveling with family.

I like the easy of how it has sliding side doors. It's nice to transport children in. I wish it had dual screens instead of just one big one to minimize fights over what movie to watch.

- Rachel N

It's a reliable Toyota that seats a large family comfortably.

I've only had this used van for about a month. It's a nice vehicle overall, with a smooth, comfortable ride. However, we have had to have the front brakes replaced three times already!

- Shelly S




Good car for hauling kids around in.

Good bit of room. love the dvd player wish it was a blu-ray player. comfortable seats and decent leg room. nice storage space in the back. Wish the sound system was a little better.

- mike v

It is a great comfortable ride.

I like the driver seat adjustments. We do not like the sliding doors that do not open smoothly. I wish it would be easier to access the back row. We do like the auto open trunk.

- Jennifer M

It is comfortable for every passenger!

It is perfect for a large family. There’s plenty of room without sacrificing comfort like many SUVs. Also, the ac in the back can be a different temp than the front, also a plus!

- Nancy D

My Toyota Sienna is my favorite car!

I have not had any major problems with buying my car, especially since it was purchased used. It is very comfortable overall and the features are wonderful, especially the camera.

- Alicia K

It's big enough for a family, but it's easy to drive.

I love that it has enough room for all my kids and their stuff. I love that it is easy to get in and out of. I love the backup camera. It runs and drives great. No complaints!

- Kaari S

It's comfortable enough for a large family to travel but still feel like they have individual space that they need

I Love to captain seats in the middle row for my three-year-olds to have their car seats but not be on top of each other. Also the trunk space is amazing since we over to travel.

- Stacey S

The most important feature of the car is the safety features.

I like the sliding side doors. I like that the communication system actually understands what I say to it. I do not like the heating system. Not enough heat in the foot area.

- Jennifer H

It handles like a sedan but holds 8 people if necessary.

I like its comfort, cargo and passenger capacity, and reliability. I dislike its poor gas mileage on local driving. I also like its features such as the navigation system.

- Brian C

It can fit three car seat in a row up front. Or that it is a great family car.

Love the seating and storage. I love the child features such as window shades, safety locks, and carseat usability. I don't love that is doesn't come in all wheel drive.

- Lucera C

It's all wheel drive! It handles well in the snow.

It's very spacious and fits our family well. We are very active and it holds up to our lifestyle and actually holds everything we need it to. I dislike the blind spots.

- Molly B

Minivans are comfortable and have a lot of great features that others should know about and appreciate!

I love having enough space in my vehicle for carpooling or extended family. I also love the entertainment system for music and movies. I also find it very comfortable.

- Keri W

Toyo stand behind their name making the vehicle very reliable. Making my family safe when on the road with all the features. My next car will be a Toyota

It's very dependable and spacious inside. Most important it fits my needs exactly the family outings and daily with runaround. Oil changes is only every 10,000 miles.

- Thomas B

The Toyota Sienna is a dependable well made minivan that serves family of young children very well.

I love my minivan because there is a lot of room for my two kids and their carseats as well as lots of trunk space. There are no complaints about my car. I love it!

- Christine G

It is a Toyota so it should run forever.

Long lasting with few problems. The electrical part of the sliding doors have acted up and front panel pop outs a bit but no mechanical issues a all since ownership.

- Kim L

Even though it's a large vehicle, it's very easy to drive.

I love my Sienna for so many reasons! It is so comfortable. It's a very smooth drive. I have the AWD version and it handles wonderfully in the snow. I feel so safe!

- Erin R

It can fit 7 people comfortably, but additional seat to accommodate 8, if needed.

I like that it can seat 8 people, but can remove seat to sit 7. I like the comfort and spots to put things. I like to trunk and overall van size, but easy to park.

- Amy P

It has been very reliable.

My 2015 Toyota sienna has been very reliable. I have had it for 4 years. The only problem I have had with it was that it had several leaks around the back window.

- Stephanie B

There is room for everything.

Our mini van is very convenient with our children. We just got back from a weekend getaway and had more than enough room for all our luggage and camping supplies.

- Michael R

The best thing I ever did was trade in my SUV for my minivan.

I love the sliding doors for ease with infant car seats. I like the flexibility of having up to 8 passengers. The entertainment system is extremely kid friendly.

- Melissa R

Very comfortable and roomy.

Like that it is very comfortable; not to small, and sits higher than a regular vehicle.... Dislike not much - maybe uses a little to much gas.... No complaints.

- Georgia H

Reliable Van, plenty of room for our family and a few friends

It is very reliable. I haven't had any problems with it and I've owned it for 2 years. There was a recall with a door latch and that was taken care of quickly.

- Jess C

It is reliable, roomy, and safe.

I drive a minivan. I love that it is comfortable, roomy, and gets decent gas miles on it. I do not like that we live so far from a dealer for warranty work.

- judy H

I have it adapted to with a ramp and hand controls. It is the best adapted vehicle I've ever owned.

I love the spaciousness of my vehicle and Its capacity to haul items. It turns on a dime unlike any other van I have owned. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Jane p

It fits 8 people comfortably.

The only thing I do not like is that it does not have an automatic trunk, and that you cannot use the remote to open the trunk. Otherwise, it is really nice.

- Kate C

Great for families; lots of room for all of your stuff

I love all of the room in my van. I don't like the storage space. My kids need more compartments. I wish there was a snap in console between their seats.

- Beth B

Minivans may not be the most pretty car, but any family will tell you that they need theirs.

It fist my family of 6 and gives us enough space that my kids don't beat on each other. I also like the controls in the front to open and close EVERYTHING!

- Keri E

Great space for families without being crowded and a lot of cargo space in the back.

I love how big and spacious it is. It handles very well on the road. I have plenty of room for our kids stuff without having to dig around in the back seat.

- Teresa H

It is easy for the kids to get in and out of and it holds lots of stuff.

It holds everybody. It has Bluetooth to connect music from my phone. It has zones for heat and air conditioning. The seat fold up easily. Lots of legroom.

- Brooke S

It is spacious and very comfortable. Can easily fit 8 people for big families.

Radio cuts out randomly and the USB plug does not work. I would love for it to have cameras on the side view mirrors which relay the picture to the radio.

- Arm O

It's not flashy but very comfortable and a great family car.

It's a nice vehicle for a family. Safe and smooth ride, comfortable for a family of five. We get good mileage too which is important. Very easy to handle.

- Tim H

I believe it is pretty safe.

It drives very smooth and more like a car even though it is a mini van. I really love the color. I wish we could open the sliding doors with the key fob.

- Laura B

Great vehicle for travel with children

Love the Sienna and all the room we have for trips with our kids. Lots of cargo room and the TV is awesome. It handles great and is comfortable to drive.

- Leanna B

It's safe for the whole family and fits a family of 5 comfortably in it.

This vehicle is reliable. There's enough run for my entire family and all their luggage. The gas mileage could be better but it's not as bad as a truck.

- D G

If you spend any amount of time traveling by car, comfort is very important.



It is a really safety car.

I like that is safety, it have a lot of space and the interior is made by a really good material. I do not like that it is too big for my necessities.

- Mariana R

Has awd capabilities and versatility.

I like to capability of carrying multiple passengers. The smooth ride and it being the only Awd minivan on the market. I dislike the run flat tires.

- Amanda M

The DVD player in the car works excellent and pleases the nephews.

It handles well the air conditioning is excellent.The car has really good brakes it stops on a dime.The color it is really shines in the moonlight.

- Matthew M

It is fuel efficient, and it has reading that tells you how many miles you can go on your current tank of gas

My Toyota is reliable, spacious, comfortable and I LOVE it! It us easy to drive, easy to see all of the gauges, the lights automatically turn on.

- Candi E

The car is very spacious. It can hold more things than what it seems.

I truly love my Toyota Sienna because it is very spacious. It can seat up to 8 people. It also has a rear view camera which is a necessity for me.

- Irma C

My toyota sienna is great for our family of 5!

I love my Toyota Sienna because it drives smoothly and is so roomy! It fits all of our family as well as our golden retriever. IT is good on gas!

- Tricia E

It's a reliable car. It drives well and has great, easy to use storage in the back.

Biggest complaint is the self/storage unit between the front seats. If something falls between it and the seats, it's very hard to get out.

- Marie J

Very dependable starts everyday no issues.

It has navigation and an entertainment center, so it keeps my children occupied. Also, the back passenger seats recline and have foot rests.

- Roxanne A

Great family car to drive.

The van is a great car to have it carries loads of people to far trips. And is very easy to drive. It maintain the speeds you need to go at.

- David W

Toyota Sienna review 2015

I love the conscience of the sliding doors. The car is well built with very little maintenance it's roomy and a lot of electronic features.

- Nick J

Lot of space for everything people and stuff. I did my moving using this van.

It is so comfortable to drive and travel. It can take stuff and people at the same time. It I so easy to get on and out from the third row

- Vai P

Great dependable family vehicle.

My vehicle is comfortable and spacious. Is great for families on the go, and the backup camera is wonderful. The performance is excellent.

- Olivia Y

The Toyota Sienna has amazing storage space, many safety features and is great for families.

I love the storage space. I wish the pedals would move towards me. I miss having cooled seats. The sliding doors are amazing for kids.

- Kim R

I trust the Toyota brand. The Sienna was a great decision for my family.

I love the space that it provides. Easy of operation and smooth ride. I dislike that the hatch trunk often has trouble closing/securing.

- Catherine R

Family Van and Spacious. Great vacation and everyday use!

Best van for family with children. Very spacious, great depth in the trunk. Our van is so reliable and we have never had any breakdowns

- Janice K

Great for families with small children. Great for traveling with a lot of items

Love the amount of room for a family of 6. Gets pretty good gas mileage, love the sliding doors for small children. Love the storage.

- Erin T

Tons of cargo space and has a good ride.

Reliable family vehicle with tons of cargo space. Good smooth ride engine has adequate power. Decent fuel mileage. Safe and reliable.

- Grant L

Toyota Sienna 2015 great van!

I love my 2015 Toyota Sienna. It has plenty of room for my family and friends to take trips. It is very comfortable and drives great.

- Shannon M

How safe the Toyota Sienna is to drive and interior space for Kids.

Love my van. The space and it having leather interior is great for family. This is my second Toyota van and feel safe driving it

- Kathy F

Stylish, well-equipped and roomy

I love the room in the Sienna. There is a ton of space and it is really comfortable. It is also well equipped and very stylish.

- Lisa V

It's reliable and will run forever.

I love that it is very roomy. I also love that it is a Toyota so I feel like it will run forever. So far, I have no complaints.

- Kim C

Commodious, comfortable, travelling

This vehicle is perfect for both long and short distance travelling. It is comfortable, has a lot of space, and runs smoothly.

- Max S

It is reliable and maintains value.

It seems as if this vehicle was made by parents for parents. It is roomy with a lot of features. It is a comprehensive drive.

- Amie L

The most important thing is it has great mileage.

I love ?? the Toyota van. Great mileage. We have leather interior, it is easy to keep clean. Lots of room for hauling things.

- Tam T

It has been dependable. Terrible gas mileage.

Minivans hold a lot of people, which we occasionally need. I am more accustomed to driving a smaller car and prefer to do so.

- Tamara T

It is great for carting kids back and forth to school and activities.

I love the sliding doors and all the space. I wish there was more room in the very back. I would live to have leather seats.

- Cynthia C

It's fantastic for kids and taking trips. There are so many ways to get seating

I love how easy it is to get in and out. It is a very comfortable ride. I dislike it doesn't have a clock or auto back hatch

- BethAnne G

It is stylish and handles well.

Like handling, gas millage space, color, plenty of cup holders easy to fold down seats, good air conditioner, rear camera.

- Susan H

It's great for families especially with young kids.

I like the smooth ride of the vehicle. I also like the safety features. It is easy to move the seats in the car as well.

- Erin P

It is so safe but also absolutely the coolest vehicle for a mom!

I like features, safety, style. The doors open with a button which is so great for kids! Dislike - nothing - I adore it.

- Heidi F

It fits my needs without being super large or fancy.

I like the size and the way it drives. I do not like the extra road noise. It makes it hard to hear others in the car.

- Aidan H

My kids & their friends love the automatic doors

I didn't want to buy a minivan but my husband was able to convince me otherwise. It's great! So roomy & comfortable too.

- Melissa B

Flexible trunk space that can accommodate up to 8 passenger or just 2 person with lots of room for moving

Why I like: Easy to drive Very spacious Comfortable ride Complaints: clock position easily blocked by cell phone holder

- Ming V

Very reliable vehicle with lots of storage in the trunk.

The Toyota is a good reliable van. I wish the center row had a little bigger seat in the center, otherwise very roomy.

- Hiroaki P

Family friendly car, takes a decent amount of gas,

I like the rear view camera that does parking assist. It helps me get into tight spots and in NYC that's very helpful!

- Gitah W

It is a mini van. All of the doors are automatic with the exception of the driver and passenger doors.

Very reliable, it doesn't get the best gas mileage, but we can seat up to 8 people and we are all sitting in comfort.

- Mary M

The automatic doors are amazing and prevent door dings. They also make loading the vehicle with groceries extremely easy

I love the horsepower. There is plenty of space for the whole family. Everything is electric. Love the moon rooftop

- Nick C

Great on gas, handles great. Looks great.

I like it because it is very comfortable and spacious and modern.. There's nothing that I do not like.. Love it??.

- Ana R

It's a great vehicle for transporting my kids to and from all our activities.

I enjoy how convenient it is to get my kids in and out of the car. I dislike the fact my car doesn't have a clock.

- Beth G

Reliability, sturdy, inexpensive, good on gas.

Love the room and reliability; do not like electric components that go out all the time and need to be repaired.

- Matthew D

it costs for maintenance due to the in cabin filters. Which should be checked every few years.if you do the maintenance it rarely breaks down

it has a lot of features including a backup camera. it does not have enough cup holders. Toyota treats us well .

- kent f

Very convenient vehicle for families with children.

Very reliable vehicle; smooth ride; very spacious and comfortable; a must have for big families; great handling.

- Ashley A

Very safe vehicle for the family to be in whether taking small tips for long journeys.

It has a rear view camera. Lots of space and cup holders. Very easy to handle and i like seeing over other cars.

- Arsenia W

It has a great safety rating, lots of cargo room, and spacious enough for the entire family.

I love my van for the cargo room. It is also spacious enough for my family of 4. It has wonderful gas mileage.

- Chelsea M

The economical and comfortable way to travel

The Toyota Sienna seats up to 8 people with plenty of cargo room, rides smoothly, and gets great gas mileage.

- Laurie C

It is a very reliable car and I have never had any problems with it.

It drives smoothly and has pick up for a minim van. Very roomy. But at the end of the day, it is a minim van.

- Chad I

It has lots of room for car seats.

It has lots of room for a big family. It is very comfortable for long trips. It also has lots of trunk space.

- Jean M

There is So much room for a family. Space to sit and space for storage.

Lots of room, great features. Drives smooth but does go through a lot of gas. Only had minor work done on it.

- Bonnie L

I have a sky blue 2015 Toyota Sienna.There are a couple of features that I like him but either want available in previous models or award of the same quality.I love this Model came with a back up camera and Extra latch Anchors. I don't like the loudness of the engine noise .The third row of seating is also hard to maneuver and manipulate when needed

I think the fact that my car has all-wheel-drive is an important thing that people should know about my car.

- Tina B

Roomy. Versatile. Like the sliding doors.

Very comfortable. Good gas mileage. Roomy. Easy to get around. Seats are removable and comfortable to drive.

- Michael J

Great for family life with many kids and lots of stuff

Fantastic and roomy. can fit all our stuff inside. Great for travel. Very comfortable and plenty of power

- Davord W

I had a horrible experience with the radio in the car.

I love the look of my sienna. It is the sienna se. I love the way my car drives and handles. Very roomy.

- Elizabeth C

great fun amazing awesome

Great and comfortable. It runs great and is very reliable.It has many amazing features. I really love it

- Val Z

The safety features of this minivan are top of the line.

I love the way it runs. I love the storage capacity. I love the way it looks. The seats are comfortable.

- Elisa L

Very comfortable and easy to drive.

Easy to drive, it is big and fits our lifestyle. Second row seats are not easy to move back and forth.

- Sandy K

The most important thing people should know is that it is a very dependable car.

There is a lot of room for all items when traveling with the kids and it has a lot of great features.

- Cassie G

It's fits all my kids. if I need to move something it has the room

It's an easy vehicle to transport children. the gas mileage is good. it has a lot of room inside.

- matt L

It is safe, reliable, and comfy.

Love the ride and comfort of the van. Van is reliable. Van entertainment often locks up.

- Stefanie C

I like the amount of space it provides for passengers and stuff that we have to carry. We are a family of four, so having enough space it great. The car drives very smooth as well.

Safety is rated high for this vehicle. I feel very safe driving my kids in this vehicle.

- Angela Z

Excellent gas mileage for a van.

Good gas mileage. Navigation system is easy to use. Nice variety of dashboard displays.

- Eileen B

Great family car. Lots of room for kids and pets and all your gear.

So versatile. Able to carry up to 8 people comfortable. Great storage. Drives nicely.

- Kristina B

It's suitable for my family and I. It helps my get everywhere I need to go.

My vehicle is very pleasing. It's very simple to drive. I love it. It fits my needs.

- Sara T

My car is so perfect for my family and I. I love it!

My vehicle is perfect for me. It takes me to work. It helps me get my daily errands.

- Hmoamed H

The Toyota Sienna has more room than any other minivan on the market

I love the size and roominess of the Sienna. Toyota makes a good quality vehicle.

- Donna F

The all wheel drive was so worth the extra cost for driving in Ohio's snow

I love the space and all the amenities. It drives like a car and is so smooth.

- Erica W

There is a lot of space in the vehicle for larger families.

I like the size of the vehicle. I enjoy the features of the navigation system.

- Cindy S

I love the space, all the features like Easy Speak, blind spot monitoring, rear camera, good air conditioning. Navigation system isn't very good.

The Toyota Sienna is a great car for families, especially large families.

- Joy B

It drives well and it has good safety features

I like the size. I like the dashboard display. I like the safety features

- tovah F


I like the heated seats. the power mirrors, great ride with lots of room

- david B

It's easy to drive and fits all my needs.

I love that I have a van. It's a dream. I don't have any complaints.

- Anne E

The Toyota Sienna provides a smooth ride with great gas mileage.

Roomy...large trunk space, great radio. rides nice good gas mileage

- vicky c

I like the space it has. There is a lot of room. Lot of compartments to have all of my items stowed away

It is a reliable vehicle. Full of space and can help move people.

- Jeff W

reliable efficient with good carrying capacity and comfort

Reliable efficient transportation. Good carrying capacity. Boring

- Larry K

Just because it's a minivan doesn't mean that it's awful. It is so convenient with kids.

I love the sliding doors and the amount of space that it has.

- k k

I love the ability to get my child's wheelchair in and out easily from the back hatch.

It is amazing!! It rides good and gets decent gas mileage.

- Jessica J

Last a very long time.Very safe vehicle. Has a lot of room.

I love my van. Rides great; Looks great. Go gas milages.

- Karen L

It has low gas mileage. I don't know if it is a factory flaw or not but it requires regular fill-ups at the gas station

I like the space and design. I dislike the gas mileage

- Nunya B

Usefulness for travel and hauling things. Great for families

Unfortunately a minivan. But needed for five kids.

- Melissa K

dependable vehicle just like all toyota vehicles

quiet, comfortable, smooth ride and lots of room.

- eugene L

Our family loves our Toyota sienna.

- Lindsey K