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2017 Toyota Sienna se great overall family vehicle.

I love the response of the engine, the reliability and the interior comfort. This is our second Sienna. We went with the se model this time instead of the xle. I did love the luxury features of the xle but the se is still a great trim. Very sporty looking which my husband loves. Handles great too. The seats slide on a track that is built into the floor for easy adjustments. The middle and rear seats recline way back nicely. The option of the 8th seat when needed is a great feature and stores nicely into a little cubby in the rear compartment. Of course the power doors and rear gate are one of my favorites. Along with the rubber floor mats. I will say, Toyota either needs to make a manual on which mat goes where because it is a ridiculous puzzle to figure out or label the back of them as to where they go, but just having them covering the carpet is great with kids. The scout GPS feature which is an app that runs off your phone and with the vehicle is worthless. Very poor technology for such an advanced company. But other then that, I love the vehicle overall.

- Tina P

I didn't want to sacrifice trunk space in our family vehicle.

My Toyota Sienna has been very comfortable with my family of 5. I have 3 small children. Having automatic doors has been a wonderful upgrade. It makes my busy mom life much more easy when having to get loaded and ready to run errands. I love my Sienna mostly because it allows for me to have maximum seating along with sufficient trunk space. When we were shopping for a new family car, I was set on a SUV in the beginning. The greatest turn off, and the reason for me switching opinions, was the lack of trunk space in a SUV. I would have to sacrifice trunk space. We drive a lot and having sufficient space for not only people, but our things was the big selling point for our family. The features I do not have on my minivan, that I feel all minivans should have as a standard feature, is back up sensors and DVD player. Because a car used by families, these are musts for all moms. I am not interested in paying for those features when we are already trying hard to live within a budget. Overall, we love our Sienna and are very happy with our purchase.

- Ashley R

Comfortable for my entire family. Large enough to carry TONS!

I've loved all my Toyota vehicles but this one certainly has the smoothest ride. It's wonderfully roomy for my family. It has enough room for my husband, my daughter and me, plus three dog crates (for our golden retriever, beagle and beagle mix- so no tiny dogs!), plus three full-sized suitcases and multiple bags per person! It's also been great for my project around the house that normally would require me to rent a truck - I've used it to transport 8 foot boards! It's pretty good for fuel efficiency - for a minivan. I average about 26 mpg, almost all of which is highway mileage. One of the best things we upgraded on this van was the entertainment package. Worth. Every. Cent. My only complaint would be the inability to control the video on anything but the remote. If we ever lost the remote it'd cost $300 to replace it. All in all, I would buy this van again and again!

- Lauren S

Despite some negative reviews, we still live our van!!

This survey is for our 2017 Toyota sienna. The factory tires did not last as long as we wish it would. When we purchased the van, we never thought about the size of the tires. We didn't realize the difference 18 inches vs 19 inches rims would make when it is time to replace the tires. We ended up with 19 inch rims, which makes buying tires more expensive than 18 inch. . Paying extra for the DVD drop down screen is a waste of money. Kids now have ipads. They do not need the DVD player. Hopefully, we'll use it later when our girls are older. We wish this vehicle has more storage. We had a rental van in the past (cannot remember the name of the vehicle) that had lots of storages. One of the best feature was the floor storage below the seats. Unfortunately, the sienna does not have these options. . Despite all these problems and missing feature, we still love our van.

- Van H

The BEST purchase you'll make as an adult

The Sienna has been a game changer for our family. The front space is large and spacious for both the driver and the passenger. The dual control air/heat component allows both driver and passenger to be comfortable! There is a sunroof that I love and of course, the heated seats. The center console provides a ton of storage space without being bulky. The Blu-ray player is an added bonus! The van comes with 2 headsets for the back seat passengers to watch movies and still allow others to listen to music! The sliding doors allow peace of mind to know that my kids won't damage anyone else car when they open their car door. The 3rd row seating option is great and we have used it several times. When it is not in use, we flatten it which allows for a huge 'truck' space. I can't recommend this vehicle enough for a busy family looking for comfort on car rides!

- Dee T

Extremely comfortable & spacious!

First, I really like the spaciousness of it with two car seats, I am still able to fit a total of five adults, including myself in the driver seat. I am addition, even with all seats being used, there is still plenty of room in the back for a stroller, a tricycle, a pack’n’play, a cooler, and groceries! There’s just so much room. The vehicle itself drives great. I also love the dual sliding doors because it makes it so much easier to get children in and out of the car, especially in tight parking spots! The speakers sound great and the multi-setting a/c are amazing so that everyone is comfortable. This car is extremely comfortable.

- Lenna D

It is safe, reliable, and comfortable.

My van is very comfortable and easy to drive. One of my favorite features is the one that alerts me when there is someone in my blind spot. This makes changing lanes so much safer and easier on the freeway. I also love the feature which beeps and flashes a lighted icon on my side mirrors when someone is approaching from either side when I am backing up. The backup camera is useful to. Not only does it help me to backup more safely, but it is also helpful for backing into a driveway or parking space. My favorite comfort features are the fully adjustable driver's seat and the heated front seats. I am so glad we purchase this van.

- Melissa S

Easy to use features and technology.

I like the car a lot. It has a ton of space, which is great when my large family goes on road trips. The temperature control, automatic doors, windows that can open on the sliding doors (older vans do not usually have this feature), and the ability to use the sound system with buttons on the steering wheel are great and easy to use. I don't really like how the cruise control is set up on the wheel, it is not as easy and hard to use in transit. I also do not think the sound system is as great as my last vehicle. Technology is not a problem, just the sound quality.

- Kaitlyn K

Great value and excellent choice.

The sienna is a fantastic family car. Great safety features with blind spot monitoring, pedestrian warning, back up camera, and lane assist. I also love the huge screen in the back for the DVD/blu-ray player (great for kids!!). The third row is spacious and big enough for an adult, unlike almost all cars with a third row (you cannot have legs to sit in the back). The car drives like butter, and with almost 300 hp there is plenty of power. Best feature: AWD. I live where we get a lot of snow, and I am glad I did not have to sacrifice and by getting a van.

- Ali G

Comfortable spacious ride.

I love my sienna. It is easy for the kids to get in and out. The car seat was easy to install in the latch hooks. I love that the sun shades are built in the window and are easy to put up or down. It is not lacking in cup holders which is a must with 4 kids. Storage space is awesome not only in the trunk but in the main cabin as well. The seats are very comfortable and easy to wipe down when needed. I do not love the back interior because it shows the dust and I have to keep. It wiped down but with 4 kids dark interior is a must. Overall we love our van.

- Leslie D

Toyota Sienna XLE is the minivan of your dreams!

2017 model is very nice. Driver's seat has power seat options, able to adjust height, move forward/ back, and steering wheel is also adjustable. One of the best features is having 4 beverage holders right at the front/ console area. As it is a minivan, space is bigger than usual, and all my passengers are able to sit comfortably. One of the issues I have is its slow acceleration; on roads where there's traffic lights and speed limits up to 50, it makes acceleration bad and takes up quite a bit of gas. Otherwise, never had any other issues with it.

- Jessica Z

The 2017 Toyota Sienna- the best family car ever.

This car is very spacious and comfortable. Seats can be adjusted for perfect comfort. The gas and mileage are good and the drive is very smooth. Can fit a lot of kids in the car for carpools. It seats up to 8 people. Sliding doors make for easy entrance and exit from the car. You can press a button to open the trunk which is good for loading groceries. The back up camera is helpful when backing up and backing into a parking space. The GPS system is very easy to use and will tell you which is the best way to go when traveling.

- Jen H

Driving 2 hours each weekday in my reliable and comfortable Sienna.

We bought our sienna over other minivans because of the large amount of space. It drives with more power than the others on the market. The fold and stow back seats are easy to handle. Also the 3 way split in the back allows for more options. The removable center seat allows for easy ability to walk through to the rear seat. The automatic side doors make getting children in and out much easier. The power front seats, rear air, sunroof and heated front seats just are a few of the extras that make driving it very comfortable.

- Ann R

Sienna is a reliable, safe, family friendly car with lots of space.

Best vehicle I have ever bought. I call it my transformer because there are so many options to move the seating for the amount of space in the car. I have four kids and the eighth seat (removable) is great, especially when I am carting around their friends. The power in the car is really good especially when I drive through the mountains. The turning radius is better than most cars I have driven in the past. My van is rated very highly when it comes to safety. I will definitely be buying Toyota products in the future.

- Jessica P

Roominess and comfort and many seats.

I love the Toyota sienna for its roominess... The driver's seat is very adjustable and comfortable. There is so much space when you lay down the back row and you can still transport 5 people. I love that I can take 7 people when I have all the seats upright. There are a number of beverage holders. There is pocket on the back of the driver's seat and passenger's seat. We have had no problems with the van running. The tires wore out quicker than we expected but that would be my only complaint.

- sarah P

Roomy family van is the way to go without breaking the bank.

The Toyota sienna is great for families with kids. The third row is collapsible and there is a removable jp seat to put in the middle of the second row. I have 3 children and am able to utilize the third row as storage and still have enough room for the children in the middle row. I even have a toddler car seat for a 2yo and a booster seat for my 5yo while allowing plenty of room for my 8yo who is almost 5ft tall. I get all the greatness of a large SUV without the gas guzzling effect.

- Rachel F

Its large space inside. It helps so much with all our things.

I think our car is really great. The seats are very comfortable. I also love the small TV so I can watch my favorite movies. So far I am loving the car but we have one problem. Sometimes the automatic doors do not work. I also think that more charging places could be added although it's already good enough. I don't really know that much about how cars work so I cannot really say a lot about our cars. All I know is that so far it gives me comfort and the inside has a very big space.

- Alyssa T

So Roomy and Comfortable!

Sienna is a fantastic minivan! I previously had a Dodge, Grand Caravan, and the Sienna is so much roomier and more comfortable. It runs beautifully and has some fantastic perks, like an additional removable seat in the center row. It is easy to drive and I enjoy taking it on long trips. The only thing I miss about the Dodge is the stow and go seating. I cannot remove or fold away the middle row of seats in the Sienna, and that limits my cargo capacity at times.

- Wendi O

My forever family vehicle!

The 2017 Toyota sienna se premium is everything I need for my growing family. It is equipped with a sunroof, navigation and gorgeous leather seats with power controls. The second row can be used as a bench seat, or converted to captains chairs with center storage. The third row is spacious and can actually fit 3 smaller adults comfortably. The third row folds flat for storage and the second row can easily be taken out, providing plenty of cargo space.

- Christina S

Well loved family vehicle!!

I love the reliability of our Toyota Sienna. It's very convenient to have a built in vacuum but I will say it is a pain in the butt to find the little vacuum bags that go in it. With 3 kids the vacuum holds up well to their messes! Lots of storage space for our family vacations! The van cools down quickly in our summer heat and the sun shades help keep sun out of the kids eyes so they can nap on road trips! We plan to keep this van for a long time!

- Kathryn W

The Sienna is a good minivan for a family. It is very convenient and spacious. It fits our family well.

My vehicle is a minivan. I use it to transport my kids from one location to another. It is comfortable and big. I like the body and the features I have such as the Navigation and rear backup camera. The screen is nice size and I hear the beep when I back up too close to another car or person. I also like the side blind spot mirrors. It gives me an idea of the blind spots and even if I didn't see them, the light blinks as a precaution.

- Kathy W

It is super spacious, great for family and has plenty of seating plus more room for strollers, etc!

I just bought this car a few weeks ago and so far I love it! It was between this and a third row SUV. I chose this car because it's much more practical for kids, very spacious, drives more like a car than a truck, and still gets good gas mileage. 8 speed automatic should be a dependable tranny for the life of the car, unlike the past models, the odyssey, or those of or the CVTs that they are making these days.

- Regina R

My Toyota sienna rocks, I have driven this vehicle all over the United States!

I love the comfort, my entire family feels good on long trips. I have driven it through all types of weather and it performs great. I enjoy the automatic door feature and the airbag safety. When I get into my vehicle, there is a place for my purse and my drink. My passengers have many places to charge their phones or their other devices. Also, the 8 seats are awesome. We always have extra family and friends.

- Rachel C

You don't have to give up luxury when you buy a minivan!

We love the convenience of a minivan with two small children in tow. The sliding doors make it easy to get them in and out without dinging the cars next to us. There is plenty of room in the back to haul stuff even if we have to put the third row up. It is AWD which will be nice during winter weather. We also purchased the Limited Edition so all the luxury features are greatly appreciated!

- Aleesa P

That it's a great car when you're going to have a big crowd, or if you need to be taking a lot of stuff from one place or another, because there's so much room. And there's even an extra seat you can add if need be.

I like that it's very roomy, we can get everyone in including my nieces or nephew. We would have to have someone stay home or make two trips before when we had a sedan, and that was no fun for anyone. Also, the color is really neat and while I wasn't fond of the interior originally, I've grown to like it. Also, I'm not sure how we managed without a backup camera for so long before now.

- Rebecca B

Very spacious and comfortable minivan. Great for a family with toddlers.

Very comfortable. There is so much room and space, especially for a family of four, including two toddlers and all the things that come with them. We travel a few times in the year, and I have plenty of room for packing all the vacation items we need. The sliding doors are very convenient for loading and unloading the kids into their car seats, especially in packed parking lots.

- Amanda S

Cheaply made Toyota needs to be upgraded for cost.

Not comfortable and seems cheaply made. Also the leather is already peeling and it is missing wireless charging and other wanted items. The TV screen needed to be installed because it didn't come with it and it is a very cheap make and model of material, the digital/radio package is not always user-friendly to operate and there are no charging ports in the backseat of the car.

- Christine F

The safety features. I love the backup camera with warning when another car is crossing my path. I love the blind spot mirrors.

I wish the back gate would open with a swipe of the foot. The back window vents rattle when open. I can't tell where the front of the van is when pulling up to things. I like the color. I like the rear view camera with warning when cars are crossing my path. I love the blind spot mirrors. I don't like that I can't get my hands between the console and front seat.

- Lena B

Reasons I love my Sienna.

I love the power my van has. Although it is a bigger vehicle it holds up with anything else on the road. The storage is amazing as well. Have three kids and a dog I need lots of storage. This van provides that and allows me to put things away so that the van does not feel cluttered. The backseat is big enough for adults to sit in comfortably which is important to me.

- Alyssa M

Thus car is reliable and safe.

Reliable and fits my family of 7 and has an extra seat for when we have a friend over. Feel safe in this car, it has a lot of airbags and safety features. I love dark navy color to. It rides very nice and has comfortable seats. Love the power seats, doors and backup camera. I would recommend this car to friends as well if they were looking for a family Minivan.

- Yuliya M

Our family loves our sienna.

The sienna is great to drive on long trips because it is so roomy and comfortable. It has minimal blind spots so I always like driving more in this van because of the great visibility. My children prefer the van because of the comfy captain chairs and backseat controls they have for a/c and heat. It also has plenty of places to plug in all of our electronics!

- Cherie M

Toyota sienna from a mom's perspective!

I really love how the second row seats slide backwards. It helps when getting the kids in and out easily! I do not like how the tires wear so quickly. I also love the sliding doors and keyless entry! I do sometimes have issues with my phone connecting and showing my phone book. I wish the sienna had more technology with front end collision prevention.

- Lyndsey B

Great van for family of kids especially special needs.

We really haven't had any problems with this vehicle. We love that it has a removable seat for the 1st row of seats in the back. We usually leave it out. This van works great for us because of having a special needs child in a wheelchair. Her wheelchair fits in the back without having to fold seats down. It is a roomy van and we absolutely love it.

- Ashley D

The sienna is a stylish van for moms.

I love my sienna. It is comfortable and stylish. I feel like a mom can drive this van and feel good in it. The features such as quality of leather, touchscreen, and Bluetooth, make the se sienna feel like a high-end vehicle. We are a family of five with three kiddos. My kids are comfortable and safe. I hope to drive this van for a very long time!

- Mollie T

Great car with lots of space!

Had some issues with the computer right away. The dealership fixed that and I haven't had an issue since. I love how much room it has for my dogs, it handles well, and the seats are comfortable. I like that it has a backup camera and Bluetooth for my phone. Gas mileage is not as good as my Nissan Altima, but not bad for the size of vehicle.

- Stephanie A

Great family car for an always changing family.

I love the accessibility for all of the kids and the versatility for hauling kids and things. There are lots of bells and whistles to choose from as well. I feel safe in this vehicle. The quality of the sound and video system is great and there are a lot of cup holders. I wish the weather tech mats that came with the vehicle fit better.

- Sarah R

Recliners in the middle rear.

Just a few weeks ago I got my new van. I never thought to be a vain person, but gosh I'll never regret it. I love my vehicle since it has 4 wheel drive, heated seats, and these really nice recliners in the middle rear. We use it on road trips, and exploring. I'd give it five stars. We totally love it. I can't imagine not having it around.

- Elizabeth A

Doors and trunk operate with key fob. Sliding back doors for easy entrance.

This is the most spacious, comfortable vehicle ever. There is enough room for my 4 kids and their friends too. Great for family vacations because of all the space. The dog can even fit as well. Very smooth and easy drive. Great with gas too. The navigation system is very user friendly and has gotten me many places when I was in a jam.

- Jennifer H

The ride is a lot different than you are used to with the run flat tires, but you get used to it quickly.

The navigation system isn't as nice as the one I had in my Rogue. Also I don't like that a birds eye view camera wasn't available yet. I love the 2nd row captains chairs and the storage in the trunk area. And the retractable sunshades for the kids that are built right into the sides. Radio is nice. Premium leather is awesome.

- Melissa W

Toyota sienna gets an a++.

Absolutely love our sienna! It is perfect for kids with the sliding doors. Sliding doors auto stop with resistance as well as an added safety feature. The sienna is spacious, comfortable, and very easy to drive. We have a 1200 + mile trip coming up and I couldn't imagine driving any other car! A great reliable family vehicle!

- Danielle M

Love the doors that open and slide back instead of swing open.

The tires seem to go out quickly and need to be replaced. I love the sliding side doors. I love how roomy and easy it is get in and out with kids and groceries and even carpool. I like the design and how big the front is with the drivers side and co captain. There is a lot of room to store things and plenty of storage.

- Melissa C

Sienna family van! That is absolutely a good drive!

We love the size and amazing turn radius! It's perfect for our family of 5. The only issue we have is the transmission stutters, which was reprogrammed, but still having the issue. This is our second sienna our first was flooded out, so when we replaced it there was no question on what minivan we would purchase!

- Virginia S

Great Toyota Sienna that we love.

The cat is very comfortable and quiet. It is great for families and long trips. We have not had any problems. It stays clean well. Pretty good gas mileage for a van. The vehicle is comfortable and reliable. No major repairs needed yet. It has served its purpose for us on trips to Florida, Virginia and New York City.

- Lindsey M

Great vehicle for the growing family!

The trunk area is very spacious. My children find their seats comfortable and roomy. I like the 8th seat can be removed if need be. This is a great family vehicle. I did have to take it back to the dealership for a radio adjustment due to constant static. The dealership was great in getting fixed very quickly.

- Melissa M

Pearl white finish on Toyota Sienna XLE van

My Toyota Sienna has never really failed me before, excluding the time when Toyota sent a letter about repairing the sliding doors. Otherwise the van is spectacular and extremely reliable. It has a lot of space, so it's great for family trips. The leather seats was a great choice, compared to its counterpart.

- Cindy N

Best and most comfortable and most reliable minivan ever.

I have had zero problems. It is reliable like a Toyota. It is incredibly comfortable safe and meets all my needs as well as those of my family. I wish it had better gas mileage. However, I knew that when I purchased the vehicle. And after weighing what my family’s needs were, I decided to purchase anyway.

- Marcus J

An awesome Toyota car for all your comfort needs.

My car is really awesome. It is comfortable with my features like a back camera and many outlets. I have Sirius XM and Bluetooth . It does not even need an oil change until I hit 10, 000 miles! It has automatic doors and comfortable seats. I got it in New York and I wish my husband had a car like this too.

- Lena M

Although my family contains three, my car is big enough for a family of six

My car has a really nice profile, it has a mini TV inside for my kids to watch. And it has a face outlet to charge your phones, earbuds, etc. The seats are really comfy, and they're always clean. This is my type of car, but your choice might be different. So they're always lots other cars to choose from.

- Jenny E

Big enough for all of us!

I have 3 kids and the car can hold both strollers (a double stroller and a regular stroller) along with my kids 3 car seats. I can still go shopping with all three. My kids loves all the space! The only problem I currently have is sometimes the door does not close. It seems to use electricity sometimes.

- Hong N

Toyota sienna great with plenty of spaces inside, 7 seats, and new back camera.

Toyota sienna is great, but they make it bigger and longer now. I was used to smaller version of Toyota sienna. I have to adjust the slightly bigger size of Toyota sienna. I do love the space inside the car and camera for backing and alarm for not closing the door properly and not turn of the car lights.

- Kat L

It's very convenient for a family, and fun to drive.

The automatic sliding doors are amazing since I'm a busy mom. It makes it so much easier to do school pick-up & drop-off without having to get out of the car, walk around & open the door. I love the backup camera too for safety. Plus, the stow & go seats are great for taking extra luggage on long trips.

- Elizabeth C

It's quiet on the road and has lots of room for passengers.

I like the comfort of the Toyota Sienna and the reliability. We have a special needs daughter and the Sienna serves her well and allows the large wheelchair she needs to be stored in the back. It is much quieter on the road vs. the Honda Odyssey that we used to own. I have no complaints or dislikes.

- Lisa S

Pros and cons of the Toyota sienna.

I do like the technology that is included, but I wish it had more power outlets. It is pretty quiet for a minivan, and it also has a microphone to be able to talk to passengers in the back more easily. It seems to have large blind spots in the front, so I really need to double check before turning.

- Sheri E

Great for traveling. Comfortable seating with lots of storage room.

Roomy and comfortable. Lots of good storage space. The only problem is when you are sitting in the 2nd row seats the seatbelt is hard to reach. Especially for kids. It also gets stuck on the armrest if the armrest is up. Comfortable for traveling bit would like it if the 2nd row seats recline more.

- Jennifer H

Sienna is a great family car for people who like to travel.

This is the 2nd Sienna we have purchased, and we are very happy with our van. It has plenty of cupholders, which is important when you are a large family like us. Plus this Sienna has a built in navigation system and entertainment system which makes our yearly road trips so much quieter and nicer.

- Jessica M

Great family car, very reliable.

This car is very trustworthy, great for bigger families with the double back seats, nice sliding doors and very reliable. The drives great and has a lot of room in the trunk. Even with twin toddlers and two car seats we still have plenty of room to bring along groceries and a double stroller.

- Daniel D

The new Siennas are keyless.

I really like our Sienna. It is a roomy vehicle and the seats fold down easily. It is smooth to drive and has lovely surround sound. What I do not like is the lack of places to hook up phones and devices. Our old Sienna had triple the amount of cigarette lighters holes to plug in devices.

- Suzy S

Very reliable and comfortable. Roomy inside and when the third row is down.

The car is extremely reliable and runs well. I really like the sliding doors. Very easy to get in and out and comfortable. It is very spacious even when riding in the third row. Trunk is roomy when you push down the third row seats. Would like to have an auto open/close on the trunk.

- Allison S

There are many new technology inside the car that I do not know all of them.

I like the space inside Toyota sienna. It is easy to drive. There is a back screen camera for backing. The technology of the car has improved over the years. The only thing I will complain is the car is getting a little wider and longer. I wish the car kept its compact minivan size.

- Yu C

Perfect vehicle for our family of seven with lots of space.

We love our minivan! It has so much cargo space. As a mom of five it's the perfect vehicle to travel in with lots of cup holders and reclining seats. It easily and comfortably fits our two car seats and two booster seats. You just can't beat the gas mileage! We love our minivan!

- Tiffany S

it's very spacious but still not too big

It's really comfortable especially if you are very tall and have a large family it's perfect for road trips and has more than enough wiggle room for everyone to sit comfortably. It's also great for sleeping in and just sitting around in this car a long drive feels like a breeze

- Zoe F

With all the safety features on our Toyota we feel much safer than we did in our previous automobiles.

I love my Toyota Sienna it is great on gas and has tons of room. We have the total entertainment package so the kids can watch movies and never be bored while riding. We have all the safety features such as airbags, blind spot monitors, and rear camera we totally love it.

- Shannon N

I like that it is roomy and can fit a large amount of people.

There haven't been any problems, switching tires have been and issue though, with size. When we fixed the tires and got bigger ones the tire scrapped on the car and it was a hassle to get the old one back and the car not having pop-up signals saying something was wrong.

- Frances V

Makes family travel fun again!

My vehicle is so family friendly. We travel long distances quite a bit and our sienna makes these trips more than bearable! My favorite features are seating for eight, area temperature controls so everyone can be comfortable, and the music control on the steering wheel.

- Melissa M

Needs a technology update.

The sienna is a great family minivan with lots of legroom and some great features. The only additional feature I would want would be internet connection and USB ports. I would also like to see additional cameras in addition to the back up camera. It has a smooth ride.

- Mary L

Of all the vans that a scooter using, long-leg-brace-wearing senior citizen tried (and we tried many) this was the easiest to get in and out.

My wife is a scooter user so we need a vehicle that she can get into easily, AND that we can easily get the scooter aboard. We checked out several brands of minivan and this one works out best. Previously we had a Toyota Sienna that we kept 15 years. We love this one.

- George c

Great for families and life!

It is so comfortable for our big family and great for hauling items too. It is so versatile. The kids love the widescreen blu ray player. I also love the ability to charge all of our devices with all the outlets. It is very easy to drive, back up camera is a godsend.

- Laura P

Roomy, drives like a luxury vehicle.

The Siena is a great vehicle. All I have to do is regular maintenance. This is my third one I go to 100k miles and nothing goes wrong. The only thing I do not care for is there navigation system. This is very roomy, comfortable seats. Drives smooth great pickup.

- Kim M

Convenient features. Very roomy and good gas mileage.

The car is reliable and roomy. The all wheel drive feature is wonderful in the winter. The van has many convenient features. Makes traveling and running everyday errands with my kids much easier. The van gets very good gas mileage which is wonderful. Great car.

- Erin Z

Room for 8 AND all of your coolers/sports gear, etc!

I LOVE my Toyota Sienna. It is roomy inside and for our sports driven family this is great for carrying gear or players! I don't like some of the blind spots it has when I drive and it feels wide even though I know it is not physically wider than my old van.

- Natalie E

The perfect minivan! The 2017 Toyota sienna se/le has it all. Give it a ry.

The 2017 Toyota sienna ce/le is a fantastic vehicle. It has a very short turning radius, which allows you to make a U-turn in a normal street with other vehicles parked on the opposite side of the street. It has everything you could ask for in a car like this.

- Ronald W

Family friendly, safe Vehicle

It's very reliable and spacious for our large family. We haven't had any problems in the three years we've had it. The ability to easily convert the back row into multiple seating versions, along with the removable eighth seat is the reason we chose this van.

- Starr J

Very spacious inside and out

This is my 3rd mini van I have owned. It is comfortable, roomy lots of great features for the price. Interior design is beautiful. It is my favorite van I have driven. I wish the seats folded a little easier, but other than that I would lease another one.

- Bethany S

Love my comfortable minivan

Never thought I'd love a minivan but I do! It's so great to use as a family. Comfortable with plenty of room to have 2 kids in car seats in the back. Also love the sliding doors, especially in tight parking spaces. Has everything I would want in a vehicle.

- Rosa L

Stay connected with Toyota interactive controls.

Great vehicle. It fills the bill. Does what I need it to. It's comfortable throughout. Controls are great and easy to use. Rides like a champ. One of the best vehicles I've ever owned. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who was looking for a new van.

- Warren P

It is a safe car, and I do like the back up mirror.

My vehicle is an 8 passenger minivan for my family of 8. It is dependable, roomy, and economical on gas. I wish it had fewer computer chips i.e. gas pedal doesn't need one, but there is, etc. would prefer the older analog climate controls.

- Meg F

Toyota Sienna is an excellent value; it carries 7 people very comfortably, and it is ideal for regions that have severe winter weather.

One of the few minivans with all wheel drive. It has dual sunroofs. It drives very smoothly. The seating is able to be configured multiple ways; and the back seat will fold down to create a great cargo area. No real dislikes or complaints.

- Robert S

I feel safe driving my Sienna. When I am on the road, I feel like I am equipped with anything I might need.

I love how comfortable my Sienna is to both drive and sit as a passenger. It rides smoothly. My kids loves the DVD entertainment system. I also love that I can haul my family and all the equipment that I need to without being cramped.

- Amy S

It is a very very comfortable vehicle to drive and it is higher so the ability to see is approved.

This is the third Sienna that we have had loved all of them they have the easy to get into and out of as I have arthritis in the spine so I need a vehicle that is higher off the ground and has clearance to get in and out of the door,

- Gary A

My van ( car ) is very dependable. I have had no issues with it so far.

I like the way it drives, i.e. it is smooth, not too noisy and the steering wheel is very easy to turn. I also like seating space for all 3 row. I dislike the Bluetooth, no one can hear me clearly when I use it so it is useless.

- Rebecca M

It's a versatile vehicle especially for families! I'd highly recommend.

It is such a great vehicle. We've had no problems with it. I love the capability of having 8 people. I can take my kids and their friends places which is great! Lots of cup holders, plenty of cargo space and such a smooth ride.

- Whitney H

Great power for a minivan, very good ride and handling. Very nice stereo and option on it.

The seats are supposed to be leather and they are mostly vinyl. The back captain's seats are not very comfortable at all, This is mostly due to the armrests sitting to low. The engine is a little noisy, especially the A/C

- Scott G

A must for on the go moms

I never thought I would be the minivan soccer mom, but I love the mini van life. I can't believe how much room there is to move around and store things. It gets great gas mileage as well. I've had no problems with it!

- Lori G

The car is definitely family friendly. I would highly recommend it to big families who travel together.

I love that I can fit several people in the vehicle. However, I feel like I am always jolting forward when I lightly press on the gas, making it hard to stay safe when avoiding getting too close to other vehicles.

- Elena C

It can hold 7 people very comfortably and is very easy to get in and out of.

I really like the automatic doors to get in and out of the back. I also like the space in the back for 7 fully grown adults with good legroom. The best part of the car is how easy it is to control the temperature.

- Jared P

The Toyota Sienna has great reliability and will last a long time.

I like the size and seating capacity for 8. The van is roomy. Plus I love the dual air control and the seats are very comfy. I wish there were more phone chargers in the van and that the road noise was quieter.

- Mary H

It is a good quality car that has important safety features that put it above other cars.

I love the look of my car. It is very stylish for a van. It has a lot of safety features that make me feel comfortable while I'm driving. It does not have a very large gas tank - I wish it was a little bigger.

- Jess B

It is a mini van that has lots of storage spaces which is always plus for parents with kids.

I like my vehicle because there is lots of space to put stuff. It is also roomy and comfortable. I like the color of my car which is classy red. However I do not like color of interior which is light grey.

- Mika A

Miles we carefully put on car it was well maintained.

Very easy to use while I have 2 little kids that are in car seats. Love all the different power stuff to make it easy with small children. Dislike that the seats in the middle do not fold all the way down.

- Melanie K

Great car for families with young kids

I like the weather maps. I also like the sliding doors. I like the seat configurations and that the middle seat can be stored in the car. I wish the AC in it was better and that remote start was standard.

- Alix S

This vehicle is safe. Toyota put a lot of thought and care into protecting families. Especially those with small children.

We love our Sienna! It is a safe, reliable, economical, and a family friendly beast! I challenge anyone to find a use for all the cup holders. This is our second Sienna. There will be a third one day.

- Karl N

Minivans are great for families because kids can get in and out easily

I love a minivan because the kids can get in and out easily. It drives well and is comfortable. I wish it had a little more storage space and better gas mileage. The seats fold up and down easily.

- Mary B

It's the only minivan you can get with all wheel drive. It handles great in inclement weather.

I like the sienna a lot. This is my second one. I love the safety features, AWD and leather package. The only complaint I have is that it is slow off the line. My old sienna had better acceleration.

- Jaime H

There is plenty of room for a 6 adults to fit comfortable in the van.

I love the stylish look of it and the seating capacity. There is plenty of room for our family of 5 plus lots of legroom and room in the trunk space. It drives nicely and gets decent gas mileage.

- Megan S

It also uses regular unleaded gas which is less expensive than super unleaded gas.

It is a van that seats 8 people. It has a lot of leg room space and plenty of space in the back for groceries or suitcases. It also has a large screen so the people traveling can watch a movie.

- Marian P

It is a pleasure to drive.

It is a roomy reliable minivan that I love to drive. It doesn't get the best mileage per fallen but it has all the conveniences that I need.it has a good resale value and low maintenance costs.

- Karen S

The van is a very comfortable car.

I have always loved the Toyota Sienna and actually this is our second one. I just love how spacious it is. The seats slide up and down which is very convenient. The seats are comfortable too.

- Jaya U

Our entire family can easily fit into this vehicle.

It works perfectly for our family. The ability to open the side doors from inside the vehicle is very helpful. I dislike that I don't have automatic side mirrors. I love our leather.

- Kristin M

That is very spacious and very comfortable.

What I like about my sienna is the space how comfortable my children are and how smooth it rides. What I dislike about my sienna is that is not as eco friendly as I would like it to be.

- Lorena H

Reliable luxury and comfort for the whole family. Looks pretty nice, too!

Love the independent temperature controls from driver, passenger and back. The heated seats are very nice on a cold day. Runs well and haven't had any problems since we've had it.

- Caroline W

It has plenty of space for our large family. Not only does it have roomy cabin space but a large trunk space

I love that my Toyota Sienna has lots of space for our large family. It also has a lot of room in the trunk for when we go on road trips. Our van also gets great gas mileage!

- Candace S

It is spacious and comfortable, plenty of room for my children who are growing. I fully expect this vehicle to last through their childhood and adolescence.

I love that my van seats all 6 of my children comfortably, with plenty of space as they grown. There are plenty of cup holders. Visibility is great and it is a smooth ride.

- Cynthia B

It has a ton of room, gets good gas mileage and is good in snow

I like the size and amount of storage. I like that you can easily get in and out. I dislike the number of charging places and that it is hard to hear those in the very back

- Allison J

Lovely spacious family vehicle

Very reliable, plenty of space for 3 car seats and a family of 5. Like that the back seats can go down to extend trunk space. Feel safe driving an all wheel drive vehicle.

- Angela P

The mini van is very roomy inside. Comfortably fits 7 adults.

Very spacious. Great safety rating. Perfect family vehicle. Gas highway mileage is not good. A few blind spots. The tracking on the middle row of seats is not practical.

- Kelly B

I feel very safe driving this vehicle.

.I like the comfort of the seats, the ease in using new features, and the smooth ride. I love the backup camera view. There is not anything that I dislike about my van.

- Karen P

The Toyota Sienna is a great family vehicle. It is the best way to bring your around safely.

I like my sienna because it fits my entire family. I also like that it does not use up too much gas too quickly. I have been happy with my van and have no complaints.

- Meagan D

While it isn't the most stylish or have all of the newest car features, it is comfortable and a good size for a minivan while having the most important features.

It has a decent look for a minivan. I like the comfort, cupholders, and touch screen. It could use seat warmers/coolers. I don't like the lines on the back windows.

- Paige W

It is very reliable, hard to break down.

This minivan is very reliable and easy to drive. It is a good looking beautiful car. Both outside and inside. (ours is light grey) we have no complaints about it.

- Michiko U

Mom life: it is the vehicle you never knew you wanted, but needed.

It is really comfortable and safe for my growing family. It is the perfect vehicle for road trips and for school pick ups. It makes driving fun and worry free.

- Candace G

I feel like it's a safe car reliable.

I love how roomy it is. I love that it has AC in the back for the kids. I do wish I would have gotten it with a vacuum... built-in vacuum. It drives smoothly..

- Magdalena S

It rides so nice. Very comfy, large seats, and they adjust for great leg room. Perfect for a family of 5 or more!

Spacious, Reliable, Comfy Seats, 8th seat, lots of room for luggage too. I like everything about it but would have liked to have gotten it in a better color.

- Carrie B

nice design, easy to use features

smooth drive with a ton of room. great for families. The sliding doors really help to avoid hitting cars parked next to you when you have young children

- heather L

It is a great vehicle for someone with children.

Love how roomy the vehicle is! Which we need with 3 children! There is nothing that I dislike! The front seat rides smoothly and the seats are so comfy.

- Brittany H

If you have 4 people in your family or more, a Toyota Sienna is an excellent choice

It has plenty of room for my family (2 adults and 3 kids). It's very comfy, the rear air is nice, and the 6 cylinders and horsepower is fun when needed

- Brad G

Amazing car, I would highly recommend

I love my van, I have had no issues With the car. This is the second sienna that I have purchased. It is trustworth, easy to navigate, maintained free

- Angela E

I love the seating capacity. Everyone will be comfortable.

I like the comfortable seats, the cargo capacity and the ease of driving. I especially like the heated seats. we have no complaints about this car.

- mary S

Toyota Sienna 2017 dark grey

I like having all the room in this car. I have 4 kids so a family of six fits nicely and can even fit two more friends too. The backup camera is big

- Karla H

The Toyota Sienna is a roomy, comfortable, and reliable minivan.

We are very pleased with our Toyota Sienna. It accommodates our family very well. It is actually our second purchase of this brand and model of car!

- Juleah B

Family members are safe and comfortable with all the extra space it provides

Love the extra space it has for my big family. Safely secured two carseats and 2 adults with extra space and 2 seats in the back yet for more room.

- Brooke B

it is easy and roomy for my kids, it is also comfortable for them.

I have 4 small children so I like the easy accessibility for them. I am young and the only thing I really dislike is that it isn't a "cool" car.

- leslie d

This is my third Toyota Sienna and I have been happy with all of them. I would recommend a Sienna and Toyota service to anyone.

I have no complaints really. It is pleasant to drive and very reliable. There are maybe 1 or 2 features I don't have that I would like to have.

- Katie L

Family friendly vehicle that is safe and fits our needs.

It is comfortable, fits my family and all the things we need to pack in for our daily activities. It also gets great gas mileage for the size.

- Amy g

It is totally worth the price.

I dislike that it does not have remote start. It has all the bell and whistle like backup camera, heated seats, easy entry but no remote start.

- Misty B

It has four latch positions so you can install four car seats. That's the single decisive reason we have it.

It does what we bought it to do... carry four car seats. Gas mileage is acceptable for this size vehicle, although I'd rather it was better.

- Jay K

It is beyond versatile but is also comfortable and stylish to drive.

I love the sliding doors so my kids don't hit other cars. I love the space for seating. Even full of people there is still room for storage

- Ashleigh J

It is a very dependable vehicle. Our van is has plenty of room for our family.

We have owned three Toyotas. They are reliable and with general maintenance we haven't had any problems. We will continue buying Toyotas.

- Shaun G

A great vehicle for a large family

I love the spaciousness of the sienna especially the driver and passenger seats. The storage is large which is great for our family of 5.

- Sarah C

It gets good gas mileage, it has a good smooth ride.

I have no complaints. I love this van so much, it is the second one I have purchased. Its comfortable, and easy to drive for long periods.

- Mary K

The Sienna is a spacious and affordable car for hauling kids around!

I love my Toyota Sienna. It is perfect for driving my 3 children to soccer and dance class. I am amazed at how great my gas mileage is.

- Lori G

All-wheel drive minivan that seats 7 passengers with good cargo space in trunk.

I like that's it's all wheel drive, one of the only minivans that has that feature. I don't like the run-flat tires. They cost too much.

- jeannine g

Seating options for family of 5

I love the many seating options. I have three children in car seats and they all fit comfortably and safely. This is a great family car.

- kelly c

There's room for everyone in my Sienna!

My Sienna is perfect for hauling friends and grandchildren around town because of its roominess. It has made vacation travel a dream!

- Susan P

Convenient for long trip, good for big family. I feel proud in driving this.

I like how big and very perfect of our family. Just I want it to be hybrid as it takes lot of gas. For long road trip, we love it.

- Fari J

It is extremely reliable; very roomy and extremely reliable.

I love our Toyota. This is the 3d one we have owned and we will buy another one when the time comes to replace our current one.

- Robert W

it is easy to drive and maneuver around town and on the freeways

love the room and the way it handles, love the storage space and the backup cameras, just wish it had a front camera for parking

- patrice f

8 passenger Toyota sienna.

I love it! Both doors open automatically, there is a backup camera, the ride is smooth, I sit high up and there is an 8th seat.

- Laura S

It has many safety features.

It is comfortable driving; easy to maneuver. I have had some problems with the console display, radio and Bluetooth connection.

- Cindy G

The van is comfortable for a family of five. We love to travel in it.

This the most family friendly vehicle made. I would buy it again. It have DVD blu ray movie player for the kids on long trips.

- Ryan B

Minivans are awesome vehicles.

I love how much room it has. It is very comfortable and has everything I need. I like all the upgrades from my last vehicle.

- Pam D

That is has cool sliding doors.

I love the space it gives my family. I like how smooth it is on the road. The only thing I don't like is that it's a minivan.

- Jen R

Love the way my phone syncs with the van so I can play music, etc. easily.

It drives really well and has room for everything we need. We love the ability to add and remove an extra seat when needed.

- mandy d

I feel like it is safe, that we will be protected in an accident

I love the color, blue I love how roomy it is I love the different ways I can configure the seating and how much I can carry

- Terry S

Very spacious and safe for the family

The Sienna has very good gas mileage. It fits all 3 kids and has an incredible amount of space. It also has a lot of power.

- Hitoshi A

The important thing to know about my car can fit my family of 5 with no problem.

It's very comfortable. It gives me good mileage. Fits the whole family. Fits all our bagged when we travel out of state.

- Rafael L

It's a family vehicle. It's for my growing young kids to have space.

I love my van. I love the space and comfort it provides for me and my family. It's comfortable to drive. Not bad on gas.

- Sana M

Safety. It is a very safe car and effective. It is easy to drive. It is good for families. It is very reputable.

I like it because it is new. I like the features on it. It is all wheel drive which I like. It is roomy. No complaints.

- Wayne H

The car is super spacious. I also love the fact that it has a plug for charging in addition to usb ports. However; the tires are super expensive.

I love the sporty look. I love the leg room. I love the entertainment for the kids. I dislike how much the tires cost.

- shellah R

Handles well for a van and great in all weather.

Great in winter driving conditions and great for hauling around large number of kids. Very little maintenance needed.

- Jamie M

Good family car.. Reliable.. Safe.

Like size, comfort, 8-seater, brown color, Nitrogen tires, sliding doors, good family car.. Dislike - nothing really..

- Elena M

It's a safe vehicle. The fact that their family will be safe when traveling.

It looks sporty. It has plenty of room for 8 people. It has great gas mileage. The horsepower is great for a minivan.

- Heath H

It is fuel efficient and feels luxurious.

I love how it handles, it drives smoothly. It is a great family vehicle. It also looks good and has great features.

- Peggy S

Versatility number of passengers.

Reliable, automatic side doors are great, rear door closing is great feature. Third row seats are good for family.

- Phyllis S

It is comfortable, but a bit costly with gas.

I like the size, flexibility, and comfort of the car. However, it uses to much gas and breaks are somewhat rigid.

- Emily H

That i feel completely safe driving it, especially with my 3 kids

This car has been nothing short of reliable. It has plenty of storage and can fit 8 people. No problems thus far

- Charles M

It is a very versatile vehicle. The van carries 8 passengers comfortably.

I like that every seat is comfortable. I like that the front seats are heated. I like the dual climate control.

- Kristen H

That is very comfortable and has 8 seats.

The space is great. Has 8 seats it is very comfortable for long trips and is good in gas. Has a spacious trunk.

- Vanessa F

There are three rows in the vehicle.

What i like about the car is the amount of space provided. I have a really tall family so we like the leg room.

- Erica C

Despite being a sports car it gets great gas mileage.

Lots of space and comfortable seating, but cumbersome to drive at times; good for large groups and families!.

- Cass S

It's a great family car with plenty of room for carrying large items

I love all the room and seating I do wish the back row seats adjusted by a push button rather than physically

- Mark W

Safety and space. Perfect for the family.

I love the safety features and storage. I also love the space. would like it to have DVD player and vacuum.

- Mitzi G

very comfortable to drive with good viewing out the front window

It has some blind spots. very comfortable to sit in. great radio. the phone is ok. it drives really nice

- sandy l

It is a great family vehicle for any family with less than 6 kids.

I really like all the space it has. It is very good for road trips. But it does eat up gas unlike sedans.

- Teresa H

The safety features are wonderful.

I love the smooth ride and comfort of my van. It has a lot of leg room and spacious. It is a smooth ride.

- Felicia A

It's a great van. Smooth ride, powerful, great gas mileage. The best!

I love my Toyota Sienna. It's reliable, powerful, comfortable, and looks great. Good gas mileage also.

- John F

The camera on the back of the car only shows you what's directly behind the car not to the sides.

Love the trunk space. Wish it has the NSEW on the dash. It's great with out four kids. Lots of space.

- Amanda S

You will love the cargo. It's the car you need for vacations with the family

It is comfortable, roomy. It is easy to drive and love how the dealer keeps the maintenance in check

- Brahima C

It is a very reliable vehicle

I love all comfortable it is for a young family. It has a lot of extras to make the ride smoother.

- Lorresa G

It is reliable and does what you need it to do. It's not fancy but it doesn't need to be.

I like how much room there is to carry things, how reliable it is, and how it's low maintenance.

- Thomas Y

If you are in your car frequently this is a must have. It's so comfortable and it's set up so perfectly for families.

Love it. More comfortable seats than I have ever had. Smooth ride, great technology throughout.

- Jolene B

It has a great mileage per gallon

It's a minivan that can seat 8 passengers. All my customers compliment about how smooth it run

- Brahima P

The seats are very comfortable and the front seats are heated.

I love the heated seat. I also appreciate the back up camera. The seats are easy to operate

- Mary c

It does not look like a minivan! That is one reason I fell in love with it!

I love the way it drives! It can turn on a dime and it fits my entire family comfortably.

- Kristy L

Fun- can go on any terrain, technically perfected, smooth and powerful!

All wheel drive - love it! Powerful performance, handling on road - love! No complaints.

- Pamela M

It is very comfortable and spacious. It has many safety features like blind spot monitor. It gets excellent gas mileage and is good for highway driving.

It has an excellent safety rating. Everything is within reach making it easy to operate.


If in an accident, it is very heavy and would not have as much damage as a smaller car.

It is very good when we travel. We can carry a lot of things. It is very comfortable.

- Wanda S

I'm able to transport all my children even my disabled child.

My van has a ramp and is handicapped accessible. You can fit up to 7 people in it.

- Hollyce B

it is reliable and spacious and handles my family needs great

rides nice and the room available inside can't be beat. Ages you a little thou.

- donna k

Love my Sienna. There's no other vehicle that can fit 5-7 people and luggage more comfortably then in my van. It's the perfect vehicle for this busy mom of 3 teens!

Amount of space for people and things is by far my favorite thing about my van.

- Erin B

it is a safety model with high gas mileage to save your money

this van is big enough for a big family, it is reliable and easy to maintain

- jeff s

It is a quality vehicle that is very well designed.

It is a very roomy vehicle. This is our third Toyota vehicle. Quality.

- Robert H

it's got great gas mileage.

I love the fact it has so much room. hate that It's like driving a boat

- heather l

I like the room and seating, however I would like it to go accelerate a bit quicker at take off from a stop.

Very comfortable seating and leg room, especially on long drives

- Laurie T

It is roomy enough for my very tall boys

It drives smoothly. It is very roomy. And it is up to date.

- Tracy d

less break than American cars

Comfortable to drive and big space. Price is too high.

- Tada S

I love the space that a van affords. The extra 8th seat is so simple to put in or take out

Siennas are notorious for tire and alignment issues

- Callie P

rated well Toyota is a good brand according to consumer reports

Don't like black interior like that it seats 8

- refused G

Spacious and practical minivan.

- Allen W