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Tacoma: king of small trucks.

Tacomas are well known for their reliability. Even though this truck is nearly 20 years old, it can still be difficult to find one on the market for less than $7k, and if it is a 4x4 model it can go for almost $12k in good condition. There are very few, non collector, cars on the used market that are nearly 20 years old and still have a price that high. The aftermarket support for Tacomas also a massive benefit to owning one. Any part can easily be found online or at auto part retailers. Due to the huge aftermarket support, repair bills are very inexpensive on Tacomas.

- Alex V

Love my Toyota. Toyota's are very reliable and have a higher resale value.

I bought the truck used about 6 years ago and I haven't had any problems with it except the usual things that come with age (replaced the muffler). I always get the oil changed and keep up with the maintenance. The air conditioner needs a shot every summer but is nice and cold and the heater is nice and toasty. We drove it from Maryland to Hilton head island south Carolina and back without a single problem. When I get a newer vehicle, it will be a Toyota.

- Karen W

2001 Tacoma will run forever!

My vehicle is in great condition considering how many miles it has. The car has over 350,000 miles on it, but it still runs very well with very few problems. The radiator needs to be replaced, but this is only because of a minor accident that damaged the one I have. Other than that, routine maintenance keeps it going and running well. I do eventually want a car with more interior space, but it is a great person vehicle.

- Alicia G

Reliable truck for work... Not perfect for a growing family.

In my household it is just me my husband and a 5 month old baby. We do not have a lot of room for a car seat so we will probably going to upgrade before our baby is out of the infant car seat. Since purchasing the truck we have had several serious issues with it and it is costed about $1,000 to fix but overall it is a reliable truck for my husbands every day work.

- Rebecca C

My Toyota Tacoma, very reliable

I love my Tacoma because it is extremely reliable. I've never had any problems with my truck, it is at 95k miles and runs great. While it is not a 4x4 it handles terrain nicely and never gets stuck. I'm also able to haul my trailer with the truck with absolutely no problems. Overall I'm very happy with my truck and plan on using it for a very long time.

- Keegan B

2001 Toyota Tacoma review

My 2001 Tacoma is completely reliable and has never had an issue. It has over 200,000 miles and still runs great. I've had it for the last 3 years and have never had to take it into the mechanic. The only recent issue is that the horn stuck and I had to remove the fuse to prevent it from honking uncontrollably, however it is an easy fix for any vehicle.

- JP C

Greatest truck I have ever had!

Although it is an old truck it still runs very well. I have only gotten a few repairs on it since my parents bought it in 2001. I have traveled a lot and I have never had it break down on me. My version of the truck is a dark green color and most of the paint is still there. I would suggest this car to just about anyone.

- Nadia F

Truck that keeps on going.

Small pick up with a club cab and haven't had any issues with it except had to replace the converters. I have kept up with the up keep and nothing big has needed to be changed. I did change the tires for a better gas mileage and tail pipe. Since the tires have been changed the gas mileage is way better.

- Kelli C

Awesome little adventure vehicle.

Great little adventure vehicle. Excellent four wheel drive, runs strong even at 18 years old. Everyone who has ever driven a Tacoma knows they are super reliable vehicles. Maintenance can be expensive because I make sure I do not use cheap parts, and gas mileage is awful - those are the only drawbacks.

- Courtney S

All around great small pick-up.

I like the style of the exterior cosmetically, have no issues mechanically, gas mileage is not bad and the ability to tow is fantastic! Only critique is the whole seat moves when you adjust it. All in all however, a fantastic truck if your looking for something to put your small boat in the water.

- Alex G

2001 Toyota Tacoma prerunner.

I bought my Tacoma new and have had no major problems in the past 18 years and 225,000 miles. The only issue I have had is the latches for the extended cab windows broke and they're expensive from Toyota. I upgraded the stereo for one with Bluetooth. I hope to get another 100,000 miles out of it.

- Jeff D

It is a small truck with all the bells and whistles that one wants.

Have owned for 18 years and only have normal maintenance, no other major work has been needed at all so far it just the right size for all my needs without being one of those huge trucks that you see all over the place so I will have to keep this one because they don't make small trucks anymore.

- Steve F

That it is very reliable during good weather. It doesn't break down.

I like that my vehicle is reliable. It has lasted a long time. The original engine is still going strong. But the truck is undersized and too light. I need something stronger with more horsepower; preferably 4 wheel drive so it can withstand the rough New England winters.

- Mike M

I love my truck, Toyota all the way for me

Love Toyota! Never have problems with it. Normal wear that's all. Comfort is not the best but fine. Tows so much more than it's rated for. Smooth for a truck. Perfect size for the regular Joe. Looks great. Expensive but really worth the money and have great resale value

- Claude M

Toyotas dependability is uncomparable.

What I really enjoy about my Toyota Tacoma is its dependability. It has over 234,000 miles on it and is a standard transmission and aside from routine maintenance and upkeep it has lasted this long. The only drawback is limited passenger seating.

- Tanna H

The old Tacoma keeps on going!

For a 17 year old truck, it's great - reliable, few repairs needed, still looks good. My only complaint would be that it rides a little rough, but that's not unusual for a truck. Otherwise handles well, and has served me well all these years.

- Carol G

The truck is bulletproof ,very little down time. only thing that wears out are brakes tires!!

my Toyota Tacoma has been well used. this is my 12th Tacoma and it was used in the oil fields before I retired! it currently has 260,000 miles and still runs good! the truck is very reliable and has went thru many Ohio winters!

- richard s

My truck is reliably tough and will get you to hell and back.

My truck is fairly old, but it's a strong, reliable vehicle. I love how it handles on the road, I love the versatility, I love the space I have for storage, and I love the look. The only thing I would change is the cab size.

- Jefferson C

The car seats belt are still detract ing to this day.

We have had truck since 2001 and have no problem other then regular maintenance checks and replacement of parts that have worn away. The size is big enough for our three grandkids who love the comfort of the back seat.

- Sandra L

A rugged truck with a sense of style.

I have the Toyota Tacoma Prerunner. I love that raised height of the vehicle but it causes issues with how the vehicle handles. Other than that the vehicle is sturdy and dependable and that is all I ask for.

- Bryce F

The reliability of Toyota trucks are top notch and keeps one from going to mechanics with costly bills.

I like the reliability of my truck, its mpg, and the look of the vehicle. I like trucks that can carry large objects and very versatile. I also like vehicles that last many miles without any major issues.

- Ruben M

Solid 22R engine that Toyota is known for and has last for years with other models.

This has been the most solid automobile that I have ever had. Still original engine with almost 500,000 miles and runs like a charm. I have made sure I take care of it, which helps. No complaints.

- Michael T

Well Designed and Versatile

The truck is reliable, good on gas, and very comfortable. Great truck for beginners or people who enjoy light outdoor work, though it can handle the occasional strain of a heavy workload.

- Lucca S

worry free transportation!

this pickup is reliable, comfortable, quiet, and it has never had any kind of break down. We do the regular oil change and general maintenance...and have NEVER had any problems!

- elaine s

Very reliable, has a pretty decent life expectancy so far.

Very small, shakes a lot when driving fast on freeway, engine lights always turn on, driver window stopped working, safety lock will not go back up on right rear passenger door.

- Alejandra D

Its reliability. It doesn't break down nearly at all. When it does its relatively inexpensive to repair.

Very reliable. Decently comfortable for only the basic model. Very few problems considering its age. Usually just routine maintenance. Very useful for hauling large loads.

- Sean B

I have the best vehicle in town, what else is there to say?

This truck is amazing. It is very reliable and I have had no extensive problems except needing to jump the car a few times, but that happens to everyone.

- Henry H

great little workhorse for your needs

It's a sturdy 2 wheel drive truck with an extended cab. i've been told that all of it was made in japan which I think is awesome.

- jonathon w

Toyota Tacoma truck for life.

Best truck I have ever had. It has over 200, 000 miles and still runs very good. It is very dependable with no major problems.

- Russ E

Even though it is old, it has held up very well, and it has yet to have a problem.

I like it a lot. It does not have any of the newer features. It doesn't even have automatic windows, but it is very reliable.

- Gabby T

Good gas mileage on the highway.

No l love my vehicles my car has 2000714 miles on it now, love driving my car would love to have a new one maybe someday.

- Kathy H

It is a good car to be older.

Good on gas. Reliable. Spacious. 4 wheel drive. Good for hauling small things. Great for getting back and forth to work.

- Zach M

Toyota Tacoma. Standard. 2 passenger vehicle.

Its small for more than 2 passengers. If going to have a stick shift you should make more room for your gear shift.

- Tanna H

If you need a small truck this is the one for you.

good gas mileage very reliable no major problems it has been in the family from 2001 rides and drives very good

- Heyward F

Great truck that has served me well!

It's a wonderful dependable reliable and good looking vehicle. I would recommend it to anyone looking to buy.

- Jessica L

My Toyota Tacoma is a great, dependable vehicle

I love my truck. It is completely dependable, and I would say it is top of the line as far as quality goes.

- Beau F

It's. rugged. It has a lot of customized extras. Sound system is out of this world.

My truck is a great truck. Good gas miles. looks great. the 22RE motor is a work hoarse. Easy to work on.

- David W

it's very dependable and very easy to maintain keep cool and change oil , it will run forever.

it's good on gas mileage. fun to drive and very dependable . some factory parts are expensive!

- richard s

the frames are prone to rusting but the engines will run forever

rusty but reliable but you can't forget about the biscuits and the sunroof and exhaust fluids

- brian w

it is very dependable. I have traveled with it many times.

I like everything about this vehicle. I have put 209,000 miles on it with no problems.

- al R

It is very durable. It takes a beating and keeps on trucking.

I love my truck . I wish I had sprung for the full crew cab with long bed though.

- barry E

it lasts year after year with a minimum of upkeep.

runs well every time I use it for running errands and going to the grocery store

- d m

It is reliable and I mainly just need the oil changed. I like the ability to haul items in the truck bed. It has great gas mileage.

It is dependable and has low maintenance costs with a great engine.

- Paul W

Reliable and inexpensive to operate good power great mileage

It is a Tacoma prerunner good gas mileage shallow be very reliable

- Terrence M

It has good gas mileage and has been reliable for being 17 yrs old

Like the style and dislike how old it is. Just old age complaints

- Shelly N

That it is reliable and is a great value over time.

Has been very reliable, no complaints. Was just what I needed

- George M

It's reliable and safe. It's great on gas.

It's awesome! It's economy! It's an ATV!

- Johnathan W