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Dependable, Cozy Little Truck is Great for Driving Around Town and Longer Trips for 2

We were given this truck 6 years ago by extended family members. It is a 2002, and they had only put eight thousand miles on it! Yes, that's right: 8,000. In the subsequent six years, we've added approximately 50,000 to it, and it has been such a good, dependable little truck. So far, no major issues beyond the usual upkeep. The bench front seat is fairly comfortable. The back seat has two fold down seats. If we had kids, it would be okay for short trips. Any more than that would be a little claustrophobic, I would think. The bed is large enough to haul medium sized furniture. For us, it's the perfect size. We've taken it on long trips in addition to about town jaunts. Our engine is a little underpowered. Steeper inclines take a bit more gas, and moving to the slow lane is a must. That's really the only drawback we've found so far, for our needs anyway. As long as we keep up with maintenance, I'm sure it'll last us a long, long time.

- Lou F

The body would go bad before the engine does.

I have a 2002 Toyota Tacoma, this is the best reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I have never had problems with it, just basic wear and tear. Its an extended cab, has a cassette and CD player, it's an sr5 plenty of room to carry 2 kayaks in. The only problem that I had with my truck was the dashboard there was a rattle so I had to take my truck in a couple times to get it fixed. They could not fix it for some reason, so they ordered me a new dashboard and put it in. My truck gets about 25 miles to a gallon.

- Lisa R

My truck may be old but it runs like new.

I purchased my truck used. It seems old when considering it's from 2002, however I'm nearing the 200,000 mile marker and it runs amazing. I do regular maintenance on it such as oil changes, brake replacements and things like that on my own. I've only had to take it into the shop for one minor issue that was caused by something I did to it myself. The truck has been so reliable and fun to drive, I hope to have it for another 100,000 miles.

- Allison S

My 2002 Toyota Tacoma trd.

I bought my Toyota brand new in 2002 and never had any issues with it since I bought the trd addition making it heavy duty and rugged. I use it to go fishing on the beach where the 4×4 is needed and no problems getting stuck or stranded. It never let me down. I also use it to pull my 20 foot boat as well as launching and pulling it out of the water, again no problem with those tasks having the 6 cyl plenty of power.

- Jimmy B

It is a small truck that drives more like a car. A very comfortable ride.

It is a great small truck that drives more like a comfortable car. I have had it since 2002 but it only has 67, 000 miles on it. I can haul small loads and it has a crew cab so I can carry things like groceries and keep them in a locked environment. It is a great economy in miles and has a pretty straight body for it is age. It is held up very well over the years. I will keep it until it dies.

- Jess C

A greatly engineered product.

The pick-up has always started right up. It responds to my every action always accelerating with vim & vigor and stopping when it is supposed to. Its speed declines at an accepted rate then its brakes respond to my foot's pressure with precision. It handles like an exact wireless mouse on a clean mouse-pad. Simply put it is a well engineered vehicle. I just love it!

- Antonio F

I love my amazing red truck.

I love my Toyota Tacoma pickup truck I have never had a problem with it. All I have had to do is keep it maintained regularly at the dealership. And have had no major engine trouble over all these years. The back seat is very large. Which is important because I am tall. And the pickup truck bed is extremely long so it is easy to haul things.

- Suzanne M

Toyota Tacoma is an amazing vehicle with a great resale value.

I love my Toyota Tacoma. It is very dependable and I have very few problems if any. It is value stays up as long as you take care of it. The Toyota dealer takes really good care of their customers. Reminding them of maintenance needs on a timely basis. They have great trade-in value. I would recommend anybody to buy a Toyota Tacoma.

- Kathy M

Do the regular maintenance and this truck may last forever.

It's a very basic small pickup truck. We got it as a secondary vehicle before we had kids. It has served me fantastically for a long time. I've had it 16 years, have had very few problems, and it still runs great. Now that we have kids, a 2 seat truck is not as useful as it once was, but this truck has been great for us.

- Bob D

Reliable truck with a good quality engine that lasts

I love this truck! Runs great and has a good quality engine. Is comfortable to drive and I also feel safer driving a higher vehicle because of better visuals. Love the look of the truck & the extra cab for space. Would like it if there were 3 seatbelts in the extra cab to have the ability to put infant car seat in back.

- Nicole B

It's a 100% reliable never has failed me

Love the looks,gas mileage. Simplicity, reliability, and dependability. I have 155k on the truck and have had no major issues/repairs/failures. My only dislike is the power is somewhat lacking in the 2.7l and the trucks bed is shallow compared to newer gen trucks which can sometimes make hauling large loads a bit hard.

- Tony t

Toyota Tacoma: most reliable truck.

There are little to no problems with the truck. It is now about 16 years old and only started having some wear and tear trouble about 10 years into having the truck. It is very reliable and very roomy. The cab is a little tight, given the extended truck bed size. It is red in color and is a very nice finish for a car.

- Jenna K

2002 Toyota Tacoma review.

Everything is great on it runs great has 170, 000 miles only issue is a weak tailgate. The 3. 4 motor is a great strong motor. Change the oil and it just keeps running. Great little truck that is a do everything kind of truck. Mine has a small lift with mud tires and does great in the snow and off-road.

- Logan M

My Toyota Tacoma has been great during my student life.

Gets me to where I know to go and back, reliable. A pick up truck always comes in handy too, especially when it comes to moving so it's been a great help for that. I have had it for years now and haven't had any troubles. Good on gas too. maintenance is affordable and is not needed often.

- Nav K

Comfortable light duty truck.

The truck has been very reliable. With only two wheel drive it does not do well in the snow and ice. It drives and seats comfortably, but the version I have is not equipped with latch for car seats. I would prefer a longer truck bed if I were to purchase another truck.

- L R

Toyota tacoma. Trd off-road.

I only hate it bc it is my fiance's truck and he uses it for work. Other than that is runs great good gas mileage. Big enough for our family of three we have used it all football season for practice e and games. It needs new front shocks and it will ride allot better.

- Rachel M

Seats 8 with plenty of room.

It is an older van so it is starting to wear out but it is been relabel but the breaks have need replaced more then once it nice in side enough room for me big family. Would like more space in the back to put stuff I would buy another one like it just newer.

- Miranda D

Great reliable truck with great dependability for high mileage!

My truck does not have any problems, zigs been able to maintain it well. It performs great for a small pickup truck and it is very reliable. It is not the most comfortable vehicle because it is a single cab but it leaves a lot of space for the truck bed.

- Chris S

A General Overview of Toyota Tacoma 2002

It's very small. Best for only one occupant. Truck should not be driven when there is any snow on the ground. It is very dangerous. No traction in the front of the truck at all. The truck has needed few repairs besides minimal general maintenance.

- Becky N

I've owned it since it had 9 miles on it in 2002 and it still only has 68,000.

I love having a pickup. You never have to worry that it won't fit in your car. I wish my dogs could ride more comfortably. There is a crew cab but they don't like it much. Nice for being able to lock up smaller items.

- Jessica C

Super dependable,long lasting. Will outlast any vehicle

I love this truck. it is so dependable..It is a manual transmission. It gets great gas mileage. I have over 100000 miles on it and have not hardly spend any money on repairs.i think it will out last me

- terry l

This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned

Love the size and ground clearance. Easily navigates the outdoors while being comfortable for day to day city driving. The reliability has been outstanding as only wear items have needed maintenance.

- Mark M

The Little Truck That Could

The car is built like a tank and it can pass slow moving cars on the highway with ease. It can be customized for off road and utilitarian work, and can tow trailers of average size.

- Bradley K

The reliability and the quality of my Tacoma.

Best vehicle I have ever bought. My Tacoma has 185, 000 miles on it and runs perfect. It does not burn any oil, drives straight down the road and has never broken down on me.

- Jake R

The bed of the truck is good for transporting stuff.

My truck is very good for transporting things. I use it for moving stuff for my club at school. I use it to get to work. The only problem is that it is old and wearing down.

- Michael N

Extremely reliable. Sits higher than most mid size truck. Seats are just OK not really that comfortable.

I don't like that you cannot turn off the daytime running lights. It has been extremely reliable with only the minimal maintenance. Door handle has broken twice.

- Ron b

Small, compact, but great for its size

Honestly this small mid size truck is actually amazing it's small and fuel efficient like a regular car or sedan but the power of a truck when you really need it

- Anthony G

2002 Toyota Tacoma off road

We just need new front shocks and the air conditioner leaks a little but we just got it about five months ago and we love it for our little family of three!

- Rachel M

The older models are better because they are more sturdy not just plastic bumpers

It is very reliable -lasts many miles. It take a reasonable amount of gas for a truck. It is very Sturdy has gotten into accidents and is good

- Ashley C

it is a quad cab so a truck and car in one

so dependable; never had a problem with it; just runs and runs and runs; tis is my 2nd truck from toyota; workhorse; great resell as well

- laurie C

It's a very dependable truck.

It's a sturdy truck. It's been very dependable fo me. i've had very little repair needed. i've put over one hundred thousand miles on it.

- Robert B

Toyota's are very dependable vehicles that hold their value over time

Bought my truck in 2002 only had one major issue in over 15 years would recommend Toyota's to anyone looking for new vehicles

- Gary J

It's perfect for the things I need to do around the house. It's also very capable off-road.

It has everything that I need. It's four wheel drive and equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission. It's an extended cab.

- Kody D

the emergency brake on it is not the best, it works, but no one knows how to use it and the is always on

I bought it when in 2002 and it has never broken down on me and I drive it pretty hard. It still has power and I love it.

- geoff W

The Best Truck in the Whole Wide World

The truck is durable and with routine maintenance has never given me any problems. V6 makes the drive powerful and smooth.

- Rick L

My 2002 Tacoma and its qualities good and bad

It is getting old and is now on its last legs. I think the motor needs to be replaced. Tires are good and body not bad

- Don G

I love my toyota tacoma very much!

Gets me from point a to b comfortably and safely it gets good gas mileage it has a great heating and cooling system

- Aaron R

strong and durable 2 door truck reliable

very strong and durable engine. It has great gas mileage. I have had this since 2003 and is still running strong.

- Nicholas n

Single cab seating and the bed holds everything I need to haul

The car runs great. I bought it used and had to fix some minor details. It has miles on it but still runs great.

- Abby R

My truck has over 250 thousand miles on it and it runs like the day it was new

Everything from comfort to driving is amazing I've had no issues. It has a amazing handling and it's reliable

- Joey B

I enjoy driving my car. As long as it runs properly, I don't complain. And Toyota's are very reliable, so I like it a lot.

It runs great, it rarely gives me any trouble, and when it does, it's nothing a good mechanic can't fix.

- Mickelle G

Extremely reliable. Bad MPG. Will last forever. High quality

No problems very reliable. Very high quality. very in expense to work on. Parts are very cheap to buy.

- Michael C

It's fun and pretty to look at. but also economical.

I like that it is made well. It is very dependable. There is nothing that I don't like about my truck.

- Debbie A

218,000 miles and it runs like new, uses no oil, and never breaks down.

Very reliable, good mileage, low maintenance. Keeps value. Wish I could afford a new one.

- John K

Frame is not good. But good gas mileage dependable motor

Great on gas dependable motor, frame sucks frame is rusting to pieces falling apart.

- James D

Toyota Tacoma is America's most versatile pickup truck.

Like the versatility. Like the styling. It's a truck. Don't like the gas mileage.

- Gary K

Make sure tires are properly inflated and there is gas in your tank.

Better shocks would be nice. Seats are comfortable. Wish I had cruise control.

- Dawn W

It looks good and is still going strong even though it has a lot of miles on it.

It does not have any AC. It has a lot of miles on it. It is very small.

- Jordan A

It may never stop running

I love the maintenance cost, essentially zero. It is so reliable.

- John R

Very dependable. Easy to maintain and gets good gas mileage.

Very dependable and easy to maintain. Gets good gas mileage.

- John B

It drives great for a older truck. Never had any problems with it. 0nly needs a paint job.

Love it, easy on gas and being a great little truck.

- Donna R

It's a toyota yea yea that's all folks

nothing better it goes and goes it goes and goes

- allen G

it is very reliable and holds Its resale value

very reliable modest gas mileage not very powerful

- Terry M

Hold up well and for years

Four wheel drive, power boost and the color green.

- John D