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2003 Toyota Tacoma prerunner, work truck to family truck.

The truck is extremely reliable. We are leasing it and have had it almost a year. We have had no issues. Heat and air conditioning work great. We have changed tires and brakes. It is used majority as a work truck and handles it very well. Recently we took it from Kissimmee to Chicago and back for our baby shower and did not have any mechanical problem at all. It does use up gas quickly as its a 6 cylinder but with limiting ac usage and driving correctly it lasts a little longer. At 8 months pregnant I feel safe in this truck, and comfortable once I am in. Getting in is a little difficult at the moment though.

- Angelica T

Faithful companion still trucking along.

On the outside the forest green pickup does not look like much (though the sun peeled paint gives it some character), but it has been a loyal companion. Have not had many problems with reliability over 160, 000 miles. No transmission problems, air conditioning still works, brakes still work with the exception of the e-brake. The cabin is kind of loud and not the most comfy - but you are in a pickup, what do you expect? It is great for moving, camping.

- Emma K

My little red Toyota Tacoma.

My Toyota is a very reliable truck. It was my grandfathers before he passed and now I have it, so it's been on the road for quite some time. Comfort is really nice for the driver, not so much for the other passengers. I wish it had four wheel drive but it does not. It also does not have an aux port which is kind of a down side. The acceleration is not the best but once it gets moving it moves.

- Nicholas R

A legend in reliability great truck.

I have owned this truck for over 7 years now with very little problems. Toyota's are very reliable more than I can say about the other brands that I have owned, a true workhorse worth every penny. Prior to owning my Toyota I have owned mostly domestic brands such as GMC and Ford and Jeep and none of which held up to the everyday abuse as my Toyota.

- Carl H

Toyota Double Cab...a great little Truck

Reliable, low maintenance, an all around great vehicle...what can I say, it's a Toyota! I recommend the 4x4 double cab. It's comfortable for 4 adults, has plenty of power, is very versatile,great for hauling and towing and fits well in the garage. The V6 is great but it can be a little thirsty as it gets a fairly steady 20 mpg

- Steve B

The vehicle is the perfect size, and it is so cute!

I love the size of my truck. My extended cab Toyota is big enough and high enough off the ground that I feel completely safe, but it is small enough that it is fairly easy to park. One thing I do not like about the vehicle is that the gas mileage is not as great as cars, but most trucks in general have bad gas mileage.

- Katie W

Runs great, very reliable.

It may be older but it runs and looks great, has great gas mileage. I have not had any problems with it. It is smooth to drive, air conditioner works great. Only problem I have had was someone backed into me and shattered the tail light, $20 later I had a brand new light installed so parts are also cheap.

- Chad B

Zero anxiety every time I have to be somewhere.

Sole owner for 15 plus years. Very reliable, starts up every time I start it. Light maintenance, just do the basics, tune ups, oil changes, tire rotations. Have done the 90000 mile service, and am getting close to the 20000 mile service. Hope this is the last vehicle I ever own.

- Gene T

Good solid vehicle. Very little rust and have done very little maintenance.

Great vehicle reliable. Very little maintenance. Just oil changes. 4 cylinder good mileage. Has a cab and holds what I need in the bed. I would recommend Toyota and the results from the vehicle. I would by Toyota again and would by a tacoma for its reliability and performance.

- George G

These trucks can pack on the miles.

This little truck is amazing. I really haven't had any problems with it but it is definitely small inside. It gets great gas mileage and I love its overall performance. It is definitely a lightweight truck and gets a little bouncy over bumps. This truck has a lot of power.

- Cynthia B

How reliable it is, it has never once broken down in 15 years.

My Tacoma is incredibly trustworthy, it is 15 years old and still runs like it is brand new. I have owned it for several years and have only had to do minor maintenance and general upkeep. I have never had a serious problem or felt nervous driving it.

- Meghan H

It is very reliable and does great job as a family vehicle even though it is a truck.

My vehicle is very reliable. It is not overly expensive to maintain even though it is an older truck. Still drives well and helps get larger stuff from stores when necessary. The mileage isn't the greatest but it is tolerable.

- Sean H

It is a compact truck that is easy to drive but still capable of hauling.

It is a red Toyota Tacoma. It is compact and easy to drive. It is good at hauling things. It lacks power and is poor at driving in winter conditions. It doesn't get great mileage. Overall it is good but not great.

- David W

The truck that will be with you to the day you die.

Even with the truck being 15 years old it's still running strong with regular maintenance. The truck is a prerunner so it's big enough to go off roading but still small enough to drive around and park in a city.

- Thomas V

Extremely dependable take care of it and it will take care of you

Fabulous work horse. Rugged. Dependable .wish gas mileage were higher and that I had put undercoating on sooner. Use it for my shellfishing business and it gets a lot of sand and saltwater. Fantastic truck

- Peggy J

It's paid off, and I'll only get rid of it when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!

It's really always been my dream car since I was little. It's black, fast, and mechanically sound. I love having it to haul things since l like to landscape and work in the yard. No complaints at all.

- Jennifer H

Toyota Tacoma Is a very dependable truck.

Truck is fifteen years old with No major problems mechanically. Very reliable truck that has taken us to work and to various out of state locations for fun. Is a very safe and reliable truck.

- Jamie R

It is a strong, reliable truck that can stand the test of time.

While the vehicle is older, it still runs like a new after only 1 tune up. The fuel efficiency is what you would expect out of a truck this age, but good for a double cab with a bed as well.

- Jake F

These a very well made trucks and I highly recommend buying one.

This has been a very reliable vehicle. It gets great gas mileage. I like being able to use the bed to pick/up or move things. I would like a truck with a bigger cab is my only complaint.

- Cheryl S

It's reliable, fuel economy isn't terribly poor for a truck.

My truck is a very reliable little truck. I like it because it hasn't had any major issues. I dislike it because it isn't fun to drive. Not fast or fun. Just a basic little truck.

- Alan C

It is a standard all my family knows it is my truck

I love my truck I can use it for almost anything The only thing I don't like is a broken passenger window my wife's granddaughter broke a few years ago It gets great gas mileage

- Thomas R

Reliable little truck that works well for loads large and small

My Tacoma is very reliable and has required little maintenance since I bought it new in 2003. It is easy to drive and can haul large loads as well as fit 3 people in the cab.

- Lauri N

Mileage is amazing. The truck feels lightweight.

There’s nothing to dislike about it. The body of the truck is small not huge and bulky like the newer models. The engine works well. Space inside the truck is good enough.

- Cindy B

It may seem small but it can hold a lot of weight in the bed before it starts seeing performance issues

For a small truck, it sure has a lot of power to it. It feels very spacious inside and not cramped. There have been no engine problems in over 15 years and 200,000 miles.

- Robert W

Toyota with 200,000 miles on it and still going

It has a common issue I found out with the shift arm breaking off. It is old but has over 200,000 miles on it. It still runs but not very great at this point.

- robert p

It is a very safe vehicle!

I like the power that my vehicle has. I like the amount of room my vehicle has even though it may look small. I don't like the amount of MPGs it gets.

- Katie b

That I have no regrets about buying it.

I really like my Toyota. It is very reliable vehicle. I have not had and trouble out of it since I have had it, other than routine maintenance.

- Wade M

It gets very good gas mileage.

I like that it sits up high. I like that i feel safe when i drive it. I like that it has 4 doors. I do not like that it is not 4 wheel drive.

- Pamela R

Super dependable truck that last forever

I have a silver single cab Tacoma. It is very reliable and cheap to fix. It has 100,000 miles on it and I plan for it to run another 100,000.

- Julie K

Even though it is kind of small, it is very useful.

I like that it's a toyota because toyota's are very reliable. I haven't had many issues beyond basic/standard repairs and maintenance.

- Dave B

The most important thing to note is that it's very dated.

My vehicle is quite dated. I purchased it a few years ago and I had plans to only use it temporarily but somehow I'm still using it.

- Erica R

It is a Toyota! The most dependable vehicle on the roads.

It is the best vehicle I have ever had. Economical, smooth, sturdy. Dependable, easy handling. Comfortable, easy to take care of..

- Debbie L

It is very reliable and fun to drive.

Very little engine problems, very reliable. I like that is also has 4 wheel drive. I do not like that it is only an extra cab.

- Travis M

My truck is very reliable. It is also an older car so it's easy to work on

I like that it is a truck. I do not like that it takes up so much gas. I like that it's an older car and it's easy to work on.

- Ed V

It's a reliable safe truck with enough room to fit a car seat into. Which is a seller because i want to start a family soon

I like that it's spacious both in the cab and in the truck bed. I dislike some of the features as far as not having rear ac

- Brady S

It is a great family car, and it is truly worth every penny we pay for it.

It is very secure on the road. Gas saver and repair free. And I do not have any complaint, I love his color and I love it.

- Pilar F

It is a reliable vehicle and very roomy.

Runs great with very little problems.. Still looks good for its age.. Feel safe driving it.. Has been a reliable vehicle.

- Catherine S

It is a 2003 yet it still drives just like it was brand new.

It is very durable and reliable, but it does not get very good gas mileage. I really like the look of the truck as well.

- Bob M

My car is fun to drive that is it.

Good size and has a truck bed for easy packing and camping and moving and good gas mileage and fits my family plus some.

- Danielle B

Engineered and built to run dependably.

Positive - keeps on running. It is dependable, built well, and reliable. Negative - the paint is oxidizing on the hood.

- Chris H

It's very dependable and I haven't had to get any big repairs on it

It's dependable. Good on gas. Takes a pretty heavy load. The only thing I don't like is the seats are a little cramped

- Daniel C

older trucks have a problem of rust

the paint has faded heat control broke the truck has rusted all over frame mostly good truck gas mileage so so

- james b

Toyotas last a long long time.

It's ran great for over 100k miles. Has not cost a lot to maintain it. Still looks good after all these years.

- Preston D

It's reliable and doesn't need much maintenance. It will drive forever

It's cute & reliable. I can take passengers & they are comfortable while also taking cargo in the truck bed

- Sarah N

I love the hatchback release and back up camera.

The gas mileage is very good and the way it handles in the snow. Have had very little maintenance issues.

- Deborah M

Good for a family, does not take up too much parking space like a big truck would.

It is handy and a good size. I does not get very good mileage. Parts of it seem cheaply made.

- Marcus P

It is extremely reliable! There has never been a single problem with it.

Bought from my dad. Been in the family. No complaints. 188k miles and still runs like new

- Kevin S

It's lasted a long time, and it's been well maintained.

I like the reliability. It's got a nice clean look. It handles rough driving very well.

- Richard A

Toyota delivers great value

Like that it is small pickup. Like extended cab. Don't like small 4 cylinder engine.

- Gary D

It is a 2wd pickup truck. It has 90,000 miles on it and still runs smooth.

It has a Reliable, quality engine. I find the truck bed useful. It looks good.

- Cody M

its mine and you can't have it just the Right size to make your work so much better

back seat to small. works great. older truck good gas mileage needs new paint

- sadie jean a

It is a very dependable truck.

375,000 miles. It runs real good. Only had a few minor problems

- Tony m

Its good looking car. Its reliable, comfortable ride

I like everything but the color shows the dirt too easily

- dorena h

I like the size of my vehicle. It's not too high and not too small. It is capable to go off-road and the bed gives me room to bring bikes or move furniture.

It had a good reputation for running for a long time.

- Dan R