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It has been extremely reliable.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

I like the maneuverability, convenience of a truck bed, simplicity and lightweight which allows less wear and tear on components with lighter/cheaper to make components. Maintenance costs are low, the truck goes long periods without needing maintenance with few components to break thanks to the simplicity, and fuel costs are manageable at 25-31 mpg based on fuel up calculations. The truck bed has been a tremendous help with various projects and is a great size for my needs and easy to access as the top of it is at waist level and I can reach far into it without moving around to other side or climbing up into it. I would like a little more room in the passenger compartment and even better fuel mileage. I have found the lack of a crew cab a disadvantage with a wish that I could trade 2 feet off of my truck bed for a crew cab in the 4 cylinder package. I also like that the truck has enough clearance to drive over curbs as certain road obstructions have rendered this a useful feature of the 7 years I have owned this vehicle.

- Caleb M

2004 Toyota Tacoma with a 3 inch suspension lift and oversized tires.

2004 Toyota Tacoma Base

I really love my 2004 Toyota Tacoma. I have never had any issues with it. I bought it used as my first vehicle when I started driving in 2013. It has been extremely reliable. I get the oil changed approximately every 5000 miles. Toyotas that were made prior to 2005 are notorious for having a frame that rusts through. My Toyota does not show any excessive signs of rust, at least no more than a typical vehicle that is 15+ years old. The truck is a 4wd, and I live in an area where it snows periodically during the winter. The 4wd in the truck is amazing. I can go out with confidence in snow that most people would be scared to venture out in. Overall I love my truck and plan to keep it for many more years.

- Zack H

04' Tacoma,1 owner, no issues with regular maintenance.

2004 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

Toyotas are known for reliability, I have had no issues with my Tacoma. Only had to complete regular maintenance and around 125k miles had to get a new radiator and window washing fluid container. Inferior has held up well only issues is a crack in the underside of the armrest/center console and floor mat needs to be replaced do to rubberized backing falling apart. Not the most comfortable interior. For a v6 I feel like it has never had much power, it is slow to accelerate. Good for long drives, cruzes at 70mph. Ok gas mileage about 15 mph.

- Lauren K

Reliable but needs some TLC

2004 Toyota Tacoma Base

I love my truck. Its old, but it's reliable. As long as In continue to take care of it and show it some love, I know it will continue to be reliable for many years. However, even though it's reliable, it does have its issues. The front lights need to be replaced, and the ac is broken, which for living in Florida, that's a huge issue. It's also finicky when trying to crank it up. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries rk get it to turn over. But overall I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world.

- Lauren C

Reliable, spacious, good on gas, comfortable, easy to clean and maintain.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is a very reliable vehicle if you take care of it. I have driven cross country twice in my Tacoma and loved every second of it! Didn't really experience any problems with it until I got to 230, 000 miles. I currently live on a dirt road and have only had to bring the truck in for repair due to dirt clogging/messing things up under the hood. The Tacoma is always able to fit all of my groceries and then some! It's a safe and trustworthy vehicle for any age group!

- Summer T

My toy, Toyota: cool truck for people with any age!

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Reliability is what comes to my mind when thinking about Toyota cars/trucks. I trusted this maker when I shopped for a truck to buy and have no issue so far with my Tacoma. Four-door eliminates any shortage on passenger space and high seat enables me to look with better upcoming views on the street. I am pretty confident that, with periodic and proper maintenance, my Tacoma will run more than 200, 000 miles easily.

- Jin L

Very dependent and reliable vehicle

2004 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

Problems- not a lot of problems. Very small inside, so not comfortable for tall people. Love the way it drives, has some torque to it. I also really like the TRD version because it has the rear differential lock to help when off road. Also random, but like having four cup holders in the front. Very convenient. Overall it is a very capable truck, does decent on gas, and is reliable for me to drive anywhere.

- Kylie W

04 Toyota Tacoma with 175k+ miles and running great!

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Vehicle has over 175,000 miles and the only mechanical issues I have dealt with is various sensors have needed to be replaced. Runs great as long as routine maintenance is performed. It is a very reliable vehicle. The ride could be smoother but it has the off road package so the shocks aren't as soft and don't provide a very smooth ride. Great interior features for the price and inside is comfortable.

- Robert P

My trusty little work truck

2004 Toyota Tacoma Base

I have a Tacoma 2004 single cab 4x4 4 cylinder that I bought used and have owned for 3 years now. The truck is perfect for work being its a 4 cylinder gas mileage is great going back and forth from home. The only downside I guess is after putting 100k miles on the truck the engine starts throwing oil, I don't know if that's a me issue or the truck, but other than that I have had no issues with it.

- Chris T

This truck is a 4 x 4. It has great lower gears for off road trails.

2004 Toyota Tacoma Base

I have had this vehicle from brand new. It has almost 190,000 miles. I have the regular maintenance done. I have not had any problems to speak of. I have also taken this vehicle to do some easy to moderate off roading. It has done very well. The lower gears make getting over or around very easy. The truck does great on regular roads as well. It is comfortable enough for long roads trips too.

- Shane W

2004 Toyota Tacoma is still going!

2004 Toyota Tacoma Base

2004 Toyota Tacoma, 5 speed manual transmission drives very well. I drive it to and from work daily, great gas mileage. The biggest issue I have is the driver side front turn signal goes out and it is a wiring issue. I can replace the bulb and it may work for a while but then goes out again. I will drive this vehicle until it does not go any more. It has almost 350000 miles and still going!

- Sally S

Dependable and low maintenance. Great for hauling most anything.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

My Toyota tacoma has all manuel functions like door locks, windows are rolled up manually. It has been a great vehicle. The only thing that went out, when it was barely 3 years old, was the ac. I have it serviced regularly and so far the repairs have been normal wear and tear from use. It rides ok, well like a truck! And I have taken numerous long distance trips with it.

- Janet S

Very handy. Easy to fit in parking lots.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Our Toyota Tacoma is very handy for hauling small loads, groceries etc. It is very reliable, we have never had any issues mechanically. We just make sure we are up to date on maintenance and it runs like a top. I would recommend this truck to anyone looking for a small truck. The only thing I would change is having an automatic transmission.

- Suzanne H

Tacoma trucks review - best truck on the market.

2004 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

The Tacoma is a very reliable vehicle. In the last five years I have only done oil changes. It gets great gas mileage. The short bed allows me to be able to park very easily. Upgrading my headlights to halogen was easy to do. The Tacoma holds a great resale value. Driving a truck gets me through the high water in summer rain season.

- Michael C

It has been very dependable.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

My (now) old Toyota has been extremely dependable. Though it is certainly showing Its age, I can get into the truck and have a strong belief that it will get to and from my planned destination. Because it is a truck, I have found the convenience of having a vehicle that is more useful than a mere passenger car.

- Gordon M

It's a good reliable truck on gas moving.

2004 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

My girlfriends tuck is a good reliable transportation because it gets us everywhere, and if we got to move it helps us get our stuff without going to pay for a rental uhaul truck. It runs good on gas. So when we go out of town we get there safe. So if anyone plans on getting a truck get one like ours.

- Gregory D

It is red with one headlight.

2004 Toyota Tacoma Base

It was a very good truck, very reliable still is. Just seems like one thing after another needs to be fixed. It is the passenger door, it got jammed and now it will not even open. I have to crawl out the driver side it is a pain but as far as efficient for what we use it for and reliable it is great.

- Chelsea L

My Toyota only way to go.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Really haven't had any problems, all I've had to do is have it serviced route visits. The best vehicle I've ever purchased. If I ever buy another new one i'll go with another Toyota pickup. Can't go wrong buying a Toyota. I just remember did have a frame put under it in 2016. Due to recall was all.

- Janice W

like new 04 Toyota Tacoma compact truck, excellent silver exterior

2004 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

04 Toyota Tacoma prerunner great reliable compact truck with a metal body. Silver with black trim. No damage to the exterior of the vehicle. In perfect running condition. Good trans, fresh tires, newly detailed. The interior is in clean condition. Icy cold ac. Decent mileage. strong engine. power

- Apple D

15 year old vehicle but drives like new.

2004 Toyota Tacoma Base

for at 15 year old vehicle, this thing drives like a dream. Great vehicle to invest in. it has over 186 thousand miles on it and it still drives like a good truck. Now it is a light truck so it doesn't have much weight in the rear, but that is an easy fix with some sandbags or cinder blocks.

- Julius E

A great truck for anyone and everyone

2004 Toyota Tacoma Base

That truck has lasted me five years with minimal problems, never been stuck, and always gets me where I need to go. I love that truck more than some of my family members. I hope to get it to three hundred thousand miles. I got it with one hundred ninety-two thousand miles on it.

- Bonner W

It is old but reliable. Had seen me though many good as well as bad times in my life and I will be sad to see it go.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

I've had this truck since high school (Class of '05) and it's only had minor issues that were easily fixed and could of been avoided through modest care and upkeep. It's still serving me and my family and the only reason I'm thinking of buying new is because I feel it is time.

- Matthew R

Longevity is an important factor in purchasing a light truck.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

One of, if not the most reliable car I have ever owned. Toyota to me equals quality and I will drive this truck for as long as possible. Good gas mileage for a pickup. Handles and rides better than expected for a truck that is almost 15 years old. Pleasure to drive and own.

- Mike S

Good look and runs great forever.

2004 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

Runs great no problems besides keeping up to date on regular fixes, oil changes etc. I would recommend it for everyone and the life span is amazing runs practically forever. And they are good trucks to build up and put new parts on for more of an off road look.

- Gavin Q

I love it! It is my dream vehicle. I can clean it up and make it look nice for a date night, or take out in the mud to play.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

It is a four door pickup truck. It is considered the last year model of the compact size Tacoma. It gets about 20 miles to the gallon on highway and 18 in the city. I love the room of a crew cab, but the compact size makes it perfect for life.

- Hakeem B

My truck is a 4x4 and has never left me stranded. Not enough space for car seat.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

My Toyota Tacoma has been the best truck I have ever owned. It has bedrock reliability and is very capable in all weather conditions. If you change the oil regularly and do regular maintenance these trucks will last for a very long time.

- Matt B

It runs great and gets great gas mileage!

2004 Toyota Tacoma

For a truck it gets great gas mileage and has decent leg room. The bad side because it is a four cylinder it does not have the speed from the start that I would like. And it is a two wheel drive so it does not handle well in bad weather.

- Martin W

It's a Toyota Tacoma and the engine lasts forever.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

What I like about my truck is that mechanically, it is very dependable. It runs and drives very well. However, the Air Conditioning has gone out and the repair costs are starting to pile up. I'm considering buy another truck.

- james H

Long lasting, reliable vehicle

2004 Toyota Tacoma

I bought my truck used, but it only had 5000 miles on it when I got it. It's been great. I've only had to get the shocks changed and just a little work on my clutch in the past 14 years of owning it.

- Barbara J

Toyota are reliable, comforting, and a well performed vehicle to own.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Problems owning a Toyota Tacoma in Hawaii is the paint, it oxidation gets really bad. Performance wise, it is wonderful as long as you have it maintained with oil changes, full service check ups.

- Diana Y

My truck almost very has any issues and we get ok gas mileage. Overall it is a great truck.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

I dislike the size of the cab of the truck. The half cab makes it hard for people to get in and out. The truck I s fine for short people but normal size people have little to no leg room.

- allison p

Toyota Tacoma is the most reliable small truck.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

I really love that my truck is so reliable. I can always count on it to work well and get me where I'm going. I also love that it is the perfect size, not too large and not too small.

- Madison S

That it is a durable machine that has lasted me over 14 years.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

I love that it is durable. It has crossed the country 4 times. I love that has four doors so I can take my family. I love that it has four wheel drive in case I need it.

- Scott P

Buying a Toyota is the right thing to do.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Very reliable. Always starts and can count on it. Good for hauling and trips as good gas mileage too. I am very happy with this vehicle and would recommend to everyone.

- Diana K

Great resale value and easy aftermarket parts.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Tacoma's are super reliable and deservedly have a great reputation. Take care of your things and they'll take care of you, is really a great quote for these trucks!

- Natalie R

Toyota makes a very reliable vehicle.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

I like that it is dependable and reliable. Everything is manual (no electronic locks, etc. ) Except the transmission. Very dependable. I would buy another one.

- Ken P

That I have driven it for 12 years with no problems other than general maintenance.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

I love my Toyota. It has been very dependable and the body remains sound. If I were to replace it, I would choose another Toyota. I have no complaints.

- Tonya H

That I have had it for years and never had any problems.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

I love my truck. It is one of the most dependable vehicles that I have ever owned. It has never let me down, is practical and has held its value.

- Tonya H

Decent car for a reasonable price

2004 Toyota Tacoma

It runs fairly smoothly and is very good for a small sized truck. It hasn't had any real problems in the relatively short time I have owned it.

- Jayden H

It does not look great, but it is got it where it matters.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

It is very dependable, maintained well it'll run for years.. If I had to do it over, i'd have bought the tundra instead due to bigger size..

- Rob H

This vehicle has a long life span. The parts last for more miles than other vehicles.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

I have enjoyed this vehicle. It has over 300,000 miles and hasn't needed a lot of repairs. This vehicle has held up well over the years.

- Mary H

The most important thing other should know is that the vehicle is gold.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

I like the fact that it is a truck. I dislike the fact that the truck is only 2 wheel drive. I do not like the gas mileage the truck gets.

- Maggie R

It's a good reliable truck, although it gets poor gas mileage.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Reliable no-frills truck, but guzzles gas. It rides a bit rough due to off-road suspension. Will consider buying again in the future.

- Rob J

That is always gets me where I am going with no problems.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

A good vehicle that has always been reliable. I have never had any major problems. No complaints. Except that it is getting old.

- Charles G

Lots of cargo space and passenger room.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

It is very reliable. It is paid for. It is a strong work truck. It is still a good looking truck and gets very good gas mileage.

- Keith D

It keeps going and going. It has over 175,000 miles with just regular maintenance.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Very reliable with only regular maintenance required. It's a comfortable ride for a truck. The full length bed is so helpful.

- Karen S

You can depend on great performance.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

I like the low cost gas. And low cost repairs and the way the it rides on the highway same engine and still performing strong.

- Fred R

It is reliable and gets good gas mileage.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Gas mileage isn't the best, but overall the truck is fantastic. We love it and has been used all over town and on road trips.

- Chris K

It's a long lasting car, that means it's still in good condition.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

I like the car because its still in good condition. I do not like the paint because it's now faded. I need to repaint it.

- James B

It's very reliable, there haven't been any major breaks since we got it.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Have to kick the ac to turn it on. The gas gauge stopped working and I have to know when to fill it up (it stops halfway)

- Ryan R

Toyota Tacoma, reasonably priced and dependability that lasts.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who needs a light truck. It has served me well and has not had any major issues.

- Curtis J

Quick Tacoma Review After Owning For Two Years

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Very dependable truck. Drives smoothly and isn't too loud. Has decent gas mileage for a truck. Holds up over time.

- Patrick M

Red Toyota Tacoma, overall a wonderful truck and would consider getting another truck.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Lots flat tires, needed new clutch. I want a reliable car that drives smooth and has the proper safety protocol.

- Lucy R

Toyota cars & trucks hold value over the years. Also, they run strong and have very few mechanical failures in the long run. And most of the Toyotas are stylish for all demographics.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Tacoma pickups are useful & utilized. V6 motor are powerful & strong. Toyotas hold value over the years to come.

- Jeffrey M

It is was my first car. This does not use a lot of fuel.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

I absolutely love this car it is really great. I recommend this car to anyone who is look for a nice truck.

- Amy L

It is a smooth ride with a tight turning radius.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

It's great on gas and small and cozy. I can haul all I need and that works for me. It's got enough power.

- Bill O

It is in good condition, drives well, and is great for hauling cargo

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Like that it's small, fuel efficient, and drives well. It is manual, which are becoming more rare.

- Josh B

My Toyota Tacoma gets about 27 miles per gallon.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

I like the fuel efficiency. I like that It's low maintenance. I don't like It's small size.

- Jeff H

This truck is a long lasting vehicle, it has 170000 miles and I have not experienced any major breakdowns. It's mileage is only about 24 miles per gallon.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

mileage is not very good. Vehicle is reliable. Good mechanically, Paint job did not hold up.

- Robert R

When maintained as needed, Toyotas last forever! At 200,000 miles, my truck is still like new.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Solid, well-built truck. Good design. Interior and exterior have held up exceedingly well.

- Polly B

Fantastic auto, minimum problems, easy to operate, good milage.Looks great and very easy to maintain.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

This car has a great resale value and looks great compared to others even newer.

- john b

They should drive one also.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

It is very dependable. It gets great gas mileage. It is a very strong truck.

- Keith K

Four seater, two door, bed in the back, headlights and tail lights. Updated radio system in truck. Good ac

2004 Toyota Tacoma

It's pretty old but still drives well and the ac in the truck works

- Reyne T

Dependable truck that has good gas mileage.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Love to use to hunt and fish. Great on gas. Good looking.

- lei R

Good value that will last many years with low maintenance cost.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Reliability. Style and function. Value for money spent.

- Time S