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Reliable, easy to maintain and useful car.

This car is very reliable, comfortable and easy to maintain. In general I do not like to drive pickup trucks, but I got used to this one fairly easily. It is not too big and it is roomy enough. My husband and I keep up with all the maintenance so we never really had any problems with the car so far. I wish it had seat warmers, but I imagine newer cars of this model have it. To me the most important thing is reliability and I am sure that when we'll be buying a new car it will surely be another Toyota.

- Kristina T

2006 Toyota Tacoma 4WD pickup truck.

It runs very well. Very dependable it is also pretty economical as far as gasoline is concerned. I get around 20 miles to a gallon. A couple of years ago Toyota had a recall regarding the rusting of the truck's frame. They gave me a comped rental car and replaced the frame and the undercarriage suspension systems at no (zero) charge to me. I am now currently considering purchasing a new Toyota Tacoma v6 truck.

- Gary G

Great truck I have the power to work and go out.

My 2006 model Toyota Tacoma is a very good truck runs good it is 4 door v6 long wheel base it run and drives a lot of room hauls and tows great. It is automatic two wheel drive black in color no dents or dings very good truck I depend on my truck very much so to get back and forth to work also take my wife out on the weekend haven't had no major issue with it since I have bought it.

- Michael P

Long lasting truck and service history.

It is long lasting with almost 210, 000 miles with only an issue with the catalytic converters and a small power steering leak that has not caused any issues at this time. I have had it since it had 80, 000 miles and have only had to repair a head gasket leak which cost around $3, 000 otherwise I have only had to maintain the vehicle with oil changes, brake pads, and tires.

- Jason W

The Toyota Tacoma is a high quality, durable vehicle that can be modded to your lifestyle.

The Tacoma has a lot of room in the front, but the back seats are fairly small. When you start it, the engine is a little loud. While you're driving, it can be loud too. The performance of the vehicle is great through and we've never had any problems with it, besides rusting. The best part is that there are so many mods for this vehicle. The options are endless.

- Amanda K

Get a 4 wheel drive so that it can traverse any road or weather conditions.

My Toyota Tacoma is very dependable, comfortable for 5 people and versatile. I do not always like the length of the bed when trying to parallel park, but it is great for loading up my bicycles and for moving lots of stuff. I wouldn't trade it for anything! Right now, I have over 200,000 miles on it and it is still running great! I cannot say anything more.

- Katie R

Rugged and dependable truck good for what trucks are used for.

It is a pickup truck that was purchased with over 100K miles on it. It is very stripped down. No cruise control. The air conditioning unit has gone out and there is a clunk in the rear when the foot is taken off the break. It is a very comfortable ride for someone over 6ft 2, which was important in the decision of purchasing the truck.

- Pete L

Happy with my Tacoma and it is warranty.

Reliable, comfortable, trouble free. Only major repair at 120k was to the air conditioning. No rust on body and paint has held up very well. Toyota made good on a major recall issue. . . They replaced the frame at no charge. Dealer gave me a loaner for ten days during the frame replacement. . . And that warranty work was done at 80k!

- Nick A

The electrical outlet in the bed of the truck.

It runs great. Starts easy gets pretty good mileage. Can carry a decent load. It came with 4 movable tie down anchors to attach bungee cords or ratchet straps to. It has an exterior 110 volt outlet in the sidewall of the bed of the truck. It has both 100 & 400 watts and can be turned on and off from inside the cab on the dashboard.

- Jim O

That Toyota's are durable.

It is been 12 years and I have seen that Toyota is one of the most durable vehicles. I have always loved the look of the pickup. In fact I got the exact black model that I wanted with the engine intake. Being in a truck makes me feel more secure. The unfortunate aspect of my car is that it is not very fuel efficient.

- Ana O

Reliable Toyota but too heavy to play in the mud without huge tires.

No problems after 13 years so high reliability, a few small problems with electronics and brake/abs lights on and don't know why. Truck is a 4x4 but it still fails in the mud, it is too heavy for its size, older Tacomas were lighter. Fuel mileage is ok for a truck and towing specs are respectable. Bed is small.

- Jack B

2006 Toyota Tacoma 2 wheel drive truck.

I have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma pickup that I drive every day. It is reliable and gets me where I want to go. It has air conditioning and cruise control. It runs smoothly and it drives well. I take it on short trips. I have a nice camper shell which allows me to go camping. It gets decent gas mileage.

- Bob T

I like my 2006 Toyota Tacoma.

This has always been a sturdy vehicle, I have had few problems with it. I did have excessive frame corrosion when it was about I years old but Toyota replaced the frame at no cost to me. I average about 16 miles per gallon around town and about 22 highway. It averages out to 19 miles per gallon.

- David L

Solid vehicle with at least 200k to 300k miles left on it.

I real problem, replacing power window motor on passenger side. Only other problems included a couple of flat tires, dead battery, headlight, turn signal and brake light replacements. A number of recalls including frame, air bag light, seat belts, and floor brake. Get great mileage for a truck.

- Michael H

My 06 Tacoma has a high sale value I have 123, 000 miles, worth 12, 000 dollars.

I like my 2006 Toyota Tacoma, it is a v6 which is great on gas. The only thing I do not like is that it feels like I am driving a boat. When taking turns the entire truck feels top heavy. I have been having this weird sound coming from the engine but the check engine light has not come on yet.

- Stefanie G

My model actually does ok on gas mileage. 4 cylinder.

Unfortunately my vehicle has been extreme unreliable. It is constantly in the shop and the maintenance/repairs have put me in a really bad financial situation. I love the look and feel of the Tacoma and it is still the most desirable car in the world to me. I think I just got a lemon somehow.

- Kristina S

A truck that is also an SUV.

This model of a truck is like having a SUV with a truck bed. So it's the best of both worlds. The reliability of this vehicle is the high end of what you would expect from a Toyota vehicle. The comfort is like what you have in a SUV but you may feel bumps a bit more, after all it is a truck.

- Kristina H

Truck is a little too heavy to have any fun in mud, i bought a 4x4 toyota to have this fun a little but truck sinks in mud too quick.

It's 12 years old and living up to toyota quality. Very reliable but a few electronics problems that happened too early. Cost of any repairs are too high unless you can buy parts and do yourself. My resale value at this age is starting to meet same value of cheaper trucks of same age.

- jack w

Toyota Tacoma truck review.

It is a basic truck with lots of power. The access cab is nice for groceries and storing tools and materials. It has four-wheel drive which is nice for the winters and backroad travels. The CD player is not the best; it sounds scratchy and fuzzy when being used but the radio works.

- Brian B

Most outstanding truck on the road, bar none.

I love my truck because it does not have any problems, its performance is amazing, reliability is on the next level, comfort is great and the features are great. Just a great family truck. We use it for our vacations and going to the beach and most of all it is a great work truck.

- Joe S

2006 Toyota Tacoma suits me fine.

My Tacoma was purchased used. I love the interior space from the full 4 doors for easy entry to the flexibility of the fold down rear seats. My gas mileage has remained consistent at a disappointing 20 to 22 mpg. It has been very reliable, with only routine maintenance needed.

- Del W

It comes in different colors that will work for everyone. It is a good vehicle.

It is the right size to haul items in it. Easy to get in and out of for anyone. It runs smoothly and last longer if you keep up on the maintenance. It's good for couples and kids. It is good for long trips and it enough cup holders for everyone. It comes in different colors.

- Tanya P

Reliable and durable while still being a dream to drive.

My vehicle is very reliable and very durable. I've never had a problem with the engine and mechanics. It almost steers and feels like I am a driving a car and not a truck. The only problems I have are the options in the interior. There is not AUX plug in or nav screen.

- Craig G

Overall a good truck for many uses.

Overall, my Tacoma is the perfect car for me. There has only been minor, usual maintenance for it. I expect to have this car last a very long time and Toyota is known for that. I am very pleased with it. I would purchase this car again if mine were need to be replaced.

- Gina R

2006 Toyota Tacoma great vehicle.

I love driving my Toyota Tacoma. It has held up very well for me and I have had minimal issues with it. The air conditioner went out but it was easy to fix and the tire light is on but the tires are fine. Other than that it is a comfortable truck to ride in and drive.

- Sydney T

Toyota's are meant to last. 12 Years and 180k miles and it still drives like the year I got it

I love my truck. I have had it for almost 12 years and I have not had any issues with it. There was an instance where the transmission was acting up but it was taking care of by the dealership since I reported the problem early on. Other then that the truck is amazing

- Andres B

Great little truck for a daily commuter

My Toyota Tacoma gets great gas mileage. It is the best running truck that I've ever had. I have only had one issue since I bought it and that is a radiator leak. It was easily fixed by replacing a hose. In the future I would definitely buy another Toyota Tacoma

- Trever B

Smooth riding and it will last you a very long time if treated right.

Tacoma is a reliable truck that if treated right will last and perform for a long time. I have a standard that I think gives it more character and helps a little on the gas mileage. Having a reliable truck to help in the winter with the 4x4 is also an additive.

- Andrew J

Awesome value for off-road vehicle. Holds its value and low maintenance cost.

Reliable as hell! Low maintenance! Great for off-road and snow but also good in gas for it is size. My last car was the Tacoma and all future cars will be the same. If my last one was not stolen out of my driveway at 280, 000 miles I would still be driving it.

- Thomas D

Reliable Toyota Tacoma without major mechanical problems.

Great performance and reliability on this vehicle throughout the time I have had it. I have only had minor problems and routine maintenance due to the high mileage such as changing belts, pulleys or wheel bearings. No major mechanical issues to date.

- Jeff H

My Toyota Tacoma is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned.

I love how dependable it is. I wouldn't mind a few more updated features, but wouldn't trade the dependable vehicle for the features. About the only thing I would really change is the mileage. Gas costs can get a bit overwhelming on my budget.

- Connie J

Air conditioning problems.

The truck is comfortable for a taller person to drive. Plenty of legroom for driver and passenger. Very stripped down model that does not even have cruise control. Air conditioning went out. There is a clunk when foot is taken off the break.

- Peter L

My Toyota Tacoma is a really dependable vehicle for my needs.

It is really fun to drive. It is 4wd which is needed for winters where I live. It is an eye catcher and people always comment on what a good looking truck it is. Toyota is really good about taking care of any recalls. It is dependable.

- Linda W

It is very reliable. Its never had any major problems. I have gaken very good care of it. It is a strong truck.

My truck is in good condition. I have have it for 14 years. I am the only person that has owned it. I have not had any major problems or issues with this vehicle. I have never had to put it in the shop. It's never been wrecked.

- Eleanor S

Even though it seems like just a sturdy and safe vehicle, it is also fun to drive.

I love the size of my truck. It makes me feel safe and stable on the road. However, the size also makes it difficult for me, a short woman, to do most maintenance on my own so I nearly always have to bring it to the dealership.

- Ctg A

That if you maintain your vehicle right. It will take care of you.

I have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma 4. 0 4x4. This vehicle handles great not only on the road, but in the mud. I maintenance this vehicle every chance I get. And the best part about it is that it's never broken down me yet.

- Jose G

It's comfortable to drive and ride in. The fuel efficiency is decent.

I like how the truck drives and handles. It is comfortable to sit in. The cab needs to be a little bigger because there's not enough room for 2 car seats in the back and to have the driver's seat back far enough.

- Tiffany F

Tacoma Lifetime Customer.

I have never owned a vehicle as good as a Toyota Tacoma. I will forever be buying Tacomas. Mine has almost 300k and has had only one problem which was it needed CATS which is standard for all vehicles.

- Andrew P

The truck is the best dependable truck made and also retains its value !

I love the dependability , it is very quiet , goes anywhere , well mad , and has a very high resale value ! The only thing I can complain about it the radio is awful , poor reception and sound !

- Larry K

I like the flexibility to haul and move large loads of items, but I don't love how trucks drive in general. This particular truck was bought used, and has a few issues that I've needed to fix over the last 2 years of ownership.

It has a manual transmission, has 4 cylinders, so a lot less power than you'd like. It has a bench seat in the back, and the 4-wheel drive actuator does not work. Neither does the e-break

- Amanda S

My vehicle is a pickup truck with an access (extended) cab.

The only issues I have with my vehicle are that it has manual locks and windows and no cruise control since it is a base model. Other than that, everything is top notch in my opinion.

- Ken G

It runs faithfully without breaking down.

A medium-sized pick up. It runs faithfully and allows me to convey whatever I need to move about. The interior is comfortable and it contains what I need to move about my area.

- Ken S

The safety and dependability.

I like the compact style of the truck and how cheap the parts are to fix it. I do not like how much the truck costs on gas. I also like the dependability of the truck.

- Kyle R

They are both reliable, good on gas overall just great vehicles to own.

I haven't had any real problems with the Honda or Toyota. The normal wear and tear of the vehicle, new tires, new batteries, oil changes, and replacement filters.

- Yvonne D

It has incredible longevity.

The floater is off in the tank, but that is the only problem I have ever had! It is reliable and strong. With synthetic oil, it runs beautifully a 203000 miles!!

- Pauline A

It's a great vehicle, very reliable and tough.

Very reliable. Appearance is great and the interior is big enough to fit my needs. Would highly recommend Toyota Tacomas to anyone interested in a midsize truck.

- Brian M

Its dependable. It is reliable and gets you going.

Long lasting. Easy to maintain. Nothing to dislike. I do not have a lot of emotional relationships with vehicles to answer this in 100 or more characters.

- Dan K

Very Reliable and has only required routine maintenance.

Got the truck new to replace a previously owned Toyota pickup with 167,000 miles. This truck has only needed routine maintenance & has been very reliable.

- Als S

It is dependable long lasting.

It's a pickup it sits up high giving me a better view of road. Inadequate interior storage space. No place to put toolbox without it being in view.

- Paul H

It holds its value very nicely and it's not for sale.

Comfortable ride. Crew cab gives lots of room for people or purchases. Good gas mileage. Low maintenance. Good sized bed with canopy for security.

- David G

It is very expensive to fill it up with gas. For a compact truck I was surprised how much it costs to travel with it.

Reliability is great along with the comfort. Performance can fluctuate, but parts are affordable. You can also add many new features to the truck.

- Kyle R

The best part about my vehicle is that it is a 2 wheel drive and I can still take it off roading

Just take care of regular maintenance and she will last forever. Car will always run good when you take care of it. Also do beat it up too much.

- Zack C

That it has over 100,000 miles and is still going.

We really have not had any major problems, it has over 100,000 miles on it. It is 4 wheel drive, automatic, power windows, cd player and radio.

- helen m

Very reliable, I have had my vehicle 12 years now with no major problems.

I love the way it rides it is got a very smooth ride. And I love the size of my vehicle. My only complaint is the paint job has faded real bad.

- Cynthia W

Toyotas last a long time.

My truck has been a good truck. It has nearly 200,000 miles on it and it's going. My only complaint is, I wish I had gotten a larger vehicle.

- Don H

All around nice truck, its 4WD.

A few things I like about my truck. It is 4WD, it handles good, it is low maintenance, and it has 4 doors. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Miranda R

Easy to drive, not intimidating. Reliable. Easy to maintain.

Very dependable and runs smoothly. Constantly told by professional mechanics how if routine maintenance is done, vehicle will "run forever"

- Christopher J

Tacoma's are built to last and one can rest assured that the quality is there.

I love my truck as its a car in which I can put my dogs in and go. The car is comfortable and easy to clean. I also feel very safe in it.

- Nicole M

Why the Tacoma is a great vehicle.

I really like how comfortable the seats are. How convenient the dashboard is. It is easy to get in and out of truck. Great utility truck.

- Jan K

Love my truck! Always a fan of Tacomas.

My truck has been very reliable over the years. Any major issues I have had were covered under a recall and were fixed by Toyota.

- Hillary H

Can rely on it being ready and able when you need it to be.

Reliable to drive. Comfortable interior with everything I need to drive well. Plenty of storage room to move whatever I need to.

- Ken G

It is very well built. They built it to last.

I love the dependability and safety features. I love the color and body style. I feel like this truck is going to run forever!.

- Amy K

It's not as fuel efficient as some SUVs but I can haul stuff in it.

I like that I can haul stuff. I like that I sit higher than in a sedan. I like that it's red. I don't have any complaints.

- Vicky H

dependable, has good looks

reliable. My complaint is there are many blind spots . there has been a few recalls . the springs , seat belts and gas pedal

- sally b

It's silver a Toyota and it's gerat

My vehicle is great I would like a newer version but that's about it . It is actually really good it's silver and that's it

- Ariel S

It's very reliable as well as economical. They have a great track record.

It is the perfect size for me. Very good on gas compared to past vehicles. It has just enough cargo space to store my goods

- Edward W

The engine is long lasting.

I like that it is a truck. It also has a great long lasting engine. It is a manual which is easier to move in bad weather.

- Andrew J

It will run for a long time after all it is a toyota

It has good gas mileage and bed size. It has a small cab so It's not roomy. And to low to the ground for myself personally

- Mike O

Gas efficient very affordable

My truck, when maintained properly, is a great vehicle that can go on any terrain and will run forever if taken care of

- Brody M

Gets great gas mileage on both city and highway travel

I like that the truck is just the right size for 2 people. It gets great gas mileage. It is comfortable for travel.

- Bill M

Nothing stops it! Eighteen inches of snow on the ground and I didn't even have to put it in 4WD.

It's very dependable. I love all the room in the cab. Great for someone over 6 ft tall. It has like 28 cup holders!

- Bob C

That it is a good vehicle to drive and comfortable to ride in.

I like the size and the style of the body. I like that it can carry large loads, I don't like the poor gas mileage.

- Tymon B

The handles are broke on the front doors.

I have always owned a Toyota. They are very reliable vehicles. It is the perfect size. Not too big not too small.

- Jennifer L

My car looks small but has a lot of room and gets good gas mileage.

Small goes anywhere. Light. Durable. Strong engine that can pull/haul everything. Good gas mileage and handling.

- Matt L

It's reliable and has a fast pick up. It has the same gas mileage since I bought it.

I like a pick up. I like how it looks and drives. I like the red color. I like best it's so reliable and strong

- Teresa H

Great truck that runs so good. Looks good. Right size to get into and out.

I bought it because I liked it and it was like my older truck. Just more bells and whistles then 1996, I have

- Penny P

Toyota Tacoma is a great buy!

The Toyota Tacoma is the most comfortable truck I have ever own. It gets great mileage and looks very sporty.

- Eddie S

It will last a lot longer than most other vehicles on the market now.

We bought this vehicle used with 40,000 miles. It now has 320,000 miles, and is getting good gas mileage.

- Dianna S

My car is very dependable.

Has off-road capability. Has plenty of space for my needs. Has a good sound system. Has 13 cup holders.

- Lane H

Don't punch the gas, she has a lot of get up and go.

Great power for its size. Dependable Had a frame rusting issue but the manufacturer fixed it.

- Robert S

It's great for family ride and work truck. No other truck compares.

It's the perfect size. I can drive it flawlessly. Great for family and work. No complaints

- Ashley H

it's a small truck able to do anything that takes a beating and keeps on going, haven't had any major problems and have given a heck of a beating over the years

its freaking durable and does okay on gas and is decently comfortable and highly capable

- bob b

I love my truck! My husband actually bought it for me as a 20 year anniversary present. It is very reliable, dependable and is great for traveling with our camper

It is very reliable. Dealerships are always on point with any recalls or repairs.

- Christie J

Toyota s generally last a very long time, high mileage should not scare someone off.

I love the truck and the way it handles. I wish it had a navigation system.

- Kristen J

It gets good gas mileage for a midsize truck.

I like it's durability and gas mileage. Dislike it's wide turning radius.

- Eric F

It's a great all round sporty pickup. With good towing and not too bad on gas.

The bed is big enough to fit an entire bike. The gas mileage is decent.

- John F

Well Made, Durable and Comfortable

Very reliable, durable, attractive, practical, comfortable, versatile.

- Bruce B

It is a capable vehicle on and off road. Very reliable.

Like truck overall. Dislike the fact that there is no power steering.

- Kelly D

Never really had any issues with the vehicle. The gas mileage isn't the best but compete with other trucks

It stands out above all the rest and is more reliable than competitors

- Jackson B

I love the vehicle. I wish it was newer. Also, I wish t had less miles

It is a great all-around truck. It takes care of all my needs.

- Brad B

It can travel on a full tank pretty far which makes it a good heavy duty travel car for a small family.

Requires a lot of gas which can be pretty expensive.

- Josue M

Dependable, Tough and Looks Good. Very comfortable to drive.

low maintenance cost. Very dependable. looks good.

- Bill B

That it is very dependable. Will give you no trouble.

Durable and dependable. Looks and drives great.

- Miles A

Safe, reliable, easy maintenance vehicle.

- emily W