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2008 Toyota Tacoma review.

As far as reliability goes, my Toyota Tacoma surpasses my needs. It has been eleven years since it was purchased, and it still runs just as well as it did the day I bought it. It is also comfortable to sit in the driver's or passenger seat. There is space to fit two more people in the seats in the back, though space is very limited. The interior of the truck is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and the colors on the control panel light up at night. It air conditioning, and heating also work well for the extremes of the seasons in New England, or wherever you live. All in all, it is a very durable and comfortable truck.

- Abby W

Makes Toyota a brand I am proud to drive!

Good in snow with 4W drive. Has never needed fixing except for oil changes. Very sturdy truck most of the time. I was rear ended by a Dodge Ram going 50 mph. By the end of repairs, my truck still runs as good as it did before. It still looks new at a distance and I wouldn't take one of the new Tacomas if it had been offered. The low tire light makes sure I don't forget to check my tires before I end up with flat. Taking out the back seats is easy so that carrying my 2 dobermans is convenient. Also has plenty of storage with bins behind the rear seat and under the floor.

- Jill S

Best truck on the market! It has great mileage and the drive is super smooth.

My Tacoma is very reliable, easy to drive, it is a manual so it has quite a pickup. I so far have not had any problem with my truck and have owned it for over 4 years. The seat are super comfortable, the seats just seem to conform to your body. I have an extended cab so the back seats are able to fold up or keep down. It is a bit sung in the back seat but great for storage, or driving kids around. Overall this is the best truck I have owned and I have owned quite a few. I am a Tacoma lover and would never own anything else except a Toyota truck.

- Sarah D

My Tacoma is a Reliable vehicle and I Simply Love It

I got this car with 45,000 miles, so far I didn't have any problems. Only thing I've done is regular oil changes and recently I did the brakes. It's not the most comfortable car but I knew from the beginning that I was buying a basic truck for work. It's an okay miles per gallon, about 22. Performance wise, it is AWESOME; strong, fast and very reliable truck. As I said my truck is a basic single cab Tacoma, stick shift( I love that feature) and for the money; you can't go wrong. so far It has 121,000 miles and going strong. I LOVE MY TACOMA


Very Reliable, that's my favorite thing about Toyota, especially Tacoma's

We own a 96 Toyota Tacoma that still runs great, no issues so we got this model for my husband to drive to work, as well as myself. If you keep the maintenance up, we have never had issues. It's absolutely a reliable truck, powerful, and never once left us stuck on the side of the road. This model is pretty comfortable, especially compared to our older model, which wasn't very comfortable. The four wheel drive in these will go in big snows & rains. We are loyal to Toyota Tacoma's!

- mindy C

2008 Toyota Tacoma reliable but has issues with power steering at ~90k miles.

I have been driving my 2008 Toyota Tacoma for nearly 10 years and have had a great experience up until the last year or so. The car has always been reliable and handled well, however, in the last year (as it approaches 90,000 miles) there have been issues with the power steering pump and the power steering hoses. This has totaled about 2,000 dollars to fix. Other than that the car has had relatively few issues and I am satisfied with it.

- Jonathan F

Has never failed me. 10 years and 150000 miles.

I've had this vehicle for over 10 years. Toyota is super reliable, and affordable. It's A brand that my father trusted and after all this time I've never had a problem. A recall within the past couple of years, but the gracious staff were very helpful. I've come to expect nothing but the best from Toyota and I recommend this brand to anyone who asks me for car advice.

- Tina G

Family vehicle, dependable, reliable.

I have had this truck for about 5 years and I couldn't be happier! I drive my 2 kids around during the week and can take it off-road on the weekends. The gas mileage is fair for diving in city, I fill up once a week. The one thing I do not like about it is the size of the back seat, there is not leg room. Other than that it is our family truck and we love it.

- Veronica C

Black Toyota Tacoma truck with 2 door

I've had this car for years; always get offers in my windshield to purchase my truck. Not surprised, because Toyota makes reliable and long lasting vehicles. I've never had any issues with my vehicle in the last 8 years I've owned it. Besides regular oils changes and maintenance. Over the 8 years I've owned this vehicle I e spent close to $3000 for upkeep.

- David S

2018 Tacoma general review.

Base model doesn't have many extra features that are standard in modern vehicles. Mileage varies between 16 and 17 mpg. Very reliable. Repair costs are fairly expensive. Gear ratio could be better for a 6-speed. Handling and turn radius are good. Burns headlamps out fairly often, which is a known problem with this model.

- John P

Without question, the most dependable vehicle.

This pickup has almost 90k miles and we have never once had an issue with it. It is consistently performed extremely well. Of course, we take very good care of it, using synthetic oil and changing it every 5,000 miles (more often than necessary, really). I expect this car to easily go another 90k miles.

- Barbara L

Button for lock traction for back wheels.

Drives well handles well have an issue with tire pressure sensor, someone broke it when installing tires, inside is nice extra cab full of power for small truck and Toyota's are built to last 6 speed transmission and even like the color may get another one when I am ready to upgrade and can afford it.

- Chris C

This is one great, reliable truck.

I bought my Tacoma used. It was well maintained prior to my purchase and continues to be. It's very comfortable to sit in. The tires I use, off road type, is a little loud during highway travel. Being an older model, I would really like to update the radio. Aside from that, it is really a solid truck.

- Jimmy P

Durability of the Toyota Tacoma

My Tacoma is comfortable and has a good smooth ride. It is also very reliable and durable. The body looks good but I have problems with paint chipping since the day I purchased. The interior of the vehicle needs to be a touch roomier. Suspension also squeaks but all Tacoma's seem to have this issue.

- Herbert H

Best truck I could ever own!!

I love my truck! It is very comfortable and a very smooth ride. The steering column can move up or down and I can see perfectly fine over it and out into the windshield, which is amazing because I am only 5 feet tall. The back seats also lift up and reveal some "secret" storage underneath.

- Tori D

Ups and downs of a Tacoma.

The paint is awful. Needs a wheel bearing, and the tpms light never goes off. The clear coat finish “melted” away from the sun, and now it is starting to rust. Other than that, it has been pretty reliable. Tires can be expensive, but that is to be expected when you own a truck.

- Eric W

It waist a lot of gas and when something goes wrong it's a lot of money to fix.

I have a couple pros and cons about my vehicle. Con about the vehicle waist a lot of gas it is pretty big for a girl like me. Pro it can take me places, it has a lot of space in the back to move furniture and it plays well with going to the mountains for a road trip with my kids.

- Crystal S

Good truck I would recommend.

The truck does not have too many issues that happen expect it does require a tire alinement pretty often and the muffler does brake often to other then this it is pretty repayable it doesn't have the best suspension so it is very bouncy on bumps that's what I've experienced.

- Joe B

The versatility of the Toyota Tacoma is outstanding.

The Toyota Tacoma is a versatile vehicle for everyday use, regardless of whether you need the hauling capacity all the time. Runs great, even after 10 years of use. The interior has held up nicely and even the dash still looks pristine. Highly recommend the Toyota Tacoma.

- Amy O

Toyota Tacoma, fantastic 4x4 vehicle.

My vehicle is fantastic. I love to go camping and take roads less traveled. With my vehicle I am able to go on 4 wheel drive roads which takes me to fun and less explored places. With my Tacoma, it is a solid truck that allows me the freedom of driving to great places.

- Aaron K

Awesome truck. Good high end speed, and good looks.

No problems, it drives good. It has a lot of pick up and has never left me stranded. It's got leather, 4 doors, side rails, bed liner, power outlets. It has a CD player too. I would recommend this truck to anyone who wants good performance, durability, and good looks.

- Scott K

Toyota Tacoma: a comfortable truck.

The Toyota Tacoma is a very comfortable truck. The cruise control is amazing. The 3 charging modules help too. The auxiliary plug allows me to listen to my favorite music on long trips. The back seat area is very roomy. The off roading feature is a great added feature.

- Richard G

A midsize pickup truck for people who actually need to use one.

Easy to work on. Easy to find, and fairly inexpensive parts. Fantastic 4-wheel drive. Smaller than an f-150, yet larger than a ranger. Comfortable and fairly quiet interior. Great acceleration and towing strength. Much more appealing body design than the frontier.

- John M

Light duty truck: Very lite duty reliable truck.

I have the base 4 cylinder model. It lacks power and torque. Looks wise it is just plain. If you are only interested in a light duty truck to haul yard trash to the dump once in a while or drive to work and back it's the perfect truck. Great on gas and reliable.

- Keith S

Extremely comfortable and reliable truck.

No problems, have only had to replace my starter. Excellent performance, on and off-road. Extremely comfortable ride for a truck and extremely reliable. Starts every time its turned over, even in the freezing cold. Currently have 138, 000 miles on it.

- Ashleigh M

Reliable in bad conditions.

I like the size and height of the cab; it's reliable in bad driving conditions, and relatively easy to maintain. I need a truck for some activities, but this one drives like a car and is comfortable. It's useful but also fun to drive.

- Scott K

It is very dependable and will stand the test of time.

I really like my vehicle because of how dependable it is. It gets good gas mileage it's a safe vehicle to drive. Also like the manufacturer because you can drive them forever and never have any issues with them.

- Mike K

Reliability is second to none for a the small truck market.

Very reliable truck that is easy to work on and easy to drive. The gas mileage could be better, but it gets better gas mileage than most 2008 trucks. Very tough and rugged vehicle that has never let me down.

- Kevin S

It is safe, reliable and easy to drive.

I love the amount of room in the cab and the bed. It gets great gas mileage for a truck and it is been very reliable since i have owned it. I like it so much that i will be buying a brand new one soon.

- Kristen C

Five star Toyota truck !!

It's a very reliable truck. Its at 125000 miles and still runs like I just drove it off the lot. It has a lot of room for my future family. Smaller size to help with taking dumps to dump. 5 stars

- Jeffrey J

My vehicle is a 2008 Toyota Tacoma extended cab.

I bought my pickup new and have had no problems at all up to this point. It has 198000 miles on it and all I have done is routine oil changes. I cannot say anything bad about my pickup.

- Chris G

It's very reliable and minimal maintenance required.

I love that it has a 6 foot bed and the color of the vehicle. I also like that it's reliable and very few maintenance requirements. I dislike the technology on it as it is outdated.

- Celeste D

Take care of it and it takes care of you!

I love this truck. It is reliable, holds Its value and can last forever as long as it is taken care of. It is 10 years old, but I have still had people offer me $10-$15k for it!

- Melissa O

Toyotas are reliable and comfortable. We've rarely had any issues with them.

It's comfortable to ride in. My husband uses it for work, but we also use it regularly for errands and travel. We've even modified it to fit our tent on the back for camping.

- Valaree L

She can go for the long haul. She is dependable and comfortable and overall good for any need

I love my truck it gets great gas mileage for being a truck. It is a great ride and has seats in the back. Great for travel and moving stuff. It's black and looks badass.

- Matt W

It's dependable, great on gas, and has great towing capacity

I love this truck! I have owned it for 10 years and I've never had any major mechanical issues. It's roomy, has a great towing capacity, and it's a great looking truck

- Rich T

It is made in America and very dependable.

I love it because I am a pickup person. It's great on gas and so far knock on wood it has been very dependable the only complaint that I have is that it is not 4?4.

- Sandie V

My truck is very easy to maintain, if you change the oil on time and follow the maintenance recommendation it will run for 200000 miles.

I have a Tacoma pickup. It is the perfect truck for me to haul my garden needs and my woodworking hobby.The only thing I do not like is the poor gas mileage.

- Julie D

It's a reliable truck mechanically, and has good quality interior.

It's a reliable model of truck that is well made because other than regular maintenance it never has mechanical issues. has good fuel economy for Its size.

- Stuart F

It is stick shift with a sticky clutch, so it is difficult to drive.

I like having a pick up truck for moving purposes. It runs well and has presented few problems. It is also a stick shift, which I personally prefer.

- Casey K

It's nice the seat material can be better the hauling.

They are good trucks but the rods slip the suspensions go out fast and the recalls are kind of life in endangering but other than that their okay.

- Cassandra J

Car still running smoothly after 10 yrs.

Really haven't had any problems in the 10 yrs I have owned it with proper maintenance. Just now showing signs of age with a/c. Engine seems fine.

- Tyler G

I would drive it 5,000 miles any day.

It's a great truck. It's got lots of room and hauling capacity. On the other side if things it's a small truck and relatively low on gas usage.

- Kaitlyn H

It runs smoothly, comfortably, and silently.

I absolutely love my vehicle. The only issue is the brakes. I've had them at the shop several times and they have no idea how to fix them.

- Nicole T

It is expensive to fill the tank with gas.

It's a great truck with a spacious interior. It's got a nice size truck bed. I will say that it's an expensive truck to keep gassed up.

- Ashleigh J

The Toyota Tacoma is a usable, dependable automobile

I enjoy the usability of the truck. It has four doors so I can carry around my friends. I like there being a bed to carry things in

- Alec W

My Toyota truck gets a B+ overall. It is quite reliable but also very basic and not very comfortable. It is very reliable though..

My vehicle has held up very well and has needed few major repairs. On the other hand, it is very basic and not very comfortable.

- George P

old reliable toyota tacoma

it a simple reliable truck, decent gas mileage for a truck, it is a smaller engine so there is less performance than most trucks

- Anthony o

Very dependable. Gets you where you're going with no issues.

It's very reliable. I have only had one real mechanical issue in this trucks life and it was easily fixed for reasonable amount.

- Lucas V

Shop around for the most dependable cr one can find

I have a Toyota Tacoma crew cab, I use to haul things for woodworking and gardening. It has been dependable and a good purchase

- Julie V

Toyota tacomas are known for their long life, and they are fairly cheap to maintain and work on.

I love the size of my toyota tacoma. I like that it has a simple interior. Has plenty of power and still gets great M.P.G.'s

- William G

Awesome vehicle, very reliable and comfortable and easy on repairs.

I love Toyota, throughout my driving experiences I have always owned Toyota. Safe, comfortable, relaxing, and very reliable.

- Rae-ann A

malfunctioning anti lock brakes

the antilock brake system does not function properly. This makes it dangerous on slippery roads. Otherwise it is great.

- mike t

That it is reliable and that I have driven it for 10 years.

I like that it has quality parts and has been a dependable vehicle. I don't like that it has had a lot of recalls on it.

- Kerry L

It has a bed cover so have to plan ahead if need to carry anything in the back

I like the facts It's compact and fits well for me. Runs smoothly and nice radio system. Could have better gas mileage.

- Ricky G

I totally love my Toyota Tacoma

I love my Toyota Tacoma, it's reliable and beautiful. A totally versatile vehicle for both commuting or hauling things.

- Devan R

It's very safe for its size.

I like the size, and it's easy to drive. It doesn't have a backseat, which sometimes I like and sometimes I don't like.

- Nina M

I never have any problems with my truck. I only have to do routine maintenance.

I do not have any complaints with my truck; except I would like to get better gas mileage. It rides and drives great.

- Carrie S

It's a reliable vehicle, that I have depended on for years.

I like that it has quality, long lasting parts. There's nothing that I really dislike about it. I have no complaints.

- Kerry H

It is reliable and get good gas mileage.

A good truck with good gas mileage. It is a good work truck. It does not have enough room for more than two people.

- Clyde N

My vehicle is a black 2008 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner.

I have owned my truck for 6 years and have never had any problems with it. I would purchase a new Toyota again.

- Tonya G

It's blue and fast for a little small Toyota.

I love my truck. It is a great practical vehicle. It is getting old so I'm close to looking for a new one.

- James s

It is very reliable. I have yet to do anything to beyond maintenance fixes.

I like the vehicle. Pros: reliable, attractive Cons: uses to much gas, too loud when going down the highway

- Bonnie B

My Pickup truck in a nutshell

It badly needs a paint job, and there some other minor problems with it. It has a new clutch & drive shaft

- Ken s

Affordable and practical car

Great looking car, runs smooth and very reliable. I haven't had any problems maintaining it. Great quality

- There's J

An interesting detail is that it is lifted.

It is not big or small it's the perfect size to drive around anywhere and is very reliable for its model.

- Marco C

2008 Toyota Tacoma- a great truck with a few flaws.

The gas mileage is not all that great and the quality of the paint is bad, but everything else is great.

- Steve B

I feel like it will never breakdown on you on the side of the road.

It performs well, it's reliable, and I enjoy the smaller truck, it perfect for everything I need and do.

- Tony O

It has a backup camera and covered bed.

My Toyota Tacoma is reliable, good looking and easy to drive.It has 4 wheel drive and an extended cab.

- Lloyd F

anti lock brake system snafu

The anti-lock brake system does not function properly causing them to randomly lock on slippery roads

- mike r

Height miles still running

Great deal love the Tacoma my best friend forever to die I am deaf but that truck so great smooth yo

- Jason S

It's dependable and capable of carrying and moving a lot of stuff.

I like the size of my truck. It has lost of power. It is dependable and comfortable.

- Jim N

It's a pickup truck so I use it constantly to haul things. Couldn't live without it.

Love Toyota quality. Easy to drive. Retains value. Wish it got better gas mileage.

- David W

This truck is excellent on gas mileage.

It is a good small truck. The gas mileage is really good on this vehicle too.

- Eric B

It's a reliable truck to drive

It's a reliable vehicle. with good gas mileage. and very comfortable

- Joseph S




Feels very safe either on the freeway or city streets. Well built.

Gas mileage is only fair. Handles well. Good visibility.

- Tom B

My truck gets great mileage and has good storage capacity.

There is nothing that i don't like about my vehicle.

- bob C

The toyota Tacoma is very reliable, and great investment.

does not break down, and it is very low maintenance

- lui a