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Timex watch out, Toyotas can take a licking and keep on ticking too!

It was a gift from my parents since they couldn't afford to give me a car when I originally got my license. My Tacoma has been reliable and comfortable and had proven to be a real road warrior. The extended cab provides flexibility and extra security when out running errors and not having to place purchases in the truck bed especially during inclement weather. It had proven to be mechanically sound and all Toyota dealerships have provided fast service, no price gouging, transparency in what repairs are really needed, pros and cons of postponing some recommended upgrades. Fast and courteous service, whether or not you had an appointment. Showroom and service departments very clean and comfortable for those that wait for the service to be completed, and provide a driver to take you home or to work, if it will require an extended period of time to finish servicing the vehicle, upon request. My mom had a 2009 Avalon which had been amazing on trips, it provides leg room and everything is right at your fingertips. The service department has bent over backwards to assist my 92 years old mom on the rare occasion she has needed service for the car. I seem pretty sure my next vehicle will also be a Toyota, but it will most likely be awhile since my truck is still humming along and has not shown any signs of slowing down anytime soon. A great vehicle at every price point, and a great staff, they never hesitate to go or if their way to offer assistance no matter how big or small the task is.

- Esther S

Toyota Tacoma, the vehicle performs as advertised it has power and drivability.

The Tacoma is a midsize truck the is 4 wheel drive capable. I love the performance in terms of the power that it has when in 4 wheel drive. It is a very reliable vehicle in that it requires very little maintenance. The comfort of the ride of the vehicle is quite good for a truck that is 4 wheel drive. The only problem that I see with the model that I have is that as an extended cab vehicle it does not have enough room for my grandson who is growing as a 12 year old. An on-the-fly 4 wheel drive transfer case it is remarkably smooth in the shift from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive. The features on the truck allow for satellite radio as well as for external music such as an mp3 player. As a truck that is almost eight years old, the performance and power of the truck are close to when I first drove it out of the dealership.

- Jerome H

The vehicle is very reliable and that is the most important thing for me.

My Tacoma is a good reliable vehicle. I am very happy with the choice we made when purchasing the vehicle. The only thing I regret about it is the space inside the vehicle. Everyone is scrunched up in the backseat and are very uncomfortable. Not enough space when we have others riding with us. The performance of this vehicle is good. It has a hard time going up the mountains (we have a 4-cylinder) as it struggles a little bit. It gets us there though. It is a very reliable vehicle.

- First A

Toyota Tacoma: reliable and modifiable!

My truck is an extremely reliable vehicle. I have never had major mechanical problems and the repairs I have made I was able to do myself. Really easy to maintain provided you replace your oil regularly. Toyota Tacoma is also the most common midsize truck so there are many modifications that can be made because aftermarket parts are so easy to find. Bull bars, running boards, bed covers, you name it!

- Chris B

My vehicle is a very reliable vehicle.

My vehicle is good and reliable. It is not a big truck, so it works well for me, seeing as how I am a female college student. The only issues I have with it are that it is too big of a vehicle for my personal preference and it does not accelerate as quickly as a smaller car would. It has pretty good gas mileage and I use it daily and have not had any serious problems with it.

- Megan H

My truck is cute as a button and badass for everything I need to get done.

My Tacoma has been the best purchase of my decade. It's the exact kind of vehicle I needed for both my personal life and business responsibilities. It offers the in cab comfort of a sedan, whereas I can comfortably carry up to 4 passengers additional to myself. And it offers the utility I need for my business.

- Leanne R

The Toyota Tacoma is a perfect truck for day to day use!

It is very squeaky and the air conditioning is out. The interior is nice and the exterior is my favorite part of the truck. It has a lot of hidden storage and it is super spacious. My passengers are able to sit comfortably. The only bad part about the truck is the radio system is super out of date.

- Madison D

It is reliable enough to take me on any adventure.

I have never had any problem. The only thing I'd improve is gas mileage. It is a very comfortable vehicle with plenty of cab space, and is reliable enough to take me to the mountains and hold my gear for camping, hiking, and snowboarding. I will continue to buy Toyota cars in the future.

- Sarah Z

Very reliable and cost effective vehicle.

I bought my vehicle used with 60, 000 miles from a Nissan dealership. The price was very reasonable. The vehicle is very reliable. It gets good gas mileage handles well on road off-road and in the snow. No major issues since I bought it. I do wish it had the trd package but that is okay.

- Justin A

Perfect for everyone for any type of person.

This truck is very well made and very reliable. If there is any problem with apart it is very easy to repair. The way it is made makes every day maintenance like changing the oil very easy. The truck itself drives very well on and off the road making it easy to go anywhere.

- Sebastian N

Heading for 300, 000 miles.

It is been a great truck. It is at 292, 000 miles & still going strong. I replaced the transmission at 257, 000 miles. I have had alternator issues that appeared around 270, 000, but everything seems to be fine now. If you need a small truck, the Tacoma is a great choice.

- Rob G

Solid yet comfortable work truck, a little heavy on gas usage but still worth it.

A good solid vehicle, it can take ding and keep trucking. Plenty of room in the cab, front and back seats. 2 wheel and 4 wheel options make hauling through the mud/gravel/snow a lot easier. The only issue would be fuel usage, as with all truck it burns through gas.

- Matt B

High miles to be expected.

It is a very reliable vehicle. I will soon have 300,000 miles. There have been no major problems that fall outside of normal maintenance and normal wear and tear. I would highly recommend the Toyota Tacoma to anyone looking for a small truck. Get yourself one soon.

- Roberto A

Great vehicle definitely will recommend for purchase.

I have had a good experience so far no mechanical issues yet, this vehicle is very reliable and dependable. The maintenance on the vehicle is minimal change the oil, rotate the tires, check the brakes and fluids. My only complaints or gripes are the interior.

- John D

Tacoma the reliable pickup truck that gets the job done

The Tacoma is an excellent pick up truck it seats comfortably 5 it's reliable never had a problem with the vehicle it does pretty good on gas, it's a good looking car and I would definitely upgrade in the future to a newer model

- Lucy L

Its reliable, and Its 4 door so you could always bring family.

It has an auxiliary plug in, the front seats are comfortable, but the back seats are pretty stiff. It has small storage space behind the seats as well as underneath the seats. Its a 2 wheel drive and also has a CD player.

- Daniel B

The maintenance is very light. The first tune up doesn't happen until you get to 130,00 miles.

The body style is nice. The color is like by myself and family. The cab is large and roomy for a small truck. It gets good gas mileage and maintenance has been pretty light. The dealership has been good over the years.

- John F

I think it is very mechanically sound.

Very comfortable and never any mechanical problems. My only complaint is that there is not enough pick up or power on hills or when passing. I would have gotten the v6 if I had test driven it in a area with more hills.

- Cynthia A

4 wheel drive and a good towing truck! It climbs well.

It is 4 wheel drive which helps us to drive in the mountains when there is now. It is reliable it is comfortable. Gets good gas mileage. It is good for towing purposes has room for 5 adults comfortably.

- Elisa Z

This is a very reliable truck. Toyota tough is a real thing.

It's been a real road warrior. The transmission lasted over a quarter of a million miles. Smooth ride for a truck. Don't love the interior, but it's functional. I would buy a Toyota truck again.

- Rob G

It is exactly what I need and want.

My off-road Tacoma gets me where I need to be and is virtually impossible to get stuck. I dislike the color and all the unneeded sensors. Overall I do not think I could find a better vehicle.

- Bree Anne H

How I never had any mechanical problems with it.

I love the truck because of the great pick up it has. Also being a truck I can put a lot of stuff in the back to help people move or buying new furniture. No complaints at all.

- Nancy B

That my car is paid off and that I'm going to drive it until the wheels fall off.

It is a red Tacoma. The only real complaint I have is that the radio has a short in it and the dealership won't fix it because the problem can't be replicated in front of them.

- Ben L

Practical and reliable Toyota Tacoma.

I love my grey Toyota Tacoma! My Tacoma is reliable and practical for my lifestyle. I am able to transport hiking/camping gear, dogs, friends, bikes etc. . . With no concerns.

- Mary E

Very reliable. You turn the key, it starts and runs.

This is the best pickup truck I have ever had. Very reliable, comfortable, lots of power, good size. Small enough to drive, big enough for lots of different loads.

- Tim B

That it has few issues that require maintenance. It is very reliable.

Like the good gas mileage. I also like the fact that is has excellent resale value. Unfortunately to replace it with another Tacoma it would be cost prohibitive.

- Gary G

It is upgraded in several areas.

I like that the truck has power and fits me for my size. I hate the fact that it eats lot of gas. It takes me and my family where we need to go and it's safe.

- Barba B

The one most important thing is the reliability. I've had a few Toyota's and few problems have occured.

Toyota makes great vehicles. They are easy to fix when problems arise. My truck is very fuel efficient. It drives/rides nice and easy yet strong and heavy.

- Diane N

The thing others notice first about my truck is what a great looking vehicle it is. What they do not know is that it is a comfortable drive and great looking.

I love our four door pick up truck. It is nice looking, easy to drive and extremely functional. I dislike that like me it is getting older every year!

- Kim T

The Toyota Tacoma is a great outdoors adventure vehicle!

Great vehicle for weekend adventures! Perfect for trips to the hardware store. Good for short trips, but the cab can feel cramped on longer trips.

- Kevin L

It is larger than previous models, and I can haul things and help people move

I like a simple truck that is not too new. Newer cars are more expensive to maintain and repair. Also, my last car didn't have air-conditioning.

- Charles H

Tacoma's keep their value. You would never go wrong with this type of truck.

I love my truck, it has so much room. It's a 4 wheel drive so I'm never stuck anywhere, the drive is very smooth. Won't own anything else.

- Stephen s

It is a very dependable truck, and I never worry about it.

I love my truck. It is dependable, looks great, and is really economical. It's 4 cyl., 4x4 and I was able to add a small plow. No problems!

- Stan o

This is the one vehicle, above all others, that I wanted to own.

I always wanted a Tacoma. There is nothing I dislike about this vehicle. Sure, I wish it had more options and gadgets, but I love my truck!

- Matthew M

Just that it's a great vehicle with stylish features and a great resale value.

My truck is fun off roading and it has great safety features. I like the style and the resale value of Toyota vehicles is on the high end.

- Adam M

Reliable/Dependable. Fun to drive.

Great dependable truck wish it was larger. 92000 miles with no significant problem. Very reliable but I wish it was an extended cab.

- Kevin R

It is a reliable truck, built to last.

My 2011 Toyota Tacoma has had no problems. It was built to last. It has the TRD Pro package with shocks and an undercarriage guard.

- Amy H

Quality is the most important thing to have a vehicle like Toyota

The performance of my vehicle is really awesome. I never encounter any problem since I have it. Driving on it really feels me safe.

- Sheryl B

Gets great gas mileage about like a car.

No problems (yet), 4 cylinder, very reliable, factory backup camera, no skid setting (helps with heavy rain and slick roads).

- Amanda E

It's great for driving in town. It's very versatile. It has a truck/car feeling.

I love the way the truck drives. The stereo isn't the best. I don't really have a lot of complaints. It has 13 cupholders!

- Drew G

It is a very reliable vehicle, and I have had very little work done.

Very reliable and dependable. Wish it was a king cab. Also very good on gas and I have had very few maintenance issues.

- Kevin C

Its reliable good running truck.

Toyota is a very reliable, a Tacoma is one of the 2 trucks they make. The cost the design, parts are easy to swap out.

- Ryan R

Because it is a Toyota, it really has been dependable.

I like the look of the vehicle. The ride is ok but not great. Fuel economy is a little lacking but not too terrible.

- Ka R

It is fast and efficient. I want people to know that it has good gas mileage.

It is a truck. It performs will. I am sitting up high. It also has very good gas mileage. I like the way it drives.

- Vivian W

The reliability is excellent on Toyota Tacoma's as is the resale.

My 2011 Tacoma is the trd four wheel drive double cab. 135000 miles on it but looks and rides like a new truck.

- Eric S

That it is a great value for the money!

It Rides so smoothly! It is gorgeous inside and out! My only complaint is it doesn't have the best gas mileage.

- Monica D

It is very dependable and easy to drive.

Has racks for hauling kayaks and canoes Gets good gas mileage. Has trailer hitch. Long bed for hauling loads.

- Kenton D

It is a good quality truck.

I love how high up the truck sets. It also very roomy. The build in touch screens make things very convenient.

- Heather J

My truck is very solid and sturdy. It has the ability to do just about anything.

I love the look of my truck. I love the way it drives. I don't like that I bought it used.

- Lance S

Great off Road ability and good Gas mileage and very Safe

It's got great fuel economy. traction on and off road. It's only a single cab

- Dave C




The vehicle's reliability. The vehicle's looks. The vehicle's company tradition.

I like the look. I like the reliability. I like the makers reputation.

- Gary O

Very durable and low maintenance, watch out for the gas mileage though

I like the ride height and ride quality. I dislike the bad gas mileage

- Scott S

it's reliable, durable, and has long lasting components. i can always count on it and love that i can transport big things in it

sturdy, reliable, dependable and cost efficient. fun to drive

- beth b

not a thing. It is a truck for work

no complaints. gets me to where i need to go. it is a truck.

- tom B