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Toyota Tacoma: the most reliable brand.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is the most reliable vehicle I have ever had the privilege of owning. There have been zero performance issues and the simplicity of maintenance for the truck is unbeatable. There will be no need for me to ever purchase another brand of vehicle because Toyota has figured out the dependability, style, and durability. You can cruise around traffic packed cities and not suffer any loss of gas mileage. You can take it off-road in the desert and never worry about hurting the suspension or brakes. You can take it into the mountains and never worry about not making it. Speed is probably the only thing lacking in the Tacoma. It is a very conservative 4-wheel drive. However, you could alter the Tacoma and add a better exhaust system to improve its performance regarding speed and uphill power. It is truly the best vehicle I have ever owned and will only purchase Toyota from now on.

- Kristen A

Absolute best truck I have ever owned.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Extremely comfortable. After being sickened by the terrible trade in value of my 2008 f150, I traded it for a 2012 Tacoma trd 4x4. My Tacoma has been a fantastic truck. I never had so many compliments on a vehicle before and never had so much fun driving a truck. Dealer put on a 3" lift kit, tires & wheels - looks sweet, I love it. Very reliable, zero problems. Handles like a sports car, better gas mileage, amazing acceleration and just an all-around great vehicle. I notice the negative comments come from non-owners, the positive from people who actually own them and know what they are talking about.

- Des J

Great six speed manual transmission. Great all around truck.

2012 Toyota Tacoma X-Runner

I love the 4 wheel drive but the back seats are small and uncomfortable. The gas mileage is decent for a 4x4. I have a camper shell and love going camping with my husband. I love the look and style of my truck. I am only five feet tall and have no problem reaching the pedals with the seat all the way up. I love that it is a six speed manual although I live at the top of a steep hill it has no problems getting up the hill. I also had to go to training which was a six hour drive and had to go up the grapevine in California. I had no issues of lagging going up the mountain.

- Renee K

Runs smooth and very comfortable.

2012 Toyota Tacoma Base

Had my truck for 4 years. Has just under 100,000 miles and runs perfect. It is a 4 cylinder, 5 speed automatic. Issues I have had in 4 years include: window control panel came loose and slipped out of control panel, no power to radio, and a headlight went out, all were easy fixes. Comfort level is 10 of 10 for being a basic truck. Seats are plenty comfortable and spacious. The 2012 Tacoma has power windows and locks and Bluetooth capabilities. I get around 20 mpg in town and about 25 on the freeway/highways.

- Jami G

My truck shifts smooth and feels like it can run forever.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

My Tacoma is super reliable, I always use it for surfing trips to the coast, it is got a nice long bed to sleep in while camping. It is good on gas and has never let me down. The 4 wheel drive is great in the winter time for snowboarding trips, I can be sure I am never getting stuck in the snow or nervous to drive in bad weather. It does have some squeaky leaf springs at the moment, but it is about a 200 dollar and a couple hour fix, so no biggie. I love my truck and wouldn't trade it for anything else.

- Sydney H

the gas mileage is 32 mpg or better on the highway, it's great for the utility we get out of this little pickup

2012 Toyota Tacoma

it's a little red pickup and it's been great. my dad uses it for work and I use it around the property. my cousin borrows It for work and moving things a lot. it gets great gas mileage. wish it had more cab room. we drive everywhere and haven't had any breakdowns but we've kept up on the maintenance with a local shop. i wouldn't say there was anything special about it that jumped out, it's really just solid all around as a utility pickup. the only complaint is the bigger models are too expensive.

- Kenneth D

I can haul anything without messing up inside of truck.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I have had my Tacoma for about 5 years and can honestly say I have never had any problems with it. I have had both men and women come up to be asking how I like it. Of course told them that I love it. Will keep this truck till the wheels fall off. I have never had a vehicle that didn't have problems from day one. Not this one. I feel very safe and comfortable in this truck. My first vehicle was a Toyota when I was 16 years old. So, now at 60 years old it will be my last vehicle.

- Sandra S

Buying a Toyota Tacoma was the best purchase I have ever made!!

2012 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

My vehicle is 4-wheel-drive so that helps a lot when it comes to living in the desert and also being able to travel. I love camping and being able to hook my camper shell up to the truck bed, is an added plus. The gas mileage for Tacoma's beats any other truck, giving you the best of both worlds with a truck and saving on gas!! The drive is always smooth, and the inside of the cab has a lot of room, being that I'm a taller female, it is very comfortable!

- Tyler C

Easy hauling 2012 Toyota Tacoma.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I love the versatility of owning a small truck! There is still room to comfortably seat 5 adults, but still haul whatever needs to hauled. It also can handle a small trailer with ease, expanding what needs to moved. The truck is comfortable, easy to drive, safe, great in bad weather, easy to park (unlike a full sized truck) and even fits in my garage! I would definitely recommend this vehicle to someone interested in a truck.

- Victoria M

The Tacoma. A very durable compact truck.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Has an issue with one of the lights, claiming that I have a flat at all times. There is equipment with a blue light, I have no clue what it is for and neither does the manual have any information. It is apparent that the seats detect weight, because when I purchase groceries, I set the groceries in the passenger seat, light comes up while making beeping noises that the passenger does not have a seat belt on.

- Ryan F

My Toyota Tacoma: one for many years.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

My vehicle is dependable, reliable, holds it is value. The color is great and is rare, a great brown color that changes in sunlight. I have my vehicle fitted for outdoor and soft off-road use, so it helps me get outside. My vehicle fits by personality as an outdoorsy-type vehicle. It will last a long time and I know that it will hold its value and be reliable for me for many years to come.

- Andrew L

2012 Toyota Tacoma issues.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

The 4-cylinder engine is not powerful enough for the 2012 Toyota Tacoma. Therefore is lacks power and acceleration. Additionally, heated seats are not standard and can only be purchased in an option package. The design of the gas tank filler "door" is very poor. My filler door is barely hanging on at this point. I would not buy another Tacoma because of these issues.

- Daryl G

The space is amazing in this truck.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

My vehicle does not have any current problems that couldn't be fixed without some talc and the proper maintenance. It is very reliable, has the space I need and the power to get out of some interesting watery situations. I love that it has room for passengers to sit while it still has ample amount for space to store things. Is a very good truck to use for work.

- Amanda M

My Toyota Tacoma is very reliable.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

My Toyota Tacoma has been very reliable. It is 6 years old with over one hundred thousand miles and still have no trouble. I have installed backup camera and a sound system. The backup camera has been very useful. My Toyota Tacoma is big enough to fit 4 passengers comfortably but also small and compact enough so I do not feel like I am driving a big boat.

- Kris F

My Tacoma has good gas mileage.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

My Toyota Tacoma has been extremely reliable. It handles well and is quite roomy with the extra cab. It is like having a sedan with an open-air trunk. I guess my only complaint is the options for the windshield wipers. It either goes to slow or to fast. There does not seem to be a way to find a medium speed for days when it is drizzling outside.

- Sherry H

It's a four door grey v6 truck.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

It's very reliable and have had no issues so far with it, drives very smooth and is a very comfortable interior. I have had no issues with it as long as you keep up the maintenance it should run very well for a very long time. I also love the fuel taking that it uses cause I can run forever on a full tank which is only forty dollars.

- Julia H

Toyota tacoma, comfort and reliability.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Comfortable and reliable. Very attractive truck and great mileage. I do miss all the bells and whistles we had before in our town and country van. But I feel this truck is more comfortable for long trips. The only complaint I really have is that it is tall off the ground and I am short and I have to climb up into the seat.

- Carolyn T

The Tacoma is a great everyday truck!

2012 Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is great! The v4 engine is not as powerful as a truck needs to be, but it still runs great considering. I have experienced zero problems with this truck and use it as my daily driver. It can do distance great, has decent gas mileage compared to other trucks, and is small enough to move around with ease.

- Journey L

It is fun to drive and very comfortable. The double cab is very spacious.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma is an awesome truck for anyone wanting a roomy midsize truck. I have owned several midsize trucks including a Ford ranger, Chevy Colorado, etc. and the Tacoma drives better and cost me less to maintain. I do tow around 12, 000 lbs. distributed between the bed and trailer and the truck handles it no problem.

- Adam M

Most enjoyable vehicle. Toyota is the best brand of car out right now.

2012 Toyota Tacoma Base

This truck was my first pick-up truck ever. The most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven. My family has always been in love with Hondas and also Fords. However, this truck is the most reliable piece of machinery I have ever owned. There is no another vehicle I would rather be driving right now than this Tacoma.

- Alex R

2012 Toyota Tacoma Base

The cab is a good size, though three full-sized adults becomes a bit tight. The bed is large and allows me to haul lots of items. I haven't found anything that I needed to haul that I couldn't haul. The heater and air conditioner work very well, sometimes a little too good. The manual transmission is solid.

- David M

Toyota Tacoma pickup extended cab

2012 Toyota Tacoma Base

Never had any problems with the truck it gets good mileage and has plenty of power comfortable ride I've Replaced one headlight bulb since new and the battery. Truck is reliable and well built. Minimal number of recalls, none serious good fit and finish no complaints at all. Excellent value for the money

- Don H

It is extremely reliable and affordable.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I love that there is little to no maintenance, in 6 years, nothing has broken down and there have been no major repairs. It drives very smoothly. Also, very random, in my last car, my back used to hurt a lot on long drives but in this vehicle, I am able to drive long distances with little to no pain.

- Erica R

Multipurpose and versatility.

2012 Toyota Tacoma Base

My Toyota Tacoma is a great vehicle because it is a double cab but also has a truck bed so it serves as a car and a truck. It gets great gas mileage and is very easy to drive, I can also pull smaller trailers with it when needed. I would recommend it to anyone that needs a multipurpose vehicle.

- Kim L

Super reliable first car.

2012 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

This is my first car so I have nothing to compare it to. That being said, the only issues I have had with it since buying it in 2012 is a dead battery and a broken ac line. It is reliable. It is able to haul anything I need it to. I am the go to hauler for my friends. I love my truck so much.

- Brett D

The Toyota Tacoma is probably the best truck for me.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I love my truck I use it for a family ride and my work truck just big enough to haul everything I need it pulls a trailer great and let's my little one ride comfortable heated seat a/c is awesome cruise control backup camera easy on gas all around perfect vehicle for a working family person.

- Trent W

Toyota makes exceptional vehicles that drive well and are reliable.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

It's a small truck, so I am able to get my job done while not worrying about paying a lot for gas. It has been super reliable for me. I drive for work and travel many miles a day. It's a workhorse and a dependable truck. It's very basic but has all the styling that I wanted in a vehicle.

- Bobby b

An interesting detail about my truck is that it�s a Baja Trd

2012 Toyota Tacoma Base

It's a basic pickup but looks and runs amazing. Very spacious on the inside and very comfortable seats. Storage under the seats and in random spots so that's helpful. It's not a huge truck but it's not a small one either. You feel safe while inside of it. The bed comes in handy a lot.

- Amanda A

Should get 300, 000 miles with this four cylinder.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Rides great with little road noise in the cab. Battery died after a year and a half. Wish it had intermittent wipers and cruise control. Passenger door will not unlock with key unless you jiggle handle while turning key. Gas mileage is about the same as a six cylinder, not that great.

- Timothy M

Toyota Tacoma is perfect for homeowners who like to DIY!

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Love my backup camera and the ability to haul things I need for our house. My son likes that the front seat (in front of him) can fold down so he can see from the back out the front windshield. Very little to dislike. Good gas mileage for a truck, good for trips, good for hauling.

- Jess M

It is extremely comfortable.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Could've used a more powerful engine. Other than that the vehicle is working quite well. I have no other complaints except maybe the gas mileage. Also, the color of the vehicle poses a slight problem because it is black. As we all know, a black car gets really hot in the sunlight.

- Joshua K

Others should know that my Toyota Tacoma doesn't get great gas mileage, but all in all it is worth it.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I love the fact that my Toyota Tacoma can haul anything from dirt to groceries. It has room for four people and the heating/air conditioning works like a charm. I would probably change the fact that I think the blind spot is a bit too large, but aside from that, I love it!

- Don B

Our Toyota Tacoma is useful and reliable.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

There has not been any problems so far so I consider it to be reliable. We change the oil regularly. There is not a lot of room in the cab, but the bed of the truck has plenty. There are warning lights and sounds for the seat belts and open doors. Also dual air controls.

- Janice E

Complete satisfaction in all respects.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota makes one of the best vehicles on the road it has top performance, I am never afraid to drive it in fear that it will break down. It is comfortable to ride and sit in and has all the features that I wanted or needed I always feel safe when I am driving my truck.

- Mollie M

Toyota Tacoma, are the best truck.

2012 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

My vehicle never have a problem it drive smooth and big enough to haul stuff. And I love the color by the way it is grey. We do maintenance and the gas mileage are good too. We drove it many times to go to other state. It is pretty good and comfortable truck.

- Liz C

Great truck would purchase another one.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I have not had any trouble out of this truck. drives and rides good gas mileage is great very comfortable on long trips with lots of legroom very good for hauling anything I need to haul with the hooks for tie downs in the bed. Very good pulling a trailer.

- Lana M

Good gas but still hauls things like a big truck. The hidden storage compartments under and behind the back seats are very handy to store stuff since i don't have a lot of room in the cab.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I like the way my truck drives and handles on the road and on the Highway. It gets better gas than a big truck but we can still use it to haul and tow things. I do not like how low the seats sit. i feel like i need a pillow to seat up higher (i am 5'4)

- Manda L

The bullet proof truck for beginners.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma is a bullet proof truck. It hauls a great load and I have not encountered any mechanical problems with the truck. Good on gas mileage for a v6 engine. Would highly recommend this truck to anyone who wants a reliable vehicle.

- Andrew E

It's a great mid-size truck, better than the rest on the market.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I love my truck, but the truck just isn't lasting well in age. It is become expensive to upkeep. I like the fact it's small and has a full size bed and can still tow a small amount. Just wish it had less mechanical issues.

- Adam M

Great truck for work, play, and family.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I very much enjoy driving my vehicle. I use it to go to work every day and I am a musician so I use the truck bed to carry gear to shows. I have 4 doors to accommodate my 2 young children and they love riding in the truck.

- warren a

Toyota Tacoma, a truck for any use!

2012 Toyota Tacoma

My truck is an amazingly convenient vehicle. A V6 so it has decent gas mileage while also giving the capability of a truck. The features give it a great comfortable feel, hands free phone, backup camera, Sirius radio!

- Kenny L

Love our 2012 Tacoma. We use it for everything from cross country trips to off roading. Perfect!

2012 Toyota Tacoma

The main vehicle I drive is perfect for my lifestyle. I'm a stay at home mother with two children. Our Tacoma is very roomy and I have plenty of space in the bed for anything from grocery runs to beach trips.

- Jennifer M

Its very reliable and you'll own it a long time.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I like that my Toyota Tacoma is incredibly reliable. We use the 4WD on a weekly basis and have never had any issues. It is easy to get in and out of and very maneuverable in traffic and off road.

- Marshall J

Best vehicle I have ever owned

2012 Toyota Tacoma

The only issue I've ever had with my Tacoma is the screen for the radio goes black once in a while but other than that the truck is perfect and I wouldn't trade it for any other vehicle.

- nicole b

It's the perfect size of truck for urban living...any bigger and it would be challenging to park.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

It's a good truck, but the steering wheel is difficult to manipulate. It also is just okay in mpg...I wish it could be better. The design of the 2012 is much better than the new Tacomas.

- Name N

It is a very dependable vehicle with very few issues.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Good looking and versatile truck with four doors and comfortable seating for 5 people. Good technology and smooth ride. It's very dependable and has low ownership maintenance costs.

- John Z

I have had to make very few repairs to the car...it' has held up very well over the years.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

It was a great purchase. In the years i've had it, i've only had 1 problem and it wasn't that expensive to fix. It's a solid car and would consider another one at some point.

- Jake J

It is very dependable and mechanically sound.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I love the handling of my Toyota. It is very mechanically sound. I do not like that the windshield wipers do not have more speeds. The bed has capability for cargo carrying.

- Carolyn C

It is reliable and easy to drive.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

So far, there have not been any major problems. I maintain the vehicle as needs. The vehicle has been reliable. Gas mileage is okay, but not as good as newer vehicles.

- Kris Y

Awesome Reliable Vehicle to consider

2012 Toyota Tacoma

No problems, happy with my vehicle. It's dependable, comfortable and good value for the dollar. I'm sure my vehicle will provide many years of reliable transportation

- Mary K

Toyota trucks are simple and reliable

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Had it for 3 years and put over 50,000 miles on it, have had to do nothing but oil changes and brakes. Very simple and reliable, will buy nothing but Toyota trucks.

- Ryan E

It is a reliable vehicle that it great for people wanting to adventure outdoors.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Love it is size and its capabilities. It is big enough to be able to haul stuff but small enough to my comfort of driving. I dislike how much I have to pay for gas.

- Taylor P

It is extremely reliable.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Convenient and reliable. No major maintenance issues aside from routine scheduled maintenance at more than 120, 000 miles. I would like better mpg though.

- Scott K

It runs like a champ, but go ahead and get the 6 cylinder. The four cylinder is great, but not enough better than the 6 with gas mileage.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I really like the versatility of my Tacoma. It is extremely comfortable and is an excellent utility truck. I will never go back to a car or small suv.

- Ben K

Priced right for a vehicle that used for personal trips and work related.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

My vehicle is powerful enough to carry heavy loads. No problems, dependable, plenty of room in cab and the bed is big enough to carry most anything.

- Jean F

The Tacoma is a very reliable truck with great styling and is a delight to drive!

2012 Toyota Tacoma

My truck has had (knock wood) no major mechanical problems since purchased in 2012. The body still looks good and it is fun to drive. No complaints!

- Barb R

That the newer models are significantly over priced.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I like the overall size and fuel economy. The look has always been one of my favorites. They are known for reliability and maintaining their value.

- Mike R

It drives well and has to have very minimal repairs compared to most other vehicles.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I like the style. I love that it is a larger vehicle. I enjoy the 4wd option. The only complaint I have is it doesn't get the best gas mileage.

- JA A

It's a dependable vehicle that will last a long time.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

My vehicle is a crew cab small pickup truck. I like how it drives. I wish I had covered storage space and that the backseat had more legroom.

- Hope F

The gear shift handle easily pops out of gear.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

The engine seems kind of weak. It sputters or hesitates when the AC is on and I'm trying to accelerate. Otherwise, I like it very much.

- Clayton R

It'll go 300,000 miles with minimal problems.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I love that they hold their value. The truck is great for moving and is very reliable. I'm not the biggest fan of how expensive they are.

- Destiny V

they don't make my model type any more

2012 Toyota Tacoma

it the right vehicle for my winter driving. Wish it had more options available when I bought it. will drive it until the wheels fall off.

- duncan V

It is extremely reliable, just like every Toyota is.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I love my Tacoma, it is just as capable as a bigger truck and is good off road. I use it for hunting. It is a great fuel efficient truck

- Mark D

It is awesome and drives extremely well.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

It drives very smoothly, has 4x4 all wheel drive, has ample space as well as a large truck bed and can handle almost any terrain.

- Christina P

Very good truck, have had it for over six years now and no major repairs have been done.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

It's a great pick up truck, very sporty looking. It is awesome when it comes to hauling things in the bed. Very reliable truck.

- Sonia B

Lots of room and very reliable

2012 Toyota Tacoma

It's great for hauling loads. I have the extended bed so there is practically nothing I can't carry. It handles great.

- Joe P

Overall my truck is dependable

2012 Toyota Tacoma

It drives smoothly but the transmission went out. The towing power is good, but it was hard to latch on the trailer.

- Chris A

Drives great and for a family! 4 wheel drive is the way to go

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I have issues the battery leaking acid on the terminal. I have replaced the battery, but it continues to happen.

- Jamie V

The seats are very comfortable for a person of smaller stature.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I love everything about my vehicle except for the fact it has 120,000 miles on it already. I have no complaints.

- Meredith K

This is a very dependable vehicle. I would buy another one in a heartbeat, even though the quality has declined.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Good performance, safety. This is the 5th Tacoma I've owned. Love Toyota and my family has owned more than 10.

- Sandra D

It is a bad ass country girl truck.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I love my truck. It has a full bed to haul things. It has 4 wheel drive for the winter. It is a bad ass truck.

- Cat M

Love my Toyota..Have had Toyotas last 3 vehicles.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Love my truck so much. It drives and rides like a car. So comfortable. We have had not one problem with it.

- Nedra R

It is a reliable vehicle, that is well made.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I think that it is reliable, and a good looking truck. I do not like the fact that it has a low fuel economy.

- Andrew S

It gets around great. It does not get stuck in snow or mud.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I love my truck. It has a back up camera and 4 wheel drive. I do not like that it has so many blind spots.

- Angela M

Toyota Tacoma comfortable ride.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Very reliable, good gas mileage. I like Toyota vehicles. Easy oil changes. The performance is average.

- Mario P

It's very reliable and has plenty of room.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

It is very reliable. Gets OK gas mileage. Good comfort for a 4 wheel drive pickup. Lots of room.

- Kevin Z

It is reliable and if taken care of should last for at least 300,000 miles

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I love that my truck has 4x4. I wish it had better gas mileage. I wish the audio system was better

- John C

It's very clean and gets good gas mileage. All proper maintenance has been performed

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I like the comfort and ride quality. The engine is a little underpowered. Gets good gas mileage.

- Nicholas M

it has a back seat and has warranty for life on it the radio you can plug a cord from the truck to your phone to listing to music i even bet you can play movies just by hooking it up

2012 Toyota Tacoma

the ac seats are comfortable the radio there is enough room in it and i can put the seat back

- angie e


2012 Toyota Tacoma



It's comfortable safe and reliable to drive!

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Great truck, very reliable ! I've not had any serious issues. Truck drives smooth!

- Scottie B

Tacomas are already highly capable, but they're easy to mod and make even better

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Highly reliable and capable. Not oversized. Great for outdoors. Gas mileage sucks.

- Ray C

Awesome truck -no problems! Use every day and have not had a single problem mechanically or otherwise!

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Its most dependable and good looking! Resale value is very good!

- richard j

Great truck. Plenty of room for my family of 4. A nice smooth drive and has been very reliable. The 4 doors is fantastic and short bed makes it easy to park.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Great for a family car and hauling when needed. Great gas mileage

- stacy p

Overall it has been reliable .

2012 Toyota Tacoma

I bought it new, and love it so far. It has served me well .

- Joe B

its automatic and i love driving it and its paid for

2012 Toyota Tacoma

ist my dream truck 4x4 backup camera its black and four door

- marcia j

It's a rugged little truck.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Awesome, sporty, tough. Wish it was a V8. No complaints.

- Pamela L

Dependable, well running, takes bumps well

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Been very dependable. No problems, would recommend

- Jack L

Safe and reliable truck! We've not had many problems !

2012 Toyota Tacoma

Love Toyota Tacoma ! Very reliable and safe truck!

- Veronica S

Very reliable vehicle - good size truck.

2012 Toyota Tacoma Base

- Ellie G