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5 star. Fuel efficient, features are most definitely helpful and highly recommend.

The one thing I love the most about my Tacoma. I really save on gas, filling it up is also a savor, reasonable price to fill my tank, the performance I'd great, I am a short petite lady, I can drive my truck like I am driving a regular car, the rearview mirror camera is a blessing, I can parallel park worth that extra tool. It is very roomy, I do not need moving van to haul if needed. I love the fact I can use my Bluetooth curvy ant device especially my phone to my car and listen, call or GPS thru that hangs free mode speaker works great.

- Rem L

My Tacoma...It is the best.

Only problem has been the alarm/key fob. . The tacoma is a tough, dependable vehicle. Drives well in all conditions including highway, surface streets and mild off road. (non-4x4). Visibility is excellent in all directions and the rear view mirrors. The seats are comfortable and easily adjusted. There is plenty of room in the cabin front seats, so excellent for two people. The leg room is limited in the back seat, but still comfortable.

- Stephen G

Nice looking truck and very reliable.

The Toyota Tacoma 4 cylinder is a great truck. The gas mileage is decent and the back access cab allows for some storage. The problem is the seats. The front seats are uncomfortable after a 1-2 hour road trip. The seats need more support or cushioning. The seats really bother my back. The second thing I do not like are the cup holders. The rubber cup holders make larger coffee mugs harder to remove while driving.

- Ryan L

2013 Toyota Tacoma: a short review.

No problems with the performance or anything mechanical. Everything runs and drives as it should. The "extra" features leave a bit to desire, though. Other midsize trucks of the same year have more features, such as power and heated seats. I am also not exactly impressed with the touch-screen and e-tune feature offered from Toyota. It is much slower than other brands and it lacks several desirable features.

- Travis J

Overall a great running truck.

This is the second Tacoma I have owned. They are affordable and reliable. . They also hold their value. The truck is good on gas and runs great. I also chose it because there are no fancy gadgets that cost money. Example i: like wheel tire sensors etc. It is a great truck I like it a lot and having the crew cab for my grandchildren and the bed to haul or pick up something I bought is convenient.

- Lisa D

The color. Texas edition.

Really reliable. Fairly cheap to maintain. Parts are easy to obtain. Drives smoothly. Not horrible on gas. Able to have a truck without the truck gas money. I have the Texas edition and I prefer it over the other stocks. Looks better. Never have had big issues. It is pre owned but it came in great condition. Currently has 98, 000 miles on it and again I have not had any big issues.

- Elizabeth J

2013 Toyota Tacoma limited.

I bought my Tacoma used. It was a year old. It is fully loaded. Heated leather seats. Back up camera. Great sound system. The four wheel drive is great. I have a pickup truck so it has been very helpful since we are new home owners but also have a full back seat so it is like a SUV as well. If I were to get a new vehicle I would just get a newer version of the one I have now.

- Michael V

The Tacoma is probably the best of the currently available options for small trucks, but it needs some updated design in terms of access and transmission.

My Tacoma is an extended cab 2x4 pickup with a covered long bed. I like the flexibility that the truck brings. I like the storage that the extended cab offers but find the access doors awkward to open, especially in close quarters. I also wish that the automatic transmission had better shifting points, more like those I would use with a manual transmission.

- Bill T

My 2013 Toyota Tacoma 5 years later.

My truck is a little too big. It is hard to park. Although I have a very short commute it uses a lot of gas. I get about 12 miles per gallon. The most frustrating thing though is that the factory radio screen went out and stopped working. Also I have had to replace the air conditioning resistor plug 3 times. It only works on high.

- Johanna E

I love the color, and four doors, and backup camera.

I haven't had any problems with my truck. I love that it has four doors. I wish it had step sides, to help get in. I am planning on getting some. I also plan on getting a cover for the back. I also love the color, it is a dark gray. It is also pretty good on gas for long trips. And it has enough room for my grandkids.

- Patricia S

My vehicle is reliable, and extremely useful.

Super reliable and comfortable. I drive my truck long distances to college and back, move my belonging when I am moving my apartment, it is incredibly convenient. The most maintenance I have had to do is regular oil changes, which is included in my deal upon purchasing the Toyota Tacoma with my local Toyota dealer.

- Zoe Z

My Toyotas. My ride, and my choice of vehicle.

I love my Toyotas. They are very reliable, and good on gas. All I have done to them is change oil. In a 188000 miles on one of them. I take them to the mountains, I take them to the beach. . I drive about 65 to work and back home each day. And I have never had a problem with them. I am a Toyota customer for life.

- Donald S

Fun, reliable, good looking and hold its value.

No mechanical or electrical issues at 92000 miles. Comfort is ok, I am 6'5" and fit fairly well in the front. The back seats of the double cab will only fit short individuals or children. Very reliable truck, but gets poor gas mileage. Truck very capable off and on road, tows a small trailer with no issues.

- Chris D

Dependable and good gas mileage.

Dependable, easy to drive, good gas mileage can go anywhere and enjoyable, lets your know if somethings wrong for examples low tires problem excites a family's vehicles, so far the same as other vehicle on the road with problems for wear and tear but maintaining a good one is a must to last more years.

- Em C

For your outdoor road trip adventures!

No problems as of yet. It is very comfortable to drive. Power windows, no power seats but that is ok. Spacious. Love the color as well. The length of the bed is just right. I have taken long road trips and it was awesome. I definitely recommend this vehicle for someone looking for a mid size truck.

- Dora N

Reliable truck, but dated features.

My truck is comfortable and good miles per gallon. Good heat and cooling. Cons: no intermittent wipers, has manual windows and mirrors and no storage space behind seat. It has been very reliable, but does not handle well at all on ice and snow. The bed is a nice size, and 3 can fit in front.

- Kathleen M

Tacoma's a fun, reliable and easy to drive truck.

Most fun vehicle I have ever owned. Very reliable. Good gas mileage for a truck. Lots of highway power. Easy to haul in. Also great driving vision. Expect it to last for years to come no problems as of yet. Not a lot of bells and whistles. . . But didn't want these. Does have Bluetooth.

- Jodi H

Toyota Tacoma - 10 out of 10.

Very reliable and comfortable. Decent gas mileage. Looks nice. Never had major problems. Driven 20 hour rides several time - no problems. Interior is spacious and has an appealing design. Not too large - no difficulty parking. Holds value extremely well. I recommend this car to anyone.

- Anthony V

I love my Toyota Tacoma truck!

Absolutely no problems - get the regular maintenance required by the dealer. I often go to an appt early so I can sit in my truck and read - very comfortable. Love it. Put snazzy covers on my seats - everyone knows my vehicle - usually a good thing. Very comfortable on long trips.

- Mary H

My fantastic Tacoma experience.

Good pickup. Lacks all wheel drive but still smooth handling. I used this model to drive over 2300 miles from Austin to Seattle and had no issues. Had over 250, 000 miles when I started and still going strong. I highly recommend this vehicle as a good size cheap pickup truck. .

- Jacob S

Not a fan of the color pyrite-mica but it actually grew on me, get compliments,

When I drive the suspension makes a noise when I go over dips, the performance is good, I have and will purchase Toyota vehicles in the future when the time is right. I wish it had better gas mileage, and the seats had a more tilt forward for person with certain body ailments.

- Michelle A

Nice, smooth sailing truck. Is a must buy!

My truck is very spacious. Drives are smooth sailing and engine is pretty quiet. Lights are very bright both high and low beam and you are able to see a good distance when driving at night. The music is very crisp when playing. Great gas saver and would recommend to everyone.

- Mollie C

It is paid for. and gets reasonable mileage.

My truck is very handing for hauling firewood and items for family. With 4-wheel drive I am confident in driving in Pa winters. I wish I had anchor points for attaching a chain for pulling the occasional log or small stump. I appreciate the extra room with the extended cab.

- Richard V

My pickup gets plenty of raves from all my friends.

Great comfort in a reliable truck. The body style and white color makes it eye appealing. Having a truck is nice to have if anyone needs any help moving anything from one location to another. The four door feature creates plenty seating for others that need to ride in it.

- Richard P

I would buy another Toyota in the years to come.

Love my 2013 Toyota Tacoma, comfort ride. 4x4 good in the snow. I love the four door model. Has airbags front and back and sides. The performance of this truck great. I like all features it has. The only problem I have is the fan to the heater and air keeps shutting off.

- Donna T

Excellent vehicle for use.

Great performance, good gas mileage for a truck, very comfortable with strong four wheel drive and a high clearance. Lots of bed space and room in the cab. So far no mechanical issues. Would like a different air conditioning. Great back up camera in the mirror.

- John M

Great truck for many purposes in life.

It runs great and gets good gas mileage. It fits my lifestyle and is what I can use everyday for work. The inside is comfortable. No one is on top of the other person. I enjoy the little detailed features I have because it is a Texas edition. I love my truck.

- Katie S

The incredible quality of Toyota Tacoma.

I have not had any major problems with my Tacoma since I purchased brand new. I have kept the vehicle serviced on the recommended maintenance plan specified by the dealer. The vehicle has nearly 90000 miles, and has not needed any major repairs happy to say.

- Jack U

My white 2013 Toyota Tacoma sr5 4 by 4 quad cab.

No problems and its a 2013 with 53, 800 miles. Performance is good although wish it had more power and torque and most importantly is that I wish it had ac vents for the back seat, but that's only on the tundra. My seats are manual and so are the mirrors.

- Aaron C

This vehicle is very dependable and low cost to maintain. It gets good fuel mileage for a truck.

I have the extended cab with the long bed. The truck has been great. I have 85k miles on it and have had no service issues. I have only performed regular maintenance. When the time comes to buy a new truck, this make and model will be high on my list.

- Phil M

Love my Toyota Tacoma trd.

No problems, runs and looks great. Bluetooth is awesome. Gets decent mileage, comfortable yet powerful towing. Great resale value. Rear camera is helpful for backing up. Interior is roomy. Bed is short. Brakes are very sensitive. I absolutely love it.

- Jan H

It is reliable and will likely hold Its value.

Very reliable. Counting on it holding it is retail value. No maintenance problems, but I take care of it with regular oil changes etc. Definitely not luxury inside. Difficult to see out of we're the door frame is on the drivers side.

- Ness E

Tacoma: A great little truck

My Tacoma is very reliable! I've never had anything go ad on it in 70,000 miles. The fuel mileage isn't great, and there is not room for passengers (access cab), but it is a solid little truck. I'll be keeping it for a long time.

- Chris E

The 2013 Tacoma is Dependable and tough!

I love my truck! My 2013 Toyota Tacoma has almost 80,000 miles and and the only thing I've had to replace so far other than typical maintenance ( brakes, oil & filter, wipers) has been the wheel bearings around the 70,000 mark.

- Katie H

This vehicle is very reliable and versatile.

My vehicle is reliable, versatile and fun. I feel comfortable taking my vehicle in varying terrain and giving passengers a ride as well. I can use my vehicle to accomplish my favorite pastimes as well as a reliable commuter.

- Lexie L

My Tacoma is not four wheel drive.

I like the versatility of it, the way i can drive efficiently and tow objects. The car drives smooth and is very reliable. I wish it had a sunroof and electrical outlets like the newer models, but that is not a big deal.

- Jorge M

Toyota is dependable and meets everyone's needs.

Very well made truck, and very reliable. I do wish it didn't have such a "truck" ride. It does have ample cargo space for my gardening supplies and the dual cab is perfect for taking rescue dogs to adoption events.

- Molly F

Great 2013 Toyota Tacoma!

I drive a 2013 toyota tacoma. The truck just runs and runs. I haven't had to do anything to it but basic maintenance. I would recommend a tacoma to anyone looking for mid size truck that is very reliable.

- Gene R

My vehicle is perfect for the person that wants an easy driving experience, but they also want their car to perform excellently when needed.

My vehicle's really nice. It has great performance, the engine is very quality. Kind of loud on the interstate, but that's it. Everything else has performed as expected or even better. 10/10 Would Recommend

- Andrew S

It is an investment and I am proud of it.

After looking a many cars and doing much research I found that Toyota’s (in the experts and i’s opinion) are the best vehicles on the road. They have the best resale value and they will run forever.

- Simon G

Basic transportation and Hauling. Meets my needs for the above. 4 x 4 drives adds peace-of-mind during winter and off-roading.

A bit bumpy and noisy. Like the jump seats when younger riders are with me, Have the extended cab and additional storage is great. The moveable "tie-downs" are a pain to move along the bed sides.

- Richard S

The Nature of the best vehicle around.

Toyota is an excellent vehicle. It has great performance and has great accessories on the dashboard. Toyota stands by its name. If you want the best ride and experience, Toyota is the way to go.

- Joseph H

It is holds it is resale value well.

The 2013 Tacoma is very reliable and cheap to maintain. Gas mileage for 4 cylinder is average and in certain situations it feels underpowered. I wish I had opted for 4WD, extended cab and v6.

- Peter M

Perfect sized truck for anyone

This truck is perfect for my everyday needs. It gets great mileage and can transport a lot of items. It is perfect for someone looking for a truck but does not want to drive something giant.

- Jessica S

2013 black crew cab Toyota Tacoma.

I have not had any problems with my Toyota Tacoma. It has around 65, 000 miles on it and nothing has messed up. I even have the stock tires on, though they will be changed very soon.

- Curtis C

It is paid for. It has almost 80,000 miles on it.

I like that it has the outside temperature and direction you are driving in the mirror. It is comfortable to take a trip. I can go shopping and use the full back seat for packages.

- Danelle K

The 4 cylinder engine is not good enough, I wish I had a v6.

I like the size, not too big, not too small. The gas mileage is acceptable for a truck. Having a rear view camera has changed my life. I have never had any trouble with it.

- Cory C

My Toyota has survived a 3 Deer attack and was still driveable.

This truck has been one of the best I have owned, It has been very reliable and is comfortable and gives a smooth ride for a pick up. I would not hesitate to buy another.

- Bruce B

It has a great style and size. Not a massive truck but perfect for a city girl.

I love the style of my truck. I wish it came with more features like a digital display for tire pressure, fuel miles left, etc. I also wish mine had built in navigation.

- Erin M

Toyota make a quality truck

It is useful for day-to-day tasks. It fits into my garage. Many compact trucks do not. However, the ride is a little rough and the turning radius is larger than I like.

- Linda S

The Toyota Tacoma is a good truck

I like having a truck for use around the house to haul off yard trash, etc. I like that it has enough room for 4-5 people. I dislike that it rides a little rough.

- Brian g

The most important thing that others should take away from owning a Toyota Tacoma is that it is a reliable vehicle and a brand you can trust

I love my truck! I love the leather interior! It is reliable! The color is awesome! My truck is lifted and looks mean so i love that about my truck as well

- Jennifer r

Good cab and rear space to carry loads

I really haven't had any problems with my vehicle. Except that like most modern vehicles the best, if not only place to have it serviced is the dealership

- james l

its dependable and reliable and cost effective I recommend

My vehicle has been very dependable. I have not had any issues with it. The only times I've needed to service the vehicle was for regular maintenance.

- Richard C

Tacoma truck has a good gas mileage and dependable.

Good gas mileage and high ground clearance. Good working truck and dependable, carry diff things, comfortable seats and touchscreen for scanning music.

- Emma S

My car is quick and fast.

What I like about my car us that its reliable. It's very easy to do maintenance and keep it in hood shape. It the best type of car you could ever have

- Ale R

Toyota Tacoma great review.

I love my Tacoma. It just simply isn't large enough for my needs. It has great gas mileage, is a very smooth ride and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Nicholas P

This vehicle is perfect in affordability, performance and style for my use.

I love how affordable it was. I love the color, spruce mica, which is not offered today. I love the timeless body style. Absolutely no complaints

- Rick B

It's very capable and can be utilized for most all situations

I love that it drives well for a truck. It's just the right size. It has great storage. The gas mileage is slightly lower than I would like however.

- Jeffrey C

reliable multi use vehicle which suits my lifestyle

Have no real problems, because gets 20 mpg and is reliable. Might be a little underpowered for my use because need it to tow a boat occasionally.

- calvin k

Dependable truck that I can always count on to perform when needed.

Amazing truck. Very reliable and handles the everyday highway commute of the work week and the off road adventures of the weekend like a champ

- Justin P

100% Reliable Toyota Tacoma

My Tacoma has been completely problem-free and 100% reliable since purchasing it brand new. All I've had to do is perform routine maintenance.

- Scott L

It has 4wd and goes great in the snow.

I love the gas mile age while still have a 4wd vehicle and a pickup. I do not like that it sits lower to the ground and not much clearance.

- Erica R

My tacoma is preferred by 10 out of 10 isis members.

I like that it's a 4 wheel drive truck but dislike the lack of a lockable tailgate and no way to use a key on the passenger side door lock.

- joe L

Great truck, love the setup.

Great truck, reliable. Warranty is good as well. Have had for 5 years with no issues. All of the amenities are place well. Love this truck.

- Travis K

It is an off road beast that does not quit on the trail

I like the off road capabilities, I do not like that there is not more protection for the undercarriage, gas mileage could be better.

- Buck W

Gray Toyota Tacoma pickup truck.

The vehicle is very reliable. The gas mileage is not the greatest; I average about 21 miles per gallon, which is not too terrible.

- Kenneth K

enough room for 5 people, safe to drive, good small truck

4-door truck with good seating (has enough room for 5 people, three in the back), drives well, safe, GPS built-in, good speakers

- Bradley M

The only thing I would say bad about it is it is a little light in the back end.

I love that it drives good it is dependable and it is safe and very roomy and have taken care of it and it still looks like new.

- Rebecca G

It is dependable and reliable. The truck does it's job very well. It should last for a long time.

Very reliable and dependable. The truck looks good. The truck needs a bigger interior. The infotainment system needs updating.

- Kyle W

The brand is excellent and has well-earned prestige.

I like the size of cab and bed. I do not have electric windows or intermittent wipers and wish I did. I enjoy having Bluetooth.

- Karen S

Truck with SUV interior,!

Handles everything, inside ext cab feels like SUV, little rough on potholes as far as comfort. Can carry large loads. Love it

- Murat S




It's easy to maintain and service as well as easy to drive and get around in.

My tacoma is a very reliable vehicle. I love how easy it is to drive. Also for it being a truck it gets good gas mileage.

- Kevin P

This car is for my work everyday and is my favorite car,

No, he not have problems is perfect for my, I like my car is my favorite. But I need one more for my family is big now,

- Silvia C

It has been a very reliable vehicle and have had no issues with it since purchase.

I like the size of the vehicle. The space behind the seats is perfect. i like the storage on the side of the bed also.

- Tracie L

Nice little pickup. Easy to maintain. Good mileage.

Good gas mileage. Very reliable. Fairly comfortable. Simple. It has enough power but it could have more for sure.

- Nate H

Dependable as long as you take care of it with required maintenance.

Color spruce mica is wonderful. Bed is already plasticized. Camper shells are too expensive. Great for going camping.

- Edward B

Mechanic problems almost free, good motor.

Engine noise when accelerating, rear bed door too heavy, paint issues, front headlights stained, brakes vibration.

- Jorge E

Smooth ride and easy to handle in tight areas.

It is easy to handle in tight areas and has a smooth ride even in the rear seats. The gas mileage is awesome.

- Janet M

Nice truck for the size -very easy to drive and useful.

It's a good truck for its size. It's good on gas, and easy to drive. I wish the seats could be adjusted more.

- Charmagne Q

I feel safe in it. It is off the ground enough I can see well when driving.

Love a little truck, handles well for me. It gets fair gas mileage. It is easy to drive. I feel safe in it.

- debbie s

The vehicle is very fuel efficient.

It is reliable. I haven't had any issues or any repairs needed in the five years I have owned the vehicle.

- Jay W

It's easy to drive and fun to drive. Technology is nice.

I love that it's a pickup truck. I can carry things anywhere that I want. I love how easy it is to drive.

- Brian B

I love it, it is reliable.

What I like: it is big. It is rugged. It holds skis. There is nothing wrong with it or the way it drives.

- Alexis A

My car is super cute. It is a coup so there is not a lot of room.

No complaints! I love that truck! It gets decent gas mileage and is very comfortable for long road trips.

- Linda H

Toyota Tacoma is above all others the best

Toyota makes great vehicles. I've had the vehicle for 5 years and have had no problems. Just maintenance.

- Adrien M

Very comfort and secure in the street

Very comfort ams spacious. Is the best truck in efficiency. 4WD, secure, and very nice. I love my truck

- Giselle T

Great reliability and reasonable price

It has a better carrying cap than all other small trucks. It has great reliability. Moderate priced.

- Bob V

Great gas mileage that can't be beat.

Make and model, body style good on gas, loading and using for recreational use.. Dislikes- suspension.

- Michelle A

It is the last one I am buying.

I would like better gas mileage. Guess I am still a Chevy girl at heart and like their new features!!

- Anne N

It is a perfect truck for a handyman and or new driver

It is a very good work truck. It just needs a stronger motor so it can get up to speed a lot faster.

- Edward R

Its drives well on the highway.

No complaints. I Love the body style. It is very dependable and the seats are very comfortable too.

- Theresa V

It is very roomy and still useful as a truck. Good towing capacity. It handles excellently in extreme weather.

I love my truck. It is fun to drive and has never required any maintenance. I highly recommend it.

- Calvin C

Reliable and Comfortable mid size truck!

No problems yet. Very reliable and comfortable. Plenty of legroom. Rides smooth. I love my truck!

- Lisa B

It will hold its resale value and last for a long life.

It is reliable and holds its value. It is well built. The interior is comfortable.

- Jim B

Work truck and 4x4 that can go off road and smooth travel along highways

4x4 truck that is small enough to go anywhere and easy to handle. No complaints

- Bob R

It looks good, drives great but it not very comfortable

I like to design. I love the leather interior. I hate the cramped cockpit.

- Kevin S

It is always very reliable, because it is a well made Toyota

I love the 4 wheel drive. It has a backseat. The bed is nice & roomy too

- Jezebelle P

It is dependable and has not given us any problems.

My 2013 Toyota Tacoma is dependable and has not given us any problems.

- Mike F

reliable, good on gas, looks good, drives well and has enough room

very reliable, good on gas wish I had purchased the 6 cyl engine

- Ernest M

this vehicle is one that I would recommend to anyone looking for a midsize truck

very good vehicle that is very reliable. long lasting vehicle,

- Elden G

It's a great car. Good for traveling. It get me to where I need to go.

I love it. It come very useful to me. All my family wants one

- Ashley W

My Toyota Tacoma is a reliable and economical vehicle.

Does what I need it to do. Get good mileage. It is reliable

- d c

Its useful for hauling but not very practical for everyday use. The cab is very noisy. The back seat are cramped. We made a mistake buying it.

Very noisy cab while driving. Especially on the highway.

- Suz M

quality,one of the best trucks on the road

very good truck,no problems with it.runs good rides good

- richard H

Easy to drive and and have a backup camera

Easy to drive and lots of room to put of our stuff

- Liza C

Good pickup and tremendous speed

Tremendous pickup. Decent mileage. Good looks

- Andy N