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Toyotas are reliable and great cars.

Before starting with a specific model 3 of my current cars are Toyotas. I worked at a vocational school and the auto mechanic teacher was an Toyota mechanic. I valued his mechanical ability greatly. He swore the best vehicle were Toyotas. Other than maintenance I have had only one issue regarding a sensor when the Camry was 9 years old. I enjoy my pick up best. With simple features the Tacoma rides great and gets fair mileage. The '17 Corolla has some great features for an economy vehicle and gets great mileage. I love the variable speed transmission which I believe contributes to its great mileage. The Camry is 13 years old and rides as well as the day I bought. Two of my 3 Toyotas were used and Toyota certified. One was a dealer vehicle and another was a 2 year lease turn in. Both were like brand new. I used to be a Mopar guy but Toyota has won me over.

- Russ T

Excellent vehicle the best I have bought

The suspension is very comfortable and dynamic, which makes this pick-up a very controllable vehicle and ideal for long trips. The engine of the SUV is 6 cylinders and has a Toyota Direct Ignition system that works in conjunction with the 6-speed automatic transmission with sequential changes and ECT-i. It has space for 5 passengers and a lot of space for rear cargo. It is specially designed to support the weight of the back and distribute it evenly with the strength of the rest of the body.This engineering design makes this SUV have a silent ride with which there will be no problems of uncomfortable sensations or rebounds in the passenger cabin.

- Leroy W

The Tacoma is a perfect pick up for a woman who is short.

My Toyota Tacoma is a dream pick up truck for me. I am a woman and on the short side and this vehicle fits my needs perfectly. I am comfortable driving it I have a clean view of all sides. The performance of this vehicle on curvy hilly roads is excellent. I have never felt a slipping or sliding with his vehicle even once. Are use this vehicle to drive for uber. And at least once a night someone always compliments me and the beauty of this pick up truck. It makes me smile to know that people see my vehicle has not just another pick up on the road full of these kinds of vehicles. It is special and it is great for a woman.

- Linda H

So glad I purchased my reliable Toyota tacoma.

I have not had any problems with my truck. I have not needed to have anything fixed (I have only had to take it in for regular service/maintenance). Performance and reliability are excellent. The comfort is good (what I would expect for a 'newer' truck). The features are good and serve my purpose (I wish the cruise control had automatic slow down when a vehicle gets in front of you, I wish I had lane departure/vehicle warning, I wish the steering wheel had heat, I wish I had heated/cooled seats, I wish I had a sunroof)- but I absolutely love my truck!

- Heather C

Toyota Tacoma sr5, extended cab.

Love this truck! It drives like a car and it rides comfortably. This truck has fabricated seats, although some have leather, the Texas heat is awful! If you have trouble with your truck on the roads, the indicators are great and keep you on the road if you keep up the maintenance. It also comes with Sirius XM, Bluetooth capability, and more. Some Tacomas don't have GPS mapping, ours does not. However, many of them have Entune for music and google maps for directions and traffic on the screen.

- Ellen G

It will not surprise you with random breakdowns.

My Tacoma is very reliable and beats any truck I have driven before. It does use more gas than a sedan type does, and the suspension is pretty bumpy compared to a lower car; but these things are to be expected. Reliability is what really stands out with the Toyota Tacoma, it is low maintenance, and does the job for mile after mile. I drove mine from Texas to Alaska, yup through Canada, and I made it in 5 days on one oil change and zero problems. Fantastic.

- Jane H

Toyota Tacoma 2014 review for families.

This vehicle is very reliable, pretty decent on gas and has a good amount of room in the back for someone with a small family or someone with children that don't require a car seat. I would not suggest getting this type of make and model if you have more than two children that require car seats. There is only room for two also if you are very tall this vehicle may not work for you if someone needs to sit behind the driver seat.

- Georgia T

This vehicle is reliable and comfortable for long trips.

Turning radius is not the greatest. You have to plan ahead for making turns you normally wouldn't otherwise. The ac has a mind of its own since purchase as new. It will turn on randomly. Often it cannot be turned off at all. Toyota said they repaired it, I knew they didn't. Then they refused to look at it any further. Otherwise it is a great vehicle and has given me no significant issues.

- Paul K

Great outdoor vehicle for hunting and fishing expeditions.

The Toyota Tacoma is a highly reliable vehicle. It drives extremely well for a truck. It is a great outdoorsman vehicle. It has a high clearance to go over rough terrain and plenty of towing power. The payload is plenty big enough to handle almost any job. This vehicle has a beautiful interior and comfortable seating. It is very spacious and comfortable.

- Pat M

The towing capacity of 600 pounds has been a tremendous value when camping.

The only issue I have encountered is with the navigation system. Other than that, everything has been great on the truck and no complaints. I do find the truck reliable, dependable, but lacks a bit on fuel consumption. Since getting the truck from the dealership, brand new, I have not been able to obtain anything more than 20 miles per gallon.

- Jeff C

Plenty of room multi tasking easy to operate.

Very reliable, but being a pick up it has a rough ride. It serves us well being a dual cab gives me room to haul foster dogs to adoption events safely it still has cargo area to haul gardening supplies home in the bed of the truck. I highly recommend this vehicle to someone looking for a multi tasking means of transportation.

- Molly F

Get this truck, you will not be sorry you did.

This has been an amazing truck. Just turned 100,000 miles and have never had any issues. It drives and handles like a sedan. I got the sport model because it has larger tires and a smoother highway ride than the off road version. I also had the dealer install a topper on the back which is amazing. Looks great.

- Brady T

Easy to maintain, affordable, and looks awesome going down the road.

Comfortable ride, climbs mountains well, I would recommend for anyone even if you do not go to the mountains. I think this truck can suit anyone because the fuel economy is good and it is a comfortable ride. Toyota hit it out of the park with the performance on this truck it can do whatever you put it to.

- Jerry L

The good the bad and the ugly.

Durable reliable travel comfort but used and had tire issues. Space is good for seating and transporting luggage etc. wait too long at dealership for servicing of vehicle. When first purchased it the salesman was in very honest he was just trying to make a sell. He has since then no longer been working.

- Katarina M

My husband loves this truck!

Nice small truck with a lift, satellite radio and a rear view camera, that my husband loves! Had the plastic put on for the bed, best investment ever! However seats are not very comfortable for long rides. Has extended cab but it is not very big, mainly used for storing bags, or bikes when we travel.

- Bebe P

Reliability of the Toyota brand.

My Tacoma is reliable so far. It is get good gas mileage as far as pickups go. We shopped for a long time and where happy with the features that it offered. The price was more than other small pickups in its class. We have had Toyota’s in the past and we're happy with the reliability of this brand.

- Karen M

I really love the sound system and radio.

The only problem that I have had with this vehicle is that the air conditioning only works on the "high" setting. Other than that I love the sound system, the luxury touch screen radio, as well as the actual performance of the vehicle. I also like that it is four doors and gets decent gas mileage.

- John L

Toyota Tacoma, this truck is made for the working man.

Great vehicle, good gas mileage. Nice comfortable space, room for four nice truck bed for carrying things and it has a great look. Modern and updated technologies make it easy to keep up maintenance. Electric windows and locks make it very secure and built in security systems are great.

- Michael K

Would you buy this with my review? We need to pay a little more for reliability.

Durable. Can travel and hold what you need to travel with. Spacious and comfortable. I have a monthly upkeep on the basic checks and maintenance. We did have some tire problems and one time a service person checked the vehicle before a long trip and on the way home the brakes were dry.

- Katerina M

My Tacoma is important to me because it does everything I need it to do.

Comfortable, gas efficient, very low maintenance. We use our car daily and it is very reliable. I have never had any problems or maintenance issues with it. I use it in very rough conditions and it always performs well. The cruise control is a nice feature as well as the navigation.

- Jacob A

The Tacomas are just living on the Toyota's reputation, they have gone right downhill in quality.

Great all around mid-sized pickup, but the gas mileage is terrible for the 4 cylinders and has NOT gotten better over the years,may have to switch over to a Ford,etc, the 6 cylinders get better gas mileage than Toyotas 4.Wish the bed was wider,and longer like the old T-100's

- William F

It gets decent gas mileage despite being a pickup truck.

The engine is a little smaller than I would like, and the turn radius is not particularly tight. Otherwise, I love the truck. I prefer standard transmissions, and it's one of the only small pickup trucks that still has 4-wheel drive and standard transmissions as options.

- Nate S

Durable and reliable. Travel is excellent.

Constant tire issues. Toyota took good care of us. Consistent on oil changes, balance, etc. Reliable for size and travel is good and comfortable. Trucks are the best. You cannot go wrong with trucks they are durable and good for travel. Warranty to pay is a good thing.

- Katerina M

Reliable, smooth, good gas mileage.

Great reliability so far. Car runs well and I have heard after 2014 Tacoma models weren't as good. I do not recommend getting black like I did because the car gets hot. In terms of sizing the truck is good looking for the size compared to other similar pickup trucks.

- Casey H

It'll go anywhere, do anything, and look great doing it!

It was a dream of mine since the Tacoma first came out decades ago to own one. Now I do, and I'm incredibly in love with my truck. The ONLY complaint I have about this truck is that it doesn't have intermittent wipers. Weird, but definitely not a deal breaker.

- Liam R

I get a lot of people telling me that they want my truck or one like it.

I really haven't had any problems with my Tacoma it is a good truck. Paint may be somewhat of a problem due to it scratches real easy, but most are superficial. I haven't had any mechanical problems yet and hope to not anytime soon.

- Sharon M

It handles great in any weather, and can haul a nice travel trailer.

I like the size of the truck it is an extended cab. I dislike the computer system. I am not a fan of the large screen. I also do not care for the suicide doors it is a real pain getting stuff in and out of the back seat.

- Jean C

Difficult Oil Change Issues

Have not experienced any problems with my Toyota Tacoma. The one thing that is difficult would be the extensive way it takes to change the oil. It ends up being too much work for myself so I have to take it to a shop

- Alanna B

Best Car for the Family. Toyota Tacoma best suits for a family because it is perfectly made and meets the needs of a family.

Our main car is the Toyota Tacoma. This truck is very convenient to the whole family because we can carry large things on the trunk whenever we go anywhere. It is also spacious on the inside and it looks stylish.

- Edralin T

The Tacoma is reliable. It is worth the money. It is durable and super safe.

I dislike how small the back seats are. I like everything about the truck besides that! I like that it is four wheel drive and you have the option of turning off traction control unlike other vehicles.

- Ashley G

It is a Toyota and therefore holds its value.

I have a double cab body style which I just love.I do a lot of shopping for antiques and it is the perfect vehicle for me. I am able to carry small and large loads in it and seat 4 people comfortably.

- Lyn T

My car is useful, does not use too much gas, gets me where I'm going.

The Tacoma come from a good Toyota brand name. The Tacoma is not very useful for a family; a large SUV would have been better. The Tacoma is a small pickup for work purposes in my opinion.

- Nat I

The way it handles on the road.

I love my Toyota Tacoma because of the way it handles on the highway and the good mileage I get. The rear camera it has is worth the price of the vehicle. The radio system is outstanding.

- John F

Toyota Tacoma is a very safe and comfortable truck and will run forever!

I feel safe because I sit up high! I do not have any blind spots! My truck runs so smoothly! I feel that the price I paid was fair. Everything seems sturdy and well built!

- Mary P

It's a Toyota, so it will never die!

I like the fact that it's a compact truck with a manual transmission. The only two things I don't like are 1) the bed is too small, and 2) the fuel economy isn't great.

- Joel R

everything about the exterior is good looking

my toyota tacoma is very easy to operate and very comfortable to drive in. it gets very good mileage and for a v4 really accelerates when trying to merge into traffic

- gabe h

One thing that the Tacoma has that others don't is a 100w and 400w plug in built into the box.

My Toyota Tacoma is a very reliable pickup. It gets about 18 mpg in town and 24 mpg on the highway. Doing repairs on the pick up is very simple and affordable.

- Morgan W

It's a great truck and wish I made the decision earlier.

I like that it's newer and has a backup camera. Also that It's a truck since I didn't have that before. It will also keep Its value better than my old vehicle.

- Chris L

It holds its value and is a great vehicle.

I love my truck. Its dependable, reliable, and in great shape. It's also amazing for transporting what I need for projects. Decent gas mileage for a truck too.

- Renee F

the retail value is very good and it drives great...

I drive to the airport every other week and love my truck. It gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable to drive. It has all the power that I need....

- Mark S

Low maintenance cause its a Toyota.

The Tacoma handles well in all kinds of weather. Love the camera to help with backing up. Comfortable seating. Could be a little more room in the backseat.

- Lisa M

Runs like a champ and is absolutely beautiful to look at!

I love everything about it! I love the look, the gas mileage, the dependability the low maintenance. I plan on having this vehicle for a long, long time!

- Lynn M

Oh what a feeling to drive a Toyota

It is a well made truck no problems to list. Performs well , reliability is great . Many good features heat seats , plenty of room . Ez to drive

- Anthony R

It's not bad on gas, for a truck, it's efficient. I don't need to worry about gassing up that often.

I like how it's compact and easy to park. It has manual transmission so it's exciting to drive. However, I don't really like the manual windows.

- Randy R

I love the plug in that is located in the bed of the truck.

It's a good vehicle but I am having issues with the wiring and things not working, as a newer vehicle I wouldn't expect these kinds of issues.

- Hope R

I would totally buy this truck again!

I bought a 2014 Toyota Tacoma and I am in love it gets great gas mileage. And has the perfects amount of off-roading that my family needs.

- Emily C

It does have a backup camera for easy to back up to things.

I like it very much, 4x4 for winter driving, I like the four door, good on gas, has lots of room in back seats, I have no dislikes.

- Donna T

The toyota tacoma is easy to fix, and parts aren't so complicated to find

Don't get me wrong, i love my toyota tacoma. there are indeed several things that bother me, like i'm not too fund of the interior

- andrea t

My Toyota Tacoma Truck and some of the reasons I like it.

I have had no problems with my truck. It has get pick up, to me doesn't drive like a truck. Plenty of room. We have. Double cap.

- Karen B

It's very reliable and has a great resale value.

I love my Tacoma. It's very dependable and smooth and easy to drive. It has a lot of room and does well on winter roads.

- Ryan K

That the car is very reliable

I love the look of my Tacoma. I also like how low maintenance it is. I dislike the cup holders and the stereo system.

- Melinda P

Dependable truck for everyday

The tires are little pricey but it dependable gets you from point a to point b easy.. rarely had any problems with it


reliable, no problems whatsoever. this truck should last a long time.

it is a good truck but i am tall and it is troublesome every now and then getting out of the cab. very reliable!!!!

- chet l

She's our pride and joy! She gets great gas mileage. Best purchase we've made since we got together.

We have no complaints whatsoever. We've even named her :). She's a really good truck for one that was pre-owned.

- Rhonda B

It is bad in gas, but Its sturdy and I have never had any kind of tissues with it.

The only problem I have is that it is not good on gas a all. But everything else is amazing, it is a great truck.

- Callie T

2014 Toyota Tacoma SE Pickup Truck

Truck has had no mechanical problems of any kind. My only complaint is with the lackluster entertainment system.

- Nicholas B

Its long lasting and I would buy over over again.

I like the Toyota brand, it its very good and reliable. I would buy again and again. They last a very long time,.

- Evelyn S

High ground clearance, roomy, lots of extras

Very comfortable, gets me where I need to be and hauls everything i need it to, smooth ride, great sounds systems

- Daniel H

It is reliable and never has an issue. Good size light weight truck with. Power.

Always runs great. Never have problems and is very reliable and comfortable. Great technology and easy to use.

- Veronica B

It is a great gas saver names for a three family passenger seat.

Love everything about it. The color is great. The size fits my family. It gets around everywhere I want to go.

- Angela H

my car gets good gas mileage

I don't have any complaints. I like the back up camera. I like that I can control my Ipod from the dash.

- Mary H

Toyota Tacoma: a fun to drive truck!

It is very dependable and affordable to drive. It also has hauling capacity. It is fun and adventurous.

- Casey B

Great brand and quality. Solid car with few to no problems.

Love that good quality and 4 wheel drive. Dislike that bench seat. Love that it is stick and 5 speed.

- Sandy L

Toyota vehicles are always reliable for the most part.

Toyota Tacoma is comfortable and Toyotas are always very reliable. I have not encountered any issues.

- moc p

Fun, powerful, and efficient truck for all your needs.

It's got great gas mileage and stowage. It's powerful but compact. My wife likes to drive it too.

- Juan M

the drivetrain and electronics are superior to any other vehicle i've driven.

it is reliable, durable, and keeps on rolling. it is the best value in any vehicle i've ever owned.

- eric J

Others should know how proud I am to drive my Tacoma. It's a very safe vehicle.

I love my Toyota Tacoma. It is a very nice and dependable vehicle that I feel proud to drive.

- Logan M

It takes me from point A to point B and has good gas mileage.

The exterior looks awesome. The engine is weak and the entertainment center could be better.

- Noel M

Very reliable and affordable. Easy maintenance

Great gas mileage, roomy and no mechanical issues. It has easy upgrades and looks great.

- Brandon S

It has a big gas tank and uses a lot of gas

It is a very very durable truck. It never has any issues but it does take a lot of gas

- Lauren W

It is dependable. When I need to haul something, take my kids somewhere or just get to work safely. I know my truck will do the job

Good gas mileage. It is dependable for what I need. I like the way it looks

- Dacquri S

It's very reliable and has been virtually maintenance free for four years.

It's very reliable and has been virtually maintenance free for four years.

- Justin V

Performance of vehicle. Overall value of vehicle. How vehicle handles. Going places.

Quality of vehicle. Ruggedness of vehicle. Performance of vehicle.

- rick j




It's awesome. Bought brand new.great for snow. Back up cam.

4x4 for tons of snow. Sport model. Love color. Runs great.

- Ang B

My Tacoma is an excellent riding truck.

I Love my Tacoma. it is a Solid and dependable vehicle.

- Richard M

Toyota is a great car. Toyota nows how to treat their customers well.

I love my Truck. It looks great. It gets good mileage.

- Noelle B