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Perfect truck for family, business, and pleasure.

Number one quality is the Tacoma's reliability. I service the vehicle According to the schedule and I have never had a problem with it. The 2016 is my second Tacoma. I had the 1st one for 10 years with no problems. Updated to the 2016 for the navigation electronics and the extended bed. Also love the folder bed cover and interior light features in the bed. Seating is very comfortable, (I am 5'8") and it is loaded with storage features that come in handy in my line of work. Since I also have to cart kids around, the crew cab with full rear seat is essential. Plenty of room with storage behind and below the seats. I also like the exterior styling and size of the vehicle. I do not have room in my driveway for a full-sized vehicle, so the Tacoma is just right. I do not feel like I had to give anything up with this model truck.

- James P

Hard working, off roading, fun to drive truck.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab Off Road edition; an outstanding vehicle. I looked at the full sized trucks and at Jeep products before finally deciding to buy the Tacoma. The only caution I would offer is to be aware of this vehicle's limitations. If you need to load 2500 lbs in the bed and trailer another 8000 this is not the truck for you. If you need spacious seating for more than two people this is not the truck for you. If you want a hard working midsize truck that is fun to drive and will go almost anywhere then you want this truck. Couple all of that to Toyota quality and service and you've got a winner. Bottom line is that I would buy this truck again.

- Doug L

My dream truck. It is a dream to drive and a dream to look at.

My Toyota Tacoma is a dream to drive. I have never had a truck drive so smoothly. The seats are very comfortable, the heater heats up very fast (which I need this time of year for me because it is -11 degrees outside). I have had my truck for over two years now and I have never had any problems with it at all. When I connect my phone to Bluetooth and have a call come through while I am driving I hear the person with no problems, and they can hear me. Love that I can control anything by just my voice (asking to call someone while driving). Plus it is just a beautiful truck, I always get compliments on it!

- Nikita S

I have some performance modifications added.

The tacoma I currently own is my daily driver. Trucks have horrible gas mileage in general. They could improve on the gas mileage, but don't compromise the power of a truck. The tacoma could include more comfort. It would be nice if the tacoma would have a few more features like the newer Ford f-150. Also if would be nice to see some more performance in the sport version. The trd sport differs from the trd off-road by removing options from it. If it was called sport is should come with more horsepower.

- John H

Big spacious family truck.

It drives very smooth, has a lot of room on the inside. Love that it has wireless charging, and a outlet in the bed of the truck. It makes really good turns for being so long. I absolutely love the backup camera! It makes it easier to back into parking spaces. The display screen is pretty big, it's really easy to see what's on the screen. I like that if my phone is synced to the Bluetooth it will read my messages to me.

- Ashley G

Why I love my Toyota Tacoma.

Very reliable, drives like a car, lots of features, love the XM radio, lots of room for the grandkids (2 car seats) and more. Storage compartments bed liner with cargo hooks, big off-road tires with long wear, good road handling and water tread, easy to clean and care for carpet and seats, comfortable seats, I did have to purchase seats covers to keep them safe from the wear of the car seats and the grandkids.

- Sandra T

A great, reliable, but also stylish truck.

This car is practical and pretty nice to drive too. The interior is great, the reliability is awesome, and all in all I would 100% buy this car again. The gas mileage is pretty good for a truck, the only drawback would be the acceleration power, which is something you would expect from a truck. It hauls everything I would need, and also has enough room to comfortably seat 4 passengers at least.

- Courtney M

No problems. No problems. None.

My vehicle the Toyota Tacoma has no problems to speak of at this time. The performance is good. The truck is comfortable. It is very reliable. My truck has no problems. Once again I am going to tell you my truck has no problems because your making this survey difficult because I have to have at least 250 character response to tell you I have no problems.

- Joseph S

It has a crawl control which is very helpful. That is if you are into off-road.

My truck is very comfortable and the heating an ac comes on really fast. Even in the winter and summer. My truck also is fairly fast. The handling is very good to. Feels like you do not even have to steer with any strength. It also has a problem with mice climbing up into the ac but I use a peppermint scent to keep them out because they hate peppermint.

- Alex V

Toyota Tacoma 2016 - very reliable and comfortable.

My Tacoma is a very reliable vehicle and meets all the needs I had for purchasing. There have been no problems thus far and I have had the vehicle for over 2 years now. My only complaint is the length of the cab, as it has been too short for some items I have needed to haul. Other than that, it is a modern base model and I am very satisfied with it.

- Cassidy D

Reliable and solid midsize truck.

The Toyota Tacoma is extremely reliable. Best midsize truck on the road right now. Engine runs great, good on gas. Rides smooth and rough. Not like a boat, like some trucks. Radio and electronics have been glitchy at times. Seatbelt signal for passenger seat pops up, tire sensor signal does not work right, and radio resets itself every now and then.

- Gerry H

It is capable and has much more capacity and power than we typically use on a day to day basis

This is our second Tacoma. I love everything about this truck. It drives well on the highway and in the mountains. It has space to haul all sorts of different sized items. We have only had a few issues with it -- the USB port and the side mirror sensors malfunctioned. Otherwise, a great vehicle. We plan to lease another one in the upcoming year

- Rocco O

Nice and roomy easy to get in and out of.

Excellent truck nice and roomy smooth ride not hard to get in and out of plenty of space for other people and purchases sits up high which I love but is still fairly easy to get in and out of has cup holders for passengers as well as driver the tailgate is easy to open and close and it is easy to get in and out of the bed of the truck.

- Kelly L

Spacious cab back up camera and Bluetooth Audio.

Toyota Tacoma has been the best car I have owned yet. Sure it is a big truck but it is comfortable and a luxurious ride. Nice for long rides and great for road trips. So much compartment space and the truck bed is awesome for camping trips. We just put our sleeping pads and bags in the bed and sleep under the stars. I love this truck.

- Cassandra S

Toyota Tacoma 4x4. Best lil pick up on the market hands down.

Very well make truck. Fits my family perfect. Great for camping to hauling to grabbing the kids at school.. Would recommend this vehicle to anybody wanting a good reliable pickup truck..Great gas mileage from the city to the snow. Love my truck wouldn't trade it for any other brand.. Will definitely buy another Toyota in the future.

- Ramon G

Not so user friendly on board GPS system.

Only problem is the onboard software is not the best GPS is hard to use and seems to be out of date day one. Radio display and options hard to change saved stations without starting over. Google maps would be better. Heating and ac ease to use and the auto setting is great. The ride is good and the gas mileage is what was expected.

- Joseph T

Reliable, dependable, no problems, lots of features looks great has a nice big bed for hauling and mov8ng everything

No problems love it, very reliable, lots of features love to control everything from the steering wheel just bought a Matt for the bed so now nothing slips when hauling anything it was a very good investment so far nothing bad to report we have had several Tacoma's not sure if this is the third or fourth Tacoma we would buy again

- Tiffani C

My car is perfect, is my good friends, company me every day.

My car is perfect. I have only changed the four rubbers and I do his maintenance. I also buy a new battery, it is a comfortable car. It is four times four, I have been able to go on vacation and enjoy its all terrain features. It has also served me for my daily activities, such as going to work, shopping and with my family.

- Maria A

Very reliable and dependable.

Very reliable vehicle, very capable and excellent for off-road adventures. Very classy and has a sleek look to it. Toyota's warranty is also a big bonus for added durability and dependability. Overall, it is a great truck that is made with quality components and will not let you down, it is well worth the investment.

- Jon D

Quality and dependability with style and comfort. Drive it to see.

I like that it is a solid, reliable vehicle. I do not like that it lacks an automatic back window and the passenger handhold is lacking. I also dislike that there is not a way to fold down a middle arm rest in the back seat or a way to control the temperature. We have the Limited model so I expected a little more.

- Jan W

Great looking truck and great engineering.

I only have it for two months but so far I like the comfort, everyone likes the looks of the truck, it is very good on gas, the back up camera is great to have, the GPS system is great and very easy to use, the color is burnt orange and I like it a lot, the storage behind and under the back seat is a great idea.

- George H

It has Bluetooth, so I can answer my phone and talk through my Audio.

I love my Toyota Tacoma. It is perfect for going to flea markets and yard sales, shopping, hauling stuff. It has a nice, quiet ride and a great sound system. I haven't had any problems with it thus far, other than someone vandalizing it, breaking out one of my windows. But performance wise, rides like a champ.

- Mena C

Tough Tacoma truck that totally takes tops.

I really love my truck. The color, the gas mileage. The room. Everything about my truck is exciting. I drive it daily and love the ride. I am a Toyota driver for my lifetime. The performance of my truck is awesome as well. The ride height is impressive as well. The wheels are rugged and rough and ready to go.

- Frederick J

The taco is an amazing vehicle with a lot of potential.

I love my Tacoma. He’s only 2wd but he handles really well in dirt and mud. He does not really like sand. I have had him for 3 years and haven't had any issues. Has a lot of get up and go in it and with the right work would be a great off road vehicle. Gorgeous reliable truck and very happy with it!

- Samantha H

Reliable and a pleasure to drive.

It is reliable, intuitive and a pleasure to drive. Hauling a trailer is no challenge and it has excellent visibility. Fuel economy is excellent and acceleration is good too. Seats are comfortable and it is a pleasure to drive. I have had no maintenance issues. The Tacoma is sturdy and reliable.

- Michael G

2016 Toyota sienna- a great vehicle.

The vehicle we primarily drive is a great vehicle. However, it has had quite a few problems with the engine. It is also very loud while driving, but it is a great vehicle for traveling. Especially if you have kids. It has very comfortable seats and a large TV where children can enjoy the ride.

- Hanna L

Review of a vehicle for survey.

The seats are uncomfortable and not very adjustable. There is not much leg room in back seat. Otherwise it is a great truck, does well off road. It is a little light for slick and snowy roads. It is easy and simple to change the oil and designed correctly so oil does not run down the engine.

- Tuck S

Fun in the ride smooth and cool.

My vehicle rides smoot. It has plenty of room for being a smaller truck. Bed is big enough to load and haul furniture and other items. And the gas mileage isn't bad for a truck. It has all the bells and whistles anyone could want. I am in love with it and would recommend anyone to purchase.

- Laura M

It is very comfortable to ride in and drive as well.

I love my truck. It makes me feel safe and feel that I can take my son around in a safe vehicle as well. I love the modern features it provides as well, such as push-to-start, and auto lock. It also provides useful information, such as tire pressure and how many miles the gas will provide.

- Malia P

Amazing color. The color is different tones depending on the sunlight.

The cruise control sounds strange at the speed of 70 plus if the wind is blowing. It really fights. Also, the dash radio on the passengers side, rattles. If you push on the dash, it will stop but only for a short time. I just turn the radio up. Otherwise, I love everything about the truck.

- Steve B

Comfortable and reliable vehicle.

I love my Tacoma! It is spacious and comfortable. It has plenty of new technology. It is a reliable vehicle and has had no problem so far. It gets good gas mileage for a truck. There is cargo storage space behind the back seats and the center console is a large storage space as well.

- Tyler H

You can never go wrong with a Tacoma.

I love the sleek look of my truck, the et power button gives it extra boost when I need to pick up and go. The leather is easy to clean up as well and I live the contrast of the interior colors. The tailgate drops with ease and the hidden compartments under the seats are very handy!

- Elia B

I love my Tacoma! You should own one also.

I haven't had any issues with my truck. Is been great and all of my interactions with the dealer have been easy and pleasant. No recalls. One issue but it was covered under warranty. They even gave me a loaner car. I love my Tacoma its been my second one that I have owned so far.

- Steve G

My Toyota Tacoma is the perfect truck for me.

My truck is a great looking vehicle, it is great on gas for a 4 wheel drive truck, it has a built in GPS system which works great and is easy to use it also has a backup camera which really helps with parallel parking also has plenty of storage under and behind the rear seats.

- George J

Great, dependable truck for daily use!

Great truck, room enough for 3 small kids in rear. Beautiful to look at, dependable and durable! Updated transmission software has made the truck even more fun to drive, due to Toyota working to improve performance based on customer feedback. Expected to last 10 years easily!

- Ryan K

The Toyota Tacoma is the world's leading truck in power, safety and style.

The performance of the Toyota Tacoma is the best. It has power with the six cylinder, safety equipment that stands out, and a great style to add. It is an actual work truck that will come in use with anything you ever need and will deliver. I will never drive anything else.

- Jessie H

Hidden storage in bed of truck.

This truck is very comfortable, you can even control your radio on the steering wheel. It has hidden compartment in the bed of the truck. 8 Cup holders, large and small. Child proof locks and child proof windows. The back seats also let down. It's an awesome truck. Love it.

- Beatrice M

Best Vehicle Purchase I've Ever Made

When I bought the truck, the transmission had a bit of lag, but discovered there was a TSB that the dealership hadn't applied. They fixed it free and it's been great since! This truck get pretty good gas mileage. My best tank was 22 MPG all highway! Worst tank was 16 MPG.

- Lawrence K

Has everything I wanted and more.

Drives nice, heated seats and mirrors, navigation system, moonroof. Voice command calling. Came with a tonneau cover. Outlet in the cab. 4 doors, 4 wheel drive. Cordless phone charger, blind side mirrors. Back up camera. Window locks are nice for traveling with the dogs.

- Erin B

Why I bought and will continue to buy Toyota.

No problems yet, have had my truck for little over a year. Fell in love within 5 minutes of driving it and bought it right then. Highly recommend buying Toyota. Changing the oil is a little tricky if you haven't before. Great in the snow only downfall no seat warmers.

- Richard A

It is a good reliable useful truck that is light not heavy duty and can do more to it than an average vehicle

You can get a lot off aftermarket things that can go with this truck compared to others. It is consider a good versatile vehicle. Easier to work on. The bad thing is It does not get as good fuel mileage as expected cause some V8 get same fuel mileage as this does

- David H

This truck is heavy duty and reliable. We always feel safe in it.

I love this truck. We go camping a lot and it allows us to go on the mountain roads without worrying about getting stuck because of clearance. It also allows us to pack all of our gear comfortably. It's been super reliable and we have had no issues with it.

- Janel R

It's reliable, I have not had any problems with anything for the two years I've had it.

I love my 2016 Toyota Tacoma. It's a 4 cylinder great on gas. It also is a full 4door plenty of room for family/friends to get into and out. Love the back up camera and the touch screen radio, also Bluetooth hook up is great all the features are great.

- Sylvia G

It's safe and reliable with no issues or problems occurred within 2 years so far

It's safe and reliable. It has Bluetooth built in with a touchscreen. It's not great on gas, but good for being a truck. It's a smaller sized truck. It has a back up camera and goes good in the snow. I have not had any problems with the vehicle.

- Megan M

it has a full size bed and can carry 4-5 passengers comfortably

it's a great truck since it can carry 4-5 people and a full truckload of stuff; the price was pretty decent and the gas mileage good. compared to all of the other trucks on the market, this one is the best. And it's comfortable for long drives

- ri M

It handles well and rides smoothly. There is plenty of space in the cab.

I like the reliability and the spaciousness. I love being able to haul large pieces of furniture or equipment. I like the cargo room and the sunroof feature. I like the ride. I dislike maybe the gas mileage and wish that was better.

- Rebecca H

The Tacoma does not depreciate value like other cars. It still hold value even after a long time of owning the truck.

The truck is very good in my opinion, but there are some things that I would change if I were to make the truck my way. I would have more comfortable seats and the back middle window to be automated across all models of the truck.

- John H

The truck is very comfortable, yet can carry a lot of cargo.

This is my first Toyota truck. It is very comfortable and has many features that make the drive enjoyable. The truck handles well in any kind of weather. the air conditioner and heater work better that my last vehicle.

- gene s

2016 Toyota Tacoma review

So far it's been an amazing vehicle. The cabin is super roomy in the front, while the back is slightly more cramped.. but its a truck. 4wd has been great so far, would have liked a rear locking diff but wasn't an option.

- Jordon F

When the weather is bad I feel safe in my vehicle. I'm also warm with the heated seats

I love the four-wheel-drive on my vehicle. I love the maintenance plan that Toyota gave me with the truck. I feel safe in my truck and I'm glad I bought it new. I love the heated seats in the winter. I have no complaints

- Justine S

It is very reliable and has plenty of safety features.

I like that it makes me feel much safer on the road because I'm higher up. I like that it is a Toyota and it will last me forever. I absolutely love the navigation system. I don't like that the seats are not electronic.

- Victoria M

A few interesting details about my Toyota Tacoma would be it is 4 wheel drive, all inside is luxury and it's very spacious and drives so smooth. Goes great in any weather.

My 2016 Toyota Tacoma is amazing. It has 4 wheel drive, goes great in snow, rain, dry etc. my fiancé gets a big discount bc he works for Toyota building parts for the vehicles. I definitely give it a 100 :)


The tacoma is the best and only true mid size truck on the market

My truck is very reliable. I have never had any issues with it. It is the 3rd tacoma I have owned. It gets good gas mileage also. It has leather heated seats, sunroof, Bluetooth , navigation and Sirius radio.

- Heidi J

The most important thing about the car is the rear view camera.

I like my truck because it has good gas mileage. There really isn't anything to dislike about the truck because it has a good safety record. I can not make any complaints on how the truck has been so far.

- Ryan V

It is reliable 30, 000 miles never had a problem. I just replaced the battery.

My 2016 Toyota Tacoma is fun to drive. I am able to haul materials in the bed of the truck {full sheets of drywall or plywood} the best part is it rides like a car very comfortable to take on long drives.

- Jason A

It's built with comfort and power that makes you enjoy driving.

I enjoy the reliability and comfort. The keyless entry and locking. There is enough space in the truck including back seat. Has area under back seat and behind to put essentials out of sight when needed.

- Robert B

If you have big teenagers you may have issues with this model.

I absolutely love everything about my New trucks. Love, love the backup camera the best. Only one dislike, the side mirror have a flaw with this year model. Is has a very noticeable squeal on windy days.

- Donna G

Running boards are more for cosmetic use as they are as high as the truck.

Texas edition with black rims and off-road tires came standard. Nice touch screen entertainment system. It lacks diagnostic displays for simple things like low tires. Otherwise it is a nice truck.

- Leah B

Toyota tacoma best truck in the dealer

The 2016 toyota tacoma is a wonderful truck that features a multimedia and navigation system. Details about the truck cd player ,sunroof, voice command. Performance very good it runs smoothly.

- Catherine G

It is a reliable, fun to drive vehicle that is well-built and will last for quite some time.

The truck is made of high quality materials and is enjoyable to drive. It feels very ergonomic and comfortable on the inside. There have been a few recalls on parts on the vehicle though.

- Stephanie A

The gears take a while to adjust to. The car accelerates and brakes different than other vehicles.

The car performs excellent. I have rarely had to do expensive maintenance. Works great for a family of four in a suburban/city living environment. Interior is comfortable and spacious.

- Chloe D

Great fuel economy and the overall interior is great.

The truck gets great fuel economy and it is also pretty spacious for a medium size truck. I also like that it's not a base model, its the trd sports with the great trd suspension.

- Victor H

Great quality and great value for your dollars.

Excellent performance for It's class, the build quality is great. I have had no significant problems. I also like the ride, it's a truck but handles more like an SUV.

- Edward s

Toyota Tacoma's are great vehicles but be sure to get a V6 or bigger engine.

I love everything about the truck except that it only has a 4-cylinder engine and has no power or pick-up. It feels like the truck is too heavy for the engine in it.

- Christina C

Tacoma is a solid vehicle.

Tacoma is a solid truck. It gets me to where I need to be and it looks good. So far the only issue I've had is with a tire and that's because I got a screw in it.

- Matt H

You can't lock the door while not in vehicle with it running. It's a push start.

I love the touch screen display. The map, weather and song/artist are displayed. You can even view the weather radar. Its 4x4 and works great. Dislike it guzzle gas

- Trevor B

People should know that a truck is more than just a car because of everything it can haul.

I like the size and weight if my vehicle. Being up higher than sedans makes me feel safe. I also love that my truck makes me feel tough and is a great work horse.

- Kelley B

Its very reliable and trustworthy to go anywhere you want. And they are durable.

I like that's its a truck, I carry anything, that I want and the color is awesome. I dislike that back seats, don't have enough space. To carry passengers.

- MD S

Its a toyota. Resale and dependability are the best

very capable with many features. It has some build quality issues but overall nice and dependable. It is a good looking vehicle that gets man compliments

- Nick S

If I was to have to buy a vehicle again I would buy the same truck but with power back windows.

My tuck is the sport edition and I have had a few problems. My battery died after two years. My blind spot detector had a misalignment while driving.

- Shawn B

I handles better than the Tundra and has plenty of power for most needs.

It is perfect for me. I dislike the entune computer system. The size of the vehicle is perfect for my needs. The power is adequate for all my needs,

- Michael R

I just love the convince of storage. Especially for a pickup.

I have the two wheel drive version. Sometimes, when driving in the rain, the wheels like to skid a little bit, which makes it harder to accelerate.

- Katherine S

It is got the beat safety rating.

I like being up higher than cats, I can haul things. And I like it is safety features. It does decent on gas. It is got excellent resale abilities.

- Eric Y

It gets us from point a to point b!!.

I like the reliability. I like it is ability to pull my camper. I very much dislike that it does not have and intermittent setting for the wipers.

- John S

its dependable, reliable. It has a lot of power. a lot of people buy them

its reliable overall in all aspects. it's a popular brand. Its design is stylish. has great performance when it comes to power and functionality

- Jen M

Others should know that its reliable, pretty tough to everyday wear and tear, and provides a nice ride.

I really like the fact that this truck feels like it has a lot of room while easy to drive in tight spaces. I don't have any complaints about it.

- Chad W

The backseat is probably less spacious that a standard sedan.

I like its blue color & being able to have the bed to haul things. It does well on gas for a V6 truck. I do wish the backseat was more spacious.

- Jennifer F

The bed of this particular Tacoma is very small 4 feet only and it is very hard to carry much of anything.

I like everything about the Tacoma except that there is no adjustment for the seats. It is very comfortable; we drove it to Florida last year.

- Beverly E

It is dependable and a hard working truck.

Truck is 2 years old. I have not had ANY problems with it. It is a good dependable and gas thrifty vehicle that will haul any load I need.

- AC p

Toyota Tacoma is the best!

The Toyota Tacoma is a reliable and dependable vehicle! It is sporty but also comfortable. Great for in-town use and also off-road with 4x4

- Devin V

Looks and feels great and is very roomy inside. Has many modern features for today's times

The car is very roomy and spacious for our family. We love all the modern features that are in the car. Plus we love the sunroof feature.

- Sandra G

It is a nice truck just not built to haul large travel trailers.

Pretty truck just does not have a v8 engine nor a auto trailer tow assist package system. Not much technology to the truck for the price.

- Leah B

It makes the truck a little longer but it is with the extra space.

Tacoma's have always treated me well. They run great and last. The hardest part is fuel economy. It gets me where I want to go though.

- Sarah S

It's reliable, well built, great gas mileage for a truck, excellent features, and just fun!

My Tacoma was the best automobile purchase I have ever made. It is the most enjoyable vehicle to drive and I love how reliable it is.

- Natalie C

great functionality and usefulness, and gas mileage

I like the style, functionality and gas mileage. I wish it had more pick up. the paint quality could be better. overall, I am pleased

- joe s

Versatility- beds allows for yard work and transport, four doors allow for family and dog space.

Great truck, extremely reliable. The 4 door version provides a lot of versatility while leaving a bed large enough for most tasks.

- Tony J

It is the best truck I have ever owned. There is a ebc button that puts the truck into a higher power mode.

Since owning my Tacoma I have had a fuel pump squeal with certain gas. Other than that the Truck has been absolutely incredible.

- Garrett G

Has a good backup camera.

Is a good truck, has enough strength to pull a medium sized trailer and boat. Is easy to keep clean. Really well built vehicle.

- Natalie L

My car has a high mileage.

There are no fog lights, no mirrors on sun blockers, and no cruise control. Overall, good truck, but lacking a few essentials.

- Sarah L

My truck is good for a family or a contractor

My truck is fun to drive handles great lots of room for people. I can pull a trailer or haul materials in the bed of the truck

- jason A

The Toyota Tacoma is extremely reliable, great gas mileage and holds its value.

Great vehicle with lots of features. Love its reliability. Gas mileage is really good for a truck. Plenty of towing capacity.

- John F

Quality and dependability. Honest company and good customer service. Never had any mechanical issues in over 10 years

Very reliable vehicle. Very comfortable and stylish with many extras that are helpful. Good on gas and very low maintenance

- Jason R

It is a truck, it will take more in gas than your car.

The color. It is my dream vehicle. I dislike how much gas it consumes. I love how it drives. I like the look of the grill.

- Ginny R

It's a Toyota. I have a canopy on the back and it's dusty due to the poor fit which the aftermarket dealer told me about

I wish it wasn't so big for a small pu. small pu vehicles have been supersized. i like It's dependability and clearance.

- steve M

How smooth it rides and the gas mileage.

I like the size, which is good for me, also like the gas mileage. I do not like that there is not a lot of pick up to it.

- Tina C

4 wheel drive Toyota Tacoma.

My Toyota Tacoma is very reliable and performs well in all conditions. It has been a great vehicle and I love having it.

- A S

love my toyota tacoma 2016

Got the extended cab for the family, custom topper for the band equipment, running boards, love it and would get another

- Mike A

it has a very good reputation as being reliable with few engine or other problems

Looks great - very reliable - resale value is the best - bought all the bells and whistles, so it is very well equipped

- wayne r

the toyota tacoma has a great audio system for a truck

The Toyota Tacoma is a really great truck for anyone who does light construction because of the great size of the bed.

- Alexis C

Everything works, but for heavy work

Very good quality, comfortable, stable, beautiful, good engine excellent, good body, good brand, family and private

- Nilss N

Handling is excellent, good gas mileage, mechanically sound

Overall great truck, cab space is a little small but to be expected on a midsize truck. Driver seat doesn't adjust

- Martin S

Great ride, smooth and comfortable. Never any problems.

Great on gas. Comfortable seating. Just enough space in the back seat for whatever I have to transport inside.

- Rebecca T

the best vehicle ever for all terrain

no problems, is the best vehicle ever, the performance and comfort is awesome, the features are great for me.

- Albert B

It is a smooth ride and drives great. I would not want to get rid of it.

It drives and rides good. It is good on gas And has a lot of room in the cabin. It's great for hauling items

- Derek S

Dependable and value for the price ! Looks and drives great overall

Love the look and ride ! Good gas mileage for a midsize truck . The transmission shifts too much though

- Herman B

That It's great truck for a mid size.

My Toyota Tacoma is roomy. The engine is a 3. 5 V6 that gets 22 mpg average. This truck is very reliable.

- Joe B

It gets good gas mileage for a truck. It looks really nice. And has a lot of upgrades.

I love the look of the front of the vehicle. I like that I can haul stuff. I love all the features of it.

- Catherine F

It is an excellent car, highly recommended for the whole community that likes the trucks

It is an excellent vehicle, meets all my expectations has a lot of power and is very comfortable and good

- jon w

long lasting, dependable, reliable, will not fail.

reliable, tough, dependable, good cargo space, macho, off road ability, manly, fun, classic, adventurous

- Andrew P

Vehicle quality and perfection

Nothing says quality like Toyota. Definitely worth the price and you won't be disappointed. Perfection

- John G

great fuel capacity comfortable very low vehicle price

very comfortable and nice motor function great sense on the road it doesn't require a lot of attention

- Jesus S

Toyota Tacoma is the best

I personally love my car. The drive is extremely smooth and I love the handling for it being a truck.

- Drake C

Comfort and looks make it a good ride.

I would love it if it had more power. I should have taken the 4x4 option. Hopefully next time I will.

- Kevin F

The bed of the truck is very spacious. Vehicle came with a cover top for the bed of truck that could fold up easily.

My Toyota Tacoma is great.Very spacious and heavy duty. Reliable and great on gas for a big vehicle.

- Cindy Q

Crawl Feature is fantastic! Can get you out of literally everything.

Love the crawl feature. Feel safe. Do not like navigation system. Do not like fuel inefficiency

- Kimberly C

It handles great and is fun to drive

I really like the design of both the interior and exterior. It handles great and is fun to drive

- Mike S

That is can claim hills with no problem and that it can to go up to 140 mp

I love my truck! I love all the one touch features. The only thing I would like is a longer bed

- Erik L

It's a great truck, not too big, great on gas, looks awesome, features are great too.

I love the way it looks. I like that I am higher up. I think that it has a lot of tech in it.

- Court H

It is white and double doors. My children love my truck also

I love my truck good performance. The only thing I do not like is no cruise and no back seat

- stephen E

I like how reliable it is. It gets solid gas mileage, has a smooth ride, and looks nice

It has the utility of a pickup but gets solid gas mileage and doesn't eat you up at the pump

- William B

If there have been any technical issues associated with the vehicle.

I enjoy the features and comfort of my truck. I dislike the size of the cad and bed length.

- Natalie g

It is an actual hard working truck that has value.

I love my Toyota Tacoma. It is the best truck out there with performance and features.

- Jessica H

it gets terrible miles to the gallon

Love the look of the truck. Love the drive of the truck. The gas mileage is garbage.

- jake c

The Tacoma is a good truck with good features. The Tacoma is fun and affordable.

My truck is easy to drive. It has good gas mileage. The Tacoma has a smooth ride.

- Gabrielle T

Toyota have a really voodoo resale value.

Not enough power. Looks really nice, black with black rims. Very good gas mileage.

- Christine F

it durability is the best thing about my amazing truck.

I love the brand, It is such a great truck. I've had no problems with my truck.

- George L

it very nice looking truck

gets great gas mileage and i only thing i hate is it does not have a key pog

- carol d

Holds up good. Good family car. Low maintenance. Great for camping

It's nice, roomy and no problems so far. Has held up great and comfortable.

- Jessie G

The truck rides and looks great. The hauling capacity is very convenient.

I love my truck because I have the ability to haul plenty of large items.

- Marcos G

it is one of the smoothest midsize trucks that i have ever drove

it is a great ride very smooth. i have already had an ac motor go out.

- aaron l

It has four wheel drive and a tow package.

Love the four wheel drive, the tow package and ability to haul stuff.

- Jeff m

I am really enjoying my 2016 Toyota Tacoma. I have read that some people have experienced shifting problems with the transmission. I have not experienced any issues.

The Toyota Tacoma is a reliable truck that has a great resale value.

- Matt S

It is great. Great seats, windows, new technology, covered trunks.

I like trucks. It drives long distances and great for family trips.

- Janelle B

The worst year model they made of the tacoma

I dislike the lack of power and overall performance I like nothing

- Terry G

it is safe and comfortable

like height and handling. do not like wind noise and cloth seats.

- Amanda w

I like it's size. The color is perfect. It is reliable.

It is dependable and doesn't need repairs as often as other makes

- Sam K

Best truck for the money. Great resale value. Very well equipped.

This is a great truck. Just the right size. Very well equipped.

- Scott M

It's a Toyota and holds its resale value. It drives great.

It is a limited. It has GPS, Heated seats and blindside alerts.

- Kathy C

My truck is not four wheel drive. It does not do well on rough roads.

My truck is very roomy and comfortable for a family of 5.

- Stephanie d

I like how smooth it rides. It's not as big and bulky as the bigger trucks so i feel more comfortable riding it as a woman.

It's easy to figure out and a very smooth ride for truck.

- maze o

the motor engine, the size of the wheels and the dealer.

because is the best car, great performance and safety.

- Felipe F

It is very dependable on cross country treks, so I endorsed it with the highest honor.

Affordable. Comfort. Economy. Utilitarian. Dependable.

- Carl B

I love this truck. It rides smooth. My only complaints are that it is NOT a 4 door so the cab area is too small for people to ride in for extended periods of time. It gets very good gas mileage considering the size of the truck however it does not have much power since it is only a 4-cylinder.

Very good gas mileage despite the size of the truck.

- Steve W

It has an off road package and it is great

It's a great truck and the packages were included

- Cory H