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Can stop a tundra even with 390,000 hard earned miles.

At first I wasn't sure how well I liked the Toyota tundra. It was much larger than my previous Toyota truck and it was the first year for this model truck. The first year for any model is generally terrible and improved upon later. This is not the case for the tundra. The folks at Toyota did it right the first time. Now that I've put over 300,000 miles on I would like to think that I'm well acquainted with my truck. It handles well on and off road. No major repairs over the life of the vehicle with regular maintenance. I like the feel of the interior. It is quieter than most trucks, but still loud enough to say, 'I'm a badass v8 that can get work done.' Stock sound system is nice. You definitely have to do the standard upgrades like bed liner, cargo area cover, front end lift, diff drop, and suspension. None of those upgrades are too difficult or expensive though. I think I would recommend the tundra to just about anyone. The only reason I want a new truck is so that I can get a new tundra.

- Keith M

Toyota tundra a great buy.

I love the performance that I get out of my truck. Its reliable dependable, and get the job done as for as hauling and trailer or camper. I love that it has rear seat to haul my grandchildren around. It's really good on gas considering it has an 8 valve engine. I love that if needed to I can accelerate onto interstate highway without hesitation. I love the Toyota brand because they are a well made brand of vehicle. I love the value that you get with the Toyota brand. I really haven't had any problems with my Toyota ever. As long as you do the routine maintenance you're good to go. So go out and try a Toyota truck they are worth every penny. Sincerely; Kathy baker.

- Kathy B

Reliable 4x4 truck to haul a trailer or to use as an everyday car.

It a good truck because it's a 4x4 so I feel comfortable using it when it snows. The problem I have though is that it's too loud. I think I have to change the muffler in order to make it quieter. It isn't cheap to fill up the gas tank because it's a truck but it's doable. The seats are comfortable in the front but it's kind of cramped in the back if you're a tall person. The seat belts no longer retract when you unbuckle it so it's annoying because sometimes when I shut the door, the seat belt sticks out from the bottom. Everything else at the moment works fine.

- Cassy C

The tundra isn't as sensitive on the break and gas as most vehicles are.

Because the tundra is old (18 years old) its had its fair share of problems. We were unable to drive it last week because the belt snapped while we were driving and my boyfriend had to fix it along with replacing the pulley, a few days later it overheated and the coolant was leaking everywhere which once again he fixed. I have never experienced any issues while driving alone and I rather enjoy the truck but it has seen better days.

- Steven P

Toyota tundra 2000 reviews: wouldn't suggest it

my vehicle is old but has lasted long, it has belt problems and you must replace oil frequently unless you are able to buy a good brand I would suggest buying something newer. The color is white and the door gets broken easily, we has one door handle rip off and the front door and then front broke into 3 different pieces. the car was expensive very cheap quality so I would suggest not buying it.

- rachel P

Hard working truck without frills.

My truck has never required major repairs and very seldom minor ones. It is solid and dependable. It has an extended bed. It is simply and totally a truck. No bells or whistles, no electric locks etc. I have never had anything that exceeded it is payload ability. Flooring is loaded easily as well as mulch, soils, and any other landscaping supplies I need.

- Bill C

It's got 350k miles and still looks great and has never had major mechanic lie issues.

My truck has 350 thousand miles and has never had any major issues. I love my Toyota because it is a dependable work truck for my construction business. I was in a pretty major accident with it and came out of it without a scratch. It is a safe dependable vehicle that has lasted for 350k mile and hope to get another 350k out of it yet.

- Douglas K

Issues aside, the tundra has been a reliable pleasure to drive.

Problems: poor turning radius, not highly fuel efficient, all ac dials broke/missing, all interior door handles broken. Performance: accelerates and stops well. Reliability: with proper maintenance, it has been a very reliable vehicle. Comfort: seats/legroom adequate and comfortable, exterior noise level low.

- Catherine S

Almost perfect but could be better

I'm only 4'11 so it's perfect for me. It's not too big nor too small. I believe that being in a bigger car, the safer you'll be compared to a small car. It does a wonderful job towing my boat and trailer. But I do wish the car was more spacious. I have 3 boys, it fits them but not enough leg and arm rooms.

- Xia L

DEPENDABLE: high miles and still going

The Tundra has been dependable. It is roomy enough. Mine had very rusty bed, so I removed it and replaced it with a wooden flatbed. Very useful. The truck has been relatively problem free. It currently has over 200K miles and still going. I have replaced exhaust system, brakes, and a few other things

- Rodney G

Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Rides well, reliable. Tolerates all road conditions. Wearing body but not too concerned. Able to see road well. Has held up over the years as a work and travel vehicle. Having expected wear and tear issues with seats, bed. All electrical features still functioning after nearly 19 years.

- Dee C

Toyota truck fan. Reliable and comfortable.

I've definitely have gotten my money's worth with the Toyota tundra. I have over 280, 000 miles and never had a major mechanical issue. The body and interior have wear and tear. The car has had ongoing maintenance but no big issues. I would definitely purchase a Toyota truck again.

- Carrie Y

2000 Toyota/ Tundra SR5 Club cab

The Toyota/Tundra is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. Very happy with it's performance. Gas mileage isn't the greatest, but it's a truck! If I buy another truck it will be a Tundra. It keeps it's value when it comes to trading it in on a new truck or vehicle.


It is just a great all around vehicle.

Starts every time. No issues. Keep gas in it, keep tires on it, change the oil. You'll be good to go. Very smooth, even for an older vehicle. Still looks great cosmetically too. Will buy another one if I ever need to. Hopefully that will not be any time soon.

- Lance P

Tundra :: able to survive the tundra.

My tundra is amazing. I bought it used 5 years ago and have done no repairs except regular maintenance.. It rides smooth. We've driven it to five different states and back. We have haul even our RV with this truck. We love it. It's gotten us around with no issues.

- Lisa C

The strength that�s this truck has I feel it can carry as much as weight.

It is totally reliable, the performance is great and good for long trips. I have had this car for 18 years and honestly have had no problem just the daily check ups like brakes and oil changes. I feel so confident in my truck in driving it and how it responses.

- Maria R

Good vehicle with a lot of miles

I really don't have any issues out of this truck even after almost 300k on it I just do the basic maintenance on it and it gets me back and forth to work. The paint has faded over the years but I just use it as a work vehicle Toyota is a very well made machine

- Brandon M

Very good condition no major dents.

Interior repairs due to years of use, cosmetic repairs are needed, gas guzzler, 200k plus miles but still runs great, fav thing is it is paid for!! Car tag is cheap, everything still works, have had to do minimal repairs so far, insurance is cheap too.

- Paul T

The perfect truck for adventurers, off-roaders, and fun-havers.

I love my tundra. It is perfect for living in a ski town. I have room for mountain bikes, skis, and it is very easy to camp in the back of it as well. It is comfortable, and durable. I have over 200, 000 miles on it and it runs like a champ.

- Amanda P

awesome quality and reliability

my 2000 toyota tundra is the most reliable vehicle that i have ever owned and i love the smaller sized backseat for my dog with the suicide style doors. the next vehicle that i will buy will definitely be another toyota tundra.

- lynda m

It is a very reliable vehicle.

I have had it for the past 8 years and have performed oil changes regularly. I have had to change the catalytic converter, radiator, and starter within the past year. Currently it has 230, 000 miles.

- Reid B

The most important thing anyone should know about any vehicle is, it doesn't take care of itself. But Toyota's are built to last a lifetime and that's why we got ours.

I love how smooth of a ride that Toyota brings with there vehicles. The only thing that sucks is I bought the truck in South Dakota and I now have to buy new tires because they are almost bald.

- Ashley S

It is very reliable and it allows me to go places that other vehicles cannot.

It is a truck with 4x4 and a good amount of power. It hauls all of my camping and fishing gear. The main thing that I do not like about it is the poor gas mileage.

- Chris H

Dodge Ram longhorn. I want a new one late model with special package.

Its old. I really want an newer truck with luxury packages and back up camera 4 wheel drive preferably long horn by Dodge Ram with 8 inch lift and big tires.

- Eric M

My truck has traveled over 200k miles and is still humming and performing perfectly.

My truck is simply a truck. No frills and a huge bed. I chose it and love it because it is purely functional, reliable, and carries anything I need.

- Merritt C

Good mechanically, bad cosmetically

The truck runs very well and is typically mechanically sound. All features still work as they should. Flaws are rust issues and peeling clearcoat.

- Frank M

Solid and reliable for every day Usage.

The truck is solid, reliable and solid. Paint is getting hold but holding. Parts have lasted well. Not many 18 yr. old's are still solid.

- Ed H

It is solid dependable, and has a huge bed.

This is a workhorse truck with no frills. It is big, dependable, and strong. No complaints. It has had almost no repair requirements.

- Oscar C

It's perfect for everything. Not bad on gas and can haul things.

To be perfectly honest, although it may not be the most stylish means of transportation, I have no complaints about my vehicle.

- Tyrone W

It is safe and reliable. It does use a lot of gas, but it is worth it.

It is reliable, extended cab, and safe for my kids. It is an incredible vehicle. I am happy to have such a reliable vehicle.

- Ashley B

Rides like luxury feels like a truck

Love the Toyota Tundra, looks great, rides like a dream, it's very dependable I have always kept up with all maintenance.

- Jennifer H

It's ok - sturdy. A bit too high off the ground for me.

Love to be able to haul stuff in the truck, but sometimes there is a mechanical problem that is difficult to solve.

- Kathie V

I have had this vehicle for 18 years, it runs great.

I like the fact that it has served me well. No complaints, just minor issues. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Michael P

Long lasting with very few problems.

Nothing wrong with it other than the exhaust leak in the manifold. Has never given me problems. Love this car.

- Ashley C

That has been a very dependable vehicle And gave me very little problems and is long as you maintain it should be no problems

I like that there's low maintenance great riding good gas mileage and it seems like the engine over on forever

- John B

It is well built and sound.

I bought it new. It has all the things that I needed in a pickup. No complaints after 18 years. Well built.

- Wayne H

I dislike the back seat which is not comfortable for my passengers

I like roomy bed and 4x4. Dislike small cab and turning radius lousy.

- Tom S

that it is the best and theirs is not. Toyotas are the best

Toyotas are the best. No complaints. Hold their value and don't break

- j s

It is very reliable, great value for a truck, and low maintenance.

very reliable, low maintenance, great value for a truck

- Chip M