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It is a great vehicle minus the brakes.

2002 Toyota Tundra Base

We really like the durability and dependability of this particular vehicle. It is a smooth ride. It has four wheel drive which is nice since we live in the country. It gets average gas mileage and does really well on gas when on the highway. It is very roomy. The lights in the dashboard have went out and we cannot figure out what caused it. The brakes are the downside of this vehicle. They have caused multiple problems one right after the other. Now they are constantly squeaky which is annoying. Before they started squeaking they completely quit working. Other than that it is a great vehicle.

- Kimberly F

Reliability and dependability.

2002 Toyota Tundra SR5

This Toyota tundra has had no major issues and is extremely reliable, even at 18 years old. It has plenty of room in the cab for 4 adults to ride comfortably. While the audio system is dated (still has originally installed audio and it works great), it would have been top of the line in 2002 with am/FM stereo, CD player, and cassette tape player. Overall, this truck truly represents the reliability and dependability Toyota claims in it is advertising. Almost 20 years old and still looks and performs like new.

- Tim K

Reliable and built to last.

2002 Toyota Tundra

My vehicle is great, I bought it to be my daily driver. I wanted a truck instead of a car because I like bigger vehicles. My parents have three Toyotas so I knew I couldn't go wrong buying one myself. It will last forever. It is very reliable, I haven't had any problems with it at all. The seats are comfortable and there is enough room for what I need. It gets good gas mileage for living in the city and being a truck, it was better when I lived in the country, but I will take it.

- Lauren R

The Performance of the Tundra

2002 Toyota Tundra Base

The check engine light comes on frequently when there is not a problem with it. The axels are starting to wear down more often even when we get them replaced straight from the factory. The airbags needed to be replaced frequently even though they have never been used. I love the cloth interior because it does not overheat or get too cold. The AC cold be a bit more powerful and it does take a while to kick-in the summer.

- Caitlin S

2002 Toyota tundra extended cab.

2002 Toyota Tundra

I really love my tundra. At first, I was going to purchase a Tacoma. But I found my 2002 Toyota tundra, and decided to test drive it. I found it to be exactly what I wanted and needed. It is easier on gas than most mid size trucks it is age. Being four wheel drive it can get through mud and snow to feed my cattle and horses just like the Dodge 2500 we have. This truck is stout.

- Makayla C

They do not make them like this anymore.

2002 Toyota Tundra

I have the 4. 7 trd, two wheel drive, four door. The sound of this truck accelerating will make anyone’s head turn. Even though this truck has a v8, the gas mileage is not terrible as long as you are consistently light on the peddle. The low end torque is great and it is pretty quick. It drives very smooth. The interior is a little boring but spacious and comfortable.

- Jerome R

2002 Toyota tundra is reliable but mediocre.

2002 Toyota Tundra

The problems I have with my truck is that it is old and outdated. It also costs a lot to fill up with gas because it is a truck which I wouldn't mind if I loved it but I do not absolutely love it. I do enjoy that it is a truck because I love driving a truck and it always gets me from point A to B. Also even though it is old it is still a reliable vehicle.

- Zoe K

it has a V8. my truck is 16 years old and has some appearance of her years, but she will still pass you on the hill. the couple of dents and scratches only enhance my attitude of "go ahead, hit me..." i feel safe in my truck. i guess that's two things. most important: she has a V8

2002 Toyota Tundra

this truck has never let me down - the dealership has let me down, but this truck hasn't. she needed some love recently and there was a period of time we were thinking about trading her in, but then we thought better of it. over 200,000 miles and she is still a great truck. i hope to have many more rides in my truck

- Lela B

It is a very reliable truck.

2002 Toyota Tundra

We have a v8 engine 2002 Toyota tundra. It runs fantastic with regular maintenance. It is a comfortable ride for long road trips. It is dependable when towing a boat. It was built strong to haul heavy loads. Although the model that we have, has a short cab, it still can haul furniture or doors stacked high.

- Penny M

It is a good car for haul but is a little too old.

2002 Toyota Tundra

It can fit a lot of people in the car so it is good when wanting to travel with friends or have lots to fit in the car. The only problem I have is that it is old so there is a few issues with that. I do have to get little things fixed a few times a month but if you take car of it you should be good.

- Lisa M

Strong engine. Great steering package.

2002 Toyota Tundra

From day one I felt safe behind the wheel. No issues with reliability. Does use gas however. Has good payload capacity. Ac works well as does the Audio we chose. Extended cab is great during rainy weather for shopping. I opted to get additional trailering package and love that I did.

- Pam S

If someone else were to drive it, I would warn them about the brakes, especially in the rain.

2002 Toyota Tundra

It's been reliable for a long time without any major mechanical repairs needed until very recently. I like that it's a safe vehicle. I also like the utility that a truck provides. I don't like the brakes. It seems they've never been as responsive as the other vehicles I have owned.

- Em P

Lots of storage and hidden compartments

2002 Toyota Tundra Base

Very little mechanical problems, performance is about a 8 out of 10, very comfortable and lots of legroom, great for long distance traveling, features: removable back seats, big truck bed for transportation heavy machinery, amazing stereo system and an awesome V8 ENGINE.

- Cha Z

Runs great, looks great, couldn't ask for more...

2002 Toyota Tundra

I'm the original owner of my 2002 Toyota tundra. It's been a Great truck No real problems as, nothing unexpected..... It still performs great an i still get good hangs mileage.. The body and paint still looks new.. Live this truck

- Ray R

It gets me where I am going.

2002 Toyota Tundra

I like my pickup because I have to haul stuff on a regular basis. The topper is convenient when hauling certain things and especially in winter. The only thing that I dislike is the suicide doors on the cab.

- Jody k

Toyota Tundra's are SUPER reliable.

2002 Toyota Tundra

Truck is solid and i love it. wish it had some more "modern" features that just weren't available when it was built. I would like a backup camera and an aux port so I could listen to music from my phone

- Matt R

With some basic maintenance it is very reliable and durable.

2002 Toyota Tundra

My Tundra has over 450k miles and it is still very reliable. The interior looks nice and is very comfortable with plenty of space. Perfect to use as a work truck or your daily driver.

- Beau M

I love that for past ten years it starts up on first turn of the key.

2002 Toyota Tundra

Love that the car is reliable. Really like how safe the vehicle rides on the highway. Also really enjoy how quiet it is when driving and enjoy the storage it provides me.

- ryan w

Very reliable vehicle. Easy and comfortable to drive.

2002 Toyota Tundra

Very reliable vehicle, love the look and color. The only discomfort is I have to open the front door to be able to open the back door. But it is very minor discomfort.

- Natalya L

It looks great and performance is outstanding.

2002 Toyota Tundra

No complaints, still looks new, runs great, cannot think of anything negative. And still has great mileage l wish I bought another one maybe a different color.

- Santos R

It's a tough running truck and strong.

2002 Toyota Tundra

My Toyota Tundra us the best truck i've owned. It good on gas, travel well. Had the truck since it was new and I've never had any major problems.

- Angela M

That I it runs impeccably well. For a truck been 16 years old, it has had very little work in regards to major tuneup. It definitely has had some work because it's 16 years old, but it definitely doesn't need repairs constantly.

2002 Toyota Tundra

It runs well. It was rated very high for safety. It hasn't been in any of the recalls. Dislike is the mileage it doesn't get.

- Michelle W

It is paid for and is very useful.

2002 Toyota Tundra

It is very dependable. Can use it for work to haul various tools and supplies. Gets good mileage and is mechanically sound.

- John O

Toyota Tundra 2002 pick up

2002 Toyota Tundra

It's a very good truck, it drives smoothly and I have never had an issue with the truck. I really recommend the truck.

- Marisela G

Buy a Toyota Tundra and feel the comfort and reliability.

2002 Toyota Tundra

Age of the Toyota Tundra never shows. It is always very reliable and very comfortable when driving in bad weather.

- Edward J M

Do not drive quickly over bumpy roads or take turns quickly.

2002 Toyota Tundra

The undercarriage is completely rusted and it needs work. However it is a 5-speed which I prefer in a truck.

- Susan C

Dependable and functional truck

2002 Toyota Tundra

My truck has run reliably for 16 year with minimum issues and will more than likely run for many more.

- Roger J

It is great on gas, the extra cab is nice, and it is good for driving day to day. You can add a trailer to it as well.

2002 Toyota Tundra

The truck is great, but our children are getting older and need more leg room.

- Laura a

It is a good truck. It is very dependable and reliable.

2002 Toyota Tundra

It's a good truck. It fits my family's needs. I wish it was a little roomier.

- Kasey M

It may be old with a lot of miles on it but it still runs great after all these years

2002 Toyota Tundra

Tundra is great but is old so I'm ready to buy a new vehicle this year

- Raul C

It is a great truck. It is quite reliable and has a great look.

2002 Toyota Tundra

I like the ability to carry large cargo. Good mileage. Reliability

- Bill U

Great reliability no issue with the vehicle .Great Performance mechanically sound . Satisfied completely own 3

2002 Toyota Tundra

These are really dependable vehicles low maintenance cars

- Sidney D

It's a toyota truck that goes and goes. Buy yours today.

2002 Toyota Tundra

easy to repair. reliable. plastic parts break. lasts

- Mike B

it is a strong and reliable

2002 Toyota Tundra

it's a very good vehicle that it reliable

- manuel c

reliable truck with good value

2002 Toyota Tundra

neutral reliable truck, holds value well

- jacob h