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2003 Tundra: Still a hard working great ride after a quarter million miles.

I love my 2003 Toyota Tundra. I did months of research to determine the most reliable used light truck and a couple more months to find one. It does not disappoint. Half ton capacity with a 7000 lb towing capacity. It hauls hay and pulls a small travel with ease. I love my truck. It is tough, reliable, comfortable to drive and not so big that parking and handling in tight space a is any kind of issue. Mileage is not too bad, about 14-15 mog in the city. I adore my truck. I love it. If given the chance to do it all over, I would buy it again.

- Lori E

Has survived over a decade of family wear and tear.

This vehicle is not mine, but my dad has had it for as long as I can remember. It is gone through a lot, but is still driving, which is pretty impressive. My dad, the primary driver of the truck, is really tall but still fits in the vehicle comfortably. However, the backseat is not nearly as spacious, so it is not good for holding more than two adults. There is a back window that slides open, and when the driver and passenger side windows are open, it allows for proper air flow to keep cool in the heat.

- Savannah F

Great dependable work truck!

I have had my truck since 2003. The only problems I have had with it is the water pump and timing belt going bad due to age and wear and tear. It performs better on the highway than in town. The truck is strong in both town and highway. It has been extremely reliable as long as it is taken care of with usual oil changes, tune ups etc. The seats are very comfortable and easy to adjust. It is a very good work truck and great for hauling.

- John D

Reliability. I have owned many Toyotas and the Tundra has not let me down in the years that I have owned it.

I have a 2003 6cyl. Tundra that is 2 wheel drive. I have owned the truck for 12 year and have over 200,000 miles on it and there is plenty of horsepower. The Tundra does not use oil and other than normal maintenance I have not had any problems. It is a comfortable truck with air, cruise, am/fm radio with a cassette/cd combination. I have no problem jumping in the Tundra and making trips hundreds of miles in length.

- Bill E

Overall its a dependable truck that has plenty of TLC into it.

Runs like its brand new. However, the spare tire under the bed can't seem to release. Most likely rusted. It has 4.3 liter V8 engine, needless to say it can guzzle gas with a lot of power. Along with a fuel injector instead of a radiator. The seats are comfortable enough, no leather seats mind you. It is a dependable vehicle to get you where you need to go.

- Aaron C

2003 tundra is the best of the mid-size pickup trucks.

All in all a great vehicle. Concerned about the front window leaking into the passenger side. Also about the paint peeling off of the chrome trim around the doors. Drivability is great with no major problems or repairs. Had the front airbag actuator replaced with the recall. One other area of concern is the roof, faded paint and possible rust?

- Ted E

Tundra is the way to go, for all occasions.

The Toyota tundra that I drive is very reliable and it's comforting when your driving. The seats are amazing and soft so you feel like your sitting on clouds. The performance of the truck is outstanding, you can go 0 to 100 real quick. I really suggest you buy this truck if you want a truck that is going to last.

- kyle B

Long term use of Toyota shows great design and use.

Solid vehicle that is clear to view out of windows and comfortable to drive. Reliable on continued ability and great to do maintenance and see the positive results in continued use. Comfortable seats and strong support on suspension. Regular maintenance and upkeep shows continuous results in all actions.

- Jon C

You can easily break into the back window without actually breaking anything. I'm sure this exploit has been noted.

I really like the utility features of an open bed pickup truck. I haul work stuff around and it's great for that. Size wise, it's too small for me, but it's a company vehicle so I am happy to have a truck drive. It is starting to rust out a bit... that's expected with salted winter roads.


I like my truck. It is a good work truck.

I do not like that the back doors open backwards and I do not like that they do not open independently without the front doors opening. I love they style and body. It takes a lot of gas and it is a v8. I like the bed of the truck. It does not have wheel wells sticking up in the bed.

- Amanda M

15 Years and going strong.

My 2003 Toyota tundra is 15 years old and still looks and drives like new. This truck is extremely reliable. I currently have 170k miles on it and it is still going strong. If you are in the market for a pre-owned truck, I would highly recommend the 1st generation tundra.

- Rob K

Just a basic Toyota Tundra truck. With nothing fancy or electric.

Good gas mileage. Comfortable bench seats. Long pickup bed for hauling. Good air conditioner. Had to have airbag replaced, not happy about that. Bought it used so paid a good price. Had a lot of miles but still going strong. Plan on putting a lot more miles on it.

- Viki G

Toyota trucks are great vehicles.

Great reliable vehicle. No quality issues. All recall issues handled with great service. For my next trick I will greatly consider Toyota trucks. They compare favorably against the Chevrolet's, Dodge's and ford's in cost, size, power and towing strength.

- Dennis K

Toyota sucks. Do not buy a Toyota vehicle.

It is been recalled 7 times since 2003. It was made with substandard Chinese steel and Toyota will not fix the problem for its customers. I hate Toyota and will never buy another one of their vehicles ever again in my life. They lost me as a customer.

- Keith S

My Toyota can go absolutely ANYWHERE!! It's a great family vehicle and gets us to and from any destination with no problems

The Toyota that we own has been very reliable it's fits our family of four comfortably. It drives great. No engine issues it doesn't have many features because it's an older model. But this has been our favorite vehicle we've ever owned.

- Ashley W

That it has endured a lot of excursions and adventures and still runs great.

I love how reliable it is, how easy it is to drive and that it is a truck. . . So that I can off-road, camp etc. I do not like how old it is because it is lacking newer technology, but I will drive this car until it dies on me.

- Brittany A

I maintain my vehicles with service and preventative maintenance.

The Toyota tundra is the most dependable vehicle I own. The Toyota tundra is the most economical vehicle I own. The Toyota tundra has been my vehicle of choice for many years.

- Michael F

Love my tundra. It's a great truck.

It's the best truck ever. I love it. No problems ever. Just keep it up on the maintenance. You just take care of it and it will be a reliable truck.

- Sam S

2003 Toyota Tundra SR5 Access Cab

It has been a great truck, it is an access cab with a 6 foot bed and camper shell. It has ac, power steering, am/fm cd stereo, is 4X4. I love it.

- John R

The Toyota tundra is a Ted off road V8 Race truck. this truck also has cruise control very handy for long trips.

The Toyota tundra, has a strong pull, and very fast. The issues on this vehicle are tailgate handle and the breaks other then that very reliable.

- Stacy G

Its a Toyota. Enough said.

It is built to last.. It lasts.. I would like for it to be bigger and beefier.. Dependable, durable, rugged,.. Would love a wench on the front.

- Rebecca J

It has a long life cycle.

My truck has been very dependable. It runs smooth and is not afraid to work. I have taken it on several long distance trips without any issues.

- Curtis A

It has double visors which are great. It blocks the sun from the front and the sides.

My Tundra has been an extremely reliable and comfortable truck. The only issue it has was the A/C went out after 12 years. It is a workhorse!

- Jerri J

That it's dependable & last a long time. That Toyota is the best truck I have ever owned.

Very dependable, runs great. I haven't had any trouble except for regular maintenance. It's 100% better than the GMC that I had before it.

- Bill Y

Reliability! My truck has 225,000 miles on it and runs great. many are over 300,000, and I have seen 400,000 and even 500,000 miles

This truck is extreme reliable. Great gas mileage. Prone to lower ball joint failures and a timing belt that needs to be changed every 90K.

- Dustin R

It is sturdy and comfy, can go off road pretty easily.

Runs good. Tows good.. Rear doors are very hard to use in tight places. Parking lot. Uses to much gas. Have a nice day..

- Doyle C




It goes and goes and goes, and it may for forever.

It keeps running and running. It has 340,000 miles. I've repaired some things, but the motor keeps on going.

- Taun B

The most important thing about the vehicle is that it is very dependable.

I like how it drives. It has low miles for the year. I like the color. It is a pickup so it can carry cargo.

- Russ W

Great vehicle. Would buy a Toyota truck again.

Great vehicle, have only had to put new tires on and change the oil at regular intervals. Minimum recalls.

- Dennis F

Toyota Tundra 200,43 miles

Problems - very little Performance - Awesome Reliability - always count on it Comfort - broken in for sure

- Buffy M

It is great. It is comfortable. It runs well.

I dislike that it is too big. Like that it has plenty of room. Too many recalls. Long lasting vehicle.

- Sherry O

It's 10 years old. Only has 55,000 miles on it.

I like driving it. I like the length of the bed. Sometimes the cab is too small. Pretty good on gas..

- Vic D

The frame is rotted out and Toyota won't fix it under the recall..

I love everything about it other than the rusted frame. Great on gas, very roomy.

- Emily M

My truck is not too big or not too small. It save gas and give you a freedom to carry big size stuff that normally not fit in a sedan or SUV

It is very reliable and helpful. I don't have any issue for the last 3 years.

- Anh S

I have done all maintenance and cleaning on regular basis by Professional Specialists. Has kept me familiar with truck, its progress and all needed maintenance and replacement equipment. Great gas mileage and solid in all means of use.

Quality vehicle, maintenance and use keeps it operational for real long time

- Jonathan C

It is very reliable, i have never had any major issues beside maintenance. The mpg suck though as i only get about 8 mpg.

It never breaks down, and that you can rely on it no matter what

- Tristan X

It is super awesome. Very reliable.

It is very nice. I got it from my dad. Have sentimental value.

- Kui F

Long-lasting reliability and worth the money.

It's lasted for 15 years, what else is there to say?

- Tom H