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2005 Toyota tundra dependable.

It is a full size double cab with enough room to hold five adults. The interior has power locks, windows and steering. The stereo has am and FM radio, with a CD player. Steering wheel can be tilted, cruise control and intermittent wipers. Both visors have a vanity mirror. The ceiling has a sunglasses holder along with map lights for the front seat passenger. There is also a map light in the back for passenger riding in the back seats. The exterior has running boards a towing package and bed liner. The bed of the truck is long enough for a couch to be moved in it. I am the original owner, haven't had any major problems with my truck other than routine maintenance and a few leaks. The truck is easy to handle. Like with all vehicles that are top heavy just be cautious when turning.

- Tonja A

Drive it into the ground. . . And then, keep driving & driving & driving.

I purchased my Toyota tundra brand new in 2005. I have been in (2)two accidents while driving it & I drive my tundra into the ground. I have never washed it, only had the oil changed on it twice & have managed to put more than a few dents in the side of it. The anti-lock brake system is a hassle, the rear view mirror is always in my line of sight; when I come to a four way stop I have to duck my head to see if there are other vehicles around me. The cab light fell apart the very first time I tried to use it & the seat belts always want to give me a hard time by not working properly. I like my truck though, it really likes to grab gravel & go. I would highly recommend a Toyota truck to anyone who is in the market to purchase a new truck.

- Frank W

Haul bulk and haul people at the same time. A dependable truck.

My tundra is both functional and easy to drive. I have not had to do much maintenance, beyond a leaking water pump. The brakes on this model are a bit undesired, so I have had to replace the front brakes twice. The front windshield has also cracked a couple of times. I use the truck at least once a week for hauling large items. I use it in spring to haul mulch and soil. I use it every month for campouts and boy scout activities. The double cab allows me to haul people too. It fits me and my 3 teenage boys comfortably. But there is not much room for personal gear in the cab. The turning radius is large, and parking in a lot can be challenging. Overall it is a great truck.

- Dave J

The new radio helps get through long rides.

My vehicle is pretty great. It does not really give me many problems. Sometimes the air conditioner will not blow cold air but I am thinking it is antifreeze or coolant. Also, the passengers side window decided to just fall in the door. Thanks to my nifty husband, he’s able to get the window back up and stable but you cannot roll it down. The radio no longer works but we replaced that with one from Walmart.

- Raven T

Dependable and rugged, but has an expensive design flaw.

I have had no problems with performance, but it did not pass a ca smog inspection because of a secondary air injection system fault. This was covered for other years as an engineering design flaw, but not for my year, which I feel is unfair. Other 2005 owners are having the same issue and this is a 3000 dollar repair. Until now, I have loved and driven Toyotas for most of the last 30 years.

- Kimberly C

Very sturdy and easy to take long cross-country trips in as well as local.

I loved the vehicle and had a long history of buying Toyota models, but this one failed a smog inspection in california because of a faulty secondary air induction system that was a flawed engineering issue. Toyota had recalled other models years for the problem but not ours, and it will be a 3,000 repair.

- Kim C

The truck has leather interior and a sleek green exterior.

It is great, definitely not as big as the new tundras but I prefer the slightly smaller body. The interior can comfortably seat 4 maybe 5 people, 2 in the front and up to 3 in the back. The truck is lift enough to see everything around you. And the performance is top notch even considering the trucks age.

- Roxanne S

Our vehicle is a 2005 model. It has held up great for the age.

We have had no issues with our vehicle. The performance, reliability and comfort are all excellent. We have upgraded the stereo system in the past year to be more modern and so it will sync with our mobile devices. Our only real complaint is that our bed cover is not holding up well with age.

- Lou Ann H

It lasts much longer than other trucks and gets better gas mileage

Very comfortable smooth ride. I have drove Ford, Chevy and Dodge work trucks. My personal Toyota Tundra is by far the most comfortable. It also gets much better gas mileage than other trucks and lasts a lot longer. Im at 160,000 miles and havent had to replace anything but tires and used oil.

- Chris T

4 door, awesome gas mileage, awesome towing power.

Truck is a v8 love the power, the a/c will freeze you out. Parts are high for them though..When bought new in 2005 it was the best choice ever, it gets awesome gas mileage, has great sound system from factory. The truck is a 4 door power everything! There will be another Toyota in our lives.

- Robert C

Great truck lots of room and power.

2005 truck v8 2 wheel drive auto trans. Love this truck, rides real good, lots of room, a four door big cargo bed with lots of room, runs great, nothing ever goes bad on this tuck, will buy another one when this was falls down on the job, great gas mileage for the size it is, love it.

- Gary B

Amazing truck that I will ride with for as long as I can.

Very comfortable to ride in and always dependable. It can take a lot of what you might go through and if you treat it right, it will surely last forever. Gas mileage is not that great but it can haul a decent sized load in the back and on a trailer if you have on connected.

- Derek H

It's sturdy and dependable.

I've had this truck since I was in high school. I've driven all over the country in it, and it's never broken down or had any serious problems. I adore this truck and wouldn't change a thing... except maybe the gas mileage. Filling the tank can be a little pricey.

- Caroline S

100% reliability and it asks for nothing from its owner except reasonable normal maintenance procedures.

The 2005 Tundra is extremely reliable. It is sized exactly right for me. It is comfortable to drive and gets nearly 70,000 miles from a set of tires. The only complaint is that the cruise control surges in hilly terrain. Everything else is perfect.

- Dennis S

The axle bearings are not user serviceable, and need replacing by an expert. .

Rear wheel bearing are making noise, the axle bearings on all the axles are costly to replace. You cannot simply repack them. The truck is very reliable and a joy to drive.

- Sam S

It has been a good all-purpose vehicle, for personal use, recreational and utility.

I enjoy driving my Tundra. It is comfortable and roomy as well as practical for large hauls. It has performed well for me with only general maintenance.

- Elizabeth J

My used but reliable Toyota Tundra

It comfortable I bought it used and it has not had any problems prior and currently. My it is alright with gas maybe because I drive a lot.

- Charles R

It's not like other tundras, and I will keep it for as long as I am able to.

I love the rear window capability to help load large items. I dislike how Toyota has discontinued to make the supercharger for my year...

- Kaleo C

It is tough and can handle most duties you would think of.

I like trucks. This is the third Toyota truck I have owned. They are so versatile. They retain their value better than other vehicles.

- Suzette R

It can pull anything! It is pulled a trailer with over 6 tons loaded on it.

I love my truck because it just goes and goes. Never breaks down and good on gas for a truck. It has over 300,000 miles on it.

- Kim C

best truck ever, is very dependable

it is very reliable and has had no mechanical issues. it gets good gas mileage and is very comfortable to drive and ride in

- penny r

It drives okay but it is a little too heavy.

I want to just update my car to something more eco friendly. I want a small car and one that is good for the environment.

- Gina B

The truck has a poor turning radius which makes turning tough

The truck is nice. It runs smoothly and can carry a lot of stuff in the trunk. Also it has decent gas efficiency

- Cullen P

Toyota tundra is a great all around truck for a family...

Very dependable.. Great ride for a truck and plenty of towing power.. Good fuel efficiency for a big truck

- Stephen P

Reliability and Endurance

I love the comfort and the engine and it is still going at 280,000 miles. Dislikes is the paint coming off

- Brian B

Great pickup to own for sure

Have owned for 3 years have had no problems been a good vehicle plan on keeping to get to 300.000 miles

- Charles T

Has a great alarm system.

Comfortable like a car, but can haul things in the back. Gets good gas mileage. It runs like a new car.

- Debbie G

It's a Toyota Tundra with the TRD off road package built in gps. It's very comfortable and very reliable

I love it.its a Toyota.They are built to last.i love the design and durability.they are comfortable.

- Anne B

Versatile, reliable, low cost vehicle.

My Tundra has provided me with many years of comfortable, reliable service with routine maintenance.

- Elizabeth J

It is good on mileage for both gas and your wallet.

It's burgundy with automatic windows and doors. It has a sunroof that opens. And it's good on gas.

- Toshiba L

This doesn't car get great gas mileage but the tank is huge

Doesn't get great gas mileage. Good for hauling things. Comfy seats. Loud when going fast

- Jacob H

It's in pretty good shape.

I dislike the fact that it's a truck. It's large and I'm unable to maneuver it easily.

- Elizabeth p

The good gas mileage and the comfortable drive.

Ride, comfort, cruise control allow me to enjoy the ride. I have no complaints.

- Donald M

It is a very reliable vehicle.

I love my truck it rides good. There is nothing i do not like about my truck.

- Holleann M

Great Truck to have and drive every day and for trips.

Never had to have it service for any reason. Always starts up and runs great.

- Chris W

It's a great family vehicle and has plenty of room

It's a great one. The doors stick a little but we still love it

- Marisa B

It's dependable, very low maintenance, was very affordable

It's very reliable. I haven't had any issues with the vehicle

- michael w