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Reliable, durable, fun, unbeatable value

The thing I loved the most about my truck, hmmm. Probably the amount of room under the hood to work on the engine if you are handy and like saving money and doing your own maintenance. I could easily get my hands in and no issue of a tight fit. I have a corolla now and boy do I miss my Tundra. It held its value. I ended up getting more from the insurance than I initially paid 3yrs later, by about 700. She was pretty and being the last of the first generations in an access cab it is a sought after model. Offers were made to me on the street on a regular basis by truck fanatics. People who’d previously owned one or 4 in one woman’s case. It drove like a car and the confidence in driving that thing is unparalleled. I’ve had 3 Toyota’s, 83’ Supra Celica GTS, the Tundra and now 14’ corolla. I’d trade both the cars to have my truck back. Gas guzzler though. 15 mpg on average. The corolla gets double that. But it’s a truck with a 100L tank what do you expect? RIP Tina Tundra

- Chris B

2006 Toyota tundra: built to last with minimal maintenance.

This is a vehicle for someone who is going to put extreme wear and tear on a vehicle. It is very low maintenance and gets about 28 miles per gallon. I change the oil every 6, 000 miles and it continues to drive the same way it did when I first started driving it. I change the spark plugs once a year. I drive about 50, 000 miles per year. It runs extremely clean. This vehicle is so dependable that I bought another Toyota as a secondary vehicle. My truck has a v6 but is also available in a v8 version. The seats are very "upright" and force you to sit straight up. This causes long trips to sometimes be uncomfortable. The seat is fully adjustable as far as leg room. It's not the most comfortable, but it sure is the most reliable and worry-free vehicle I have ever known.

- Deborah T

The Toyota Tundra is very dependable and been a great vehicle since we had it.

I love our Toyota Tundra for many reasons. Its a 4 door very roomy and comfortable for short or long trips. Love how the back window can automatically roll down by the driver. Love we can fit 5 people comfortably and have room in the back for luggage, tools or loads. It does get up and go when it needs to. The stereo system is great. The Tundra is very reliable we have had not 1 problem with it. Get great compliments on the ride and looks.

- Stacy G

Why I love my Toyota tundra.

I love my tundra. It has been a very reliable vehicle that so far only requires routine maintenance and service. The extra cab provides comfortable seating for four passengers. The truck handles more like a sedan and is fun to drive and gets very good mileage for a v8 full size truck 18-22 mpg. The v8 provides more than enough power and it tows my 18 powerboat with ease. Again, I love this truck!

- David H

Tall, but not tall to the point to where it can be labeled as a lifted truck.

There is nothing wrong with it, I just wish that it had more charging slots. I also wish that my windows would not fog up when it rains, and I wish my ac could be more flexible. My truck is very comfortable, the seats are adjustable and you can roll the windows down with the little button, also has window lock option in case you have guests that like to mess with the window.

- Rachel G

I love my Toyota tundra pickup!

I love my Toyota tundra! The ride is smooth and it handles well. I have had no major problems with it other than battery going dead and having to get a new one. It rides better than my small car. Definitely would rather drive it for long rides. The interior has held up well and so has the exterior. I have bought tires for it but have had no major breakdowns. I love my truck!

- Tia W

Plenty of space and runs forever!

The 2006 tundra is really a great pickup truck. I love the space in the crew cab, and the bed has plenty of room as well (even with a toolbox) for carrying kayaks, an at, or whatever else you need. It is not the most technically advanced vehicle, but upgrades can be done on your own if you'd like. My truck has over 150, 000 miles on it and still runs like butter.

- Joseph L

This truck engine is built to last and is sturdy. The plastic pieces on the inside are easily breakable but the rest of the interior is solid. Great for snow play and going off road.

I like the 4WD options, the large truck bed and the back window that fully retracts. I dislike the poor turning radius as well as the lack of stock runners. The stereo was a 6 disc CD changer which was nice until it stopped working and had to be replaced. The gas mileage is fair. The ride is smooth and comfortable. I love that there are plenty of cup holders.

- Randee L

My favorite truck, 2006 Toyota tundra!

My tundra is a great truck. It has been one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned. It can pull almost anything, within reason, lots of power out of that little 4. 7L. I have had only one problem with it, the body control module went out in 2015, other than that it is just basic maintenance. A really good truck that I love to look at.

- Nathan G

Gets you where you need to go.

I personally really like the vehicle. It is kind of old so it has some issues such as the windshield wipers not really working at times, but it gets me to where I need to go. It is pretty reliable and has never broken down while I am driving it. I find it really comfortable, but there are not really any special features to talk about.

- Audrey M

Lasting forever, the fact that it's broken just keeps sucking.

The sun visor is too short to block anything on the side. All the plastic knobs are long gone, broken. The cup holder will hold only the shortest of cups. There is not one place inside the truck to set anything down where it won't roll off. Or fall down the seat belt holes. It will run forever but that's the only good thing about it.

- Junior R

Very satisfied with the unit and would buy similar if need be.

Reliability, easy upkeep, good ride not as a truck. Minimal problems at 15k miles replaced front end items, hauls, and pulls of all that is demanded of it. Moderate mpg but has v8 engine. Would by another one if needed, most auto shops can accommodate any needs, parts as hubcaps easy ordered and rapid response to such small items.

- Bill R

My truck drives like a car.

It gets good mileage. It had shaken from the front since it was new. The back windows are not very secure. The arm rest on the driver's side had been repaired three times. The front lenses are very clouded. It is difficult to put groceries or children in the car due to the design of how the doors cl see, like suicide doors.

- Mae R

Toyota is the best brand on the market.

This is my dream truck. Bought it 7 years ago with 70000 miles on it. Greatest purchase I have ever made. No issues at all have put on just a little over what a bought it at 150000 miles now. Last time I checked it got about 14 miles per gallon. Have replace the spark plugs once and timing belt. No other major work.

- Rebecca L

Good riding pickup truck.

I wish it would get better gas mileage than what it does now, it does not drive like a truck it drives like a car smooth and comfortable. I have a lot of places to sit drinks and the rear window comes down with a push of a button. There is about 150, 000 miles on it and I know it will go a lot longer than that.

- Paul K

Engine will go for more than 200, 000 miles!

The Toyota tundra is the most reliable truck on the market. Our 2006 runs like new! We have had almost no maintenance issues, and will drive this truck until it no longer runs. We would recommend this truck to all of our friends, and would encourage others to take a test drive. You will not regret it!

- Amy K

Best truck for the value and family.

My vehicle is very reliable, no major mechanical issues. I have really only had to complete routine maintenance. The water pump was the only major work that needed to be completed at about 90000 miles. It is a perfect fit for my growing teenagers. There is plenty of room. I love having 8 cup holders.

- Misty D

Toyota tundra limited 2wd automatic.

My truck is very comfortable. It has lots of nice features. The sound system is good quality. I like the power seat, power windows and locks. It gets decent mileage for a pickup. It is a good looking vehicle and I get a lot of compliments. Toyotas are good trucks and I have had several of them.

- Melissa J

Best truck ever, definitely would buy another one.

My truck really does not have any problems at all since I do most of it is maintenance on time. I love the comfort and performance in this vehicle since I use it for work I really need the best of if it. Features are not many since it is more a working truck rather than a luxury vehicle.

- Saul G

Good performance and handling.

Easy to drive and comfortable handling. I appreciate the consistent performance of my truck and how it can haul large loads but handles like a smaller SUV. I am glad that has sufficient room in the cab for large adults but is not a crew cab. It also has decent gas mileage.

- Mark B

The good and bad of my Toyota Tundra.

Lots of muscle, reliable, comfortable. It is not fuel efficient, I miss my T100. In the 12 years I've owned it, I've had to replace the air conditioning fan twice and the fan/blower controller three times. Other than these two complaints, the Tundra has served me well.

- Tim T

The one thing that I think people should know is that it has a very poor turning radius. Which makes parking downtown rather challenging.

I like the size of my truck and it meets my needs for pulling a small trailer and hauling mountain bikes and camping gear around. I do not like the gas mileage it gets and I do not like that it's not four wheel drive. Overall though, it has been a very dependable truck.

- Landon H

My Toyota tundra keeps going and going and going.

I love my Toyota tundra for several reasons. It sits high so I have great visibility. It is great for transporting cargo. It is very reliable. It has retained it is value. I simply love Toyota trucks. This is my third one. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Suzette R

Great vehicle and cost of maintenance!

Very few problems with my vehicle. Probably spent less that $6000 on maintenance on my vehicle in the 14 years I have had it. Love the v8 engine and the power of the vehicle. One of the best vehicles I have driven and extremely happy with the features.

- Jason C

Toyota, great trucks for adventures.

Love this truck. Bought it used to haul materials for our new home, but I find myself driving it everyday. If you are looking for a great pickup truck, Toyota definitely does not disappoint. These are definitely the trucks you want to own, hands down!

- Patrick G

Very reliable when it comes to starting .Holds the road very well.

This is a very reliable truck.lt is a long bed so it is easy to carry large stuff.l have never had any major problems with it.Very reliable engine ,starts right up.Holds the road well,good on gas.The only problem is the air conditioner does not work.

- Gary T

Tundra trucks are not appreciated enough!

I love my truck. I do wish the radio was updated, but it is the factory radio from 2006. There are some minor cosmetic issues I want to fix, but does not make me dislike my truck any. I wish parts were cheaper for it when it comes to repairs.

- Christina Y

It has a roomy interior, good family vehicle, and comfortable seating

I like that it is reliable, low maintenance. It is big enough for 3 car seats and comfortable for road trips. I don't like that if it does need repaired/part replaced/recall I have to order or go an hour away to get it repaired

- Jenny T

It is manual and it does not have enough power going uphill.

I like smaller size of tundra. I am growing old with manual shift. I wish my truck is crew cab instead of access cab. I wish my truck is a v8 instead of v6. I love Toyota because it is strong and solid build.

- Trevor S

Best truck I've owned!!!!!

Maintain vehicle and it will go 200000+ miles. I have 110,000 on it. Never had major repairs, just routine maintenance. Change oil every 3000 miles. Rides better than my Lexus so use Tundra on road trips.

- Gene h

It is got plenty of room for a family.

No complaints. Easy to drive; good visibility; comfortable for four. Adults plus storage; low maintenance.. Difficult for me to reach the center part of the. Windshield to wash it..

- Evelyn N

My vehicle has over 231,000 miles and runs great!

I like how much room it has in the interior. The truck bed is large enough for me to haul most anything. The 4 x 4 options are very reliable and when needed operate outstanding.

- Richard T

2006 Toyota Tundra. Great truck, very comfortable. Great engine.

The truck runs great and the engine lasts almost as long as a diesel engine. The suspension package is great. Although the truck is lacking in the power category.

- Cody S

Best medium/ small pickup

My truck is great, it has the 3/4 back seat which works great for extra passengers. We haven't had any problems with our truck. The 4wd had been a blessing

- Rebecca J

It does a great job of getting me to work and other places with reliability.

I like the fact that a Toyota has a high resale value. I like the power supplied by the engine. I don't like the fact that it does not have 4 full doors.

- Harry A

It has 145000 miles on it and I know of the same year and model getting more than 350000 miles on it.

The Toyota tundra is problem free low maintenance and very reliable, it's comfortable for a pickup truck, and there's no problem with the performance.

- Pau K

It is very reliable. Toyota's will run forever if you maintain them properly.

This is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It has 146, 000 miles on it and runs like new. It has been the most reliable car that I have ever owned.

- Disco S

They are great, hard to find a used one.

Runs well, has room for adults, is a pickup. Computerized internal parts are expensive, tires are expensive and the alignment has never been right.

- Maureen R

Hard to buy a stripped down vehicle.

Good basic work truck. Mfg. Defect ignition key sticking in switch, not repaired for free. Good ac for hot climate. Reasonable mileage under load.

- Jim B

It is reliable and easy to maintain

It is a long-term low maintenance vehicle. It has the power to tow and pass. It can hold a large amounts of weight. It has reliable handling.

- Kenn F

It is very dependable and safe.

It has great backseat space for adults and rear facing car seats. It has lots of power. It is mechanically sound. Wish it had better mpg.

- Jess Q

It is one of the most reliable vehicles you can own.

Our Tundra is the kind of quality we have come to expect from Toyota. It is reliable. The number of miles on the odometer mean nothing.

- Rod P

rids smooth as as stated, poor city mpg. excellent working pickup

it has required minimal upkeep, has served as a good general use as a pickup. Does get poor intercity mpg and very poor turning ratio

- bill c

A toyota is not a "throw-away" truck. The value will grow as the truck ages because of the quality built into the truck. The truck is perfect for pleasure and work. Toyota will continue to be my truck choice.

I like the quality of the build. The engine is capable and pulls my camper very well. I like the style and leather interior as well.

- pat m

I love it, but it does not get great gas mileage

I like the styling, comfort, dependability, and usefulness. I dislike that it is a plain model. I like the color and interior.

- Steve S

It is convenient but uses too much gas.

I like that it is convenient and that can be use for multiple purposes. I dislike that lacks space and uses too much gas. I.

- Jennifer R

The truck was well built. Up until this time the cost of upkeep, has been very small.

I have had few problems, with my Toyota. The truck has been a very good investment. Would purchase a new Toyota again.

- Steven C

It functions properly, but seventy dollars to fill the tank is outrageous. If you don't need the extra bed, or to pull a trailer, don't be asking me to borrow my car unless your filling it up!

It's a gas guzzler and a lot of money goes into it. It's a vehicle I'm great film for to get me from place to place.

- Nicholas L

It is strong and clean and it drives real well

It's big and powerful. I got it real cheap and it was a very good deal. No issues with it except for a few dents

- Ike c

my truck has been reliable and hardly needs repairs

I love that it is a good looking truck. i like that it is a reliable vehicle. i dislike that it uses lots of gas.

- Herrell M

Reliable, comfortable, and hours of enjoyment

It is a real vehicle when it comes to maintenance done yourself. The size is perfect for a family to Travel in.

- Rochelle A

It is very important to me

I love how smooth it drives. I love the amount of room the back seat has. I like how many cup holders it has.

- Chase m

It drives so smooth and I feel so safe in it.

I like the way it drives. I dislike the air vents in the back. Small vents in the back is my only complaint.

- Cassandra D

It is fun to drive and can tow well.

Has a lot of features but does not have great mileage. Drives very well for a full sized truck. Lasts long.

- Ben H

It was built to last ,except for regular maint. just a u-joint change

the gray color not the best. It still runs well but it still rides like a half ton progressive ride truck.

- Mike s

They should know that when you try to turn the truck on sometimes it stutters.so turn on with caution.

I like that it can handle tough roads. I also like that it is very fast. I dislike how much gas it uses.

- Salvador M

Good power low maintenance

No comment at this time. Maybe some other time. Toyotas are great vehicles amd can't be beat that's it

- Larry M

Toyota tundra qualities and perks

Great condition drives good handles well affordable luxury. Owned fast gas durable flexible off road

- Justin G

It has lived through car wrecks and is still running perfectly sometimes.

My car has lots of problems but runs well. It has lasted for years and hopefully for years to come.

- Bob R

It will go everywhere I want it to go and need it to go

The power is awesome. Has a lot of space. It's very clean and runs very well

- Bobby h

It hauls lots of stuff. It has 4 doors. The back window rolls all the way down.

My truck is wonderful. The only problem I have with it is, it is a gas hog.

- Traci B

Hauling stuff, to the dump.

Like it because you can haul junk or big bulky items, dislikes, gas guzzler

- Jon S

It's a timeless great truck

Like the interior space and how much room it has for my family.

- LaKeisha P

dependable.quiet,easy to work on.strong.

great on gas.low maintenance.looks good. don,t like the color

- ron l

There isn't anything I like or dislike, it's a company vehicle. No complaints

It's an old vehicle and still running with no issues.

- Hank F

The car is quite spacious.

Like: roomy and comfortable. Dislike: Old

- Brian G