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Twelve years and still going strong!

2007 Toyota Tundra SR5

I've owned my Tundra for more than 12 years now and I love it just as much as I did when I bought it. It has been incredibly reliable throughout the years. I have done little more than general maintenance to keep it on the road. The fuel efficiency has declined over the years but it still runs great.I've been rough on the truck, used it for work, landscaping, off road etc. And it has never let me down. I have 189k miles on the truck and I hope to double that number.I have the crew cab model and it has proven to be quite roomy and comfortable. It has ample storage under the rear seat. Plenty of legroom in the front and back. The seats are quite comfortable and the drivers sweet is equipped with lumbar controls. The center console is well thought out and has a great deal of storage including a place to store files. The ride is smooth and road noise is minimal. At 383 horsepower you have all the power you should ever need. I would highly recommend buying a Tundra to anyone looking for a tough, reliable, full sized pickup truck.

- Glenn W

My Toyota tundra has served me well, and it will keep on.

2007 Toyota Tundra SR5

Awesome truck, always fun to drive. I did have a few problems early on though, and I had bought it used with eighty one thousand miles on it already, the most miles I had ever signed my name to. But most everything I've had to get repaired ended up being covered or at least partially by Toyota's warranty, so it wouldn't have worked out better. The only thing mine is lacking is four wheel drive, I guess I'll get it next time. If this one ever dies, which seems unlikely at this point, id run out and try to buy another one, without a doubt. The truck is the most comfortable vehicle I've ever had, and has some truly superior interior to boot. I got the five point seven liter v eight, and this thing goes. Picks up fast, climbs hills completely undaunted. Has the best handling I've ever experienced in a pickup truck.

- Kevin K

The best truck ever Tundra and service for this truck is cheap.

2007 Toyota Tundra

It a big truck with a lot of space in the cabin, and have a option to a 3rd seat at front so it's ready for 6 people the rear window open like others 4 windows so when I need to carry poles 12 ft long just open the rear window and it's more easy, the issue it's just the radio has something wrong electric but I love this truck and for sure I going to buy the brand new Tundra I recommend this truck your no complain the back doors open wide 90° cause usually the other trucks open like 45° and you can control all windows from the driver door you can lock and unlock from the drivers door.

- Joel R

The Toyota tundra has 4.10 rear gears so it has a lot of torque.

2007 Toyota Tundra

The Toyota tundra is a really nice truck. I personally own a 2007 tundra that is equipped with the 5. 7 v8. It has a lot of power and torque. Mine also has 4WD and it works as it should. I have the double cab and it has plenty of room in the back for whoever. I might have to scoot my seat up a little for taller people but it is just for their comfort. They can usually fit without me doing that. Inside is nice and basic and I understand all the buttons and functions. It has been really reliable so far and I do not plan on selling it.

- Bradley M

Very reliable, comfortable, and tough. Poor gas mileage

2007 Toyota Tundra SR5

I really enjoy my 2007 Toyota Tundra. It has been extremely reliable, very comfortable, and gives a Smooth ride. I have owned the truck for 9 years and outside of breaks, tires and routine maintenance, have only had one issue with rodents eating at the wiring. I feel Toyota should have designed the Tundra so this can't happen. My only other complaint is gas mileage. I have averaged 14.5 mpg. This alone may stop me from buying another Tundra

- Craig N

Great truck to invest in.

2007 Toyota Tundra

Great vehicle, I have always liked the Toyota Tundra. I have the 4 door crew max. Great for friends and family. I love going off-road in it, and road trips as well. I have really not have to much trouble with it. 2 years ago, it had a bit of a hick up in the motor, but since it was fixed. It has been running very smooth. I recommend it to anyone. For some reason, the original window motors on Toyotas go out to easy. That is the only downside.

- Eli H

2007 Toyota tundra- great vehicle.

2007 Toyota Tundra SR5

I have one had to get routine maintenance done in my 5 years with the vehicle other than I had to get my water pump replaced. Otherwise, been a great vehicle. I love the extra room and the can easily haul 5 or 6 people. The engine is very strong and I can easily tow more than I will ever need to. Most cities have Toyota dealerships, so I advise to go ahead and get services done there just to be on the safe side.

- Zack H

Family of 5 Toyota Tundra.

2007 Toyota Tundra

Even with three children we LOVE our Tundra. The gas mileage is decent, and it has tons of random storage parts. One down side is traveling, without a cover over the truck of the bed it makes traveling long distances, and hauling tons of groceries when all 5 of us are in the truck. The truck runs great, and the seats are all comfy, and you can customize the driver's seat in many ways. Overall an amazing truck!

- Cherity L

Most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

2007 Toyota Tundra

I have owned many vehicles in my life, but the Toyota tundra is hands down my favorite. The body style literally changed the industry, all the other manufacturers are attempting to copy this vehicle in their newer models. The interior is also top notch compared to other similar vehicles. I have not had a single mechanical issue in 10 years, and I plan on driving this vehicle for the next 20.

- Samuel L

Overall satisfied with new Toyota Tundra

2007 Toyota Tundra SR5

Love the space of vehicle and the smooth drive. Wish the air condition vents were bigger in the back but overall very satisfied. The comfort level is high and it's easy for a family of 4 to travel in. The service of Toyota was great and the deal was awesome. The leather seats are smooth and the options to adjust are perfect. Bad on gas but it a huge truck so it was expected.

- Jackie G

Toyota Tundra is loaded with power and interior features.

2007 Toyota Tundra

I have not had any problems with my Toyota Tundra. It has a lot of power and is very easy to drive. Overall it is very comfortable. The only thing I would change if I could is the legroom in the backseat. It is a little tight in comparison to newer models. I love the interior features. There are lots of cup holders and room for stuff. I have been very happy with my Tundra.

- Tara Y

My amazing car! The best thing about it, is the numerous compartments it has.

2007 Toyota Tundra Base V6

I love my Toyota Tundra, it's very reliable. I have never had any problems, except the occasional low tires or a bulb burns out. I think Toyota cars in general are amazing cars and last a lifetime! I love my car, one because the seats are pretty big, and the material isn't cheap. It's a very spacious car, and I love how many compartments it has, and how many cup holders!

- Nicole B

Toyota tundra! Great vehicle with a lot of room for the family and good for towing on long trips!

2007 Toyota Tundra

I really like my Tundra. It's really roomy! Has a great ride for a pick up truck. Has been very low maintenance. Has great horsepower. Fuel economy could be a little better but it's a big V8 motor so I wouldn't expect much better then it gets. Tows very well. Maintenance can be a little spendy after 150.000 miles! But still one of the best trucks I've owned.

- Timorhy F

Has a secret compartment in back floorboard

2007 Toyota Tundra Base V6

It's a good vehicle. I don't have any problems with the truck. It does drink a lot of gas. . mine is red. Only color available. Could use some more bells n whistles. Overall it's a good vehicle. Good for hauling things. Also has plenty of power for sure Has plenty of room for a comfortable ride. Again it's a good truck. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Julie W

2007 Toyota Tundra Amazing

2007 Toyota Tundra

2007 Toyota Tundra favorite thing about it is the amazing blue color. I love the style, body of the truck. I feel safe driving my kids around especially in the winter months. Space and storage is great, back seat tilts back for comfort. I wish the seats were heated and cooled but I have to remember it's a 2007. Big downfall is it's not great on gas.

- Melissa B

Well loved Toyota Tundra. Great family vehicle!

2007 Toyota Tundra Base

Great vehicle, comfortable to ride in and another great feature is the rear window opens and closes. Great for when you need a bit more room for hauling items. 4x4 shift is smooth and Very reliable. Gas mileage is ok but it's a truck. Has 3 charging ports so there is plenty of space for everyone's devices to charge. We love this truck.

- Jo G

Toyota Tundra what a great truck!

2007 Toyota Tundra Base

My Toyota Tundra is very reliable it is a base model 2 door not a 4x4 don't really need it for daily commute. As a base model it only has hand roll up windows there is no carpeting which saves on cleaning. It does have an automatic but also a mode to shift yourself which helps when going down hills and saving your brakes.

- Justin W

The Toyota tundra is a excellent reliable vehicle.

2007 Toyota Tundra

We have not had any issues with the Tundra. It has a very strong motor and is very reliable. It is comfortable and has enough space for us and the kids. It has a front bench seat so 6 people can ride. The only feature I would like that this one doesn't have is the rear window that rolls down. It is a great truck.

- Audrey E

Not a 4x4 price, but an off-road truck.

2007 Toyota Tundra

The only thing I really do not like the length of the truck. It is a trod model and has a ton of power even with the 4. 7 engine. Even though it is not 4x4, this truck grabs the road and holds on. Does not lose traction, smoke the tires, etc. Truck has a lot of power. The truck suspension has held up well.

- Heather K

Best full size truck on the market.

2007 Toyota Tundra

Most dependable truck I have ever owned. Tough as nails - can take you anywhere and tow anything. Most leg room of any vehicle we have ever owned. Superior gas mileage to Nissan titan. Very comfortable interior. Stylish inside and out. I will definitely buy another if I ever replace my current tundra.

- John P

2007 toyota tundra is a great family truck.

2007 Toyota Tundra

we love our Toyota Tundra. it works well for a family vehicle and for work. we use it for hunting fishing and exploring back country roads. we love the features the truck has it makes it an easy comfortable ride for everyone. we have not had any problems and we only pay for regular maintenance.

- chelsea p

Other than a few minutes, the truck is a total plus.

2007 Toyota Tundra SR5

We have really not had any issues. We've stayed on top of maintenance. The car has been very reliable. However, it is not gas efficient. We probably get 19 miles per gallon. The quality of the paint is terrible. My older car looks better. The paint on the truck is peeling.

- Yvonne P

Once you go Toyota you'll never go back.

2007 Toyota Tundra

Aside from poor gas mileage expected from a pickup, we love our truck. It is a comfortable ride on road trips and has plenty of room for company in the back seat. One of my favorite features of the limited extended cab edition is the plethora of cupholders to choose from.

- Jamie W

One dependable Toyota Tundra.

2007 Toyota Tundra

Tundra is 11 years old and running strong. The only maintenance required to pass inspection this year was clearing the discolored headlight covers. Have only performed oil changes and air filter changes since I purchased this vehicle. Would definitely buy another Tundra.

- David B

Good truck lasted for a decade.

2007 Toyota Tundra

It is a great reliable truck. For ten years it never had any real problems. A few months ago the engine blew out and I had to replace and now it does not run as well as it used to. But it is an 11 year old truck with well over 200, 000 miles on it what do you expect.

- Patrick M

I can depend on my truck.

2007 Toyota Tundra

I love having a back seat and a standard size truck bed. The bed cover I have does not fit properly, i would prefer camper shell type cover. I have a lot of miles on my truck, but haven't had any major problems. It tows my small travel trailer without much problem.

- Wanda m

Toyota Tundra is the preferred full sized truck

2007 Toyota Tundra SR5

Toyota tundras are just great full sized trucks. Toyota's are reliable vehicles to being with, but tundras are just amazing! The performance of the vehicles are great. Drivability is flawless! If you're looking for a truck, the Toyota Tundra is recommended.

- David S

Tundra bought supposedly for me.

2007 Toyota Tundra

Well I have never had a problem with my truck. The only problem is my husband uses it 24/7 and leaves me carless. He swears up and down he bought it for me. I was able to have it for 1 whole year. Then he took it over. He has not had a problem with it either.

- Tammie E

Great. Takes me places. Cool.

2007 Toyota Tundra

I mean, my car is reliable and it takes me places that I need or want to go. I can take it out for long drives. The ac is pretty great. I have added a few things like different speakers and such. Gives a different experience to the whole driving.

- Catherine H

It can hold 6 people vs. the traditional 5. The extra seat in the front makes a huge difference, and can hold three car seats in the back!

2007 Toyota Tundra

I love the size of the truck! It is has a nice big bed, can hold 6 people (the extra seat in the front is great to have for our family). I do not like the gas mileage, but that is expected with a truck. It drives smooth.

- peter f

For some people there may be too much power.

2007 Toyota Tundra

I love the longevity of this model. I also like the size of the cab. There is plenty of room in the front seat as well as plenty of room in the back seat for my child to grow. The power this truck has is amazing.

- Larry L

It's very convenient. It's also not as feeble as most trucks/cars.

2007 Toyota Tundra

My truck is very useful and sturdy. It has never broken down for the years I've been using it. It is also very spacious, unlike other trucks. A unfortunate thing, however, is that it uses a lot of gas.

- Cindy P

4 wheel drive heavy duty pick up truck

2007 Toyota Tundra

I love my Tundra it has 4 doors big back seat great leg room bucket seats up front power windows mirrors and back window is powered also ..we installed a navigation system and a back up camera

- christine g

Although it nah tow a lot, it has a very small fuel capacity and tongue weight.

2007 Toyota Tundra

I like how it looks. I like how fast it is. I like the quality. I like the tow capacity. The fact that it can tow nearly the same of a diesel and it is only a half ton is incredible.

- Matthew S

That it is a nice car and it drives really nice.

2007 Toyota Tundra

I love the style of it. It feels nice to drive. I like that it sits up high when driving. It makes you feel kind of powerful. Only thing I don't like is the crappy gas mileage.

- Elizabeth B

Great truck to own over all

2007 Toyota Tundra

Best truck I've owned. Have had a problem or two with it, but nothing that couldn't get fixed. It is pretty costly to fix even the most minor things. Overall a good vehicle.

- Stephanie H

The most important thing to be is that 4 can sit in the cab comfortably.

2007 Toyota Tundra

It has 4-wheel drive. It has a full cab so that 4 can ride very comfortably, and we can fit 5 if need be. It has a cap on the back but it's starting to leak in the rain.

- Janet M

It sharp looking and I've made a few additions.

2007 Toyota Tundra

My Tundra has been a good vehicle. I feel safe while driving it and a, comfortable taking trips with my kids. My only problem is it doesn't get very good gas mileage.

- Britt R

Have to take it to dealership for some maintenance. Ex. Closed transmission.

2007 Toyota Tundra

Extremely reliable! No problems but it is a gas guzzler. Very low maintenance. Truck is 11 years old and runs like it is brand new. Best truck I have ever purchased!

- Jaime C

Great truck, but it does have a smaller gas tank.

2007 Toyota Tundra

Love my Tundra, I haven't really had many issues with this vehicle other than regular maintenance. I have always had 4runners, but I needs s full size pickup.

- Tim S

Toyota Tundra trucks forever.

2007 Toyota Tundra

Toyota is a great vehicle. Everything is laid out well. Lots of thought into the layout inside. No problems as of yet. The truck has never let me down.

- Craig B

The rear sliding back glass is a great feature also the overall size of the cab

2007 Toyota Tundra

Truck has been extremely reliable i have had it serviced and all maintenance done when required by manufacturer specifications and all done by dealer

- Kenneth W

Torque is AWESOME! The truck gets up and goes when necessary making it worthy when I'm an emergency

2007 Toyota Tundra

ABS can be faulty in the rain. Gas sensor is already going out which makes gas overflow at each fill up. However, very powerful and durable truck.

- Lauren S

It's very highly rated and it is easy to see out of a truck rather than being in a car, low to the ground where you can't see in front or around

2007 Toyota Tundra

I like how sturdy it is. It is powerful and can tow and is high off the ground. I don't like that the windows rubber leaked but we got it fixed

- Pamela M

My vehicle is extremely reliable and never gives us any problems.

2007 Toyota Tundra

No complaints. Love the reliability. Love the interior roominess. Love having the cargo capacity in the bed to haul whatever needs hauling.

- Judy H

The truck is safer to me then a car.I feel like since I am higher in the truck I can see better and I feel safer.

2007 Toyota Tundra

It is a white truck and it sits high and after totalling my infiniti car I needed something that I was not scared to drive.I love it.

- Chris R

The gas pedal is very sensitive.

2007 Toyota Tundra

It is comfortable and easy to drive, like that it has lots of cup holders, but it is large and hard to park and uses too much gas.

- Renee M

Dependability is probably the most important thing for a vehicle and this truck is very dependable.

2007 Toyota Tundra

The truck is very dependable. It has only had a few minor safety recalls. My only dislike is that the paint has started to flake.

- David V

We don't live in the back, but we could!

2007 Toyota Tundra

My truck is reliable in all weathers and never shirked a task. She is a comfortable ride with plenty of space to stretch out.

- Greg W

Heavy duty and reliable. Fast even though it's a truck.

2007 Toyota Tundra

You can't dim the dash very well. It's too dark. And at times you can't see when the sun shines thru the windshield.

- Grace M

It is long lasting durability.

2007 Toyota Tundra

I like the durability and quality of the build of the tundra. I do not have any complaints. I would buy another one.

- Patrick C

It is a truck and a workhorse.

2007 Toyota Tundra

I like my tundra because it is very easy to maintain, it has the tow power I need and I love the extras I have from.

- Lee Ann B

This truck has a lot of power. Very good for towing.

2007 Toyota Tundra

I like my vehicle very much. Wish it would have come with power seats. The factory stereo could be a little better.

- Timothy F

No major issues with the motor or any other part of the truck

2007 Toyota Tundra

I like that I have never had any major problems with the vehicle. It gets good gas mileage

- Colin H

The most important thing about my truck is that its reliable.

2007 Toyota Tundra

I love that it is a big truck but good on gas. I also love the reliability of my Tundra.

- Claude G

The looks are amazing and it really turns heads. It is a very capable off road vehicle.

2007 Toyota Tundra

Large vehicle for the family. Good gas mileage. 4 wheel drive is great.

- Scott H

Brakes seems to be an issue.

2007 Toyota Tundra

It's a great, rugged, and stable truck. I love sitting high in it.


It is an excellent truck that I use for towing without problems

2007 Toyota Tundra

Excellent reliability, I have over 300000 miles on it

- Rick S

It is a nice truck with a good ride.

2007 Toyota Tundra

Great Ride. It is roomy. Has many features.

- Jim c