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They are expensive trucks, but if you want a truck that will last a long time I believe this is the truck to get. It is fun to drive, and if you throw some off road tires on it, it does pretty darn good off road.

2008 Toyota Tundra

It is a very reliable truck and have had no major mechanical issues. The power is addicting, and can pull just about anything I really need that is within reason (I know it is not a diesel). The fuel mileage is terrible and the gas tank is very small so I can only go about 250 miles on a tank of gas. Knock that in half if towing anything heavy. Maintenance is also pretty high on the truck. 7qt of full synthetic every 5K miles adds up quick. I chose the Tundra for its reliability and I believe that the small scheduled maintenance will be cheaper than owning another brand truck and having to pay for large repairs. All in all if I had to get a new truck it would still be a Tundra.

- Nick B

Light duty work truck full of comfort.

2008 Toyota Tundra Base

Our 2008 Toyota tundra is my dream truck. The interior is comfortable for long hauls and the bed is big enough for work duty. We use our truck to pull a small 2 horse trailer. . While it is my dream truck there are a few pitfalls. The fuel economy is pretty poor, we average between 16-18 mpg. Also, for the size I wish it had more pulling power. . It drives well and is reliable. The only time we've had any trouble is the first winter we had it and didn't put snow tires on. The 4 wheel drive makes it so it can crawl through anything, especially now with snow tires. . I would highly recommend a tundra to anyone interested in a light duty work truck with complete comfort.

- Elizabeth D

A legend on the road, a beast off the road- the unbelievable Toyota tundra.

2008 Toyota Tundra

The reliability of a Toyota tundra is absolutely unbeatable. The suspension is incredible, on-road, or off-road, it never has any issue. The interior is simple and clean, and easily cleaned. The look of the vehicle is sharp, and very attractive to the eye. I have done some minor upgrades to the suspension of the truck and new wheels and tires, and it still drives like it is brand new with oversized tires on it. I've honestly never met another Toyota tundra owner like me, that has not absolutely loved their truck. I will most definitely buy another Toyota tundra for my next vehicle. I will always buy a 4 wheel drive as well.

- Cory M

The Toyota tundra 5. 7l is the best and strongest 5. 7l v8 on the market.

2008 Toyota Tundra

My Toyota tundra has a 6 inch suspension lift and a 3 inch body lift with 37 inch nitto mud tires. I has awesome performance it pulls my trailer with my two four-wheelers behind it and it does not even feel like I am pulling anything. It has awesome power. I have the trod off-road package and the biggest rear end that Toyota offers and it is never got me stuck and has never let me down. It pulls and drives great and does everything that I need it to do.

- Ira H

Metallic red Toyota tundra extended cab.

2008 Toyota Tundra LTD

Car has a very comfortable interior that is also spacious. The tundra is also very fast at accelerating but is slow to react to brakes. Another downside is vehicle has a very wide turn radius and does not have great gas mileage. I think of given the option of picking another vehicle or staying with the Toyota tundra; I would probably stay with tundra.

- Samantha B

Great truck, I will buy a tundra again.

2008 Toyota Tundra

I love my tundra I was always a Ford truck guy but after owning this truck I may never go back. The ride and comfort are the best. The quality of workmanship is great. I tow my travel trailer with it with no problem. I will admit that the oil filter is not very easy to get to as you are required to remove the skid plate in order to get to the filter.

- Glenn K

Very big truck but very reliable.

2008 Toyota Tundra

Too big of a truck with gas mileage that is not good for commuting. I would recommend it simply because it is a reliable car but in terms of size and mileage it is less than ideal. I am going to be getting a sedan because I need something smaller with better gas mileage even though I am a big person who needs a lot of space.

- Jordan M

Classic classy sports car.

2008 Toyota Tundra

My car drives smooth and still looks classy. I have the classy look which is great. There's only one problem the car sits too low which makes it hard for me to get out of. My seats are so comfortably and I love the different positions the seats can be in. You can tilt the seat back so your legs lay more comfortable.

- Linda O

Recommend the Toyota Brand

2008 Toyota Tundra

I love my truck, particularly because of its reliability and value. Compared to many American cars, it was quite a bit cheaper and holds its value significantly more than other vehicles. It has had extremely minor issues that have been very inexpensive. I am definitely considering a Toyota for my next vehicle!

- James B

Work truck luxury vehicle.

2008 Toyota Tundra

The best thing is the reliability I've never had to do anything but routine maintenance the only bad thing I had was the paint job getting big circles in it the truck has everything full size rear seats and doors leather moon roof drives line a luxury car would not think twice about buying another.

- Josh K

I always love this truck because I always feel safe driving around.

2008 Toyota Tundra SR5

Having this truck for 11 years is awesome. My ride is always smooth and reliable, I can put a lot of things in my trunk like throwing some recycles, buying some new furnitures and long drives, the only disadvantage about this truck is the gas. It consumes a lot of gas but overall I love it.

- Rowena S

I love my Toyota truck so much.

2008 Toyota Tundra

This is a very reliable vehicle. Only recently I have had trouble with the brakes. The radio does not work well, however. I feel safe when driving in the snow and ice. The power windows have held up well during the years. Now they're starting to stick. I'd definitely buy another Toyota.

- Victoria K

The tented windows and the tow package the transmission is automatic and manual.

2008 Toyota Tundra

It has four doors and has a very high clearance off the road it also has a tow package with trailer brakes and it also has tinted windows. It has a automatic and manual transmission. It has size 18 tires and power windows and electric seats also has lots of storage spaces.

- Herbert S

Great truck for a man with work to do and a family.

2008 Toyota Tundra

Very reliable. Accelerator and brakes are very responsive. Lots of power. Very roomy in the cab and back seat when carrying two kids around. Very comfortable for long trips. Audio system is great. Has a soft bed cover that is useful and easy to roll up when not needed.

- Luke W

Toyota tundra for the win.

2008 Toyota Tundra

Our tundra holds our family of five nicely. It is reliable and has a lot of miles on it with no trouble. We live on a farm and it is a perfect farm truck for hauling things and getting into muddy places. We love Toyota’s in general and have always owned them.

- Kate C

It's really nice. I will sell it for 25k.

2008 Toyota Tundra

I am a female who didn't really want a truck. We needed it to pull a boat so that is why we bought it. I love almost everything about my tundra, except low gas mileage. I love sitting up high in truck and you can see really well. No blind spot.

- Kim A

Base model Toyota Tundra truck: a good investment.

2008 Toyota Tundra

My Toyota Tundra has been very durable truck with only maintenance needed to this point. It has a high towing capacity. It has no problems pulling a trailer. Overall he gets really great gas mileage and about 18 miles to gallon.

- Chad M

Toyota Tundra: As capable as disposable.

2008 Toyota Tundra

In general, a Toyota Tundra is a good car. It started giving me problems after the 7th or 8th year I bought it. It is comfortable and spacious. The metal is not so good, a kid hit it with his fist and it was really visible.


With it being a truck the backend is light so be careful on slick roads.

2008 Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra is an all out mans vehicle! It is comfortable while rugged enough to get you where you want to go. Mine has over 200, 000 miles and is still going strong. The craftsmanship and performance is top notch!

- Paul S

Great about of space and maximum performance from a truck.

2008 Toyota Tundra

This truck has really been durable with the ability to change in between 4 wheel drive. I live in new Hampshire so it helps in the snow. The gas on it is great for my riding around town use and dump runs.

- Jacob M

I do not have a car. One day I might have a car.

2008 Toyota Tundra

I like it a lot. However I never get to drive it, my husband uses the truck 24/7. One day I might get to enjoy it again. He swears up and down he bought it for me. But he has had it 98% of the time.

- Tamara E

The vehicle is multi purpose. It can be used for typical driving or hauling things.

2008 Toyota Tundra

The vehicle is reliable. It's easy to drive even with its size. It's very hardy and can withstand hard terrain, hard work, etc. The only downside is it's hard to find parking due to the size.

- Allen T

2008 Toyota Tundra - Best Pickup Ever

2008 Toyota Tundra

No problems whatsoever. This vehicle has been incredibly reliable. The gas mileage is not great, but it has excellent power, so I'm willing to sacrifice a little bit of efficiency.

- Leonard R

It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

2008 Toyota Tundra

My truck is the best investment I have made. It has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Even with newer vehicles a home I feel the most safe when driving my Tundra.

- Vidal F

Having a Toyota Tundra is the best feeling ever!

2008 Toyota Tundra

I really have no problems with my vehicle. It performs extremely well. I love the space inside of the truck. I really love my Toyota Tundra and hope to upgrade sometime soon.

- Vera D

It is fast for a large truck.

2008 Toyota Tundra

overall the vehicle is great. Living were I do they salt the roads and that can lead to body rust but this truck is not bad. It has a large engine with a very fast 0-60.

- John C

It's very dependable and does not remain in the repair shop

2008 Toyota Tundra

Full sized, 4 wheel drive truck with plenty of power for towing under 10k lbs. dependable truck that does not break down compared to capable other trucks

- Chuck C

The power is great and handles well.

2008 Toyota Tundra

I love the power it has. I have never had any problems towing anything over the passes in Colorado. Very comfortable ride. Handles well. It's the best!

- Wendy T

It has a lot of power when you need to pull something, you do not have to worry.

2008 Toyota Tundra

I like how my truck drives. There is plenty of room for my family of 4. I like the style. My truck handles very well in all types of weather.

- Lori S

Better than a Ram! Lol but seriously it could have better sound system. Drives great. Big truck bed.

2008 Toyota Tundra

It's alright it's the only truck I could get approved for a loan with since my credit is bad. I mean it's not the worst truck out there.

- Josh S

this truck is very reliable, and holds Its value quite well!

2008 Toyota Tundra

Love it's look, reliability, comfortable to ride in, fun to drive, and can haul anything I need. No complaints, I love this truck

- David P

The day I got it I loved it and it has been with me since

2008 Toyota Tundra

It is such a reliable vehicle I love it It has a lot of space for me my wife and my three kids I don't have any problems with is

- Daniel C

I would emphasize the reliability of my truck. After 11 years of ownership only very minimal repairs have had to be made.

2008 Toyota Tundra

Very reliable and very comfortable. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It runs like a champ after 11 years of ownership.

- Vidal T

Good dependable truck for anyone

2008 Toyota Tundra

Bigger cab than previous vehicle. Gas mileage is slightly worse coming from a smaller car but the hauling capacity is worth it.

- Treston K

The truck is reliable. We've had very few mechanical issues.

2008 Toyota Tundra

The truck is very reliable. I feel safe traveling with my children. Navigation software can be somewhat clunky but works well.

- Scott M

Red Beauty Tundra Great at Most Everything

2008 Toyota Tundra

Never had a problem with my truck. Although I wish the gas mileage was better. It is great off road and on road. Very roomy.

- Ronda R

Best truck so far for us! Roll down back window, Genius!!!

2008 Toyota Tundra

Extremely roomy, comfortable, easy to drive. Love the roll down back window! One regret, we wish it had a backup camera.

- Barb h

Toyota Tundra is a reliable vehicle

2008 Toyota Tundra

My Toyota Tundra has proved very reliable over the last 10 years. Only recently have developed problems with the brakes.

- Vickie K

It is one of the leading truck brand in the USA. It has the best amenities a full size truck could have.

2008 Toyota Tundra

Love the way it handles, very smooth ride. I have had no issues out of it. Down side would have to be the gas in town.

- Sedrick B

It is huge and it can pull like a beast.

2008 Toyota Tundra

I love my Toyota because it is a beast. I have it lifted 6 inches it is all white. Only flaw is terrible gas mileage.

- Cole B

This vehicle is very reliable and would recommend to everyone.

2008 Toyota Tundra

It's a very reliable vehicle. Nothing has ever been wrong with it. We have traveled across country with this vehicle.

- Chelcie M

Its built well and dependable.

2008 Toyota Tundra

I love the look, size, feel/drive, and options. As for complaints, it uses a lot of gas and emits road noise.

- Eric P

It's very safe and comfortable. I like the feeling of driving a big truck.

2008 Toyota Tundra

I like the towing ability. It's not that great on gas mileage. It has an incredibly comfortable ride to it.

- Nathan H

Reliability is wonderful.

2008 Toyota Tundra

The tundra is reliable, powerful, and fun to drive. We've had very few mechanical problems over the years.

- Wendy K

A comfortable ride and good gas mileage.

2008 Toyota Tundra

I love this large roomy truck. It is a comfortable ride and great for long. It is also very good on gas.

- Harold S

It stands up to anything you want to do. It is tough.

2008 Toyota Tundra

It is a 4 door. It tows our trailer. It handles like a dream. Only complaint is the gas mileage. Poor.

- John W

Gas mileage is not the best.

2008 Toyota Tundra

My 2008 Toyota tundra is very reliable and does has had minimal problems in the time I have owned it.

- Sarah L

Haven't had to take it to the airy motive shop besides maintenance

2008 Toyota Tundra

I have had it for 4 years and haven't had any issues. It Drives smooth. I like how it looks.

- Tom H


2008 Toyota Tundra



Good value and dependable. However, other pickups in similar weight class have better towing.

2008 Toyota Tundra

The cab is a little small, and the tow capacity is lacking compared to other pickups.

- cass m

It is a good value. It is durable and well made. It is dependable.

2008 Toyota Tundra

It is dependable. It is roomy and fits me and my family. It is simple, but durable.

- Shane C

It is very reliable and dependable for a vehicle that.

2008 Toyota Tundra

My truck is reliable and durable. Rarely does it breakdown and require work.

- Keith F

Toyota outlasts most other trucks. I've had close to 20 of them

2008 Toyota Tundra

It's a large truck and does all the work I need it to. There are no dislikes

- Dustan S

that it is very reliable vehicle

2008 Toyota Tundra

like the design never had a problem very reliable not happy It's getting old

- david R

Really love it, get the job done no matter the situation or weather. If you don't own one your missing out on a great awesome Truck and wouldn't choose any other truck.

2008 Toyota Tundra

It's has sensors all around for backing up and forward collision warnings.

- Roger C


2008 Toyota Tundra


- HD S

Comfort reliable well built sound proof quality parts good air

2008 Toyota Tundra

It is comfy. It is quiet. It is well built. Nothing breaks down.

- James M

Didn't cost a lot. A very good model to buy. It is very good on gas.

2008 Toyota Tundra

I love my truck.It drives nice. It's good on gas.

- cindy j

reliable good value comfortable

2008 Toyota Tundra

dislike gas mileage like quality like comfort

- matt b